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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 4, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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tests and screening or come by and meet aaron and me, chuck bell, everybody. find more information on the nbc washington app. >> and we'll have special guests there too. what's the dog's name? the "today" show dog? >> charl a e. he's adorable 237. >> should be a good time. >> come see us. we'll be there saturday afternoon. >> and i'm climbing the rock wall. >> we're coming just to witness that. stay with us. news 4 today continues. right now a "news 4 today. "how the president hopes to put a stop to republican's plans to repeal and what it means for you if congress is successful. and a new d.c. law is meant to keep violent offenders in check. >> and she was caught using a missing man's credit card. now she is in police custody. the
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provides about his disappearance. plus a wet start to your wednesday but it won't be that way for long. we'll get you out the door ready for the day ahead. good morning everybody i'm aaron gilcrest. >> and that causes problems on the road. >> but let's talk with storm team 4 first about the weatherer headlines. >> and good morning to both of you. wednesday is here and off to a very foggy and damp start for sure. this is a view from our tower looking down from our parking lot and you can't really see much more than the dimmest outline of the street light. so be careful this morning. visibility down for a mile. the one good news is it's not cold outside and there's not much of a rain threat today either. most of those showers in the mountains of west virginia will break up as they come our way. foggy and damp this morning. temperatures on your way out are in the 40s.
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the mid-50s but turning breezy as colder air starts to move in way colder. cold enough for a next chance of smoe thursday. more of that in a few minutes. she said there's a new issue on the beltway. >> a brand new crash that just popped up. and see if that starts to impact things right now. 270 here at 118 german town road. worth showing you this shot of montgomery county. lots of fog through that 270 corridor this morning. use the low beams. westbound 7 after the toll road with the right lane getting by and northbound 295 work zone blocking the right lane as well. thank you and of course as melissa said you want to give yourself extra time on it roads because of the fog. justin finch is on the roads to show you the conditions on the road before
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>> reporter: hey there, good morning. so far it hasn't been looking to rr bad where we are right now. on gw parkway we can show you what we're seeing here. light fog we'll say at this point. we had rain coming down and you can really see the fog on the reverse side lane coming towards us. head lamps crowded in the fog and we're told it's a little heavier as we go further north we're headed towards the beltway right now and we'll of course show them to you. we'll bring you back over to me and show you that so far it's not that bad. not too many cars on the road here but you can imagine if these conditions get foggier it could become more off a headache for those out here. so keep those head lamps on, take it easy and allow yourself more time. back into you. >> justin finch live for us on the road. 5:03 no
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session of congress starts in a few hours. with republicans controlling both chambers they're already working to repeal the affordable care act. finding a way to protect it will be the main focus of president obama's trip to capital hill today. >> he'll stratgize on how to move forward. legislation paving the way for a repeal was introduced in the senate yesterday but many women are worried that a repeal will mean serious changes in services that they now receive for low or no cost. >> since the election we have heard from women who are concerned about losing the benefits they gained from the affordable care act and in particular we've heard from a lot of women about birth control coverage. >> president elect trump says he does not want to repeal some parts of the affordable care act. he has not said anything specific about
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care or birth control. president elect donald trump will hold his first news conference nine days before he takes office. he made the announcement on twitter yesterday. he originally scheduled a news conference for last month but postponed it and he's taking another swipe quote the intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday. perhaps more time needed to build a case. very strange." the briefing was always scheduled for friday. the official called trump's tweet disturbing anded averse aerial. let's go to angie goff at the wliev desk. >> reporter: we're getting a closer look at the arrest made in connection with that deadly night club attack in istanbul. here are some of the five suspects being detained. all are suspected islamic state group militants. isis claimed responsibility for
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gunman still on the loose. he has not been publicly named but video of him is being widely circulated. they worry he will escape back into isis territory across the turkish border. back to you. sfwlrks it's 5:06 and today d.c. officials will close a loophole in a law that deals with criminals and gps ankle monitors. this new law has roots in an assault that happened on a-street southeast in october of 2015. a woman was brutally beaten and raped by a man that broke into her house. antwon pith was supposed to be wearing a gps monitor bracelet but he was arrested on drug charges. they foumd that the cut off monitor was in his backpack but he was still not sent to jail. the suspect in the murder of a d.c. yoga strurkt had had been arrested five times last year. dwayne jon
