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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 27, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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. right now on news 4 midday, a deadly discovery in the case of a missing woman. her body found and a suspect in custody. we're live with the latest. and new information on a deadly hit and run. a woman killed while crossing the street. now we're learning more about the vehicle that took off. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a mild late december day. temperatures are at 60 degrees or higher in many neighborhoods. it won't last for long. a complete check of the cooler forecast coming up. we currently have a suspect
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we need the public's help. >> everything you can provide us in fleshing out this story would be helpful. a woman is dead, now d.c. police are asking for your help to solve her murder. trisha mccauley's body with you found inside her car this morning. >> justin finch has the latest. >> reporter: angie, aaron, mccauley had not been heard from since christmas afternoon. from there the trail ran cold, that is until today. police releasing new details in the investigation. among them they say it does not appear she knew the suspect, also, too, that suspect was tracked down thanks to an alert to a northwest cvs store. he stopped inside, asked for car keys, inside that car, mccauley was found. tuesday morning came sad closure for loved ones of trisha mc
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excruciatingly painful for family and friends. >> our deepest condolences to her family. >> reporter: the popular 46-year-old yoga teacher was found dead in her white toyota scion close to midnight. on social media her brother brian posting on facebook a message reading in part trisha is gone. they have found her body. with her a person of interest, now a suspect taken into questioning. >> i was aware this was not -- could very well be a dangerous situation. but i felt at that moment, you know, i had a job to do. >> reporter: jonathan says chance brought him face-to-face with that suspect. he and mccauley had mutual friends, and he spoke to the man, confirmed the call and called police, noting his behavior seemed off. >> moving around a lot. like dancing in his see the. he was smoking something. >> reporter: police are
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them track that man down across several locations across washington including a cvs in southwest where he's linked to an assault and robbery. details on our news 4 app. >> thank you. friends and neighbors of trisha mccauley planned a vigil tonight at 7:00. that vigil will take place at the park at ledroit. it's the same park where mccauley gardened. more breaking news, a woman was struck and killed by the driver of a car this morning. police are roping off 14th street and west columbia heights. a dark-colored suv hit the woman and took off around 6:30 this morning. the woman is a senior citizen and she may have been deaf. we also know she lived less than a block from where this happened near the intersection of 14 ths and ogden street. maryland state police
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crash in laurel. it happened this morning, chopper 4 there over the scene after it happened around 4:00 in the morning. they say a truck was going northbound on baltimore avenue when it hit and killed a 23-year-old. his name, jonathan swinton of laurel, maryland. this happened as jonathan walked the roadway. police say the driver is cooperating and they do not believe drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. anyone with information regarding the accident is asked to call police. we'll turn to your storm team 4 forecast. meteorologist chuck bell is in looking at some fairly warm numbers. >> you bet. nice and warm, average high this time of year is down to 45 degrees. we are now at 60 in washington. 15 degrees above average here. warmer down across parts of the central shenandoah valley. 64 in lorraine. 60 in fredericksburg. seeing plenty of cloyduds aroun
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rain showers from washington southbound, fredericksburg, a few more sprinkles out north of culpeper, virginia. these are all moving off to the east and southeast. they will eventually be leaving us alone. we should see this clearing sky back here across western maryland take over our sky later today. with the return of sunshine, it will become a very mild afternoon. low to mid 60s. little cooler tomorrow. that part of the forecast coming up. >> chuck, thank you. d.c. police are investigating a homicide in the takoma area of the district. a man was shot near cedar street 8:00 last night. he died at the hospital. surveillance of the suspect will be released later today. we're working to learn more about a grim discovery in a crystal city restroom. members of a cleaning crew found a man's body inside the ruth chris steakhouse restroom. he was discovered around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. police have not identified him, but he was not an employee of the restaurant. investigators do not sec
