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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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continues right now at 5:00 a.m. now at 5:00, russia responds. how the kremlin is reacting to new u.s. sanctions as compounds are shut down and diplomats in d.c. are shown the door. good morning on this friday morning. i'm adam tuss alongside angie goff. amelia draper is here with the forecast. we have been on ael record coaster, warm temperatures, cold temperatures, a little bit of everything yesterday and now -- >> maybe a little bit of flurries today, and, like angie is saying blustery out there. it's going to be a cold day when you factor in the winds. we're dry across the area right now but notice those snowshowers coming off the great lakes especially lake erie that could touch off a few flurries in the area. what we're noticing is going to be the winds. not so bad right now, only 10 miles an hour but they will pick up once the sun comes up that's
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like temperatures. it's already chilly, feeling 24 in gaithersburg, 31 in the district and 27 in leesburg. i will be tracking out your morning hour by hour coming up in ten minutes but for now i will send it over to jack taylor wtop. >> thank you and frng a. if you are headed out this morning you are in great shape. off to a decent start beltway inner outer loop in virginia, nothing in your way. maryland state police heading out of frederick on 15 southbound headed down toward the split at 340 we have a new reported crash sor9 do be caref just in case that is the normal path of travel, you may find something in your way, it's about the only thing we have happening so far early in morning so take it easy out there >> developing right now sanctions against russia are taking effect. this is the action president obama promised in response to allegations that russia's government interfered with the november election. >> the sanctions target vladimir putin's inner circle, 35
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leave the u.s. the state department froze their assets and banned them from conducting business with americans. u.s. officials are also taking over two russian compounds, forcing everybody to leave by noon today. >> one of them isn't too far from right here, just over the chesapeake bay bridge. news 4's justin finch is at the russian embassy in northwest d.c. what are you seeing there this morning. >> reporter: hey, there, good morning. so far not very busy here but that will likely change over the next few days. at that maryland compound lots of action already as the exhaust has ordered it shut down by noon today. senior intelligence officials tell nbc news that riverside retreat was being used as a hub to spy on the nsa. back in 1972 the soviet union bought that 45-acre queen anne's county compound as a vacation house for diplomats. now after word of these white house sanctions it's become a hype of activity from government
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seen working on power lines more than an hour's drive back here at northwest at the california consulate the clock is ticking for some 35 russian staffers to leave the u.s. this the outgoing president's response to intelligence findings russian cyber attacks were aimed at interfering with the 2016 u.s. elections. >> the obama administration thinks that this hacking of the dnc, this interference in the u.s. elections was done at the highest levels. >> reporter: and back live expect lots of movement possibly this weekend here at this consulate here -- rather station here in northwest d.c. also want to tell you that we're looking looking for that long island new england compound to shut its doors also as well by noon today. russia's government continues to deny interfering with the election. it says it will respond to the sanctions with counter measures as early as today.
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accused the obama administration of being foreign policy losers who are angry and narrow minded. the cia concluded the hacking was to help donald trump win the presidency and trump continues to downplay those allegations. yesterday he released a statement reading in part, quote, it is time for our country to move on to bigger and better things, end quote. the president elect went on to say that he will meet with leaders of the intelligence community for updates on the situation. trump takes office in 20 days. we will have much more on how he's expected to react to those sanctions ahead in a live report from capitol hill. we are following a developing store in prince george's county where police are investigating a murder at a home on byers street in capitol heights. last night someone shot a man just before 9:00. he was rushed to the hospital but died. police say they're speaking with people who were inside the house at the time of the shooting. no word yet on a suspect or a motive. the pain of losing a loved one is impossible to forgot so when one man
