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tv   Today  NBC  December 24, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning. prayers for princess leia. get well wishes from around the world for actress carrie fisher. >> into the garbage chute. >> the "star wars" star hospitalized a day after suffering a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. >> we have passengers, nurses assisting a passenger with an unresponsive passenger. >> her family rushing by her side. we are live with the latest on how she is doing. travel trouble. wintry weather making holiday journey treacherous for millions. minnesota vikings needing to be rescued after plane is off the
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now 20 million people from california all the way to michigan are under winter storm advisories this morning. as you try to make your way to grandma's house this weekend, we have everything you need to know. the presideresident versus president-elect. war of words between president obama and president-elect trump. the president outraging isreal by refusing to veto a controversial vote on isreal settlements. are trump and obama locked in battle behind the scenes? and instant takedown. a gun-toting teenager allegedly trying to rob a convenience store in california gets the tables turned by two clerks he is trying to rob. how they were able to take him down. today, saturday, december 24th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio
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>> good morning. welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm sheinelle jones. >> we have rain in the northeast. we appreciate you joining us. >> holidays are here. >> happy honolulu and merry christmas eve. >> i'm flying to chicago. i had a quiet house last night. >> you saw travel troubles? >> yes. i will be patient. >> i'm going to florida. let's get to the latest on actress carrie fisher. hospitalized this morning after suffering a heart attack on friday flying from london to los angeles. let's get the latest from nbc's steve patterson. >> reporter: good morning. carrie fisher is in intensive care this morning. friends and family are waiting for an update all while fans across the world are holding out hope for a hollywood icon.
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senate on a diplomatic mission. >> reporter: in this galaxy, carrie fisher is royalty. and this morning, fans are praying for the actress best remembered as princess leia in "star wars." she was flying back to the united states when passengers say she appeared to stop breathing before landing at l.a.x. >> we have a passenger, nurses assisting the passenger. unresponsive passenger. >> reporter: officials say she suffered full cardiac arrest. since then, may the force be with her trending on social media. with friends and co- stars sending well wishes and a galaxy of fans worry and wait. >> into the garbage chute. >> reporter: landing the role of leia at 19. fisher captivated audiences for decades. >> i always hated watching you
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empire, fisher was born into the spotlight. daughter to eddie fisher and debbie reynolds. made her debut in the movie "shampoo." >> i remained celebate for you. >> reporter: building up more than 19 tv credits. fisher is the author of seven books. including "post cards from the edge" and recently "princess diarist." in which she admitted a long ago affair with harrison ford. she spoke about it with savannah last month here on "today." >> it seems like you were in love. felt that way. >> well, i was 19. yeah. you know, i was not a cavalier type person. >> one of the trademarks of carrie fisher is the brutally honest demeanor. >> reporter: not afraid
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relationship with her mother or failed marriage to paul simon. >> she is a successful author and screen writer and kmen comm. >> reporter: she is written in hollywood history and hopes this is far from the final chapter. >> may the force be with you. >> reporter: we are hearing from fisher's co- stars and friends. mark hamill who plays luke skywalker. tweeting, as if 2016 could not get worse, sending all other love to carrie fisher. peter mayhew sending prayers for our friend. >> steve patterson, thank you. a big winter storm set to make a mess of millions of holiday plans. snow in the west is causing travel troubles for people in the sky and on the roads. nbc's kerry
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eye on it from miami's international airport. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. it never snows in miami, so it doesn doesn't, however, we are immune from the impact of snow when it comes to traveling. that is the case for the country with the weather. if you are going to travel, just use that old expression, they sneeze, the rest of the country catches a cold, it will apply. we see a few delays. if you are traveling, make sure you have your phone. look for the flights. make sure they are not delayed. if it is delayed, get to the airport early and hopefully your travel will not be as eventful for one nfl team. >> that's what's happening. >> reporter: vikings in need of a rescue last night. >> on a fire ladder. >> reporter: the minnesota football players evacuated from the plane after it slid off the runway in the snow in wisconsin. snow that's making travel tricky. from iowa where drivers struggling to stay on
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highway, to spokane, washington, where more than 20 vehicles involved in a pile-up. amazing through no one was hurt. drivers in northern california, meanwhi meanwhile, hoping to avoid a similar fate. putting chains on their tires. in the southern part of the state, rain is causing problems in los angeles. >> and it's more traffic. >> reporter: a record 103 million people expected to travel this holiday season. with nearly 94 million hitting the roads. >> now we are sitting still. >> reporter: at the airport so f far, a mixed bag. >> i'm glad we have a lot of leeway because there is no way if i was here two hours early, i don't think i would make a flight. >> as you can see, there are no lines. no lines at all. >> reporter: in newark, new jersey on friday, getting to the airport was a headache for some. when an air train got stuck. one passenger tweeting, hundreds stranded. send help. for other
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facing long lines or delayed flights? >> i'm not worried. merry christmas. >> reporter: she has it right. holiday travel. let's take a look at the flight aware misery index map. you can see two canceled flights right now. 56 delays. guys, if you are traveling today, make sure you try to make everybody happy and i know this looks like landing lights at the airport, but jeff, if you can make somebody smile in the craziness today, not a bad thing. >> i love that. we just noticed the christmas lights hanging around you. >> i didn't know they were blinking. you are right. >> reporter: landing lights at the airport. landing lights. >> kerry is now runway 3-2 left in miami. let's bring in shana from knbc. she is in for dylan on maternity leave. >> we have rain and snow across the
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you are heading to the west. we have a winter storm coming into the rockies and heavy rain in southern california. that moves east for christmas eve. we have snow in the sierra and rockies right now. strong winds in southern california. we are watching that as we continue through christmas
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christmas market in berlin. we have coverage of the stories this morning with nbc's morgan radford in times square. >> reporter: jeff, good morning. the
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calls for attacks made by isis supporters while those hoping to enjoy the holiday season and destinations like times square, say today they are alert and at times afraid. heavy guns and police barricades. not the type of holiday ornaments you expected to see around the christmas tree. >> we have seen the cops carrying what looked like ak-47s. >> a little extra alert. keep an extra eye on your kids. >> reporter: this attack on the berlin marketplace left 12 people dead. a reminder to cities across the world on holiday alert. in london, more police patrolling the palace. >> police are everywhere. >> reporter: while australian authorities charged four suspects for allegedly plotting a christmas day attack. >> it is a time of happiness and joy. these terrorists sought to disrupt it. they have been thwarted. they are in