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recovery crews are making major progress recovering pieces of a russian plane that crashed. this photo shows a boat pulling a large fragment of the plane out of the black sea. the russian military defense ministry said it recovered the plane's flight recorder. the plane crashed this weekend shortly after taking off from sochi. all 92 people on board died. today president obama and japan's prime minister will visit pearl harbor. shane so abe's trip first time in decades that a japanese prime minister will visit the site where more than 2,000 americans were killed during that attack in 1941. this comes six months after president obama visited -- became the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima since the atomic bombing there in world war ii. senators john mccain and lindsey graham are in e
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reassure baltic stakes concern that president-elect president-elect trump may not be fully connected to their defense. during the campaign, trump many alarmed many in es stonya, lithuania and latvia saying he may consider contributions to the nato alliance before coming to that country's aid. president-elect trump's transition team is back to work, but trump is also facing new criticism about business holdings that could create a conflict of interest. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump via twitter tackles foreign policy and business conflicts as the quoucountry aw more picks. many believe a conflict of interest is unavoidable. >> with the new york attorney general, there will be lots of people nipping at his heels at every part of this business empire that he refuses to divest from. >> reporter: analysts say mr. trump needs to
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for-profit business before he starts working on world affairs. >> friends don't take friends to the security council. >> reporter: problems with israel may be one of the first world issues to confront. the president-elect condemned the united nations again calling it a club for people to get together. after the u.n. security council passed a resolution condemning israeli settlements. the israel prime minister accused president obama of being behind the resolution. >> when the prime minister of israel makes such an allegation, that is backed up by 100% evidence, you can take that to the bank. >> reporter: proarab activists stand by the administration's concerns. >> i hold donald trump does not act in a precipitous and dangerous way and try to undue this and/or try to remove the u.s. from the u.n. >> reporter: mr. trump says the resolution makes peace in the middle east more difficult. israel says it will suspend working ties with countries that initiated the resolution, and cancel state trips with countries that voted for
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washington. metro rider also get a break from safetrack for the entire month of january. it's because of possible winter weather and the presidential inauguration. track work will kick back up in february with focus on the blue and yellow lines. and today crews are working to prevent flooding like this from happening again. this is at the cleveland park metro station back in june. while the crews start to work on the drainage system in the area, parking lanes along connecticut avenue will stay closed from 9:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon. those closures, we're told, will last through friday. get in here. >> mall madness. a busy shopping day turns vile le violent. and cell phone crackdown. how a virginia state lawmaker plans to take the
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ihile driv
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this was one of the chaotic scenes at malls across the country yesterday known as boxing day, a shopping fest similar to black f
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canada. up to ten teens were involved in a fight at the shops at buckland hills. one officer was assaulted while trying to break up the fights. he did not need medical attention. another fight broke out at a mall in denver. that fight involved up to 500 people, mostly teens it started off an officer was making an arrest of an unruly teen. police believe a post on social media drew teens to the mall there. five arrests were made. more than $1 million worth of fur is missing after a burglary at a high-end manhattan store. surveillance video shows that man using a brick right there, then using his whole body to smash through the door on christmas eve. another man 2 hit on the head with a metal pole before the thieves ransacked the shop. the manager says the criminals went on to take off with some of the most expensive items,
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those coats are $100,000 a piece. the search continues for an escaped inmate after a christmas day jail break in tennessee. six inmates escaped early sunday by removing a toilet from the wall and climbing from the hole behind it colutchlit. five inmates were captured within a few miles, but one man remains on the run this morning. new developments following that massive michigan sinkhole. crews started to pump sewage into a detroit area river to prevent flooding. this began after a massive sinkhole opened up over the weekend taking down part of a house. about two dozen homes were forced to evacuate. officials think a sewer failure beneath the damaged home caused that sinkhole. homeowners may not be able to go home for at least two weeks. frightening images out of north carolina. a heartbreaking story. a little boy was ki