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murder of d.c. yoga instructor tricia mccauley he immediately thought about his own daughter. charnice milton was 27 years old when she was killed in 2015. she was walking home from work in d.c. when she was struck for a bullet meant for anybody else. mcclinton believes witnesses are reluctant to come forward because they worry the suspect might quickly be out on the streets again. for that reason he understands why mccauley's loved ones are urging the jud to keep her accused killer dwayne johnson looked up. >> i'm not saying that we should get rid of the mercies of the justice system, that is why we have judges, but after a judgment has been given the order must be executed. >> johnson's next scheduled court appearance in january 13th. today we will learn how the tsa plans to keep you safe this holiday weekend. this morning they will hold a briefing about howa
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year's weekend they will also discuss the challenges of protecting people passing through airports that aren't boarding flights. the briefing will happen at the airport operations center in arlington. a man is facing murder charges for his role in in deadly crash. it happened back in october in southeast d.c. investigators say that lawrence dukes ran a red light and slammed into a metrobus. dukes' car burst into flames and his 19-year-old passenger died. police arrested him on wednesday. police say the man who tried to rape at a woman at a d.c. hotel is behind bars. they say is happened last month in northwest. 18-year-old ernesto mendoza is accused of trying to rape the woman when armed. the woman was able to fight back but as she was running away he grabbed her by the hair and ripped it from her scalp. he is charged with assault with intent to commit sexual abuse. also this morning there is a $2,000 reward to find whoever shot a dog in the neck in southeast d.c. that dog survivedan
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currently receiving treatment. this happened on monday on stanton road southeast. the owner says that she was walking her dog when the suspect yelled at her then shot at the dog. if you have information contact the humane rescue alliance. an 83-year-old man facing battery charges for going after a salesman and beating him with a golf club. now, the whole thing was caught on cellphone video and we have it for you. take a look. 83-year-old lindsay owens, he went to his car at this car sale in florida to claim a promotional prize, this is what happened afterwards. owens found out from the salesman that he was only getting a $5 gift card and he wasn't happy about that. he jumped the salesman with his car as well and beat him with a golf club police say. the salesman was hurt and owens was arrested. today preparations for new year's eve will continue in new york city. the famous new year's eve ball will be tested out on one times square. approximately 1 million people will pack times square tomorrow ni
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now, to help ensure their safety the city is deploying 7,000 officers and bomb sniffing dogs, in addition they're going to have 63 garbage and sand trucks line times square perimeter. it's a a precaution after trucks plowed into crowds in berlin and niece france. we have you covered if you're planning to count down to 2017 in the dmv. >> we have compiled a list of all the fun event going on. two events include the noon yards event, the noon yards eve, the yards d.c. is hosting it and it is all free and the first night alexandria which will launch fireworks over the potomac. our list includes dining parts and new year's day brunch ideas. you can find the ultimate new year's eve round up on our nbc washington app. >> we do want to remind you regardless of where you're celebrating new year's eve please do so safely. if you live in the d.c. area the annual holiday sober ride program will drive you home free
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up to a typical $30 fare. just call x11-800-200-taxi for that ride. last year nearly 600 people took advantage of this lifesaving service. >> also want to remind you services like that that are very, very important because according to the national highway traffic safety administration nearly half of all traffic deaths that happened on new year's eve they involve alcohol. in response to such statistics the fairfax county police created a special unit to help spot drunk drivers and get them off the road. that unit will be out in full force in weekend. police say the work is often personal for many of the team members. >> it's unfortunate to have to make those notifications to the family which i've done several times and to tell them that their loved one has been killed because of a drunk driver or that they were actually the drunk driver themselves and have lost their lives. >> nine fairfax county officers were hand-picked for the unit.
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take a look outside. you might see a few flakes flying in the areaed too. amelia is looking ahead to how you can plan your weekend. close to a foot of snow making travel difficult in the northeast. the redskins already treating sunday's game against the giants like a playoff game but what else is motivating this team?