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much about prevention as it is response. and in boston and philadelphia, more police had been assigned to sites since the berlin attack. while the fbi investigates claims that isis supporters called for attacks against american churches. >> it is important to put this in context. it did not come from isis. no isis sources online have no idea what this is or where it came from. it is by no means official. >> reporter: in new york, security lined up at the historic st. patrick's cathedral. police presence routine during the holidays. this year, a specially trained unit armed with guns. >> you cannot protect every place all the time or you protect nothing. so we do analysis of high visibility locations. high travel locations. and we protect them. >> reporter: this is the first holiday season the
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trained and deployed an elite unit called the critical response command. that is especially so they can patrol heavily trafficked areas like this. jeff. >> morgan, thanks. we are getting details about the man who went on a deadly rampage in a christmas market in berlin. he was shot and killed in italy on friday morning. now authorities are trying to figure out how he got there unnoticed and if he had any help. nbc's hans nichols is in milan this morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, german and italian authorities are determining why anis amri decided to come here, a section of milan after slipping through germany's security net. behind me he was killed after exchanging gunfire with two police trainees. the bullets that fell amri ended a european wide manhunt, but they did not close the investigation. fingerprints from his corpse matching those from the truck at the christmas
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forensics not answering how the 24-year-old tunisian was radicalized and returning to italy and why milan. his brother offering no answers telling nbc news says quote he was ashamed of what he did. in milan, italian officials proud of the rookies' police work. recriminations mixed with relief. questions on why police stopped the surveillance of amri months ago and floundered. amri from germany to france and italy all with authorities on high alert. by 9:00 p.m. on thursday, turin and then in milan here on friday morning. confronted by would police officers outside the station. first words. police basterds. then gun play. men
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no identification and no cell phone. several hundred euro. yesterday, a shaky video released pledging allegiance to the jihadi group. tourists with conflicted feelings still. >> i have concerned. i don't feel unsafe. >> reporter: germany's top prosecutor looking to improve the state's response. the priority finding out if amri has quote a network of supporters. and sheinelle here at the train station, i can see three security cameras making it possible that anis amri's final moments were caught on camera. >> hans in milan, thank you. let's turn to politics. there is some confusion around the world about exactly who is in charge of u.s. foreign policy right now. the president or the president-elect. the obama administration in a bit of a dust-up with the president-elect trump over isreal. nbc's kelly
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>> reporter: good morning, jeff. no thorny prospect for middle east peace. trump weighed in opposing the united nations security council resolution critical of the settlement in the west bank and letting it be known he was uncomfortable with the obama administration when it staked out a different suggestion. >> the united states did not vote in favor of the resolution. >> reporter: friday when the united nations voted to rebuke isreal, the current ambassador to the u.n. told the world the obama administration would not get involvedkipping the vote. less than an hour later, trump sent his message on twitter. as to the u.n., things will be different after january 20th. some experts caution trump to wait his turn. >> we have the d
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situation of two people speaking for the united states. >> reporter: in palm beach, mixing work and play. trump made no official appearances in florida, but did not need to be seen to be heard. on foreign policy, trump's team released a congratlatory statement on putin. putin referred to trump as his excellency and improved u.s./russia relations. sharing that letter came after the comments that contradicted years of bold policy to reduce nuclear weapons. trump tweeted the united states must strengthen and expand the nuclear ability. some experts expressed concerns that trump is making pronouncements before taking office. >> certainly doesn't bode well for serious issues whether it is nuclear weapons, terrorism, syria, what have
7:18 am
president-elect's only past time. saturday, he played his first round of golf since the election with tiger woods. a tweeted photo showed trump's granddaughter was on the links too. and new this morning, sources tell me that the archbishop of new york, timothy dolan will take part in the inauguration next month. dolan's role has not been announced yet, but that is expected soon. jeff. >> kelly, thanks. i wonder how involved the president-elect gets before taking office and how upset are the sources in the obama administration? >> reporter: it is striking because there is a one president at a time rule that is part of our tradition. the obama administration has not publicly stated that they are upset about this. in part trying to show a smooth transition. there are concerns of trump weighing in on issues too
7:19 am
and other things working on before january 20th. >> and at this rate, a long haul before january 20th. kelly, thanks. meantime in bethlehem, troops on alert as visitors make way through the barricades through the church of the nativity. some wearing santa suits and fought with forces. the protesters were demanding unrestricted access to holy cit cites. the first lawsuits filed after the deadly fire of the oakland ghost ship. the parents of the 20-year-old are going after the owner of the california warehouse. the music promoters and the building's leaseholder and city and county. 36 people died when fire roared through the warehouse during the electronic music show. update on a story we brought you last weekend. university of oklahoma running back joe
7:20 am
for the 2014 punching incident that led to a year's suspension. last weekend, we showed you the videotape of the confrontation with the female student with a punch that slammed here in the table breaking several bones. a news conference on friday, he apologiz apologized. >> never, never, never okay, you know, never, never okay to retaliate and hit a woman the way i did. >> mixon has been receiving counselling. there have been renewed calls to dismiss him from the team since the tape. a bold move by two california brothers caught on camera. look at this. the convenience store leclerks confronted by a gun-toting thief and one jumped into action leaping on the gunman's back. by the time the police arrived, the gunman had to be
7:21 am
from the sre on a stretcher. scary. let's get a check of the rest of the forecast. shana, we'll give it to you. . . we've got some rain in our neighborhood and a lot of it, but the good news is it's not going to last all day. it's going to move out of here from the mid morning to the early afternoon from the west to the east as a weak cold front passes through the area. temperatures all above freezing. so again we're just looking at plain rain through
7:22 am
dulles. we'll top out around 50 degrees. showers ending by mid day. weather. back to you. >> thank you. still to come, our look at the stories that had us talking this weekend. including the golf shot trick or trick shot which ever you want to say, that did not go exactly as planned. if you are one of the holiday shopping procrastinators like sheinelle, you could be in luck this year. we will show you how to be a winner later. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will. make a gift today at still to come on "today" the generous gift from seahawks quarterback russell wilson to his team and just about everyone else in the organization. rjs a and how to deal wite
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store as painless as possible. but first these messages.
