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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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midnight. stay with us, news4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. right now on news 4 today, a storm team 4 weather alert. cold temperatures and rain combining for an icy commute for parts of the region. plus, saying good-bye to another hollywood star. den by reynolds passes away just hours after her daughter's death. and a new clue in the search for a missing man when a woman is caught on camera using his credit card. the plea for help from his family. it is 5:00. good morning. i'm aaron gill crest. >> amelia draper is in for chuck bell. red graphics means weather alert for us. >> here's why. take a look at the winter weather advisory. all of the counties in purple,
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counties are under a winter weather advisory until 9:00 a.m. this morning. if you're not in purn l, good news. you're only dealing with wet roads versus some slick roads this morning. but in areas like winchester, hagerstown and frederick, i've gotten some reports of light snow this morning. i can't rule out sleet. i'm not seeing a huge concern for freezing rain. the surface temperatures are a little too warm. can't rule out the slick spots if you're in the winter weather advisory. where you're seeing the bright colors, this is not heavy rain. it's actually melting snowflakes. we want to hear about the snow melting into rain as it falls to the ground. a little white in parts of frederick and well north of baltimore. we'll continue to track showers until 8, 9 a.m. currently at
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it's not about the rain this afternoon but more about the winds. for now over to jack taylor for a check of the roads. >>. thank you. as you've been describing it could be the potential for a rough commute to the north and the west. a look at the map, most of the precipitation is rolling through the area. i-70 southbound headed toward frederick, we have a vehicle on the side. everything is on the should are. our crash 15 north bound on mt. zion, one did spin out but has gotten himself back on the roadway and moved op. be careful if you're headed out with the potential for slick conditions. ♪ another bright star in hollywood is dimmed this morning. 84-year-old actress debbie reynolds, mother of carrie fisher is dead. >> she was at her son's home
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making the funeral arrangements for her daughter carrie fisher who died on tuesday. chris pallone has a look at reynolds life and legacy on the big screen. >> debbie reynolds was the quintessential hollywood star appearing on stage and screen for nearly seven decades. now in a twist, ho reynolds has died at 84 while mourning the death of her beloved daughter carrie fisher. in this video from tmz, an ambulance is seen leaving reynolds son's home wednesday afternoon. she was this making funeral arrangements for her daughter. it was that song that maim reynolds famous in 1952. 'sing in the rain" came to be known as the classic movie musical. the texas native won the miss burbank beauty pageant four years early. he was quickly signed to a contract.
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often cast as the wholesome innocent, she starred in 20 films in the 1950s and '60s. tammy and the bachelor gave her a hit song. the unthinkable molly brown brought an oscar nomination. >> nothing is going to get me down. >> but her personal life suffered. a high profile marriage to eddie fisher brought two children but it ended in a bitter divorce, the first of three failed marriages. when movie roles diminished in the '70s, reynolds took her talent to the stage on broadway and elsewhere. her homes both on stage and on screen made her one of hollywood's most versatile performers. >> now fans also gathered around debbie reynolds star on the hollywood walk of fame last night. >> her son todd also releasing a statement saying quote she missed her daughter and wanted to be with her very much. and from what we
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suffered a stroke and that happened, i think, just 15 minutes, todd said, after she -- >> before they called the ambulance. >> and before she said those words. and i can't imagine a parent ever thinking that they would outlive their children and the grief being so much. >> just too much -- you can die of a broken heart and it seems as though, you know, something like that may have played a role here. much more as we continue to broadcast this morning. >> breaking news for you, a deputy and a man in the hospital in maryland right now. they shot each other in charlestown, last night. the sheriff's office says there was a call for a domestic disturbance and when they got there, the man started firing on the deputy with a shotgun and the deputy shot back. the deputy is in critical condition. the sheriff's office didn't say what condition the suspect was in this morning. developing this morning,
