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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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ridiculous phrases while their partner tries to interpret what their partner is saying. the couple got the idea while watching a movie. social media has slipped in several videos of them trying to play the game. >> you get the videos and then post and sit down and watch them. you can see people laughing to the point where they are falling on the ground. >> there are a few better ways to bring people together than laughter. >> the couple hopes their game will become a staple at game nights for years to come. right now on "news4 today," more questions an answers. troubling new details about the prime suspect in the death of a local yoga teacher. all right, come on, we don't have time for this. >> plus, we have new video from inside trump tower. what was in the bag to cause the panicked evaluation. and remembering carrie
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fisher. honoring a tribute to her here in d.c. and temperatures are heading back down after a brief stint in the 60s. what to expect for the rest of the week. good morning, everybody. it's 5:013. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. let's check on the weather here. i am so done with 2016. let's get into 2017. for this morning, much colder that yesterday. about a 20 to 25-degree drop compared to yesterday afternoon. staying in the 40s today, which is average for december. for tomorrow, it's mostly a rain issue, but there could be an issue with freezing rain about this time tro
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particularly for areas in northern maryland and in west virginia. we are keeping a close eye on this for you. that may come later today. so have your nbc washington app ready to go and stay with us right here on nbc4 because we'll keep you posted. joust know there's a slight chance for a chance for ice in the morning. now to jack taylor. 295 is in great shape moving to the 11th street bridge. southbound in maryland, there's nothing in your way. we'll get a live look down near the road roe wilson bridge, local in and out, nothing to it. and on of 6 coming into
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so far everything is looking good. and 5:03, breaking news as crews work to fix a water main break in alexandria near duke street. >> justin fin ch is live at the scene with more. >> reporter: good morning. we are working to fill the holes left by the water main break. neighbors say this happened close to 1:25 this morning. reports are that it sent tremors into basements along the block. and the rain
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here. back to you. tough questions are being raised this morning about the maryland man now in custody for the disappearance and death of a d.c. yoga instructor. 29-year-old adrian dewayne johnson is charged with murdering patricia mccauley. she was found dead in her car after she went missing christmas day. court documents show he was arrested 16 times on various assault and murder charges. more than a week ago, a judge ordered him to undergo a mental evaluation and to wear an ankle bracelet. released yesterday, the men s t shotted him andl
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said, hello, sir, how are you? >> police found johnson inside a cvs store. he gave officers the keys to mccauley's vehicle. mccauley is being remembered by her friends who is seem to be very unique. and carrie fisher is dead at the age of 60. fisher was best nope for playing princess leia. she will
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was involved in the next "star wars" movie. and police say -- >> you have to go out. come on, let's go! out! >> dozens forced to evacuate the lobby of trump tower yesterday as police investigated a suspicious bag. they tell nbc news that the bag was found near the nike app store. president-elect donald trump was not in the building at the time. and
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the future of the middle east was given by john kerry. edward lawrence has more on this later in our hour. and a d.c. first responder and ems truck crashed. when is accident happened, the driver walked away from the fire. the driver of the jeep was hurt but is expected to be okay. and seven minutes after the hour, no charges file in the crash to injury a woman and 1-year-old. montgomery county police say the woman and baby were hit on parkville drive in rockwell. the woman and baby were rushed to the hospital.
