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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> and it's not bad out there for december depending on what you like in december. >> it has to be a little chillier around here. if you wanted warm weather you need to go down to florida. miami having their warmest december on record. they set 16 different warm temperature records just this month alone. >> whoa. >> including an 85 degree day yesterday. >> are you planning a trip there? >> i am. i will be in florida by the end of the day on wednesday so i'm looking forward to getting down there even though i don't really like super warm weather. i wouldn't want it to be 85 on christmas day, but that being said, who doesn't mind warm air every i no and then? cloudy skies today, drizzle from time to time. not expecting a lot of rain today. better chance for rain drops early parts of tomorrow and we dry out for the second half of the week and new year's weekend may be 50/50 around here. i'll give you the details coming up. in the upper 30s to around 40 degr
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jump in temperatures today. forecasting 49 for a high temperature this afternoon. all clouds all the time and maybe a passing pocket of drizzle or two. that's about it. more about that rain chance tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. for now let's go over to jack taylor. >> it is very, very quiet. if you have to get out for now everything is clean and green. good to go on 270, 95 and the vw parkway and the beltways, good to go in virginia either direction on 95 between richmond and springfield. 66 is wide open. this is the topside on the outer loop. those few cars headed away from us are on the outer loop. back in to you. >> all right. thank you, jack. some new developments. terrorism is not believed to be the cause of a plane crash in eastern europe. a russian military plane crashed into the black sea minutes after leaving sochi yesterday.
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t 92 people were on board that plane. rescue teams are looking for any survivors but they say it is likely everyone died. russian president vladimir putin declared today a national day of mourning. a man's mother is talking with news 4. justin finch is live in northeast d.c. on more of what she's saying. >> reporter: good morning, kristen. that man's mother believes police used excessive force on her son christmas morning so now that shooting and the circumstances are under investigation. now, the deceased has been identified as gerald hall, age 29 of northeast washington. his mother tells news 4 he was not armed when police found him about 11:30 yesterday morning. but authorities say they got a 911 call reporting a man armed with a knife. fifth district officers w
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sent to a house on the 3200 block of walnut street and police say hall refused calls to drop that knife. hall later died at nearby hospital. police also say a knife was recovered. his mother now upset that she was not able to see her son after his death. >> i see it all the time on the news. and i never thought it would hit home. i never thought it would hit home. i -- i'm hurt. i'm hurt. because he was such a good guy. >> reporter: and back live, the officer involved is now on administrative duty per police policy. also too, police say the officers were wearing body cameras and that footage will be collected and reviewed as part of their internal investigation. back in to you. >> justin finch live for us. thank you, justin. ♪
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a lot of love for george michael this morning. he died at his home in england yesterday. he died of heart disease. he was only 53 years old. there is an autopsy happening today, we understand, as people around the world remember the icon. many musicians say that george michael inspired them to start creating. everyone agrees with the sentiment here, another beautiful voice gone too soon is what you see. michael is known for songs including "wake me up before you go go," and a lot of you may have been singing "last christmas" of course, we know. and you've been -- you've found your freedom in your faith. actress and comedian margaret cho calling him an icon and an ally. he became a gay rights activist after he came out in the 90s and elton john also calling him a beloved friend, a generou s
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a lot of people are praying for carrie fisher right now. the star wars actress is being treated in the hospital after she had a heart attack on a plane last week. yesterday fisher's mother debbie reynolds posted on twitter saying that her daughter is in stable condition. she also said she would give an update if there is one. five minutes after the hour, a showdown is escalating between the current white house and donald trump's incoming administration over israel. this started on friday when the u.s. declined to block a u.n. resolution with its veto admonishing israel for its settlements in the west bank. yesterday, it was alleged that the obama administration conspired with the palestinians to push for that resolution's adoption. >> as i told john kerry on thursday, friends don't take friends to the security council. >> before the vote, israel warned the white house it would seek help from donald trump who lo
