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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 3, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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right now on news4 midday, the soggy start to our tuesday continues. >> the rain is quickly tapering off. we've already had almost an inch. watch out for high water and look at big changes coming up for the end of the week and the weekend. plus, congress is back about to induct its newest members. what you need to know about the first action they'll take. "news4 midday" starts now. >> good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> let's get to storm team 4 meteorologist tom kiran with how much longer the rain will last. can you stop it now? >> we got quite a soaking this morning. picked up a quick inch since righar
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off now north and east of the metro area. much of the region now tapering off to scattered showers in the shenandoah valley, nearby suburbs in maryland. the heaviest rain, this line in yellow, tracking through frederick county, moving north of baltimore. but we're not out of the woods yet. a little more rain off and on into the afternoon hours, maybe even just a few sprinkles, a little bit of drizzle. so keep an umbrella handy. temperatures in the low and mid 40s and in the metro area, upper 40s around the bay. we're hovering in the upper 30s, right around 40 degrees in the shenandoah valley. so hour by hour into the afternoon, much of the region will stay in the 40s. but right downtown, we max to get around 50 degrees by late this afternoon. as we get into that time frame when that rain does taper off quite a bit. big changes on the way here coming in on friday, maybe a little light snow and a big cold plunge for the weekend. a look at that in just a few
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just into our newsroom, take a look at this. an emergency road work happening right now. 270 there tuckerman lane. high water covering the right side of the roadway, blacking two southbound lanes. crews as you can see on the scene. not really causing too much of a problem. but, again, be careful with all those wet roads. and developing right now, police are trying to catch the gunman who killed 39 people at a nightclub in istanbul. this video shows the main suspect in turkey days before the attack. turkey has not yet identified this man. there is an effort to find him. >> several people detained but not clear how they might be connected. the shooting happened at a new year's party. isis claims responsibility, but didn't offer specific proof they were involved. >> in turkey, the people who survived are talking about what happened. some are remembering the victims at a memorial outside the club. hundreds of people also marched for peace in
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howard county police say they're going to be releasing more information about the death of a teenaged girl. they say 15-year-old charlotte zaremba was shot by a boy not yet identified. it happened just a few hours into new year's day in her bedroom. police say the boy shot the girl's mother and then himself. both survived and at last check, the boy is in critical condition. the girl attended howard high school. that school sent a letter home to parents yesterday, saying they will be providing support for students. new this morning, president-elect donald trump got on twitter this morning to threaten to slap a tax on general motors. trump tweeted that gm is sending mexican-made cruises to the u.s. tax-free. he told gm to stop or pay a border tax. gm makes the vast majority of compact chevy cruzes in lordstown, ohio near cleveland. shares fell after the tweet. trump also added another member to his
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robert light hiser as the u.s. trade representative. he held the key position under president ronald reagan. his mission includes confronting china and mexico on current trade agreements. still four major cabinet decisions to fill, including secretaries of agriculture and veterans' affairs. president-elect trump also vowed north korea will not develop a nuclear weapon that could threaten the u.s. he tweeted about this last night in a new year address. north korean leader, kim jong-un said the program has reached its final stage. trump said the north won't build a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the u.s. he targeted china saying china keeps taking money and wealth from the u.s., but won't help with the north korean nuclear issue. less than hour away from the new congress getting to work. republicans now control both the house and the senate. >> news4's tracie potts has more on the new agenda that
