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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 4, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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he's to stratgize. good morning from the u.s. senate. president obama appears at 9:00 a.m. to talk about how to protect the affordable care act from repeal when the new administration takes over. u.s. house republicans during the first day of proceedings say the law needs to be repealed and replaced with an alternative. on his first day from the u.s. senator from maryland. >> we have 400,000 marylanders who have access to affordable care today because of the affordable care act. you can't wipe that out and tell people that some time down the road you're going to replace it. >> reporter: this new 115th congress to take up the department of veteran affairs. but others with a bit of a holding pattern for the new congress today with just 16 days until the trump administration takes over. at the u.s. senate, scott
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president elect donald trump will hold his first news conference nine days before he takes office' he made that announcement on twitter yesterday. he originally skej ald news conference for last month but postponed. meanwhile trump is taking another swipe at the intelligence community. he wrote quote the intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday. perhaps more time needed to build a case. very strange. end quote. they say the briefing was always scheduled for friday and called trump's tweet disturbing anded averse aerial. we'll have a look at what you can expect during trump's inauguration week. it appears the future first daughter will be living down the street from the obamas. her new home is get lauth of attention. washington find properties confirmed that trump and her husband derrick kushner
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d.c.'s neighborhood around the corner from where the obama family is expected to live after leaving the white house. they'll have more after "news 4 today." all right, foggy start to our morning. it does look pretty that way. >> it's probably my fault. i tried to bring back all the warm air from florida. >> i know where'ser the sunshine? >> three record highs. >> are you trying to make us jealous? you're hurting my feelings. >> there i was with only my long sleeve sweater. it was awful. >> in the cocktails and the umbrellas. >> wait a minute, now. who said anything about that? there may have been one or two at the stroke of midnight on new year's. our main concern, not drinks with umbrellas in them but a little bit of fog early on. nothing worth the dense fog a
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service but enough to limit visibility and take it easy. four things you need to know it's anything but cold for now. gets cold tomorrow. there's a chance for a little light snow late in the day tomorrow which could add up to maybe our first inch by early friday morning. we'll keep a very close eye on that and real cold as we head into the weekend. might be below freezing both days. and a little snow chance too. in a few more minutes with the bus stop forecast. and first 4 traffic. i like six inches of snow because that's the fun snow. the one inch thing is annoying. that's snowman snow. our kids will go outside. did you hear that moan? that was aaron moaning. >> i used to like melissa. >> you used to like me? come on. a bit of fog as i've been telling you around town. nothing to be worried about. have that fog on the bay br
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westbound 7 after the toll road work zone with the right lane getting by. see you in a couple minutes. breaking news in turkey. >> reporter: hi, aaron. five suspektz believed to be connected to that deadly night club attack are in custody. turkish police say the five are suspected islamic state group militants and there's fear this morning that the man that they believe killed 39 people new year's eve will try to escape back to syria, to isis territory. you're looking at new video overnight of those arrests being made. the islamic state claiming responsibility for that attack. he has not been publicly named but authorities do say they know who they are looking for. we'll continue to follow the story. back to you. thank you. it is 4:34 to a developing story concerning this man named john dawn hoe. he's been
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there is one item and one person who could help police find him. his credit card and the woman caught using it. montgomery county police say the woman in this surveillance footage is 35-year-old shan shanor shara. one store she spent q money ons credit card after he went isz amming. how she found his credit card remains a mystery. >> finding the link between the credit card and john is what we need to be able to do. >> donohoe was driving a eke wunox with license plate 2 ax 8853. it has not been located. the police chief thinks he knows why. the decriminalation of marijuana.
