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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 29, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. >> first it was carrie fisher, now her mother, hollywood royalty, debbie reynolds died at the age of 84 while planning her late daughter's funeral. two feet of hef wet snow in new england starting in hours. a fighting war of words in israel is heating up with donald trump's presidency three weeks away. technology that predicted dangerous moments before an accident occurred. take a look at the world's highest bridge, rising a third of a mile above the ground. "early today" starts right now. good morning a. shocking turn of events, carrie fisher's mother,
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debbie ren knolls died. she was a major star, fee cured in films like "singing in the rain." she was reportedly covering her daughter's funeral and her son said it led to her death and she wanted to be with her daughter carrie. >> reporter: debbie reynolds's son confirms she has passed agree away at 84, a day after the death of her daughter, carrie fisher. reynolds's sons, todd, saying she's with carrie now. rep knoreynolds was rushed to t hospital with breathing problems. she had been at her son's home, someone called 911. reynolds's career spanned nearly seven decades. [ music playing ] >> reporter: including some of the most iconic films of the 20th nt
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royalty, the first wife of pop megastar eddie fisher who divorced reynolds and married her beth friend elizabeth taylor. >> i don't choose well. i don't blame anybody but myself. i seem to have very poor taste in men. >> reporter: sipping in the rain made her famous in 1992, casting the 19-year-old alongside song and dance veteran gene kelly and donald o'connor. >> they had been dancing 30 years. i was dancing for three months. so i was hysterical. >> reporter: decades later, her daughter would become princess leah, reynolds thanked fans for their support and condoll lepss. i am grateful to be your thoughts and prayers that are guiding hsu tore her next stop. ren knolls is being remembered by fans as unsinkable and a hard act to
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>> debbie reynolds died at age 84, no word yet if there will be a dual mother/daughter funeral. meanwhile, tributes pour in for carrie fisher, honoring the actress with a lightsaber vigil in disneyland. it's shaping up to be the first major storm of the winter season. bonn fisnoider joins us with details. >> we have the advantage under way, big snow, possibly up to two feet in some areas, isolated areas. here's the way it breaks down, rain develops along the front to the south. then coastal weather develops, that's why we are calling this a nor'easter. keep in my opinion, it's more a rain event. long island, we'll be watching for that heavy snow though to build in tonight and tomorrow. behind the system, it will be a fast mover, that cold air will come in over the warm watef
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that will also be significant so a stormy day for a good portion of the east. >> 68thing word from the outgoing secretary of state john kerry directed at israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, following days of heated debate over the west bank settlement controversial vote. israel's leader is fighting back, looking past the current administration. andrea mitchell has details. >> reporter: getting personal. a fiery war of words between secretary of state john kerry and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu, with president-elect trump all in. >> friends need to tell each other the hard truths. and friendships require mutual respect. >> is wale rales do not need to be lectured by the importance of peace by foreign leaders. >> reporter: in anas
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the palestinianer, west bank and east jurnlgs will place the palestinian state and peace in serious jeopardy. >> this current coalition is the most right wing in israeli history with an agenda driven by the most extreme elements. >> reporter: and in an exclusive interview with nbc news, kerry denying the u.s. ork straight. you did not orchestrate or push it? >> no, we recruited nobody as an alternative. those four countries that ultimately brought it to the floor did so absolutely on their own. >> reporter: barely two hours later, netanyahu saying that was untrue. >> we have it on incontestable evidence, the united states organized, advanced and brought this russian to the united nations security
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incoming organization. >> reporter: donald trump tweeted, stay strong, israel, january 20th is fast approaching. reuters is reporting israel's attorney general ordered police to to open a special investigation. the prime minister's office has no immediate response to orders open this reported. well, this morning, a phone call may be causing recent tension between president obama and politic trump. there has been a war of words over the last several days, with trump criticizing the president repeatedly, following obama's comments on the election when esaid he could have beaten trump in a hypothetical matchup. >> if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilize a majority of the american people to mobilize behind it. >>
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best to disregard the many inflammatory road blocks. now staffs tell us a positive phone call has been held between the two and both leaders expect to speak more in the weeks leading up to the inauguration with trump showing a very different change in thrown. >> he call me. we had a very, very good talk about generally about things. he was in hawaii and it was a very, very nice call and i actually thought we covered a lot of territory a. lot of good territory. our staffs are getting along very well. i'm getting along very well with him other than a couple statements. >> today trump is taking a victory lapse after relocating jobs back from quote other countries. this despite a sprint spokesman saying the jobs are a part of
