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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 2, 2017 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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wrc. when he shot me, i didn't move. i just let him shoot me. >> tragedy in turkey as the muntd f manhunt for the gunman expands. for the first time we're hearing from an american who took painful measures to survive. new questions about who really hacked the presidential election as the outgoing president gets ready to rally one of the last fights here in washington. you're watching news4 at 4:00. first up at 4:00, as people start to make their way home through a rainy dreary afternoon. >> we have been tracking it all afternoon for you on storm team 4 radar. >> how much more
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expect as a lot of you head back to work tomorrow? >> right now we are tracking the rain as it makes it way out of the area today and back into the region tomorrow. a couple showers over the last few hours, most of the rain is now moving off. we're still seeing light rain and drizzle in parts of the region. that's going to happen through the next couple of hours here. expect it to continue to be damp and dreary out there. then we're watching this next season. this one has a lot of rain associated with it during the day tomorrow. we're going to be watching that one too, most likely coming in during the morning rush tomorrow. rain, rain and more rain, that's the forecast for the next 24 hours. here comes the cold. we're talking snow chances and we're tracking the next storms moving our way zwloo this afternoon we're learning about some new developments in that nightclub ack
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new year's eve. police have arrested eight people but they still haven't found the shooter. 39 people died, most of them foreigners. no americans were killed but one man from delaware got shot in the leg. jake raak says he survived by playing dead as the attacker walks right above his head. >> when he shot me, i didn't move. >> you didn't flinch? >> no. got to stay as calm as you can. >> and just take the bullet. >> yeah. i took a bullet. >> wow. turkey has been trying to crack down on isis sympathizers infiltrating the country. they've arrested nearly 150 people for having suspected ties to the terror group. but only 25 have been charge. the first family is back from their annual christmas vacation in hawaii. president obama has a month left in office. later thisee
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with congressional democrats to come up with a strategy to save the affordable care act. donald trump will not be inaugurated for another couple of weeks, but the new congress gets sworn in tomorrow. one of the first battles the trump plans to kill obamacare. our current president is wading into the fight. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: push back from the president. barack obama will go to capitol hill wednesday after congress reconvenes. gop leaders in the house and the senate plan quick action to roll back obama environmental regulations, cut corporate and personal tax rates and kill obamacare. all now possible. when obama loses the veto pen and donald trump is president. but trump is increasing the ry
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chief. today with russian diplomats in moscow expelled from the u.s. by president obama to punish vladimir putin for ljallegedly hacking the u.s. election. a trump spokesman again questioned if the russians really did it as the fbi and the cia determined. >> only until hillary clinton lost the election did they suddenly decide this was a major thing. maybe it is. maybe it was. >> trump says he will explain his claim to have better intel. >> i also know things that other people don't know. they cannot be sure of the situation. >> trump claimed today, i thought and felt i would win big. but democrats charge he's desperate not to be seen as needing russian help. >> unless president-elect trump has his own intelligence service, it looks like he's just winging it. >> some republicans say they're concerned. john mccain says he will hold a senate hearing on the election
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i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. in the district, d.c. police are investigating what they are calling an accidental fall from a hotel roof. police say 23-year-old john leonard of herndon was on the roof of the dupont circle hotel when he fell 10 stories down a boiler shaft and died. no word yet on how this happened. a big crowd will turn out to see d.c.'s three new council members sworn in. among them former mayor vincent gray. the new members are joining the council at a time when the district is experiencing strong economic growth, but there are fears the new conservative republican congress will interfere in some local legislation, like gun control and other social issues. tom sherwood will tell us more about the new political realities later on news4. right now d.c. police need your helpin
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11-year-old girl last seen yesterday afternoon on brentwood road in northeast. the 11-year-old is 5'1" with black hair and a mole on her left cheek. if you see her, please call police. dylann roof is guilty of killing nine people at a church in south carolina. his sentencing gets under way tomorrow. roof shot nine african-american parishioners. he's facing the death penalty after a jury found him guilty of multiple charges. jurors will hear evidence as to why prosecutors feel roof should be put to death. roof is representing himself and doesn't plan to call my witnesses. three lucky people in virginia are starting the year with a lot more money, but so far they haven't come forward. the virginia lottery says it sold three $1 million tickets. there was also six