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the same system that's brought us rain and a wintry mix yesterday morning, that's had a much bigger impact in areas to our north. >> in eerrierie, pennsylvania, ten inches of lake-effect snow are expected today. the snow has made roads slick causing a few accidents and travel backups as you can imagine. >> they can keep it. >> yeah. >> amelia draper here, none of that coming our way, right? >> i'm in full agreement with you. as we talk about lake-effect snow around erie, pennsylvania, we could see a few flurries in our area but that is it, only the chance for some flurries. it will be windy throughout the day today. right now we are at 38 degrees, we will be in the 30s throughout the majority of the morning hours, with the winds even at 10:00 a.m. it will feel like we are between 25 and 30 degrees. all in
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friday. looking for something to do this season head for the slopes. jack, how are the roads? >> we're quiet inner outer loop through maryland and virginia, nothing wrong so far in morning. if you're headed out on 66 coming in from manassas so far the ride is light, making your ride from the rest area headed through centreville continuing toward the beltway should find all travel lanes open. off to a good start if you're headed out. here is another reminder to slow down before you get hit with fines. new speed cameras, yes, they're going up near rockville's town square. the cameras will alert authorities when drivers go more than 25 miles an hour along maryland avenue near south washington street. drivers will receive warnings next week but in february $40 citations will be issued if you are caught speeding. a wild case of road rage in cedar rapids, io
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assumed she made the car in the white car mad when she had to pass to let another car pass. at times it appears the truck is inches away from isn't that correct into the back of the car. police say there was nothing they could do. news for your health this morning alarming numbers out about pot use among high schoolers. in a survey 18% of tenth greaters in washington state say they've smoked marijuana in the last 30 face. recreational use has been legal in washington state since 2012 but the cdc says teens that smoke pot are more likely to use tobacco products, e-cigarettes and alcohol. they are also sharing information about e-cigarettes. 15% of students who had tried disposable. a third said they used e-cigarettes to smoke something other than nicotine.
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found this this time of year triggers a lot of heart attacks, researchers say the combination of emotional stress, money and alcohol can be deadly. even after the holidays depression is on the rise. a separate study shows one in six americans take a psychiatric drug. looking ahead to the new year nbc 4 will be working for you in the community with our free health and fitness expo which is happening next weekend. >> i will be there. >> yes, you will. there will be medical tests and screenings, wellness information and all kinds of demos going on. plus we are going to have a few celebrity appearances. you can see the full list and the schedule up in the nbc washington app. head there now and plan for next weekend, january 7th and 8th at the washington convention center. 5:16. prince george's county leading in madd in rising property values. on average property values in madd went up more than 6%. the new assessment looked at
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750,000 homes in prince george's county. residential property values increased 14%, commercial property values increased 11.5%. win or clean out your locker it's all on the line for the redskins this weekend. as news 4 sports reporter sherry burr shows us, not only do they have to beat the giants the skins need some help to make it to the playoffs. >> reporter: the redskins are not just playing for a spot in the playoffs they tell me it's more than that. they are not ready for the 2016 season to be over. >> you definitely don't want to go home. you're preparing like you're going to have another week. so we're definitely looking to win this football game and play our best football. >> i'm not ready. i'm not ready to take that garbage bag and start cleaning out my locker. i know we have a chance to get in and i know it's up to us to get into this game. if we do get it also up to us. >> our goal is to make the playoff and put ourselves in posn.
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didn't take advantage of early on in the season. >> they know they're already in and they may rest guys, this he may not, but, you know, we're thinking our mindset is they're trying to knock us out so, you know, we've got to bring it. >> we just need to he can to us on what we have to do and everything else will take care of itself like i said. we can't worry about those things. we just have to stay focused, keep our size on everything that's in front of us and continue to play together and play hard, play fast and i believe that everything will fall into place. >> reporter: and that is why the redskins are treating sunday's game like the playoff game with the hopes of making a deep run into january. at redskins park, sherry burris, news 4 sports. >> it's going to be a big game. >> they are all positive. not overconfident but positive. >> the skins need a win and to hope that the packers and lions don't end in a tie. that's kind of rare. >> yeah. i
