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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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trixie. you know how it goes. >> you'll have to tell me. stay with us. "news4" continues at 5:00 a.m. right now on "news4 today," we're getting you ready for the holiday ahead from travel to shopping and your "storm team 4" forecast. we have everything to let you know. >> new information about a road rage arrest. a man accused of killing a 3-year-old is in custody this morning. we have more about the charges he's facing. plus new details about a passenger and outrage. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang and what we can expect. >> keeping your eye on the roads. we'll start with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell and a look at the day ahead. >> all right. skies will remain mostly clear outside and it's going to be an easy travel day, whether
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traveling locally or regionally. we've got plenty of sunshine coming your way for the first part of the day. we will see more clouds. rain chances, though, for tomorrow begin as early as about 3:00 in the morning and could continue as late as 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. most of the rain in the morning, but i can't give you the all dry until after sundown tomorrow. right now, cold and dry. 30s early on. afternoon highs upper 40s to right around 50. again, increasing numbers of clouds. your friday evening plans will be dry. first little possibility of rain comes after 10:00 or 11:00. ite mercy likely after midnight. we'll take a look at the forecast in a few minutes. let's take a look with melissa and see if she has any problems. >> i've got no problems. the problems will happen hours from now. 5:00 p.m. we'll be speaking a different language. right now, quite good. taking a look at 66 and 95.
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problems there. to 70 from down to the spur. you're on time. had earlier work that is now out of the way. northbound and southbound completely clear. no big worries there. taking a look at the bottom of the beltway and through prince george's county, all those routes moving along well as well. see you in a few. >> all right. melissa, thank you. 5:02. now we have a team of reporters getting ready for the holiday rush. >> last night we started to see drivers dealing with backups across our area. "news4's" justin finch is on 95 south looking at traffic. hey, there, justin. >> reporter: good morning. so far, so good. 95 south on our way to woodbridge. you can see here this is your average traffic buildup volume coming in here on 95 south. not too bad yet. but guess what? we're approaching the busiest holiday travel season of the entire year says aaa. this couldbe
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books. 93 million traveling by carnationwide in our area. that's more than 2 million people who will be traveling by car. now, you might be wondering what's pushing the extra volume this year on the roads for holiday travel. it's because aaa finds higher consumer confidence, more americans spending and lower gas prices. the average price is $2.26 a gallon which is not as cheap as it's been in the past decade but cheaper than it's been in decent years. also as you approach the highways, state roads, interstate roads, no matter what we're told, the basics will apply here. keep your seatbelt on, obey traffic. also do not use alcohol or drugs as you drive. that's the common refrain from police and aaa this holiday season. we're going to be out here throughout the morning tracking the travel for you, but we're
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road is going to come about 4:00 p.m. so watch out. melissa, back to you. >> thank you, justin. out on the road to show you what's going on. travel early, travel late. if the bottom of the beltway are looking back look at the 301. a lot of people are doing that and you can still get to work to time. taking a look at the express lanes on 95, friday they're going to close northbound at 10 and open southbound at noon. saturday close southbound all day, sunday. open northbound at 10:00. aaron. >> thank you. let's check in with derrick ward at the live deaf snook good morning. there's been an arrest of the
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night. he's been charged with capital murder. the boy acen king was killed. she was not hurt. after the shooting she drove to a nearby shopping center and that's when she realize heard grandson had been shot. back to you. >> derrick, thank you. the united nations security council could possibly vote on israeli settlements this after they postponed a vote on a draft resolution. those remarks causing controversy because trump is not officially in office yet. meanwhile trump is set to spend christmas at his golf resort. >> ivanka trump and her family are waking up in hawaii after a troubled plane ride. she was confronted on a jetblue flight. tn
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now they ruin our flight. the passenger and his husband were eventually kicked off the plane. some saying the encounter may have been plan. one witness said they chased them. one tried to downplay it and witnesses say they're not buying it. >> he was visibly shaken and age tated. if i was security, i wouldn't take a chance either. >> jetblue says removing a customer is not taken lightly. a passenger is causing conflict, the passenger will be asked to leave the plane. they're holding a news conference in milan. this is about a shoot-out that just happened. a man was killed but wu don't know his identity.