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resolution. the spokesman says the prime minister is looking forward to working with trump. vice president joe biden could be staying in the district after his successor is sworn in. he's planning to live in washington at least part-time after january 20th. he says the decision is quote, largely driven by family. his wife will continue to teach at northern virginia community college where she's been an english professor since 2009. today is the start of kwanzaa. it's a holiday that celebrates family, community and culture. this afternoon, there will be a kwanzaa celebration at four walls education center in d.c. at 5:30 and there will be performances from the kumb kids and the west african dance company. ♪
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also being celebrated through january 1st is hanukah. hundreds of people attended the national menorah lighting. it's called the world's biggest me nor there. the ceremony included music, dancing, and the menorah is next to the nationalhristmas tree which is also attracting holiday visitors from around the world. and all of these holidays have kept mailboxes and doorsteps full of presents. >> if you're expecting to receive something in the mail, keep in mind that the u.s. postal service is not operating today. the post office is closed. only priority mail express will be delivered today. they're still observing the christmas toll d christmas holiday because it fell on a sunday. >> chuck bell is pinpointing your forecast and will let us know if you'll neeha
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umbrella. andsome people who traveled for the holiday might have a hard time getting home because of the weather. the corners of the country hit hard by mother nature. >> she's credited for saving their lives. now, this medic is trying to fill them with good memories. adw she m
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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over the weekend ice and snow wreaked havoc in the midwest. ice built up on roads and sidewalks making things treacherous. snow also piled up in places like north and south dakota shutting down some major roads. this winter weather is making for some difficult trips for those traveling for the holidays. >> steve patterson shows us how it's taking a toll across the u.s. >> reporter: a winter weather punch, pounding parts of the country with storm systems making a mess on the
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in eastern north dakota, dozens of spinouts and accidents as holiday travelers braved bad conditions. in utah, whole neighborhoods buried. winter warning calling for up to 36 inches of snow turning the hillsides into a skier's paradise. heather lives in suburban salt lake. she doesn't mind doing a little digging out on a very suddenly white christmas. >> it's seriously a christmas mirac miracle. we went to bed it was green and we woke up to this. >> in flag staff, arizona, car wrecks all over the roads forcing a number of closures with the heaviest snow still on the way. at the grand canyon, pennsylvania mother rescued after wandering 26 miles many the snow to find help when the family car got stuck. >> she ended up in very deep snow, as much as 3 feet deep snow and she was very played
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fingers and feet when she was located early this morning. >> further west, christmas morning mud slides. four families in southern california evacuated when water started coming through the walls destroying this home. meanwhile, at the airport, flyers happy with holiday rates and less traffic hoping to get 30,000 feet above any problems below. >> i'm not worried about the storms because i'm going to guess we'll just go around them. >> reporter: parts of the country forced to deal with winter's wrath where the weather outside is frightful. steve patterson, nbc news. >> i feel a little guilty now. >> right. we're not dealing with anything even close to that. >> no big blizzards around here and they were mentioning the fact it was heavy snow across parts of the upper mid wis. milder air is changing it all over the rain now. all the way down through chicago and st. louis. for us we have a lot of clouds outside this morning and there ar
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out there. that's really all we'll be facing today. a lot of cloud cover, f temperatures in the 40s today. a little on the chilly side this morning. really all cloudy all day long and a little drizzle from time to time. that's about it. an early peek at the weekend, looks like new year's eve will be dry. on the cold side in the 30s and a little increasing chance for rain as we get into new year's day afternoon. more about the whole ten-day forecast coming up later on in the show. right now it is time for traffic. jack taylor, was santa good to you? >> he was. he was very good to me. thank you very much. hopefully to you as well as to everybody. you'll find out on the roads you've got a gift. weave got everything wide open at this point. you're good to go quiet, making the trip eastbound on 66 out of frederick, 270 southbound, we're in good shape. here's a look trying to get into downtown. this is off the
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headed toward independence avenue. we've got nothing so it's very, very quiet. back in to you. >> thank you, jack. 6:15 right now and several roads were badly damaged but everybody's okay from an earthquake in chile. this was a big one. a 7.6 magnitude quake. take a look at this new video we just got in. a lot of people lost power. it has been restored or is being restored right now. about 4,000 people were evacuated. today marks 20 years since the pageant participant john bennett ramsey. two brothers in prince george's county have been receiving acts of kindness from a first responder who helped save their lives. derek ward shows us h
