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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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right now on news4 at 6:00 i'm tracking what you can expect for new year's eve as far as temperatures and if you will be dealing with any rain in the updated forecast. >> i'm darcy spencer live in northeast washington, where they are remembering young victims of violence who died here in the district in 2016. >> it is the busy season for the folks at good will. those end of the year donations they want to make it in to get to the tax break for this year. good evening everybody. your new year's eve plans are set. but could mother nature force an adjustment? tnk
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i'm erica gonzalez. storm team 4 meteorologist is standing by. >> it is going to be chilly out there. temperatures around midnight in the low 40s. and right now i'm tracking the chance for sprinkles in the area. mainly south of washington. the good news it is so light right now it is not able to hit the ground. but you can see some rain and snow back in west virginia and also in pennsylvania. a closer look shows the immediate metro dry. and sprinkles falling here and in warranten and heading to the southern prince county. and i would definitely recommend gloves and a scarf tonight. by 8:00 still a little breezy. the forecast at midnight, 42. mostly cloudy and completely dry. and then 1:00 a.m. we're at 41 degrees with partly to
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coming up in just over 15 minutes i'm going to let you know the next time that we'll actually be dealing with a rainy day. that is coming up about 6:18. community members are coming together to remember the young people who were murdered in the district this year. darcy spencer joins us live in northeast with what the group is looking forward to in 2017 darcy? >> reporter: we're hat the northeast performing arts group in the river terrace neighborhood. i want to step out of the way and show you that the group is gathered here right now. what they are doing is what they do every year on new year's eve. they gather to remember young victims of violence to make sure they don't become a statistic at the stroke of midnight when he start a new year. let's show video we shot a little earlier. they are saying prayer, lighting candles and saying the names of each person killed in the district this year.
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they say they are saying 135 games. they hope one day they won't need to have a vigil like this anymore. and leaders tell me three other people who's names are going to be read today from from right here in river terrace and connected to the program. >> it really touched all of our heart because it is within our community and they came through northeast performing arts, you know, volunteering and doing things like that and it really hurts my heart that we have to read their names. >> to hopefully give hope to the world for no more homicides and let's just ungun violence, period. >> the woman who founded this program nearly forty years ago passed away a little more than a week after this event was held last year. in fact i interviewed her for my story last year. her name was rita jackson. this program here tonight is being debt dedicated in her memory. >> thany
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no suspects yet in the death of a woman from prince georges county. police found our body around 5:00 this porng. officers went to the hickory apartment plex srds porng tashm. officers went to the hickory apartment plex srds morning t h tash. and police responding to a spots fired call in capital heights found a teen with a gunshot wound to it upper body. just after 11:00 this morning. so far no information on a suspect or even a motive in the case. anden update to a story we brought as breaking news last night. a congressman says malware linked to russian hackers is more evidence of predatory steps taken by russia. a vermont utility says the infected laptop was not connected to its grid system. the washington post reported the hack showed the vulnerability of the u.s. to
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and that is raising fears that. goodwill officials say new year's eve is always busy for them. >> reporter: it is one of the year's last deadlines. a game of beat the clock for those who want to don't for the good cause while at the same time getting a tax write off. this store in arlington is one of the busiest in the country. >> new year's eve is always one of the the busiest days of the year and given it is an a saturday this year we expect a lot of crowds. >> reporter: all week people have been dropping off boxes. big boxes await people's gifts. and signs thank them and things move with assembly line efficiency. for most people we talked to the tax write off is a plus but not the main reason to
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things we don't need. >> and we're always doing goodwill. >> goodwill is trying to make it easy to do good will. a program called pack andship that gets the postal service in on the act of giving. they will do the lifting. to donate. >> put out a box. on the front ponch schedule a pick up with the u.s. postal service. >> reporter: it is more about what happens to the donations than about how they give there. >> i like to give back. i'm a shopaholic. so i have a lot of stuff and i just like to give it back to people who need it. >> definitely want your donation. clothes. books are the most popular. but they can't use everything so there are certain things that you probably shouldn't bring buy. old tube type televisions for one. goodwill has a hard time selling them and they don't wake old firearms or explosives either. you would think that would go without saying. a. >> few years someone donated a live grenade to
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squad rather than the workers there. >> folks have been without water since last night. if crews are any closer to making repairs to the water main break. and if you were anywhere near china town y may have seenou
