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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he had taken the victim's house keys the day before. when he let himself in, they got in a fight. the police report says during a struggle, hull pushed the victim out of the house. at that point, she called someone for help. that witness was able to get the knife pu away from hull, but hull got another knife and stabbed the victim in the forearm. police say he refused to drop the knife and that's when at least one officer opened fire shooting him in the chest. he died at the hospital hours later. >> they could have done a lot of things. >> her son was a single father of four, an electrician and navy veteran. the two had problems in their relationship, but she didn't imagine it would lead
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neighbors tell news 4 there have been multiple police calls to this house in the morning of the shooting they heard a woman screaming. walter is an elected leader. the community has had concerns about other crimes in the neighborhood as well. >> we talked about what we can do to and whether that means more officers, we'll be talking with neighbors to see what we can do. >> coming up on news 4 at 6:00, the one thing that the suspect's mother wants from police now that her son is gone. back to you. >> thank you, darcy. a virginia man is dead after getting hit while walking on i-95 in woodbridge. virginia state police say three men were driving south on the interstate when they ran out of gas. they started walking towards the nearest gas station when one of
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tractor-trailer. the 22-year-old died at the hospital but his friends and the truck driver were not hurt. a serious accident in laurel has left one woman dead and another person with major injuries. the car slammed into a tree just off route one. the passenger was killed. she's been identified as a 58-year-old woman from baltimore. the driver is in critical condition. no word yet on why that car left the road. police still investigating this crash. we'll pass on more information as it comes in to us. travel trouble for some of the millions of folks trying to make it home for their holiday destinations. blizzards and ice storms reeking havoc in the northern plains. the storm team 4 weather cen
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our weather here. but not what some may expect. >> ahead of that storm, we're not just getting warm. we're getting very warm for this time of year. temperatures about 15 to 20 degrees above average tomorrow. obviously that's not the case right now. we're dealing with clouds across the region. we have seen some sprinkles too. right now the clouds continue ing across the area. the wind is now out of the south. that southerly wind is going to bring in the warmer numbers. 46 in d.c. ahead of the system, near 70 in columbus, ohio. 60 in pittsburgh. that it warmer air moving our way overnight tonight. even by the time you wake up, it's going to be warmer out there than it is now. it does have some rain. i'll break down our rain chances for tomorrow and the rest of the week. and that new year's eve forecast as well. see you back here in ten minutes. tonight we're learning more about a local man who was killed in a crash just two days before
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christmas. kenneth morris jr.'s family shared this photo with us. a teen driving a stolen car caused this crash on friday night. derrick ward is live in southeast with the story. >> good afternoon. you see the scene on friday night. you can make out the investigator's marks. what they use to chronicle the scene. but the scene chronicles grief because a loved one didn't make it to christmas. it started here on a street. december 21st, it's late. a woman is getting out of her car and a man with a gun robs her. the gunman and two others get into the lexus and drive off. that robberies of the start of the chain of events of kenneth morrison jr.
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they came upon the crash scene. that's on east capital street. the stolen lexus crashed into the back of the car sending it spinning and setting off a chain reaction with two other vehic s vehicles. morrison was the only fatality. three people ran from the stolen car. the driver identified as 17-year-old david mclain was caught and faces second-degree murder charge. we did speak to members of the morris family. they are too shook up to talk to us, but simply he was a good person. all he was trying to do is get home. we are live at the scene of that crash. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. president-elect donald trump continuing his holiday in florida. but is making headlines after announcing plans to dissolve his charity. the attorney general launched a probe and says that can't happen
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complete. trump's transition team gets back to work tomorrow and will have an extra spot to fill. jason miller decided against taking the job of white house communications director. joe biden is sticking around d.c. after he leaves office next month. according to "the l.a. times," he will be staying here part-time. his wife plans to continue teaching at northern virginia community college. she teaches english. no word where they might live. president obama and his family are also stayg here in the city so sasha can can complete her high school here in d.c. today isn't only the first day of christmas, it honors african-american communities, families and culture. the holiday will highlight seven principles including unity, faith and purpose. today is boxing day, which is celebrating in the united kingdom.