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little boys got to enjoy a very merry christmas. >> reporter: a moment like this, kids opening presents on christmas morning, it's happening all over the world, but this moment almost didn't happen. >> i'm happy to see that they are doing much better than the night that i saw them. >> reporter: a lit over a month ago the brothers were fighting for their lives. they'd been stabbed by their father. lieutenant pamela graham were among the ones that responded to that call. >> of course, we always think that it can't be right. so it was indeed. >> reporter: graham's response didn't end at the hospital. >> you want to get some toys? >> reporter: she befriended the boys and their mother. >> we talk frequently. she's a really good person. >> reporter: this christmas celebration was graham's idea. she opened her home for them all
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work. the man in the red suit was actually in the call center when the 911 call came in. >> the hardest part is is incidents like this is no closure, so we run a bad call and it's hard for us to ever find out the outcome. >> reporter: the outcome here is easy to see. for today the boys' biggest challenge is deciding what to play with first. athoo they've delivered a gift as well. >> i'm excited for them. i'm grateful. >> just to see them happy and healthy. that's -- that's the main thing. >> very sweet. >> waiting for the hug there from santa. great story there. >> our soldiers overseas enjoyed the christmas holiday by spending it with their military family. >> about 5,000 american soldiers are
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meanwhile president obama visited troops at a marine corps base in hawaii. he also called one service member from each branch of the military to thank them for their service. and while you were enjoying that holiday dinner down here on rt, astronauts were feasting on dehydrated holiday goodies like turkey and green beans. this is a video holiday greeting. american peggy witson says being in space reenforces her hope that the world can strive for peace. >> such a nice view out the window. i'd go for that at least once in my life. >> really? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. i'd spend my whole time staring out the window. >> we'll see if we can get the news director to cork on that.
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space? exactly right. the question would be would my job be waiting for me when i got back? it's a quiet start to the day after christmas. the continuation of celebrating for hanukah and kwanzaa is celebrated today so hopefully you have family and friends around to spend quality time with on a monday. 40 degrees right now. northeast winds will keep a cloudy sky in place today, and also that east northeasterly breeze has a tendency to bring us pockets of mist and drizzle as well. so that's what today is going to look and feel like. upper 30s to around 40 in the city now. a little colder in northern maryland. 39 in martinsburg. the farther north you go it gets a little colder. could be a little freezing rain if you're driving through parts of central p.a. here early this morning. around the city today, periods of drizzle. again, no heavy rain. our rain chances
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20% or less, so not really expecting much of an impact for today. then tomorrow after some showers around early in the morning milder air and the return of some sunshine should allow for quite a nice day tomorrow. upper 50s to low 60s around the city, then down into central virginia. temperatures way into the 60s. 65 in charlottesville and about 60 here in town. mid-50s across northern maryland. you want to stay ahead of the forecast, use our app to do it. find me on twitter as well. worst of the weather for travelers is going to be places like detroit up toward the twin cities but really no big issues at all. so that is welcome news. some showers early torrow. dry tuesday afternoon and dry wednesday as well. another passing rain chance comes up on thursday and we dry it out for friday on into new year's eve. i'll give you the new year's weekend forecast with the ten-day coming up at 6:51. let's go over tok
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at wtop. >> if you are about to head out or if you're about to head out to go back home we're very, very quiet. good to go on the beltway. good to go out of fredericksburg. both directions between springfield and there. if you get up toward mountain road we do have accident activity on 95 northbound closing 95 north. you may want to detour off on to route 1 or route 40. this is harford county if you are making a ride north toward delaware plan ahead. a serious collision closes the lanes north of baltimore. back in to you. talk about poor timing. why an entire german town had to be evacuated christmas day. chances are, you get a christmas gift you don't like, but di pending on where it's from you might have a hard time returning it. and thank you. why
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thousands of people in a german town left their christmas presents and decorations behind on sunday after being forced to evacuate. authorities worked to disarm a world war ii era bomb there last week. this was discovered last week. christmas day was the best time to diffuse the bomb because there was less traffic and more likely that people can stay with relatives. officials disarmed the