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a lot of people headed to that game on sunday, too, let's check out the forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper. >> for the game we will have temperatures to around 50 as the game gets under way, then in the 40s. i can't rule out a shower as the game is wrapping up around 8:00 p.m. so you might want to pack that poncho just in case. right now we are in the 30s. mid to upper 30s across the area, a little breezy out there. 38 degrees in washington and throughout the day today we will have mostly to partly sunny skies and we are going to be noticing the winds on this friday. a high of 43 feels more like 33 this afternoon. maybe a few flurries floating around in the air today but it's largely dry. not impacting the road conditions at all. on saturday new year's eve day a little breezy tomorrow, especially during the afternoon with a high temperature of 46 degrees, let's take you hour by hour as we work our way toward midnight. if you're going to be out to ring in the new year
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because it will be chilly, especially just outside for an extended period of time. by 4:00 we are around 46 degrees, mostly cloudy touring the evening and overnight hours but it's dry. by midnight we are right around 39 in the suburbs, a few degrees cooler. on sunday, january 1st, a high temperature of 51 degrees with mostly cloudy skies and by the evening hours there is the chance of that shower. let me show you your redskins forecast as they take on the giants. game gets under way at 4:25 and the temperature if that happens around 50 degrees, by 6:00 we are at 48 and 8:00 p.m. there is that chance for light showers and temperatures in the mid 40s. have the umbrella on monday. some rain showers are looking likely. a high around 50 and then we jump up to 60 degrees for a high on tuesday with some showers likely still around. wednesday mostly cloudy skies and a high temperature of 61, after that the temperature roller coaster starts to go back down. thursday a high 42, next friday
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fitness expo there is the chance for a little bit of a wintry mix especially south of town. and then after that the first weekend of 2017 looking chilly. temperatures only in the upper 30s with partly to mostly cloudy skies. jack, you have had pretty good news all morning, is that still the case right now? >> i do believe so, we've got all our fingers crossed and working. the beltway remains quiet, inner outer loop through maryland and virginia nothing in the way so far. with the dryer roadway nothing to worry about riding around the temple. if you're headed south on 270 there is increased volume now, we have a few more out on the road southbound on 270, that's the headlines south of frederick toward the lane divide. riding pretty much around the posted speed. adam, angie, back to you. a truck, a lift and a heist. how a group of robbers made off with the money and
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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you're watching "news 4 today." this looks like something out of a movie.
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with a sky lift to steal an atm. the thieves drove right into the atm, knocked it off of its foundation, the driver uses that lift to put the atm into a waiting u-haul truck. the robbers made off with all the money and left the sky lift behind. as you can probably guess that sky lift was stolen as well. >> that is totally a movie script right there. loudoun county residents get ready for barbecue. dallas based dickie's barbecue bit will open a restaurant in loudoun county next year. they are looking for an exact location. the first dickie's barbecue pit opened 75 years ago. they serve authentic texas barbecue. >> i've had a lot of their sauces. >> it's good. tonight is the seventh night of hanukkah but last night there was a special lighting ceremony for the sixth night. a group of people built
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bagel-norah. this is a menorah made out of bagels. free dreidels for the kids and each chocolate. looking outside it's chilly. we are waking up to temperatures in the mid 30s. when we come back amelia is updating your forecast with how to dress for your new year's party. a ceasefire is in effect in syria. how the new agreement is holding up and the next step that could be taken. a year of deadly police shootings and ambush-style attacks. what a new review
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right now at 5:30, taking action against russia. the fallout and controversy and the united states sends diplomats packing over accused election hacking, how russia is responding this morning. keeping the peace, the new deal to stop silence in syria and the next steps to prevent future attacks. and new year's safety, how new york city is preparing for millions of revelers and the new security methods that will be in place when the ball drops. "news 4 today" starts now. but first hope you're having a good start to your friday morning, i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff and
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segal is here for chuck. >> amelia segal in for amelia draper. it's a mess. >> i didn't even catch it. >> i'm on autopilot. >> throughout the day today it's going to be blustery but it will be dry and i think we will have plenty of sunshine but you do want the warm coat as you head out and about for your friday plans. i want to show you the feels like temperatures, it is feeling 5 to 10 degrees cooler. i guess we could head to max one that would be good. we're coming in in the low 30s right now in washington and as day today we will have temperatures that feel like they are in the 20s and 30s. here is a look at the feels like temperature around 7:00 a.m. 23 gaithersburg, 30 in washington. as we get to the lunchtime hours feeling about right around 30 generally across the area and this afternoon still blustery by this evening, 7:00 p.m., everybody feeling like we are in the
