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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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tough one more me. he's only four years older than i am, so yikes, that's scary. i loved his music through high school and college for sure. our forecast for today, a lot of clouds out early this morning. don't plan on getting any sunshine on your monday. rain not all that likely today. could have a better chance for showers late tonight into the first part of the day coming up tomorrow, but tomorrow a little break of sunshine and very mild weather. it will be colder and a little drier around here as we get to new year's weekend. 40 degrees right now. upper 30s and low 40s for the remainder of the morning. temperatures holding steady this evening as southerly breezes bring better chances for rain in for early tomorrow, but any sunshine tomorrow afternoon, we should make it into the upper 50s and low 60s. a closer look at that new year's holiday forecast coming up in a few more minutes. let's go over to jack taylor. >> thank you. we've had some delays in virginia rolling south on 95.
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southbound at the prince william parkway. good news is callers said they just killed everything out of the two lanes. all travel lanes are available. this was pretty much your only delay. the map has been very, very quiet. a lot of green in and outer loop through virginia. all off to a very decent start. back in to you. >> thank you. it is 5:01 right now. a grieving mother wants to know why police shot and killed her son on christmas day. >> the incident is now under investigation. justin finch is live in northeast d.c. this morning with more on what we're learning now. >> reporter: kristen, good morning. the shooting remaining under active investigation. we also know that the body camera video will be collected and reviewed. this all begins about 11:30 on christmas morning with a call to 911 from
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walnut street northeast where neighbors say they heard a woman's screams and from that house a report of a man armed with a knife. he is now identified as gerald hall, age 29 of northeast washington. responding metropolitan fifth district officers asked him to drop that knife. he reportedly refused and at some point at least one officer opened fire, striking hall in the chest area. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. his mother now questioning the level of force used. >> i feel like they could have tased him. they could have did a lot of other things than just kill him. >> and police report a knife was recovered on scene. that officer who opened fire is now on administrative duty per department policy. back in to you. >> all right. thank you very much. a major investigation is underway into why a russian military plane crashed, but terrorism is no longer being
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92 people were on board the plane when it went down this weekend. they are all believed to be dead. in russia, vigils are happening in moscow and sochi. also a national day of mourning there. russia's transportation minister said pilot error or a technical problem likely caused the crash. rescue teams are trying to find all the wreckage from the plane and looking for any survivors. again, they don't think there are any. a lot of us will be humming george michael's music today. the pop star died suddenly yesterday. he was only 53 years old. >> today there will be an autopsy to figure out how he died. our partner station from new york shows michael's rise and how people are remembering him now. ♪ last christmas i gave you my heart. ♪ . >> it sounds so much
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of suspected heart failure. ♪ don't let the sun go down on me ♪ >> his publicist says he was not sick. his death is unexplained but not suspicious. outside 30 rock on christmas night, george michael's fans are mourning the loss of a legend. >> sad. i used to sing that song all the time. that was our song during the holidays. >> i love his voice, a beautiful nice person. ♪ i got to think twice >> a sound track of the 80s. his first solo album "faith" sold 20 million copies. he founded the pop duo wham with his high school friend. but michael's fame skyrocketed
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artist. his provocative music videos were hits on mtv only adding to his popularity. >> he began speaking publicly about being gay in the late 90s after los angeles police charged him with lewd conduct in a public rest room. he was a strong activist for gay rights and aids research. he also struggled with drugs facing several highly publicized arrests. people around the world are mourning for george michael. >> there was an outpouring of emotion online. take a look at some of the posts we're seeing. ricky says unbelievable. >> actress and comedian margaret cho,
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>> a lot of people to be thinking about in -- sort of in the entertainment world this time of year. it's the thought that counts when it comes to the gift but sometimes that gift especially when it comes to clothes might need to be returned or exchanged. >> here are some times you might want to know about today. walmart will open up at 6:00 this morning. target opens about an hour later and then most of the malls in the dmv will open between 8:00 and 9:00. you can look on our app for specific times. and here's something else to keep in mind for today. don't expect to check the mail. stay inside where it's warm. the u.s. postal service is closed in observance of christmas which is a federal holiday. it fell on a sunday this year. only priority mail express will