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before 7:00 p.m. last night. neighbors are bringing joy to a man who has been a light in the community during the christmas time. >> this is so nice. together carollers joined in song to celebrate outside a legendary home. ♪ >> carollers stopped by his home to sing for him. he had been diagnosed with cancer and didn't feel well enough to put up his elaborate holiday display. these are pictures of it from past years. he says the support from the community has been overwhelming. >> i know a lot of people like it and i know they've enjoyed it but i never realized how deep it was and how -- how much people really did enjoy it. >> so he does plan to put the display up next year when he's feeling
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also offered to help them out. >> a lot of people showed up. >> the kids have opened their gifts and now it's time to say thank you in writing. >> etiquette experts still agree that actually writing and sending thank you notes goes a long way in teaching children about gratitude. >> the experts say that you can write the note and then ask the child to scribble or draw something on the card. >> their signature. >> their signature. right. >> great lesson there. if you are braving the stores today to return or exchange a gift, beware why some stores might not want to take back that unwanted present. >> and the redskins could still make it to the playoffs. what has to happen in order for the team to make it to the post season. and some of you might notice some clouds. chuck bell bac
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good morning, everybody. it is 6:30 right now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm kristen wright. we are working to get you out the door. >> wpot's jack taylor is in for melissa getting ready to give us an update on the road but right now chuck bell is all smiles because? >> well, it was a nice christmas weekend. i hope everybody at home had a nice christmas weekend. >> did i catch you offguard? >> no, i was smiling. i had a nice weekend. i hope everybody else enjoyed their christmas weekend as well. lots and lots of clouds today, but not much of a rain throat threat. so if you don't know where the umbrella is you can probably get away with it for today's rain chance. a little better chance
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there's no bitter cold coming and it will be typically chilly as we finish out the week and i'm worried that 2017 may be starting a little on the wet side. for now it is time to check on traffic. jack taylor, no smiling allowed. >> nope. all right. we're done with it? all right. >> no, no. you can smile, jack. it's okay. >> the beltway itself is still pretty quiet. good to go. all remains very, very green which is great if you have to get out this morning. otherwise you see every other feeder road getting there also in very good shape. these head lights they'll be coming around from georgia avenue. that's the outer loop. inner loop is heading away from us. again, nothing in your way so far. now, again, we're going to keep reminding folks if you have to make a ride northbound, you'll find yourself detoured. this sounds like an accident investigation but this is
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of baltimore. we'll get you up to speed on some of the morning's top stories. police will be reviewing body camera footage following a shooting of a man in the northeast. vigils are taking place in sochi and moscow this morning for the people who died in a military plane crash. investigators think all 92 people on board died in the russian crash. terrorism is not considered a cause. and the world is remembering singer george michael this morning. the pop icon some would say legend died yesterday at the age of 53. and starting today, people will be trying to return or exchange one in ten holiday gifts. >> yeah, going to be a lot of people out there. this morning amy cho is live with some tips to help avoid any headaches. hey, amy. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, lots to keen
6:33 am
holiday gift returns. you'll want to keep the price tag on and don't open the box. a lot of stores will charge you a fee or won't take the item back at all. also take your gift receipts. the stores might still take back the item but you'll have to do an exchange or only get new store credit. a lot of stores opening up early today if you are looking to make those returns. walmart opened up at 6:00 a.m. fair oaks at 8:00 a.m. and pentagon city at 9:00 a.m. if you want to see a full list you can head over to the nbc washington app. i've also posted it on my twitter. that's the latest. we're live at potomac yard. according to consumer reports ll bean guarantees
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that means you can exchange even if items are well used and you don't have a receipt. there's also no time limit. land's end has a similar policy to l.l. bean. you can get partial credit on most items without a gift receipt. we have the warning about stores known for their tough policies ahead at 6:45. now, other than unwanted presents, boxes are the other thing that might be piled up in your house right now. a lot of us did our shopping online so amazon and good will are teaming up to make use of your leftovers. fill boxes with donations and put it in the mail.
