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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and we have more details on this mobile home and who could soon go to court. the princess is gone. there will be nobody like her ever again. >> and she was "star wars" loyalty. fans and friends are honoring the woman who once played princess leia. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. thank you for joining us. if you are going outside, you will notice a difference. >> winter is back. >> winter is back in fashion around here. angie has her phone up, we're on facebook live this morning as well. back to december, a little back to reality check after a wonderful day yesterday. 22 degrees warmer than average yesterday. today, back to average. which means it's going to feel so much colder bauds of the teens. breezy, a lot colder today with temperatures in the 40s this te
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we'll have rain most of the day tomorrow. the only part of tomorrow that i'm concerned with. they are very early morning hours tomorrow in the colder numbers. we'll show you the timing on the rain drops and the potential for iciness coming up as well as potential travel delays for the holidays. speaking of travel delays, here's jack taylor. >> you will find everything open on the beltway, inner loop, virginia, 95, you are looking good. no trouble spots. chopper 4 is flying over the topside of the
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top look from 95 to georgia avenue. we have a little bit of volume, but no delay which is fabulous to see. everything will change after the new year, but for now, enjoy the holiday light volume. if you're headed out, you should be okay. back over to you. 6:02 and freands and family grieve over the death of a local yo yoga instructor. >> justin finch is live with more on the ongoing investigation. justin? >> reporter: angie, mccauley's friends and family held a vigil for her hours after her death was confirmed. and just as we learn more about the maryland man police arrested for her murder and his long record, adrian dewayne johnson is now accused of first-degree murder in the death of trisha mccauley. she was a well-known yoga
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christmas day. soon after police shared photos of a man matching johnson's description and also photos of mccauley's car. a tipster led police to mccauley's car about midnight yesterday. she was found dead inside. court records show this year alone johnson was arrested six times in washington. and as recently as 11 days ago after a reported theft at a cvs store. after a hearing, evhe was order to undergo a menial health evaluation and wear a bracelet. >> clearly people view it as an accessory. clearly i have it on my leg and i'm going to commit more crimes. that's a problem. >> reporter: back live, much concern from neighbors about the development about the ankle bracelet. no word yet if he was wearing the bracelet at the time of his arrest. this case remains under investign.
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theft and simple assault as well in the mccauley investigation. back over to you. >> live for us at d.c. headquarters, justin finch. the man who spotted mccauley's car told us what happened in the moments before the police arrived. >> i rolled down the window and looked out and said, hello, sir, how are you? it was kind of jarring. >> police found johnson inside a cvs store and they say he gave officers the keys to mccauley's car where they found her body. looking back at what happened, it is still hard to believe. >> it's in my mind that she was there in the car. and that some -- i mean, that's scary and sad. >> police a are still looking for more witnesses who spotted johnson anywhere over the last couple of days. hours before mccauley's body was found, johnson was
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camera surveillance outside the cvs where he assaulted an employee. after giving the man a shopping basket, he went to an aisle and quickly filled it up with soap. the employee said the man became confrontational intervened and she called 911. afterwards she said he assaulted her and tried to grab the phone. the suspect left before police were able to get there. and find out more on what mccauley and her friends say to her. head over to the nbc4 app for more. and water crews are on the scene of a water main break. a pipe ruptured on vermont avenue near duke
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police will let you know when it is repaired. and a deadly hit-and-run happened in columbia heights and killed a woman. the car likely has a broken headlight. it drove off after the crash yesterday. cole was crossing the street in the crosswalk at the time. she was brought to the hospital where she passed away. and manassas officials are facing subpoenas this morning. from dozens of residents at the east end mobile home park, residents are being forced to move out in february. the city of manassas is buying the land after the opener said he could not afford to fix a broken sewer system. the lawyer represeng
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the fishes under oath to prove that the park's owner neglected the sewer system for years. let's go to the live desk now. >> we have some big developments about the hacking into the american election. erika, what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning. as early as today, any day now we could learn about a series of measures meant to punish russia for the interference in the election. "the washington post" reporting the obama administration is finalizing details on each economic session with russia. they say he is expected to meet
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he will also meet with elsa murano. and things are back to trump tower this morning after people were forced to evacuate the lobby yesterday. look at this. >> settle down. you have to go out. >> come on, let's go! out! out! >> the evacuation was over reports of a suspicious bag found the nearby okay -- niketown store. the bag turned out to only contain kid toys.