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nbc news is working to determine what that is. you remember 12 people were killed in a truck when it rapped into a crowded christmas market earlier this week. it's been a europe-wide manhunt for him. back to you. >> we'll give you more as soon as we hear from the news conference in milan. 26-year-old lionel nelson williams of suffolk, virginia, was arrested on wednesday. investigators say he gave money to someone in october and november believing it would be used to help buy weapons and ammunition for isis fighters but that person was working under cover for the fbi. this started from a tip when someone noticed he was posted pro-isis material on media. he bought an ak-15 before the shooting. >> james cherry is accused of
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places such as in the metro station, an area near the white house, and the world bank. in addition, he told 911 dispatcher back in july that he'd placed eight bombs inside union station. a judge has ordered him to remain in jail until trial. he's pled not guilty. he's facing 20 years in pruzen. right now police need your help finding a missing rockville woman. this is 21-year-old erica morris. she left the family home and didn't say where she was going. although she's an adult, she functions at the level of a third grader. she likes transportation and loves to go to the library. if you know anything, please call police. uber and safety for its riders still d.
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swallowed and what it took to get it out. and we're counting down the holidays. we have another look at your
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temperatures. >> you've got to give i
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them. >> hundreds went out to shovel at lambeau field. some fans waited three hours in li line. >> this is something they wanted to do. >> it's a part of what they do. >> they're made of a different -- >> different material, right? sturdier. >> yeah. >> redskins are hoping for a jolly holiday. >> me too. it's hard when there's so much pressure. the skins have two games left and they're basically not allowed to load, the coach says the team can make it. >> it's not rocket science. they are where they are. they need help, but what we need to do is whip our game. none of that matters as long as we take care of what we have to take care of. >> there you go,
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go skins. we can do this. >> yes. >> yes. >> can-do attitude. love it. let's go to chuck. >> it's literally freezing it's going be a cold start early this morning. we will get some sunshine in the first half of the day. that will allow a bit of a warmup. not quite as nice as yesterday. weather impacts, no worries around the area. we will see increasing cloud. no chance for rain during the daylight hours. rain is likely tomorrow morning and the earliest we might see a raindrop could be as earth as 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow night. for tomorrow. showers up and down the i-95 corridor. if you're traveling tomorrow. just know that you'll be dealing with raindrops that could cause flight delays from washington northbound to new york city and boston. biggest issue for
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no local problems sunday but heavy snow across parts of the upper midwest means that there could be impactful flight delays around. so on sunday travels, just know you may have to be calling your carrier. no trouble here locally. the five-day forecast comes up at 5:21. let's go over to melissa. >> taking a look at a brand-new problem. in centreville, we very a fatal crash there. this is ordway road south of compton. it's shut down for investigation. they've been there for a couple of hours. just wanted to let you know it's closed. if you're headed to the inner loop or outer loop, no problems there. more coming up. 5:14. scary moments as a fire ranges through a high-rise in manhattan. at least 21 people are recovering
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that including four firefighters. one was badly burned. and a 7-year-o girl had her heart stopped. she was revived. firefighters are still trying to figure ow how the fire started. new this morning a report of a strange noise had a plane rurchlt sounds started coming from its cargo hold. there are reports of a possible stowaway but no one was found. it's a maintenance issue. the passengers were placed on another company. ridesharing companies uber and lyft are celebrating. they will not be required to use a fingerprint-based background check on dribers. the commission agreed the checks already used are extensive. the company will be required to rerun background checks on drivers annually and they must use screening companies that are credited. uber threatened t
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a holiday thief is snatching purses and wallets. d.c. police say they went into five different office buildings. they were used in at least two stores. you can see the videos given here. looks like it's inside a cvs. they're offering a $1,000 award that leads to the arrest. >> we have breaking news on the berlin market terror attack arrest. >> derrick ward is at the live desk. derrick? >> they say a man killed in a shoot outpoli-out may have been suspect who drove into a christmas market. the man pulled out a gun from his back pack after being asked to show his identity papers. he was
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shoot-out. a police officers was also injured. they say various sources in milan and rome confirm the dead man was anis amri, he's believed to be in the attack in berlin. 5:17. if you're still looking to find a gift for mom -- >> any gift will do. >> -- here's four reports. "consumer reports" recommend upgrading her smartphone. if you get the iphone 7. do not lose the earbuds. it will cost you 70 bucks to replace them. a fitness watch. >> be careful with that. what are you trying to say? >> i don't know if i would do that. the icoffee maker. >> don't buy me an appliance. >> finally consider a new
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camera. the olympus stylus tg 4 can withstand falls from 7 feet up to 50 feet. now coming up at 5:30, the last-minute ideas for dad. maybe throw the coffee maker on that list. >> i don't know. i was looking four jewelry and chocolate. >> tweet me if you need ideas. all moms wants for the holidays is a helping hand. bob evans and emily post are teaming up to answer your hospitality and entertaining questions. i just want to know how to make cleanup faster. i wish i could throw everything in a bag. >> that's what i do. paper bag, plastic forks, boom, gone. a bartender jumped into action and saved a customer.