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runaway dump truck. the truck was unattended and rolled down a hill. a 5-year-old was playing in his driveway when the truck hit him. the construction worker was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. he's in jail on a $10,000 bond. it is already illegal to text and drive. now there's a new push in virginia to make holding a cell phone illegal while you're behind the wheel. a state senator filed a bill that would require drivers to use hands-free devices to make phone calls. jasmine turner from our affiliate in richmond has more. >> reporter: cutting out the distractions. >> it's time to look at how technology is advancing and time for us to bring that law up to speed. >> reporter: a new bill filed by a state senator is aimed at driver safety, adding more limitations to cell phone use while behind the wheel. >> you can't hold your p
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>> reporter: which we see time and time again on the roads. >> even if you hold your phone, most people have notifications set up, so you can see the notification as you hold it. >> reporter: it's the reason senate bill 860 would amend the current driving bills in the state. >> 90% of all crashes are caused by driver error. not the road, not the car, the driver making bad decisions. >> reporter: it would add phones can only be used in a car if the driver is operating completely hands-free. bluetooth or a windshield mount would be acceptable. >> it would be a good law because it helps law enforcement have no great areas. if you have the phone in your hand, you're going down. >> reporter: for newer drivers, getting a ticket or facing charges is the last thing she wants. >> i think that would give me more reason not to use my phone. >> reporter: an incentive to always look up with the hope of
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d.c.'s attorney general thinks the redskins should be playing again in the district. carl racine made the comments on "politics hour" on friday. he supports the efforts having the team build a new stadium on the site of rfk which was the scre team's home until the 1990s. >> the washington redskins should be in columbia, and we should compete forcefully with my colleague to the right and get the skins back to d.c. >> reporter: terry mcauliffe was also on the program. he's trying to get the team to move to loudoun county. maryland officials hope the team will remain in that state once the fedex field lease expires in ten years. the district will hold a public hearing next week on the future use of rfk stadium. so speaking about football and the redskins, the redskins playoff picture a little bit clearer this morning. >> this is all due in part to detroit losing last night's game aga
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>> wide open. >> reporter: the cowboys beat detroit 42-21. dez bryant had a big game, receive two touchdowns and one passing td. the lions, the nfc north dis tig divisi title will come between their game against the packers on sunday night. >> this is what needs to happen for the redskins to make the playoffs. they have to beat the giants on sunday, and hope that the packers and lions game does not end in a tie. if they make it, it would be the first time since the 1991/'92 season that the redskins made back-to-back playoff appearances. korean airlines says it will allow crew members to use stun guns in a "fast and efficient manner to manage in-fight disturbances." this comes after the airline faced criticism from
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marx for handliits handling of violent passenger. new guidelines also include more staff training. a family found after being trapped for days in a dangerous
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winter weather is causing problems all around the country. in north dakota, a foot of snow is covering the ground there. a blizzard ripped through the state shutting down highways and canceling flights. it also knocked out power to thousands. some are still in the dark. in arizona, a family drove into a snowy ditch while visiting the grand canyon and were stranded there for more than a day. the mother, karen, she went for help and spent 36 hours out in the cold. >> i pulled a muscle in my leg. and one of my shoes got packed with snow so i had a sock and in order to move my leg i had to physically pick it up to move it forward. if i don't find shelter i'm not going to make it overnight. >> she said that instinct to protect her family kicked in. not only was it snn
