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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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missing is now dead. moments away in a live report, the difficult loss to family and friends and the new reaction from police. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> so glad you could join us. >> we are enjoying a little warmup today. >> yes, indeed. >> it may have been chilly when you went to bed last night but it is not cold this morning. temperatures have climbed overnight courtesy of a strong southerly breeze. so we have a little bit of a chance of rain over the next couple of hours but you're really going to appreciate the milder weather. really mild today. temperatures up into the 60s. be back in the chilly 40s for tomorrow and i'm optimistic that most of new year's weekend will be dry though there could be some late weekend rain chances. for now though, here come the rain drops into places like romney, west virginia, not on i-81 just yet but they aren't too far away. rain chances stand at only 40% so it's not a
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you're going to get rained on but you may want to have the umbrella to play it on the safe side. look at these mild temperatures. mid to upper 50s. this is not a typo. petersburg, west virginia is 71 degrees at 5:00 in the morning in december. very unusual. so as you're planning out the day, breezy and mild with some showers around here during this morning. rain coming to an end. rain chances should be done by noontime. we'll clear things out later on this afternoon. temperatures will jump up into the mid-60s here in and around the city. there could be 70s down across parts of southern virginia. we'll take a look at tomorrow and the weekend coming up. but first breaking news in the traffic center. >> route 1 is the breaking news. it is between the icc and contee road. route 1 trying to be closed in both directions. southbound there's the potential that they'll be row routing traffic at contee road.
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equipment to arrive on scene. also more personnel so this is going to be an issue for the next few hours where we're hearing route 1 in laurel causing major delays in that stretch so be aware if you're headed out early. back in to you. >> all right. thank you. breaking news now in the disappearance of a missing d.c. yoga instructor. tricia mccauley's family says the 46-year-old's body has been found after a massive search. >> and this comes just hours after her car was found in northwest d.c. and police took a man in for questioning. justin finch is live where her car was found and has the latest on this breaking investigation. >> reporter: angie, good morning. her car was towed away about an hour or so ago and police on scene not able to say much. on social media mccauley's loved ones are noting it appears that she has been found. let's show you that post right now.
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that tricia is gone. they have found her body. thank you for all your work, support and love. police have not yet confirmed that development, but mccauley was a well known d.c. area yoga instructor and actress and close to midnight a news 4 camera was rolling as police took in a person of interest that matches the description that they were searching for. they also found a car near the corner of 22nd and n streets northwest. police have also released ophoto of that car and the man they have believed was driving it. back out live, concern for tricia did begin after she did not show up for christmas dinner with friends and also did not make a flight to see her family back on the west coast. we do know she was last seen at her home before christmas and she had not been seen since thechblt we are again told that the man taken in does match a description of a person of
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morning on air and our news 4 app and will bring you developments as we get them in. >> justin finch live for us. friends and neighbors of tricia mccauley had planned to hold a candle light vigil at 7:00. that said to happen at 3rd and elm street northwest. news 4's dustin sanchez is tracking developments on the story for us. also go to the washington app. we are constantly updating this information there. now to this developing story in the tacoma area of the district. a man was shot around 8:00 last night. the victim's identity has not been released. we are also working to learn more about a grim discovery in a crystal city rest room. members of a cleaning crew found a man's body inside a
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he was discovered around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. police have not identified him but they say he was not an employee at the restaurant. investigators do not suspect foul play in his death. new details in the investigation of a deadly police involved shooting in the district. police records say gerald hall stabbed a woman inside a home in northeast before his deadly confrontation with police. that was on christmas day. they say an officer shot hall when he refused repeated orders to drop a knife. hall's mother is now calling for the release of body cam video. an elected neighborhood leader supports that. >> the right to know what actually happened. so i think the pd and the administration releases the body cam footage as soon as it's available. >> according to the police report hall took a key to his girlfriend's home without his permission and the pair got into a fight before police arrived. fairfax county police say one person is being treated at the hospital for a stab wound this mog.