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with the owner of one bank and one webb over three weeks ago. that as she flampgd by boxing promoter don king to look past the russian interference him when asked about senators proposed sanctions against russia and vladimir putin over those cybersecurity broochs, trump struck the freneed to mov forward. >> i think we need to move forward. i think the computers have complicated lives very greatly t. whole age of the computer has made it where nobody knows what's going on. we have speed and a lot of other things. i'm not sure you have the security you need. >> we are learning from senior u.s. officials president obama is preparing to penalize russia for that alleged interference in the 2016 election. those sanctions could begin as early as today. russia repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. authorities are
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notify family members of two soldiers killed in a apache helicopter crash. they were performing a military operation and the helicopter broke apart midair. an investigation is still under way. >> all we know is that our pilots are highly trained, highly kraufld, veterans flying this aircraft for many years. >> the soldiers' names have not been released. three california teens on vacation with their families in the florida keys are counting their blessings today. their rented fishing boat capsized about two-and-a-half miles out in the atlantic on witness. the boys were able to climb on the hull of the boat. they waved to passing votes to no avail. up with one of the teens had a cell phone and called 911. >> 9 learn, what'sr
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on the ground, we flipped a boat. >> thankfully, help got to the buys less than three hours after that call. china is taking landmarks to new heights, opening the world's highest bridge. can you see it right here. it livings two southwest china provinces rising nearly a third of a mile above the valley, which is the height of about a 200 story building. construction started back if 2013 and cost $150 million u.s. dollars. workers take advantage of unshedding memories of 2016. details next. first, bonnie schneider is back with a look at your thursday. >> we are tracking this big snowstorm that will bring heavy snow to new hampshire and maine. elsewhere across the country, still mild. a couple storms near
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cool, comfortable. that's look at the big weather story of the day. now, here's a closer look at the day ahead. temperatures are really cold in the northern plains, minneapolis at 31. to the south, still above normal for dallas. temperatures in the upper 50s, 61 in shreveport. what a contrast with the mild south that we have and the snowstorm brewing in nothinged. mellissa. >> thank you. just ahead, millions in bribes at the u.s. border are covered. that's just the beginning. you are watching "early today." . ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit
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more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper >> as we bid farewell to 2016, many are saying good rid dance to negativity. in new york's time's square, people reflect on ruined relationships or whatever they want to put behind them, write it down,
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forget it. ready to start fresh in 2017. well, fists were flying at a south florida shopping mill. a shopping store manager punched it out. the station in miami got the video. it is unclear what prompted wednesday's smackdown but ended up in blows. the shopper visiting from switzerland threw water to the manager's face in the steve maddon store. the manager responded with punches, then this happened. >> you have to degrade me. i am going to show you. >> an eyewitness showed it was appeared that the shopper was upset the store was closing. the enemy within bore a whole within the u.s. border. an internal agency do you mean found over the last ten
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almost 200 employees and contractors from homeland security have taken nearly $15 million in bribes. officials were paid to look the other way as tons of drugs and immigrants were smuggled into the u.s. just ahead, a $750 lawsuit from the brother of sean benet ramsey. next, predicting danger before it happens, a frightening accident all caught on tape. you are watching "early today." she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters. this is what i'm talking about. look at that. sticks to this better than it sticks to lulu. that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? (laughing) trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffering.
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>> in today's quick hit, thousands of viewers aeagerly awaiting the birth of a wild eagle. ford is updating its fusion hybrid at the consumer show of electronics last woke. it has a brain located in the trunk that analyzes more data in an hour than the average smartphone user would use in 45 years. a large donald trump rooster is outside a mall in china. how close does the statue represent the president-elect? we'll let you decide. it's technology that can save millions of lives t. dash cam capturing the
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an auto pilot model predicted a crash right in front of it moments before the actual collision. the family inside credits it for reacting before they even had time to think. >> reporter: dash-cam video shows a self driving tesla cruising down a netherlands highway when a safety alert is activated and the model x engages the brakes before the driver can react t. family of five inside the tesla avoiding the collision. >> the car reacted much faster than we would have. >> reporter: the driver says his video shows the car engaged in auto pilot, stopping before he knew there was trouble. equipped with the latest ra daer technology, tesla's model s appears to have braked, though the car in front of it mape tained its speeds. >> it's one of the main reasons i will use it because of the
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under fire when a driver was killed in a florida collision earlier this year, but this driver says his family is safe, thanks to his self driving car braking away from trouble. mikel almaguer, nbc news. just ahead, up with of these two men were named the most admirable man of 2016. we'll tell you who that is coming up introducing, new olay eyes. eyes shouldn't show your age, they should express how you feel.