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klein walked a marathon pretty much, 26 miles. she had a pack of cheerios and ate aspen and evergreen twigs. she has bad frostbite but she is recovering. she said she refused to leave her son without a mind. the mind is a strong muscle. >> we are watching upstate new york this morning thaw out after freezing rain turned the roads into ice up. there the weather caused all kinds of problems. first a slippery condition caused an eight-car pile up on a highway, then a snowplow overturned. a fire trauck also slid into a tree. several people were hurt but are recovering now. >> we want to turn to our weather. my daughter is six, she was so worried because it had not snowed yet and chris maz was coming. she didn't think christmas, it would come unless it snowed. doesn't look like that in the
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>> i look for that every year. i want to get something here for snow. no snow anywhere in the immediate future around here. looks like it was not going to be a white new year's eve either, which is actually good news in some respects. you and i were all here at work this morning, it was quite the show in the sky early this morning. rainbows galore all over the area. tony near silver spring caught this picture. he works out at the national center for environmental prediction. great looking rainbow there. lots of pictures came in on my twitter feed. leah got the fill arch here in petworth on her morning walk. and sharon in d.c. got this great picture of the rainbow over the top of the church. looks like the pot of gold of the rainbow is there under the a altar. if you have great pictures, share them with me. and i'll tweet them out. the next major concern is what is it going to be like
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everybody tries to ring in 2017. so the new year's eve forecast, 3:00 in the afternoon, as you're running those last errands, getting to the store, getting things ready, mid 40s. kind of cold. back into the upper 30s but dry. i think between 11:00 and midnight it's dry. new year's day, 11:00 in the morning, cloudy skies, maybe a shower or two. rain chances tend to increase with time during new year's day. it's going to be dry at midnight. not necessarily dry all the way to the end of january. speaking of a little chance for rain, shower here's along the bay, down across the lower parts of the potomac. not quite done with rain chances yet. in the next hour or two, rain chances coming to an end. we'll be left with sunshine this afternoon and mild weather for sure. mid 60s today. back into the chilly 40s tomorrow. another chance for showers on thursday. there you can see going into the weekend, windy and cold around friday with highs near 40 degrees.
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look at this video that is going viral. japanese police looking to identify this man captured on video driving, if you want to call it that, driving his motor bike while standing. this is last friday. the next day police were notified about this footage. a witness said they saw the man stretching on his motor bike at a red light and took off riding on top of it once the light turned green. >> that takes -- >> incredible balance, i guess, right? how do you keep the engine going? >> i know. i was going to say, that tooks, loo takes, look, ma, no hands to a new level. countdown to 2017. the new year is just days away. still ahead, we'll look at the preparations underway to make
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it is approaching 11:30. here are your top stories. a man is in custody accused in the death of a d.c. yoga instructor and actress. trisha mccauley's body was found insideer
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the suspect was spotted on surveillance video driving that car. also breaking right now, the search for a driver who struck and killed a woman near columbia heights. >> chris gordon is at the scene where this happened. bring us up to speed. >> she lived here at hubbard place. people here knew her. they didn't know her by name necessarily. they said she was a sweet woman. she was in her 40s, african-american. they say she was deaf. she was walk this morning down 14th street. we're in the 3500 block of 14th street. about two blocks north of here she was walking in the crosswalk when she was hit by a dark-colored suv. metropolitan police department has indicated they'll put out a picture of the dark-colored suv. they believe it has damage to a right headlight or to
11:31 am
headlight. some people who saw it told me it seemed to speed up and continued on. d.c. police are asking for the public's help in finding a dark-colored suv with damage to a front headlight. so that they can try to find the driver and figure out what happened. for a couple hours, 14th street was closed while this was investigated. that's the latest from the scene at otis place and 14th street. chris gordon, back to you. >> thank you. new details in the investigation of a deadly police-involved shooting in the district. >> before a deadly confrontation with officers, police records show gerald hall stabbed a woman. >> records show this happened inside a walnut street home in northeast. police say an officer shot hall when he refused repeated orders to drop a knife. hall's mother is calling for the release of body cam video. elected neighborhood leaders support .