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in washington and 24 in frederick. i want to take a look back, again, this is how chilly it's feeling out there right now, a good 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the thermometer in your car would be reading. you will turn the head lights on not a ton in front of you getting on to the interstates. relatively light volume this holiday week we have traffic moving very well, nothing so far in the way. we will get a live look on 395 headed up through landmark, leaving springfield headed toward the 14th street bridge, nothing out of the ordinary as you head from springfield toward downtown even into downtown you should find it delay-free. back into you. developing this morning a ceasefire agreement in syria seems to be holding. it's a potential breakthrough to end the country's six-year civil war. russia and turkey negotiated that truce between syria and it's mainstream rebel fighters. if the ceasefire holds it will be followed by
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month. the truce comes days after syria regained control of aleppo. critics in the united states say the deal gives russia and iran a stronger foot hold in the region. maryland state police are reviewing body cam footage from a deadly shooting. a deputy got into a shootout with a man in chester town. deputy warren hogan was escorting a wambach to her boyfriend's house after an earlier fighting. investigators say james rich came out of the back room with a shotgun, he and the deputy shot at each other and both were hit. rich died at the hospital. doctors at maryland shock trauma say deputy hogan was shot in the stomach and is currently listed in critical condition. a year-end review is highlighting a sharp rise in the number of ambush-style attacks on police officers. the national law enforcement officer memorial fund says 21 officers were killed in ambushes in 2016, that's the highest total in more than two decades. 64 lives in all were shotnd
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year. the surge comes after a string of highly publicized shootings of african-american men which sparked protests across the country. relationships between officers and communities do need to improve in 2017. >> but there has been so much negative noise directed towards law enforcement this past year. i'm afraid it's influenced weak-minded, hate-filled individuals to go out and launch these vicious attacks against our officers. >> now, the name of each officer killed in the line of duty will be added to the national law enforcement officer memorial in the district. they will officially be dedicated at the annual candlelight vigil in may. the baltimore police department has changed its taser policy. officers are no longer allowed to deploy a taser when a person is simply nonclient. the commisher says the previous policy was too vague and resulted in too many taser uses. officers will have to undergo ten more hours of
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deescalation techniques. a baltimore judge denied bail for the man at the center of first season of the polar serial podcast. adnan syed is fighting for release after having his murder conviction vacated earlier this year. he was found guilty in 2,000 of killing hae min lee. testifies granted a new trial because of poll blee unreliable cell tower information. there is a pending appeal from the prosecutor's office. d.c. police hope that in newly released surveillance video will help them identify the driver involved in a deadly hit and run crash. they say an suv hit and killed jacquelyn cole as she crossed the street earlier in week. it happened along 14th street northwest in columbia heights. cole was deaf, she lived in an apartment complex nearby and police say she was in a crosswalk. d.c. police are asking for your help tracking down a bank robber. the suspect hit the
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northwest. this was near if he is anton street around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. it's still not clear if he got away with any money. police say the man was wearing a bright yellow or lime green jumpsuit. driving around virginia could get easier if you use waze, the navigation app is teaming up with the department of transportation to share information. drivers will have access to construction zones and incidents reported by the state. in turn waze will share its anonymous data with vdot. today loved ones will say their final good bias to zsa zsa gabor. funeral services will be held in beverly hills this afternoon. the hungarian born actress died in her los angeles home last sunday from an apparent heart attack. she was 99. while ga bore appeared in more than 40 films and television shows during her career she may be more well known
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marriages and the unforgettable quotes that came along with them. an uber driver is being credited for interrupting a sex trafficking ring. he was driving a 16-year-old girl and two other women to a holiday inn in northern california when he noticed that the teen was dressed pro vok tifl and was being coached by the two women in the back seat. >> first thing you want to do is ask do you have any weapons. when you're hugging them just ask, do you have any weapons, pat them down. get the donation first, before you start touching him, going in there, get the donation first. >> he's talk being what they were saying to the young girl. after dropping the ride off avail i can't pulled around the corner and called police. two women and a man were arrested at that holiday inn. good for him. coming up a new push to keep everyone safe on new year's eve. and get ready for a breezy and chilly end of 2016 year. amelia is tracking
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one. 2017.