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want to be named is thanking darko stenkovic for giving him the heimlich. the man tried to give him a generous trip and he said he wouldn't take it. the bartender said it would have taken him two months to earn the undisclosed money but that's not why he did it. >> i just act as as any normal human being should react. >> the owner of the restaurant said it's now the policy of every employee has to learn the heimlich. >> very nicely done. thehr
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literally shining brightly inside an east tennessee boy after he accidentally swallowed a snowman. what boy would do this sort of thing? i have two of them-. the 12-year-old was messing around with the one-inch figure rinne when it got stuck in his throat. the problem is his parents didn't believe him. after several calls and a trip to the e.r., he swallowed a snowman. >> i like the snowman. it was a lot heavier than. >> doctors say aid listen be fine and the snowman is small enough to pass naturally. you know what that means. the family even plans to commemorate the frosty by making it their chris
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>> our director said a different kind of chimney. santa wasn't looking for that one. 5:21 is our time right now. i love to go from this to chuck. >> exactly. can i just quickly for people who haven't done it yet, go to chuck bell's facebook page. the cutest poem. >> what it means to me, frosty is not coming back. go to my professional page, you can take a peak of it. it's a christmas cookie rhyme where melissa busted me with a cookie. a lot of people planning on getting in the car and heading to the airport or driving up on 95. good travel weather along the eastern seaboard. temperature near 34 now. temperatures will be in the 30s for the next couple of hours. g
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afternoon under an increasing number of clouds. if you're doing any traveling, they have an interactive radar there. you can track the raindrops. look for me on facebook. chuck bell 4 and we'll find you on twitter. here's the satellite picture. clear skies ahead for now. there are plenty of clouds back out to our west. these are all coming in our direction. most of this moisture is going to go to our north. if this storm had more of a southern track, we'd have a chance at a white christmas. that means we stay on the warm side of things and have no chance of snow around here for christmas. that is unfortunate. here's future weather. increasing clouds by 4:00 or 5:00. dry by 10:00 or 11:00. there might be a few sprinkles as early as after 10:00 p.m. most of the rain tomorrow. light to moderate rain in the morning hours. by early morning hours things sd
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all of it should be done by 5:00. so your christmas eve services won't be a problem and christmas day and first day of hanukkah will be a nice dry day. clouds back on monday and a h hit-and-miss shower. i have the forecast that peaks. that's coming up at 5:51. >> we still have this problem in centreville. ordway shut down just south there of compton road for this fatal crash investigation. we know one person was killed here in the crash. 66 and 95 overall do not look bad we have another problem at allen town. lanes blocked outbound because of a crash. howard county, 97, a crash reported there as well. see you back here in ten minutes. >> all right. melissa. thank you. a family getting the ultimate gift just in time for the holiday. their child waking up in his new home for the first time. we'll show you the emotional william he received coming up. but first holiday weekend releases. a look at the movies
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most zz. bu
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stronger is blasting without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will. make a gift today at
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welcome back. the film industry is leasing a sleigh full of meeshs. >> there's "passengers," "patriots' day,". >> also on the screen, "silence," "why him," and "20th century women" and "fences" which stars denzel washington. tweet us. tell us which ones you plan to see over the next several days. >> i have last year's movies to catch up on.
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s can.
