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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 5, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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own personnel but contracted trucks, if needed, to be ready once the precipitation hits. >> our justin finch is already out on the roads to show us the preparations under way. we'll check in with him in a few minutes. >> but first, we want to introduce you to the newest member of the storm 4 meteorologist team sheena parvine. welcome. >> thank you. thank you. i'm excited to be here. especially with you, chuck. >> we're so glad. people say why do you need someone else? because many hands make the work lighter for everybody. welcome, welcome, welcome. i'm going to have you do all the yucky stuff that i don't like to do. no, just teasing. honestly, it's great to have you here and it's excited because your first day and first chance for snow. who isn't excited about that? four things to know about the weather. light snow, coming in perhaps
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even before the sun goes down. likely to get our first inch especially in the western and northern suburbs. lots .lots of cold coming our way not on just for todayed, but the weekend looks bitter cold. the ten-day forecast comes up at 4:51. you'll see milder air coming next week. how much snow do you think we're going to get? >> chuck, we have the snow in the forecast for early, early tomorrow morning and we're talking about totals that are pretty low, but the problem here is going to be the timing of the snow. if we go into the early morning hours tomorrow, let's start the clock here. as we go into noon today, we're not going to see the snow around, but then we go into the afternoon and we could even see some snow before sunset. >> good morning, sheena. so happy to have you here. northbound 295 near benning road work zone, that's the one i was talking about a few minut
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this morning in the northeast. beltway, at the sprungfield interchange, major problems there. that overturned box there in frederick county. westbound 66 after glebe, work zone blocking that left lane. >> thank you, melissa. more snow to hit our area. vdot crews are out preparing for snow heading this way this evening. crews across the area in maryland and virginia are getting prepared. and we want to go back to the live desk right now. >> water main break causing problems. >> that's right. it's impacting water pressure. folks noticed a problem last night. even a slight discoloration in the water, so they're giving everybody there, the patients, staff, bottled water. ws
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plumbers to try to fix this problem that was apparently discovered on the hospital campus. you should know this hospital was still accepting patients. but emergency crews may have to recrowd some patients to other facilities. we're going to stay on top of this and throughout the morning. >> it is 4:33. is otis place. the suv never stopped. loved ones say that jacqueline might not have been able to speak, but she didn't need words to communicate. >> i understood every word she said, just from her expressions mainly. >> she bring smiles to me every
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>> the cole family is asking the city to do more to make the crosswalk more visible to on drivers. a disturbing find in the district yesterday. a woman came across a sigh lynn case full of guns. she was hiking when she found the case. the woman brought it to the parking lot and called police. they did a full search of the area and found more guns. we're told they were all in all kinds of bags and buckets. no actual gun cases. police are now checking to see whether the guns were used in any crimes. cyber security will take center stage on capitol hill today. the senate armed services committee and foreign relations committee will get closed door briefings on russia's interference in the election. this comes after the intelligence community said russia tried to interfere with the presidential election to help donald trump win. tracie potts will have more on that in a few minutes. democrats adopting a new slogan b to defend the affordable care act. they say republicans want to, q,
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they unveiled it after meeting with president obama yesterday on capitol hill. at the same time, mike pence met with republicans pushing for a swift repeal of the law. while republicans appear united on that goal, it is not clear how they plan to do it. >> make america sick again? is that what the republicans want to do? >> we've got to fix this by replacing it with something better. >> republicans admit that a new alternative wouldn't kick in for years. they could repeal the law with a simple majority vote, but they would need democrats to help replace it. north carolina's bathroom law caused outrage. now could one be coming to virginia? coming up. plus, killed on christmas day. dramatic new veryos showing the moments a man was shot by a d.c. police officer. and chuck and sheena are back to fill us in on the snow heading our way. team