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people gifts in small boxes. but here in the united states, it could refer to all the boxes that we are throwing away after christmas presents are unwrapped. as in past years, police are warning you to be smart about how you dispose of these boxes. mark segraves has the dos and the don'ts. >> reporter: a walk down your alley could give you a good idea of what your neighbors got for christmas. police warn it could give thieves a good idea which houses to break into. a new espresso machine, they got one at this house. neighbors got a brand new coffee machine. and just up the alley from the espresso maker and coffee machine, a brand new flat screen tv set. the owner says he's not worried about giving crooks a tip. >> i kind of feel like if that's my worst problem with crime in
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pretty good shape. i understand why you're asking. that's not really a concern of mine. >> across our region, we found clues as to what shiny new treasures are waiting inside these homes. this man says he does think twice before putting out the christmas trash. >> it's in the back of my mind. we didn't get anything that fell into that category. if we had gotten something fa y fancy, we would have kept it in the garage until the night before. >> reporter: police put out the 12 days of holiday safety tips for christmas including how to dispose of those boxes. >> dispose of packaging properly u. flatten boxes and turn them inside out. >> reporter: police say u many jurisdictions are delaying trash pickup due to the holidays. so those empty boxes may be sitting o outside your house longer than expected. coming up at 6:00, we'll show
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took this day after christmas to ensure they left no clues outside their homes. mark segraves, news 4. a push to keep drivers safer on the roads. the changes one virginia lawmaker wants to make for the laws surrounding cell phones. divers recovering debris from the plane that went down from russia headed to syria and what the kremlin is saying about the crash today. >> we're looking around the clock closures on metro as part of the safetrack program. that's about to change. adam tuss with more on the pause
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fragments of a russian plane being pull ed from the black se today. the military aircraft crashed on its way to syria. several parts of the plane one mile from the shore and 82 feet under the sea. all 92 people on board are believed dead including dozens of members of russia's military choir u. investigators are focusing on technical issues and pilot error as the cause of that crash they are ruling out terrorism for now. the jet went down two minutes after taking off
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near perfect weather. this is more than 3500 rescue workers. you can see them searching for plane debris and remains of those who are on board president-elect donald trump may be celebrating the holidays in florida, but he's found himself in the thick of a u.s. and israel controversy. >> what's the latest in this international fire u storm so far? >> the showdown is escalating. you have a fight between president obama's white house and the new incoming administration with donald trump. tonight you'll hear new words from the israeli ambassador. a war of words calling one of president obama's top aids an expert in fiction. we'll have the latest on that on nightly news. >> also something a little lighter. all the holiday returns. what's people need to know before they rush back to the store with their rift gifts. >> you got some of your own to do. we all do. plenty of the returns after $1 trillion were spent. but the returns come in
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wooil introduce you to the details you need to know. new deals in terms of drones. watch us tonight. >> this is a commit mement that lester holt made. i'm glad to share one of these. inspiring america series. this is a man who does literally going the extra mile donating air mile os to help families that had can benefit. >> it could be really easy. >> it's not tricky to do.
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>> starts at 7:00 right here on nbc 4 and it's going to be broadcasting here from our studios in washington. >> there's a new push to solve the mystery surrounding the explosion that seriously injured a man from our area. connor golden lost part of his leg after a stepped on a home made explosive on july 3rd. local and federal investigators doubled that it reward because they need information in this case. >> if you ride metro, they have been dealing with delays.
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adam has a closer look. >> reporter: this is definitely good news. the constant closures and delays has become too much for some metro riders to handle. but now we are talking about no rush hour work for weeks. >> take itting a break until february. >> they closed down the station. it goes to single track. >> she's been dealing with safe track for months. she rides and the trip has become almost unbearable. you miss your train and bus. >> she's happy for the down time but wonder if metro will get back on track after so many years of neglect. >> it has.