11:32 am
what actually happened. i think pd and the administration releases the body cam footage. >> new 4 has also requested that video. according to the police report, hall took a key to his girlfriend's cohome without permission and the pair got into a fight. police were not certain there would be body cam video to request, but now all of the officers are equipped with body cameras. d.c. interim police chief peter nusham said he still expects some challenges, specifically he mentioned veteran officers who may think about the call for service before they think about turning on their cameras. police in montgomery county say two kids under the age of 3 were found weak, but still conscious. this after their female caretaker left them inside of a car. police say this happened yesterday afternoon at the white oak shopping center in lv
11:33 am
been exposed to carbon monoxide. the woman who left them alone has not been charged. a special effort from the man who designed the new smithsonian museum. phil freemon is doing what he can to raise awareness about als. he says he has the disease. he was the lead architect for the african museum of history and culture. we interviewed him earlier this summer about the designing of that museum. he said he was diagnosed before the museum opened in september. he has started a foundation to fund als research at duke unify. the holiday season is still in full swing, especially along embassy row in washington. we' this morning barbara harrison shows us how panama celebrates. ♪
11:34 am
>> on a dark and cold december evening in the nation's capital, lamp light helps lead the way to one of washington's warmest diplomatic residencies. the tudor style mansion home to the ambassador of panama and his wife. >> hi. >> good to see you. >> welcome. >> nice to see you. welcome. >> reporter: the warmth of panama is in their welcome. and their relaxed spirit is a charming introduction to life in the country they represent. >> so beautiful. >> thank you. welcome. >> reporter: waiting for us at the top of the stairs, beautiful crystal sugar-rimmed glasses of a delicious panamanian eggnog. >> very good. >> wow. >> reporter: a treasured recipe served ice cold on christmas eve whe
11:35 am
in december can hit close to 90 degrees in daytime. >> let me show you our christmas tree. >> reporter: while evergreens are not native to their country, the ambassador says most homes in panama will have them at christmas. he says most of the christmas trees in his country are imported from the u.s., as are many of the holiday customs. >> the way we all believe in santa claus, it is very much like u.s. tradition. >> reporter: american influence, they say, began with the building of the panama canal. >> when america constructed the canal. >> reporter: americans are not the only immigrants who shaped the culture and christmas traditions in this tiny country. on this narrow land, with the waterway that bridges the atlantic and the pacific, people have come from everywhere. >> it's a mixture of races. >> reporter: a melting pot. >> melting pot. that's reflected in the food.
11:36 am
>> reporter: and from that melting pot comes a very unique holiday cuisine that mingles the many flavors of the many ethnic traditions in the kitchens throughout the country. >> meet our chef. >> reporter: the ambassador invited his chef to come to washington to show us some amazing holiday dishes that have come from the diverse population of panama. >> these are recipes from our heritage. >> wow. so this is from africa. >> reporter: this is rice with pigeon peas. >> you have to cook the peas in coconut milk and curry and ginger, and a lot of spices. >> reporter: the latin american christmas tamale takes on a new twist with a unique taste to panamanian spices. >> we have adopted a lot of traditions from other countries. it has become ours no
11:37 am
different access. spicy, colorful, bringing together flavors never blended before. and during christmas, the customs of many faiths. make for a season of togetherness. >> we co-exist, not even co-exist because we get all the mingled up ed and intermarried o problem. >> reporter: they bought this for the embassy residence. a christmas custom in nearly every home in predominantly christian panama. >> in some houses you have nativity scenes that are as big as a living room. ♪ >> reporter: on christmas eve, candles are lit for dinner. the table is filled with a kaleidoscope of color. and texture. and taste. >> this is a fish, corn souffle. it's like a pudding. >> we eat turkey, pork. >> leg of pork. >> this is a
11:38 am
panamanian. this is pumpkin souffle. >> here at the residence of panama, staff from the embassy who are a long way from their families back home have come for a little taste of home during the holidays. the finale, desserts as diverse and beautiful as the people of panama. feliz navidad. every year, i get so jealous she gets to do this. you can see how other embassies celebrate the holidays. search christmas on embassy row on the nbc washington app for more wonderful stories. from christmas to new years, there's lots left to celebrate this week. ahead, we'll tell you how you can make sure you have a safe and free ride home after ringing in 2017. plus viral party. how social
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teenager's birthday celebration spiraling out of c