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tomorrow. as christmas comes to a close the start of qukwanzaa ge underway. >> this is video from a kwanzaa celebration held last year. today there will be a celebration at the four walls education center in d.c. at 5:30 this afternoon. the celebration will even have performances from the kunba kids and the west african dance company. also being celebrated through january 1st is hanukah. last night hundreds of people attended the national menorah lighting in d.c. it was held near the white house. it's being called the world's biggest menorah. the ceremony included music, dancing and the menorah is next to the national christmas tree which is also attracting holiday visitors from around the world. president-elect donald trump will wake up this morning at his estate in florida with his inauguration now
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holidays there holding several meetings. he and his wife attended christmas eve mass on saturday. he also announced he will close his foundation before he takes office. edward lawrence will have details on that a little later this hour. president obama spent part of his christmas calling troops from around the world. he called one member of each branch to thank them for their service. they thanked the troops in person on sunday at a marine corps base in hawaii. and for those u.s. soldiers who weren't home for the holidays they spent christmas with their military family. soldiers at an iraqi army base had a traditional christmas dinner. about 5,000 soldiers are in northern iraq. vice president joe biden could be staying in the district after his successor is sworn in. biden told the l.a. times that he's planning to live
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after january 20th. he says the decision is quote, largely driven by family. biden says his wife will continue to teach at northern virginia community college where she has been an english professor since 2009. it is one of the busiest travel times of the year. chuck is tracking what you can expect as family and friends return home. >> good neighbors spreading holiday cheer. the unique surprise that came right to the door. >> reporter: a police and fire response outside a home in prince george's county
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right now a winter storm continues to make its way across the upper midwest. a white christmas was brought to that region. >> some parts of the state were blanketed by as much as 18 inches of snow. blizzard conditions have made it almost impossible to get around on the roads. slippery out there. low visibility causing a lot of accidents and shutting down major interstates. and treacherous conditions because of snow and ice in arizona also. some highways had to be shut down there after multiple accidents sent cars skidding off the road and into each other. flag staff got 10 inches. chuck bell, folks around here want toet
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doing a little shopping, returning, what do you say? >> i say on the whole, weather will be quiet for today. a lot of clouds in our sky now and they will be with us all day long today. not expecting anything in the way of heavy rain but there could be a little patch of drizzle from time to time. temperatures are near 40 now. won't see a jump in temperatures buzz of all the clouds in place. just enough colder up to our north here. if your driving plans will take you northbound into the keystone state there could be a little freezing drizzle up there over the next couple of hours but around here, mainly cloudy skies and temperatures near 40. a little peak already at new year's eve weekend. new year's eve day will be dry and temperatures only near 40 degrees by 11:00 new year's eve night, a lot of clouds around, should be dry as we go into new year's eve itself, but we'll have the whole five-day forecast coming up. but n
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everything is going just perfectly on a monday. >> oh, i almost wish i could make that come true. now things going to change, but the good news right now everything is wide open on 95. the beltway is quiet. inner, outer loop, nothing to report even getting there, but the wrinkle is now in beltsville, southbound on rooth 1. a trash truck and another vehicle involved in a crash. the southbound lanes of route 1 closed. more details coming up quickly, but southbound lanes route 1 blocked powder mill road with an accident. back to you. thank you. 5:14 now and we've shown you some of the damage but we're getting a new look inside the city of aleppo in syria now. they show neighborhoods completely ruined there. parts of the city just rubble now. syria's civil war has been going on for five years. the syrian government took complete control of aleppo last
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last week ice attack in berlin says more investigation was needed over who could have aided anis amri in the attack. his nephew spoke to the associated press and later was arrested himself on friday. officials suspected him and two others. the 18-year-old told officials that his uncle recruited him add asked him to pledge allegiance to isis which he did. we told you about the atlanta man who was too sick to put up his christmas display. his neighbors decided to bring him some holiday cheer. >> they celebrated with music. ♪ carlers stopped by yesterday to put on a show there. he was recently diagnosed with
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cancer. he told news 4 he was too weak to put up all his lights and decorations this year. it was the first time in three decades he did not decorate. he says he is overwhelmed by the support he's received. >> i know a lot of people like it and i know they enjoyed it, but i never realized how deep it was and how -- how much people really did enjoy it. >> he does plan to put up the display next year when he is feeling better. he says local firefighters have also offered to help him. >> i love that story. >> bigger and better next year with all that help coming in. two brothers in prince george's county have been receiving acts of kindness from a first responder who helped save their lives. >> how that first responder made sure those little boys got to enjoy a merry christmas after a terrible attack. >> reporter: a moment like this, kids opening presents on christma