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>> metro says it's happening because of winter weather, partly because of the inauguration. >> when they pick back up, which lines are going to see the work then. coming up next hour, i have a preview for you. back to you. >> thank you. work is going to begin to prevent this from happening again. an interest of the cleveland park metro station turning into a waterfall after those heavy rains in the summer. officials are beginning to work to improve the drainage. the parking lanes along connecticut avenue ar g
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quebec from 9:30 to 3:30. crew cans are digging into the ground to collect soil samples as part of the project. work is expected to last until xt friday. a day after being shot in the head. we're going to share the new details about the wild incident. the latest on the massive sink hole that forced two dozen families out of their
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look at these little panda twins. they were able to meet with visitors at a safari park in south china today. over the past two months the mother and two male cubs have been under the care of breeders. look at the little faces. they compare to a quarter pound when they were first born. i could stare at this all day.
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>> we're not talking about 20s or 30s. we're in the 40s. they are not staying up very long. take a look outside. showing you how things are shaping up. even a couple sprinkles during the day. current temperature at 46 degrees. winds out of the south at 5 miles an hour. but take a look at the temperatures around the rest of the area here. up to 50 now in front royal. that's some of the warmer air that's trying to move in. so a much warmer start to the day tomorrow than what we have seen. the radar not much to show you. we have seen a couple sprinkles, but that's it. as we move to the wider picture, the cloud cover around our area and a front that's clearly day fined. you can see the rain a
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look what's coming our way. it's 72 in nashville. 57 in atlanta. it's a lot warmer during the day as i sit in the 40s. we'll be in the 60s tomorrow afternoon. here we are at 7:00. very similar to where we are right now. 8:00 tomorrow morning, we're already in the low to mid-50s. this warmer air is really coming in right now through the overnight hours and tomorrow afternoon temperatures around 64 degrees in the city. so much warmer air moving in. back to the west in the mid-50s, but even then we're 20 degrees above average for this time of year. tomorrow night we start to cool and not going to be all that
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in order to do that, we have a wind advisoradvisory. but mainly in the mountains closer in partly to mostly cloudy. then sunshine late. clouds and sun, breezy, warm with showers during the morning hours. most of the day looks dry. 65 is where we're going tomorrow. not stick around long. 48 on thursday. some shower activity moves in. not much in the way of rain on thursday either. on friday u a frigid day. friday going for a high of 40. it will feel like 25 as we will see very windy conditions on friday. update you on the new year's eve forecast. hour by hour
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coming up, the changes one senator is proposing to the rules of the road. ahead we'll bring you to this party. celebrating the 50th anniversary of the african-american holiday that begins today. what it means to the people here.
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♪ ahead at 5:00, mourning the passing of a music legend. we'll take a look at the tributes to the late george michael. he's gained notoriety as one of the men who designed the smithsonian african-american museum. the personal battle he's now taking public. new year's eve is one of the most anticipated nights this holiday season. . it's also one of the most dangerous when it comes to drunk driving. tom sherwood shows us how local police are gearing up to help keep you safe while ringing in 2017. we have all seen the public service ads warning us. but one-third of drunk driving arrests occur around new year's eve. >> this is as a celebratory time of year, but also dangerous. it's one
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out of three u.s. traffic deaths involve drunk drivers. >> kirk has run the soberride program. it offers free cab rides for those who call in. >> 1-800-200-taxi. >> after christmas shoppers in georgetown were well aware of the dangers of new year's eve, even this person wearing a where's my champagne shirt. >> we rented a house. no one is going to be driving or anything like that. >> i'm actually going to church.