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wear one but never reported to pick one up. now to a developing story concerning this bethesda man. he's been missing for more than three weeks. this morning there is one item and one person who can help police find him, his credit card and the woman caught using him. they say this woman in the surveillance footage is 25-year-old shanor shara. and it's one of the stores she spent $700 on donoho's credit card after he went missing on december 15th. >> finding the link between the credit card and john is still what we need to be able to do. >> donoho was driving a equinox with the license plate 2
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ax-8853. the police chief says the decriminalization of marijuana may be why. 26 of last year's murders were drug related. 19 of those deaths were associated with marijuana. they say since decriminalization, the demand has gone up and that's caused an increase in violence among street dealers looking to maintain control of their territory. they're asking community members to anonymously report to prevent more violence. right now there's a search for six stolen puppies. >> they were taken sunday night from the d.c. pup pet store. thieves gained access through a back window. they're worried about the puppies' health. >> we poured so much love into these puppies and someone to just come take them and i think the most thing that would scare me
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eating? where are they sleeping? >> together the puppies are worth more than $5800. it was the question many of you asked before heading to the polls. can i take a selfie? why soon could be up to the supreme court to decide. plus dabing during dad's swearing in. we'll show you how it confused paul ryan quite a bit. but first a warning before your family takes a wintser vacation. how a boy ended up dangling from a ski lift. your time
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all right, so we'll tell you right now this turns out okay. take a look at this scary scene on a ski lift in utah. a boy snagged and almost fell off. the lift operators shut it down, set up a ladder and hoisted the boy back up safely and i guess he went back to enjoying all that snow. >> glad he's okay and good for him. >> never been skiing, never going skiing. i'm good. >> the whole cold for fun is lost on me. >> we're in the same boat. >> right? okay. send me to the beach. there's been a lot of snow in utah recently. >> one school district cold for
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this is video from park city utah, it saw 17 inches of snow in some spots it's as high as a car out there. park city schools had a snow day for it first time since the early 2000s. the snow -- the school district is back open this morning but it's supposed to snow even more today. can you imagine if it we had that much of snow? >> well, not in one day. >> my kids might not be in school for weeks. >> that's blizzard potential there. that's what we had had had last january. >> we're not talking blizzard right here, right some. >> i wouldn't put the word blizzard on it. >> don't make me nervous. there's no reason to be nervous. there is a chance for a little light snow coming our way. not today. it's thursday night into friday morning. there's a time frame we're watching most carefully. our first issue is thick fo
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early this morning. we'll get sunshine back. breezy and mild inhad to the 50s we will go. nothing to worry about today. cloudy and cold tomorrow. put the red light on friday. maybe even as much as an inch of snow early friday morning. in the early lean on the weekend, it is looking very, very cold and another chance for flurries during the day saturday. so come on down and join us at the washington convention center and stay out of the cold. for now, let's go to melissa. >> good morning to that earlier problem on the beltway. finch just drove by it and said he left the flashing lights still hanging around. the left lane is the thing getting by right now. should be out of the way soon. 270 at democracy boulevard, you can see it fog in montgomery county. i'll see you back here in 10
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minutes. >> we'll see you then. a west potomac high school student may be on the verge of changing the seatbelt law. it will require everyone to buckle up. this came from jonathan tucker, high school student. the current law only requires drivers, front seat passengers and anyone under 18 to buckle up. >> maryland and d.c. already require everyone to wear seatbelts. transportation is a key priority for maryland's governor. but the new trump administration could be larry hogan's tick toot getting what he wants. >> i rr already had communication with the incoming secretary of transportation and a number of other people about how we might work together on this thing. >> he's also announced more than $65 million in environmental initiatives he wants passed including funding for green
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and electric car tax credits. a new vision for criminal justice are eform but he will need to win over a republican led sledge slacher to make it hapb. he's calling on the assembly to changing the law. he thinks you should only have your driving taken away if the offense is related to driving and raise the thresh hold for left the from $200 to $500 and if dna is recovered, he wants to give that person a second chance. charles "chuck" colgan died. he was 90 years old. he represented prince william county for 40 years and was the founder of the regional airline, colgan air. this statue is no longer on american university's campus.