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shows the best college destinations. san francisco is in first place behind denver, ann arbor and washington, d.c. you have to get a job and find a place to live when you're done. >> a lot of people graduate from college and want to go to san francisco because it's silicone valley where facebook and all the big tech companies are. >> look at palo alto, it's cheaper. some of the safest roads were just name in the country. >> the more i learn about her, the more impressive she is. >> remembering the force that was carrie fisher. the reaction still coming in after the
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having a heart attack? signs can be different between men and women. what to look for when it comes to the leading cause of death. and first up, we'll take a live look outside this morning, you will
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now at 6:13, mourning a "star wars" star. how the world is responding to the death of carrie fisher. >> she likely died from what a lot of people do in the country. what you need to know when it comes to heart attacks. much more in a second. chuck bell is here to help you get out the door this morning. >> a lot of people went outside today. what do they want to do today? >> yan
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it's a free country. and the sun will be shining. if you want to spend the afternoon outside, do that. just know it will be 20 to 25 degrees colder than yesterday afternoon. won't feel quite so balmy as it did. around the country, no big winter storms out there. snow across the northern plains and upstate new york. places where they are used to dealing with it. any possibility for flight delays? the big travel delays are friday, saturday, sunday and monday. l.a., cleveland and san antonio tomorrow. getting into the weekend, houston, memphis, detroit. on saturday they could see delays. and atlanta, miami, raleigh and salt lake city on monday. our new year's eve forecast is looking rain-free. we'll have more coming up in a few more minutes. now to jack taylor of wtop. chuck, good morning. we had an issue on 95 northbound in the express lanes up n
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fairfax county parkway. everything was over on the shoulder. just minor delays but still very light causing a slowdown. authorities pulled up southbound at the scene to block a left shoulder, but nothing huge. chopper 4 has our crash inside the beltway. southbound at new hampshire halve down in north hampton drive. stay left to get by. on north hamptohampton, you may under police up instructiinstru pass. it's a sad day in hollywood because we all grew up with her and that's the sad day. she's a star in heaven, that's all i can say. >> from your neighborhood to hollywood, everyone is remembering carrie fisher this morning. you are looking at new video this morning from the hollywood hall of fame. where fans decorated a blank star with her name. and the words "may the force be with you"
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also were added to it. >> she was best nope for her role as princess leia in "star wars." >> we remember that moment back in the '70s when we saw her as the princess for the very first time. fisher will be princess leia one last time in "star wars episode 8" next year. her character also appeared in the "star wars" spinoff. there were no words to describe the feeling. it was such a good movie. >> i see the song again at the end of the film. it is absolutely amazing and thought it was jeeps you. >> the movie is showing at the smithsonian museum four times today. >> we could be having extra special meetings for so many people. you are looking at just a
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online for news of dad. mark hamill wrote, no words. and jt abrams said she was just as brilliant and beautiful, tough and wonderful and just as funny as you imagine. and we still don't know what the cause is that led to carrie fisher's death. but this is the leading death of country in this country. heart attacks happens when carotiz arteries are blocked. but the warning signs are different. the most common sides in men include extreme chest pain, upper body pain, especially in the
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ribs. and we have road work happening on jefferson davis highway in woodbridge. here's a different view for you, chopper 4 flying over the area to show all the work being done. we're told this is for a new bridge over the creek and to add another lane to jefferson highway. the work will last through next friday. arlington, you have some of the safest drivers in the country. the auto insurance policy center is out with a list of the safest and most dangerous places to drive.