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section of the county. no suspect description has been released. police say the woman who was driving this car is in cyd cal condition at the prince george's hospital center. this after she slammed into a tree yesterday afternoon. they say that her passenger was killed. police say the car was traveling on summer wind circle just off route 1 when it crashed. still no word on what may have caused the accident. in montgomery county two kids under the age of three were found weak but still conscious after their female caretaker left them in the car. this happened yesterday afternoon at the white oaks shopping center in silver spring. the kids may have been exposed to carbon monoxide. the woman who left them alone has not been charged. next month a new cell phone proposal that could change the way you find your way around the commonwealth. a bill would keep cell phones out of drivers'
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to read messages while driving but you're still allowed to talk with the phone in hand or use it while it's in your hand. many people we spoke with say that proposal would make the road safer. some are concerned about the impact on those who use it for gps. >> it's about 22 miles. most of the times i do have to use my gps to verify where the traffic is, if there's any back roads that i do have to take. >> the proposed bill does exempt car mounts. things like this that you see in the window meaning you could use your navigation system that way. take a look at this video. you might remember this. you can see all that rainwater just gushing down the escalator stairs there at the station and starting today crews will be working to prevent that from ever happening again. crews will be working to improve the storm drains in the area. the work is expected to last through friday. in the meantime the parking lanes along connecticut avenue will be
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and quebec streets. today japanese prime minister and president obama will visit joint based pearl harbor. this visit will mark the first time a japanese prime minister has visited the memorial on the site of this attack. this comes after six months after president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to vis visit hiroshima. >> i am confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i -- if i had run again and articulated it i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> donald trump responded
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have won against me but i say no way. trump tweeted it has "such great potential but it has become a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time." it comes after the u.n. security council voted to condemn israeli settlements in the west bank. israel claims the u.s. was behind the resolution but the obama administration denies that. we are waking up to temps in the 50s and the 60s are going to be here soon. we're tracking how long these milder temperatures will be around. >> a much different story in other parts of the country. the video to prove it. the dangerous conditions and whiteouts blinding drivers. the danger for passengers on a plane in india that sent them flying 360 degrees.
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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severe weather is sweeping across the united states right now. we're seeing big problems in several places. take a look at this video out of north dakota. a blizzard left more than a foot of snow behind. hundreds of flights were cancelled. over to arizona where three people are thankful after they were trapped in a blizzard. karen kline, her husband and their son were on their way to the grand canyon when they drove into a ditch. they were stranded for almost two days. karen trekked more than 20 miles through the snow to
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for her family. in upstate new york roads have turned into sheets of ice. in one place an eight-car pileup. in other places a snowplow overturned. a fire truck slid into a tree as well. here at home though, feels like october around here right now. >> thankfully no scenes like that locally. temperatures rapidly rising. >> yes, indeed. winds have picked up out of the south while most everybody was asleep and temperatures have been climbing steadily ever since. we were only 49 degrees at 11:00 at night. we're 57 now at 5:00 in the morning and we'll get well into the 60s for a brief time this afternoon before cooler air returns tonight into tomorrow. ahead of that temperature swing though we also have a little chance for some rain. scattered showers moving into the valley and the panhandle of west virginia. so grab your umbrella if you're going to be going outside early this morning. early lean for a new year's eve weekend. kind of on the cold side
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year's eve. should be dry and the 30s as we ring in 2017 but increasing rain chances by new year's day afternoon. a complete check of the five-day forecast coming up in ten minutes. over to jack taylor now. >> we've got breaking news along route 1 near the icc putting it south of contee but north of maryland 200. a pedestrian was struck near academy lane. the northbound travel lanes are diverted. southbound travel lanes are open at the scene. you will find authorities there flashing lights. the traffic that you see moving on the screen left to right that is the southbound travel. the flashing lights among the northbound lanes. otherwise, we are very quiet through the area. one incident on the 66 going eastbound on that left exit to get up on to the beltway. sounds like we did have activity along the left side of that ramp, not causing a huge delay. this could be an issue for those riding through this stretch of prince george's
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northbound route 1 closed at the icc. it is 15 after the hour. several people are recovering after a plane skidded off a runway in india. you're looking at police on the tarmac there in india's far western coast. this happened during takeoff. the plane actually spun around 360 degrees. not clear why this happened. more than 150 on board are expected to be okay. right now investigators are examining a black box from that russian military plane that crashed into the black sea. 92 people died when that aircraft crashed over the weekend minutes after taking off. russia's defense ministry says they now have the flight recorder from that plane. they're still fishing fragments out of the water. terrorism is not considered a factor in this crash. it's official. the reason a plane crashed, this one in colombia last month is because it ran out of fuel. they examined the plane's black boxes along with other evidence. 71 people