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and this crash happened in white oak about 11:00 yesterday morning when the two cars and a van were involve d. and you may run into traffic along route 1? prince william county. the crews will be out doing major road work. it's happening on jefferson davis highway near the shopping center in woodbridge. here's a look for you with chopper 4 over the area showing the work that is dead. this is going to last through next friday. soon you can update your status for free on the public why fire at all the general stations. the manager gave the green light
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now it is a 6-minute plan. developing this morning, you talked about it, the key explanation process. new video shows what almost took this trooper's life. and
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and a close call in boise, idaho. a state trooper was walking on the side of the road when a car driving by lost control and spun right off the road. that car crashed into the patrol car parked on the shoulder. nobody was hurt here. boise is expecting more snow this weekend, but before then the frigid temperatures will freeze the snow that is already on the ground. pretty scary stuff there. we do want to bring in storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. he has a look at what to expect in the forecast. i guess it's time to pay the piper. >> well, we got away with one yesterday. it was really nice outside. i hope everyone got a chance to
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outdoors. 68 degrees yesterday. far and away our mildest day of the month. it was really nice yesterday. we'll call it back to average. 45 is the high temperature for today. sunny and mild, a bit of a breeze there. a couple plans for friday, saturday, sunday and monday. here's where to expect flight delays on friday, los angeles, cleveland and san antonio. saturday troubles move into the middle of the country, houston, memphis, detroit, all baa curekey on saturday. most of these are down in the seattle. portland, and seattle. maybe we'll close eye on that for new year's day. we'll be drying now
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the morning commute will see ice. and we have a live look at the beltway. this is the epitome of everything you're seeing. georgia avenue, headlights are headed toward you. the inner loop of the beltway just as quiet. nothing between 295 and 270. nothing to slow you down. you are off to a great story this morning. back to you. and "star wars" fans have a heavy heart this morning. the actress who played princess leia crashed heart attack. >> she had a heart attack very well. people remember the space museum to show the new "star wars" movie. her character made a surprise appearance at the end. we talked to fans who packed
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that theater. >> i really think that princess leia is an inspirational character character. >> there's really no words to describe the feelings. >> another tribute we saw were fans created star for her near the hollywood walk of fame. >> they did, aaron. and a lot of people on social media, some people femme double-dipping and said they came out to find the horrible and sad news. well, everyone is having a hard time with it. you are looking at the tributes pouring in online. mark hamill writing, no words. and then #devastated. then later said her death was
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before that, he said everyone was beautiful. fisher was 60 years old. 5:16 is our time right now. we are following a developing story this morning, a man is dead after being trampled by his own horse. the property in mexico. raise -- the time right now is 5:15 with breaking news into the live desk. we'll go to erika gonzalez with more. >> there's another train that derailed in india raising safety concerns. this is the third time something like this happened in weeks. in this most recent incident, 43 people were
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them critically. but last month's? nearly 150 people die in a similar accident. india has one of the largest railway systems and it halls has one of the poorest safety records. i'm erika gonzalez. and the next time you wake up in the middle of the night to grab a glass of water, watch your step. you never know what your neighbors are hiding. animal catchers in india found more than 100 snakes, 70 them were cobras in an irvine aquarium. two men are looking into this. >> it is just craziness. but i guess the venom,
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chemical that kills in spray is used for medicine. there's a lot of good use. i'm standing away from the pigs. on a lighter note, a little girl in wichita got a gift she'll never forget. check it out, loxi received a girl that looks like her with a prosthetic leg. the girl helps to comfort her. that's so sweet. >> a beautiful gesture for shoe. fairfax county is rallying around three kids this holiday season after experiencing unspeakable tragedy. >> just days after thanksgiving, their father stabbed and killed their mother. >> the fairfax community wanted to do something from he and his siblings. they want to several stores asking for
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and the store was able to go with water, food and presented to the family. >> i had no idea. >> you were not expecting this? >> no. all i expected was just toys from santa. >> we are parents and have children that age. so a lot of guys were nervous and sympathetic. >> the officers were able to fill three cars with all the donations that they received. overwhelming! >> talk about above and beyond, right? >> wonderful. 5:19 is our time right now, 45 is the high temperature for today? >> yesterday it was 57 degrees at this time in the morning. a really mild day yesterday that ended up in the 60s. our december