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or at least a suspected stolen vehicle. the car sped off and slammed into three other cars. we don't know the name of the person who lost their life. if you're staying in town this weekend, there are changes to know about when it
7:27 am
metro, mark and vre. metro is open until 7:00 tomorrow. mark will have saturday service and closed on christmas day. no vre service on monday. it's going to be a rainy start to your christmasve if e
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the good news is that rain is going to come to an end through the mid morning and into the early afternoon so this evening looking dry and mild as temperatures will fall into the upper 30s, lower 40s tonight. good looking into your christmas eve and the first night of hanukkah. temperatures in the upper 40s and plenty of sunshine. next chance of rain is tuesday as temperatures will be around 60 and another chance of rain on thursday. new year's eve looks a little
7:30 am
the chilly side. all right. thanks. another update in about 25 minutes but for now back to the "today" show. ♪ i stay out too late ♪ got nothing in my brain >> are you okay? >> oh, yes, i'm fine. thank you. ♪ do you ever feel ♪ >> we're back on a saturday morning, december 24th, 2016 with the look at the movie "sing." we will show you how a movie like this becomes reality. we have a great crowd even in the rain. >> the rain is starting to fall here. at least it is not snow over much of the country. >> we will get out in a second. >> first here's a look at what is making headlines. actress carrie fisher is in the hospital this morning in
7:31 am
after she suffered a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. we will have more in the next half hour. if you were hoping for a white christmas, good luck if you live between california and northern michigan. some 20 million people are under a winter storm advisory this weekend. messy weather already making travel difficult for people who are flying or the nearly 94 million people on the roads today. here is hoping the weather doesn't get in the way of santa's travels. this is a live look at the official norad santa tracker. jolly st. nick has delivered more than 500 million gifts. you can track the journey at now to the download. the recap of the week's biggest stories. a terror attack at the berlin christmas market and many upset
7:32 am
those are some of the stories that caught our attention this week. >> the week began with a shocking scene. the assassination of the russian ambassador to turkey. >> ambassador andrey karlov speaking at an art exhibit. the gunman said the assassination was revenge for the russian and syrian offensive in aleppo. the an satisf assassin killed b. a massive explosion at the mexico's largest fireworks market. killed 32. >> the initial explosion came out warning. in all, at least six major blasts that levelled the outdoor flea market. with the death toll rising, families handing out posters of the missing. praying for miracles. >> the possibility
7:33 am
>> the hope. that's the most we can do. a terror attack this week at a christmas market in berlin. >> this semi truck just barrelling down the street. >> this is the face plastered across germany. anis amri. a 23-year-old tunisian national called armed and violent. associated with islamic terror networks. >> the suspect finally gunned down in italy. >> there is no doubt italy's interior minister told reporters that the dead man is amri. president-elect trump responding to the attacks. revisiting his campaign promise. >> a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> and seemingly doubling down. >> you know my plan all along. i have been proven to be right. 100% correct. royal concern over queen elizabeth's health as the family prepares to
7:34 am
down with heavy colds and britain is on edge. >> we should always be concerned when people in their 90s fall ill. >> the extended family together for the annual christmas lunch at palace. harry, will, kate and little george seen arriving. >> thankfully the queen recovered and traveled with prince philip to the vacation home. meantime, this golfer made a hole in one. just not the one all those dream of. >> what do you do when you combine golf with a frozen pond? takes a swing. >> wait! >> oh! >> right through the ice. and comedian jerry lewis went viral taking part in what's being called the most awkward interview of the year. >> have you ever thought about retiring? >> why? >> do you have a favorite story about dean or frank sinatra or somebody you worked with o
7:35 am
share? >> no. >> not at all? >> none. >> how about an unfavorite story? >> nope. not for this. >> that is -- >> i have stories, but just not for you. >> a reporter fighting there. what was the story? >> i don't know. >> not feeling it that day? >> you know what? that happens sometimes. i have done thankfully one interview my career, i won't say who it was, they were not having a good day. they departmeidn't want to talk. it was my first job. our main story. i talked and asked a question. he would do this. i would say this. he would go. i got back to the stage and i remembered crying. >> it is easy to transcribe. head nod. >> how about the guy golfing on the lake? by the way, not to be debbie downer here. it actually is dangerous.
7:36 am
that is an incredibly dangerous situation if you are by yourself. >> how many stories have you done? >> enough. ice is not fully frozen over. it needs to be this thick. >> are you a golfer? some people are diehard. they have to get the shot. >> doesn't matter what the weather is, right? >> how
7:37 am
we've got that rain here and it continues to move through the region now. it will begin to taper off thank goodness by 11:00 and start to get out of here and then by noon after lunch we're looking okay. if you have last-minute errands to run this evening we're going to be dry and start to clear out. a few clouds overnight but overall not that bad. saturday evening looking good and mild for this time of year. and that's your latest weather.