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president obama's affordable care act. >> regulations are going on. we're going to get rid of obamacare. >> reporter: but how? republican leaders headed back to capitol hill today still have no plan for how to replace obamacare. >> he's going to replace it with something great and wonderful. and that's the extent of his plan. >> reporter: president obama heads to capitol hill wednesday for strategy session on how to keep the affordable care act in a change to the nation's health insurance program could take years. >> the republicans are actually torn as to how late, how long to delay the repeal. >> reporter: the new congress may also investigate russian hacking to influence the presidential election. >> it is clear that russia has attacked the united states of america. >> it's important to have outside bipartisan experts to look at this. >> reporter: president-elect trump promises to reveal new information this week as his incoming press secretary questions whether expelling 35
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>> to go to this magnitude suggests that it is at least raises the question of whether the actions are more political than they are diplomatic. >> reporter: late monday, house republicans voted to give themselves oversights of the ethics office that investigates misconduct. the concern there is that politicians, not independent investigators, would have oversight on how much detail gets released to the public about those investigations. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. maryland democrat, anthony brown and jamie raskin among the lawmakers sworn in today. the two incoming congressmen tell news4, they are aware of the immense challenge of being in the minority. brown and raskin expect fights over issues like corporate tax cuts, environmental regulations and the affordable care act. maryland's new u.s. senator will be sworn in today. chris van hallen takes over for barbara mikulski who served for 30 ar
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vice president joe biden will swear in van who willin at 2:15. d.c. police say a man rammed into several parked cars, including a prince george's county police cruiser. the man not identified, started to drive erratically after he thought police were chasing him. they say everything started on 8th street northeast after 1:00 this morning and ended on benefitting road. police have not said if the suv the man was driving was stolen. first on 4, crackdown more and more people are getting caught on metro, trying to skip paying fares. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss shows us what police are now doing about the problem. >> reporter: this is actually a problem across the metro rail system. people who don't want to pay either jump the turnstiles or go through the emergency exit gates. but metro's crackdown may be paying off. time and time and time again, we have seen it. riders simply getting around paying by either jumping t
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behind other riders and slip through the system. fare evasion is a continuing problem on metro. sources tell news4, they simply can't believe how often it actually happens, and the costs add up. >> people jumping the turnstiles, causing more tax dollars to go up to pay for the system. i think we need to crack down. >> reporter: take a look at the most recent stats from metro. they show in 2016, over 6,100 citations written for fare evasion, compared to 4,300 a year earlier, a difference of 1,800 more violations or 40% increase. riders happy for the crackdown. >> i can understand why some people would do that. but obviously, you have to follow the law and stuff. >> reporter: everybody has to pay, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's not only about money. fare evasion has led to a spike in metro employees getting assaulted when they try to step in. but transit police now taking the lead to make sure riders are following the rules on metro.
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tuss, news4. thank you, adam. metro riders are going to be feeling a little chilly when they catch trains. why they plan to ride pantless this weekend. coming up. first, though, it is video you'll probably see all over your facebook feed. up next, we'll tell you the story behind a police officer's fightith a teenager. w
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frightening, dramatic moments on a california highway. just after that crash that driver was trapped in a burning car. take a look at that. a photographer jumped into action to save him, not only that, the photographer was recording this the entire time. now this is the new video. look at the flames and smoke there. and there they are, carrying that victim to the side of the road. firefighters put that car out. medics then took the driver to the hospital. he is in critical condition right now. tech giant apple faces a new lawsuit after the death of a little girl two years ago. her parents in texas say a driver was using facetime when he hit their car. that crash killed their 5-year-old daughter. police charged the driver with manslaughter. the case is still pinlding. now the family is urging apple to disable facetime when users are driving. apple will say it doesn't comment on pending litigation. tomorrow, south carolina church shooter, dill