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all over the world but this moment almost didn't happen. >> i'm happy to see that they are doing much better than the night that i saw them. >> reporter: a little over a month ago, the brothers were fighting for their lives. they'd been stabbed by their father during a domestic incident. medic lieutenant pamela graham was among those that responded to that call. it troubles first responders. >> of course we always think it can't be right. so it was indeed. >> reporter: graham's response didn't end at the hospital. she befriended the children and their mother. they recovered from the trauma of that day. >> we talk frequently. she's a really good person. >> reporter: this christmas celebration was a grand idea. she opened the home for them all and invited a few friends from work. the man in the red suit was in the call center when the 911 call came in. >> the hardest thing is no
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hard for us to ever find out the outcome. >> reporter: the outcome here is easy to see. today the boys' biggest challenges, trying to decide what to play with. >> i'm happy. i'm excited for them. i'm grateful. >> just to see them happy and healthy. that's the main thing. >> no high five. give me a hug, santa. >> i love the way the one little boy just held on to santa like that. so sweet. >> nice to see people open up their hearts especially in case like this. 5:18 is our time now on this monday morning and i would imagine some people have to get up and go to work today. oh, we did. right? >> yeah, someone had to do it. right? >> that's right. i was talking to my mom down south for christmas er
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sleep in tomorrow? i said no i've got to go to work. aren't you starting later than usual? >> no, that's not the way it works around here. get out of bed and get to work. but we're happy to be here to plan your day as well. hopefully you enjoyed your christmas day as well. it's a little light rain here across parts of chicago and down to st. louis. this is pulling a lot of warm air northbound along with it. so tomorrow with all that moisture and warm air coming our way we'll be up to near 60 degrees tomorrow. so a mild day coming your way on your tuesday. for right now we're all above freezing around our area. but once you go north this shading is a precautionary tale of what could be pockets of freezing rain or drizzle in parts of pennsylvania. so if you're driving that way, be careful. around here, not much showing up on radar. a little mist and drizzle from time to
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you plan it out. not much of a rain chance but there's a little chance of drizzle late this afternoon. maybe a little drying early this evening and another chance for rain coming our way for tomorrow, but tomorrow's rain chances mostly between 3:00 in the morning and lunchtime. just cloudy here in washington, temperatures up near 40 degrees. 41 in fredericksburg so we're in the upper 30s to near 40. . highs today upper 40s to near 50 with just a little drizzle around. rain chances in the front half of the day. a mild finish tomorrow afternoon. break out the short sleeves. up near 60 degrees. cold and breezy on wednesday. then friday, cold and dry once again. let's go over to wtop and talk to jack taylor and see how he's doing on a monday. >> good morning. it's beltsville it's a problem. southbound route 1 down near powder mill ,
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trash truck and a car were involved in a crash. this may turn out to be with police direction possibly getting by using a northbound lane. not sure again with volume on scene what they're going to do with traffic so be aware if this is a normal path of travel for you this morning. also some trouble out on braddock road going eastbound putting it near cliffton street. authorities should be arriving on scene here. by the map it's very green, we're very quiet, kind of holiday light and we'll see if we can keep it that way. a close call as officer is sure to rememr the splbe jess:it hey look, it's those guys. [music] jess: are you good to drive? shawn: i'm fine. jess: how many did you have? shawn: i should be fine. jess: you should be? officer: go on and step out of the vehicle for me. bud: see ya, buddy. good luck! so, it turns out buzzed driving and drunk driving,
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they're the same thing and it costs around $10,000. so not worth it.
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there's a good chance you may have seen this video because it's been viewed more than 2
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ten-year-old caylee rogers here singing hallelujah. she has autism and adhd. she attends a school dedicated to children with special needs in northern ireland. well, it was a close call for a deer that was trying to get across a snowy road in oregon. it came dangerously close to being hit by a police cruiser. there he is. right over the hood. >> so close. >> jumped at the last second there. the dash cam catching the animal coming across the road. the deer made it safely to the other side. >> that's like me every day driving to work. >> the car or the deer? >> there are so many deer in my neighborhood. insane. >> it's scary. >> and this is when i was first starting to drive and i just kind of hit the -- i hit it in the butt. i hit the back of the deer. he just sort of trotted off and i hope she made it. >> you don't know.
