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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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say he will meet with leaders of the intelligence community for updates on the situation. russia's government denying interfering with the election. it says it will respond to the sanctions with some of its own and says they could do it as early as today. russia's foreign ministry accused the obama administration of being foreign policy losers who are angry and narrow minded. it's spokesperson says washington was, quote, slapped in the face by its own master referring to the president. news 4's edward lawrence is on capitol hill working on getting us more details on this developing story. we will check in with him in a few minutes. we are also follow a developing story in prince george's county where police are investigating a murder at a home on byers street in capitol heights. last night someone shot a man just before 9:00, he was rushed to the hospital but died. police say they're speaking with people who were inside that house at the time of the shooting. no word yet on a suspect or a
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the pain of losing a loved one is impossible to forget. when one man heard about the murder of a d.c. yoeg da instructor trish is that mccauley he thought about his own daughter. his daughter charn niece milton was 27 years old when she was killed last year. she was walking home from work when she was struck by a bullet meant for someone else. he believes witnesses are reluctant to come forward because he believes the suspect might quickly be out on the streets quickly. he understands why his loved ones are urging the judge to keep her accused killer dwayne johnson locked up. >> i'm not saying we should get rid of the percentees of the justice system, that is why we have judges, but after a judgment has been given the order must be executed. >> johnson's next scheduled court appearance is january 13th. today we will learn how the tsa plans to keep you safe
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staying in town. this morning they will hold a briefing about how many people they expect to fly this new year's weekend. they will also discuss the challenges of protecting people passing through airports that aren't boarding flights. the briefing will happen at the tsa's operation center in arlington. taking a deep breath. >> yes. >> getting ready for the weekend. hearing a lot about the storm in the northeast. is that going to be impacting us here at all? >> there is the ten-day forecast, you can see we don't have any snow on it, guys. if we can hop over to max 1 once again that would be lovely. >> i don't think it0l wants to cooperate. >> i don't think so. it's taking a break for the holiday weekend as well. we had some rain showers around yesterday morning, a bit of a wintry mix, now we are on max 5. a bit of a wintry mix yesterday morning and that was that same system. really low impact on our area. why don't we just send it over to traffic. there we go. okay. what to wear today. you want the warm coat, sunglasses -- >> wee
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keep going. >> i'm going to go to sleep at this point. okay. as we take at your morning planner we are at 37 degrees and we will be around 36 at around 6:00 a.m. it's blustery throughout the day today, with that you will definitely feel the chill. by 10:00 when it's reading 39 degrees it will feel like we are anywhere from 25 to 30. coming up we will be taking a look at the holiday weekend, what you can expect for new year's eve and if you're heading to the redskins game on sunday we will have that forecast as well. for now we will send it over to jack taylor. i guess it's pretty quiet this morning. >> i hope so fingers crossed. it's green on the beltway inner outer look through maryland and virginia, nothing in your way so far to start things off. if you're coming out of frederick be aware we have a little heavier traffic that should build down near 109. it is friday and that holiday pace so far this morning so we will keep it that way for this week and see if we can keep that rolling. 95 in virginia remains very
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from dale city north towards springfield you should find nothing in your way. 4:33. a man now facing murder charges for his role in this deadly crash. it happened in october in southeast. investigators say that lawrence dukes ran a red light and slammed into a metrobus. duke's car burst into flames and his 19-year-old passenger died. police arrested him on wednesday. police say the man who tried to rape a woman at a d.c. hotel is behind bars. they say it happened last month at the grand hyatt hotel in northwest. ernesto mendoza is accused of trying to rape the woman when armed. the woman was able to fight back but as she was running away he grabbed her by the hair and ripped it from her scalp. he is charged with assault with intent to commit sexual abuse. this morning there is a $2,000 award to find whoever shot a dog in the in he can in southeast d.c. the dog survived and is currently receiving treatment. this happened on ay
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stanton road northeast. the owner says she was walking her dog when the suspect yelled at her then shot at the dog. if you have any information contact the humane rescue aligns. an 83-year-old man facing battery charges for going after a salesman with a golf club. the whole thing was caught on cellphone video. this is 83-year-old lindsay owens he has gone to a car sale in florida to claim a promotional prize when the car salesman told owens he was only getting a $5 gift card it didn't go too well with him. yeah, you can tell by the video the elderly man lost t he bumped the salesman with his car, beat him with that golf club. owens was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. today preparations for new year's eve are going to continue in new york city. the famous new year's eve ball will be tested out on one times square. 1 million people will pack times square tomorrow night to ring in