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volunteers with the group distribute meals on the 25th of every month, but this month's distribution will be today because the church where they normally meet held christmas morning services yesterday. pope francis delivered his christmas blessing in vatican city yesterday. the pontiff urged people to negotiate peace especially in war torn areas of the world. he also sent wishes of peace to those who have lost loved ones in acts of terrorism. and queen elizabeth delivered her televised message. she spoke about being inspired about people she meets. she did not attend christmas mass yesterday because she is still recovering from a cold. queen elizabeth is 90 years old and has been in pretty good health. >> a lot of you are looking forward to new year's day, not because of the p
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celebrating but that is because it is the redskins final game of the regular playoff season. they still have some work to do. the skins take on the giants on sunday and really that's the most important game for them. if they lose the team has no chance of getting into the playoffs. >> that game is here at home. the start time was changed to 4:25 for next sunday. the other big game is happening tonight. so if the cowboys beat the lions, the skins are in. again, as long as they beat the giants next week. so pretty strange. of course to root for the cowboys but there it is. even if the lions win tonight's game the skins still have a chance, but then they have to beat the giants and hope the lions beat the packers next week. so you got all that? >> then you have to twirl around while holding your nose and hop on one foot. make it happen. >> depending on where you are, you might need the umbrella today. >>
6:37 am
at who could see some drizzle in your what to wear forecast? >> wifi warning. the public place you may not want to use your phone as thieves try to steal your info. ♪ >> and remembering george michael. the reactions still pouring in after his sudden death.
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welcome back. there is a warning you should know about before using free public wifi net works. >> high tech thieves are looking g
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information and public places like airports are popular targets. that's because signing into your bank accounts and shopping online could lead hackers right to your personal information. so how do you protect yourself? experts say don't charge in a usb port, use a plug instead. be wary of pop-up prompts, be skeptical of network names and use a virtual private network. good morning, everybody. temperatures are above the freezing mark. that's the most important thing to know about today because there is a little chance for some light drizzle and mist around here early this morning so temperatures well above the freezing mark is definitely good news today. your out and about planner, upper 40s to near 50s for a high today. all cloud cover all the time with a little drizzle from time to time. still need your warm jacket here this morning. could probably get away without themb
6:42 am
one handy, go ahead and take it. we're going to call today marginal. how are you this morning? >> i'll take marginal. we've got excellent conditions right now on the beltway. inner, outer loop maryland to virginia, the map looks green which is fantastic. it will look different tomorrow so enjoy it while you can if you have to go out. we'll get a live look in virginia. a typical stretch along i-95. nothing really to see, no delays so far this morning. back in to you. >> a northeast washington man is dead after being shot by police. live details on the investigation up next. a political showdown starts heating up. what president obama and president-elect trump are clashing over and the world leader now demanding a meeting. ♪ >> another legend lost. how the world is remembering the life of pop super
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. now at 6:45, a deadly police involved shooting in the district. why the victim's mother said the officers had other options other than opening fire. and why vice president biden says he's sticking around the district after his time in office is up. ♪ >> his life was marred with controversy. now the world pays tribute after his sudden death.