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montgomery police, searching for this man, john donohoe. now police are looking for a woman who used his credit card. justin finch has more on the latest twist in this investigation. good morning. >> reporter: donohoe was last seen where we're at now. and now word his credit card has been used and there's surveillance video of a woman using and this morning the police are trying to track her down. he was seen on december 22nd using donohoe's credit card. the montgomery police releasing video showing her in a checkout line with a small child at her side. records tie her to $700 in charges including a target and beauty supply shop. donohoe is 36 years old and his
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information will come forward. >> he didn't take any bags with him or anything to our knowledge. we have not been able to reach him on his phone. and he just know about these -- this credit card. >> reporter: and police are also searching for donohoe's 2011 chevy black equinox suv. danah ho is 5'11", slim build, dark hair and a mustache. take a look at your tv screen here. d.c. police are asking for you help to find this critically missing teenager. they say 0 shanna pittman has been gone for six days. he was last seen near the benning road metro station, wearing a green and
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pink boots at the time. new details in the rescue of a 71-year-old woman and her great granddaughter that went missing on christmas eve. barbara briely is listed in sere yois condition after being stuck in the woods for several days. last night investigators towed her car from the woods. they say she was found unconscious 50 yards from the swreek. the 5-year-old girl is okay. police believe that earlier in the week the great grandmother turned down a private road, ran other a small tree and that got her stuck. she and the 5-year-old girl spent several days in the woods in the dunwoody area. they had last been seen on saturday. the two were driving from new jersey to north carolina. court documents are helping to piece together what happened to a d.c. yoga instructor, tricia mccauley. one thing that remains a mystery is when and how she came in
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there's a gap in the time line. when tricia left her home to head to a party. in the next 24 hours johnson was seen in two areas of northwest d.c. on security cameras. the grim court testimony yesterday was a lot for her loved ones to bear. >> if there's any possibility that this guy gets released again, i can't live with it. >> police say that johnson had been ordered to wear a gps monitoring bracelet for a prior arrest but he never did. new video this morning of a different kind of food fight. what caused this brawl in the drive through lane. and rain prompting a weather alert for some of you this morning. amelia draper working on refining the forecast. another check wither right h
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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all right. it is a weather alert day for us. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper tracking. look at the pink stuff on the radar. >> so notice frederick, and now even in parts of northern montgomery county picking up on the potential of wet snow. either seeing rain or a melting snowflake right now. temperatures kind of hovering above freezing. that's good news for pavement temperatures. most of us dealing with the wet roads this morning. but if you're in
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washington counties, the panhandle of west virginia can't rule out the slick spots. we're under a weather alert until 7:00 a.m. this morning. in d.c. metro, it's rain only this morning. it's cloudy by lunchtime and afternoon sunshine. but windy this afternoon with the high of 51. you want the umbrella and the warm jacket today. this evening, windy, cool and dry with temperatures in the low 40s. taking a look at your new year's eve planner at 5:21. for now over to jack. the problem is getting hout of hagerstown headed toward frederi frederick. a vehicle overturned on its side again with the roadways slick. the right lane of 2 is blocked at the scene. we've already got a big of a big slowdown. here's passing manassas, this is 66 riding through that stretch.