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drug related. 19 of those deaths were associated with marijuana. since decriminalization, the demand has gone up in the county. that has caused an increase in violence among street dealers looking to remain control of their territory. they're asking the community to anonymously report. a new vision for criminal justice reform but he will need to win over a republican led legislature to make that happen. he's calling for them to change the law over license suspension. you should only have your license taken away if the offense was related to driving and he wants to raise the bar on what's considered felony theft from $200 to fiver 00. and if new dna efrds vidence is recovered after that conviction, he wants them to have a second chance to prove they're not guilty. six puppies stolen from
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>> they were stolen sunday night from the d.c. pup pet store. the thieves gained access through a back window. together the puppies are worth more than $5800. the owners say they used breeders, not puppy mills to get the dogs and they'rer very worried about their health. a snake surprise for an arlington family. yikes. an anaconda found inside their home. the hiding spot you'll want to check at your house. can i look now? >> you're probably okay. and a warning about a popurla
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here is a live look inhadtoe heart of the it district. the national park service will be at the national monument trying to figure out why the lights went out last night. >> here is a look at what the prominent monument looked like dark and gloomy. they think there may be an issue with the automated lighting system. >> working to try to figure out what's going on. the red light stays on, otherwise you have an issue with planes. >> in case you didn't know. >> and marine one flies right past it on the way to the south lawn and that's one they take particular pride in. but fogu
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from the tower in northwest washington. we're looking straight down into the driveway and you can barely make out the circle in the drive. so be careful now. visibility down to just over a couple hundredeet. half mile visibility. so be careful. may be a little hard to see the kids at the bus stop. we're in the 40s here early this morning. we should easily with the clearing skies and a bit of a northwest breeze take it up in the low and mid-50s. maybe a little scarf and that's it. won't need the umbrella. even with all the dampness we should have an improving picture. temperatures today getting up to about 54 degrees. and a 10-day forecast with a chance of snow in about 10 minutes. good morning. we're going to take a look at some of this fog. montgomery county seeing a lot of fog on the cameras. just seein
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at this point this morning. and right here in northbound/southbound, you can see the lanes are open but we do have the fog. 66 from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, you're on time, not quite as foggy on the cameras now this morning. remember to listen to 103.5 fm. 95 northbound and southbound to virginia. no major problems. road work coming up. melissa, thank you. body slammed in school. an officer under investigation after his run in with a student. that teen is sharing her side of the story. high level members of the naacp taken into custody for rallying a
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you're watching news 4 today. a sit-in protesting jeff sessions for attorney general is over this morning. protesters sat for ours at sessions' alabama office. the president of the naacp and five others were arrested. they're criticizing sessions' record and views on immigration and criminal justice reform. his hearing is scheduled to begin january 10th. it will be a case of dueling strategy sessions over the future of the affordable care act. >> president obama will meet with democrats, while mike pence will hiddal with republicans a day after they reversed course on
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they have to come up with a strategy to try and save that. the political part of this is exploiting the fact that republicans don't agree on whut what to replace it with. and that's what mike pence will likely be talking about. if they're going to repeal obama care, are they going to repeal and delay? which leaves millions of people in limbo. >> the president elect announced he will hold his first news conference next week. >> reporter: remember this was supposed to happen in december. he bumped it to january and now we know it's going to be next wednesday. the
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he plans to resolve that. and so many other things he have come out by himself, on twitter. health care, the ethics turn around that happened yesterday. a number of things that he will likely be asked about at that news conference. >> we'll see tracie potts on the hill. thank you. as donald trump's inauguration gets closer, we're looking at the events surrounding his swearing in. the night before he'll speak at a concert at the leincoln memorial and have coffee with president obama. we're told the parade will be shorter than previous years and trump will only attend three inaugural balls. an extortion plot linked to the popular messaging app, what'sapp has been targeting people in our area. this happened to a man in sterling last week. he received threats to harm his family in spanish and a terrifying video of what looked like
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about $900 to get the messages to stop. sheriff mike chapman says if it happens to you, call police. >> certainly let us know and don't do what you're told. it's just like a new way to do an old scam. >> a similarer scam has been reported in fairfax county. at least three times parents received a phone call from someone telling them that their child was abducted. the scammer demanded a ransom be wired. police say the first thing you should do is make sure your child is safe and then call police. 4:48 and howard county police are trying to figure out the connection between two teens at violent new year's day shooting. 15-year-old john kreider shot and killed her in her elliott city home with a stolen gun and shot her motherer a eandtu
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gun on himself. he died. the mother is recovering. they went to the same school but police don't know what sparked that shooting. happening today, the same jury thatd convicted dylan roof will decide whether he should live or die. they found him guilty of killing nine people at a bible study in 2015. he will defend himself. he's not allowed to approach witnesses or the jury. california prison officials say cult killer, charles manson is alive but there are several reports he is sick and in the hospital. they would not confirm, siting safety and security protocols. they say privacy laws prohibit them from discussing an inmate's situation. he's currently serving nine life sentences for the 1969 cult murder of actress sharon tate and six others. we're