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safest county in the nation. alaska came in second if you're planning a trip up there. bloomfield county, colorado, followed in third place. a prehistoric beast battled the winter weather in north dakota. i have seen this costume on amazon and was this close to buying it. someone dressed up as a t-rex to clear up the snow after a blizzard. the storm dumped more than a foot of snow in the bismarck area. this is one way to make hard work warm and fun. and as a former chuck e. cheese mouse, they are hot. you get in there -- >> you were the chuck e. cheese mouse? >> yeah, i was part of the rat pack. >> if only the t-rex had a billion lives. >> it would still be around. >> i think it's important to remember that dinosaurs are cold-blooded. so the t-rex is going to have
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though. >> no, but "ice age" stopped the dinosaurs. cold always wins when in doubt. >> typically chilling outside today for temperatures back down into the 40s compared to the 60s from yesterday. >> he can't get enough of it. >> it is very cute. and probably as the guy inside the suit, he's probably having a grand old time. >> how does he see? >> honey, it's time to adjust our medication. i think i saw a t-rex blowing snow. outside this morning, it's mostly clear skies this morning. 43 in washington. northwest winds will continue to drive in cooler and cooler air through the remainder of the day. so current conditions really aren't going to budget a whole lot. down into the upper 30s to around 40 over the next hour or two. but notice with plenty of sunshine this
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getting back up to 45 degrees. just know it will be a chilly afternoon. all right. the sliding scale of misery is back. for today, nothing to worry about. breezy and sunny, a lot colder than yesterday. the only thing i'm worried about is for tomorrow moning. a little concerned between early morning -- really before the sun comes up, 2:00 to 8:00, shenandoah valley and northern maryland, by friday it could be back to cold around here. starting future weather here at 11:00 tonight, the skies are clear. how high the skies clear allows temperatures to fall. there could be areas of pink and purple with a little chance of freezing rain and sleet in northern maryland, shenandoah valley. temperatures at that time just at or near the freezing mark. we should be just above freezing in town to not have much of an issue. everybody ends up in the 40s tomorrow. so a very small window of opportunity early tomorrow. not looking for
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washington app and social media pages. come on over to follow us on storm team 4. we'll see if we can stay ahead of the traffic. i only wish we could. chopper 4 has a couple accidents inside the beltway on new hampshire avenue on north hamptham hampton drive. this second crash is here on north hampton drive. the left side of the roadway is getting by. the green light at kurtis drive. back over to you. well, right now the desperate search is on for a missing woman who is traveling from new jersey to north carolina with her granddaughter, her great-granddaughter. why officials in our area want to know if you have seen them. and they say nothing in l
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when metro expects to have it up stalled in an old tunnel. and a community rallies around one of their up. how a northern virginia town step in to make christmas a bright spot in a vir dark year for one family. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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wn path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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fairfax county is rallying around three kids this holiday season after they experienced an unspeakable tragedy. >> just days after thanksgiving, their father killed their mother. fairfax police officers felt like they needed to do something for the children. they went to several stores and asked for donations. well, the stores stepped up big and the officers were able to deliver water, food and presents to the family. so sweet. and they said they actually filled up three trucks or something. it was overwhelming. so wonderful. amazon h
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for sales of its own devices. >> the echo connects to a voice called alexa to make shopng lists, check the weather, read off recipes even. according to amazon, alexa's most requested recipes were for turkeys, prime rib and chocolate chip cookies. >> and officials in arkansas say alexa could solve a murder case. what police are demanding access to and how she keeps testing the balance of privacy. live outside this morning where you can see a smooth road to work. that may not be the case tomorrow. chuck bell is back with a closer look 4 things to know about the forecast. and they were the hottest toy of the holiday season, but they are getting a cold reception. why a lot of parents and kids are set
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6:30 on the dot.
