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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 1, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we made it to 2017. it's amazing. like back when we were in the 1990s, 2017, will we ever get there? >> wearing big clocks around our neck. >> like flava flav. >> it's sunday morning. some of you might want to get out and about today. we have tom here with more on the weather. how are we starting 2017? >> promising start to the new year. good morning. we are seeing high clouds drifting over the metro area. the live view showing some fuzzy sun coming through the high cloud cover over washington now. that cloud cover will be continuing to drift off to the east. we'll probably get increasing sunshine as we get into the afternoon. noontime, 50. hitting the low 50s by 3:00 this afternoon. by 6:00 p.m., back down to the upper 40s. by 9:00, we'll see more clouds moving in from the west. especially those areas off to the west and southwest of the t
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that's in advance of some rain moving in tomorrow. we'll look at that and other chances for rain for the week ahead in a few minutes. >> tom, thank you very much. a new year's eve tragedy after a person falls from a roof near dupont circle. >> d.c. fire and ems responded to that call. derrick ward is live on the scene. you've been talking to people that live in the area. what do they say they saw? >> reporter: well, we're still piecing this together what we do know is that there was a massive fire and police response here in the 1500 block of new hampshire avenue just off dupont circle. folks who were guests at the dupont circle hotel say that they were awakened by that response. we talked to one person who came out and said they heard screams. here is what we're learning from d.c. fire and ems. they responded for a technical rescue to the 1500 block of new hampshire avenue. when they got here, they found an individual in a boiler room. it
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had come from the roof via boiler shaft. there was a technical rescue, but we're told that victim succumbed to their injuries. this became a d.c. police investigation at that point. we're trying to get information from the d.c. police department to confirm those details. what we do know, it was a massive response here. people reported hearing things. now this news of possibly the first person to die in the district this year. this is still under investigation. we hope from binge more information to you as it becomes available. we're live in the 1500 block, back to you. >> the death poll in turkey has risen to 39 people following a brutal terrorist attack in istanbul. another 69 people were hurt. a manhunt is underway for the attacker who reportedly was dressed in a santa claus costume. officials say the attacker killed an officer and another
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going inside and firing out rounds. the white house is condemning the attack and offering to help turkey. security measures have been heightened in major cities throughout that country. ♪ >> an estimated 1 million people packed times square to ring in 2017. to ensure safety the city deployed 7,000 officers and bomb sniffing dogs. dozens of garbage and sand trucks lined the perimeter. it was a precaution after trucks plowed into crowds in berlin and nice, france. here closer to home in northern virginia, 2016 it went out with a bang at first night alexandria celebrations. >> i think i heard some of those bangs. the fan-friendly night included fireworks and even a
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darcy spencer looks at all the action. ♪ crunchy, crunchy, crunchy >> reporter: at the torpedo factory, the music group the grandsons entertained dozens of people here for the first night alexandria celebrations. ♪ among them stacy fox volunteering for first night with her kid. >> i always tell my kids to much is given much is required. come on and give back every chance that you get. ♪ >> reporter: at the masonic temple, more entertainment for the entire family. this little one got her face painted. >> first time here and we just saw the advertisements and it looked like a lot of fun. >> for the kids it's the best thing to do. she's really enjoying it. the magic show was awesome. >> i'm teddy, nice to meet you. >> reporter: teddy the clown making balloon designs for the kids and plenty of spiders.