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>> 5:25 now. the kids have opened their gifts and now it's time to say thank you in writing. >> etiquette experts still agree that actually writing and sending you thank you notes goes a long way when teaching children about gratitude. if your child can't write yet, the experts say that you can write the note, but then ask the child to scribble or draw on the card, which is always cute. >> signature. right? >> yeah, i always explain to my daughter like what -- we talk it out and then i write it. >> all right. so we're waking up to temperatures in the 40s this morning but we're in for a major change later this week. chuck's updating the four things to know about the forecast. 25 days to go until donald trump takes the oath of office. the next challenge for his administration as time runs thin. >> the holiday shopping rush is far from over. why you may have a harder time returning or
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believe there are still more amazing sights to this season. believe that there are some wonderlands that are in your reach. and believe that this will be your best holiday ever. at nemacolin woodlands resort, we believe in helping you make memories that last a lifetime. book your holiday package now at ♪
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now at 5:30, remembering george michael. tributes from around the world as the music icon suddenly passed away. a deadly officer involved shooting in the district. what police are revealing about the deadly confrontation. plane in pieces. the new clues in what sent a russian military plane crashing into the sea.
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just about 5:30 now. good morning, everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm kristen wright. i hope everybody had a lovely christmas. >> it's the day after now. >> it is the day after. i'm still living in it. >> some people trying to get back to normal so we go to something that's kind of normal, chuck bell, in the storm team weather center. >> kind of normal. it's the something instead of someone that worries me a little bit. four things to worry about. lots of clouds outside for this morning. not much rain expected our way but i couldn't rule out a period of drizzle from time to time but by and large you'll be unaffected by the weather today outside of the dampness today. a chance for rain early tomorrow, but tomorrow afternoon up near 60 degrees. that will be nice. no bitter cold air between now and the new year although it does look to turn a little bit colder towards friday and saturday. new year's day looks like may have a little bit of a rain chance to deal with as well. th
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up at 5:51. it is time to check on traffic. typically the day after christmas not a busy day. >> hopefully we'll keep our fingers crossed. there was one problem out on braddock road. we had the crash in the clearing stages from what we're hearing from v dot wrapping that up very, very quickly. great news in prince george's county in beltsville. route 1 at powder mill road, that earlier accident cleared from the roadway. so from what we understand now lanes are open in both directions and it's still very clean and green out there. back in to you. >> thank you. 5:31 right now. as president-elect donald trump wakes up in his florida estate this morning he's narrowing his picks for the final slots in his cabinet. >> it comes as the world is learning that the president-elect can cause serious concerns from his use of twitter. edward lawrence is live on capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: he's actually
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the last 24 hours off of twitter except to say merry christmas to everyone. we don't expect that silence to continue. president-elect donald trump has a few spots left to fill in his cabinet. three big ones yet to be named. the director of national intelligence, secretary of agriculture and secretary of veterans affairs. >> i want to take care of our veterans. they've been taken care of horribly. >> reporter: as he mulls over those posts the confirmation hearings on some of his current picks will start before mr. trump is sworn in. both attorney general nominee jeff sessions and secretary of state nominee rex tillerson will face fights in early january as democrats are likely to bring up conflict of interest issues. >> he has recruited a cabinet of winners. these are very successful powerful people who like winning and are prepared to work very hard to win. >> reporter: mr. trump ran a nontraditional campaign and he's broken from tradition as
5:33 am
mr. trump tried to get a u.n. solution concerning israel tabled and may have reignited a nuclear arms race with russia. >> you haven't seen a situation like this where a president-elect is speaking out on all sorts of issues in a way that is almost drowning out the person who is still president. >> reporter: mr. trump will officially become president january 20th with more cabinet picks expected soon. >> now, the president elect has announced over the weekend that he will dissolve his foundation. in a statement donald trump saying that he does not want any potential for conflict of interest. reporting live on capitol hill, back to you. >> speaking of that foundation, could that dissolution happen before he actually takes office? >> reporter: you know, that's a tough call, because the dissolution of his foundation can't happen until an investigation into that foundation is finished. the new york attorney general's investigating it. there's no timetable for the end of that investigation, so it may not be dissolved be