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it's now 5:30. here are the four things before you head out the door. it's expected to be one of the busiest days. travel will reach its peak in our area at around 4:00
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warned. leaver ler. it's also recommending to leave yourself extra time if you're heing to any airport. an arrest has been made in the killing of a 3-year-old boy. gary holmes turned himself in to police last night. we'll hear more about the charges coming up. the united nations could vote on the is wrayly settlements today. the president-elect tweeted helies there should be more. we'll have more if a few minutes. you're running out of time to fin ur your holiday shopping. while many will close today, many will close tomorrow. "news4" is working for you to bring you last-minute ideas. we have breaking news coming in from europe about the suspect in the deadly berlin christmas market attack sa. it's been confirmed the man killed in an early morning shoot-out with police in milan
5:32 am
attack in berlin. they say anis amri is no doubt the suspect. that attack in berlin killed 12 people. back to you. >> all right. derrick, thank you. it is 5:32 right now. >> it's friday and it's christmas eve eve. >> is that a thing? >> we talked about it. it's festivus. from the "seinfeld" show. >> you're showing your age. >> the kids are like what is that? >> it lives on. i watch it every evening at 6:00 p.m. they paid them $100 million for the broadcast rights. i geschke given them a shout-out for that. a
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today. good travel weather. if you're driving south to rawly or north to new york city, no problems for you today. if you go west, you may run into rain showers. otherwise a good rain today. it will be a soggy start. i still think saturday night will be dry for santa claus and a nice day for christmas at the beginning of hanukkah. meanwhile hee're your planner for today. a cold start and not too bad of a fin usual. it will be high today. i think, again, any rain chances hold off. let's go over to "first4 traffic" goochlted morning, melissa. >> good morning. a couple of different problems. first of all, this fatal crash investigation still under way. centreville and ordway road. that section is shut down. 66 west, eastbound, westbound, you can see everything is moving just fine. 95 in virginia. outbound suitland parkway, they still have some lanes blocked.
5:34 am
that's a crash as well. top of the beltway, these routes in town, out of town, no problem. we'll take nook look at the fatal accident coming up. man whoinlted a gun at a prince george's police officer is dead and another man is in custody. this happened yesterday along buyer street in capitol heights. police were checking out a suspicious vehicle and found two people asleep in the carom when officers woke them up, the driver terrance thomas pointed the gun at the officer. the officer shot and killed him. the passenger was arrested as he tried to get out of the car. no officers were injured in the incident. the syrian government has declared it's in complete control of aleppo. it's the biggest city in syria, now it was a key base for syrian rebels for the last four years. now they're basically in ruins.
5:35 am
syria's siecivil war has been gg on for half a decade. they've eliminated a bush-era program. the national security entry and exit registration system was created in the wake of the september 11th attacks. it required men from 25 countries considered to be at higher risk to register in person. they also had to submit to questioning and fingerprinting. we'll hear more from nbc's edward lawrence on the latest on the trump transition in just a few minutes. >> metro changing its tune a bit when it comes to the inauguration. trump's picture will be featured on some trump card photos after all. metro says trump's picture was originally left off the smart trip cards because the campaign team did not respond to metro's request for a picture. >> montgomery police areki
5:36 am
the holidays brighter for those who thought their gifts were swiped for good. more than 40 packages were swiped. with the help of security cameras, montgomery county police tracked them down and delivered the presents yesterday. they recommended taking extra precautions with your last-minute packages including scheduling and requiring signature. leaving a note for the delivery driver with specific instructions can also be helpful. another grinch stole a star off a roof. the family has replaced the missing star with a new one. it's smaller and more colorful but securely attached to the chimney. they're still hoping that the star makes its way back home. the star has been displayed for decades on their roof. if you see, that please return it. here are four simple last-minute holiday gift ideas for dad. >> i wa
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fitness tracker or a watch like the samsung gear s 2 classic. it's water-resistant and loaded with function. keeping things high-tech, the nikon cool tex p 900 has an optical moon lens that can capture craters on the moon. lastly a new girl like the budget-friendly weber grill. these are all from our friends at consumer report. they've generated it based on what they've been able to test. >> i'd really like to hear from dads how they would feel about receiving appliances. would you want a grill or something more personal? >> i don't know. coming up, we'll show you four gift ideas for nearly anybody. a christmas gift. this has been four years in