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the fire started inside tony change's mongolen restaurant on th street. tony chang's mongolen restauria restaurant.ian restaurant on th street. tony chang's mongolian restaurant. in montgomery county some very without water since late last night due to a large water main break in kensington. they are reporting the water should be restored by 9:00 tonight. setting the tone for the new
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some faith leaders in washington reaching out to the president elect today. they want to speak with mr. trump about his public poms agenda. the group met this morning apt the national city christian church in northwest d.c. they signed a letter asking with a meeting ahead of the president's inauguration. they will host a forum tonight at the ame church on m street. we're about five and a half hours away from the ball drop in new york city and we're live in the big apple with all the anticipation and we'v.e
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did you see this on facebook page? metro staying open late tonight, really late to make sure you can get home safe. trains run until 3:00 a.m. and your ride will be free. courtesy of miller lite. you still need your smart trip card to get in and out. metro says you won't be charged. they will be open 7:00 a.m. to midnight both tomorrow and monday. buss and trains run on sunday schedules on both days. the holiday sober ride program is another free way to get home safe tonight. you just need to plug this number in your phone. go ahead and put it in there now. save it in
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800-200-taxi. good for rides up to a typical $30 fare. last year nearly 600 people used the free taxi service. so there is no excuse not to get home safely if you plan on drinking this everything. >> and for this evening it is mainly dry, with a breezy conditions out there until about 8:00, 9:00. and for tomorrow, january 1st, dry for the daytime hours but chance of showers but sunday night and then have the umbrella handy for monday and tuesday heading back to school and work especially on tuesday. most of us still off on monday but it is looking showery on monday and more steady, heavierer rain on tuesday. no snow in the forecast. friday, cold, highs in the 30s. 48 in washington. 45 in fwred rick and 47 in
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culpeper. tomorrow. we're going to be actually ten degrees above normal for january 1st. happy new year by the way. hope you have a wonderful evening and day tomorrow. mix of clouds and sun throughout the day. afternoon hours in the low 50s. cloudy at 8:00 but still dry with a temperature around 44 so all in all the weather having a pretty low impact on your sunday as we kick off 2017. travel tomorrow is looking good. outdoor exercise actually not that bad. you could almost take the bike out as well. especially during the afternoon. you will probably want the long sleeves if you are going one of the local ski resorts. looking good there. and the red redskins game you probably want the warm jacket and gloves and a scarf good idea as well. temperatures in the 40s, act a 20% chance of light shower as the game wraps up i. and hopefully a win tomorrow. as we look to
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showers already here. notice the pink on future weather around baltimore and frederick. as rain moves in there is a small chance of rafreezing rain north of town. and notice though kind of soggy throughout the day. lunchtime, and still seeing rain in the eveng. tracking showers and then more rain in the forecast on tuesday. but look at the temperatures. tomorrow 53, monday, 48. tuesday balmy for this time of year with a high around 60. not that bad on wednesday. we'll have partly to mostly cloudy skies and high of 54 and the cold air starts to move in on friday with a high only around 36 degrees. after that we're in the 30s for the first full weekend of 2017 and then still staying in the 30s, monday and tuesday. here is another check for raideraider
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south of town the but for most of us we're completely dry closing out 2016. we know many of you will be watching the ball drop tonight. millions of others are packing times square to see it in person and security is the top priority for the nypd. sarah rosario is there now. what can you tell us what's going on behind you? >> the excitement is 3wi8ding here in time square as we countdown to 2017. the festivities are already under way. all eyes ron times square with all the star-studded performances and that is why police here are taking their job very seriously. there are more than 2,000 extra officers on the ground and that is on top of additional security measures taking place to make sure that they are working together to prevent a possible attack. it is already 2017 for many across the globe. australia, new zealand, japan. ut
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year's eve celebration is in times square. >> it is a tradition we always do every year. >> this is my first new year's eve. what an exciting time. >> and with more than a million in the big apple, safety is top priority. >> we're going to have woucht the most well-policed best-protected at one of the safest venues in the entire world. >> and rooftops, k nines. and other stuff. >> over 500 plus anti-terror officers. they appreciate all of the training they have gotten. they appreciate that the front line protecting the city against terror. >> reporter: but the added security is why people feel safe, turning the city into what seems like magical place. >> it is the only time when new york is actually nice to each other. >> maybe too crowded. we can't even move maybe but it would be a fun
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whether expecting crowds. >> reporter: like security a lot goes in to putting on a party from balloons to con fit. but the true star is it the iconic ball. >> 32,000 individually controlled leds in the ball. >> an event each year with the crystal ball dropping 130 feet toe ring in 2017. irk kah, it is really a sight to see here. but back to security which is something police are focusing hard on this evening. they have used trucks as barriers in the past but never this large of a scale. never so many trucks. but people here in times square who are partying were told to leave umbrellas, large bags at home. those are all among several items being cos fixated at the two check points they have go throw get here.