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25,000. and 300 tickets worth 500 bucks. check the winning numbers in the app, just search virginia lottery. a bittersweet day in ashburn. a teenage girl and her mother are the victims of new year's day violence. it is making for a painful start
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tomorrow as a lot of you go back to work for the first time this year. trains open at 5:00 a.m. and run on a normal schedule. the agencies safe track program is on hold until february as leaders decide which part of the system to work on next. redskins fans, players, coaches, everyone is still shaking their heads at that devastating, disappointing defeat. >> they sure are. instead of the playoffs, we're talking about locker cleanout. the loss changes the team's best laid plans. >> reporter: another letdown after a season of missed chances. the redskins know they missed on the biggest one of all. their entire season of stuff going home in a plastic bag. >> all the coaches understood why we were in the position. there's no need to
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a number of free agents with their futures unknown, none bigger than quarterback kirk cousins. coach jay gruden made it clear as he addressed the media that he wants cousins back. cousins explains why his price tag is so high. that story coming up for you on news4 at 5:00. it's been the number one story on the nbc washington app all afternoon. a bizarre and tragic new year's weekend makes for a tough day at a local high school. dangerous ow, icesn
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it was a tough return to class today for students at howard high school. they're mourning the loss of a teen girl shot inside of her home on new year's day. >> police say a teenage boy shot her and her mother, then turned the gun on himself. he's in critical condition. the school district is going what it can to comfort students. students at howard high school returned from winter break under a pall of sadness. >> last night people were like wear black. >> they're mourning the death of 15-year-old charlotte, killed early new year's day in her home. >> doing this for her, kind of just to rem
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>> police say her mother had heard a scuffle coming from charlotte's bedroom 2:00 a.m. sunday. when she went to check, she was confronted by an armed teenage boy who shot the mother, the daughter and turned the gun on himself. charlotte died at a hospital later. the mother survived. the teen was hospitalized with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. >> be sensitive to the feelings of friends and staff and provide counselling if needed. >> a letter went out to parents sunday telling them of a incident and informing them that part of the day's schedule, first period would be set aside for discussion and contemplation. >> the school system will have a team of counselors here today to support students and staff. >> the identity of the suspect is yesterday to be released. it's not known if he was a student at charlotte's school. early in the investigation, police had yet to establish any link among the victims and the teen. while there
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discussions and counselling, school officials say their ultimate goal is to restart the school year as normally as possible despite the tragic loss. derrick ward, news4. some call it art, others say it's an insult to law enforcement. an american university is caught in the middle. american says it's going to remove a giant statute of leonard peltier, convicted of killing two fbi agents on an indian reservation back in the '70s. he admits to shooting at the agents but says someone else fired the deadly shots. clemency add voe kates vocates e statute. they want president obama to pardon peltier. nbc 4 is working for you in the community. our 24th annual health and fitness expo is now just five days away. it's this saturday and sunday at the washington convention center.
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screenings, wellness information, demonstrations, not to mention a few celebrity guests and your favorite news4 reporters and anchors. the best part of all, it's all free. we have all the details for you on the nbc washington app. the expo is a great place to kick start your knnew year's resolution. we want to know if you're hitting the gym this week. so far half of you are being honest and saying you haven't worked out yet this year. no worries, though, it's only the 2nd. 46%, nope. it has been raining and drizzling all day long. >> when i came in i think it said 41, 42. it felt ten degrees colder out there, doug. >> it's nasty. that's the thing. you know i love the weather. but this is the only kind of weather that i hate, cold and rain together. that's exactly what we have out there today. temperatures right now in the
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the windchill 39 at the airport. it is really just nasty outside. 44 degrees, the current temperature with those winds northeast at 9 miles an hour. that windchill sitting at 39 degrees. and the rain still coming down, most of it on the light side. currently 44 d.c. elkins, west virginia, 59. 64 back towards chimerka kentuc. that's the warmer air that's trying to make its way tomorrow. but something else is coming too, rain. the wider picture showing the same storm that we've seen today. that one now moving off toward the north and east. there's another one behind it. this one is a little stronger, heavy rain. we won't see any severe weather here but the rain will make its way up here during the day tomorrow. most likely get here for that morning rush. going to be a nasty