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complaints. it's it depiction of native american activist he was arrested of killing fbi agents. the fbi agent said he saw it as a slap in the face. >> this really is not the year to come out and say that we think that someone who ambushed two police officers, two fbi agents should be given a statue as a piece of artwork. >> american university says the statue was not meant to make a statement. new hampshire wants to take its no selfies to the supreme court. a lower court struck down the state ban on ballot selfies saying it is a violation of free expression. new hampshire says the ban is needed to protect the purity and integrity of the election process. right now fewer than a dozen states permit voting booth selfies. it could determine whether thican be
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being speaker of the house is a job that keeps you pretty busy so it can be hard to keep up with the latest dance moves. >> speaker paul ryan learned first hand he may be a little out of touch when it comes to the dab. >> speaker ryan was taking a picture with kansas congressman and his family when his son started dabing. you see right there. ryan says he asked the boy if he was all right or sneezing or something. >> so he learned that boy was doing the dab but tweeted that he still didn't understand what it is. the congressman later tweeted that his son was grounded for that stunt. >> i think that's appropriate. there's a time and place for dabing. your father's being sworn in as a congressman. >> probably not the best time
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come up to me and -- >> walk away? >> yeah. very cute. not. >> 5:19, it appears the future first daughter will be living down the street from the obamas in a few weeks. washington find properties confirmed that trump and her husband completed a deal on a house in northwest d.c.'s neighborhood around the corner from where the obama family is expected to live after leaving the white house. they'll have more after "news 4 today." right now it is pretty foggy on the roads. >> this is a live look at 270 near -- justin finch has been giving us updates on the condition. i don't think that's 270 but it's in the area of upper montgomery county. we're seeing quite a bit of fog out west of the city.
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the 270 corridor and the i 66 ride in is pretty foggy this morning. not really much of a rain threat but the pavement's wet and visibility's down. so be careful and only a couple hundred feet down to the driveway. so use caution this morning. 1/10th off a mile at dulles airport. a half mile in warrenten. under a mile at joint base andrews. it will be a foggy start early this morning. lots of clouds and fog but it is not cold. temperatures are in the mid-40s. we should be back to sunshine before noon today as colder, dryer air comes racing in. we'll be briefly mild before temperatures really take a tumble late tonight and into tomorrow. and a cold, dry start to the day tomorrow but clouds quickly during the day tomorrow on the increase not much of a rain or
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down. but by late tomorrow night, go nothing had to friday there could be a chance for snow around here and it won't be a lot of snow but i couldn't rule out the possibility of an inch. so we'll keep a close eye on that. that means you need to have your nbc washington app downloaded and fire up. find me by chasing for chuck bell 4. and for today nothing to worry about. tomorrow, a chance of snow showers after dark. snow chance friday is early in the morning. should be done by 8:00 or 9:00 friday morning. an inch, maybe two is a possibility. the weekend is looking oh, so very cold. now let's go to melissa mollett. >> we were seeing the crash a second ago. did not look like a huge response but wanted to mention that if you're headed that way. brink road crash reported there
5:22 am
as well. southbound gw parkway. there is still a big response. left lane is what is getting by right now. beltway looking pretty good. >> thank you. a popular messaging app being used for extortion. how criminals could target you to steal your money. plus, it was supposed to be a clean and fun christmas gift. what was inside a child's video
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you're watching news 4 today. congratulations this morning to janet jackson. she's a newx jackson's people told "e" she had her first child a baby boy yesterday. she's 50 years old and the baby's name is eissa. a christmas gift gone wrong. an ohio couple gave tir
5:26 am
opened the games they found a pornography dvd and was force tod explain what happened. the mom says she bought the game a week before christmas and had had to have a store associate unlock a case to purchase it. >> this isn't target's fault but as a distributor they should take responsibility to get to the bottom of this so it doesn't continue to happen. >> mom returned the gift is was able to get her daughter the real game she wanted and was okay to watch and play. i'm walking away from it. >> it is an app a lot of you or your kids have on your phone but they say be wear. the scam making its way around northern virginia. >> parts of the area are sucked in with fog.
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news 4 today starts now. good morning and welcome back to "news 4 today." >> we are working for you to get you out the door this morning and you might need the low beams on your ride to work. >> we will check in with chuck bell in a moment but first we have breaking news. melissa. have a brand new problem on connecticut avenue. this is connecticut avenue between
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that section is shut down right now. we a crash, no major injuries. we have a tree down though across bell avenue. we are shut down there right now. brink road at woithman road. the ramp to the outer loop brand new accident with oo crash in the left lane and gw left lane getting by. it will be with us the next couple of hours. once we get the sun up that will start to help things out a little bit. and that will really start to clear the skies out. it is anything but cold this morning. temperatures are already above our average highs. we're already in our mid to upper 40s. so mild today. snow chance turns into us as early as late thursday night. it's probably more of a friday morning issue.