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should not be put to death. the penalty phase will begin tomorrow. he's not allowed to approach witnesses or the jury during court. last month, the same jury convicted roof on 33 charges for the 2015 massacre. the jury will decide between life in prison or the death penalty. a farmer pharmacy executive blamed for a deadly meningitis outbreak is set to go on trial tomorrow. he used expired ingredients and did not follow cleanliness. he pleaded not guilty to 25 murder charges. his lawyer called the charges overreaching. while we were counting down to midnight, these two guys were counting their money. the nypd says they stole $6 million in jewelry on new year's eve. they took diamond rings, diamond
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wholesale store in manhattan. all this happened hours before the ball came down. the men are still out there. a fight between an officer and a teen girl. we warn you, this video might be hard to watch. yesterday, officers responded to a fight in south philadelphia. while breaking up the altercation, the video shows the female officer pushing the teen. the teen then pushes her back. the officer then throws the girl to the ground, and begins punching her. the officer pulls the teen girl up by her hair and then the video actually ends. the department says it's conducting an internal investigation. a queen ann's county deputy is improving after a deadly shooting last week. investigators say deputy warren hogan was shot. he got into a shootout with a man who been in a physical dispute with his girlfriend. the department posted a photo fabo
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with help. he is scheduled for another surgery this week. a security camera rebate program is the latest push to get crime out of d.c.'s east neighborhood. last night kathryn henderson went door to door to talk about the incentive program. it will reimburse homeowners up to $500 to put up security cameras on their property. some people tell us the cameras they don't think will stop any crime. >> cameras everywhere in the city. you think people's packages stop getting stolen? you put a mask on, what is a camera going to do? >> a homeowner security camera helped investigate this robbery and shooting. two masked people shot and robbed a man on northeast -- in northeast, i should say, 21st street. that man is okay. in maryland, the frederick county sheriff's office is on the lookout for two people who they say stole a debit card. a visa card was taken from
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if you have seen these two suspects, contact the sheriff's office. starting today, you can use your cell phone to pay for parking at reston town center. the app will allow you to reload the meter without having to run back outside. garages will also now feature payment kiosks and accept cards or cash. some stores and restaurants will offer parking validation. the parking meter system's september debut was delayed because of community concern. >> i think a lot of us felt this is one of the good values of resten town center. it's got great shops and free parking. so now it's still got the other stuff, but you've got to pay for parking. >> reston's parking app also links users to live safe, and connects shoppers to mall security teams. a revealing new year tradition will continue this weekend here in d.c. >> anyone can join in. aaron, he is number one every ye.
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at home! this is so weird. for nearly ten years, a group of people have met on to ride on the metro without wearing pants. the group has gotten bigger each year where people strip down to their undies. police know about it. they say it is meant to be family-friendly. >> that's what they say. >> bring some blinders. >> keep your kids' pants on. this sunday the group meets at hancock park outside the metro station. 3:00. and then they will ride the rails in their boxers. and such. i don't know why. still working on that one. just 'cuz. >> because we'll talk about it. >> exactly. there you go. your old wine bottles may be going to a good cause. >> a company in florida is transforming wine bottles in candles. we are shown the other ways they're helping the planet. >> reporter: from the trash to the workshop.
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bottles into beautiful candles. >> i heard you're a big dumpster diver. >> >> i love to do dumpster diving. >> reporter: and with the idea to create environmentally friendly candles came tipsy candle company. from the wax that burns inside -- >> anything about burning soy is that in the house, it doesn't leave any smoke haze, you're not breathing in toxins the essential oils are made from a plant source and all natural. they are all nice and clean. >> reporter: and with a creative design team, creating popular man candles labeled scotch and soda to fairy tale, tipsy candle company is lighting up interest. now in some 60 boutiques nationwide, and the team has accounts with nordstrom and hallmark. with all that, he and his business partner are overwhelmed by the community support.