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macon. >> their new son sammy. he arrived at the reagan national airport from china. he's joining six other children in the family including two adopted sisters. three of the adopted children have down syndrome. their parents say they adopted molly, pearl, and sandy after seeing them online. "storm team 4" is working on your friday forecast. and this holiday weekend, chuck bell tells you what to expect. >> still ahead, brought back to life. a man dies on the job until
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> 5:41. here owes your forecast. kids still go to school today, right? i'm sure montgomery county and other municipalities are going to school. temperatures are below the freezing mark. throw mi
5:42 am
up to 50. you need your coat. if you've got a cute hat or scarf, that would be nice. no need for an umbrella today. the overall evaluation, we're going to call it a very good day. very good day indeed because it is the friday before christmas, melissa. >> especially good because it's the friday before christmas. in centreville we have south of compton shut down for a crash investigation. one person killed. outbound suitland parkway, we have the outbound lane shut down. inbound, you're open. 97 at mcclintock drive closed. travel times, 270 look okay. top of the beltway okay. 66 and 95 new york and south through quantico also rolling along nicely. remember to listen to
5:43 am
f.m. when you hop in your car. >> dramatic video of an arrest you're sure to see all over your news fooed today. >> coming up, why a mother ended up in handcuffs after she called police. >> look at the lines of this checkout. there are none. many many retailerseeping odd hours k
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breaking news out of fairfax county. derrick. >> this breaking news out of fairfax county is just coming in. we're finding out about a suspicious death investigation. it's in springfield. they have found a man dead in his hoemt on-- home on
5:47 am
we'll have more for you. we're getting ready for your holiday weekend. chuck. >> that's right. clear skies out there early this morning. there's a look at national harbor. all's quiet on this christmas eve eve. it may not be dry between now and the end of the day tomorrow. still ahead, a crash investigation in centreville. ordway south of compton. still have that shut down. also in allen town, lanes blocked because of a bad crash as well. last minute shopping. the holidays are almost here. you still have time to grab those last-minute gifts. this morning we're helping you to check off your gifts. megan mcgrath is there. >> i know you've seen shoppers there and it's only 5:47 in the morning. >> we do have some shoppers. in fact, there's one there, jennifer fish who's
5:48 am
items for the folks on her list. you see how quick le she got in and got out. we don't have any lines of any kind at the checkout. a lot of retailers are operating on odd and interesting hours here at the kohl's. they've been here for 24 hours. they're going to stay open, again, around the clock until 6:00 p.m. on christmas eve. lots of folks like to come early in the morning because they don't deal with the crowds just like we heard from jennifer fish. >> i do it before i go to work, pick up a few last items for my family members. >> what's the convenience of that? why come early? >> look at the lines. they're not very long at all. you can be in, be out, and be on your way. >> and a lot of people like to wait until the last minute because they think they can get some better deals. you can see all the sale signs we're seeing here, 40% off, 50% off,in
5:49 am
we saw a sign, 60% off of watches. if you're going shopping, something that would be good to do is look at the store online. in macy's, i was able to get a coupon on my phone and get an additional 20% off. so check out online. look out for those coupons because that can save you even more money. also check with the retailer. a lot of folks are opening early and staying open late. back to the studio. >> irene johnson is stockpiling items. there had better be something for me. >> reporter: she's already started a cart, guys. $20. >> love it, love it. >> $20 comforter set. >> already, megan. thank you. we have four gift ideas. gift an experience like tickets to a redskins game or play. >> we like that. >> or a
5:50 am
like a meal delivery. third, take a memory out of your social media and frame it. finally you can give gift cards. they're not imperj if they reflect the person's interest. they geesht to be real things. coming up at 6:15 we'll show you four gift ideas for food lovers. >> i like that. >> i'll cook for you. >> you will? that's a christmas miracle right there. >> you don't want that. toys "r" us locations will be opening in a few minutes at 6:00 a.m. and they'll be opening for 39 hours straight. target stores will be open until midnight tonight and 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. amazon prime is an option for a lot of the d.c. area. you can order until 9:45 on christmas eve for delivery by midnight on christmas on select em
5:51 am