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3:00 a.m. sunday morning. but you can be sure city and area police will be out all night. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> there's new details about the driver of the tanker truck that exploded in baltimore. according to our news partner, clinton world junior had the required certification to drive a fuel truck. >> the crash happened a week ago saturday during icy conditions. a virginia lawmaker wants to require to use a hands free device when they use phone calls. it will make it illegal to touch their phones unless using it for november gags or audio output. it only prohibits reading and sending e-mails and text. the charge would be
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driving. state it lawmakers will consider the proposal next year. the man designed the iconic african-american history museum along the national mall. he just revealed a personal health battle. he has als. he was the lead architect for the new smithsonian. he got his diagnosis before the museum opened in september. had now plans to raise awareness about the disease, which aufects the nervous system. he started the foub dags to help als. also just changing gears a little bit. today is the official start of kwanz kwanzaa. chris gordon has more on the historical significance of kwanzaa and some of the local events already underway. >> lighting the first candle of
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kwanzaa. the seven principles of american heritage. >> you get to learn about your history. >> the red is for blood that's been spilled by people over their course of the history of time. in in the course of making the world a better place, the black symbolizes the cultural existence in and around the globe. everything that it life holds. >> it sponsored by the group called family and friends of incarcerated people. they are trying to break the cycle of crime and prison for local
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>> i went from living under a bridge, having a massive degree. >> reporter: ahead, why a kwanzaa party just like this one for families and children will be held tomorrow night at a former slave market in virginia. that's coming up at 6:00. reporting from northwest washington, chris gordon, news 4. you can call it a christmas miracle. after weeks of silence and 20 nights in the hospital, a husband hears his wife say she loves him on christmas day. she's been in the icu in west virginia for most of this month. she's recovering from surgery and she's been with her the entire time. i want to be as close as i can to her. >> the couple expects donna won't be able to leave for another month. that's okay. the staff has
5:34 pm
a new iphone. >> this one for a family in pennsylvania. >> two it days stranded in snow. and we'll show you how they were able to survive being lost in a blizzard. and remembering pop star george michael. a a look at the tributes after his suddeneath from heart d (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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♪ >> that takehouse back. fans of george michael are streaming by u his home in london to pay tribute to the singer. the 53-year-old passed away yesterday. nbc has more on how fans are handling this unexpected loss. >> reporter: flowers, candles, tears, and recollections of how his songs touched their lives. momentos left by fans fill the doorstep of the home where george michael l
5:38 pm
makeshift memorial at the residence in goring where michael died. >> george michael that got me. >> michael's unexpected passing on christmas day at only 53 years old has left fans worldwide in disbelief. . >> i can't believe i'm standing here. >> he's young to die. >> at the local pub where michael was known as a regular, neighbors and fans offered a final toast.
5:39 pm
>> many of those visiting say michael's music was central stot sound draft of the lives. >> his manager says michael passed peacefully in his sleep. nbc news. sony may know who was behind the hack of one of his twitter accounts. they tweeted that britney spears was dead. the pop star is still alive. reports have linked this hack to the group known for breaking into the accounts of facebook ceo.
5:40 pm
a year for an up and coming rapper. now he's recovering after ambushed and shot near his home. details about his recovery ahead. looking at a mad dash to the stores. the reason different than it earlier this month. a look at the holiday shopping season when we come back. i'm tracking temperature its going way up through the next 24 hours. but they don't stay up all that long. i' show you what's movinllg
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if you're just joining us on
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news 4 at 5:00, let's bring you up to speed. >> had a knife on him at the time. gotten into the fight with a woman and stabbed her in the arm before officers showed up. one of the officers shot him when he refused to drop that weapon. we know more about the local man who was killed in a crash in the district. a teen was driving a stolen car and caused that crash on friday night. for months metro riders have been dealing with delays from the safe track program. . the transit agency giving safetrack
5:44 pm
safetrack. >> amy has the story from gaithersburg. >> christmas was ruined. >> christmas may be over, but for people like the hahn family a trip to the store certainly aren't. >> my husband asked for socks. >> there's just three of the many things in the area headed back to the drawing board after striking out in the gift department. >> for this dad returning a darth vader figure, they didn't even want to wait one day. >> they found it was too embarrassing for them to return so they made poor dad do it.