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7:42 am
packaging. if that is not the case? >> if you don't have the receipt, you can ask for score credi store credit. if you don't have the original packaging, you may be charged a restocking fee. keep that in mind when you get the gift and the receipt. if you are going to the stores, try to ktake everything on the same day. >> for retailers, we know theft and fraud are issues. talk about the exchange with some stores. >> so now they have refund verification systems. this is taking place at tjmaxx and home depot is doing this. they will ask for identification. they keep track of how often you return things. walmart will let you return without a receipt up to three times
7:43 am
if you do it anymore than that, they may ban you. has a system where if you are doing returns too often, they reserve the right to ban you. >> it makes sense. you say electronics like computers and x-box and cameras have a shorter window. >> that has a 15-day return window. for the holidays, there are extensions. apple is actually extending the returns until january 8th. best buy extending until january 15th. >> apple and best buy, those are the gifts you want to keep. >> exactly. >> longer windows for items. >> the clothing and other items. a lot of stores like nordstrom with a lenient policy. you don't need a receipt. they don't need a record of your purchase. they will give you gift credit with the store. another store that is good. costco. they are very lenient with
7:44 am
and the other store that is also very good is bed bath & beyond. if you don't have a record of sale, they will give you the current sales price minus a 20% fee. >> that happened to me before. if you pay more for it, keep the receipt. >> keep the receipt. >> no pressure. give us final thoughts with returns. >> if you can, try not to make the return the day after christmas. that's when it is chaotic and sales people are super overworked. just practice kindness. this is the time of year where everyone is working overtime and if you are a little bit nice and have a smile, they may help you out. okay, you don't have a receipt, but we'll make something happen. >> i watched people. they have an attitude or grumpy. they have the power to help you. if you smile, it goes a long way. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we're bac the flu virus.
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7:48 am
we will hear a bit of the song. jeff and shana and i will see if we can come up with the rest of the words. you play at home. you will beat us. the first is michael buble taking on "santa claus is coming to town." ♪ he knows when you're awake ♪ he knows if you've been bad or good ♪ ♪ so be good for goodness sake ♪ >> that was easy. does that mean we got that right? >> i was promised a pipe and smoking jacket. >> welcome to my living room. next up "rudolph the red nosed reindeer." ♪ had a very shinny nose ♪ and if you ever saw him ♪ you may even see it glow >> that part is not right. >> give me the ding
7:49 am
♪ you would even say it glows >> close enough. >> here is one. how about hanukkah by the bare naked ladies. ♪ gather around the table ♪ and your tree >> i don't know this one. >> i don't know. >> what was it? >> no. ♪ ♪ playing the candles are burning low ♪ >> no chance. >> somebody at home may know that one. >> here is a classic. okay. everybody will get this one. the studio can sing along. "all i want for christmas" by mariah carey. ♪ could ever know ♪ make my wish come true ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> yeah. >> they went easy
7:50 am
voices. >> hopefully you won too. still to come, no way these gist will forget the lyrics. how the animated movie "sing" came togeer. >>th
7:51 am
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7:56 on this saturday, december 24th, christmas eve. good morning to you. let's get a check of the headlines. we'll start in the district where police are investigating a deadly shooting. one man was shot and killed off of martin luther king junior off of southwest and another man is shot and in the hospital right now. d.c. police say they're still looking for a suspect. for some fun for you and your kids on this holiday weekend. look at that. today you can catch the water skiing santa clause. this happens on the potomac river. he's going to catch the waves in alexandria at 1
7:57 am
this best place to watch is along the waterfront. the ves,el
7:58 am
strand restoring ading a father's faith.... stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster. make a gift today at
7:59 am
i've got my red on and lauren you have your red on and storm team 4 radar providing a lot of green this morning. >> we color coordinated with the radar this morning. a lot of green, but that won't be the case all day. this rain will clear up mid morning to afternoon, but we do have low visibility. we're going to top out around 50 today. temperatures are going to go up and showers ending through the mid day. tonight looking good. temperatures will be actually on the mild side if you're headed out to midnight services. christmas day looking good and temperatures around 50 during the afternoon. next chance of rain after this morning will be on tuesday. then again
8:00 am
looking on the chilly side. plan ahead. >> got to bundle up. you can follow lauren good morning. prayers for princess leia. an outpouring of support for carrie fisher this morning. >> i'm a member of the imperial senate. >> the "star wars" actress hospitalized in intensive care after suffering a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. her family rushing to be by her side. we will have the latest on her condition. travel trouble. stormy weather making a mess of millions of holiday travel plans. plight flight delays and planes skidding off runways. 20 million people from california to michigan under winter storm advisories this holiday weekend. what you need to
8:01 am
where you are going safely. of ♪ run, run >> and the mad dash. holiday shoppers waiting until the last minute will be out in full force this day. >> i like the adrenaline rush. >> the clock ticking down the number of hours they have left until stores close for christmas. all of that procrastinating could be a good thing "today" saturday, december 24th, 2016. ♪ rocking around ♪ >> merry christmas! >> our morning would not be complete without the "today" show. merry christmas! ♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪ >> check out my christmas tree! >> hi, ben. we're on tv! ♪
8:02 am