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issue on the road. but as we've been telling you, there's adverse weather in the north and the west. be careful if this is where you are. it's 5:14 right now it was another heartbreaking night on social media following the news of debbie reynolds death, coming one day after carrie fisher died. stars flooded social media with pictures like that. singer miley cyrus made her want to hug her momma and never let go. bree larson posted a picture of the candles that she lit to honor reynolds and fisher. ellen degeneres says she can't imagine what the actresses families are going through this week. very sad. and one actor wrote there is nothing harder than having to bury a child. debbie died of a broken heart. maryland governor larry hogan orders flags to beo
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first class allen brown. he was injured by a suicide bomber in afghanistan last month. he died this month while being treated at walter reid medical center. two other u.s. service members and two american contractors were killed in the november blast. we have different views. we have to have peace. i think it set us back. but we're going to see what happens after january 20th. i think you're going to be very impressed. >> as president-elect donald trump at his florida estate last night with boxing promoter don king. and what you just heard was trump speaking about the israel-palestine conflict. con king saying that trump is a leader who can make peace happen. this appearance coming hours of john kerry harshly criticized
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israeli setmentmetlements on on west bank. kerry continued to call on israelis and palestinians to negotiate a peace plan. the president-elect said that kerry's comments set us back and that we have to have peace. the convicted emanuel ame shooter dylan roof will represent him during the penalty phase of his trial. he was found guilty of killing nine people. the federal government is pursuing the death penalty. he does not plan to call witnesses on his behalf but he's planning to give an opening statement. new this morning, okay, so the kids are enjoying their winter break. but don't let them forget about thash schoolwork. kids' math knowledge in preschool may predict their later achievement. researchers tested preschoolers in six areas of
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those who scored high in patterns, comparing quantities and counting tended to do well in fifth grade. but the preschoolers understanding of shapes, written numbers and calculating have less of an impact on their future math skills. you might want to cover our child's eyes and ears for this one. netflix is helping important parents on new year's eve launching a whole new set of countdowns so the parents can let their kids ring in the new year earlier than midnight. it's a different kind of kiss to ring in the new year. final preps underway in pennsylvania for the annual hershey kiss drop on new year's eve. >> hershey company engineers tested the giant kiss on wednesday. this candy stads
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weighing in at 300 pounds. i will drop at midnight this weekend to usher in 2017. hispanic last names are becoming more common. the census bureau released their list of recurring sur names. six of on the list were hispanic origins replacing the last name taylor and thomas. smith, johnson and jones still remain the most common last names. >> smith, johnson, yeah. let's get a look at the forecast this morning. it's thursday and some folks are dealing with not so pleasant weather. >> amelia draper is tracking it all from the storm team 4 weather center. >> yeah, guys.
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william county. they said there was a little bit of sleet in their neighborhood but traveling along 66 into the district just dealing with wet roads for them. now take a look at storm team 4 radar. i'm picking up snow now around leesburg, parts of northern montgomery county, up into parts of frederick and hagerstown still reporting light snow. now where you're seeing all of the yellow and orange, this is not heavy rain. this is actually snow that's melting and as the rare beam picks that up, it makes it look really bright. it's melting into rain or maybe even a little bit of sleet and snowflakes out there. but for the most part, here in the d.c. metro area i'm only gets reports of rain and wet roads this morning. but we're dealing with showers for the morning hours. we're going to have rain until 9:00 a.m. keep that in mind if you're traveling early today. but by the afternoon we're having sunshine
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about the winds. it's going to be windy later today with a high around 51 degrees. look at your wind forecast. this morning, not a problem. this morning it's about the rain and the wintry mix north and west of town. tomorrow it will be windy. for new year's eve, temperatures in the mid-40s to 30s. it's dry as we ring in 2017. for the redskins game there is a chance of rain showers by the time the game is winding down. take a look at the next 10 days. tomorrow 42 but again that feels like 20s and 30s with the winds. 46 on saturday, dry, maybe an isolated shower early on sunday and then a chance of evening showers on sunday. but it's looking rainy on monday. what's the latest with the roads and the wintry mix we're dealing with? what we're hearing, especially as you've been describing the north and west suburbs, coming 0 it of hagerstown and frederick, the early accident,