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>> all right. edward lawrence on capitol hill for us. thank you. marijuana and opioids are likely to be big topics when virginia's general assembly reconvenes next month. adults convicted of simple possession of marijuana would keep their driver's licenses. that's instead of facing the six months suspension that currently comes with a conviction. another proposal would allow people to get convictions expunged from their records for what might be considered youthful indiscretions. the opioid crisis is also addressed in the budget amendments. a state of emergency has been declared in a town in south eastern michigan after a massic sink hole opened up there. you can see where one home is partially collapsed because of this. people who live in nearly two dozen homes have had to evacuate. they got a call on friday after a homeowner felt his house sinking into the ground. it's not clear just how big that
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sink hole is. but engineers think it may have started because of a possible sewer failure below the home. we are getting brand new video of an earthquake. thousands of people appear to be okay after that 7.6 magnitude quake shook chile yesterday. there are few reports of damage. many of the widespread power outages were restored. no one died. this day after christmas finds many of us planning another mad dash to the stores and shopping malls. >> we break down the numbers of exchanges and returns that will cause a lot of headaches. >> reporter: some retailers could see as many shoppers today as they did in the days leading up to christmas. but this rush has to do with returns of gifts that are either damaged, not working, don't fit or those you just don't want. odds are, you'll return one out of every ten gifts you got this year. more if gotten online. >> as
5:36 am
things that are bought online can be returned. >> reporter: courtney reagan wrote recently about the many unhappy returns that come after christmas and what retailers do with all those returns. >> maybe they sell it like an open box merchandise, best buy does that a lot or in some cases it has to be sent to a lick we day torr or a wholesaler. >> there's also pressure to please customers even when customers are exploiting the transaction. >> many women will order dresses or clothing in more than one side because they're just not sure. they never intend to keep all three of those dresses, just the one that fits. >> reporter: but as sure as christmas returns a year from now so will some of the gifts. >> reporter: coming up on news 4, got a gift you just don't love? i'll have everything you need to know for how to return it. >> we will get a break from the bitter co
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uck isch
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unbelieve my we're talking about 60s in the forecast this week, chuck. >> we sure are. just one day of it though. that will be coming up for tomorrow. so start thinking now. what would you do if you had a 60 degree day to get out and y?
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up in just 24 hours. for now though, it is a cloudy and chilly start outside. upper 30s and low 40s so your out and about planner, temperatures near 40 this morning. just mainly cloudy skies and clouds will linger with us for much of the day and a little bit of drizzle can't be ruled out either. temperatures near 50 this afternoon and holding in the 40 toz near 50s overnight into tomorrow. so that milder start tomorrow will allow us to get up to your 60s. maybe a hat here early this morning. a precautionary size of umbrella is all you'll need for today. the overall evaluation today, marginal. it won't look like a pretty day, but it won't be pouring down rain and it won't be terribly windy. highs today up near 49 degrees. more about that 60 degree surge coming our way tomorrow. see you in a few more minutes. let's go to jack taylor now. >> we thank you. we've got some activity downtown. sounded like the police
5:41 am
everything's been contained to the far right lane. there's a tow truck on scene not causing any kind of a slowdown. westbound completely unaffected coming inbound. otherwise you see it all here, it's green everywhere. a big issue out of baltimore. nothing huge, but plan ahead if you're trying to get up toward delawa delaware. nothing huge around here 95 coming out of fredericksburg. you should find nothing in your way. back in to you. all right. thank you. high tech thieves and a common mistake. the easy way they're gaining access to your phone and swiping personal data. and developing right now, officers on leave after a
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♪ now at
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george michael, how music legends and fans are paying tribute to the late 80s music icon. the gifts are open, now it's back to the stores. the rush for returns and exchanges and what you need to know. and good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we're off to a cloudy start out here this morning. what about rain chances? you going to need that umbrella at all today? a complete check of the forecast coming right up. and two sheriff's deputies are on leave after a man was killed in florida following a standoff. clay county deputies say the man was holding a gun when he was shot. he called 911 and threatened to shoot himself, others and deputies. >> i feel bad for the families of everyone involved. i feel bad for the officers who were put in this position, but unfortunately, if you point a gun at a police officer, you are going to get shot. >> deputies say he