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doorstep. >> reporter: people around town who encourage green candle making, shining the light on a nationwide movement. >> i think that's cool. >> pretty nice project there. >> nice idea. dresser danger. frightening new video of furniture falling and trapping a toddler. the simple solution to make sure this doesn't happen in your home. first, deadly storms sweeping through the southeast. look at the damage left behind from tornadoes. and another check on our lcal foore
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right now, people are cleaning unfrom powerful and deadly storms down south. one of the worst hit states was alabama. tornadoes touched down there and caused major damage. this is video from the town of rehoboth where four people died. they were inside a mobile home and a tree fell on the home. on top of these tornadoes, for recognition rain and lightning. this is video from another part of alabama. winds whipping around someone's home. also widespread flooding there. wow, look at that. and power outages in several states. even at this hour, thousands of people are still in the dark. turn to meteorologist tom kiran. >> it came up our way into the cooler air, but it did bring rain. almost an inch of rain as we have seen. we have had some ponding of
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not enough really to cause flooding. we'll have some ponds of water to leap over here as we get into the afternoon, even though the rain is ending, taking a while to drain off. here's a live view from storm team 4 tower camera on to northwest washington. and we're actually seeing the cloud cover lifting a little bit. now it's tapered off just to a few scattered sprinkles around the region. and as we look at the latest radar, you can see the bulk of the rain, the dark greens, moving north of us, and tracking into pennsylvania now. a lingering, moderate shower down right there where 66 meets 81 near front royal. getting a moderate downpour there, tracking right up toward winchester. and locally, a little bit of scattered light rain, metro area, northern virginia, nearby suburbs in maryland. and we'll see this off and on into the afternoon. here's the hour-by-hour timing. by 2:00, much
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later in the afternoon, a few more passing sprinkles around 7:00, 8:00 p.m. after that, it will be finishing. temperatures holding steady in the metro area, generally in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. just a little chance of some drizzle as we get into the around 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. then by 11:00 tonight, we'll be in the upper 40s, damp and chilly. to him tomorrow, gets colder, with a high in the low 40s. late thursday night and into friday, there is a possibility of a little wet snow, mainly on grassy areas, light accumulations, mainly grassy areas. because temperatures will be above freezing, all melting on roads. colder for the weekend, though. barely getting above freezing on saturday, sunday and again on monday. that's the way it looks. >> all right, tom, thank you. calling all riders. the city of alexandria wants to feature your work. it's holding a poetry contest to coincide with national poetry month. you have until february 1st. the winng
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inside dash buses and travel lease in april. you have to be 16 to enter. extra points if you hit on the motto, ep alexandria moving. you any good at poetry? >> i'm going to pass. maybe my husband, not me. >> storied, historic teams make mistakes. >> and sometimes it happens on live tv. take a look at the right side of your screen. no defenders, to louisville tosses in the basketball and gets an easy two points. >> duke's team made the mistake, caught on the wrong end of the court. yeah. embarrassing. by the way, they are ranked among the top 15 teams in the country. >> duke ended up winning, so that was -- >> accidental stow-away. an airport baggage hander becomes stuck on a plane's cargo hold. and new congressional session. four things you need to know about the earliest actions we
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game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal.
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and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. it is 11:28, and we are about a half hour away from the swearing in of the 115th congress. and in just 17 days, for the first time in a decade,
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will control the house, senate and the white house. >> the gop agenda revolves around dismantling president obama's affordable care act. democrats say repealing the law will leave millions uninsured. republicans gutted the house ethics office. last night, house republicans votesed to essentially give oversight and investigative powers to lawmakers themselves. on friday, a joint session of congress will be convened to certify the results of the electoral college. in the weeks ahead, a partisan showdown at confirmation hearings begin for trump's cabinet picks. 34 senators, including 7 new ones, taking the oath of office today. it is one of the final official acts vice president joe biden will do. he will swear them in, in the house. representatives are expected to reelect paul ryan as speaker. and then he will administer the oath of office for house members. republicans will hold a large 241-194 majority in the house. in the senate, they will have a 52-48 advantage in the senate ha