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about general mills big g cereals. today the new year's eve ball in times square will be prepared for its saturday night drop. more than 2600 water ford crystal triangles are being installed. the ball represents kindness, fortitude, wonder and imagination. millions will watch as it drops at midnight marking the start of 2017 on the east coast. the button has gets pressed to start that countdown is made of those sparkly crystals, and now we know ban ki-moon will kick off the 62nd countdown. it will be the south korean statesman's last ceremonial duty. the last day of his ten-year term is dem
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preparations are also underway here in the d.c. area for the big celebrations new year's eve will bring to town. >> that's right. metro will be open until 3:00 sunday morning. we know extra police will be out on the roads looking for drink drivers. there's no reason to get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. the washington regional alcohol program is sponsoring another night of its sober ride program. it will pay for a cab worth i to $30. >> this is a celebratory time of year, but also a dangerous time of year. one of those holidays where more than 1 out of 3 u.s. traffic deaths involves drunk drivers. a 15-year-old in mexico just had a pretty impressive birthday party. it will be hard to top this. >> it's because her father posted the invitation online and
11:43 am
♪ thousands of people attended this party yesterday. the girl is now being showered with offers including a tv show, airline tickets, hotel stays, even a free vacation to one of mexico's big tourism spots. >> what is that? >> i don't know. looks like byob. >> she wasn't so crazy about this. originally it was everybody in the nearby town. it's a big thing, small town. then it just grew. >> then every town gamcame. >> funny thing about the internet, it goes everywhere. >> after more than 1 million people rsvp'd, they said we won't turn anyone away. i wonder if any of them brought presents. >> a million. >> more than a million rsvps. >> no thanks. >>
11:44 am
>> next year a quiet dinner with friends. no more birthdays. >> for us, we're talking about mild weather around here for the next couple of hours. it literally is just down to a couple hours. cold air comes back in after the sun goes down today. still by comparison, as mild as it is today, temperatures in the 60s this december, it's only one degree warmer than average. compared that with a year ago today, 70 degrees. last december was 11 1/2 degrees warmer than average. nowhere near as mild as last year. planning out the rest of the day today, skies will clear out after noontime. temperatures jump into the low to mid 60s for a time. a little breezy. winds coming back out of the west and northwest. a few clouds back into the 50s there. back down into the chillier 40s once they get past 8:00, 9:00. rain drops for now, mostly down across southern maryland. a few sprinkles coming here into northwest washington right now. future weather carries the rain a
11:45 am
hours. by 1:00, plenty of sunshine back towards the shenandoah valley. bringing out one or two lingering rain chances into southern maryland, as late as 3:30, 4:00. sunshine will be making a comeback later today. it will turn into a pleasant afternoon to be outside. what about tomorrow? sunshine start to finish tomorrow. chillier. temperatures this morning were in the mid 50s. tomorrow morning they'll be in the mid 30s. 20 degrees colder to get your day started tomorrow. during the afternoon, afternoon temperatures again about 20 did he grows cooler than this afternoon. mostly in the 40s. here's your ten-day forecast. 40s tomorrow. 40s with rain on thursday. friday and saturday, which is new year's eve, that looks dry. couple of shower chances late sunday, new year's day. better chances for rain early next week and still no more arctic air in sight. >> thank you. if
11:46 am
j jedi or a sith, but you have to pay a lot for that privilege. check that out. lightsabers for you, just like in "star wars." michael murphy makes them in his home in california. originally one cost 500 bucks, that was about ten years ago. now they go for as much as $15,000. there's very high demand. >> humbling beyond belief to be part of something that's this important to everybody. >> another reason for that high price, murphy only makes two or three of these a month. not only do they make the noise, you can hear that there. he says they are combat ready as long as you're careful. uh, so i assume that means that -- in the movie, they burn right through you, right? >> i think so. i don't think it goes t
11:47 am
target. it lights up like that, you can make your own sounds. use the imagination. >> that's enough. >> pretty cool. >> is the garbage from the gifts you got piling up in your home? up next, important tips before you toss that trash to make sure
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11:49 am
now that christmas is over, you may want to think about taking down that tree. dry trees can become a fire hazard and burn faster than a newspaper. if you want to keep it up longer, water the tree every day. as soon as it starts to drop needles, you should recycle it. every county has different pickup