5:46 am
down. the officers will remain on leave until an internal investigation is complete. a man is in custody this morning accused of a deadly shooting inside of a nightclub. there were as many as 200 people inside the mansion club just outside of new york city when a man just opened fire. this happened very early yesterday morning. the club's owner was killed. five other people were hurt. police believe the suspect wanted to retaliate against the club after he was possibly thrown out earlier in the evening. a dramatic rescue. we want you to take a look at the video here of crews rescuing skiers that were trapped in cable cars in italy. the ski lift broke down in high winds. the cable cars swinging from side to side, rescue teams though, saved about 120 people using ropes and cables to lower them to the ground. just amazing. a terror group connected to isis has been defeated. nigerian president
5:47 am
drove boko haram out of its strong hold. boko haram is the group that captured hundreds of schoolgirls in nigeria in 2014. there was a campaign to help them called bring back our girls. only 21 of those girls were ever released. researchers at the university of montreal say there is a strong link between sleep patterns and recovery for patients with traumatic brain injuries. the team of researchers followed the progress of 30 people who were hospitalized for moderate to severe brain injury. as time went on, they say the patient's thinking abilities and sleep problems improved at the same time. more research is needed to figure out why they intertwine. researchers at north western university say the ear may actually help diagnose a concussi concussion. the researchers used special sensors to monitor a group of kids as they listened to differt
5:48 am
smaller brain responses to sound than those who did not have concussions. this test correctly identified 90% of the kids who had a concussion. >> only one week left in the nfl season and there are a lot of ways it can end. >> the redskins still have a shot at the playoffs, but a lot has to go right first. first off they had to beat the giants next week or it's over. but if the lions lose tonight to the cowboys, then the skins are in. again as long as they beat the giants. however, if the lions win tonight then the skins have to win and hope the lions beat the packers next week and the sun and the moon have to do a little dance where pluto hides behind venus. >> you got that there? >> a whole lot going on. >> you might want to try to avoid the mall today. >> that's because people are going to start returning, exchanging, all that. one in ten gifts actually. >>
5:49 am
center in alexandria with more. >> reporter: good morning. well, if you're looking to return that gift that you just didn't love you'll want to make sure you keep the price tag on that gift and don't open the boxes. a lot of stores charge you a restocking fee if the box has been opened. you'll want to keep track of those gift receipts. you'll need to bring those when you head out to the stores. a lot of stores do scan picture ids to prevent people from abusing the system. today is shaping up to be a business we one at the malls with those looking to unload items and a lot of after christmas sales. weave got walmart opening at 6:00 a.m., target at 7:00 a.m. and pentagon city at 9:00 a.m. if you want to see a full list of the opening times for all the malls in our area you can head to our nbc washington app. i've also posted it on my
5:50 am
are making a return time is of the essence. a lot of stores have deadlines and that deadline is from when the gift was purchased, not from when you received it. stores like forever 21, k-mart and sears, some stores are more generous with their return policy. some stores like the apple store only give you two weeks to return that item so you'll want to make sure you stay on top of that deadline and don't miss it. >> all right. going to be busy out there today. thank you so much. chuck bell, man of the hour, those folks who need to do these returns want to know if it's going to be a tough day to do it weather wise. >> not too bad though you couldn't pay me enough money to go to the apple store on a day like today and that's going to be a line that goes out the door and down the block because a two-week return period isn't very long. i guess they have to do it that way because they're getting ready to update it and give you the next thing you want to buy two week from now. lots of
5:51 am
on. nothing in the way of real rainfall to talk about. a little bit of low visibility early this morning. 40 degrees the current temperature. we'll be around 40 here for the next couple of hours. rising temperatures today, but not rising a great deal. we'll be into the upper 40s. might even touch 50 in a few spots. overnight you'll notice the change. temperatures won't drop at all overnight tonight. in fact, there's some indication some temperatures may rise into the low 50s by earl her tomorrow morning. most of the energy and moisture with this system is going to be bypassing us to the north, but it could bring just a little bit of a chance for rain in here early tomorrow morning. we're above freezing here, so this is just going to be light drizzle and mist here early this morning but if you're traveling northbound into pennsylvania, just a smidge cooler so there could be some freezing rain or freezing drizzle in pennsylvania for early morning driving. around town though you can see here on radar, not much going on. future radar keeps the
5:52 am