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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time right now 5:39 on this friday morning. a meal yarks what's it going to be like today? >> it will be windy out there today, we are at 38 degrees and throughout the morning
5:40 am
the 30s, by 11:00 around 41 but with the winds anywhere from 10 to 25 miles an hour throughout the day today it's going to feel more like 30. so you want the warm jacket today. it will be pretty windy out there. tomorrow still a little breezy, especially during the afternoon hours, as we look to our sunday the winds really not a problem. throughout the day today when you fanl for in the winds it will feel like we are in the 20s and 30s. at least if you are in your car you can have the heat on and you are not worried about the winds. >> exactly. and the only spot truthfully is going to be 50 out at the bay bridge they have wind warnings, there is no vehicle restrictions, watch yourself as you head across the bridge as you find yourself next to a big rig. the map shows all green. enjoy it while you can, it will definitely change by monday or tuesday of next week. we will get a live look inside the beltway on 50rks the john hanson highway westbound continuing into northeast, the we had lights are headed out past 410 down toward 202. volume er
5:41 am
dry roadways. back into you. 5:40. a major new auto recall, the problem causing honda to send notices to more than 600,000 minivan owners. from flying drones to, get this, a giant warehouse in the sky, what new blueprint ares
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right now at 5:44 russian fallout, the new threat from the kremlin as the united states takes action against accused election hacking. in you year nor'easter, heavy snow smack the northeast, how the fast moving storm could disrupt millions on a busy holiday weekend. thankfully no snow in our forecast but it is windy today. the gusts 20 to 35 miles an hour across the area. how this impacts your friday in my forecast. unbelievably it's almost time to bid farewell to 2016. a lot of people want to push 2016 away because
5:45 am
bad news that happened in 2016 with all the celeb brits deaths. it's almost time for 2017. >> regardless of where you celebrate new year's eve please do so safely. news 4's megan mcfwrath is joining us live with the sober live program live along 295. what's going on? >> we're driving along 395 in the alexandria section of the county and take a look at our live picture. you can see that it's of course the day before new year's eve and so we've got light -- we have light volume of traffic here, it's very early in the morning but that's not going to be the case later on into the weekend, into new year's eve. a lot of people will be out and about celebrating, ringing int% the new year and that means some people unfortunately are going to get behind the wheel when they are not sober. but the message here is don't do that. sober ride is providing free taxicab rides to folks in the dmv. no need to get behind the wheel if you're
5:46 am
fare. now, the program includes d.c., maryland and northern virginia. keep in mind if you are in loudoun county only the eastern part of the county is covered by the program. to get one of these free rides you just need to call 1-800-200-taxi. something to keep in mind rather startling statistic, nearly half of all highway deaths on new year's eve are alcohol-related. last year nearly 600 people took advantage of the free rides. back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much. 5:46. services like that are very important because according to the national highway traffic safety administration nearly half of all traffic deaths that happen on new year's eve involve alcohol. in response so statistics the fairfax county police created a special unit to spot drunk drivers and get them off the road. that unit will be out this weekend. police say that the work is often personal for many of the team members. >> it's unfortunate to have
5:47 am
family which i've done several times and to tell them that their loved one has been killed because of a drunk driver or that they were actually the drunk driver themselves and have lost their lives. >> nine fairfax county officers were hand-picked for the unit. today preparations for new year's eve will continue in new york city. the famous new year's eve ball will be tested out on one times square, approximately 1 million people will pack times square tomorrow night to ring in 2017. the city is deploying 7,000 officers and bomb sniffing dogs, in addition they will have 65 garbage and sand trucks line the times square perimeter. that's a precaution after trucks plowed into crowds in berlin and nice, france. d.c. police are trying to track down the attackers who used pepper spray on workers at an upscale shop. police say someone went into gucci store in city center yesterday afternoon and sprayed the employees. three people were taken to the
5:48 am