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interstate 80 at the california/nevada state line shut down due to blizzard conditions. traffic was crawling yesterday as drivers tried to make their way along their normal routes. some drivers say it took them three hours for longer to make it through some areas that the trip would normally take about 30 minutes. >> you know, chuck, i think this helps us put things into perspectihe
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what are you saying, maybe an inch or something like that? >> exactly. perspecti perspective. there is no blizzard coming. it's the timing of all this that has us concerned. an inch of snow can be debilitating around here. remember that last january. so it isn't really the amount, it's the timing that we are concerned with. right now, light snow showers out towards cincinnati and those snow showers are running fast in our direction. just know that it is going to be rather a cold and cloudy day today. kids at the bus stop this morning, it's in the 20s so layer up, everybody. 27 at 7:00. 29 at 8:00. highs today only up into the mid 30s at best. so winter coats and your hat and your scarf. may want to pack the umbrella just to play it on the safe side. could start with a flurry or sprinkle or drizzle around mid to late afternoon. so the daily grade today, the only reason it's not an "f" is because i want to see some snowflakes. taking a look right
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west of ox road looking very different than what we'll see tomorrow morning. taking a look right now at the beltway, inner loop and outer loop, everything is moving along just fine here this morning. no road work to be concerned about. 270 from 70, going to take you 26 minutes. still have that problem with the chose your in frederick county. we'll talk about it. metro announces its biggest closure yet and it's happening on the weekend you likely plan to ride. we'll fill you in on the closure and how to get around it. she called me and she yell, mom, please help me. mom, please help me. someone kid.napped me and they're going to kill me. >> first, we hear from the victim of a death threat scam, calls targeting parents and reatening children'sth
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a recovery mission happening right now off the coast of california. >> molet is at the live desk with details. >> this is brand new video we want to show you near the port of los angeles. we're learning two were on board this small aircraft, a pilot and a passenger and the search area less than a mile in area. it started just before 6:00 p.m. pacific time. late last night, the rescue effort turned into a recovery operation. we'll stay on top with the latest and bring it right to you. aaron, back to you. >> all right, molette, thank you. it's 4:33. a team is on its way to brooklyn to figure out why a computer train derailed during rush hour. 103 people.were hurt in that crash. the train slammed into the station through a bumper, a
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steel rail went straight into the train's floor. everybody should be okay here. the worst injury we hear about is a broken leg. investigators say they have the train's event recorder. developing this morning, we're working to learn whether d.c. police will release the names of the officers involved in a deadly shooting on christmas day. the department released cam raej footage yesterday. police responded to a stabbing inside a home on walnut street northeast. when they arrived, they encountersed 29-year-old javon hall hold ago knife. when the video is slowed down, you can see hall with the knife. the officer who shot hall can be heard telling hall to put the knife down three times before he was shot. prince georges county police spent last night going door to door looking for answers in a weekend murder. carrington carter ii was shot to death last friday in
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detectives talked to folks who lived near the scene on white pearl place. the shooter fired more than 30 shots. there is a reward for information that leads to an arrest and indictment in carter's murder. it's up to $25,000. it is now 4:45. it is a growing scam in our community. heart pounding fake threats made over phone calls and text messages meant to swindle you out of money. both loudon and fairfax police are investigating numerous fake threats. we told you about one of them yesterday. it involves a. popular messaging app called whatsapp. then to this week, a sterling, virginia, woman says she received a frantic phone call on tuesday. >> jessica. she called me and she yell, mom, please b, help he. mom, please help me. someone kidnapped me and they're going to kill me. i said who are you? i don't know who are you and i don't have any tow
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involves your child or a loved one, try to call, text or contact the victim via social media. request that the victim call back from his or her own cell pone. 4:46 our time right now. cyber security will be the main focus of lawmakers on capitol hill today. >> multiple closed door briefings wll be held on what the obama administration believes were russian hacketters trying to influence the election. tra tracie potts joins us from capitol hill. are we going to learn anything new today? >> we might not, but he may. the president wanted this report by january 20th. it's coming in early. he will get briefed on that. the intelligence community is here on the hill to talk to the armed services committee. at some point, the intelligent committee is expected to hold a hearing or at leastet
