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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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more heart break. debbie reynolds has died. the iconic hollywood star passes away one day after her daughter, carrie fisher. we're going tou
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murder of a popular local yoga instructor. live with disturbing details in this case. tonight a positive update on the search for a woman and her great granddaughter who disappeared in virginia. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> good evening, everybody. we begin with that heart break for a family that produced to hollywood icons. debbie reynolds has died. the legendary actress's death stunning the entertainment world this evening. reynolds' death came one day after daughter carrie fisher passed away. >> reporter: debbie reynolds was the quintessential hollywood star appearing on stage and screen for nearly seven decades. now in a twist befitting a true hollywood tragedy she died at 84 while mourning the death of their also beloved daughter, carrie fisher. in this video from tmz debbie reynolds was seen leaving
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son's room, after making funeral arrangements for her daughter. ♪ ♪ singing in the rain. >> the movie cast the 19 eerld alongside veterans in what would come to be known as the classic movie classic. she had won the miss burbank beauty pageant and the talent scouts had the audience quickly signed her to a contract. often cast as the wholesome innocent, reynolds starred in more than 20 films in the 1950s and certificates. tammy and the bachelor gave her a big braepge break. the unsinkable molly brown brought her an oscar nomination. her high-profile marriage to eddie fisher brought two children including carrie fisher. but it ended in a bitter divorce. the first of three failed marriages. >> i don't choose well.
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myself, i just seem to have poor taste in men. >> reporter: when movie roles diminished in the '70s, reynolds took her talents to the stage both on broadway and elsewhere. for debbie reynolds, her holmes both on stage and on screen made her one of hollywood's most versatile performers. her son todd said, she has gone to be the carrie. she loved taking care of her and now she will be with her. there was a vijt for fisher. candle were replaced by late sabers. many of the attendees showed up in costume i pag tribute to carrie fisher's iconic role as princess leah. today fans honored the late actress with a pop up tribute. they surrounded a blank sta
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they said carrie fisher, may the force be with you always. the man organizing the gathering felt it was the right thing to do. we have more information on fisher and on the legacy of debbie reynolds. you can see her life and career in photos on our nbc washington app. just search debbie reynolds. now to a developing story closer to home in the richmond area where a missing woman and her great granddaughter have been found alive and safe. barbara and la'myra briley had been missing since christmas eve. they are last seen in ruther glen and turned up this evening on a dirt road in dinwiddie county south of richmond. they had been driving from new jersey to north carolina. police tell us it appears she turned onto a dirt road and pulled into the woods where her vehicle got stuck and may have spent several days there. police say she had drinks and snacks to sustain them
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hospital in serious condition. the little girl is with family. right now at 11 court documents paint a horrifying picked of what happened to a local you yoga instructor and actress before she died. news4 went through those documents and we goous the victim's home in northwest washington. one thing remains a mystery, where and how did tricia mccauley come into contact with her killer. take a look behind me. just to the south of where she was seen in front of her apartment here on north capitol street getting into her car alone is rhode island avenue. that's where she would have made a left and made a u-turn to go north to the christmas dinner she was headed to. in the next 24 hours dwayne johnson was seen in her car between the two districts. the street that connects them, rhode island avenue. court testimony suggests dane johnson
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beat her. it was too much for her friends in the courtroom to bear. when the defense attorney asked the judge to release dwayne johnson a friend cried out. >> i was overcome. if there is any possibility that this guy gets released again, i can't live with it. i tell you that. >> reporter: there is a gap in the time line. between 5:30, 6:00 sunday evening when tricia mccauley left her home on north capitol street to head to the christmas party and monday at 9:40 a.m. when johnson was seen on security cameras accused of 1407 lifting at a cvs. police did confirm today that despite being ordered to wear a gps monitoring bracelet on his ankle after a shoplifting arrest 11 days ago, johnson did not do so, was not wearing one at the time of the murder. live in northwest, jackie
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police in our area searching for the same suspected armed robber. this man allegedly robbed two 7-eleven stores overnight. one in alexandria, another in clinton. and four seven levin stores in duncan county. the suspect is young and drive as chrysler 300. >> right now, storm team 4 tracking the rain making its way our way. it's more than just rain moving on in here. let's have a look and show you what is happening right now. nothing around our immediate area. but go out just a will it to the west and you notice the rain and even some freezing rain and snow that's trying to move on in here. here's the rain that's coming in across our region. temperatures right now in some areas are below freezing. that has prompted the national weather service to issue a winter weather advisory for areas to the north. frederickdown