out. investigators say there was more than one attacker. at this point it's unclear whether they actually took anything. time is running out to save money on your taxes. >> that's right. there's only one day left to make donations to charity and get those write-offs. the arlington good will says this is their busiest week of the year. they've been getting tens of thousands of items each day. >> well, it's always nice to do that, but it's also nice to get a tax deduction as well as do something that you know is going to be used by other people. it's a win-win situation. >> good will says if you plan to stop by before new year's your best bet is early morning or late afternoon. this makes sense because not only for tax reasons but people are clearing out the space to make room for all the new stuff they got for the holidays. 5:48. let's get a check of your friday forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper. we had such a slushy mix in
5:49 am
what's going on today. >> it's dry out there right now, we're dry for the entire day, maybe a few flurries, but that would be it. it is going to be windy today. pretty much from start to finish as we look to saturday and sunday it's looking mainly dry but you will want the umbrella for monday and tuesday as well with rain showers in the forecast. currently temperatures coming in in the mid to upper 30s. 38 degrees in washington, 34 in frederick and right around freezing back in winchester. partly cloudy skies right now throughout the day today, we will have a mix of clouds and sun and again it is going to be pretty blustery with a high temperature around 43 but that feels more like 33 this afternoon when you factor in the winds. as we look to your weekend outlook, planning to go out for new year's eve we will find temperatures in the mid 40s to 30s and keeping it dry if you're going to be outside for an extended period of time, bundle up, gloves, hat, a good idea. same thing for the redskins game. the game looking mainly dry expect toward the end of the
5:50 am
rain showers moving in, you might want to pack the poncho. traveling this weekend it's looking good but we will have plenty of clouds around especially on sunday. let's take a look at the next ten days. windy today, a high of 43, a few degrees warmer tomorrow, still breezy, especially during the afternoon hours, the winds are not going to be an issue on sunday with a high of 51. mostly cloudy skies. as the redskins take on the giants here is what you can expect at fedex field. temperature around 50, by 6:00 upper 40s. really not bad for early january and by 8:00 p.m. we are in the mid 40s but there is the chance for some light showers at that point. rain looking likely on monday, showers now looking likely on tuesday as well but look at the temperature jump here on the ten day, we go from 50 on monday to 60 on tuesday. still mild but dry on wednesday. so you can get out and enjoy it with a high of 61 and then, guys, look to next friday with a chance for a little bit of a rain/snow mix especially west of
5:51 am
full weekend in january we will have high temperatures in the upper 30s with partly to mostly cloudy skies. jack taylor you've been tracking the roads all morning. still looking quiet right now? >> very much so except for one hiccup. all the good news the beltway is quiet, inner outer loop through maryland and virginia, 270, 395, 66 all good. if you are coming out of baltimore on southbound maryland 295 before the airport exit for i 195 there is a red line, there is a vehicle fire all southbound lanes of maryland 295 have been blocked. northbound is unaffected. if you're leaving baltimore trying to get to bwi marshall stick with i 95 over to 195 into the airport. back to you. now to those new sanctions against russia. new information just in about russia's response. >> russia has vowed yesterday to take action similar after president obama's announcement yesterday. news 4's edward lawrence is on
5:52 am
the last hour. >> in the last 30 minutes we've learned that the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has submitted a plan to vladimir putin so expel 35 u.s. diplomats from russia. they have dismissed the accusations and sanctions that the u.s. levied said it's just an aggressive u.s. policy. they did vow that there will be counter measures. edward, president-elect donald trump he has praised russia's president, downplayed the hacking allegations. what could he do once he takes office in 20 days? we did see that brief statement he released yesterday but what it didn't have in it was the action he would take when he takes officeg]6 in three weeks >> exactly. it's up to really the president elect because this was done through executive order. the executive order can be overturned by the new president coming in but there will be some pressure because the sanctions had bipartisan support so there will be some pressure for president-elect trump to keep maybe all or some of the
5:53 am