welcome back to "today" on this saturday morning. we have a brave crowd on the plaza. we have a bit of rain. thank you for waking up with us today. >> merry christmas eve. happy honoluanukkah. i love the 8:00 open. watching grown men dance. bravo in the open. >> festive atmosphere. serious news. the latest on actress carrie fisher. how she is doing after suffering a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. nbc's steve patterson with more from los angeles. >> reporter: jeff, good morning. carrie fisher remains in intensive care this morning. friends and family rushing to los angeles surrounding the actress with support. waiting for any hint or sign of her condition. fisher hospitalized yesterday after suffering cardiac arrest on the flight from london to los angeles. she was coming back from a tour promoting her
8:03 am
15 minutes before landing, passengers say she appeared to have trouble breathing. fisher is hollywood royalty. known to a galaxy of fans as princess leia from "star wars." where she captivated audiences for decades. coming back to reprize her role in "the force awakens." she was born into the spotlight. daughter to parents eddie fisher and debbie reynolds. carrie fisher was the actress with more than 90 credits. this morning, the phrase may the force be with her is trending on social media. >> thank you, steve. tens of millions of americans could be in for tough traveling this holiday weekend. a strong winter storm is making it a white and wild christmas for drivers from iowa to washington state where
8:04 am
20 cars involved in a pile-up. rain in the south is causing problems for los angeles. snow trapped the minnesota vikings football team on board the jet after it slid off the taxi way. for the latest on the holiday weather, we turn to shana from knbc filling in for dylan. >> good morning. a busy christmas eve and hanukkah as we take a look at the weather. .wo coasts with weather as we
8:05 am
travel. we will have update soon. sheinelle. thank you. >> security officials are urging americans to be watchful in the wake of the terror attack in the christmas market. barricades seen at rockefeller center in new york city. the fbi is investigating claims that isis supporters are calling for attacks against american churches. also heating up this morning, tensions between the in
8:06 am
administrations. trump's tweet about nuclear armarms and united nations vote are rising tempers at the white house. unusual tactic of getting involved in foreign policy before office is raising concerns about sending confusing signals. we have a holiday story of a little girl's dreams coming true. this 6-year-old louisiana girl decided her wish would get to santa claus faster if she delivered them by balloon. it makes sense. just after thanksgiving, she sent the wishes aloft. the note ended up 800 miles away. found by an indiana woman who decided to take on santa's duties. she rounded up the presents and tracked down kiana. friday, the excited 6-year-old girl got to open the gift she wanted so much. a tablet, light-up shoes and turtle. >> how adorable is that? >>
8:07 am
balloons go up. i assume they popped in the atmosphere. >> me, too. >> 800 miles away. >> i looked at you. >> they get to a certain point and it has to pop. >> i am writing wishes today fo. we continue to have rain moving throughout the region. it will be come to an end mid morning throughout the early afternoon. tha
8:08 am
because those temperatures above that freezing mark. 40 here in washington. we're taking it into the upper 40s for day time highs today and eventually we'll make it there by the afternoon. this afternoon looking good for any activities you need to do. we're dry into tonight and then dry for christmas day with temperatures once again right around 50 degrees. and that's your latest weather. >> shana, thank you. as you get ready for christmas tomorrow, a warning about the holiday danger in your home. >> it is supposed to be the happiest time of year, but most house fires happen during the holidays. one of the causes is the christmas tree. fires happening across country in new york, indiana. turns out many of us are making a simple mistake that could mean the difference between life and death. a christmas tree catching fire in missouri. erupting in flames. setting the whole house on fire. the family barely made it out
8:09 am
in california, this house up in flames too. again, all starting with the christmas tree. >> it happened so quickly. i was just trying to hurry everybody up and get everybody out. >> turns out it is common and if you are caught inside, deadly. >> christmas time. these happen all over the country. they are tragedies. not only one or two kids, but families. >> because when the trees burn, they explode in flames in seconds. why? your tree is too dry. not getting enough water. we are testing it out with the sacramento fire department. this is the kind of christmas tree you probably have in your home right now. as you can see. it is decorated full of ornaments and not watered in days. a small spark in your house will happen. we will set this tree on fire and see how fast it burns. we will get out so we are safe. >> fire in the hole
8:10 am
inferno. tree fully engulfed. >> oh, that smoke. within seconds. look how that overpowers you. >> this is what happens when you don't water your tree. it will double in size. a huge piece of kindling. >> it is spreading to the table and chair. >> should i get a fire extinguisher? >> that is the biggest mistake to stay in the home and fight the fire. of get out immediately and call 911. >> all right. we cleared all the smoke out of the room. we have a new christmas tree here. this one has been watered. let's see what happens. let's strike the flare and spark it. the firefighter cannot get it to light up. he's trying. it finally gets going. >> it is burning a lot slower. >> with the wet tree, it takes twice and long. >> just look at the side by side. dry tree on the left. wet tree on the
8:11 am
>> make sure you water your tree every day or every other day. you want to keep it away from heating elements or space heater or radiator. check your christmas tree lights. any frayed lights, keep it off the christmas tree. that can be an ignition source. >> every year, people use the same lights. they put it in the attic and bring it back. check for something like this. >> absolutely. >> simple advice to keep your family safe. that is scary to see. it is not just christmas trees that can spark a fire in your home. experts say you should never leave candles unattended and if you are cooking on the stove top. you want to keep the pan lid nearby in case it catches fire. they suggest having an escape plan for family as well in case there is an emergency. >> it is one of the things we talk about that in years past. have an escape plan. the years go by, you forget. you have small children. you
8:12 am
take the time. >> the american red cross web site. you can print the sheet up and done. coming up, an inspiring story as we look at people who share kindness. we will introduce you to the radio city rockette who is helping a young dancer. and we will show you the i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, helping a young dancer. and we will show you the that was it. now i have nicoderm cq.