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including several members, most of the members of a brazilian soccer team. six people survived. well, the search continues for an escaped inmate after a christmas day jailbreak in tennessee. six inmates escaped early sunday by removing a toilet from the wall and climbing through a hole behind it. the sheriff's office says that plumbing repairs had loosened the concrete. a man in custody for aggravated robbery remains on the run. in news for your health this morning, researchers at beth israel medical center in boston say that a new federal law that fines hospitals seems to be working. they say data shows many of the lowest performing hospitals have the highest improvement after being financially penalized when patients were readmitted within a month. this law is part of the affordable care act. a new research published in pediatrics takes a look at how much time family
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caring for chronically ill children. more than 5 million children are cared for by uncompensated family members each week. the family members have to miss so much work so often they also lose an average of $3,200 in income each year. obese teens could be at risk for heart disease later in life regardless of race. they followed teens until they reached their early 20s. of the teens who were of black races were likely to be overweight as white teens of their peers. medical experts say these findings stress the importance of instilling healthy diet and exercise habits for all teens. a type of fish could be a critical tool to detecting the most common form of childhood cancer. zebra fish could help identify factors that lead to the development of c
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leukemia. researchers believe a common pesticide may trigger a specific gene that causes blood cancer in children. a new facility will be installed in the new year. tonight most of the anticipated concerts scheduled for the mgm casino and resort. bruno mars taking the stage for a crowd of about 3,000 people. the show has been sold out for months and online resales start at more than $340 as of this morning. if you don't score a seat, bruno mars will be back in the d.c. area next september to perform at the much larger verizon center. >> just watching him you want to dance. turning now to the redskins playoff chances, yes, there is still hope. detroit's loss means the redskins will enter sunday's game with a potential playoff spot on the line. all they have to do is beat the giants and hope that green bay and the detroit game
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in a tie. it would be the first time since the '91, '92 seasons they made back to back playoff seasons. >> you didn't think this could happen. you thought it was a long shot. >> it was a long shot. >> yeah. >> the reality, yeah. >> all right. well, the attorney general thinks that the redskins should be playing again in the district. >> the comments were made on politics hour on friday. he says he supports efforts to have the team build a new stadium on the rfk site which was the team's home until the late 90s. >> the washington redskins should be in the district of columbia and we could compete forcefully with our colleague here to my right and get the skins back to d.c. virginia governor was also on the program. he is aggressively trying to get the team to move to loudoun county. officials hope the team will
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the district will hold a public hearing next week on the future use of rfk stadium. >> now for a check on our forecast and also in the days ahead, and you mentioned something about a cold front but i'm not feeling that this morning. >> not yet. th cooler air starts rushing in later on this afternoon, but ahead of that cold front you can see it on our radar depiction. ahead of that, southerly winds have really been increasing overnight and as the winds increase out of the south, our temperatures have increased as well. weave been warming up all through the overnight hours and ahead of that front, warm air surging northbound here. temperatures even in the mountains to west virginia are in the 7 os right now at 5:20 in the morning. it's in the 70s across the mountains of west virginia. the steadier rain is going to bypass us to the north, but a round of scattered showers certainly a likelihood here. already some rain moving in and all seeing some lig
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showers moving in quickly here. those rain drops will migrate all the way on to the i-95 corridor. here's future cast to time it out this morning. rain showers all through the heart of the d.c. metro area moving it down into parts of southern maryland. most of that line of showers will be pushing out by about 9:00 and by 11:00 there's still a chance for some showers. they'll be clearing by 11:00 a.m. across the valley. that clearing line will come through the city about lunchtime or shortly thereafter. we'll be back to milder weather before the colder air settles in. i think we could make low to mid-60s for today. rain chances 40% for a rain chance before noon. another little rain chance coming up on thursday, friday and new year's eve look dry. more about the details on new year's day forecast is later on in the show. let's go over to breaking news if first 4 traffic. >> chuck, good morning. it's prince george's county, route 1. the accident
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up near academy lane. a pedestrian struck. we're hearing authorities have closed the northbound lanes of ruth 1 at the icc. southbound now the discussion continuing of potentially blocking the southbound lanes up near contee road. for now southbound travel lanes are getting by. traffic is moving in the intersection. for now it is open, but if you're headed out that could be a different story so be sure to stay tuned to wtop when you get into the car, but for now the only thing blocked northbound route 1 at the icc. authorities remain on scene. back in to you. thank you. an icy rescue that proved treacherous. the tricky mission to get almost a dozen fishers back to shore. stay with us.