shipping, fyi. we're on live. don't grab her. don't grab her. a texas police officer is now on restricted duty after arresting a woman and her teenage daughters in ft. worth. jacqueline craig says a neighbor accuse her 7-year-old son of littering and physically assaulting him. after speaking with the neighbor the police started questioning craig's parenting. >> now craig and her daughters have been released from jail. the police ask for patience as they look into this incident. president-elect donald trump says they should veto the measure. nbc's edward
5:52 am
this. good morning. >> good morning. we're getting late confirmation that the egyptian president has received a foal kahn phone call. he told the president of egypt apparently that the two need to sit down and talk about peace in the middle east and the way to do that is to get them talking, not through u.n. resolutions. >> edward, we're learning that lockheed martin is losing some big money and this is coming from a tweet that trump sent out? >> unbelievable. one tweet from donald trump. in after-market trading lockheed martin lost $1.2 billion. in the tweet he said it was a little too expensive so the president-elect has asked bowing to price a comparable f-13
5:53 am
may lose the contract to the fighter jets. so causing huge problems with just one tweet. we don't have any more clarification because it came on twitter. >> all right. edward lawrence live on capitol hill for us. thank you. >> 5:53. let's turn to the team tracking your weather and traffic. melissa mollet. >> the thing is you guys could both do it. >> ask my better half how well i navigate through trachlkt just leave me alone, i've got that. how many times have i heard that. skies are mostly clear. our nearby neighbor on the right side of the screen. quiet day so fafrmt temperatures are seasonably cold. 34 now for the current temperature. we'll be in the low 30s for the next couple of
5:54 am
up near 50 for a time today. increasing clouds. but for weather impacts, no worries today. we'll be 100% dry through at least 10:00 tonight. a little bit of rain started to sneak in and for tomorrow, rain likely. a 90% chance before noontime. showers up and down the i-95 corridor. could have flight days. the biggest impact will be on sunday. christmas day there could be heavy snow in the upper midwest. keep that in mind. locally our weather will be nice and quiet. look at all that rain going into seattle, portland. here's the middle of the country. here's a rain chance coming our way. a snow chance could have flight delays in chicago, detroit, indianapolis. keep that in mind. again, we're all quiet around here. what about the ten-day forecast which
5:55 am
not, new your's weekend. a little bit on the milder side with a passing shower tuesday. drying out. mo monday is 2017. that's weird to me. >> weird to me too. there's a car in a dch. a fatal crash investigation. i spoke with police. they said it was still there. things are still shut down. outer loop ramp to 50, overall beltway looks okay. 97 near mcclintock drive. all lanes are blocked. they had to medevac because of a head-on crash there. allen town road still had outbound lanes blocked. inbound, not so bad. otherwise no major problems right now keeping an eye on all
5:56 am
travel day. aaron? >> thank you. it is 3:55. a d.c. 911 dispatcher being honored tr saving a woman's life. she was gifted a life saver pin for her actions. she just started working at the call center in jeune. yesterday was her finally day of training. employees called to say a woman was in cardiac arrest. she calmly instructed the callers how to conduct cpr until emergency arrived there. very grateful to that 911 dispatcher. a montgomery county electrician has a second chance at life. >> he was electrocuted working at an office building. he was dead for about five minutes when the rescue crew arrived. they hooked him up to a defibrillator. >> co-workers kicked
5:57 am
from under neekts him. that likely helped him survive. we're told the man is still in the hospital but we're told he's expected to be okay. >> sometimes you misplace something you love but it's very rare when someone goes out of the way to get it back to you. >> take a look at these pictures. an employee in detroit knew where to go. steven found the bear on top of a trash can. >> he took these photos, documenting the journey home. as you can see, eleanor and her bear are back together now. >> wonderful. we are playing santa's little helpers this morning for those who still have plenty of shopping left to do. more ideas on what to buy for that special someone if you're stumped. >> also this morning the latest after an incident involved ivanka trump aboard a jetblue fliechlt. we continue to follow breaking news out of italy. in the last five minutes we confirm the man behind this
5:58 am
berlin has been killed. the latest
5:59 am
now the arrest in the mat over the 3-year-old boy gunned down. a jetblue incident that had one passenger
6:00 am
in the metro area are forecast to travel this holiday season. we'll tell you what to look out for coming up. we are working for you. >> every day all day 24/7. >> no matter what's going on. >> 6:00 a.m. is your time. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang with melissa mollet and chuck bell. we're just excited for the holidays. >> i know. i want to hang from the ceiling. everything is so shiny and festive. >> do i look like an ornament? >> hang from a t ceiling? yikes. >> chuck, we have to walk away from this one. it's going to get away. >> she said it lovingly. >> yeah, because she's festive and cute. >> thank you, melissa. we'll get plenty of sunshine


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