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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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in the metro area are forecast to travel this holiday season. we'll tell you what to look out for coming up. we are working for you. >> every day all day 24/7. >> no matter what's going on. >> 6:00 a.m. is your time. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang with melissa mollet and chuck bell. we're just excited for the holidays. >> i know. i want to hang from the ceiling. everything is so shiny and festive. >> do i look like an ornament? >> hang from a t ceiling? yikes. >> chuck, we have to walk away from this one. it's going to get away. >> she said it lovingly. >> yeah, because she's festive and cute. >> thank you, melissa. we'll get plenty of sunshine
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we'll have plenty of rain clouds. rain moves in late tonight, likely to be raining unless you're up at 3:00 in the morning like we are. most of the rain tomorrow will be coming to an end by about 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. by 5:00 or 6:00, most areas should be rain-free and your saturday night plan will not be affected. current temperatures, back in the upper 20s. even some 20s along the i-95 corridor. want co-and fredericksburg. afternoon highs today in your hometown if you live in leesburg, it will be 48. 51 in washington and arlington. 46 down in beautiful settlement mair's city, maryland. let's go over to melissa mollet. >> good morning. problems on the way. that's going to be yord way south of compton. just spoke with police still shut down there. one person was killed in that crash overnight. southbound 95 at
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car in the ditch near the icc. doesn't seem to be slowing things too much. no problems on 270. 7 near mcclintock all lanes blocked, had to land a medevac for a head-on crash there. >> thank you, melissa. 6:02. we're helping you get ready for the holiday rush. >> from the roads to melissa to the air. timing is everything. right now "news4's" justin finch is hitting the road early. good morning, justin. >> everything is so good. i can tell you if you're driving out today and you can leave right now, you will do yourself a big favor. most of us can't do that. we have work and school before we hit the roads on this business travel day. i want to show you a look from behind what we're seeing
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here on i-95 north here. the high volume has not hit and looking toward the front, you'll see a few more taillights as the traffic time starts to converge with the work and school times. they're forecasting more than 2 million people will be driving this holiday in our area, traveling 50 miles or more. 93 million americans will be doing so nationwide. aaa says that's a credit to lower gas prices. we were at the wawa in woodbridge talking to drivers there. not many are on their way to work yet. they were on their way to work and school and we told them that at 4:00 p.m. aaa is expecting peak gridlock on the main arteries and they're telling us they're already making plans to get around it. take a listen. >> i thinkly probably hang out at christmas city do, more christmas shopping and try to wade
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leave early. it's kind of crazy. that's crazy. >> that's a good plan. leave early if you can today to beat this traffic that's coming our way. we can tell you that this starts today, this big holiday rush. it will continue over the next 11 day and will ramp up the first monday in january. that's january 2nd, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. many of you are getting ready to pack your car up and head out of town this weekend. >> there you go. our team coverage continues with melissa mollet. is there a good time? >> early and late. those are the good times yochl u want to enjoy the peak times for sure if you're headed out of town. if the bottom of the beltway is really jammed. think about 301. all major work zones and lanes will be lifted. that's throughout vn
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hov, lifted this monday, the 26th and monday, january 22nd. as for the suppress lanes in virginia. friday they're going to close northbound at 10:00 a.m. and sunday close at midnight open northbound. last thing, 70 is jam tight. what about b.w. parkway or route one. there's always some way around it. it may take extra time. guys? >> thank you. another live look from above patrolling the roads as you prepare to make your great holiday escape. >> here are four things you might want to do. check your tire pressure. make sure your car pressure and booster seats are properly seated. >> tell someone where you're going. in case something goes wrong, you want people to look out
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you never know. be prepared. >> here's a look at gas prices. the national average right now is $2.27. maryland drivers are paying on average $2.28. virginia coming in at 2:14 and most at $2.54. driving up to the terminal may be your biggest delay before you arrive to check in to security. they're suggesting you park in the garage which adds to the congestion. once passengers arrive inside their trip become as little easier. >> things seem to be moving smoothly. >> you can also take metro. that was chuck's advice to avoid traffic around reagan national airport. we're staying on top of travel iss