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far and away the warmest day of the month. last december, we have only had four days this year, 60 degrees. four days this month, 60 degrees or higher. last december we had 14 days 60 or higher. so way warmer. and last december we had three days up in the 70s. so a big difference. now we've got our sliding scale of misery here for you. today, nothing to worry about. breezy, plenty of sunshine, noticeably colder than yesterday. the only timeframe i want to show you here is when rain drops try to move in. there will be a little chance for sleet or freezing rain in about 2:00 and 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. most of my concerns are along i-81 into northern
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back into friday, back to no worries. but friday will be windy and cold with highs near 40. but the windchills on friday afternoon will be in the teens and 20s. out after all the changes here, you are looking at the upper 40s today with breezy conditions. tomorrow, what is mostly going to be rain, but there's a possibility early in the morning. doug will be watching that. new year's day, a lot of clouds on that, but the rain chances hold off until monday. i'll give you the ten-day forecast coming up at 5:51. that means it is traffic time, let's go to jack taylor in the nerve center. good morning. we have relatively quiet conditions. a few more of us out on the
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for now, everything on the screen is green. we had an original dispatch near rolling road and burke road. we have a lot of travel out there. if this is your normal, just put in a plan to leave a few minutes early. and we have a few trips to help you stay on track. >> plus, this driver is in trouble for allegedly dozing off while driving. and uber drivers refusing to ride
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all right. so a connecticut school bus driver won't be behind the wheel when students come back to class after the new
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students snapped photos of him falling asleep at the wheel earlier this month. the 55-year-old driver now faces charges and is expected in court today. the school officials say the driver will never work for the school district again. apparently when they pulled him over, he didn't have children on the bus. but earlier in the day he had 30 students. people have called the police to say the school bus is swerving all over the road. and the american institute for economic research has ranked the best college destinations in the nation. >> here's a look at the overall top destinations. san francisco, denver and ann arbor, michigan, boulder, colorado. that is not bad. miami came in last place. the ratings are
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post-college life. maybe because of all the innovation and silicon valley be different, it is expensive to live out there. >> it is. and here for that matter. good luck, kids. temperatures heading back down after a brief warm spike, but don't head out the door before meteorologist chuck bell shares 4 things to know about the forecast. plus, missing in virginia. take a look at the numbers, new information about the grandmother who disappeared
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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more questions about the criminal history of the man now charged in the murder of a d.c. yoga teacher, adrian dewayne johnson is accused of kill iing the woman. we'll have more after this. and a hit-and-run occurred on 14th street yesterday. and a suspicious bag kaupca the trump tower to be evacuated for a short period of time yesterday. president-elect tru w
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and we are remembering carrie fisher who died yesterday. she was 60 years old. she'll reprise her time as princess leia in the next movie. good morning, everybody. 5:31 now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. not a real big impact on your weather today, but we are keeping a very close eye towards tomorrow morning. not expecting big trouble tomorrow, but there might, emphasis on might, there might be a little bit of a possibility for freezing rain in the pre-dawn hours tomorrow morning, particularly northern maryland and the shenandoah valley. not expecting any troubles in and around the city. no advisories for winter weather just yet. that may be changing. so stay with us here on st
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downloaded. we'll push an advisory should it come out. 4 things to know about today, the cold northwest wind is back. a little chance for some ice early tomorrow. then a rainy and chilly day tomorrow. it will all become rain with temperatures moving back into the 40s tomorrow afternoon. windy and very cold on friday. rain chances look to be moving in early on in 2017. we'll show you which day will be the rainiest day of 2017 coming up in a few more minutes. today, temperatures are still staying in the mid-40s. plenty of sunshine around. typically cold for december. typical on the roads, jack taylor? let's find out. right now it's kind of a-typical. very quiet at 5:30 in the morning. we heard a lot of equipment rolling near the baltimore-washington parkway with a reported crash. everybody went back to service, nothing was found. it was a fender-bender where everyone moved on. and everything is very green. in west springfield, we had a crash along rolling road at