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welcome back. an icy rescue in wisconsin. ten people had to
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being stranded on sheets of frozen ice. the ice broke off and floated away while they were fishing yesterday. the ice was 8 inches thick in some areas but had melted when temperatures rose. nobody was hurt though. even though it will feel nice outside today, veterinary experts say pets need a little extra care during these winter months. >> they recommended a few things such as keeping toxic chemicals away from the animals. make sure ashes from fireplaces and wood stoves have cooled before disposing them and short haired animal, very old or young animals are at risk for hyperthermia. i like to see a little dog in a sweater. >> maybe it's the hat. a little umbrella today maybe. we are quickly starting to warm into the 60s but don't get used to it. chuck is updating the four things you need to know about the forecast. and a dangerous problem, the
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forces dozens of families to evacuate. >> reporter: metro safe track program about halfway done but are riders going to come back to i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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that breaking news this morning about the yoga instructor from d.c. who had gone missing, we are learning that a body may have been found. we'll update you on that in just a few moments. >> so glad that you could join us on this mild tuesday. liking that. loving that. >> you could almost open the windows up and let the milder air in. it was almost warmer when i left the garage than when i got in my car. we were only in the 40s yesterday and while you were sleeping southerly winds have moved back in and brought temperatures up, up, up as we get into the morning. so four things to know about the weather. so mild and so breezy outside this morning and temperatures could easily make it into the 60s for a brief time today. there is a risk of a brief passing shower or two between now and 11:00 or noontime today. cold air comes in after that and i'm optimistic that we will be
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conditions. right now a couple of rain drops here from hagerstown down along the i-81 corridor. those rain drops will eventually find their way into the city. your rain chance stands at about 40% but it will be hit and miss. temperatures though, look at these numbers. 59 in annapolis right now. 59 in front royal. that's not a typo. that's a correct number. 71 in petersburg, virginia before the sun is up. grab the umbrella first thing this morning. breezy and mild for the morning. showers off and on through about 10:00, 11:00 this morning for possibilities and briefly into the mid-60s this afternoon when the sunshine comes back. we'll take a look at tomorrow and the whole holiday weekend forecast coming up in a few more minutes. breaking news continues. >> good morning. we've got a situation in prince george's county. this is northbound on route 1 north of the icc but before
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there was a pedestrian struck northbound near academy lane. southbound travel lanes are open. northbound travel lanes are closed and detoured at the icc. this will change. the south side at least as they arrive before 6:00. the investigation will be ongoing. so route 1 between the icc and contee road could be a complication. coming out of frederick, virginia, 66 east. 95 north out of frederick, we're off to a decent start this morning. thank you. 5:32 right now. back to that breaking news, amy just arrived on scene to that pedestrian crash in laurel. we're going to check in with her in just a few minutes. we continue to follow breaking news in the district right now. a popular yoga teacher and local theater actress has been found dead. this according to her family who posted on facebook. 46-year-old tricia mccauley
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disappeared on christmas day. overnight her missing toyota scion was found. a man who matches a description as a person of interest was also taken into custody. justin finch will have a live report coming up. many of you may be heading back to work today after the long holiday. if you're taking metro, you won't have to wait for work on the safe track program. all right. looks like we're having a little bit of trouble with that story. >> so we'll move over to new developments at 5:33 this morning. this following that massive michigan sink hole. crews have started to pump sewage into a detroit area river to prevent flooding. they began this after a massive sink hole opened up over the weekend and it