5:31 am
inch. so we'll keep a close eye on that early friday morning timeframe. that is the leading edge of what will be a very cold weekend coming up at 5:51. >> chuck, thank you. take a look this picture from our flower planet. can't see much of anything right now. >> and all this fog could impact your drive to work. justin finch is live showing us how bad that fog is on the ground. that fog will impact your drive inhdeed. right boy that 270 ramp, heavy fog lingering in the air. it's not cold, which is a good thing but still take your time on roads that have that slick kind of cast on top of them. so far we have seen this
5:32 am
in the area right by wolf tree park here. we were in the arlington area earlier. the fog's definitely not as heavy in that area as it is here. the drivers are beginning to come out. the fog is significantly heavier than what we saw a short time ago. as your morning wears on, we want you to be safe and accommodate for these conditions. keep the fog lamps on and be safe and careful. back to you. live in rockville for us. thank you. d.c. officials will close a loophole dealing with criminals and gps monitors. montgomery county police are working to learn how this woman got aheld of a missing man's credit card. she turned herself in yesterday after a relative recognized her in this surveillance
5:33 am
the credit card. president obama's making a trip to capital hill today to fight for the affordable care act. republicans and the president elect want to repeal and replace obama's signature achievement. 5:33 right now. a terrifying extortion plot being lipgnked to a popular messaging app called whatsapp. >> a man visiting sterling received threatening messages in spanish over the app and sent a terrifying video of what looks like an execution. sheriff mike chapman says if it happens to you, call police. >> you come across anything like this, certainly let us know and certainly do not do anything you're told. notify us directly. it's a new way to do an old scam.
5:34 am
able to track down the scammer just yet. howard county police are trying to find the connection after a violent new year's day shooting. 15-year-old john kyler killed her in her home with a stolen gun. he also shot her mother and turned the gun on himself. the he died. they lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same school but police don't know what sparked the shooting. we have breaking news in the philippines. >> an attack on a jail setting scores of prism meoners free. >> an intense search is on for more than 100 prisoners who broke free. this after dozens of muslim rebels stormed the jail in the southern part of the country police say. they also say it is the biggest jail break in the country's history. they say one prison guard and six inmates were killed
5:35 am
clashes. a hand sfrl been captured in the last hour. as for the rebels behind the attack, it includes an islamic rebel group. now back to you. >> angie, thank you. a united airlines baggage handler is back thon job in north carolina. he was trapped insad cargo hold for a flight to dulles. the faa says it plans to talk to him to see how this happens. some say the plane should have landed after learning he was trapped. >> if i were in the hole i would want them to land as soon as possible. yeah, i would say land the plane. >> and somebody in the seats, what would you want to have happen? >> land the plane. safety. >> we're told the 45-year-old man was not hurt. you can help fairfax county find
5:36 am
garza stepped down from the post in december. the first meeting is set for 1:00 p.m. monday at the gatehoused a mip stragz center in falls church. search superintendent search. you don't have to think about winter for too much longer. we know exactly when the nationals are kecki s ars are k. they report valentine's day. the rest of the players show up three days after that. this is the first year they're playing in west palm beach. the first spring training games start on february 26th. mid-70s. >> it will be nice for sure. and i love baseball, love the nats. go caps too. don't forget about our hockey team. >> feels a little bit like spring out there right now some might say. that is about to change
5:37 am
why this may be the last time in a while that you wear a light jacket. and news 4's justin finch is this morning in rockville whether or not it will impact your commute. and it's common knowledge. an iceberg took down the titanic. a documentary that says something else caused the ship to sink. rv wh t
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fr welcome back at 5:40. we all know what happened to the titanic. except an expert now says we're all wrong. he says the iceberg was not the key problem, instead a massive fire caused the crew to speed up and made the ship weak enough to sink. maloney put all of this out there in a documentary called "titanic, the new evidence." breaking news on southbound connecticut avenue which is shut down. melissa mollet with the latest. >> between bell pre and pear tree court. we had a crash earlier and a tree came down. eastbound 66 ramp to the outer loop still had that crash reported in the left lane and checking on a p
5:41 am
menases. we're going to give you an update on that coming up. 95 northbound no major problems there. maryland top of the beltway okay as well. chuck. all right, thanks melissa. outside we're dealing with a lot of fog early on a wednesday morning. it is not cold at all but boy is it thick fog in spots. under a mile visibility for most of montgomery, louden, fairfax, prince william county. so be really careful. keep the low beams on and your speeds down. temperatures though we're omready in the mid to upper 40s. we should start to see sunshine before noon time. we'll end it with a breezy and mild afternoon. so, only a warm coat for the 40s this morning. as temperatures get in the 50s. increasing crowds and a chance for light snow. more about that and how it may
5:42 am
10 minutes. chuck, thank you. the better business bureau has yanked its acredidation for a popular product. what you should know if you want to have better finances in the year ahead. president obama and vice president elect, mike pence here on capital hill today and the topic, the affordable care act.