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wheel send out traffic alerts so you can plan ahead. police in iran have confirmed a man killed in an early morning shoot-out is in it. italy's interior minister says without a shadow of a doubt the berlin market attacker was killed. amri was stopped and asked for identity papers. authorities say he pulled a gun and was shot and killed in the shoot-out. an officer was also wounded in that shoot-out. he spent some time in italy before the attack. the attack killed 12 people and injured 56. five people are in custody this morning in australia with planning a christmas day attack. they planned a series of attacks in the city of melbourne. police say they were watching the suspects for a long time and th
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developing this morning a man is facing charges for shooting and killing a 3-year-old boy. this is a new mug shot of gary holmes. he surrendered to police in arkansas overnight. they say holmes was frustrated with a woman's drufbing and shot into her car last weekend. a bullet hit her grandson acen king and that boy died. a report of hate-based vandalism is under investigation at sligo creek elementary school in silver spring. a student told social workers "kill all whites" was written on the bathroom wall on wednesday. if you have any nvgs call the police. there's a $10,000 award in this case. frederick county has offered to pay for monitoring. this is an update to a story we told you about. the di
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one year of identity protection. about 1,000 students may have had their information stolen through the maryland state education department. it include students in public schools between november 2005 and november 2006. the district is contacting everyone affected. this could be the redskins' biggest game tore the sin. they play the chicago bears tomorrow. this is a look at practice yesterday where two key players did not participate. tight end jordan reed is dealing with shoulder injuries. linebacker craven is dealing with a back injury with. >> we should have never put ourselves in this position but now we have to make sure we can stand up off that wall and feel more comfortable. >> the game
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i can have a big breakfast lunch/brunch thing. and then if the game goes long -- it's going to be a bale to get the kids out the door. >> jesus came first. >> amen to that. >> go to church before the game and you can play for the redskins. >> there you. >> game tickets might be a nice present if you still need to get something for someone. so-called foodies. it's the mid flight incident. what happened between a passenger on a jetblue flight and the soon-to-be first daughter ivanka trump. first take a look. the roads are too busy just yet. that could change in a minute. a closer look where you're headed when we check back in with
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6:13 right now. i want to get you caught up on the forecast. >> what's going on out there, chuck? >> a lot of people are going to the airports or highways to go to someone else's house. for now, light snow headed to milwaukee, chicago, minneapolis, those are fairly big hubs. look at all the big rain. if you're trying to get into san francisco, portland, seattle, that could be a bit of an issue. the flight delays today, l.a., san francisco, seattle, and chicago. as we get into monday next week, rain showers coming into parts of the ohio valley. also remember to call your carrier and what to we always say?
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>> that's right. there was a crash at the beltway. it's been cleared out. we're open at ordway south of compton road. 95 south of powder mill, we have a car in a ditch and 270 before old hundred, car off the roadway on 270 as well. top of the beltway is rolling along just fine here this morning. 66 and 95 north no worries. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. problem on a libyan plane. >> this is out of malta. malta airport says a that a libyan plane has landed at the mediterranean island and there appear to be two hijackers on board. the malta airport security says all have been dispatched to the tarmac. earlier the prime minister said there was a potential hijack situation going on involving an internal libya flight that was
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that airport officials say the after friday kia airways a 323 flight has 118 passengers on board. we'll have more on that as it becomes available. thank you, derrick. we're not sure when the united nations will vote. >> that is when egypt requests the delay to allow time for consultations. no new time or date is set for a vote. 6:16 now. ivanka trump and her family waking up in hawaii after a troubling plane ride there. >> she was con frothed by a fellow passenger on a jetblue flight from new york. that passenger daniel goldstein and his husband matthew lasner were eventually kicked off the plane. some say the encounter may have been planned. they also tried to downplay it on twitter but witnesses say they're not buying
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>> he was visibly shaken, clearly agitated. if i was security, i wouldn't take a chance either. >> jetblue says, quote, the decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly. if it's prove thad a customer is causing conflict on an aircraft, the customer will be asked to deplane. right now the state of maryland is waiting to see if they'll be given a federal grant. that will include a four-phase construction project along i-81. yesterday larry hogan travelled there. it's expected to cost the state $105 million. the federal grant would help pay for about 80% of that amount. 6:17. we're continuing help you kick off your christmas list. this time for the foodies. now we're talking. the first idea is cookware. >> you're not feeling i