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2017. to help ensure their safety the city is deploying 7,000 officers and bomb sniffing dogs, in addition they will have 65 garbage and sand trucks line the perimeter. it's a precaution after trucks plowed into crowds in berlin and france. we have you covered if you're planning to count down 2017 in dmv. we have filed a list of fun events. two events include one i went to last year, noon yards event, it's noon yards eve at the yards d.c. it is absolutely free, they have a balloon drop and everything. >> that's the afternoon, then. >> yeah, it's in the afternoon so the kids celebrate at noon instead of at midnight and some older people do, too. the first night alexandria will launch fireworks over the potomac, our list also including dining party and new year's day brunch ideas. find the ultimate round up on our nbc washington app. there's first night vienna going
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regardless of where you celebrate new year's eve this is so important please do it safely. in the area if you are in the d.c. area the annual holiday sober ride program will be in effect. they will get you home free of charge and that's for rides up to about $30. a ride that's worth up to $30 when you walk about the fare. just call 1-800-200 taxi for that ride. last year nearly 600 people took advantage this have lifesaving service. actually posted all that information on my facebook page. services like that are very important according to the national highway traffic safety administration nearly half of all traffic deaths that happen on new year's eve involve alcohol. in response to such statistics the fairfax county police created a special unit, they will help spot drunk drivers and get them off the roads. that unit will be out in full force in weekend. police say the work is often perl
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make those notifications to the family which i've done several times and to tell them that their loved one has been killed because of a drunk driver or that they were actually the drunk driver themselves and have lost their lives. >> nine fairfax county officers were hand-picked for that unit. time right now is 4:38 on this friday morning. getting ready for a breezy and chilly end of the year. amelia is tracking what you can expect for the start of 2017 when we come back. following a story developing right now, it's a much different one out north. the dangerous whiteuto
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welcome back at 4:41 op this friday morning. let's get a check of your forecast with amelia draper. >> today we will have high temperatures in the low 40s but it is going to be kind of windy throughout the day today. that's going to make it feel colder outside. 7:00 a.m. we are around 36 degrees, low 40s by lunchtime and we kind of hang out there throughout the afternoon hours but with the winds this afternoon it will feel like we are in the low to mid 30s. tonight clear skies, keeping it dry and around 37. all in all despite the winds the weather having a pretty low impact on your day. traveling today in the immediate area looking good even up and down the east coast, outdoor exercise probably want the long sleeves and a nice warm layer if you're heading out to
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slopes go to wisp they're getting fresh snow today. if you're going shopping or returning holiday items you will want the warm jacket. again it's looking good. i will have a look at new year's eve coming up in ten minutes but for now we will send it over to jack taylor. it's looking good this morning. >> let's keep it that way, please. it is green. beltway quiet inner outer loop through maryland and virginia nothing in your way. decent shape as you try to make the way into the district. we will ride along 295 either direction on the 11th street bridge running without any issue. same on the other side of the water rolling 395 northbound out of spring bound so far nothing wrong. let's see if we can keep it that way we will finish the year out right. a year of deadly police shootings and ambush-style attacks, what a new review is uncovering about violence against officers. developing right now a ceasefire is in effect in syria. how the new agreement is now holding up
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you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back. it's going to be a busy final few days of 2016 for president-elect donald trump's transition team. >> he is still working to fill his cabinet as he deals with fallout from new sanctions against russia. edward lawrence is on capitol hill this morning with the latest. >> edward, trump has praised russia's president in the past could he reverse these sanctions when he takes office? >> this is done by executive order so, yes, all of these executive orders could be undone, however, there's bipartisan support for these sanctions with some members of the congress saying they should actually go farther. president-elect donald trump may be boxed into the corner to keep some or all of these sanctions into place. >> the foreign ministry reacted harshly toth