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welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang today. and chuck bell is in this morning as well. >> it will be a bright and sunny afternoon today. a clear sky out there early this morning. there's the hustle and bustle over the 14th street bridge early on. cold northwest winds are back in fashion for today. so it's going to feel like december again. not that 68 degrees like yesterday. there's a small risk of freezing rain between 2:00 and 7:00 tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning. mainly along i-81 and into northern maryland. not a big threat, but when you have the smallest little chance, i wanted to give you a heads-up. this could be rain tomorrow afternoon. there will be rain chances early on in the new year. out the door in the 30s to around 40. it will stay chilly today. afternoon temperatu
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on the upside, jack taylor, you'll be playing plenty of sunshine. i'll take sunshine for now. i like the darkness, but i'll take the sunshine coming. chopper 4 is flying over the scene of two accidents inside the beltway on new hampshire avenue southbound at north hampton drive. the tow truck is on scene. that can temporarily stall things so he can jet. south of that on northbound l e lanes. and we have a train malfunction at columbia heights. back to you. and in the top stories this morning, there are more questions about the criminal history of a man charged with the murder of a d.c. yoga teacher. he is accused of killing the woman on christmas day. and american water crews are on the scene
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to fix a water main break outside of this home. and police believe amazon echo may have heard crucial clues to a killing. amazon says this is about justice not privacy. >> we have obtained a probable cause to search this device the same way we would search a person's cell phone, search a person's home. >> the murder trial in this case is set to begin next year. there will be more on this story coming up in a bit on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m. and 6:33. right now virginia state police are searching for a
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great-grandmother and 5-year-old girl last seen on christmas eve at a gas station just outside of i- i-85. surveillance video shows briley entering the gas station and asking for directions. then she drove off and no one has heard from her since. virginia police were able to find her cell phone near the agility airport to stop 30 minutes in richland. and a new debate over discrimination in scouting. the family of an 8-year-old boy says he was kicking out of the cub scouts since he was transgender. he joined pack 87 in october and was asked to leave amonth later. earlier this year, the boy scouts told the a.p. it was to admit transgender program to the code
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code. and a growing school population and aging infrastructure are the plans being submit ted for the capita amendment. a vote on the proposal is planned for next month. and soon you'll be able to update your status for free on metro's wi-fi. the general manager has given the green light who expected a stomach billion -- expected a billion dollars to approve the m
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to have at least one bike rack on every train by the end of next year. and this is one of the most popular holiday toys. and now it is making many customers mad. >> some are saying the hatchimals are taking hours to hatch. some are selling for $50 on e amazon and even $1,000 on e-bay. and look at this game called "watch ya mouth." their partner has to interpret what the person is trying to say. the couple got the idea while watching a movie. social media has exploded with people trying to play this game. there's a lot
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involved. >> when you laugh, it makes it extra hard to figure out what you're doing and creates a chain reaction. >> good luck with that. we'll take a live look outside this morning where it feels a lot different than it did this time yesterday. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has your what-to-wear forecast that will let us know how many players to wear today. oh, and the weather here, nothing compared to other parts of the country. the near miss that was caught on camera. this is on a trooper's dash cam. and this story getting a lot of traction on the website. what
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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a close call in boi
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missing a state trooper. he was walking on the roadway when the car came by him and crashed to the side of the road. >> nobody was hurt, thankfully. boise is expecting more snow this weekend, but the frigid temperatures will freeze the snow that is already on the ground. so you know that will make for more treacherous conditions. good morning, everyone. out and about today, temperatures in the 30s to near 40. now only getting back to the mid-40s this afternoon. and back right away to the chilly 30s by 7:00 tonight. so your winter coat is back in fashion today. if you are happy, you can leave your scarf home. it will be a pretty good day. keeping a close eye on what might be a small