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christmas. >> i mean good luck for that. >> there will be a debit in your fred. >> "consumer reports" recommend a ten-piece nonstick -- i don't know if i should say this. i'm going to go ahead. i love you, "consumer reports," but don't buy -- >> it's made out of aluminum. comes with a lifetime warranty. even waffle makers. >> i -- >> this is for foodies. >> i am a foodie. i like to cook but i don't want you to buy me a pot for christmas. >> the waffle maker. "consumer reports" says its tests show the recipe does make a difference when it comes to waffle makers. pressure cooker. >> i have a pressure cooker. guess what? i have pots and pans and all of that. >> but it could speed up the cooking time for, say, beans. >> beans. this is an idea. i like this idea. cookbooks. >> there you go. >> there are many, many great cookbooks. tweet me youror
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coming up, we'll show you four last-minute gift ideas for teens. sometimes all mom wants for a holiday is a hand and if you have a question for hosting experts -- >> a hand with a diamond on it? >> hosting experts. >> there's a hotline. bob evans, the emily post institute, they're teaming up to answer your questions. you can call 855-formytable. >> is alcohol a delivery? >> you don't want to cook that. >> no, no, no. i would chuck that thing. >> sorry. i keep chucking things. i would throw that thing across the kitchen. it would go flying out the
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>> no, no, no. >> i'm happy i got her a dust buster for christmas. very happy. quiet weather coming our way. welcome news for everybody who's got to get somewhere by the end of the day. quiet weath aerunrod here. all this smirking going on. quiet weather indeed. >> let's take a look at the weather graphics, shall we? we've got the animation, a swoosh, absolutely. at no extra zra charge to you. temperature now, a chilly 33 at 45. clear skies here this morning. plenty of sunshine at least sunshine. after lunchtime they'll get more and more filled with clouds and we'll be mostly cloudy by 5:00 or 6:00. upper 40s to around
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planning tomorrow, christmas eve. an 80% it will be raining on you at 7:00 a.m. a 70% chance at noon. only a 30% chance for rain by 5:00. most of the rain should be out of here between 3:00 and 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. highs tomorrow again right up around 50 degrees. you can also stay ahead of the weather, have our nbc washington app ready to go. find me on facebook and twitter by searching for chuck bell 4. here's future channel. here's the clouds coming in. maybe a chance of a quick little sprinkle. but the steadier rain chances come in here first thing tomorrow morning and, again, should be tapering off after about 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. here's the way the next five days are shaping up. rain likely, especially early tomorrow. dry for christmas and the first day of hanukkah. cloudy and mild tuesday with the risk of a passing shower. now let's go over to melissa mollet. >> good morning. chopper 4 right now in the fair
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eastbound. no major problems on 66. nice light volume. southbound at powder mill still has a car into the ditch. before this cam rarks we have a car off of the roadway. does it seem n't seem to be slo things down too much. orange, blue, silver lines right now. guys? >> thank you, melissa. time is running out for those of you who still need to check off the holiday gift list. >> his eyes might be made out of coal but the rest of frosty the snowman is made out of metal. >> and have it your way, the fast food restaurant trying to make up for those unwanted chrisas gifts you get this tm
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christmas spirit shining
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east tennessee boy after he accidentally swallowed a snowman. >> oh, my goodness. a 12-year-old said he was messing around with the 1-inch figurine when it became stuck in his throat. the problem is his parents didn't believe him at first. you know, boys. but an x-ray revealed a shiny snowman was indeed in aden's stomach. the doctors say aden will be fine and it's small enough to pass naturally and the family even plans to commemorate the whole frosty accident by making it their christmas card in 2017. making memories, people. it is a question many of us face during the holidays. what do you do with the gifts that you don't want. a burger king in miami beach might have the answer for you. the burger king has a new promotion to exchange your unwanted gifts for a free whopper. is that a deal? the gifts have to be unused and will be
6:27 am
that's a good idea. donated to charity? >> i thought you meant the whopper. >> the exchanges will be limited. here it is again. >> only in miami beach apparently for this one. and don't send me a whopper this morning. i just said that. you won't see his face on the card itself, but you can expect to see a picture of the president-elect donald trump somewhere else. how metro is making up for this issue with the card. still need to get a last-minute gift? not a problem. we're working to help you find the perfect present. and why santa may want to bring his rain gear along with his reindeer.