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burke lake road. crash authorities were headed to the scene as we spoke. be cautious there. you may run into flashing lights in this area. back over to you. jack, thank you. the family is searching for a great grandmother and 5-year-old who went missing after passing through this area. the last time anyone saw or spoke to barbara briley was on christmas eve at this gas station off i-95 in caroline county. the 71-year-old was driving her great-granddaughter from new jersey to north carolina. surveillance video shows briley entering the store and asking for directions. >> i spent about 30 to 45 minutes with her in the store, trying to make sure everything was okay before she left the store. >> she could contact somebody, she would not let these many hours go by without contacting somebody. >> police are now searching the
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where her cell phone last pinged. and dylann roof will be in court for a presentencing hearing today. this is the first time dylann roof appears in court after being found guilty of killing nine people in a charleston church last year. roof wants to represent himself during the financing scene of the trial. the judge may make an appearance on january 3rd. aaron and angie, good morning to you. we have breaking news for you out of afghanistan coming from kabul. this is apparently an attack on one of afghanistan's members of parliament. this is the scene there in kabul, a bomb destroyed the vehicle. is that the
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with him and no one is injured. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. michigan home opowners may e to wait longer to get back to their homes. a natural gas line was hit and a sinkhole opened up when a large sewer line burst into ground damaging one home. it could be several weeks before families return home. when you request a ride using uber, you expect to be picked up. but i'm hearing some riders don't like the destination. that's against uber policy, by the way. stup
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news4 it took five tries to get a ride to pick him up at reagan national airport. >> the guy said, where are you going? and i said, oh, downtown. and a few minutes later he canceled. >> the company sent us a statement saying they took feedback like the scary seriously. for more on this, how do you report it if it happens to you? and the new year comes with resolutions that people don't stick with. >> the key to keeping the resolution is looking to the past with the acronym,
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if you want to get up early, you may want to keep your phone out of reach to get up with the alarm going off. s stands for stick to one thing. >> and e. is too easy to fail. as long as there's a plan, we'll stick to it. >> 5:37. programs led you play. it could pull the critical clues to my
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okay. we'll take you way back, remember when you learned how to drive? it was scary for some and may have felt a little dangerous. >> for a lot of people, yeah, that was the feeling. and there's a lot that driver's
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ed can teechb yach you, but the some things that they can't. blacktop bootcamp takes place in manassas, virginia. in it kids learn what to do with it. >> it's a great cop september. i'm surprised it has not come up before. now let's turn to meteorologist chuck bell. we'll show things early about getting out the door. >> don't forget to grab the coat. unlike yesterday where we will barely budge on the temperatures. don't plan on a rise in temperatures today. we are near 42 at 7:00 this morning. 46 at 2:00 in the afternoon. we have plenty of
5:42 am
afternoon before it comes all rain. back to winter hoats, gloves an scarfs. we'll have more on the chance for freezing rain tomorrow coming up in ten minutes along with your ten-day forecast. we'll go to jack taylor to see how the wednesday commute is holding up. we are doing okay but we hear of a crash along rolling road to braddock road. crews could be on the scene there just in case. volume is still so light out there. otherwise we'll get a live look at the beltway top-side near natural opt, nothing going on th
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and a local crow yoga instructo killed. why this man is
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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why an online retailer says cracking into this amazon device would be violating privacy. and tomorrow morning rain is moving in. temperatures should be above the freezing mark, but it might be a pretty close call for northern maryland and the i-80 corridor. i'll show you the future weather and let you know how much of a risk there is of all that. plus the ten-day forecast is coming up. and the first 4 traffic, we'll look at the roads with wtop's jack taylor. police in arkansas are hoping the amazon echo can h
5:47 am
them solve a murder. police say the bluetooth device was inside a home when a man murdered his coworker. the device listens and can perform verbal commands. people think the device may contain evidence in this case. they obtained a warrant for the audio and other records from the echo, but amazon says it will not hand over the customer records without a, quote, valid and binding legal demand. the prosecutor says this is about justice, not privacy. >> we have established probable cause and obtained a warrant from the judge to search this device. the same way we search a person's device we would search a person's home. >> the trial is set to begin next year. more is coming up on the "today" show. here's a warning you should know about before selling your old phones and computers. if you think that you have deleted all of your personal information, complete strangers can still use it to access a treasure-trove of sensitive data. news4 is working for you with ways to protect yourself.