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tracie, the "wall street journal" is reporting president trump wants to revamp things. >> the trump team is pushing back on that a bit. remember back in 2004, that's the group, the office that was organized to oversee all the intelligence agencies a few years after 9/11. now the report from the "wall street journal" says president-elect trump wants to reorganize that, including some cuts at the cia. still based on sources at this point, the trump transition team pushing back saying, yes, there are discussions going on about what that office will entail, how these intelligence agencies will be organized, but nothing final. >> tracie, thank you. 4:47 now, donald trump's inauguration is about two weeks away. today we'll get to see what the tickets to the ceremony will
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missouri snooert roy blount will reveal them today. tickets are free and you can request them tr your senator or member of congress. you'll see the tickets later today on the nbc washington app. a virginia lawmaker is proposing a bill that would keep public bathrooms gender specific by law. delegate marshall says it's about privacy and safety. it is similar to north carolina's bathroom bill that hurt the state economically. house bill 1612 involves transgender students. it would require a principal to notify a parent or guardian if the student requests to be organized as the opposite sex. >> to have guys go in there when girls are undress sg highly problematic. >> i think that's a conversation that kids and parents have to have themselves and it shouldn't be up to the school. >> the virginia general assembly will consider the bill when the session end
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injured on the job. one worker was shocked when making repairs. a metal rod he was touched touched that electrified third rail. .the other worker was hurt trying to help him. metro's union says the rail system is not safe for workers or riders. it held a news conference yesterday. one union chief said metro is targeting employees who report problems. in a statement, employees were fired for on falsifying records and said, quote, i stand by the actions we have taken to hold employees responsible. one of metro's biggest closures is happening in just a few weeks and critics say it is coming at the worst possible time. trains will not run between foggy bottom and eastern market during the weekend of the super bowl. the transit agency says it will offer shuttles to try and offset the inconvenience. nbc 4 is working for you to help you get your year started on the right track. >> wee
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weekend at our 24th annual health and fitness expo. that's where you can find all sorts of wellness and fitness information, free health screenings, the demos. it's happening saturday and sunday at the washington convention center. join us for the screenings, come by and mean aaron or chuck. i'll be there. it's going to be a whole heck of a lot of fun. and it's free. find more information at the nbc wa washington app. pete will be there, also. pete is the peacock in case you -- >> i know who pete is. >> and that's the name i gave him. >> i like it. >> charlie the dog from the "today" show will be there, as well. >> animals are a very strong subject in sheena's world. >> yes, yes, and i'll be doing more with animals, too. but i have to say, i love being here with you guys. welcome, sheena parveen, the newest member of the news4 today team. >> you've been a part of the nbc family for a while. >> i'ee
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so i'm still with nbc, obviously. so chuck and i will be here together in the mornings doing weather. that's going to be fantastic. >> and we're also going to be on wtop radio a lot more frequently, as well. so it is a big addition to storm team 4. finally, on her first day, you know it's a good omen. >> first day on the morning show and you bring snow. >> you know, i would love to bring sunshine and 80 degree temperatures since i'm from florida, but unfortunately, not until may. >> rain check. >> really. but outside, we have a cloudy sky moving in very, very quickly and it has turned noticeably colder. temperatures right now, some 15 degrees colder than the same time yesterday. so a noticeable change. northwest winds will continue to funnel ever colder air in. so not much of a warm-up coming our way later this afternoon. right now, most everybody is below freezing. annapolis, the lone exception to that rule at 33 now. but it's in the
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in most of the suburbs. on the cloudy side, any real chances for snow are early in the day tomorrow. and as far as temperatures the next couple of hours, a little bit of sunshine. filtered sunshine early today, but notice, not much of a climb. temperatures this afternoon, only struggling to get back up into the mid 30s. just high enough above freezing where we could have either a little bit of very light snow or a few sprinkles of rain coming in just before the sun goes down. but then after sunset, snow becomes a little bit more likely. here is where it's all coming from now. light snow across much of the ohio valley. that's all movinging in our general direction. the timing of the snow or rain chances, again, comes in mainly after about 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. exactly how much snow? let me turn to my colleague, sheena parveen and find out. >> chuck, which is one thing we're going to be watching closely. because of the timing, snowfall totals not looking like a big deal, but as we go into e