8:13 am
gy helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. we asked woman to smell two body washes andi prefer b. favorite. b. what was a... bath and bodyworks. and their favorite... suave. really? i am impressed. three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. now, kay jewelers bringsr c's of you...the newest c:
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rs of jewelry design for centuries... ...makes jewelry with rare chocolate diamonds. save up to 20% on select levian styles, with dazzling designs that she's sure to love. at kay, the number-one jewelry store... america. levian chocolate diamonds... for the sweetest thing in your life. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. we are back on a saturday morning. it's time to trend. are you ready to trend? >> let's trend. >> your first trend? >> i can't wait. >> come inside. let's start with the story perfect for the holidays. the kindness of a class for its teachers. earlier this year, the teacher complimented the student's shoes. the teacher noticed they did not buy the
8:15 am
take a look. >> my god. guys, this is so sweet. i love it. >> you have to put them on. >> that is fantastic. according to the student who posted the video, the class wanted to do it for the teacher because they say quote he treats us with kindless and love. we think he is truly the left. what best. >> they trended him up. those are trendy teacher shoes. >> sneakers. he is telling his students. they got some for him. another cool story. you know the feeling around the holidays. you were shopping late late night. you are driving around the panhandle a parking lot and you cannot find a spot. you are out in l.a. everyone drives. it's the worst.
8:16 am
parking lot taking up two spots. i can't stomach that. one person in maine decided to exact revenge on a double parker. look at this. matthew mills snapped a picture. he is not the culprit. he noticed the carts surrounding the car at walmart. he said the driver got a lesson in parking. >> some people do that if you have a new car and you don't want people to hit your car door. they park on a line to get the two spaces sgrch. >> that can back fire. someone can key your car. >> there is that. finally, something to warm you up on the cold winter day. for the next ten days, starbucks giving away free tall espresso drinks. 100 stores are participating from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. here is the catch. you don't know which ones are doing the give aways ahead of time. check out the twitter feed
8:17 am
more information. joelle is here with us. >> happy christmakah. first up, call russell wilson the seahawk santa. just listen to what he gave his entire seattle football team. two first class tickets to anywhere in the world. not just the players, the coaches, trainer beins, equipme staff. everybody in the organization. he gave flat screen tvs to the offensive line. he has lots to be grateful for. he got married to ciara this year and they are expecting a baby this spring. my question is, jeff, what did you get us? >> exactly. >> flat screen tvs and trip anywhere? >> i was trying to bring a candy cane after writing that story. we got nothing. >> some "today" show swag. i want
8:18 am
harris? he posts adorable pictures from his kids from time to time. one of his latest posts caught our attention. it is his son's holiday wish list. he only put two things on the list, but not just any two things. he wants, wait for it, a bounce house and a life-sized rocket ship. keep in mind, neil patrick harris lives in manhattan. there is not room for a rocket ship. lucky for him, his son did not send the list to santa. >> and what about rocking out to michael jackson if you are hanging out with jennifer hudson. she shared an adorable video of her 7-year-old son david and apparently talent runs in the family. look at this. >> you better get it! ♪
8:19 am
>> okay. that song he was dancing to was "smooth criminal" by michael g jackson. i made a video of the side by side. he has the moves down. he told his mom the socks help him emulate michael jackson. >> you need to keep in mind. he is 7 years old. they were not around for the hayday of michael jackson. we play his music and he lives on. my son is the same age. sometimes you say is that michael jackson? tell me about michael jackson. >> still lives on. >> can you do a good michael jackson? >> no. >> i'll move your chair. >> i do a mean "thriller." >> we dance to michael jackson in my house. >> prove it. >> it's not the same without the music. this is not working. >> this will be going on later at the
8:20 am
as we do, that we are live with the mad dash to finish for holiday shopping procrastinators still trying to get the last-minute presents. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:21 am
8:22 am
still to come on "today," what it takes to put together an animated movie. we will show you the scenes from "sing." and the simple dessert you can put on your table tonight after these messages. it is looking delicious. keep going. walgreens presents, a holiday mini miracle. hey! hey! ♪ this is for you. did you really? didn't have too! ♪ getting the gift you almost kept for yourself? now that's a holiday mini miracle.
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8:26 am
street northeast killing one person. no one else was hurt. to falls church where one person who was shot is expected to survive. fairfax county police say the person was shot on mark drive around 8 last night. police are looking for a gunman who was
8:27 am
run towards the high school. a check of
8:28 am
lauren, i'm not going to mention any names, but there are some folks who have not finished their holiday shopping so if they are going to be heading out today what are you expecting weather wise. >> i am one of them. i have to go to the mall after
8:29 am
forward to it. hopefully by the time i get out of this here a lot of people will still be home because they're waiting for the afternoon. that's when the rain is going to end. we'll see an end to this dreary morning. saturday night tonight looks great. it's going to be damp, but it looks good. midnight services, you don't need that big fur coat. temperatures around 40 degrees. pretty mild. this afternoon is going to be okay. this rain is moving out from the west to the east. eventually we will see it move out of here after lunch time, moving out from the mid morning to early afternoon. we're clear through tonight and dry through tomorrow and looking good for your christmas day. your christmas eve forecast temperatures fairly mild and temperatures in the 40s. christmas day we're around that 50 degree mark and sunshine in the afternoon. >> thank you. while it's christmas eve
8:30 am
some parts of the world and santa clause is making the rounds. you can check it out if you head ♪ sing along. we are back on this saturday morning, december 24th, 2016. a beautiful look at our rockefeller center christmas tree on the christmas eve morning. if you are in the area, the tree will be lit for 24 hours on christmas. you can stop by whenever you like. still to come this half hour of "today", "sing" is sure to be a big hit among kids. did you ever think about what it takes to make something like this come to life? we will take you behind the scenes. we will introduce you to the radio city rockette who is making it her mission to give back to girls. and if you are looking for some last minute
8:31 am