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go to settings and hit the reset button and then erase all content and settings. for android phones, go to settings, hit backup and reset. scroll down to factory data reset and then reset the device. as for laptops, pick the hard drive out before you hand them over or sell them. 5:48 and covering montgomery county, no charges have been file in a crash to injury a woman and 1-year-old woman. the car hit the woman and baby yesterday in rockville. this is a look at the scene. a the driver stayed there as the woman and child were rushed to the hospital. at last check, that woman is expected to survive. the baby has been released from the hospital. also in montgomery county police, this happened in white oak. police say it happened around 11:00 yesterday morning involving two cars and a van. the driver of one of the cars died at the hospital. anyone who s
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asked to call police. and maryland firearm applications will soon move from paper to online. according to our news partners, the applications will be available next month. they have tested out the system with more than 300 dealers. and the applicants still have to go through a seven day waiting period. right now president obama is back on vacation after a brief break yesterday enjoying the prime minister at the "uss memorial." shinzo abe was the first leader to visit the site in over a decade. in his remarks, shinzo abe extended his condolences. and edward lawrence is live now on capitol hill with the very latest on th t
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>> reporter: donald trump is taking to twitter directly going after president obama now saying president obama campaigned hard in swing states and lost. american voters want to make maryland safe again. >> and secretary of state john kerry is expected to deliver a speech today regarding middle east peace. what is he expected to say? >> reporter: well, he's expected to outline the two-state option for peace between israelis and palestinians. you may remember that the u.s. abstain in a vote on a u.n. resolution and a security council that condemned the israeli sell settlement. the president ab stained on the vote there and that has been a conflict of interest. the u.s. second tower of state
5:51 am
is going to ask why it is important to have water and why the u.s. has nothing to do with the resolution. >> edward lawrence on capitol hill. thank you so much. and this is something you should try. just don't. a man is overjoyed as he snuggles to the bottom of this snow pile. >> you have to be careful around that much snow. no sign of snow, are you happy? >> i am. >> chuck bell is in the storm team 4 weather center to tell us what to expect in the next several days here. chuck? >> a little chance for rain early north and west of the city. it could start with f
5:52 am
rain and it could be an issue. it is worth keeping in mind. yesterday's 68 compared to last december, we had 14 days in the 60s and three days in the 70s. so noticeably cooler this december. far more typical this december. last year was the number one promised on record. right now, they have temperatures back into the upper 30s to low 40s. northwesterly winds will keep things on the chilly side for today. keep that in mind. you need your winter coat for hour hours this morning. we're keeping a close eye on a little chance for showers to come in as well. my computer -- i was on the wrong screen. when you have to
5:53 am
this, it's a lot more tricky. but there's a chance for a little ice first thing tomorrow morning as we are getting things started. no advisories yet. no winter weather advisory across far maryland, but there could be a little bit of freezing rain with temperatures above freezing around the metro area for tomorrow. but they will be at least small concern of iciness maybe along the i-80 corridor and parts of maryland. this is between 2:00 and 7:00. it is all rain. windy and cold on friday. and staying dry for new year's eve and for new year's day now. a little better chance for rain getting towards monday and tuesd tuesday. > l
5:54 am
northbound. we'll get a live look at father hurley northbound. apparently there was a medical call on the shoulder. so we wanted to make sure if everybody was headed north it was potential for a slowdown. the map itself is very quiet. green all around town. we have one crash up in west springfield on rolling road near braddock road. authorities should be on scene and won't cost you any kind of night. and looking for a bargain now that the holidays are over? the there's own programs are beware. >> imagine walking out of the store with one of these items and don't pay the full amount for them. you can now
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customers must agree to lease items for 5 to 18 months, during which time the customer may observe it. after they bail out initial reports on the $750. after five months you would pay $624. if you choose to buy it, it would cost you additional $1,000. an 18-month lease is worse. if we buy it, tempo says this is a great alternative when there's a need for the customer to take home what they want.
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similar reports say to steer clear. >> spokespeople said the sales should also be given an agreement of what they sign. the lease to own programs are popular this year. and apple wants you to keep up with your navigation. they want to this -- you have may have spent your
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>> watch your mouth. the social media exploded of people trying to play the game. >> to get the videos and the posts and sit down and watch them. you can see people loving until the end. >> and the couple hosts their game will become a stain standard. and who is president-elect donald trump supposed to meet with today? and we continue to
5:58 am
the death of a yoga instructor and acess. tr
5:59 am
now on "news4 today," no stranger to authorities. what we're learning about the man accused of killing a beloved yoga teacher as a vigil turns into a tribute of
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and we have more details on this mobile home and who could soon go to court. the princess is gone. there will be nobody like her ever again. >> and she was "star wars" loyalty. fans and friends are honoring the woman who once played princess leia. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. thank you for joining us. if you are going outside, you will notice a difference. >> winter is back. >> winter is back in fashion around here. angie has her phone up, we're on facebook live this morning as well. back to december, a little back to reality check after a wonderful day yesterday. 22 degrees warmer than average yesterday. today, back to average. which means it's going to feel so much colder bauds of the teens. breezy, a lot colder today with temperatures in the 40s this te


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