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>> thank you. today d.c.'s mayor will call on the new congress to give d.c. delegate eleanor homes norton. norton could vote in the committee of the whole that would allow norton to vote on amendments on the house floor. house rules have allowed the congresswoman to vote during three congresses. three new members now part of the d.c. council. >> welcome back, my friend. >> former mayor, vincent gray, among the members sworn in yesterday. he will represent ward 7 after years fighting campaign scandal allegations, and just two years ago, mayor merial bowser. robert white, and ward 8 council member trayen white. >> the u.s. customs and border protection agency system back up and running today. a four-hour-long system outage caused some very long lines at several airports ye
11:31 am
international flights were affected, and at least two people passed out while waiting in line. the agency says people arrivg from outside the u.s. were being processed by hand. we did speak to some travelers at dulles international airport who say they were simply frustrated. >> seems like if you have passports and you have passport control, they should be able to scan, look at you, identify you and move you through. and it wasn't happening. so -- somewhere the process is broken. >> it's unclear what caused the outage, but customs does not believe it was malicious. still not clear how united airlines baggage handler ended up being looked in the cargo hold of a plane. this happened on an 82-minute flight from charlotte, north carolina, to dulles international on sunday. prior to an investigation by the tsa, there were concerns about whether he was actually a badge handledler or just a spoe-away. he had a work uniform and we're told the man is okay. d.c. police have made a
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truck in southeast. they say several atms were discovered in the back of the truck. no arrests at this point. so far, police do not know where the machines came from or whether there's any money inside them. it's a new year and many of us are making resolutions to better our lives. nbc 4 is working for you to help you accomplish your goals. you can join us this weekend at our health and fitness expo. dozens of groups will be there to answer all kinds of questions. and it's always a lot of fun. among them will be the montgomery county chapter of the national alliance of mental illness. stephanie rosen is here to tell us more about their cause and what you are doing this weekend. because it's such an important thing and some people have not heard of nami. explain what you do. >> nami is the national alliance on mental illness and we're a local affiliate of that oorgs, where the montgomery county chapter. we provide free programs, including classes, support groups and presentations for all affected by mental illness.
11:33 am
family members or individuals themselves living with mental illness. >> or parents. i don't like what even seeing in my child. they can come to you for classes and support. >> absolutely. >> tell me about this weekend. it's always sort of fun. you guys will have an expert panel and some really cool kind of thoughts for the new year, as well. >> absolutely. thank you to nbc 4 for having us at the expo. >> of course. >> you know, we are not just fighting mental illness, but we want to promote mental health. we're promoting a thankfulness challenge. >> i love this. i said i'm not waiting for my journal. i'll get the journal. but i'm not waiting. the theirfulness challenge. >> research has shown if you take the 30 seconds a day to write down three things that you're thankful for for 21 details and actually changes the wiring of your brain to look for the positive in the world, promoting mental health. it builds resilience and also helps you in times when we're
11:34 am
>> because sometimes i tend to be a glass is half empty person. i want to be the glass is half full person and i think that's sort of pushes you that way. >> it does. >> encourages that. >> you start scanning the world, what am i going to put in my thankfulness journal tomorrow. you think about that rather than the disconfidence. >> i love that. so at the expert session, you're going to have some people who are struggling right now. and it's called in our own voice. so they're going to be sharing their recovery stories, right? >> absolutely. we want to destigmatize mental illness and people to seek help early on, as early as possible. so having people share their stories of recovery helps promote that. so we have young adults, as well as families who have cared for children and young adults living with mental illness. they share they're story about how they got the help they needed and how well they're doing today. >> so this is this sunday. you guys will be doing the panel, 11:00 a.m. sunday at the
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health and fitness expo. we'll be there all weekend. so much fun. definitely stop by. stephanie, thank you so much for stopping by and talking about this very, very important thing here. and hopefully we'll see you this weekend, as well. so join us at the 24th abdomin annual health and fitness expo. saturday and sunday at the washington convention center. in addition to organizations like nami, medical tests available. great time to get your blood pressure done and a checkout. you can learn to make healthy meals during cooking demonstrations. to find more information in the nbc washington app. aaron? thank you. brother to the rescue. new video showing a brother rescuing a boy trapped by a dresser. a mother's warning to families everywhere. first, a look at the minivan of the future. chrysler says it is loaded with features millennials want. we'll show you what they are. millennials and minivans. just ahead start the car! sta.rt the car!