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president obama and vice president elect mike pence here on capital hill today and the topic, the affordable care act. it was a body slam that went viral. now we're hearing from the teen in that video. >> every time i look at it, i -- the fund raising idea that flopped. >> i hope we can find a way to make this happen. and new year, new gas
5:46 am
prices. why 2017 is expected to see a five-year high. we want to go to angie goff at the live desk. >> out of brooklyn, new york where police are still at the scene for this officer-involved shooting. what we know is that it happened within the last couple hours around 3:30 this morning. the had suspect was taken to the hospital in cardiac arrest and since been released and remains in custody. and they did recover a gun at the scene. we'll continue to gather more on circumstances involving this officer-f involved shooting. >> it's 5:46 and president obama is headed to capital hill today to fight for the affordable care act. live with what we can expect. adam. re
5:47 am
this is a rare visit to the hills for president obama and he's not going to be by himself. vice president elect, mike pence also coming to the hill to talk to gop law makers. it's not clear what's going to change. let's take a look at the affordable care act battle going on, on the hill today. there's been talk about keeping coverage for preexisting conditions and allowing young adults to remain on their parents' insurance. republicans don't want to abruptly end any programs and coverage for millions of americans signed up for the affordable care act and some women in particular are concerned about what they may be losing. take a listen. >> we have heard from women who are concerned about losing the benefits they gained from the affordable care act and in particular we've heard from a lot of women about birth control coverage. >> i'm nervous about the future of birth control and about anything -- anynd
5:48 am
planning. >> reporter: so quite a series of behind-closed-doors meetings happening on capital hill. be aware the president and vice president elect are scheduled to come to the hill this morning. be aware of that if you're driving through this area. >> adam, thank you. 5:48. coming up, we will have more on the president's visit to capital hill. tracie potts will be live to talk. and on the night before he becomes president, trump will speak at a concert at the lincoln memorial and then he'll attend services at st. john's church. we're told the parade will be shorter than previous years and trump will only attend three inaugural balls. less than a mile from the national mall. 87% of its students are low
5:49 am
they were offering parking spaces for the upcoming inauguration in exchange for donations. they've raised thousands of dollars. school head quarters found out and said they had to refund the money. >> i love the school spirit and you have a pta that saw an opportunity and wanted to take advantage of it. so i hope we can find a way to make it happen. >> they say they were just trying to help their students and their school. students at stone bridge high school in ashburn will have a safer route to classes. a cross walk will help students cross port smith boulevard. this is part of the safe routes to school plan in louden county. the low gas prices we enjoyed in 2016 will not be coming nothing the to 2017 with us. a new report says this year american drivers will shell out $52 billion more than
5:50 am
economy. it's unclear how much you'll see prices of the pump rise. in d.c., $2.58. in maryland, $2.36 and virginia, $2.21 across the state. today president obama will head to capital hill. he's expected to meet with democrats to plot a path forward in trying to save his signature legislative achievement, the affordable care act. tracie potts. >> with republicans having complete control by the end of the month, how are democrats going to try and save it? >> reporter: president obama coming to capital hill to huddle with democrats on two fronts. first of all, the practical trying to save whatever parts of obamacare that we can. like keeping kids up
5:51 am
their parents' insurance and preserving the coverage for preexisting conditions. that republicans say they're in for but the government paid subsidies for low income americans they want to get rid of. so they're huddling with the president to figure out how to change that. and vice president mike pence will be on capital hill talking to republicans about how to get rid of the affordable care act. how are they go doing it? >> reporter: in terms of getting rid of it, they're using the budget process to essentially gut the affordable care act of its financial component and the whole thing may fall apart. and what do you replace it with? repeal and replace as they said or is it repeal and delay? and that's where democrats are really pushing them saying you can't leave millions of people hanging in the balance wher
5:52 am