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find it tough moving from south mountain to meyersville. the red stuff up north of the 70 icon, that is the crash. now we'll get a live look, we've got a camera in mt. airy. that shot shows us what we can find with the wet roadways. adverse conditions. please be very careful if you're headed out early this morning. a warning for metro riders. car windows smashed after being left outside a station. where it happened and the people police want you to look out for. take a look at this, in a drive through. what caused customers to get out of their cars a we'll tell ndyo
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this lady went out of her
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driver. check out this video from florida. st. petersburg police say the woman in the dark car cut off another woman on the road. the other woman followed her into the drive through, got her and slapped her. >> oh my word. >> and then she got back in her car, backed out and drove away. she walks over to the window. police are considering this a case of road rage. >> my goodness. >> wow. which celebrity would you like to live next door to? according to the celebrity neighbor survey. >> because there is such a thing. >> the obamas take the top spot. >> and they're going to bei staying in the area for a little while of president obama leaves the office. coming in second place dewayne the rock johnson and chip and joanna gaines. the leastsi
5:26 am
the beebs, justin bieber. nobody wants to live next to him. it's a throwback thursday on the "today" show this morning. their first. by wrangler is coming back with handler bill. last year the "today" show raised its first puppy with a purpose. >> he's become a guide dog. >> we were in the room that first night and wrangler is licking my face and putting a paw in my lap and then a paw on my shoulder. we hit the bond quickly. >> a great story. he's a big boy. you can see the pair at 7:00 a.m. this morning on the "today" show right after news4 today. 5:26. sit a storm team 4 weather alert day here. we're out on the roads getting you prepared. where you should be seeing snow on your
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school bus driver arrested after falling asleep at the wheel and now we're learning drugs he admitted to taking befor
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it is 5:29. here are your four things to know.
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84-year-old actress debbie reynolds is dead. reynolds was staying at her son's home in california for a while making funeral arrangements for her daughter. this morning the search is on for a woman seen using a missing man's credit card. john donohoe disappeared two weeks ago. coming up news4 justin finch is going to have a live report for us on the latest twist in the investigation. a 71-year-old woman in serious condition after being rescued from the woods south of richmond. the woman and her 5-year-old great granddaughter had been missing since christmas eve. more than four dozen cars and trucks had windows smashed out at the green belt metro station. transit police think it happened early yesterday morning. they're looking for the people in these images. good morning, i'm aaron gillcrest. it's a storm team4 weather alert day. >> amelia draper in for chuck
5:31 am
it. cold temperatures and falling stuff from the sky. >> a little bit of snow out there. i'm getting reports of snow up around hagerstown, frederick, leesburg and montgomery county was e as well. i want to show you the storm team4 radar right now. you can see the white in frederick and then north of baltimore. and then potentially what looks like some heavy rain in the d.c. metro area, this is actually snow melting to rain. just falling as rain here in the d.c. metro area. and for most of us inside the yellow circle, to the east, it is only rain in this morning. but north and west, there could be some slick spots out there. one of our producers e-mailing me that frederick county where i have gotten some reports of the snow the last few hours will be hoping all g
5:32 am
this morning. new year's eve, it's going to be dry, mid 40s to upper 30s. jack, any updates on the roads north and west of town right now? well for now i guess maybe we're scaring them off which is good if they're going to slow down it will be perfect. i. 70 moving toward frederick, so beyond south mountain and the rest area a vehicle did overturn, on the right side of the roadway. we have the right lane closed a the the scene. a new crash on 550, another vehicle rolled over. you're going to find heavy traffic rolling through the area. at this stretch, again 550 northbound up at bub lynn road. in the north and the west, slow down, please. kour top story this morning, the death of debbie reynolds. the mother of star wars actress carrie fisher who died on tuesday. reynolds is consied
5:33 am