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some breaking news now. a major announcement just coming in from ford. the company is cancelling plans to build a new plant in mexico. instead, ford says it will add 700 jobs here in the united states. ford just wrapped up a news conference where it made that announcement, saying those new jobs will go to workers in michigan to build electric cars. the future of driving is becoming a lot more entertaining. today chrysler will reveal a minivan model made with millennials in mind. the portal includes face and voice recognition technology. it looks like a space ship. it accommodates three rows of seating with a selfie cam that is very, very important in a vehicle. it takes riders' information and arranges a trip accordingly. i would rather steer the car and tell them where i would like to go. also inside is a display that urges back seat riders to post about their trip experience. it also has an
11:39 am
to passengers in the front and back can communicate. the thing looks like it's two feet long. what are you talking about, communicating front and back? >> you know, the music will be so loud, you've got to be able to interrupt. >> i would rather ride a bike. >> the concept car. arnold schwarzenegger has officially taken the reins on celebrity apprentice. >> the california governor and actor is taking over as donald trump prepares to become president. and in last night's premier, he used his new terminating catch phrase. >> i think that you miscalculated in a big way. it was a very risky thing to do, clearly. therefore, carney, you're terminated. asta la vista, baby. >> two phrases in there. that was carnie wilson getting fired. the competition now down to 15 celebrities. the winner will get a $250,000 check for their favorite charity. you can watch "celebrity apprentice" on mondays at 8:00 here o
11:40 am
>> asta la visa, baby. i couldn't take myself seriously. i know that's his catch phrase, but still -- >> people love the show, though. >> i know, it's a great show. tom is back with us. i guess it's not too cold outside, but the rain keeps it from feeling anything good. >> people would like to terminate the rain. >> yeah. you better watch out. you might be next. >> that's right. >> get rid of that weather man! he brought rain. >> and we are seeing it tapering off. i'm happy to report. just some low clouds are still with us here. there's a look at national airport. where there has been a little bit of fog around this morning. not too bad. we can see across the potomac to the other side of the river. and the light fog is all around the region now. but the visibility is not too bad. a little bit of drizzle at reagan national. have an umbrella ready for the rest of the afternoon. your rain boots you need to jump over puddles from the up to inch or so of rain that fell quickly this morning. you need a warm coat, too. quite a chill in the air. the bulk of the rain is now
11:41 am
however, off to our west, a shower from front royal mafg right into winchester over the next half hour or so. metro area just some scattered light to moderate showers now. northern virginia and the district and nearby suburbs in maryland. temperatures right now are chilly. just in the low to mid 40s, upper 40s around the bay. reagan national at 45 and upper 30s out into the mountains. hour by hour, in the suburbs and rural areas, we stay in the 40s. right downtown may get in the upper 40s to 50 degrees in the late afternoon. tomorrow, sunshine returns after morning clouds break up. we'll be in the 40s in the morning. afternoon highway highs, mid and upper 50s. and a plunge down to the 20s by dawn on thursday. thursday afternoon, just reaching the low 40s and a slight chance of a light snow late thursday evening. predawn hours on friday. so friday morning, there may be just a few snow shors
11:42 am
on grassy areas, mainly. by friday morning. and then it melts off during the day on friday as we stay above freezing. much colder or the weekend. here comes the polar plunge saturday, sunday, monday. morning lows, 20s in the afternoon. warming up the following week, maybe a little rain by the end of the week. that's the way it looks. as early as next week, spacex could launch its first rocket since this dramatic explosion. the company said a liquid oxygen tank failed. and now it made changes to prevoent another explosion. the explosion caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. it seriously damaged the launch pad. critical acclaim for a new film about how the brain power of three black women broke down racial barriers. i saw this. >> i have seen the previews and really want to see it. mike wilber tells us why you should head to the
11:43 am
see "hidden figures". >> what do you do for nasa? >> engineer. and i'm proud as the devil to work with you. >> >> three african-american women who launched john glenn into space. >> honestly, i thought it was historical fiction and when i found out it was true, i ran the gamut of emotions. you go from anger to intrigue, back to anger, then to heartbreak. because to know that these women lived a lifetime watching news footage and it being covered in so many mediums, books and films, but they were -- their names are never uttered as a part of the team. >> reporter: despite segregation at the time, these brilliant women were doing something they loved despite all the obstacles thrown at them. >> her father did not tell her what -- go play with dolls and learn how to cook and sew. he
11:44 am