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carolina student thrown to the ground by a police officer. it can be difficult for some to watch. officer santos basically body slammed jasmine darwin. darwin says she was trying to break up a fight between her sister and another student when he came up behind her. . >> didn't even realize. i was in shock. like he really slammed me and i was like wow. >> now a second video that appears to show another fight was posted online. officer santos was wearing a body camera but the the recording won't be released until the investigation is over. imagine as you're getting ready for work this morning you encounter -- >> no. >> -- an anaconda -- >> no. >> -- in the toilet. >> no, i can't even imagine. i may never show up. this actually happened to someone in arlington county. th
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they called animal control and removed the yellow anaconda from the pipe. let that sink in. they're not venomous. but they can grow up to 13 feet long. and weigh more than 100 pounds. >> what would i be worried about? they're constricters. >> it's not clear who the snake belonged to but they have placed the snake with an oncondau expert. in your toilet, people. >> he was just a little thirsty. >> i would have to move. >> no kidding. >> if they're in the pipes. >> charming house pets included. >> exactly. >> an ugly start to the morning. >> when is the fog getting out of here? it's probably going to take until day brk
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sunshine starts cooking away the fog. out ahead of the front, the air staginated and as a result, we ended up with quite a bit of fog and pretty mh right down the 270 corridor. and lower visibility to warnten. so know you may have to keep the low beams on and the low speeds going the next couple of hours. they're already above our average high temperature this time of the year. we should be at least 10 degrees warmer than average today. cloudy and foggy this morning. we should start to clear things out. northwest winds up near 20 mile-per-hour this afternoon. most of this moisture across the mountains is breaking up as it gets closer to us. we'll clear out by later today and enjoy sunshine, clear overnight tonight, down below freezing by early tomorrow and a noticeably colder da
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clouds moving back in by lunch time and here's 7:00 tomorrow between 7:00 p.m. and midnight an opportunity for light snow and that snow chance will be on top of the city by this time early friday morning. could even be a chance for our first inch of snow. needless to say we're going to watch that very carefully. most of the snow should happen between dark and sunrise, thursday night nothing to friday morning. we could have 2-our delays friday morning. very cold all the way through the weekend and early next week before we get milder with more rain chances wednesday of next week. for now, let's see how melissa is dee dealing with the roads. >> reporter: right now live look beltway here at route 7. you can see that haze there in the sky. northbound 295 near bening road northeast. blocking the right lane this
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clear, just a little bit of fog here and there. and you can see we don't have any problems there and 95 in maryland southbound here from 32 down to the beltway on time going to take you 10 minutes. i'll see you back here in 10. disrupted by dabing. the new congressman swearing in ceremony interrupted by his son. the trouble he's facing for this popular gesture your kids are likely doing. we've all seen the ffomercials start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo!
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> you've probably seen the app for mypillow that promises you a better sleep. the company now facing new problems over its advertising. the better business bureau took away its acredidation and gave mypillow an f-rating. it says you can't offer a buy one free deal offer all the time. that means it's the actual price, not a discount. they say in spite of that they cannot end the offer right now. the ceo says he's terribly disappointed and that the company takes care of its customers. many of us would love to have a sound financial plan. it turns out there's one simple st
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direction. says write down what you want. >> having a written financial plan is very important and once you write things down, they have a greater probability of success. >> and he suggests saving every month. not all financial plans are created equal. so he says you need to figure out what works for you so you can spend money and save as much as possible. >> i don't think he means write what you want, cheeseburger. it's hemthsy eating is on your resolution list, a new study shows consumers often think healthy food has to be expensive. that can lead to budget savvy people away from eating good food but just because a product is expensive doesn't mean it's healthy. they recommend sticking to the basics, including fruits and vegetables. always a good choice at the
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there are some food trends that might make it easier. change such as pinara bretd and starbucks are changing how they get ingredients like meat and eggs. pinterest predicts jackfruit will be the next meat substitute. don't ask me? whole foods thinks people will start eating more purple vegetables this year. egg plants. i can get on board with. my mom buys these things that korean grocery store. >> you know what jackfruit is? >> not really. my thing is eat something else. >> had had pork chops last night. nbc 4 is working for you. >> and we hope you'll join us this weekend at aero24th annual health and fitness expert. it is happening saturday and sunday at the washington convention center. you can join us for m
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tests and screening or come by and meet aaron and me, chuck bell, everybody. find more information on the nbc washington app. >> and we'll have special guests there too. what's the dog's name? the "today" show dog? >> charl a e. he's adorable 237. >> should be a good time. >> come see us. we'll be there saturday afternoon. >> and i'm climbing the rock wall. >> we're coming just to witness that. stay with us. news 4 today continues. right now a "news 4 today. "how the president hopes to put a stop to republican's plans to repeal and what it means for you if congress is successful. and a new d.c. law is meant to keep violent offenders in check. >> and she was caught using a missing man's credit card. now she is in police custody. the


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