royalty. her career spanned seven decades and included films like sing in the rain and the unthinkable molly brown. he was at her son's home making funeral arrangements for her daughter. her last words with were that she wanted to be with her daughter. he was 84 years old. new this morning, montgomery country in police are squg for you help to find this woman. clark was last seen at a group home last night. she's 22 years sold. she could be in emotional or physical trouble. please call police if you've seen her or know anything about her. police in virginia are searching for a possible serial armed rob rer. poli police say the same man may have robbed five 7-eleven stores and a dunkin'
5:34 am
cigarettes in each case. police say he's likely between the ages of 18 and 24 and is driving a chrysler 300. a cash reward for information that leads to an arrest. this man, 27-year-old carl depuy is being held in jail without bond accused of shooting two teens yesterday morning. the teen boys were able to tell deputies where to find their accused shooter. no word on their conditions or possible motive. a man has been banned from using united airlines for the rest of his life. court filing obtained by the i team show that air marshals had to restreain matter seaver. he allegedly assaulted a flight attendant when the attendant took alcohol from him. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge yesterday. the beltway in northern virginia has seen an increase in traffic recently and
5:35 am
lanes. the highest tolls are between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning and 5:00 and 6:00 at night. but if you travel outside of those times you could save between 33% and 60% on your trip. some drivers say they don't care about the price of the toll and that the promise of a speedy commute is worth the price. 5:35 right now. a family will enter the new year in a clean safe house. >> a local cleaning company is removing mold from the home free of charge. the family has been living in the home for a couple of yiers now and in that time they've experienced a lot of upper respiratory issues and they've got a new baby on the way. so the davis es knew it was time to get it checked out but they didn't have the money to get the problem fixed. so the cleaning company stepped in and did it for them. 20 years after her death, jonbenet ramsey's
5:36 am
in the spotlight. details on the multimillion dollar lawsuit her brother filed. car windows smashed at a metro station. and another update on the weather alert day. the roads are wet and we have a few warnings before you head out th
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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you are running out of time to get your hands on one of the most famous sandwiches in the road. carnegie deli closes its doors for good tomorrow. it's been more packed than usual and fans an food d foodies order sandwiches there. it happened in 1937. >> i never had a pastrami sandwich until i moved to this area. it's a new york thing. mel, have you ever had one? >> i can't even think right now. to be honest. my favorite deli sandwich is a cuban. and if anybody is watching right now and can point me in the direction of a great cuban sandwich, i'm heading there this afternoon. you guys are welcome to join me for lunch. we're under a storm team4 weather alert this morning, tracking the potential of a wintry mix in spots
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around in frederick and leesburg. we're talking to adam who is going to bring a live report in a few moments. he left washington twafling toward the outlets, only a steady rain. not picking up snow or sleet. mainly just wet roads out there. fredericks is right around freezing, leesburg, annapolis, all well above freezing. snow might be falling but as it hits the ground for the most part, just wet roads. later today it's about the winds, tomorrow as well. jack and we are seeing some snow on cameras across the area. that's what you're saying, north and to the west. unfortunately that could slow things down. but we have enough head's up where you can plan ahead, give yourself a few extra minutes. this is where you can see the snow is across the roadway. maryland state authorities are busy. also we've had issues on
5:41 am
after south mountain and the rest area before 17. they're delayed right now because of a vehicle on its side blocking the left lane. aaron, erica back to you. asleep behind the wheel, new details about what a school bus driver admitted to driving before driving kids home from class. a high-tech warning caught on camera. how
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it is 5: 4. here are the top stories we're working on for you. debbie reynolds has died. the actress passed away while planning a funeral for her daughter carrie fisher. a woman seen on surveillance video using john donohoe's credit card last week. he hasn't been seen since mid december. waking up to wet roads and a little snow n
5:45 am