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collapsed a house. about two dozen homes were forced to evacuate it threatened those homes. officials think that a sewer failure beneath the damaged homes caused that sink hole. a new special effort from the man who led the design of the new smithsonian museum is doing what he can to raise awareness about als. that's because he says he has that disease. he was the lead architect for the african american museum of culture. he was diagnosed before the museum opened in october. we interviewed him about the design. he also started a foundation to help fund als research at duke university. a barber who has been in business for more than 50 years has passed away. he had many famous customers including former congressman tip o'neil but it might h
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endeared him to so many people. on weekends he would donate his time and talents to help homeless men with their grooming. he was 89 years old. well, it is 5:35 right now and it is the second day of kwanzaa's celebration. >> special year this year because it marked 50 years since observers started celebrating the holiday. kwanzaa lasts through new year's day. today will focus on self-determination. at 11:00 this morning there will be an interactive story telling performance at the museum in southeast d.c. also today the new year's eve ball in time's square will be prepared for its saturday night drop. more than 2,500 crystal triangles are going to be installed. it is separated into four designs that represent kindness, fortitude, wonder and imagination. millions will watch the
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>> and the button to start that countdown is also made of those sparkly crystals. it will be the south korean's stateman's last ceremonial duty. his last day of duty is on december 31st. and preparations also underway for the big celebrations new year's eve. >> that's right. metro will be open until 3:00 sunday morning. extra police will also be out on the roadways and they'll be looking for drunk drivers. there is no reason to get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. the washington regional alcohol program is sponsoring another night of its sober ride program. it will pay for a cab worth up to $30. a long election season, mass shootings and celebrity deaths have a lot of you ready to leave behind 2016. >> at times it felt like a tough year and a lot of people agree
5:37 am
about 1,000 people. 55% of americans are hopeful that 2017 will be a better year for them personally. >> about a third of people said things were worse for the country in 2016 than they had been in 2015 and i think with the election things got so nasty on both sides of the coin that fed into that number. >> here's to 2017. let's do it. it's going to feel more like fall than winter today. chuck is tracking your what to wear forecast including how soon temps will be back in the 60s. >> reporter: i'm along route 1 in laurel where there was a crash involving a pedestrian this morning. more on that story coming up
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good morning. it is 5:40 on a tuesday morning. skies are getting increasingly cloudy out there. temperatures are up too. a little bit of light rain down to leesburg, those rain drops are inching their way towards the city so grab the umbrella this morning as a scattered rain chance is with us between now and noontime. southerly winds have been gusting to near 30 miles per hour so quite breezy out there and really mild. we're in the mid to upper 50s now. low to
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afternoon. any rain chances end about lunchtime and we should go back to sunshine by later on this afternoon. so nothing more than a windbreaker and your umbrella for what to wear today. the overall grade for the day, it's satisfactory at this point in time but it will be improving with a high up near 64 degrees. coming up in ten minutes a look at the ten-day forecast which includes new year's eve weekend. breaking news continues in traffic. here's jack taylor with the latest. >> good morning. route 1 is closed in both directions now between the icc and contee road. a pedestrian was struck near academy lane so we have northbound closed. southbound will be blocked at contee. give it extra time this morning. 95 also a great alternate, but for now route 1 will remain closed between the icc and contee road. otherwise, we've been quiet. nothing going on
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everything light for now. back in to you. it is 5:42 now. we'll be right back.