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tomorrow just like today. 44 degrees, showers at 7:00 a.m. up to 52 by noon. this is when the heaviest rain comes through, 10:00, 11:00, noon tomorrow is when we'll see the heaviest rain. temperatures around 53. mild at 8:00. not bad, temperature around 48 degrees. we'll be about ten degrees above average. umbrellas tomorrow, you're going to need those. up to an inch of rain in parts of the area. much colder late week. coats, hats, gloves, everything else. that's the kind of cold air we really do have coming in. we even have a chance for some snowfall on thursday night into friday. this is something we'll be watching. 53 tomorrow. 54 on your wednesday. it gets really cold here. lows in the 20s. most of you in the suburbs will be in the teens right on through the weekend. a very cold weekend. chance of snow showrs
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friday and then we've been tracking this storm on saturday. right now that storm looks like it will stay well down to the south and east, but it's something we'll continue to watch. two twin procedures, two different birthdays in two different years. >> why their story is going viral and how their parents are
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up and running because the famous couple may be ready to have more eaglets. the eagle cam will remain up until any new eagles hatch. two twin brothers are set up for a lifetime of new year's birthday parties on opposite sides of the holiday. >> the brothers were born at a glendale, arizona hospital, about ten minutes apart in different years. sawyer was born at 11:50 new year's eve, 2016, his brother everett was born at 12:01 on new year's day, 2017. >> got these two beautiful gifts from god. couldn't be happier. >> sawyer and everett are fraternal twins, not identical. >> sawyer is going to be lording
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i'm the big brother. >> that's right. the holidays are behind us but thousands return home, not going so smoothly. the new year starting off on the wrong foot for so many travelers. >> this is newsfirst at 4:00.4
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all seems beautiful to me. we're keeping an eye on the radar this afternoon. it's been a wet start to the week and we're in for even more tomorrow. doug's back with usin
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and weather across the u.s. is impacting travel plans for thousands hitting the roads and airways after the long holiday weekend. everything from snow in the north to severe storms in the south. >> it's rough out there. the dangerous conditions and the headaches it's causing. >> reporter: snow, lightning, rain and ice is what thousands of americans are dealing with on their trek home from a long holiday weekend. overnight, severe storms moving through texas brought damages winds, hail, even a tornado. a lightning strike at the houston area home burned a huge hole in the roof causing a fire. kevin masterson was asleep when it hit, he was saved by a neighbor who work him up. >> we had to get out. >> reporter: in the northwest many are digging out of feet of snow, more than seven inches falling overnight in north dakota alone. that same system bringing a wintery mix
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the slick surfaces and dangerous driving conditions also impacting air travel, causing delays. more of the same is expected in the upper midwest. it's all umbrellas in new orleans where torrential rain put a damper on fans headed for the sugar bowl today. thankfully the game is played inside the superdome so no rain delays there. president obama and family are dealing with the same conditions coming home from a hawaiian vacation to rainy and cold d.c. stranding drivers like this one in minnesota. this video shows a second driver skidding out of control, forcing the people inside the first car to run for their lives. it's not what anyone needs as many prepare to head back to work and a messy start to 2017. sarah rosario, nbc news. the news continues right now with jim. news4 at 5:00 starts now.
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you'll only see on news4. the security scare at dulles airport. controversy surrounding an expected inaugural parking l lot -- participant. police investigate after a woman is found shot inside a town home. pat collins on the scene right now. a live report coming up. first up tonight at 5:00 a scare on board a united airlines flight bound from charlotte, north carolina, to dulles airport. happy new year and thanks for joining us. >> a baggage handler took the entire trip inside the cargo hold after somehow getting locked inside. it's a story you'll only see on news4. >> reporter: well, that flight from charlotte, flight 6060 is
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running a little bit behind today. yesterday it rolled into dulles international at about 4:15 p.m. the airport authority, fire and rescue crews were waiting at gate b-16. they had two big concerns. was the person locked inside the car g hold really an employee or some kind of stowaway. and what was his medical condition? it was an express jet similar to this one. fire and rescue crews waiting to see who was inside a pressurized cargo hold 37. >> it's going to be an apparent baggage handler that got locked inside the baggage compartment. >> reporter: police on scene express another concern, for security. >> they want to make sure the person involved is an employee and not a stowaway. >> reporter: flight 6060 took off at


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