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frederick county virginia, matters of maryland and the northwest. this is something we will watch. for sure a wet morning commute. more on the commute tomorrow and more on what's coming behind this. that's at 11:18. break right now, two soldiers died after their apache helicopter crashed in waters southeast of houston. authorities say the two service members were on board the chopper that was on a routine flight when it went down today. search-and-rescue and recovery efforts are now underway. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the names of the victims have not been released. new tonight, a president fredericksburg man is behind bars with no bond after allegedly shooting two teenagers. someone called 911 after hearing shots fired on sierra drive early this morning. officers found two 15-year-old boys with multiple gun shot wounds. the teens told police where to find the shooter. a short time later officers found and arrested
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karl depuy at a 7-eleven on white oak road. he faces multiple charges no. word on the condition of the victims. new concerns on the over the transition of power. late today president-elect donald trump said he had a positive phone conversation with president obama. but as nbc's hallee jackson shows us, those comments came just hours after trump ripped the obama administration on twitter. >> reporter: tonight, a new twist in the ever-evolving relationship between the current president and the next one. donald trump tweeting, "do my best to disregard the many inflammatory president o. statements and road blocks. thought it was going object a smooth transition. not". can you elaborate on that? is it going smoothly? >> very smotly. >> those contradictory statement aside, he
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president said he wouldw have won if he had run again. >> i think i could have mobilized the american people to rally behind it. >> he should say that but i say no way trump tweeted about the hypothetical scenario. the next day adding president obama campaigned hard and personally in a very important swing states, and lost. it is a change in tone for trump. >> i think president obama is terrific. i found him to be very smart, and very nice. >> he's really doing good. he's been so nice. >> reporter: for seven rikweeks trump has praised even defended the obamas despite his years long birther crusade, now over. president obama, for his part, demanded his devastated staff facilitate an orderly transition for trump's team. >> president obama could be an enormous resource to donald trump because donald trump doesn't have any governing experience. >> reporter: late tonight yet another development not on line bun
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we had a very nice conversation. >> reporter: the two men still in touch. their relationship clearly complicated. a driver skapsz a crash on the highway by just seconds. find out the one thing that may have saved his life. month county police issue a plea to the public to help them find a missing man. he has been missing almost two weeks. details coming up on news4. and wait until you see the surprising items air passengers tried to
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there is growing concern n
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missing for more than two weeks now. investigators in montgomery county have released video they hope will lead to someone who may know something about his whereabouts. news4's derrick ward has the story tonight from bethesda. >> reporter: it's the best lead investigators have so far, this surveillance video showing a woman seen here with a child in a business in hyattsville, montgomery county police say she used john donohoe's credit card at several stores in the area. that was nine days after the 56-year-old donohoe was last seen. >> the credit card has been used and john's not here. we don't know what the link is. and we need to find john. >> reporter: police say this woman put about $700 in charges on his card. >> we would like her to come forward and speak to detectives so they can determine how she obtained the credit card. detectives would like
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mr. donohoe's vehicle. >> reporter: it's believed that the missing man left home in his 2011 chevy equinox. it has maryland license plates 2ak 8853. >> he didn't take any bags with him or anything to our knowledge. >> reporter: donohoe is a member of the family that owns donohoe construction. his father says nothing seemed amiss the last time he saw his son. police say it was later that same day, tuesday, december 13th that donohoe was last seen at a relative's home. his family holds out hope. >> pick up the phone and call home. let us know you are all right. >> reporter: investigators say in the nearly two weeks since donohoe has been reported missing there have been no sightings of his car and no use of his atm card, just the autos of his credit card. that's why they so desperately want to speak to the woman seen in those security
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you find yourself paying a lot to ride the express lanes in northern virginia you are not alone. the tolls have reportedly dropped close to $30 for a one way trip during peak travel times. the highest tolls are in the morning between 7:00 and 8:00 and in the evening between 5:00 and 6:00. but it turns out adjusting the time you travel could save you as much as 60%. an official with transurban says metro safe track is contributing to more pique people using the express lanes. a look at technology in action that likely saved the lives of the family inside this tesla model x. a dash cam captured the moment a sense or caused the car to react before the driver had time to think or realize what w
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on. three teenagers rescued a from a capsized boat in florida are thanking technology. even though one of the teens' phones was wet he still managed to call 911. the teens were fishing in the florida keys when they boat began to take on water and it flipped. the boys managed to hang onto the boat for nearly three hours before help arrived. an incident aboard an international flight apparently earned a man a lifetime ban from united airlines. court filings show air marshals had to cuff and restrain martin see bridge during a flight from missouri to dulles on christmas eve. it happened after he allegedly assaulted a flight attendant when that attendant reportedly took alcohol away from him. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge. we have had a break. unmb