6:46 am
>> terrorism is not believed to be the cause of a plane crash in eastern europe. a russian military plane crashed into the black sea minutes after leaving sochi. this morning russia's transportation minister says pilot error or a technical problem likely caused that crash. rescue teams are looking for survivors but it is likely that everyone died. there was a memorial service at the sochi airport today. russian president vladimir putin also declared today a national day of mourning. 6:46 now. body camera footage will now be looked over after a police involved shooting death in the district. >> the man was armed at the time. justin finch is live in northeast with more on what investigators will be looking at. >> reporter: good morning. police are looking for a full account of what led to this fatal police involved shooting. so they'll likely be speaking to those first responding officers and they'll
6:47 am
camera footage. 11:30 christmas morning police got a domestic call of a man with a knife. neighbors say they did hear a woman scream and district officers responded and police say gerald hall refused calls to drop that knife. at least one officer opened fire. hall was shot and later died and though hall's mother says he was not armed and calls the response excessive police say a knife was found on scene. we do know that per police department policy, the officer who was involved in this shooting will be on administrative duty pepding the outcome of this investigation. back in to you. >> justin finch live for us. a lot of you are going to be humming that song today. you hear it there. pop singer george michael died on christmas day. he was only 53 years old. you're looking at new video of a memorial growing outside ae
6:48 am
his publicist says he died from heart disease. there is an autopsy planned for today. many musicians say that george michael inspired them to start creating. everyone agrees with this first sentiment shown here. another beautiful voice gone too soon. also a message, mentioned that song when he said michael is resting with the glittering stars. ak dress and comedian margaret cho calling george michael an icon. he became a gay rights activist after he came out in the 90s and elton john posted a message, he called him a beloved friend, a generous soul and a brilliant artist. a lot of people are praying for carrie fisher right now. she's being treated in the hospital after she had a heart attack on a plane. that happened friday. yesterday's fisher's mother posted on twitter
6:49 am
daughter is in strabl condition. she also said she would give an update if there is one. a showdown is escalating between the current white house and the donald trump's incoming administration over israel. it started on friday when the u.s. declined to block a u.n. resolution. yesterday israeli prime minister alleged that the obama administration conspired with the palestinians to push for the resolution's adoption. >> as i told john kerry on thursday, friends don't take friends to the security council. >> now, before the vote, israel warned the white house it would seek help from donald trump who lobbied israel and tweeted support. joe biden could be staying in the district after his successor is sworn in. biden told the l.a. times that he's planning to live in washington at least part-time after january 20th. he says the decision
6:50 am
biden says his wife will continue to teach at northern virginia community college where she's been an english professor since 2009. today is the start of kwanzaa. it is the holiday that celebrates family, community and culture. the week long celebration honors a different principle each day and this afternoon there will be a celebration at the four walls education center in d.c. there will be performances from the kumba kids and the west african dance company. also being celebrated through january 1st is hanukah. last night hundreds of people attended the national menorah lighting in d.c. the menorah is called the world's biggest menorah. the ceremony inclu
6:51 am
dancing and more. the menorah is next othe national christmas tree which is also attracting holiday visitors from around the world. and all of these holidays have kept our mailboxes and doorsteps full of presents. >> if you are still expecting to receive something, keep in mind that the post office is closed today only priority express mail will be delivered today. the postal service is observing the christmas holiday because it fell on a sunday, so today is christmas observed for the government. >> when i was a kid i thought that was the funniest thing. christmas observed. why didn't they just observe it yesterday? you've got to get your days off. >> but we don't. >> at least the weather isn't bad today. >> no, it's just sort of there. it's not going to be too cold. it's like por ridge. it's not too hot, not too cold,
6:52 am