still no telling what he will do at the moment. he says next week he's going to get a briefing from intelligence folks to get the facts. >> edward lawrence for us on the hill breaking it all down on this breaking news story. thanks so much. an 83-year-old man facing battery charges for going after a salesman and beating him with a golf club. the whole thing was caught on video on cellphone cam. the 83-year-old lindsay owens had gone to the car salesman's lot in florida to claim a promotional prize. there he goes. but when the car salesman delivered the news that owens was only going to get a $5 gift card this is when he reacted, he lost t he not only did that but apparently according to police he bumped the salesman with his car and beat him with that golf club. the salesman was hurt and you can see here owens was arrested. a couple's midair meltdown forced their flight to turn around now
5:54 am
charges both of them. it happened on a delta flight from minneapolis to los angeles wednesday night. the man who took the cellphone video said it started when the woman tried to us auto the bathroom right after take off. a flight attendant told her to sit down causing a shouting match. the pilot turned the plane around, the couple was questioned by the fbi and ticketed for disorderly conduct. >> really? i mean, come on. >> there were also reports that there was an assault. check this out, it took a face for stop a man who took a u-haul in arizona. it started with an armed robbery at a phoenix convenience store, the robber flew through red lights, stop signs. when the chase ended police say the man got out of the truck and appeared to point a ginn at an officer police shot him with a stun gun and took him into custody. minivan drivers listen up. adam. >> yes. >> honda is recalling nearly 650,000 minivans for a major issue. the recall impacts the
5:55 am
2011 to 2016. there is a problem with the second row seats which may not lock and could move unexpectedly during a crash. honda says they discovered the problem through warranty claims. there are no reports of injuries. honda is sending out recall notices next month and the dealers will repair those faulty seat levers for free. >> does that mean i can trade in the odyssey and get minus staining now. >> not yet. if you didn't receive the ma get you wanted you still have a chance today. amazon holding a digital sale which promises deep discounts on apps, movies and other digital content. the retailer wants to replicate the success of its prime day with a one day sale for digital devices. if you order something today amazon is one step closer to delivering it by drone. the company has been awarded a patent for a giant flying warehouse. this is insane. >> craziness. >> the warehouse would be stocked with goods and act adds a launch pad
5:56 am
deliver orders within minutes. amazon plans to us auto the warehouse at sporting events. in that case amazon could stock fan gear and have the drones deliver items to customers. >> the children's move "storks" predicted the into you tour. two more restaurant chains plan to switch to using chicken raised bought antibiotics. burger king and tim hortons will switch to antibiotic free chicken. they say they aim to make the change in the u.s. next year, then they will make the change in canada in 2018. similar moves have been made by mcdonald's and wendy's. an estimated 70% of antibiotics are sold for use in production of meat and poultry. winter weather and gym-timidation might make it hard to get a jump start on fitness goals for 2018. you don't have to leave your house to get a good
5:57 am
there is a pelaton bike, it has a computer screen on it, it allows you to be in class while you are in your house. it will give your wallet a workout as well. it costs about $2,000 plus on top of that you're going to be paying $39 a month for a class subscription. fear not, there's always affordable on demand subscriptions, things like beach body. >> the great thing about it is the workout starts when you're ready to work out. >> i ordered beach body two years ago. it's still in the box. there are also a lot of workouts available throughout your smart tv or apps for free but i hear it's great. >> they said when you're ready to work out. just in this morning russia's foreign minister reacts to the sanctions president obama placed on russia for allegedly hacking the presidential election. what he says the country should do in return. without him they wouldn't be here. a look at how bow bow and bay bay's grandpa isre
5:58 am
keeping the species alive just as we learned he has passed
5:59 am
right now at 6:00 substantial sanctions. how russia and president-elect donald trump are responding to the obama administration's punishment for allegedly election
6:00 am
doug, the hero father, what we're hearing about the death of a beloved panda with ties to our area. new video this morning of the heavy snow coming down in "news 4 today" starts now. good friday morning to you. hope you're having a good one. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang and -- >> i'm amelia draper. >> you get three a's are here. >> we have your weekend started here. >> that weather, the look of that is just frightening to me. i don't want to see any of that yet. >> thankfully that's not coming our way. we are tracking lake-effect snow on storm team 4 radar. a lot of that coming off lake erie right now. reports of snowshowers in garrett county on twitter. that's a good thing for wisp. what a grade idea to head out there and enjoy the winterlike weather out that way not in our area, though. be


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