drizzle through early this afternoon. highs today, upper 40s to right around 50 degrees. tomorrow most of the rain chance early on, a 40% chance at 7:00 a.m. only a 30% chance for rain at noontime tomorrow. skies will clear out later on this afternoon. it will be very mild indeed. upper 50s and low 60s tomorrow. so that will be nice. enjoy it from about noon till 4:00 tomorrow afternoon about the nicest weather we'll have all week. sunny and chilly on wednesday. another chance for light rain coming our way as we get into the day thursday. rainfall amounts probably only a tenth of an inch of rain or so on thursday. friday and saturday look sunny and dry. as we head into new year's weekend, new year's eve itself looks cold and dry. highs near 40 degrees. we'll ring in 2017, a little chance for rain and it will be rain on new year's day because temperatures will be up near 50. better chance
5:53 am
week. but all in all, not a whole lot to complain about there in the ten-day forecast. >> you've got a 61 up there. i like it. i like it a lot. if we're starting things out now it's very, very quiet. if you have to get out and do anything you're in good shape on the beltway. quiet interstate travel, 95, 395, 66 all looking good. there was one hiccup downtown. on the freeway eastbound leaving the 14th street bridge over toward the 11th after south capitol street, the police activity blocked the left lane. we just heard everybody cleared the scene. so there's nothing left on the highway either direction. you should find it without delay. back in to you. >> thank you. at a time when a lot of families are traveling or shopping, high tech thieves are hoping to gain access to your private information. >> how hackers are able to easily trick you into using fake public
5:54 am
>> reporter: at the mall, on the beach and at the airport, free wifi networks are everywhere, but these public places are popular targets for hackers. rsa showed us how hackers do it. he set up an unauthorized insecure wifi network at the airport and called it airport wifi. within minutes 15 travelers logged on not realizing it was an unofficial connection. >> you're punching in what you think is going to be a safe user name and pass word. >> and just like that your data is gone. and those helpful charging stations are also prime targets. when you plug your phone into a usb port or box comes up asking if you trust the connection. >> this is actually connected to a
5:55 am
is looking at your device. >> i realized somebody was trying to enter my computer. >> he was hacked at the air pot. >> you don't know what the bank's response is going to be and your mind races. >> so how can you protect yourself? experts say don't charge in a usb port. use a plug. be war sheary of pop--- wary of pop-up networks. >> slow down and be cautious. >> and dare to be disconnected. putting your phone down to keep your defenses up. >> good advice. queen elizabeth is still recovering from a heavy cold. she did not attend christmas mass near her country estate in england yesterday but the queen did send her annual televised christmas message. she spoke about being inspired by the people she meets. >> i often draw strength from meeting ordinary people
5:56 am
volunteers, carers, community organizers and good neighbors. unsung heroes whose eye gquiet dedication delivers. pope francis delivered his christmas blessing at st. peter's square in vatican city. the pontiff urged people to negotiate peace. he also said wishes of peace to those who have lost loved ones in acts of terrorism. from vatican city to bethlehem, thousands of people attended a mass led by the top roman catholic cleric. >> after the recent terrorist attacks security was a lot tighter than usual this year. sunday was a day of service for the d.c. jewish community center. it
5:57 am
event of the year where they deliver meals, sing carols and spread holiday cheer across the district. the event has been going on for the last 30 years. >> we are getting new video out of england where a memorial is starting to grow in front of george michael's home. a look at that as well as the tributes to the late pop singer all new at 6:00. things are heating up between the current white house and the incoming administration. what president obama and the president-elect are at odds over. excessive force or necessary action? the d.c. mother who says police uld have done somcoet
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, a focus on fault. the new information overnight about that deadly russian military plane crash. ♪ >> he's known for that holiday classic. now family and friends and fans are mourning after george michael's christmas day death. and a warning for anyone doing some holiday travel today. the areas across the country that might be hard to reach thanks to mother nature. good morning, everybody i'm
6:00 am
>> and it's not bad out there for december depending on what you like in december. >> it has to be a little chillier around here. if you wanted warm weather you need to go down to florida. miami having their warmest december on record. they set 16 different warm temperature records just this month alone. >> whoa. >> including an 85 degree day yesterday. >> are you planning a trip there? >> i am. i will be in florida by the end of the day on wednesday so i'm looking forward to getting down there even though i don't really like super warm weather. i wouldn't want it to be 85 on christmas day, but that being said, who doesn't mind warm air every i no and then? cloudy skies today, drizzle from time to time. not expecting a lot of rain today. better chance for rain drops early parts of tomorrow and we dry out for the second half of the week and new year's weekend may be 50/50 around here. i'll give you the details coming up. in the upper 30s to around 40 degr


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