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we'll look at the ten-day forecast coming up. for now, jack taylor is tracking trouble in alexandria. it's in old town. the unfortunate issue is a truck on its side northbound washington. you can come up to madison street. it's chopper 4 here showing the crash on new hampton avenue. and we'll have details about the man accused of killing a popular d.c. area yoga teacher. and terrifying moments from trump tower. what was inside a bag that had
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and now at 6:45, numerous arrests. what we're learning about the man accused of murdering a suspected yoga instructor. and a crash that sent two d.c. first responders to the hospital. and they say it is just a journey in light, not the destination. unless you taken a uber, why some drivers are under fire. first, new
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being raised about the man accused of killing a d.c. yoga instructor. we're getting new access to his criminal record. >> justin finch is live at police headquarters with more on the investigation. justin? >> reporter: angie, from court records, we know that suffolk had several run-ins with the law to here in washington where he was arrested just eight days before trisha mccauley east dea death. tricia mccauley was last heard from christmas day. a tipster led police to mccauley's car about midnight yesterday. she was found dead inside. and court records show this y
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alone johnson was arrested in washingt washington. he was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation and wear an ankle bracelet. it is not known if johnson had on the ankle bracelet at the time of his arrest. back to you. >> justin finch live at d.c. police headquarters, thank you. the man who spotted mccauley's car told us what happened in the moments before police arrived. >> i kind of rolled down the window and looked out and said, hello, sir, how are you? and it was kind of jarring. >> police found johnson inside a cvs store and gave the officers keys to mccauley's car. looking back at what happened, we are told it is still hard to believe. >> i didn't know that she was in
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it's sad. >> police say they are still looking for more witnesses who may have spotted johnson anywhere over the last couple of days. in the next few years, it will take a few hours before mccauley -- a man assaulted the woman and grabbed the phone. the suspect left before the police got there. >> you can find out more about mccauley and what police say about her. we have it covered from all angles. click on the map
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suspect drove her car before being caught. and right now virginia american water crews are on the scene of a water main break in alexandria. a pipe ruptured on vermont avenue near duke street at 1:30 this morning. neighbors say it took two hours for crews to arrive and shut off the water. no word on when the break will be fully repaired. and the d.c. fire department wants to remind us to make way for emergency vehicles. an ems supervisor was headed to a fire scene last night and the super visor collided with another car on massachusetts avenue northwest. this is just blocks away from the fire they were headed to. both drivers were taken to the hospital but they are expected to be okay. and new developments in the syria conflict. >> erika gonzalez is at the live desk with more. >> reporter: good morning, aaron and eun. the state-run news agency says the plan will be presented to all sides of the syrian conflict and that the countries will a
6:50 am
to imlet me this before daytime. this comes a couple days after the syrian government took complete control of the city of aleppo. terror groups could be kept out of the cease-fire. russia, iran and turkey said last week they were ready to broker a syrian war. the war has been going on now for five years. erika, thank you. president-elect donald trump has a full slate of meetings today at his estate in florida. a senior transition official says he's expected to meet with the marvel ceo ike perlmutter and elsa murano and governor tommy thompson. he will also hold a phone call with the ceo of sprint. and many were forced to evacuate the lobby in trump tower yesterday. >> you have to go out. >> comen to, let's go! >> out! >> the evacuation was prompted by a suspicious bag found
6:51 am
a senior nypd official says the bag turned out to be full of toys. the president-elect was not t there at the time. and two minnesoaryland play have been reinstated. lorenzo harrison and d.j. turn erturner will play on monday. and here's a look at the overall top destinations, san francisco, denver, ann arbor, michigan, and boulder, colorado. san francisco is still in the lead and d.c. came in third behind boston. miami was last on the list. these rankings are based on each of the area's qualities for both college and post-college life. well, the new year will include multiple shows in the sky incl