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>> say thank you. >> it's a big kick. i love it. i adore it. it's so much fun and so creative. >> i like my brother, because i like my whole family and everybody. >> reporter: first night, a family-oriented event ringing in the new year all across old town. how would you describe 2016 in a word? >> it's been good. it's been a good year. you have family. you have friends, you know. it's been a good year. >> happy new year! right now in the district, this is what people are doing. this is how they're kicking 2017 off. in the third annual fit d.c. fresh start 5k walk and run. the event is going on through noon. unfortunately it's too late to join, but we can cheer them on. president-elect trump and his wife melania spent their new year's eve in florida. the soon to be first family held their annual party at their palm be
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before the event trump spoke to reporters. trump said no computer is safe when it comes to keeping information private. trump said people should write out important stuff and have it delivered if they're worried about security. he went on to talk about the allegations of russia's alleged computer hacking. >> i think it's unfair if they don't know. i know a lot about hacking. hacking is a hard thing to prove. it could be somebody else. i also know things that other people don't know. >> new years got off to a rocky start between trump and the press. yesterday he ditched the media pool assigned to travel with him when he's in the public. he went to golf at one of his golf courses. an aide said staff did not know he left his florida state. >> trump's relationship with the media will take the spotlight on "meet the press" with chuck todd. you can catch it right here on nbc 4. that's at 10:30 this morning. it's a new year and a big weather change is on the way. tom is tracking how you can plan for the week ahead.
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and midair collision. the danger on the ground as two planes crash sending smoke and a ball of flames shooting
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the federal aviation administration is investigating what caused two small planes to crash midair. this happened near dallas yesterday afternoon. both planes were flying under visual flight rules and were not in contact with air traffic control when the crash happened. one of the planes crashed into a storage facility. the other crashed onto a road. three people on board the plane died. no one on the ground was hurt. >> search efforts ended for a small plane that disappeared over lake erie. the city of cleveland is leading a recovery mission for it now.
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that plane vanished shortly after taking off thursday night. according to our nbc station in cleveland, a family of four was on that plane including two of their sons and a friend and their daughter. piloting the plane was the dad, john fleming, the president of columbus-based beverage distribution company. the family was reportedly heading back home after going to a cavs game. in indonesia, 23 people are dead and 17 others missing after a ferry caught on fire. the ferry left this morning with more than 230 people on it. it was headed to a resort island for new year's day celebrations. the cause of the fire is unknown. some passengers say they saw smoke coming from the ferry's engine. it's a warmer morning to start your new year's resolutions. tom is watching the sunday warmup. and a big temperature shift is coming our way. you've probably waited in a long airport line at some point in your life, but this holiday season those lin could bees
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good sunday morning. it's a big game sunday in washington. when we say big game, today is the biggest game of the season for the redskins. a win and the skins will likely clinch their second straight playoff berth. the defense hoping to be the defense
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five interceptions and a sack for the burgundy and gold against the bears. and the giants look right for the picking. eli manning second in the nfc with 16 interceptions. sunday night football, packers taking on the lions. red skips fans hoping for one of these two teams to win, the only way the skins don't make the playoffs is if the packers and lions tie tonight. don't speak that "t" word in the locker room. >> please don't speak that. out of everything in the world that can happen, i don't want a tie. i know they don't want to do that, but i would go crazy. >> it starts at 7:00 with football night in america, kickoff from detroit at 8:30 on nbc 4. i hope you enjoy your big game sunday. great weather for the game at fedex field this afternoon. kickoff at 4:25 for ta
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temperatures around 50 degrees, sunshine. and then kickoff for at 4:25. 5:00, 50 degrees. by the end of the game, up every 40s. light winds. great afternoon and evening for football. a look at the week ahead coming up. iraqi officials say nine people were killed by a suicide bomber at a checkpoint south of baghdad this morning. four members of the security forces are among the day. this comes one day after isis claimed responsibility for a deadly market attack in baghdad. at least 28 people were killed and 54 wounded when bombs went off in a crowd. isis launched near daily attacks in the capital in recent months. a lot of you may have noticed shorter lines at security checkpoints if you traveled this holiday. it's part of the tsa's new push that started in may to cut down on time you have to wait. amy cho shows us how it's working.