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>> right now we're waiting for a baby bald eagle to hatch. you are looking live at its mothers nest in fort myers florida. another hatched earlier this morning around 7:30. this eagle cam has been watching the mom, harriott for about 12 years now. and back in 2012ore than m16
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chris miles here in the csn studios. it's been two years since the wizard finishes a month with more wins than the caps. but this december the wizards finished with 10 wins and a top five record in the nba. the caps came in to today's game with the devils with just seven wins this month. losses in four of the last five. new jersey a perfect place for the caps too get a win. they have won four straight there. 2:30 into the game. connolly. his fourth of the year. 1-0 caps. >> scary moment here. moore goes down. he stayed down. was taken off on a stretcher. he's taken to the hospital, and has been released since. things get chippy a
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washington up go afttwo after o. in the second. oshie, givers the caps a 3-1 lead. next. ovechkin off the back wall. and who's next? how about justin williams. caps score three times in the period taking a the commanding lead. then things get chippy. >> dropping the mitts. and 50 penalty minutes total between the two teams but the caps win 6-2. >> probably one of the worst things in hockey to see a guy go down like that. you never wanted to see that. but i don't know. the fore-check. his back is to me. so i tried to let up a little bit. i wasn't trying to finish my check and kind of rubbed him out. and
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gone out until i looked back. that play happens in hockey a lot. obviously not my intent. and wishing him the best. johns hopkins the third and georgetown hoyas this afternoon took on xavier, hoyas trailing by just one. georgetown had no answer for the xavier back court though. georgetown falls 81-76. uva and florida state caught in a close game. wahoos led by eight in the second half early. but bacon was cooking. duane bacon, ties it at 51. he continued to sizzle. game-high 29 points for him. florida state takes the on
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eight seconds left. wahoos go to their guy. kyle guy. huge shot and the cavaliers take the lead back. and florida state, everybody loves bacon in tallahassee toornt. he nails the game winner. it's been five years since --. blue devils play without gracen allen. hokeys spreading the floor. they jumped out to a 16 point lead at half. second half. kennard finishes with a game-high 34 points. but that couldn't stop the hokeys. virginia tech now 12-1 this year.
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semifinal, top seeded alabama taking on 4th seeded washington. alabama kams in with 10 defensive touchdowns this season. make it 11. it remains that way until the fourth quarter. the levee breaks. 68 beyond a reasonable doubt touchdown run here. alabama currently ahead of washington late in the fourth quarter. happy knew year. >> happy new year my friendnew >> happy new year my fr
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on this saturday night. new years on edge. the country and the world say farewell to 2016 with unprecedented security highlighting the dangers we still face as a new year begins. attacking the grid. an apparent new hacking attempt by the russians. this one targeting a public utility system and exposing a broader threat. trump's enemies. he talks of unity but tweets something else. donald trump calls out his opponents 20 days before he takes office. calming influence. in stressful times, exercising the mind with meditation and how more and more are being guided by their smartphones. and new year's dreams. we'll hear about their favorite moments of 2016, and what they hope for in theew


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