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is it saying this morning? >> they did come out on twitter and also on facebook with messages the foreign ministry says that they strictly condemn what's happened with these sanctions, they say the sanctions undermine bilateral relations between the u.s. and it will not go unanswered. the russians deny the accusations, dismiss the sanctions and say they will take, quote, counter measures. >> thank you so much. also developing this morning a ceasefire agreement in syria teams to be holding. it's a potential break through to end the country's six-year civil war. russia and turkey negotiated the truce between syria and it's mainstream rebel fighters. if the ceasefire holds it will be followed by peace talks next month. the truce calls comes days after syria regained control of lep poe. critics in the united states say the deal gives russia and iran a stronger foot hold in the station. police are
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camera footage from a deadly shooting. a deputy got into a shootoutñr+ with a man yesterday morning. william hogan was escorting a wambach to her buy friend's house after an earlier fight. james rich came out of the back room with a shotgun. he and the deputies shot at each other and both were hit. deputy hogan was shot in the stomach. he is listed last check in critical condition. time is 4:47. a year-end review is highlighting a sharp rise in the number of ambush-style attacks on police officers. the national law enforcement officer memorial fund says 21 officers were killed in ambushes in 2016. that's the highest total in more than two decades. 64 police officers in all were shot and killed. a 56% increase from last year. now, the surge comes after a string of highly publicized deadly police shootings of african-american men which sparked protests across the country. law enforcement leaders say
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and communities need to improve in 2017. >> but there has been so much negative noise directed towards law enforcement this past year. i'm afraid it's influenced weak minded hate filled individuals to go out and launch these vicious attacks against our officers. >> the name of each officer killed in the line of duty will be added to the national law enforcement officer memorial in the district. they will officially be dedicated at the annual candlelight vigil in may. the baltimore police department has changed its taser policy. officers are no longer allowed to deploy a taser when a person is simply noncompliant. the commissioner said it resulted in officers using it more often. the officers will have to undergo ten hours of training. the baltimore judge denied bail at the center of the first season of this cereal
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sigh he had is fighting for release. he was found guilty in 2000 of killing his high school girlfriend. he was granted a new trial because of unreliable cell tower data used as evidence. the judge denied his new bail request because there is a pending appeal from the prosecutor's office. d.c. police hope this surveillance video will help identify this vehicle. they say the vehicle hit and killed jacquelyn cole. cole was in a crosswalk. d.c. police are asking for your help tracking down a bank robber. the suspect hit the suntrust bank on connecticut avenue northwest near if he is anton street near 4:30 yesterday afternoon. he walked n handed the teller a note and took off. it's not clear if he got any money. police say the man was wearing a bright
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jumpsuit. driving around virginia could soon get a lot easier if you use waze, the navigation app is teaming up with the department of transportation to share information. drivers will have access to more data including construction zones and incidents in the state. today loved ones will say their final good-bye to zsa zsa gabor. funeral services will be held in beverly hills this afternoon. the hungarian born actress died in her l.a. home last sunday from an apparent heart attack. she was 99 years old. right now the same system that's brought us rain and a wintry mix yesterday morning has had a much bigger impact in areas to our north. in pennsylvania snow made roads slick causing a few stents and backups. in maine road crews have been encouraging drivers to say home. one woman in new hampshire tried to drive tro
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ending up spinning out and crashing into an exit sign. she's okay but her car had to be towed away. good news for ski resorts. ski areas across the northeast have been backed. i know somebody who likes to snow board, amelia, that's a fan favorite of yours. >> me, too. >> let's go after the work today. >> i'm really good at the falling leaf, i don't shred it or anything like that. >> as far as snow goes in our area, adam, you were up in frederick yesterday morning, if you could call it snow. >> i would call it slush. >> west is getting some snow. if you're looking to maybe make last minute holiday plans fresh powder out there today might be a good idea to head that way. here in the immediate area it's completely dry, it will be windy today so it's going to add an additional chill. mainly dry for your saturday and sunday, maybe some showers around sunday evening, you want to keep that in mind if you're heading to the redskins day. ay