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>> reporter: if there's anything that could take the fun out of a holiday trip, it's those pesky long lines. >> i notice if i have to go to the regular line, it takes a long, long time. for everybody to take off their shoes and take their computers out of their bags. >> i don't enjoy it. i would like to get through the lines very fast and get to my flight. >> here at reagan national airport today, passengers are sailing through in a matter of minutes because of a tsa team and a special room. >> my x-ray went down. it's a priority, i have to get this thing fixed now. >> welcome to the tsa operations center. >> that could cause a longer wait. they would have to cancel a flight. >> reporter: each morning they hear from the heads of the 29 busiest airports in the country. >> washington reagan, national security director. >> that standard wait yesterday was 23 minutes. >> goal is
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minutes for regular checkpoints and 15 for pre-checks. screens, tracking, and checking the lines. green means good. yellow and red, that means the airport is getting a call. >> we can verify a report -- >> reporter: some of the picks, adding more officers and opening more lanes. >> we want to make sure we're moving our passengers very quickly and efficiently to make it a good experience. it's part of their journey. >> reporter: tsa says a long line is not just a hassle, they're also a safety risk. >> that could give perhaps an individual who is self-radicalized or something else the opportunity to say i could do something bad in that area. >> reporter: thanks to tsa's tracking, you should have an easier time staying on track the rest of your holiday travel. in arlington, amy cho, news 4. the start of a new year can mean purging what's old inside your closet. >> that's good news for local charities who need donations. this was the scene at the goodwill store in arlington yesterday. many people dropping off furniture, clothing, books before the end of the year.
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surprised by the busy day. >> the center here is one of the top five busiest donation centers in the country. we've got 17 donations around the region, so there are plenty of places for people go if they want to make a generous donation to goodwill. >> check this out. if you can't make a donation at the local goodwill organization, you can now ship your items. all you need do is head to the organization's website, printout a shipping label. the postal service and goodwill take it from there. >> all right. happy new year, buddy. you said it's another day? >> what do you mean another day? >> were you joking? >> about the hangover? >> no, it's national hangover day. i just read that. >> okay. >> we're all in good spirits up here. >> too loud. >> we hope you celebrated responsibly last night. we're looking forward to a good day. >> looks good. get out, get some exercise. work off your hangover. we have some beautiful weather underway. starting off this first day of 2017, just a few clouds passing over now. live view from the tower
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in the foreground. on the horizon, prince george's county. the sun shining through the high overcast. love this photo. this was taken a couple days ago. the snow geese arriving there. it is such a beautiful sight. you see them especially at blackwater national refuge. near 40s just about everywhere. mid 40s at the blackwater national water life refuge on the eastern shore. we are all dry, all around the region. if you're traveling, heading up to new england, between here and boston, dry travel as well as between here and chicago, st. louis, detroit, good weather. heading down 95 into the carolinas, a bit of light rain there. moderate downpours in southern georgia and northern florida. temperatures hour by hour climbing to the low
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afternoon. so a delightful start to this year and, yes, great weather at the game for fedex field. kickoff time at 4:25. around 50 degrees. great weather for tailgating. by the end of the game, upper 40s under a dry sky with a light wind. then during the day on monday, a lot of people have the day off. it will be cloudy. off and on light rain. if you want to get out, get some exercise, get in a hike, bike ride, that's the day to do that. then a steadier rain, maybe some what heavier downpours on tuesday. everybody is getting back to work and school. you'll need an umbrella a bit milder. ought to make it into the mid 50s tuesday afternoon. rain showers ending by sunset on tuesday. we dry out wednesday. temperatures up to the low 50s midday. hovering near 30 overnight wednesday night into thursday morning. thursday afternoon, only back up to the low 40s and