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doug? >> changing in a big way. early tomorrow morning going to be nasty. fur out and about early tomorrow morning rain is most likely. for some of you to the north and west could be an issue with freezing rain early in the morning. right now, a nice shot. really nice, clear skies. that's allowed temperatures to drop. we are at 39 right now. but notice the winds. again, out of the sut. that southerly whipped helping to warm things a little bit. temperatures dropped like a rock earlier. and notice we are at 27 right now in frederick. and places like leesburg and gaithersburg, westchester, were all well below freezing but the temperatures over the last hour or so have begun to come up. that's very good news because we want to make sure we are above freezing f. not we could see freezing rain. we have a freezing rain advisory. first off, not much going on right now. here's what is happening. the rain making its way our way. you can see it mixing with snow to the north. freezing rain out ahead of this. but most of this is plane rain. what we are
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areas to the north and west. not worried about i-95 or the beltway. 66 should be fine. westchester, haguerstown, frederick could start as a mixture of freezing rain, maybe sleet. it could be slick especially in some of the back roads but i'm not too worried. just watch out. here's future weather. it times it out for us. 3:00 a.m. rains moving in. could see freezing rain up to the north before the warmer air moves in and changes everything over to rain by 7:00 in the morning. if you live up in this area and you wait sbool 6:00 or 7:00 i think you are going to be okay. everybody else, it's plain rain. and it's nasty rain right at the time of the morning rush a. cold rain, you will need the coats and the umbrellas. by 9:00 it starts to move out. by noon it starts to clear and we see sunshine. behind it
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7:00 a.m., wet, we'll be windy and dry around the 12:00 and 5:00 hours. no problems after that 7:00, 8:00 hour. just early in the morning that we have issues. tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening a wind advisory for areas out to the west along i-81. winds gusting. we'll be watching that closely. not best day tomorrow. it he gets better for the weekend. friday a high of 42 with wind chills in the 20s to low 30s. 15th, new year's eve i think looking really nice. temperatures will be cool but not cold. you will need the code for sure but that's it. 2017 starting off on a mild note but ending the first week of 2017 very cold late next week. >> thank you doug. most of us know whatnot to pack in our carry on bags but it appears some folks aren't getting the message. the tsa wantso
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can't take on board. all day the tsa tweeted out pictures of prohibited items that travelers fried to get through security checkpoints at newark international airports. the items included knives, scissors, a gun, even a cross bow. we know better than that. coming up, the wizards stay hot at home.
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. victory for wizards, but a painful one for bradley beal? >> yeah. beale did take a
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are hanging in there with some of the best teams in the nba. the wizards are now tied for the longest active home win streak. they are sharing that record with the defending champs cleveland. the wizards are now one win away from .500. after a less than ideal start to the season john wall says the kind of basketball they are playing now is how they should have playing all year. the wizards were looking for revenge against the pacers. they beat them about a week ago. in the first quarter, this is the scary sight. bratd bradley beal with the steal as he is driving he slips. if you look close, there it is, right ankle, you know that hurts. he did not play in the second half. and he is officially day to day with that sprain. but beale out. other guys stepping up. ball work around to otto porter jr. he knocks down the three. john wall giving him love. 22 points for otto tonight. under a minute, wall puts the icing on the cake, splitting the defenders, drives in the lane. wall would have a
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points, 11 rebounds, 9 assist. wizards with their seventh straight home win. 111-105. now down a level, marquette welcoming georgetown for their big east opener. skip ahead to the second half. down 12. prior leads the way for georgetown. steps back, hitting the three. he would have a team high 23 points but the hoyas would be down ten. not many mistakes for georgetown tonight. later in the half it would be a turnover but johnson clears for takeoff. he throws it down. i mean look at that landing. 20 points for him. marquette snaps georgetown's six game win streak. they win it 76-66. a huge matchup in charlottesville, virginia hosting louisville. all over the cardinals in the first. alley-oop for darius compton. strong finish, and seven points for thompson.
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second half, louisville down nine. to kyle guy. nine points for the freshman. just one player with double digits for the with a hues. washington take down louisville 61-53. now the redskins. their playoff fate is going to be decided on sunday. but as for their opponent, the new york giants, they have already locked in that wild card spot. so the question now becomes will the g-men rest their starters? head coach mcadoo says everyone is a go but the skins say they are preparing for whoever takes the field on sunday afternoon. >> we want to be ready for their entire roster and anybody that could play. i don't want to be surprised. however, i can prepare to be ready for what could come on sunday, i'm going to do that. >> backup player is still a pro football player. not like he is a slouch. so it will be -- it will be a tough challenge for us regardless of who is playing. >> i don't care whoever
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hostetler, somebody, they come off the bus they have got to line up. >> whether their starters play or not is insignificant. i know they have a very good football team. once they get off the plane and get here sunday afternoon they are going to play to win. only way to play football. >> win is the key word here. win, they are in. but that green bay/lions game f there is a tie, which we know redskins fans have experienced -- that could bump them out. the redskins need to handle their business and keep fingers, arms, toes crossed. >>
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jude law. sterling k. brown. musical guest macklemore featuring ariana deboo.


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