health insurance is better than what we have now. they still have to work out how they're going to handle that. we have breaking news right now you're going to want to hear if you're driving from montgomery county. southbound connecticut avenue still shut down because of a large tree across the road way. bell pre and in the silver springs area. crash northbound lane right now temporarily blocked southbound shut down hoedly road. southbound gw parkway after the beltway, left lane gets by as well and brink road crash reported there. you're telling me a chance for snow. >> just a little bit of a chance. and don't start planning snowman names just yet. there's at least a ch
5:53 am
you have all through today and tomorrow to start thinking about it and we have today and tomorrow to start fine tuning the details. it is mild and foggy outside this morning. there's the way it looks from our tower into the nearby neighbor in nebraska avenue. lowered visibilities this morning. we'll be in the low to mid-50s today. should get sunshine back before lunch time and quite a gusty northwest wind this afternoon to help clear the skies out but it will bring in much colder air for tomorrow. to dulles, to warren so just east of the blue ridge and towards the 270 corridor. that's where the fog is thickest. keep your low beams on. sunshine coming back by noon time today and we'll have a very bright and sunshiny finish. then during the day tomorrow. clouds came rushing back in. we'll be dry through t
5:54 am
and here's 11:00 thursday night. an opportunity for a little light snow moving in. that could move into the d.c. metro by friday morning. this is not our forecast. it's what one of our computer models is. any amount of snowflakes on a friday morning commute could be dicey. have your nbc washington app fired up and ready to go. snow chance very cold over the weekend. highs below freezing for saturday and sunday. coming up at the top of the hour. thank you, chuck. it is 5:54. the aclu is calling it a disturbing use of force. >> a warning this could be upsetting to some of you to watch. the officer is on leave. it shows him body slamming a teen age girl. this happened not far from raleigh. she was trying to k
5:55 am
fight between two other students. >> that's not how you hand alchild. she's only 100 pounds. he could have killed her. >> a second video that appears to show that the other fight was posted online as well. the officer was wearing a body camera but the recording will not be released until the investigation is over. good morning, landon dowdy of cnbc head quarters. they're fining two kricredit reporting agencies. they say transunion and equifax promised scores and related products would be free but they were charged a rekerring monthly fee if they didn't cancel their trials. it's 5:55. if you're looking for a job, all state insurance company is looking to create more than 1,000 jobs in
5:56 am
our strong economy is fuelling business expansion. you can apply by visiting the all state website. many of us would love to have a sound financial plan this oo new year. financial planner, mike avloan says you should wipe down your financial goals. >> having a written financial plan is very important. >> he also suggests saving every month. not all financial plans are created equal. he says you need to figure out what works best for you so you can save money and spend money. well, we know you probably see these commercials. we have, for mypillow. you may have one at home. >> it's facing new problems over the advertising. the better business bure au say you can't offer a buy one ge
5:57 am
and gave them an f-rating. mypillow's ceo says he's terribly disappointed and the company takes care of its customers. it is lights out for the washington monument. >> a live look outside this morning where the skyline is a little darker than usual. what's behind the power outage at the prominent image. what police are learning from the woman accused of using his credit card. and the move being made today that some say could have prevented the murd shaer of a popular d.c. yoga teacher. a foggy drive in to work for some of you this morning. we'll take a look out
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00 it was a crime that could have happened to anyone. not if her accused killer was wearing his gps ankle bracelet. the legislation she's proposing today. headed to the hills. president obama gets ready to meet with several members of congress about an issue that could impact you. and something you're going to want some more of. >> get it. >> the new girl scout cookie being unveiled. first though a live look from outside the news
6:00 am
this morning and the fog that rolled into the area overnight. looking much better from an hour 1/2 ago. good morning, everybody. >> we see the flag now. >> progress is being made on the road because the fog is letting up a little bit. >> and we know the new year's officially here because we're all back together. >> three of us were waiting for somebody yesterday. i'm just saying. >> it was cheaper for me to fly backing a day later. so i'll just spend another day in the 80s. >> maybe bring that weather our way. >> just as much as i could put in a carry on. just know it's mild enough. temperatures are above average early this morning. already warmer than our average high but it's come with the price of some fog basically between the i 90 corridor and the blue ridge is where it's at its thickest. so be careful this morning but temperature wise were


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