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on friday, moisture coming through. a loft may be cold enough for a little wet snow, maybe some sleet to come down, cold rain. at the surface above freezing. so, it does look like anything that does fall will be melting quickly. after that, it gets frigid. highs only near freezing with sunshine. that's the way it looks. >> tom, thank you very much. check this out. a baby bald eagle has arrived. millions watched as the nest welcomes its newest arrival and anxiously awaits the next egg to hatch. that's in a minute. >> as we head into the new year, new details about president-elect donald trump's inauguration plans. among the performances slated for inauguration day, the famed mormon tabernacle choir and the radio city rockettes. both groups faced criticism from fans for agreeing to take part in the
9:22 am
we also learned that america's got talent jackie evanko has agreed to sing the national anthem. as for the president-elect, he is said to be personally involved with writing his inaugural address, huddling with advisers to work on the speech at his mar-a-lago estate. the speech is said to be said and focused on unit
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[ cheers and applause ] >> yes. 2017 came in with a bang around the world. this is a mashup of a few celebrations around the world. australia celebrated around 8:30 a.m. our time yesterday morning. and one of the biggest celebrations happened in times square. this morning one performer is trending online after a botched performance. mariah carey posted this to her instagram after the performance saying here's to making more headlines in 2017. the singer appeared to have technical difficulties, at one point she even stopped singing
9:26 am
lyrics for her. it's mimi, she can do what she wants. she will be okay. >> couple interesting things on new year's eve television last night. >> oh, yeah. millions of eyes have been glued to the live stream of a bald eagle's nest in florida. now one of two eaglets has broken free from i shell. this is what everybody was waiting for. the little one could be seen chirping seven minutes after it hatched. the second eagle could hatch any day now. >> feed me. i want to eat. >> he knows what he wants. >> if your new year's resolution involves getting in shape, you can visit any virginia state park todayor
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all of the 37 state parks have free admission as part of national first day hike initiatives. you can take part in a photo contest in you send it to virginia state park's facebook page. we are waking up to temperatures in the 40s. tom is tracking what you can expect this week when you head back to work and school. >> a big change for a local restaurant starting today. the new rules they'll have to
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time is 9:29 on this sunday morning. here's what's happening. a manhunt underway in istanbul for a costumed attacker who shot up a packed nightclub on new year's eve. at least 39 people dead. 70 hurt. an estimated million people tacking times square to ring in 2017. security was stepped up due to recent terror attacks. donald trump speaking out about allegations of russian hacking. trump said he wants to be sure the allegations are true because "hacking is a very hard thing to prove." >> hope you had a great night last night, a great start to 2017 today. good morning to you. i'm adam tuss. i'm angie goff. you are probably wondering how we'll get this day started. you'll probably want to get out and about. tom kierein joins us now with what the weer
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start your first day of 2017. >> good morning. yes, here on the storm team 4 weather deck in northwest washington. cloudy sky. temperatures now 44 degrees. you can check that with the nbc washington app. a bit of blue trying to show up off in the horizon. this sunday morning we'll get increasing sunshine getting into the afternoon. a great day to get outside and get some exercise. by noontime around 50. low 50s by around 3:00. beautiful afternoon coming up. just a very light breeze. even good evening to get some exercise this coming evening. by 6:00 p.m., back down to the upper 40s. chances for rain for the week ahead. a look at that coming up. >> thank you very much. first responders have already had a very busy 2017. during the first hour of the new year, d.c. fire and ems tweeted it responded to 72 emergency
9:32 am
that's an average of more than one per minute. the second day of the district's foam ban goes into effect today. it it lays down the tough rules and big fines for businesses and non-profits that don't use recyclable products. news 4's mark segraves looks at the impact this is going to have on businesses. >> reporter: for the past year, anyone selling or giving away food in the district has not been able to use styrofoam containers. >> it also impacts, non-profits, churches, temples that may serve for a sunday brunch or something. also hospitals. >> reporter: they could use anything else they wanted. beginning the 1st of the year, that changes. >> not only can those businesses and organizations no longer use styrofoam, they must use compostible or recyclable food products. they must use recyclable products.