and -- and instilled that into kathryn. she didn't know she was going to change the world. >> these women persevered but did not allow race or gender to get into their way mentally and stop them from achieving their dreams. their dreams about valid in their mind, always. >> can you handle geometry? >> yes, sir, i do. >> mike wilber, nbc news. >> a really incredible cast of people to come together to do this story. and i think -- i had no idea about this story. >> neither did i. and i thought how did i not know this? >> the space program would not be where it is had it not been for the work they were doing sort of quietly behind the scenes. >> i can't wait to see it. coming up, a frightening fall caught on a nanny cam. a dresser topples on to a child. next, we hear from the mother of these boys with a simple
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this nanny cam video is a little hard to watch. but look here. it shows 2-year-old boy going to the rescue of his twin brother who becomes trapped underneath a dresser. see there, he was actually able to push the dresser just enough for his brother to wiggle out. not sure -- it was empty, thank goodness or he would not have been able to move it. thankfully, they're okay. >> nbc's sam penrod reports, the mother has a sobering warning for all parents. >> this one is
11:48 am
is brock. they're almost 2 1/2 and super rambunctious. >> no question she has her hands full with the terrible 2s times two. but she never imagined her twin boys would have had such a close call last week after trying to climb out of the drawers of the dresser in their bedroom, tipping it over and trapping brock. >> i usually hear everything. we didn't hear a cry, we didn't hear a big thud. so we just -- we woke up, looked at the camera and we're like, what's going on, and we saw it was all the way down and they were still playing. >> reporter: as they reviewed the bedroom video camera, they were horrified at what they saw. and immediately secured the boys' dresser to the wall. >> so we bolted it to the wall, obviously, in the back. >> reporter: caylee says she debated for a few days about sharing the dramatic video. but in the end, felt responsible to help raise awareness about the dangers of unsecured dressers. >> everybody needs to bolt down their dres
11:49 am
we just didn't think about it. so accidents are going to happen. so we just want to spread awareness to this one accident that happened and hope it doesn't happen to any other families. >> reporter: while the video of the dresser falling over is hard to watch, it also captures little bode trying to help his brother. >> bode just came around and, again, assessed the situation, thinking i need to help my twin brother. what do i do here? so he thought there and thought, tried to lift it up, first, and obviously that didn't work. so he just pushed it right off his brother. and i really believe in a twin bond. you always hear that. and i really think these two have it. >> holy cow. that was sam penrod reporting. there are many furniture anchors available at home improvement stores. we have had to install some, as well. it completely freaks me out. many are inexpensive, a couple bucks. >> and potentially a life-saver. >> yeah. talk about a sharp pain in your side. a man is recovering right now after he had a pair
11:50 am
removed from his stomach. they were in there for 18 years. this man lives in vietnam. he was in a crash back in 1998. doctors accidentally left the scissors in his stomach during surgery back then. the man recently had his stomach x-rayed and discovered what was in there. he had the scissors removed this past weekend. >> ouch. another remindtoer to get r of the christmas tree. an arizona family homeless this morning after their tree caught on fire. they get dry, that can happen. a candle ignited the dried-out tree. the fire spread through the entire house. nobody was hurt, thank goodness. the red cross is now trying to find shelter for three adults and two kids. or kin released its latest top 50 bedbug cities. this is yummy. >> yummy? >> as we head into lunch time. >> oh, that's nice. to compile this list, the company looked at where it performed the most bedbug
11:51 am
agreements. baltimore topped the list. it moved up nine spots from last year. following behind is washington, d.c., then chicago, new york and columbus, ohio. oh, kin said its bedbug revenue was up from 2017. 2015. a gloomy day outside on this tuesday morning. we'll check back in with meteorologist tom kierein for anotherheck on the foreca cst
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
down this football season, but the redskins are doing the right thing with their gear. players will donate extra cleats to charity. they cleaned out their lockers at the training facility in ashburn, yesterday. washington needed to beat the giants, but we know they lost. nfl's wild card round begins this weekend. so maybe you are thinking about hitting the gym in this new year. a lot of them are packed through the month of january as people try to fulfill new years resolutions. >> what did the regulars think of all the people packing the fitness center. news4's amy cho went to find out. >> sure, it's the new year. so too will the new year's crowds to the gym. >> you come around christmas, new years, to kind of restart my, you know, gym religion. >> reporter: but for those just getting off the couch, not only are they trying to step up their game, they're doing it next to people who have been at it for years.