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colder, we are talking about potentially some slippery spots on the roadway as we go into early tomorrow morning. now, temperature wooidz, this is one thing, again, we're going to be watching closely because this will be an issue. here is 6:00 p.m. this evening. we can see some snow flurries on the leading edge trying to move in. look at the temperatures at orr below freezing. that could be an issue by 9:00 p.m. tonight. so the timing is a little bit earlier. mostly before freezing and for the morning commute tomorrow, we start to see things tapering off. here is a look at the totals, about half an inch to an inch. if the you're north of the sdrikz, around the d.c. area and farther south, less than an inch around. but, again, it's still enough to cause problems on the roadways. we're going to be watching the temperatures closely and, of course, the timing of this as we go through the rest of the morning. we have a closer look at your ten-day forecast. chuck. >> that's right. and we'll be going on extra early tomorrow. 4:00 a.m. start time. so move your alarm clocks back a little bit to
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extra time on that morning commute. staying bitter cold through the weekend. might not get above freezing at all through the course of the weekend. milder with rain chances coming in the middle of next week. a closer look at today hour by hour when sheena and i join you again at 5:01. let's go over to melissa mollet. >> you guys are making me nervous talking about that morning commute. woodsboro road, we are still shut down because of an overturned box truck. police should be on the scene. northbound 295 near benning road northeast works on blocking the right lane. that's that typical work zone we've had hanging around. inner loop .outer loop of the beltway, just fine. eun. >> thanks, melissa. one fitness center is adding alcohol to the mix. i don't know if that's a great idea where you can sh
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workout with a drink. >> i think it is. a worker falls 35 feet into a shaft near the start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
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hundreds of you reacted and commented on this story, macy's closing 68 stores all because of lagging in-store sales. about 10,000 people will lose their jobs. macy's says it has to focus on their best stores. maryland wants to give lunches a makeover. next tuesday, they will introduce a new law to lessen sugar in the meals. they will be required to create a wellness policy by 2018 to make the lunches healthier. montgomery county schools disapproved of similar legislation in the past. so a local gym is hoping to add a hard drink to your hard workout.. >> the lifetime gym in gaithersburg has applied for a license to serve beam beer .wine at its outdoor pool. okay. so if it's any consolation,
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already serve hard drinks at the pools. some gym members we spoke to are on board with this idea. >> i do promote drinking responsibly. i think they've done a good job at the nutrition and teaching members how to eat responsibly.. hopefully, they can do the same thing. >> if lifetime gets its license, members could start enjoying ta beer and wine by memorial day. a lot of these gyms have almost become clubs in that they hold other eventes and their members can hang out and party outside of the workout. >> right. and so people would want to go and work out don't necessarily -- some people don't necessarily want the club atmosphere. >> but they're separated. usually it's a rooftop thing. >> people aren't really exercising at the pool if they're drinking wine. >> that's my suspicion. stay with us. news4 today begins with breaking news. that breaking thus, the emergency rescue of a metro work
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falling more than 30 feet. a live report, minutes away. plus, a driver arrested after a police chase and crash on the beltway and it's who officers found in the car that could lead to more charges. and preparing for snow. the roads are ready. now it's your turn. storm team4 with everything you noo ed to know. >> it is 5:00 a.m. it is aaron gilchrist. >> and it's eun yang. >> sheena parvee will be joining chuck bell as we bring you complete coverage. good morning. i love being here with chuck. he's a lot of fun. >> for sure. >> well, i think vodka before 5:00 a.m. is always a good idea. i'm joking. >> that's what was in his cup this morning. he is great to work with and we're going to be together every morning. it's going to be fantastic. i'm happy to be here. >> it's very exciting and i'm so happy that you brought a chance of snow with you.


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