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15 before the hour right now. we're following breaking news in laurel. >> amy just got to the scene where maryland state police have shut down some of the lanes for the investigation. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning. we're along route 1. this is a crash involving a pedestrian this morning. this is according to maryland state police. the medical examiner just arrived here a few minutes ago. there's no word yet on the pedestrian's condition. police aren't releasing any details on the driver of the vehicle or whether that driver stayed on the scene. as you can see behind me, the investigation is still ongoing. there's a lot afteractivity happening right now. this is along route 1 near academy lane and the lanes are both closed in both directions. so you're going to want
5:46 am
budgeting for extra time. we'll bring you more details as we get them. that's the latest live from laurel. also following first 4 traffic for updates on lane closures and when they open back up is a good idea too. federal authorities are offering $25,000 for information about an explosion in central park. a mysterious substance caused that blast which blew off the leg of a 19-year-old. investigators believe that somebody was experimenting with a homemade explosive. the news 4 i-team talked with golden's family about their insurance struggles after that blast. you can see that story and more about the reward in our nbc washington app. just search central park blast. this morning a family is planning a funeral for their five-year-old boy. a man is facing charges in that child's death as well. the boy was playing in his driveway when an unattended dump truck rolled down a hill and hit him. this happened in
5:47 am
yesterday. police there charged a construction worker with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. they say he didn't properly secure that truck. that worker is now in jail on a $10,000 bond. virginia state police have investigating a deputy involved shooting. it started when the deputy responded to a car crash early on monday morning. the driver reportedly ran into the woods when deputies arrived on the scene. when deputies caught up with the suspect, he reportedly charged at one of them. they say there was a struggle and the suspect was shot. he was taken to a hospital and is in stable condition. maryland state police say an investigator was struck on the side of the road and they're sending out another warning to watch out for first responders when you're driving. that investigator was working a deadly crash in cecil county the other day. police say a pickup truck drove through a closure and hit two cars and the investigator. both the driver and the investigator are in the hospital but we don't know their
5:48 am
maryland state police say almost 40 troopers were either hurt or killed during traffic stops this year. maryland has a move over law. you have to move over if you see first responders on the road. more than $1 million worth of fur is missing after a burglary at a high end manhattan store. surveillance video shows a man using that brick right there, then his body, throws himself into that store on christmas eve. another man meanwhile hit on the head with a metal pole before the thieves ransacked the store. the manager says the criminals went right for the most expensive items. >> the store was a mess. hangers on the floor everywhere, and a lot of merchandise missing. >> well, the thieves took russian fur coats made in new york city. some of those coats are $100,000 each. >> wow. talk about a big get. boy. well, simone biles has another hon t
5:49 am
of accomplishments. she's the female athlete of the year for associated press. >> she received 39 of 59 votes from the ap. you'll remember she brought four gold medals and a bronze home from the rio olympics. >> katie led ke came in second. the male winner will be announced at some point today. >> michael phelps is in the running for that. >> i wonder if his neck hurts yet. >> after carrying those medals? well, check bell is in the weather center. working hard today? >> heavy lifting? >> well, i wouldn't call it hard work today, you know? remember that gymny glick, the martin short character, well, i don't know. it's kind of -- that's the kind of morning it is this morning. temperatures have been climbing steadily overnight and even with a rain chance coming in here
5:50 am
this morning, even with that rain this morning we should still be able to hop back up into the 60s later on this evening. cold front will eventually bring colder weather back in for tonight into tomorrow, but ahead of that, a surge of very warm air has brought temperatures into the upper 50s to near 60 already. a few little light rain drops here out near the plains and up north of leesburg, a couple of rain drops moving through there and more rain back across the mountains of west virginia that will be impacting us between now and 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 this morning. here's future weather carrying the rain into the metro. hit or miss rain showers this morning. by 9:30, 10:00, most of the steadier rain will be down to southern parts of maryland and by 11:00, the bulk of the rain coming to an end so that shortly after lunchtime today we should have the rains turn back to the west. downsloping winds will blow the drier air in.
5:51 am
settle in behind it we should be able to jump up into the 60s today. so it will be nice. currently we're in the mid to upper 50s across most of the area. 57 at the airport and afternoon temperatures about 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon, mid-60s around the city. upper 60s down across central virginia. there may be a few spots up near 70 later today. now, look forward to tomorrow. the warm weather only lasts for a couple of hours today. by early tomorrow morning we'll be back down in the 30s. 20 degrees colder tomorrow morning than it is right now. here's your ten-day forecast. showers early today. another chance for showers off and on through thursday afternoon. friday and saturday of course new year's eve looking dry. as we get into the weekend, new year's eve itself, i'm optimistic that as we ring in 2017 it will be chilly and dry. midnight temperatures u upper 30s to around 40 degrees and as soon as we get into
5:52 am
chance for showers sunday afternoon on into monday and tuesday. no bitter cold air anywhere in sight. a closer look at today coming up in a few more minutes. let's go over to jack taylor now. >> good morning. we've been dealing with this incident in prince george's county. a pedestrian was struck this morning just after 4:00. it's north of the icc near academy lean. all lanes are blocked both directions northbound at the icc, southbound at contee road. i believe chopper 4 is over the scene. we've got authorities redirecting traffic so we should be in decent shape at least to get you around in the area. just avoid it if at all possible. i-95 a fantastic alternate. 66 going eastbound as you head up toward 123 right in the middle of the roadway, a vehicle is broken down. no help with it so far but authorities are headed to the scene. 66 eastbound. should be cleared by the time you hit the road.