11:55 am
member. i come almost every day. >> i've been here for almost two years. >> i'm an old-timer. >> sort of come and go and then you see some people consistently, and they're the true believers. >> reporter: the veterans here know the january drill. >> sometimes you have to accommodate and get there a little bit early to get a space. >> reporter: this gym generally sees hundreds more people in january but the number trickles out by the end of the month. >> at first i used to get a little annoyed by it, just because, you know, i knew they wouldn't be here very long. >> reporter: in fact, most of the veterans only real complaint, the new bees don't stay. >> we hope it will last. whatever it is they're working on. >> i would hope they find something that actually really works for them. so they don't just come and burn out and forget their resolution. >> reporter: for the newcomers, that's the plan. >> forever and ever. i'm a believer. i'm a true believer. >> reporter: and as woody allen put it, 80% of success is just showing up.
11:56 am
in the district, amy cho, news4. >> if you need inspiration to get to work, look at this guy. that is robert marshon, 105 years old. tomorrow he will try to break a cycling record. two years ago, became the oldest person to bike 17 miles in one hour. he's going to try to do it faster and farther this time in front of a huge crowd. >> former fireman and lumberjack, lives in france. >> tough guy. >> tough guy! that guy is awesome. >> good luck. tom kierein, one more check of the weather. >> we're not quite done with the rain yet. although the bulk of it has pushed through to our north and east. still getting some moderate showers. areas you see in the yellows and the oranges from lore ray to winchester along the corridor heading up toward frederick and
11:57 am
and the metro area getting light to moderate showers. prince william coming into montgomery county and the district. some lighter showers farther south and east of us. we may still have a few more in the afternoon, a little bit of drizzle hanging out, as well. temperatures still hovering in the mid to upper 40s. reagan national at 45 degrees. the ten-day outlook, big changes on the way. we'll have this rain ending later this afternoon. a little drizzle possible overnight tonight. and then some clouds tomorrow morning in the 40s. and then sun back in the afternoon with highs in the upper 50s. and plunging down to the upper 20s by dawn on thursday. thursday gets cold. afternoon highs only up around 40 or so. and then it's late on thursday night into early friday morning. we may get some snow showers that may leave a little bit of accumulati accumulation, especially through the north and west of the metro area, mainly on grassy areas. and then it melts during the day as we stay in the upper 30s. much colder over the weekend. polar plunge for the weekend. that's the way it looks. >> tom, thank you. >> that's if
11:58 am
>> thanks for joining us. back on the
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. oh, yeah. >> there it is, natalie. oh, the running shot. >> the stretch. >> stretc it out right there. the bachelor came back strong, returned with nick viall. >> did you catch this little opening number? >> well, he needs to shower off and get ready. >> oh, i'm ready, baby. i'm ready. don't you have one? >> no. i have to say with all the great football going on and then the bachelor, my family was so excited for the return of this show. >> here's the thing. i know my husband is now a fan because he actually sat down, poured me a glass of wine and was like let's watch itogether. i was like are you kidding me? what happened to my


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