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. it was on christmas day 20 years ago that jean benay ramsey was found murdered. now a huge lawsuit has been filed by cbs and others by her brother who says he has been falsely accused. >> reporter: it's a $750 million lawsuit stemming from this two-part cbs special that aired in september a. panel of investigators suggestin that burke ramsay, the brother of john bejon benet ramsey. in the show, investigators theorizing that burke may have killed herbie hitting her possibly with a flashlight. cbs saying in accept, it stand by the broadcast and will do so
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he filed a $150 lawsuit against a forensic path option. burke ramsay has been the suspect of several high profile programs. interviewed in september by dr. phil on his program, where burke was asked if he killed jon benet. >> there still are people that believe that you killed your sister. what do you say about that? >> look at the evidence or the lack thereof. >> since her murder on christmas, 1996, investigators investigated the possibility that jon benet was killed by an intruder that left a ransom note. 20 years later, plans for further dna testing that may once and for all solve this case. more "doing chores for mom" per roll
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zinke. right now on news4 today. weather alert. cold temperatures and rain combining for an icy commute for parts of our region. plus saying good-bye to another hollywood start, debbie reynolds passes away hours after her daughter's death. and a new clue for the search of a missing man. a woman caught on camera using his credit card. unexpected aperns. the president-elect hold a late-night talk with reporters. we'll tell you what he said coming up. it is 4:26. good morning i'm erin gill
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here joining us in for chuck bell because some of our viewers may be seeing some snow this morning. >> the good news, most of us including the d.c. metro area, we're only talking about rain. but we're under a storm team 4 weather alert. take a look at the winter weather advisory. if you're in purple you could be dealing with a wintry mix until 9:00 a.m. at the at the least. a little snow is on parts of the radar up in hagerstown and fred rick and the i-81 corridor. but again most of us just wet roads. you can see what i'm talking about, snow in parts of washington, frederic, carol counties, up around baltimore. we're going to send it over to jack. is this weather impacting
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>> we have a live shot of 270. when i drove through earlier it wasn't like this. we've got a nice sheen on the roadway. hopefully folks are not overdriving these conditions was we've got potential for freezing temperatures. there's work done in the northbound that has been blocking the lane. but here we're dealing with precipitation around the area. for the most part it has been very very quiet through the overnight and hopefully we won't have big issues this morning. back to you. ♪ another bright star in hollywood dimmed this morning. 84-year-old actress debbie reynolds is dead. reynolds died yesterday afternoon in california >> she was at her son's home making funeral arngts for her daughter carrie fisher who died on tuesday. we have a look at her life and
4:29 am
>> debbie reynolds was the quintessential hollywood star appearing on screen for seven decades. now reynolds has died at 84 while mourning the death of her beloved daughter carrie fisher. in the video from tmz, an ambulance is seen leaving reynolds son's home on wednesday afternoon. she was there making funeral arrangements for her daughter. ♪ it's that song and film that made reynolds famous in 1952. "singing in the rain" is what would come to be known as the classic movie musical. she won the beauty pageant four years earlier. she was quickly signed to a contract. also cast as the wholesome isn't, she starred in 20 films in the '50s and 60
4:30 am
>> i can be anybody. >> the unthinkable molly brown brought an oscar nomination. >> nothing is going to get me down. >> but as her career soared, her personal life suffered. a high profile marriage brought two children but it ended in a bitter divorce, the first of three marriages. when movie roles diminished in the '70s, reynolds took her talent to the stage. for debbie reynolds, her home on stage and screen made her one of the most versatile performers. >> this morning, carrie sister's half sister tweeted this, some of the magic people have left the tribe. for the moment i'm inconsolable. >> people laid flowers and took pictures honoring the legend. >> and her son releasing a statement saying that quote she missed her daughter and wanted


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