9:33 am
means a bit more work. >> that's going to be something that you just have to make sure when you're buying, you ask the question. and awareness is good. >> businesses that don't comply can get up to an $800 fine for repeat offenders. >> our compliance rate hovered around 80% consistently throughout the year, which is particularly good. >> reporter: while caston doesn't use styrofoam in the restaurant, he uses a lot of styrofoam coolers for his fish business. >> used to go straight to the landfill. >> reporter: a few years ago, he bought this densifier, it takes his used coolers and turns them into rock hard styrofoam bricks which he then sells. >> the labor to produce is more than what we sell it for. i believe we get a penny and a half a pound. >> reporter: caston said he's not making any money by selling the styrofoam, but he said it's more important to do what's right for the environment. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. also going in effect today is the extension of the smoking ban in gaithersburg. the previous ban did not include vaping or e-cigarettes and it also applied only to enclosed spaces and near city
9:34 am
back in october and now all forms of smoking are banned in all public buildings and spaces. there is a fine involved for breaking the new law. the move is meant to help protect the health of residents. montgomery county police say a man was killed by a train last night. it happened around 9:30 along the csx train tracks in germantown. the commuter train was going westbound. police are working to learn why that person was there in the first place. they have not released his name. anyone with information is asked to give them a call. in northern virginia, a state trooper is recovering after a woman rammed his patrol car. dema hadieh was caught speeding, reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour in a 55-mile-per-hour zone. when a trooper tried to pull over, she took off and reached speeds of more than 110 miles per hour. all of that happened before she rammed into the trooper's patrol car. this is a look at the damage here. momen
9:35 am
when her van caught fire. hadieh faces a series of charges. it's not clear if a chinatown restaurant will reopen today following this kitchen fire. a witness shot this footage from d.c. yesterday. that's when you could see that smoke billowing into the sky from tony chang's mongolian restaurant on h street. a sprinkler put out the initial fire, but smoke spread to the duct system. no word yet on what sparked that fire. we have new details in that homicide in suitland we first told you about yesterday morning. prince george's county police say the woman that was killed was 34-year-old terrea petty. she was found dead on silver park drive with trauma to her upper body just after 5:00 in the morning. detectives are trying to figure out a motive and a suspect in that case. we also now know the name of the maryland man killed in capital heights friday night. prince george's county police say 27-year-olri
9:36 am
ii was shot and killed on white perl place. investigators are working to find out who is responsible and are offering a $25,000 reward in that case. the district's youngest victims of violence are being remembered. ♪ the northeast performing arts group held its annual candlelight vigil last night. they prayed and read off the names of the teenagers who were killed. this year they read 135 names. leaders of the group say three of the teens came from their river terrace neighborhood in northeast. >> it just really touches all of our hearts, because it's in our community, and they came through volunteering and doing things like that, and it just really hurts my heart that we have to read their names. >> this year's vigil was dedicated to rita jacks w
9:37 am
founded the group decades ago. she passed away last january. pope francis is calling on people to do more to help young people in the new year. during the pope's new year message he said society owes a debt to marginalized youth. he is urging leaders to do more to help tackle youth unemployment. pope francis says he wants young people to fight for their dreams. in italy more than 36% of young people do not have jobs. that ranks in the top 18% in the european union states. it's 9:37. a beautiful shot from national harbor. we're in for a warmer new year's day, but rain is on the way. tom is tracking how soon showers will be in your neighborhood. and denied by uber. why drivers are canceling trips based off your destination, and how r
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i like heights. i would go on this bridge. if you're afraid of heights, stay away from this bridge. this is a new suspension bridge in china. it opened last week and cuts the travel time between neighboring provinces from five hours to about 90 minutes. there's a good reason for that bridge to be there. stands at more than 1,800 feet above the valley below. the golden gate bridge in san francisco is 220 feet above water. this is about eight to nine times higher than the golden gate bridge. that's cool. love it. >> north carolina has a new governor amid some bitter politics in that state. roy cooper was sworn into office a few minutes after midnight today. it comes after the state legislature passed a series of measures to strip him of his power. on friday, a north carolina judge temporarily blocked that measure until they can be reviewed later this week. cooper beat out outgoing
9:41 am
in a tight race that came down to a bitterly contested recount. some sad news again from hollywood. actor william christopher passed away after a battle with cancer. he played the army chaplain on the hit series m.a.s.h. he was among the only cast member to remain on the show for all 11 seasons. he was diagnosed with cancer about 18 months ago. his agent said he passed away yesterday at his home in pasadena, california. he was 84 years old. he was great on that show. >> one of the best series ever. if you told yourself you're getting in shape for 2017, today is a good day to start. tom is tracking a warmer day. and drunk and passed out in the cockpit. the dangerous situation for passengers about to leave for ncun and how thcae
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must win game for the redskins this afternoon. kickoff is at 4:25. storm team 4 forecast, tail grating, great weather for that. partly cloudy, hovering in the low 50s. by 5:00 p.m., a half hour after kickoff, getting dark. sun sets at 4:57. still around 50 degrees towards the end of the game. rain moves in next week a look at that in a few minutes. >> tom, thank you very much. the man
9:45 am
young pennsylvania state trooper is shot dead. officials say jason robinson was killed during a confrontation with police yesterday morning. they say he's the man who killed trooper landon weaver on friday night. trooper weaver was shot and killed during a domestic dispute in central southern pennsylvania. weaver is survived by his wife. a queen anns county sheriffs deputy shot during a domestic dispute call is getting better. deputy first class scott hogan is expected to undergo more surgery today according to our news partner. on friday his condition was upgraded from critical to serious. a gofundme page has been set up by the fraternal order of police for the county. this is a story we've been talking about on our live feed here. drunk and unconscious. police in canada say that's how they found a sunwing airlines pilot inside the cockpit. he spent yesterday morning slumped over in his seat. and the plane had 99 passengers and six crew members on board. it was preparing to leave for cancun.