11:50 am
out on your regular recycling day. don't bag it up. they say do not bag it or leave decorations on it. prince george's county will collect trees curbside through february 1 st. if you live in fairfax county, you can leave trees shorter than 8 feet out for curbside collection in arlington county, january 2nd through the 13th. loudoun county residents have to drop theirs off at collection points. all of this information is listed in our nbcwashington app. you also need to be careful how you get rid of your trash and recycling, from boxing to toys and technology to wrapping paper. >> how you dispose of it could make you a prime target for thieves. mark seagraves has a few tips. >> reporter: for lots of people, it looks like santa dropped off cool stuff. the problem is police warn crooks could be looking for
11:51 am
stuff to steal. fairfax county police put out this warning as part of the 12 days of safety tips. >> dispose of item packaging properly. don't let thieves know what goodies are inside your home for them. >> reporter: bess tight the annual warnings asking people not to put empty boxes outside alerting crooks to expensive gifts inside, we found plenty of example dogs the wrong thing. it's not just those empty boxes infront of your house that could give crooks the wrong idea that you have a new tv, this dinosaur is a dead giveaway. >> reporter: this family was not taking chances. if you want a snapshot of what people got on christmas this is the nice come. printers, coffee machines, tv sets, it's all right here at the montgomery county recycling center. >> reporter: that
11:52 am
residents disposing of holiday boxes. we had so many boxes, we figured if we put them out, the poor recycling people would cry and drive by and not want to deal with it. >> reporter: while she was thinking about the recycling crews, she said her husband was probably thinking about out-smarting the thieves. >> it didn't cross mine. it may have crossed my husband's. that's smart. >> reporter: retailers remind you to hold on to some boxes a few days, in case you have to return one of those presents. mark segraves, news 4. tonight is one of the most anticipated concerts on the schedule for the new mgm national harbor resort. bruno mars will take the stage in a few hours for a crowd of about 3,000 people. the show has been sold out for months now. online resales start at $300 as of this morning. if you didn't score a seat, bruno mars will be back in the
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fitbit was the big winner coming in at number one on the free app chart in apple's app store on christmas.
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the fitness trackers were a popular gift. another winner, the amazon echo coming in at number five. snapchat, super mario run and youtube also rounded out the top ten. you added to the super mario run statistic. >> i only played it once, lost interest. for the 24th year, nbc 4 is working for you and the community with a free health and fitness expo. on january 7th and 8th, it will go down. there will be medical tests, screenings, wellness information and all kinds of demonstrations. plus a few celebrities including matt iseman from american ninja warrior and brian detillo from "days of our lives." check out our nbc washington app for a complete schedule. already that time of year. >> we'll be there. >> we will. >> i was challenged this
11:57 am
to do the rock wall. >> yeah. oh. >> which i accepted. >> i wanted a live shot of that. >> simone biles has another honor to add to her list of 2016 accomplishments. the team usa gymnast is the associated press female athlete of the year. she received 31 of 59 votes from the a.p. she brought four gold medals and a bronze home from the rio olympics. >> katie ladecky came in second. let's get to chuck. what's going on? >> here's another check of the extended forecast. today mild and breezy outside. rain chances coming to an end. if you live here west of the city and you see the sunshine, you are done with rain chances today. they could last longer down into southern maryland. getting into new years weekend, new years saturday and sunday, looks like it will be dry as we ring in the new year. maybe not dry all the way through new year's day. >> thank you. that's going to do it for news 4 mid day thank you very much for joining us. we'll be back on the air this
11:58 am
with the nbc washington app. at p erdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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y25eny y17vy we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system.
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00 products no antibiotics ever. stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ you can't stop the beat ♪ shaking on a saturday night ♪ with all my might ♪ you can't stop the motion >> you can't stop the beat all right. "hairspray live" to much anticipation. welcome to access hollywood. this time of year you love this. >> right. wasn't it so fun. i loved the countdown clock. my kids i'm like get out of the shower, two minutes to live and sort of the feeling of it all. >> yeah. >> don't laugh at me. it was great. >> it was a star-studded production. i mean take a look at this. you have kristin chenoweth, you


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