5:45 pm
the store at some point. it found half of all people returned one gift. the store manager says he's seen it all. >> i definitely have seen a lot of returns where all the items have been opened up like everything has been used and try to bring it back. >> if you are looking to make those return, you'll want to make sure to keep the price tags on. bring the gift receipts as well as photo i.d. when you head to the stores. stay on top of those deadlines so you don't miss them. amy cho, news 4. >> i'm going to have to use that more often. santa messed up. if you need a new car but didn't find one under the tree you may want o to start shopping. car dealers are trying to clear their inventory before the end of the year. that means buyers have more bargaining power. there are deals and rebates available on the 2016 models. you can take advantage of the crop of vehicles recently returned are if leasing. they are often s
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price and avoi the value drop that occurs. >> the reds skins path to the playoffs becoming a lot clearer. there's still one more matchup to keep an eye on that's happening tonight. they are going to root for the cowboys. >> we're not asking anyone to put on a a cowboys enginejerseya dallas win helps the redskins. the redskins win their final game on sunday against the giants. it's on the screen. dallas wins and all the redskins need to do is win on sunday. but if the lions were to win tonight, there's more work to be done. not only do they need to it win, they need to win over t
5:47 pm
packers on sunday night. jay gruden is having a hard time knowing he has to cheer for the cowboys. >> hard to root for dallas. but like i said. >> we have to take care of the jieblts. when the dust settles, we'll see where we are. >> they are on the outside looking in or gearing up for a wild card game. after that big win in chicago over the weekend, players said they are not ready to be done yet this season. >> answer yes, i have to or no i would never. right now most of you say you will. you can vote by going to @ nbc washington facebook page and share it from
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hundreds of miles of highway in north dakota closed as the snow there is piling up and the folks are digging out after two days of blizzard conditions. max grossfield reports. the worst of the blizzard is past. and now the shoveling out begins. >> i was in shock. i thought how the heck am i getting out of here. we saw three or four. my car was about up to here when we pull ed her out. . now we're watching all these guys crash through them. >> reporter: while many stayed put, a few bismarck residents have ventured out. . >> got to get some food. >> i'm not going to be able to make it to my mom at the nursing home. but i'm determined to get there. >> the storm tested seasoned
5:49 pm
au like. >> i need to learn how to wear layered clothes. >> it's probably all right with most. >> it must be bad when people in north dakota are complain iing about the snow. i thought it does that from like september to april. . >> that kind of a storm where they get the snow doesn't have it all that often. it is north dakota. >> no snow likely for us. what we are going to get is warmer as we move through the next 24 hours. tomorrow afternoon into the 60s. those temperatures start to rise. a lot of cloud cover today. a little on the dreary side. felt a little cooler. a high of 46. . winds out of the south. but i don't think that will be the high just yet. what we're dealing with through the rest of the
5:50 pm
degrees right now. back towards centerville at 46 degrees. as we move through the rest of the overnight hours, the winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour by early tomorrow morning. that's going to be the key factor here. it's going to be the winds overnight. and we easteven have a wind ad y advisory. now we're not seeing anything on the radar. everything all clear in our region. back to the west, that's where we're looking at the showers moving through. here's the front. that front making its way through chicago today with some flight delays a little earlier today. those are getting out of here. now that rainmaking its way our way. what else? warmer temperatures. temperatures now in the 40
5:51 pm
but by tomorrow morning, we're at 54 degrees with the winds out of the southwest. breezy at noon. a temperature of 60 degrees. 65 degrees by 3:00 in the afternoon. so a very warm day u out there on our tuesday. not nearly as warm wednesday and thursday. we're still above average. a chance of a shower on thursday. then on friday, this is a little deceiving. 40 degrees. it's going to be very windy on friday. and we're going to have rather windchills in the 20s during the day on friday. saturday a high of 46 degrees. and for new year's eve looking pretty good. temperatures dropping to 40 degrees. first day of 2017 temperature around 51 degrees. a couple chances of showers early next week. look at the first week of 2017. temperatures well above average. e we even get back to the 50s and 60s early next week. it doesn't stay warm. at least it's warm for the first week of the new year. >> we like that. that's fabulous. thank you. a brooklyn-based rap artist who is no