are cooking this weekend, we have a great appetizer and dessert to try. and let's get to the mad dash finish line for the last-minute shoppers. you have 12 hours to get the gifts in time for tomorrow morning. time is quickly running out. the fact you waited to actually help you in the long run. nbc's jo ling kent is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. the calendar is working in retailers' favor with christmas falling on a saturday. they are offering new 11th hour deep discounts like here at target in asperger'minneapolis. they hope you come in the door to spend more for the critical holiday season. it is an all-out holiday retail rush across the country. >> better deals at the last minute. >> like a bunch of last-minute deals. everybody is coming in. >> i like the adrenaline
8:32 am
company. 20% of adults say they are shopping today on christmas eve. it was online shopping that dominated this holiday season. >> i think it is easier to purchase online. you click, click away and in store, you see it. you can check it out. easier to put it back and walk away. >> reporter: retailers have already brought in more than $79.2 billion in online sales. 11% more than last year. with online shoppers attracted by lower shipping casts. amazon dominated online shopping again. swooping up 46% of business last week alone. with hours left until christmas, brick and mortar stores like target and kohl's, they are stretching hours. >> for people looking for items on clearance or final sale, good way to stretch your dollar. there are items that may not
8:33 am
able available on web sites. >> reporter: thanks to the frosty weather, retailers expect americans to spend $350 million more this december with increases in boots, hats and gloves and scarves. the final stretch has arrived. ready or not. now the national retail federation estimates we will spend 3.6% more this year than last year. already, the national retail federation telling nbc, they expect that number to be higher. i was out with my family at the mall of america yesterday. it was packed until close. we are here at target in minneapolis at the early hour. there are already people rolling in the door and checking out getting the last-minute deals. back to you. >> a couple hours left. thank you, jo. >> i have ptsd. i was at target in new york city. i will never wait until the last minute ever again. i know i say tha e
8:34 am
take a look at this. i instagramed this yesterday. this area is normally full of those big red carts. you couldn't find a cart. that's where you get the cart. empty. that has never happened to me. >> you tweeted target. they wrote back? >> i didn't mean to. i said hey, i can't believe i'm at target and target responded. they were like, let me know the location. i didn't want to get anybody in trouble. reality is it is not anybody's fault. people were following people out to the cars to get a cart. it was insane. >> wow. >> yeah. they were out. >> is it your fault for waiting? >> we don't need your extra. >> let's go to shana before i get in trouble.
8:35 am
we continue to see that rain pushing through the area moving from the west to the east. it's not going to be like this all day. rain beginning to move out from the mid morning to the early afternoon so just in time as we get ready for this evening looking good, especially if you're headed out and about. temperatures are fairly mild in the low 40s and mild tomorrow, topping out around 50 degrees and sunshine. after this morning the next chance of rain is not until and that's your
8:36 am
we are in the midst of the share kindness campaign aiming to inspire 1 million acts of kindness. this morning, how one of the radio city rockettes is giving an amazing opportunity to a danger. we have joelle with more. >> we have numbers for you. one up to four shows a day and 300 kicks in a show. that is an average day for the christmas spectacular season. despite her schedule and grueling year, she took the time out to host a dance schedule for a group of kids. it is what many little girls' dreams are made of. a chance to be a rockette for a day. >> you can hardly sleep? me, too. i was so excited. >> reporter: on this day, alyssa is making that wish come true for an extraordinary group of kids. >> just made me so happy. i felt like my treatments
8:37 am
coming true. >> reporter: kids with more than the love of dance in common. they all battled cancer. >> i had lymphoma. >> i had stage three germ cell. >> it let me be free for once instead of wrapped in the wires. >> reporter: come for tforting s group? they are not alone. their teacher already battled cancer. >> this year has been a ride for you. >> on february 27th, my parents were actually the ones who gave me the diagnosis. early stage breast cancer. my life was turned upside down. all my plans were on hold. >> reporter: rehearsals were replaced with doctors' appointments and surgery in place of shows. >> i made the aggressive decision along with my doctors and family to have a
8:38 am
mastecto mastectomy. being a dancer, i'm connected with my body physically. the first time i didn't know how to do anything anymore. i felt if a newborn could explain how they are feeling and trying to walk. things are in different places. >> reporter: debilitating for a dancer. but dance got her through. >> i made it a point to go to dance class when i could. when i had the energy to go and right mental state. that was my connection back to my normal life. >> reporter: four weeks post surgery, she was back for the 11th season of the christmas spectacular. >> stepping on the stage after the year i had was the first time i had ever stepped on that stage. >> reporter: with the new outlook on life, alyssa makes a point to pay it forward. >> i hope you will be inspired today. >> reporter: giving these aspiring rockettes a dance lesson of a lifetime. >> i got to do a kick line.
8:39 am
forget about cancer for a day. not to mention some serious bragging rights. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, how cool was today? >> 100. >> is that exciting? >> yes. >> the crazy music made everyone dance and i check out my hair and my hair was everywhere. >> when i look at these kids, they inspire me to live my life to the fullest. they are fighting the fight. they are winning. they are amazing. i just want them to know they can go out and they can be whatever they want to be in life and follow their dreams. >> i love that. a big thank you in order to alyssa and the garden of dreams for arranging the dance lesson of a lifetime. >> story of the day. >> they can see she beat cancer. >> that's what meant so much to the kids. somebody they idolized. they want to be a rockette
8:40 am
be a professional dancer and someone has been through what they have been through and make it. it gave them so much hope. so, so, special. >> it sounds cliche, it is a y good reminder. you have your health. all other problems go away. >> you remember what is important. >> thank you. coming up next, we will take you behind the secenes of the animated movie "sing." tthe whitenessmy wasn't there as much, my teeth didn't look as healthy as others.
8:41 am
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8:43 am
like that? keir simmons went to check it out. >> everyone in the city gets a shot at being a star. ♪ rah rah ♪ darling stand by me >> "sing" is a movie about, as you might expect singing. ♪ like the wind >> except all stars like matthew mcconaughey and reese witherspoon and scarlett johanson are animals. and i recognize those voices. to find out how matt and savannah made the transformat n transformation, i headed to an unlikely place. oh, paris. paris? yes, paris.