i'm updating the forecast coming up. we're watching the roads. jack taylor will have warnings for you. first though we check in with news4's adam tusk. he's on the roads right now and joins us by phone. >> reporter: yeah we just got off 270 now passing the frederick area and it's ban steady stream of cold rain here. but definitely a chill out there. you want to be careful as you're heading around. a lot of road spray. you heard amelia say areas north and west of the city are seeing snow. haven't seen that in the frederick area but we're going to keep an eye out for that. it's a little slick in morning. you've got to give yourself a little extra time and road spray is the big issue as you get out and about. extra caution. we're driving around were going to check out the conditions for you all morning and get you prepared as you head
5:46 am
road. more than four dozen cars and trucks in prince george's county with their windows smashed out. transit police say the damage happened between 4:00 and just before 5:00 yesterday morning before the station opened and now they're looking for the people you say in the surveillance images. metro says there's no reports of stolen items, just costly damage. more than 20 years now since the murder case of jonbenet ramsey dominated the news, the child beauty bad gentleman star was found dead in the basement of the family's colorado home in 1996. no one has been charged with the crime and now her brother is suing cbs and others for $750 million. burke ramsey says his reputation was ruined by a tv series. he's also suing a forensic pathologist from that series who said that ramally
5:47 am
sister to death. he was clear in 2008 based on dna evidence. a connecticut school bus driver now admits he took methadone and nyquil before getting behind the wheel. students on the bus snapped pictures of the driver falling asleep behind the wheel early earlier this month. one of the students on board said they were all really scare. >> like almost hit the back of the bus. and that's when everybody starting yelling and screaming "wake up." she started yelling back at us. we us confused and scared. if anybody was going to get hurt. >> can you imagine being a parent of one of those children. the school district says the driver is never going to drive one of their buses again and he's facing more than a dozen charges. technology likely saved a family inside this tesla model x in the netherlands. a dash cam captured the moment tha
5:48 am
preticketed a crash in front of the car moments before the actual collision. you see it there. the driver said the tesla reacted before he had time to think or process what was going on. tesla has come under fire earlier this year when a driver in florida using that autopilot feature was killed in a crash. takata's defective air bags could cost the air bag supplier a million dollars. they're close to reaching a deal that could have the company pleading guilty to criminal misconduct and paying a $1 billion fine. that according to sources who talked to "the wall street journal" takata declining to comment to cnbc. defek ty air bags have been linked to 11 death answer endozens of injuries in the united states. big developments about a crashed military plane. this morning russian officials said that search crews are
5:49 am
victims' body and the pieces of the plane. a military official says there's no evidence of an explosion on board. terrorism was ruled out as a possible cause of the crash. developing now as early as today the united states could retaliate against russia. seen your u.s. officials told nbc news they're planning to slap russia with economic sanctions. . this is a direct response to the reports that russian hackers interfered with the election. those same-sexes could happen today or tomorrow. the obama administration has accused the russian government of directing the attacks. russia's government claims it was not involved. an about face from president-elect trump after more tough talk on twitter. he spoke to reporters last night abthe very nice talk he had with president obama. >> edward lawrence joining us live with more. >> president-elect donald trump saying that it's the on-again, off-again relationship
5:50 am
again saying he had a nice conversation as you heard with president obama and now things have been smoothed over. the transition spokesman said that not every transition is 100% smooth but the new administration and current administration have much rale respect for one another. >> tell me about this, is it an award, an honor that president obama beating donald trump out in 2016? what is that about? >> we'll have to wait and see if the tweets come out about this. president obama actually was awarded the most admired person of 2016. it's a gallop poll that's taking place. an open ended question as to who is the most admired person. there's in one answer given. president obama got 22%, president-elect donald trump got 15%. incidentally the most admired woman was hillary clinton. she won for the 15th straight time. >> edward lawrence on capitol hill for us this
5:51 am
storm team4 weather alert day around here. let's check in with meteorologist amelia draper. >> storm team4 weather alert this morning. mainly in areas of frederick and washington counties where we're continuing to pick up a little bit of snow in spots. right around the fredache area we're only seeing rain and you could see the last frame of the radar. really good news. temperatures slowly warming so the pockets of snow, maybe a little bit of sleet continuing to diminish. here's the thing. everyone is dealing with wet roads this morning. if you're out traveling, please keep that in mind. the white here up around 15, potentially still a little light snow falling. but you can see, up around baltimore, just seeing rain showers right now. and most of the area continuing to see rain showers. however, look back to the west, areas like petersburg already drying out. a damp