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i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we're helping you get ready for the holiday weekend. >> how do we do that? >> how do we do that? >> we start with meteorologist chuck bell and melissa mollet. who wants to go first. >> i'll go first, i'll go first. >> we were waiting for you guys to make the call. >> yes. >> i thought i got my hand up first just to be clear. nice quiet start to the day. temperatures mostly in the 20s and 30s. a cold start, so nothing to worry about. a good travel day today up and down the northeast corridor from boston to d.c. down to carolina is nothing to worry about. soggy weather starts ott your saturday. we should be raining tomorrow morning but we should be dried out in time for sunday afternoon. highs today, upper 40s to right around 50 degrees. for tomorrow, rain likeliest in the morning after about 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 on christmas eve. if you're going out to a late
6:32 am
it should be dry by then. taking a look at chopper 4 over the tysons area going to be a little busy. inner loop and outer loop looking quite good. everything rolling along pretty nicely on the beltway, i would say. if you're leaving hopefully sometime soon. maryland, 97. all lanes blocked there because of the medevac that had to lachbltd southbound 95 at powder mill, car into the ditch and the median. broken down vehicle in the right lane. 66, 95, virginia, not so bad. u eun? >> thank you. we have breaking news. the suspect in the berlin terror attack is dead. anis amri was killed hours ago. >> he ran into a crowd and kill 12 people. police
6:33 am
papers as he was pulled over and he pulled out a gun. then there was a shoot-out. two officers killed him. we'll have more on this on the "today" show. right now breaking news in northern virginia. >> derrick rose. derrick? >> this is in fairfax county. there's a suspicious death investigation going on. please say they found a man dead in his home on blarney court last night. he was 22 years old. police say there was trauma on his body but they didn't go into more detail on that. stay tuned for an nbc 4 news update. >> thank you, derrick. right now, the roads are expected to be tracked with more than 2 million drivers in our area. we're going to check in with justin finch on peak gridlock to avoid. >> driving up to the terminal may be your biggest delay. they're suggesting you
6:34 am
airport. >> the holidays are almost here. you know it. we've been talking about christmas eve. you still have time to grab a few more gifts. >> "news4's" megan mcgrath is live. you've been seeing some shoppers since what, 5:00 this morning? >> reporter: yeah, ever since we got here. not at a lot of shoppers. if you look at the store, a little deceiving. it's been a little quiet but they've been coming in. that's part of the strategy, beat the crowds and take advantage of the many retailers they're offering. we're here at a kohl's. they've been open 24 hours a day. they're going to stay open until 6:00 p.m. on christmas eve to offer these deals. there are a lot of markdowns and hope to lure in those last-minute shoppers who still have some gifts to get. we've been talking to folks this morning and they say they like shopping at thi
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ing. >> it's nice. it's quiet. you can see the register behind me? back you do guys. all of your last minute needs. >> more than 40 packages were swiped and they've been returned to their owners. security cameras caught thieves. they tracked them down and personally delivered the gifts at the police station in germantown yesterday. >> right now police need your help in finding this missing rockville woman. this is
6:36 am
morris. she was last seen at her family home and left without telling them where she was going. she functions at the level of a third grader. morris is familiar with public transportation and likes to go to public libraries. if you know her and have seen where she is -- >> we're 28 days away from the inauguration and metro says trump's picture will be featured on some of their cards. its was originally left off the smart trip cards because trump's team did not respond to the request for his picture. let's take a look. a lot of you are waking up in the 20s and 30s. it's dry now. for now, when the rain will return. she called the police after she says her son was assaulted b she was the oneut
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he can't prove to me that my son littered but it didn't give him the right to put his hands on him. >> a texas police officer is on restricted duty after arresting a woman and her teenaged daughters. jacqueline craig says a neighbor accused her son of littering and physically assaulted him. the officer then started questioning craig's parenting. >> craig and her daughters have since been released from jail. it's now 6:40 on a friday morning, the friday before a big holiday weekend for so many people and skies are mostly clear out there. just a couple of fair weather clouds drifting by. a little hint of early morning color. two days after the win toe solstice, we get seven seconds of extra day looichlt temperatures0
6:41 am