8:44 am
of "sing" on his way to work. >> matthew mcconaughey, reese witherspoon. >> they are amazing. if i'm honest, the divas are matt and savannah. >> that's where the magic happens. >> reporter: movie magic. "despicable me" was made here b. >> we're going to be spicy, no? >> yeah. >> reporter: is like matthew mcconaughey, a really great vocal performer. >> you know what is great about hitting rock bottom, is you only can go up. >> reporter: and matt and savannah need to deliver. no pressure. >> take one. >> welcome to "today." i'm matt
8:45 am
>> i'm savannah guthrie. >> garth said that was perfect. room for improvement. >> you may be thinking there is something different about these two. >> that's because we got animation makeovers. >> savannah giving us options there. she used to be a dancer maybe. >> did you do the hand thing again? >> take three. >> welcome to "today." i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie. >> somebody yell lunch. >> where is my s.a.g. card? >> reporter: once they had chosen the animal characters, this guy working with her voice and state-of-the-art software and $20 mirror to get her expressions right, is bringing savannah the stork to life. but where's matt? along the hall, another team at work. >> half of the performance done by moses and the other half by nichol nicholas. >> welcome to "today." >> coming to a theater nea
8:46 am
matt lauer is raging bull. >> he has the laid back style. >> i like the new look. >> reporter: finally the big reveal. >> drum roll, please. >> welcome to "today." i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie. >> you may be thinking there is something different about these two. >> that's because we g got animation makeovers by "sing." >> i like the new look. >> we look good. we'll be right back. >> reporter: and if it took five guys more than a month to do less than 20 seconds for us, think how much work goes into the whole movie like "sing." >> it's very much a celebration of music. all music. ♪ oh, my gosh ♪ look at her butt >> reporter: and one last thing. in the movie, all the stars like scarlett johanson sing their own songs. so you're recording the matt and savannah singing sequence when? >> we
8:47 am
because we're worried they would make the cast look bad. >> reporter: matt and saufvanna if you walk out of 1a, hoping to make it to the movies, a guy across the pond is waiting for your call. for "today," keir simmons, nbc news, paris. >> that looks neat. i under estimated how long it takes for 20 seconds of a frame. >> you are going to see it? >> i will take the kiddos. "sing" from our sister company universal is in theaters now. and we have the latest on holiday meals for you tonight. but fir this is "today" on st
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ snow flakes that stay on my nose
8:50 am
christmas eve. we have a few last mini d i ideo make your meal perfect. we have zane with us and he has brought along the beginning and end of the christmas dinner. zane, good morning. >> good morning. >> this is a fun piece. >> what are we making in. >> a smore casserole. >> that sounds delightful. >> a holiday twist. graham crackers and butter and candy ginger and candy canes. easy recipe. we start on and crumble crackers and mix with butter. we pack into a big cast iron pan. >> do you need the cast liiron? >> glass works. >> i remember eating this with the spoon. >> that's all you need. we will add stuff. a little bit of the chocolate chip
8:51 am
>> wait. 1/3? did i just pour the whole thing? >> you will add graham crackers. bigger pieces. >> merry christmas, everybody. a chocolatey smore. >> that's good right there. you will add a little bit of the candy ginger. >> zane, i'm a messy chef. >> it gives the spice and holiday feel. i'm adding the crushed candy canes. >> this is how you know he is a chef. >> give it a little more feel. >> on top. >> absolutely. you have a little more candy cane to finish. >> easy enough. >> we get the candy cane in there. >> this is an activity for kids. >> lots of kids. hands on. get the family involved. take to grandma's house or bake it. and when you are done. voila. this is what you have. >> can
8:52 am
>> please. >> is it time? >> dig in with one of those or one of these. >> i have a spoon and he handed me a graham cracker. >> there you go. a graham cracker bite. candy cane. >> a sweet tooth? >> it will make your teeth hurt. that's merry christmas. >> that's a good time. all right. >> we made some other fun things to take on travels. some grape seed crackers. pimento cheese. lots of vegetables. >> can i try it? >> absolutely. a little holiday cheer. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> if you want this recipe, heay dentist was explaining to me the acidity of foods and what they can do to your teeth. thinning of the teeth and leading to being extremely yellow would probably gross me out! my dentist recommended pronamel.
8:53 am
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and that does it for us on this staaturday morning. >> tomorrow on a special christmas edition of "today." willie heads home for the holidays for a look at dolly parton and how she managing to keep going strong at 70 years old. we want to say an extra special thank you for the "today" show fans. they were out in the rain for hours. we decided to bring some of them in and stay dry.
8:56 am
good morning. your time right now 8:56 on this saturday, december 24th. it's christmas eve. d.c. police investigating a
8:57 am
one man shot and killed on mountain place on martin luther king avenue and another man shot and in the hospital right now we're told. d.c. police looking for a suspect. some fun for you and your kids on this holiday weekend. check this out. today you can go see the water skiing santa clause on the potomac river. he is going to catch the waves in alexandria around 1:00 this afternoon. the best place to get this view is along the waterfront there and santa's elves, frosty and the grinch we're told are going
8:58 am
8:59 am
if you have stepped out or looked outside the window you can tell it's a dreary start to this saturday, but lauren, you think it's going to move out? >> i do and i think it's going to move out fairly soon. hold on for a little bit. if you have to pack your presents into the car, maybe give it into the early afternoon. for luminaries it's going to be nice tonight. if the kids are testing the toys this afternoon is the best time. tonight looking good with temperatures right around 40. christmas day, temperatures nearing 50 and we'll get sunshine. next chance of rain after this morning will be on tuesday. new year's eve
9:00 am
bring in the new year. thank you, lauren. lauren will beweeting t cover that guy! cover that guy! >> i'm mike jones and this is a huge game for kirk cousins. >> i'm carol maloney and this is a special saturday edition of "redskins showtime." >> oh, you've got to love it! the panthers game was a nightmare. two games left including later today in


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