9:46 am
the pilot's blood alcohol was more than three times the legal limit. they also say he was from slovakia and in canada on a work visa. another pilot was brought in to take over. the airline apologized to passengers for the potentially dangerous situation. >> he was in cancun a little early. >> when you request an uber, you expect the first available car to pick you up. but passengers are telling news 4 that has not been happening at local airports because the uber driver may not like your destination. >> reporter: call it destination discrimination. uber customers say drivers are not picking them up at the airport because the driver doesn't like the destination. >> just wanted to get home. we had been traveling for a couple hours in the air. >> reporter: landon says he had to go through five separate uber
9:47 am
recently. the reason, the drivers thought his short trip to downtown d.c. wasn't worth the trip. now an uber driver is supposed to know your destination until the trip starts. but some drivers called landon ahead of time to figure out where he was going. >> he was like i just wanted to know where you're heading. oh, just downtown d.c. another minute later, he cancelled. >> reporter: other drivers may have manipulated the uber app or used a separate app to figure out the final destination and decided they didn't want the trip. we reached out to uber, which sent us this this statement saying, we believe uber is helping reduce transportation inequities across the board but take feedback about issues like this seriously. most drivers here at reagan national didn't want to go on camera, but they knew all about the technique. some flat out admitted they have ended trip requests based on destination. >> i know that i have cancelled drives before that i thought were too long. >> after we did this story, some
9:48 am
people said they had similar experiences, but some drivers say they don't do that at all. you have to give and take on this story. the new year usually comes with new resolutions. >> we want to hear yours. send them to us via twitter, facebook or jump on our facebook live right now. erica edwards has some tips from experts on how to accomplish all of your goals. >> i want to be kind and considerate. >> my goal is to travel more. >> reporter: change can be hard, especially once life goes back to normal after the holidays. >> i have weight loss goals that i don't think i'm going to make a resolution because i never stick with them. >> reporter: to succeed with resolutions going forward, a sports psychologist recommends looking to the past with the acronym p.a.s.t., "p" stands for plan. >> being able to identify what our goal is and establishing steps to be able to get there is critical. >> reporter: "a," arrange your
9:49 am
environment. handy for those resolving to get up earlier each morning. >> by setting my cell phone across on the other edge of the room or on the edge of my bed, it forces me to get up in the morning. >> reporter: "s," stick to one thing. >> if we try to chase too many rabbits, we catch none. we want to focus on one rabbit, one resolution, one goal, and just go hard and obsessive at that particular type of goal. >> reporter: "t," make it too easy to fail. instead of committing to one hour of exercise every day, try something a little less life altering. >> if we're talking exercise, one minute, then move up to five minutes and then move up to ten minutes. >> reporter: experts say the most important thing is accept ourselves a little more regardless of where we are in life. erica edwards, nbc news. >> i didn't come up with a resolution. did you? >> no, i think to continue doing what we're doing, do it well. don't let the little things
9:50 am
>> don't push for instant gratification so much. >> like it. >> simple steps. >> we want some instant gratification with the weather. >> you're the guy who delivers. >> i got it for you. you need your sunglasses today looking at angie's dress. >> sorry. blinding. >> so sparklsparkly. >> sunshine getting through the overcast, our tower cam overlooking washington. you can see the potomac in the right of your screen. the cloud cover will be thinning out. we'll get increasing sunshine this afternoon. already in the low to mid 40s. still quite a chill in the air. you need a warm winter coat for now. going out and getting exercise, you only need one layer. all dry on storm team 4 radar. no rain or snow in the region. if you're traveling up and down the atlantic seaboard, boston, no travel problems there. detroit, st. louis, anywhere in the midwest, down 95 in the