it's just not a great day to be outside. don't plan on getting anything in the way of sunshine for today, but that being said, it's also not going to be a washout of a day either. not much rain chance coming our way although i could rule out a period of drizzle from time to time. 40 degrees and cloudy. winds out of the northeast at 6 miles per hour. that northeast wind direction is usually problematic for us. so that's the reason we're not going to get much sunshine today there's just enough moisture out there we would have to worry about freezing rain or freezing drizzle. cloudy and damp for most of the day today. staying in the upper 40s to around 50. a little rain in the morning hours but then we clear out, get just enough sunshine tomorrow. we should have a spike of warm weather. highs right around 61 in washington. 65 tomorrow
6:53 am
only 55, 56 degrees up across northern maryland. so a much milder day for tomorrow. most of the rain chances early on in the day. 40% chance of rain tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. only a 30% chance by noon tomorrow and after 2:00 or 3:00, clearing out and drying out. so as a result enjoy the mild weather. traveling today, unsettled weather. cincinnati or detroit or st. louis but it's all rain and not snow as all that milder air comes in. keep in mind there could be a little bit of iciness. here's our ten-day forecast. no super warm other than yet tomorrow's a nice mild day. new year's eve weekend looks dry and cold to start on friday and saturday. new year's eve looks like rain chances coming in by sunday afternoon. jack taylor, may be getting off to a wet start. >> let's keep it dry for this
6:54 am
we've got fantastic conditions. 95, anywhere between the beltways. 95 virginia out of fredericksburg. we were talking about a problem north of baltimore, i-95 north if you were making any kind of travels north of baltimore. the accident investigation has wrapped up and so owl travel lanes are now open. we're still very, very quiet hout to hagerstown. nothing in your way. >> so far so good. back in to you. >> thank you. 6:54 right now and starting today many of you will be headed to stores in our area to make gift returns and exchanges. >> and to help avoid any unneeded stress we're live at potomac yard with four tips to help you out. >> reporter: good morning. yep, lots of stores opening up early today to take back those gifts you jt
6:55 am
about but there are some things you need to keep in mind. before you head out the door you want to keep those price tags on the gifts. you want to make sure you keep track of those gift receipts. you'll also need to bring a picture id. you're also going to want to stay on top of those return deadlines. make sure you remember those deadlines are calculated from when the item was bought and not from when you got it. that's the latest. sending it back to you in the studio to break down the details of those return deadlines. >> we will do just that. thank you. be sure to check return policies before you fight the crowds today. some big retailers make it very hard to return items. >> forever 21 requires a receipt in stores for exchanges only within 30 days. their online store is a bit more lenient but you should still act quickly. if you got a gift from k
6:56 am
you can only get a store credit. some have a restocking fee of the items priced. you have until january 31st to head to barnes and noble. here are four things to know before you head out this morning. today marks the first day of kwanzaa. it's an african american holiday that celebrates family, friends and culture. right now a memorial is growing outside george michael's home in england. he died yesterday. his publicist says of heart disease. he was only 53 years old. investigators are saying terrorism is not the reason the plane crashed into the black sea. they say pilot error was probably the cause. >> a police involved shooting on christmas. a man in northeast was killed after police say he refused to drop the knife. >>
6:57 am
the next five days. cloudy and maybe a little drizzle from time to time today. a nice mild tuesday afternoon. temperatures near 60. dry weather for wednesday. another shower chance on thursday, friday and new year's e eve. looks like they'll be staying dry. can't believe that about george michael, prince, this is a tough year on music legends. >> thank you. that is the broadcast this morning. we thank you for starting your day with us. >> thanks for watching. have a great day. >> make it a great monday, everybody.
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good morning. breaking overnight. j j j j icon lost. pop . pop superstar, george michael died suddenly on christmas day at the age of 53. the singer first making it big with wham before finding even greater solo success. this morning, is manager finding a possible cause of death as the investigation moves forward and tributes pour in from around the globe. bearlizing tributes for the second straight day, the storm making it nearly impossible for holiday travel others to get back home. this morning where all that snow and ice is heading next. aid voiding


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