this morning. a cold start. you'll need your warm coat. maybe a fashionable hat or skash as well. not a bad day coming. we're going to give today a checkmark on the very good category. clouds moving in but not very cold. high today around 50 degrees. look at the ten-day forecast which includes new year's. that's next. chopper 4 and a live look at the american legion bridge. light volume right now. we know that's going to be so different as the day progresses about 12 hours from now. it's going to be quite slow. orange, blue, silver, there are delays. in maryland, the travel times look fine on 270 and there on the top of the beltway, same thing on 66, want co-to the beltway as well. a nice little holiday gift for everyone. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. >> breaking news out o
6:42 am
where officials have confirms the driver in this week's truck attack has been killed. what we're learning about the shoot-out between him and police. >> first take a live look where our crews are headed out. take a look. what you need to kn before youow
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it is one of the busiest travel weekends on the year. >> already drivers are getting an early start on the road, which is a good plan. justin finch is checking traffic in virginia. we should let you know we're following up on the breaking news in the road raij -- i'm sorry, krimm market attack and breaking news out of arkansas where there's been an arrest in the road rage incident there. >> first we're working to get you home for the holidays including the four things you need to know before you hit the road. now we want to head out to justin finch. >> getting an idea what you'll have to deal with. justin, good morning. >> hey, there, good morning. the beltway going north, we're seeing some congestion as we make our way north. we're looking in front of us. you will see a lot
6:46 am
this a lit later on today. about 4:00 this afternoon they're expecting heavy gridlock on the major arteries in our area and across the country. more than two million expected to drive 50 miles or more. they're also expected many more places to close early today so that people will be hitting the roads in the mid morning and early afternoon as a result. as always when you're out there, you want to be safe. you want to abide by the laws and speed limits as well here. the reason why. the reason they're saying there's so much traffic this year, there are lower gas prices. they say if these travel numbers hold, this could be a record-breaking year for year end holiday traffic. back to you. >> justin, thank you. >> another live look now from chopper for this morning patrolling the roads. as you get ready to make your great holiday escape. there are four things
6:47 am
to know. >> that's right. check your tire pressure. be sure your car seats and booster seats are secure before you pull off. >> also tell someone where you're going. you never know what may happen when you head on the road. >> the national average. $2.27. maryland drivers are paying an average of $2.28. area gas is most expensive in the district at $2.54 a gallon. before you even arriving to check in for security. the lines weren't too lock and things seemed to be moving smoothly. >> they warn trailers to avoid using the lot. once passengers arrive
6:48 am
easier. >> and you can take metro. we're staying on top of all the travel issues you might face. download the nbc washington app so you can plan ahead. major breaking news right now. >> the suspect in the berlin attack is there. yeah. that suspect, anis amri was killed in an early morning shoot-out with police in milan. he was the main suspect in the berlin christmas market attack that happened on monday. this is according to the interior minister. he said two believes on patrol stopped anis amri and asked him for his paymenterwork. he pulled out a gun and they shot him. one of the officers was shot. amri had suspect time in italy. that attack in berlin killed 12
6:49 am
police arrested people suspended of planning a terror attack. the police arrested five men. they were planning attacks in melbourne on christmas day. the attackers were inspired by isis. they were attacking several public sites with explosives, knives, and guns. this man is facing charges for shooting and killing a 3-year-old boy. gary holmes surrendering to police in little rock, arkansas. he shot and killed 3-year-old acen king when he fired into the car of the boy's grandmother's car. holmes was frustrated with how slowly the woman was driving. covering montgomery county, a report of hate-based vandalism is under investigation at sligo creek elementary school. a student told school officials the words "kill all whites" had been written on the wall in the boys' bathroom
6:50 am
frederick county public schools is going to pay for identity protection. they say about 1,000 students may have had their information stolen through the maryland state education department. that includes students who were in public schools between 2005 and november 2006. the district is contacting everyone involved. 6:50 right now and the redskins are hoping for a happy birthday holiday b happy holiday. the skins have two gamts left and they're basically not allowed to lose. >> that's right. don't lose. >> they're also without a few key players. tight end jordan reed and linebacker sua cravens. >> the coach says the team can do it. >> what we need to do is win. we have to take care of what we ve
6:51 am