6:52 am
a total solar eclipse in august. the u.s. has not seen a total solar eclipse since 1949. before then, we'll have a numeral eclipse in february when the moon enters the lighter shadow of the earth. >> i'm getting excited. i already asked for that week off vacation. the whole totality goes from portland, oregon, down to the western carolinas. so august 21st, start planning where you're going to be now. >> are you going to hold a party? >> that's for a lunar eclipse. but for the sonar eclipse, we are planning to be out west. if you're planning to go to yosemite national park and the inner mountain regions with a lot of dark sky, just know a lot of the hotels are already
6:53 am
reservations early. monday, august 21st is the full solar eclipse. we won't get a full eclipse view here in washington but we'll get a partial eclipse west of here. 43 in washington. colder up to the north and west in the mid to upper 30s now in the shenandoah valley. 32 in fairmont, virginia. 31 in fredericksburg. temperatures won't budge much in the low to mid-40s at most. 45 today with plenty of sunshine. for tomorrow morning, temperatures near the freezing mark as the rain moves in. so there may be a little bit of an ice concern needing i-81 into northern parts of maryland. then back to a breezy, cold day tomorrow. future weather, here it is. 2:00 a.m. tomorrow, the rain coming in anywhere that is down near the freezing mark. they may see a blazing of snow early tomorrow. then into the 40s in the afternoon. a small window of pp
6:54 am
friendly heads-up. showers are likely on monday and tuesday. but it will be dry as we ring in 2017. i'll take it. we've got some issues this morning down in old town. it is north washington street as you head up to the intersection with madison street. there's a truck on its side. authorities are on scene and redirecting traffic. for now, just plan ahead. chopper 4 is odds the beltway, but you may not have to worry about traffic getting by to the left side of the screen. when you request a ride from uber, it turns out some drivers are refusing to pick up riders and take them to their destination. >> and that is against uber
6:55 am
one rider told news4 it took him five tries to get to ride share to pick him up at reagan international airport. even my husband has experienced this, he flies every week, pretty much. and we live close to the airport. so it is a real issue. >> there's more information on the website and how to work around that. well, the new year usually comes with new resolutions. he said the key in that one is looking to the past. and that is by identifying your goal and establishing steps to get there. that is critical. a, you need a range in your environment. b, donstick to one thing. start with adding 30 minutes of exercise instead of
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trying to go to the gym three days a week. it's pretty good. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. apple says to keep your new year's resolution. they are rolling out an update today. back to you. and here are 4 things to know this morning, d.c. police are looking for those who saw adrian dewayne johnson. he is charged with killing the yoga teacher and actress. and police are looking for this suv in connection to a deadly hit-and-run in columbia heights. jaqueline cole was killed and hit on 14th street northwest yesterday. and virginia waterproofs are on the scene near duke street last night. no word on when the break will be fully prepared. the world is saying good-bye to movie royalty. carrie fisher best known for playing princess leia in
6:57 am
on the "today" show, you can look at a gallery of fisher through the years on the nbc washington app. and here's your forecast, breezy and sunny and chilly outside. mostly just rains tomorrow, but there may be a little chance for ice and northwest of the city. i want to give you a heads-up. breezy and cold on friday. dry weather as we ring in 2017. a lot of clouds on sunday, but it looks like rain drops hold off until monday. >> that's's going to do it. >> that's the broadcast this morning. thank you for starting your day with us. >> we have the
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retired. i'll take him over these fools playing today. aw come on, man. that's not how this game works. art monk! i want to change my name to hot mamma! lame. you're lame. no! i'm not writing down somebody who's retired! baby, i'm changing my name to hot momma. that's not how this works... the holiday sale is on now at havertys. life looks good.
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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r-r-r . good morning. farewell to a princess. contributes to carrie fisher pour in from around the world as co-stars and friends remember the woman born into hollywood royalty who will be forever known as princess leia. we will look back on the life of the actress, comedienne and author. >> president trump and his picks after an vax at trump plaza. who did it? police in arkansas demanding access to murder suspect


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