5:52 am
by the afternoon you'll need sunglasses but it's going on the windy as well. one of the days in washington where we have a little bit of everything throughout the day. currently just about everybody coming in well above freezing, great news there. wet roads and 39 degrees in washington. a high today of 51. and after the showers come to an end by 9:00 a.m. at the latest, the clouds start to break up. i'll be updating the forecast on news 4 midday when we'll see the peeks of sunshine. it's going to be windy this afternoon and tomorrow. the winds not too much of a problem this morning but look as what happens in the afternoon and throughout the day tomorrow. it will be windy and tomorrow with the winds it's one of those days where it only feels like we're in the 20s and 30s. as we look ahead to the weekend, new year's eve saturday night, mid-40s and 30s. gloves, scarves if you're going to be standing outside to ring in 2017. dry for the redski
5:53 am
sunday, a chance of showers as the game is winding down. sunday high temperature around 50. we're send it over to jack taylor. based on the radar, good news. mainly wet roads out there right now. exactly. i'm watching to see when your temperature goes above freezing in frederick. now tough conditions moving from hagerstown into frederick. the right lane is blocked off after the rest area in south mountain before 17. it's causing delays. wood borrow, there has been a crash, the vehicle rolled over. be careful. 15 a lot of travel. just be real cautious. around town it's just wet. keep the speeds down. hearing of a crash on the george washington parkway down near the overlook. back to you. it's 5:53 now. as you work on your new year's resoluti resolution, 2017 can be
5:54 am
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payment plan. it can help you save hundreds of dollars on interest charges. mack out your 401(k) contribution. it may i'm like a big hit initially but it's less money you will be taxed on and owe at tax time. it comes down to will power. if you don't like the feeling of drowning in debt only you can take charge of this. head to the nbc washington app and search financial reboot. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. amazon wants to replicate the success of prime day for the one day sale of digital devices. digital day will run for 24 hours only starting tomorrow and there will be discounts up to 50% of apps, e books, games, movies and
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they're hoping to encourage to splurge on them right away. preparations are under way to ensure a safe and fun new year's eve celebration in times square. later today the confetti test will be done before 3,000 pounds of confetti drops down. and new york city leaders will hold a presds conference to discuss safety plans. nearly 1 million people are expected to flock to times square on saturday. getting a little bit down to the wire but the planning for new year's eve, a lot of people are trying to do that. >> i'll be here. in in-laws coming in. i'll be here with you. but a lot of people are planning to party, of course and some d.c. bars are working to make sure that it's safe. 100 bartenders are training under a program called safe bars. it teaches them what they can do when people are making wa
5:57 am
somebody else. so they are taught how to recognize a problem and when, if it's appropriate to step in. >> i think that people need to feel safe all of the time. i think that people should feel comfortable in their own skin. >> the safe bars program involves only two hours in a workshop. one bar owner told us the cost is worth all of those bad situations that it can likely prevent. >> and so some of the training here, they teach these bartenders to offer drunk people water or to physically try to separate people by literally getting between them, which i think can be a little dangerous n . >> it can get a little testy but we encourage you to have a fun time, have a safe time. >> a make good choices. >> my mother always says that. we continue to follow a developing story in montgomery county where a frantic search is under way to find a woman accused using a missing
5:58 am
another shock in hollywood after
5:59 am
month kbomry county, the woman police want to find after he used a missing man's credit card. new disturbing details in the death of a beloved yoga teacher. while the man
6:00 am
tricia mccallie actually killed herself. ♪ shock this morning after the mother of carrie fisher dies one day after her daughter. how the world is remembering debbie reynolds. it is 6:00. good morning. i'm aaron gill crest. >> and i'm erica gonzalez along with amelia draper. people actually stunned over the breaking news last night. >> debbie reynolds, just the latest in a string of notable people who have died in the last week. we heard about her daughter, george michael, alan thicke, zsa zsa gagabor. >> first we want to get to amelia because we're in a wea a


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