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with rain showers handy and rain still in the forecast on tuesday. we will start off 2017 with a little rain in the forecast. currently temperatures coming in in the mid to upper 30s. 37 in washington and a high today of 43, but that's going to feel more like low 30s when you factor in the winds. can't rule out a few flurries in the area today, nothing is going to accumulate, it's not going to impact the roads but you might be seeing them floating throughout the air with some streamers. lake effect snowshowers coming off the great lakes. looking to the holiday weekend new year's eve temperatures in the mid 40s to 30s, keeping it dry for the redskins game, again, pack the porchl cho just in case, a chance of showers as the game is wrapping up and traveling looking mainly good with plenty of clouds especially on sunday. tomorrow a little breezy during the afternoon, high of 46, sunday a high of 51, rain likely on monday, i think we will still see rain on tuesday but it's warmer, highs around 60, 61 on wednesday but plenty of clouds and take a
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there is the chance right now of a bit of a wintry mix especially south of washington. which will continue to keep an eye on that. we will send it over to jack taylor now. how is it looking on this friday, jack? >> i like the consistency more on my end than on yours where you have temps fluxing up and down, at this stage i have things moving well on the let bay, inner outer loop, virginia and maryland, nothing wrong. if you're 270 southbound nothing in your way all the way down toward the lane divide and even getting there from frederick south headed south, both directions between the belt ways no issues as you ride between 695 and 495, back into you. a major new auto recall, the problem causing honda to send notices to more than 600,000 minivan owners. >> i know someone who is impacted by that. from flying drones to
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a couple's midair meltdown caused a flight to turn around and now they are both facing charges. happened on a delta flight from minneapolis to l.a. wednesday night. the man who took the cellphone video says it started when a woman tried to use the bathroom right after takeoff. that's when a flight attendant caused her to sit down causing a shouting match. the flight returned to minneapolis, the couple was investigated by the fbi and ticketed for disorderly conduct. you know everybody on that flight was so mad. it took a face for stop a man who took off in a u-haul in arizona. this started with an armed robbery at a phoenix convenience store, the robber flew
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red lights and stop signs, when the chase ended the man got out of the car and appeared to pull a gun, police shot him with a stun gun. honda recalling near 650,000 minivans for a major issue. it impacts the honda odyssey with model year 2011 to 2016. there is a problem with the second row seats which may not lock and could move unexpected during a crash. honda says they discovered the problem through warranty claims. there are no reports of injuries so far. honda is sending out recall notices next month, they will repair the seat levers for free. if you didn't receive the ganlt you want this had holiday season you have a chance today. right now amazon is holding its first ever digital day, it will last 24 hours and promises big discounts on digital content. a one day sale for digital devices. if you order somethg
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amazon is one step closer to driving it by drone. it has been awarded a patent for a giant flying warehouse. the warehouse would be knocked with goods and act as a launch pad with drones. what world do we live in to deliver in minutes. that whole concept if you've seen the movie storks they actually -- there is an animated version of that. we will see if it becomes reality. two more restaurant chains plan to switch to using chicken raised without antibiotics. burger king and tim hortons will switch to antibiotic free chicken. they say they hope to make the change in the u.s. next year, then this canada in 2018. similar moves have been made by mcdonald's and wendy's. an estimated 70% ofti
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ofpoultry. winter weather and gym-timidation. the good news is that you don't have to leave your home to get a good workout in. there's connected equipment like the pelaton bike, it's a stationary bike that has a computer screen on it and it allows you to be in a class while you are at your house. it will give your wallet a workout, too, it costs $2,000. plus $39 a month for a class subscription. there's also affordable on demand subscriptions like beach body. >> the great thing about it is the workout starts when you're ready to work out. >> there are also a lot of workouts a shabl through your smart tv or apps for free. >> time to make a change in the new year. >> i'm all for -- you spend the money as long as you're getting the benefit from it. if you're feeling better, you're
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continues right now at 5:00 a.m. now at 5:00, russia responds. how the kremlin is reacting to new u.s. sanctions as compounds are shut down and diplomats in d.c. are shown the door. good morning on this friday morning. i'm adam tuss alongside angie goff. amelia draper is here with the forecast. we have been on ael record coaster, warm temperatures, cold temperatures, a little bit of everything yesterday and now -- >> maybe a little bit of flurries today, and, like angie is saying blustery out there. it's going to be a cold day when you factor in the winds. we're dry across the area right now but notice those snowshowers coming off the great lakes especially lake erie that could touch off a few flurries in the area. what we're noticing is going to be the winds. not so bad right now, only 10 miles an hour but they will pick up once the sun comes up that's


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