>> now, the skins are behind green bay and tampa bay for the final playoff seed. tomorrow's game, 1:00 in the afternoon. >> come on. >> get that christmas win. >> exactly. that would be a nice gift. all right. we want to talk about a little weather, a little traffic right now. >> hello. >> we can do all that. >> remember this time last year? it was in the 70s. know coat at church. >> really nice. >> that's what you remember about church on christmas? >> we were talking about the weather. >> that's okay. >> oh, man. >> she remembers the sermon too. >> yeah. >> it was about being kind to your co-anchor. >> you should have been there. >> i walked right into that. >> you sure did. >> we've got a quiet start to the day. clear outside. temperatures at or below the freezing mark in many spots. 31. afternoon h
6:52 am
40s, low 50s. chilly, not as nice. you get the bonus sunshine. we made it up to 60 degrees. we won't be quite as night. tomorrow, a bigger impact. rain likely in the morning and up through about lunchtime. rain chances taper off during the afternoon. we should be dry by christmas eve evening. here's future weather. there could be a little sprinkle or two as early as 10:00 or 11:00 this evening. most of us wait until this time tomorrow morning. off and on light rain through the morning hours and through about lunchtime tomorrow. h here's 3:00. skies should start to clear. christmas eve services will be rain-free in the evening time and sunday is looking like a nice day as well. always have our nbc washington app ready to go. find me on facebook and twitter by searching for
6:53 am
nice day on christmas coming up. once the showers are done with us early tomorrow and the early look. here's the ten-day forecast for gnaw year's eve. a weekend now, looks like new year's eve will be sunny and seasonably cold. let's go over to melissa right now. >> the split here. you can see the montgomery county bus slot. yes, one more full day of school for kids. northbound and southbound, no problem there on 270. and the beltway, look at that. that's about as good as the beltway can possibly look. that's wonderful. there on 97 near mcclintacliccl have that. that investigation is under way. southbound 95 at powder mill, we have the report at the median. the outer loop, the westbound ramp still blocking that right lane. 12 hours from now, not going to
6:54 am
leave early, leave late if you possibly can. save yourself the headache. delays to franconia, vienna, and weston east. it's almost christmas but you have time to get a few more christmas gifts if you need to. >> megan is out there. >> reporter: they work here. there's a changing of shifts going on. many of the employees are taking advantage of the sales that we're seeing here. now, this kohl's, the kohl's chain, they're open 24 hours a day. have been since tuesday morning and that's going to trying to allow everybody no matter what your schedule to get your sales. there are a lot of sales ou
6:55 am
folks are taking advantage. it's not just here. many are offering extended hours. the great thing is if you're shopping off time, there are generally no lines. there are also lots of online coupons. some come in the mail and a lot of folks take advantage of those, but before you go shopping go to the websites because really you can find a lot of things online. in fact, even if you're out, use your smartphone and use your website. i did that last week, got another 20% off because of a coupon i was able to get off the phone. a lot of deals are had. it's a win/win for consumers as well as the retailers. we're seeing people. not a huge crowd. it is very early in the morning but we have sleen a slow trickle. i think we have one shopper right there headed toward the counter there getting just a couple of things before the holiday is upon
6:56 am
don't like all of the rush and the lines and, oh, my goodness, and the parking. you know that mall parking lots can be absolutely horrible this time of year. tons of spots out there right now. back to you guys. >> all right, megan. thank you. here are our final last-minute gift ideas, this time for teens. >> "consumer reports" recommend bluetooth models. >> next, portable speakers, they're great for the outdoors. >> mac books. mac book line, great options. they can pretty much do anything. >> speaking of apping's watch series 2 that can hopefully get them to school on time. >> you might not be able to send your kids to college but they'll have the mac book. that or you can get them socks and underwear which is all i ever got through middle school and high school. >> and coal. >> and coal.
6:57 am
looking good. good news for today. no weather-related snares on your travel plans. tomorrow, showers likeliest in the first half of tomorrow. should be dry saturday night and christmas day. milder weather coming early with a little chance for a shower on tuesday. taking a look at the mormon temp temple. that's pretty. inner loop and outer loop looking as good as they can. not going to be the case in 12 hours. i'll be in bed. >> that's it for us this morng. the lasint
6:58 am
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good morning. breaking news. manhunt over. the suspect in that berlin christmas market attack killed in a shoot-out with police in milan. we're live with the latest. going nuclear. president-elect trump calls for an expansion of the american nuclear arsenal just hours after russian president vladimir putin says his country should fortify their arsenal. this morning, the exchange that could defy decades of u.s. nuclear policy, and we'll ask one of trump's closest advisors to explain it. rough flight. two men kicked off a jetblue plane after one of them is accused of confronting ivanka trump and her family with harsh words for the president-elect. did jetblue overreact? what the airline is saying this morning.


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