5:52 pm
from a dramatic shooting that left him struck led to get help. nbc has the latest from new york. >> he was shot around 4:00 p.m. sunday near east 91st street and lyndon boulevard. he stopped at a red light and noticed through the rear view mirror someone on foot come up to the driver's side with a gun. colin tried to pull away. but the shooter hit him in the shoulder and graze d him in the head. his girlfriend was not injured. >> my heart goes out for his family. i know that it's something they don't worry about or certainly it's unfortunate that this is something that is in the back of his mind. the possibility of being targeted. >> the shooter wearing a black
5:53 pm
he was about six block was from the hospital. he drove about four before pulling over and getting out of the car. a passer by drove them the remainder of the way. his lawyer says he's been out on bail since the deadly concert shooting in may at irving splaz. his attorney says he's had no threats or encounters since then especially since he has a restrictive u curfew. awake for two days, almost half that time spent hiking in sub freezing temperatures. that's just part of the story. up next, a fright i think ordeal for a couple stranded in a
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a man crashed his car and ran off to the woods once the sheriffs deputy got there. that's where they had some sort of brief fight and the deputy fired a single shot into the driver. that driver listed in stable condition at the hospital. a suburban city remaining under a state of emergency after this massive sink hole opened up over the weekend. take a look at this. the hole is now 250 feet long. 10 feet wide. it's forced dozens of famili
5:57 pm
they are hoping to prevent flooding ch. the cause to be a sewer pipe failure. it could be can another two weeks before they the evacuated families are able to get back into their homes. a family has more than the holiday season to celebrate tonight. a woman and her husband survived a heroing ordeal stranded in a snowstorm near the grand canyon. falling asleep could have been the difference between life and death for this couple. >> he come ss a tough stock and knowing her as i do that i'm not surprised that she decided with her wilderness training and her strong minded fortitude she was going to take care of it. >> it was friday night after 10:00. kristin was settling in at her parent's home getting ready for christmas. her brother-in-law made a late night call. >> he said we have bad news. you bris for that. and he said that karen has been
5:58 pm
and he relayed the story. >> they won a trip to las vegas. the family is driving to the grand canyon. they it didn't know they were on roads that were closed and the snow is falling. when they lost cell service, they got stuck in a ditch. karen wasn't going to just sit there. she began a long trek for help. >> she had already been traveling continuously through the night u for 30 straight hours. she never stopped to sleep. she knew that if she fell asleep, that would be the end. >> her sister who is 105 pounds and athletic found a cabin with no heat, electricity or cell service. she wrapped herself in blankets. she was injured and unable to walk any further and wait ued for help to arrive. this picture-ore twin in the hospital, she and her mom have been able to talk with her on the phone. >> she was excited to hear her
5:59 pm
>> reporter: we talked with karen and eric over the phone. they are hope iing to be home b the new year. karen has severe injuries that need to be taken care of including frostbite. she's hoping to celebrate her birthday here in the philadelphia area with her twin sister. now at 6:00, new accusations from israel against the united states about a controversial u.n. vote on israeli u settlements. while donald trump is responding to president obama who seemed to suggest he could have won a third term. metro takes a holiday break from safetrack work. . when and where it will pop up in the new year. what police want you to know before you set out your garbage this week with all the boxes from your holiday gifts. new fallout after that controversial u.n. vote on israeli
6:00 pm
the united states says israel has proof the obama administration was behind the resolution in the first place. >> the white house denies the allegation. jennifer johnson is on capitol hill with a look at the president-elect's position on this controversy. >> benjamin netanyahu is furious with the obama administration. with just a few weeks, he stepped into an hornets nest. he pushed to block israel for the settlement. >> as i told john kerry on thursday, friends don't take friends to the security council. >> reporter: the u.s. opposed settlement construction but kept the controversy out of the u.n. israel claims the u.s. was behind the resolution which the


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