9:51 am
rain there. a day to get some outdoor exercise. temperatures by noon near 50 with increasing sunshine. we will get a run in maybe this evening by 6:00 p.m., back down to the upper 40s. overall a terrific day to get outdoors and get some outdoor exercise. tomorrow it does look like we'll get some light rain around. a lot of people have the day off monday. a cloudy day with highs in the upper 40s. best day to get out is today. on tuesday, everybody getting back to work. we'll need an umbrella on tuesday. occasional showers from the morning at the bus stop all the way until you're getting home in the evening. it ought to end by mid evening tuesday. wednesday and thursday, sun back. temperatures tumble out of the 50s on wednesday, 30 thursday morning. thursday afternoon, low 40s. moisture coming through on friday. should stay above freezing. temperatures will be cold enough for a little wet snow and sleet ori
9:52 am
just a chance of that. otherwise clouds coming through. that could be followed by frigid weather next weekend. highs only near freezing with some sunshine. that's the way it looks. >> thank you very much. coming up a little boy with a big superpower. the inspiring mission he is now taking on we live in a pick and choose world. choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well
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this morning we're following up on an inspiring story of a little boy. >> rehema ellis reports on how his courage earned him a starring role in his favorite comic book "iron man." >> hi, everyone. >> it's been quite a year for 6-year-old max levy. super fan of comic books and now a superhero himself. >> yes! i find iron man! >> reporter: we first hit met him in january after surgeons put a port in his chest for the medicine treating his hemophilia, a disease that prevents blood from clotting. >> you're going to get a metal disc in your chest like iron man. his response was i get to be iron plan! >> we're here because that's where iron man has it but they had to put it in a certain spot so they had to put it here. >> reporter: that's okay. >> yeah. it is.
9:56 am
iron max. how proud are you to be in the iron man comic book? >> proud. not just pretty proud. proud. >> reporter: he got the grand tour of marvel headquarters in new york. >> it was, like, a random kid who hemophilia. wears a helmet all the time. walking around. and then max a super hero in a comic book. it's actually changed me. >> reporter: it changed his family, too. big sister zoe created a calendar. hearts for hemophilia raising more than $15,000 to help people like max. >> everyone coming up to us like max is a hero. that's what the year has been. it's incredible. >> i'm not really a super hero but people call me a super hero. i could be a super hero if i did more super heroish things. >> reporter: a little boy fighting a disease and helping others sure sounds like the definition of a super hero to us. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. >> there is something to be said
9:57 am
are your strength as an adult. >> yeah. >> a lot of parents know that feeling, but he's the strength of so many other kids as well. >> think about that obstacle he has to overcome, and doing it with a smile on his face. not just a little proud. proud. go, max. it's back to school and back to work this week. tom is looking ahead to much cooler temperatures and a big change coming up in the next few days. police are investigating a deadly fallt a a
9:58 am
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heading into the 10:00 hour. right now on news 4 today, new year terror attack. a rising death count in turkey and the man hunt for the gunman who opened fire at a nightclub. [ cheers ] >> big celebrations here at home. times square packed with a million people as today is the first day of 2017. >> and win or go home. the redskins need some help to make the playoffs, but first they have to take on the giants at fedex field and knock them out. hope you're having good start to 2017. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. we asked who do you think will take this game, everyone is feelihe


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