5:53 am
the president-elect's transition team as donald trump's inauguration day gets closer. >> edward lawrence is live on capitol hill and we're hearing that they're setting up this war room. who do they think could have a tough battle getting confirmed? >> reporter: the first two picks may have a tough battle. the attorney general nominee jeff sessions and also the secretary of state nominee rex tillerson to have a very tough battle. jeff sessions may have an easier time because he knows some of the folks in congress already, but rex tillerson may face some tough questions because he is the ceo of exon and has dealings with russia. >> and dealing with the conflict of issues. >> he's not responding to media questions. he hasn't had a press conference in some 200 days but he has said he will divest
5:54 am
over to his kids and he's also going to have his foundation dissolved as soon as the investigation from the new york district attorney -- or new york attorney general is finished. >> all right. thank you, edward. 5:54. starting next week, a woman will be in charge of the vatican museum for the very first time. barbara jatta will become the first woman director of the vatican museums on january 1st. she was appointed to the deputy director position back in june. she started back in 1996. a lot of concern for people who live near this newly active volcano in peru. take a look at this dramatic video. the volcano is exploding spewing smoke and ash thousands of feet into the air. the last time it erupted was in the 1990s. before the 20th century it was dormant for 200 years.
5:55 am
tree in your house right now it could become more dangerous the longer you leave it up. dry trees can quickly become a fire hazard and can burn faster than newspaper. if you plan to leave your tree up longer make sure you're watering it every day. typically it's good to recycle your tree as soon as it starts dropping those needles. if you are among the millions of people returning christmas gifts this week, get ready for tighter return policies. you can also expect special shortened return periods on drones. it's 14 days at target, walmart is 15 days and you can't return a drone at toys r us after 30 days. >> i saw a drone i didn't open from last year. >> you're stuck with that one. if you're looking for a new car now is a good time to shop. buyers have more bargaining pour as dealers
5:56 am
rooms before the new year. you can find rebates available on 2016 models. customer cans also take advantage of this year's bumper crop vehicles recently returned from a lease. good morning. i'm kate rogers at cnbc headquarters. the top free app downloaded on ios store on sunday suggesting a lot of fitness devices were given as gifts. echowas also popular at number 4. snapchat, super mario run and youtube. with your morning report, i'm kate rogers. okay. so this is not a famous music artist tour. this was a 15th birthday party for a girl in mexico yesterday. as you can see, thousands of people attended it. a lot of people she didn't know. after her party
5:57 am
viral, her dad posted that invitation and he invited everyone and if that wasn't enough, the girl now is being showered with offers. >> things that include a tv show, airline tickets, hotel stays, free vacations to big tourist spots in mexico. apparently at the party though, she was not really excited. it's a big deal and suddenly there were thousands of people she didn't know. >> this is a right of passage. this is a huge celebration and it didn't feel personal as you can imagine. definitely. the lions are out of the post season this morning so why should you care about that? that's because the redskins' hopes are still alive. what has to happen next in order for them to make it to the playoffs. >> and the new proposal that could change the way virginia drivers get around town. stay with us. and breaking news in d.c. this morning as well where the family of a missing yoga teacher says her body has been found. the man pole are nowic
5:58 am
5:59 am
that breaking news, the body of missing yoga teacher and actress tricia mccauley has been found. it is just about 6:00 a.m. now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and more on the latest developments in just a minute but first we want to check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuc
6:00 am
>> hanging around indeed and temperatures have been steadily climbing while you were asleep. we were in the upper 40s at 11:00 last night and most areas have warmed by 10 or more degrees in the mid and upper 50s early this morning. so that's first in your weather headlines. southerly breezes have turned it into a mild start to the day. grab the umbrella. don't get used to the 60s. we'll be back in the 40s for tomorrow and i'm optimistic that we'll be ringing in 2017 under dry conditions but it's nothing but dry now. light rain to leesburg, virginia, down along i-66 there. that period of light rain is coming in toward the city now and there's more rain out in the mountains of west virginia. so grab the umbrella first thing. temperatures are literally quite mild. 56 in dulles. petersburg is 62 degrees here in december. cloudy with a risk of showers


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