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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 6, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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in right now. >> shannon doe ya county schools are closed today. frederick county schools in maryland are on a two-hour delay. >> in west virginia, berkeley county schools are opening two hours late, as well. so are grant candidate, hampshire county and hardy county schools all on a two-hour delay. the snow stopped just a few hours ago, but some of you could have a slick right into work this morning. >> let's start our team coverage this morning with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen. >> and like we were talking yesterday, this is a less not more kind of event for today. roads weren't cold must have on support a lot of icing, so that is excellent news. we're going the stay on weather alert mode, maybe into tomorrow, too. another chance of snow for our
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left to worried about for today. blurries around this morning staying cold and dry for the rest of the tomorrow. tomorrow, know looking more and more likely. there could be some problems around for tomorrow and as you get into sunday, very, very cold, indeed, with windchills down near 10 degrees during the day on sunday. again, winter storm warnings down to our south and east. for more on that saturday snow chance, let's go over to sheena. >> here is a look at we go into the weekend. we're looking at temperatures staying around freeze, but also some snow in the forecast for part of your saturday. that's something we'll be watching very closely. as we go through time here, it's all coming up from the gulf of mexico and it gets here saturday morning. snow, we are on the leading edge of it and then we're going to watch that snow for your saturday morning coming up. i will show you what you can expect as far as the totals
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crash with melissa. >> take another look at this breaking news here with chopper 4 still over this problem. 95 stb at 175. so right now, have just the left lane getting by. this is a difficult trash to understand what happened here because we have one tractor-trailer on its side in the he hay and another off to the right side of the road. 95 south before 175 just have the left lane getting by that crash because of the fuel spill. chopper 4 is up above in this morning. brad, you have a better vandage point and can tell us where that other vehicle is. >> we just got here a few minutes ago and one of the first things we noticed was this vehicle off into the woods. and it looked like it crashed through that guardrail and turned over. this will be a lengthy cleanup as we head towards the southbound side of 175. we're seeing some major
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there. only the left lane is getting by and, again, that car right there off into the right side as you head down southbound, the delays are growing. right now, well past route 100 so you're going to use 95 and 295. 95 will be a close bet for you, but somebody to 95, your better option. back down to you in the studio. another school alert for you right now. loudon county public schools on a two-hour delay today. most roads in the area shouldn't be too bad, but road crews were out there pretreating major roads. crews were out overnight in montgomery county as the snow fell. it doesn't appear that they've had to use the plows anywhere just yet, though. megan mcgrath has been on the roads showing us the conditions across maryland today. >> megan, good morning. how are the roads looking around red rick? >> well, we were seeing a ri
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the major roads look good. some of the secondary streets, not so good. more snow here in frederick than we saw earlier in clarks berg. it now we are parked in a parking lot just off of market street. this obviously has not been treated and we are seeing some slush. we are seeing some snow accumulation. we've got about an inch and a half to 2 inches of snow that has fallen here in forget rick overnight. now we are pelg out on to grove road. and, again, a secondary road here and you can see the conditions. we have some slush and some slick spots. you can see the sheen across the roadway here. we're approach ago car coming in the other direction here and you can see they are going rather slowly here, which is the way to go. make sure you take it easy out there on those secondary streets because the untreated roads are goinging to be a little slick here this morning. now, we have been talking to
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them about the road conditions including one gentleman, here is mow he described them. >> the roads aren't too bad right now. when we were dealing with trucks and they were throwing up some slush and those types of things. bier overall, as long aus stay within the speed limit, you're fine. >> and we are about to turn on to 355 here and you can see the difference b in this road. 355, a much larger road. they did pretreating on this roadway so we're seeing west pavement. we drove up on 270. everything looks agreed. we have seen some fender benders around the region. so take it easy out there. but by and large, once you get to the major roads, everything is just fine. back to you guys in the studio. morgan county schools
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west virginia are closed today. roads in virginia also shouldn't give you too much trouble. crews have been spreading salt. workers are on call if conditions take a turn for the worst this weekend. if it does get worse, officials say you should tr adjusting your plans. >> if you don't need to be on the road, we hope you are off the roads. the district's entire snow team is deployed to make sure that the drive through the city goes smoothly. major roads have been pretreated since wednesday night. and 220 snowplow drivers are ready just in case they're needed. if you see a road or ramp you think needs more attention, call 311. 506. many of you are facing wet roads this morning, but it is a good reminder that we're in winter weather mode now and you should be prepared. get your emergency kit ready and keep it in your car. that portable
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too, if you need it. and if you've heard it a million times, you'll hear it a million times more, drive slowly. >> the lighter the snow, people tend to drive. if you have heavy snow, people stay home, but most people assume they can handle an inch of snow and that is a recipe for disaster. now, the k this morning, just to be extra careful no matter where you're heading. storm team 4 of course working for you all winter long. if you haven't already, downloaded the nbc washington app, now is a good time. it is free. we'll send advisories to your phone. snow is causing problems around the country. >> molette, good morning. >> good morning to you. one of the tiniest towns in upstate new york, getting al
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continues in copenhagen. a band of lake-effect snow expected to drop three to feet feet before the weekend is up. that is the latest. eun. >> thank you. it is 5:08 now. today, president-elect donald trump is set to meet with directors of the fbi and cia. he'll sit down with the current director of national intelligence james clapper.. trump will be briefed on the intelligence findings. clapper told a senate panel on thursday that had u.s. intelligence agencies are more confident than ever that moscow tried to interfere in the process. today, members of congress will city donald trump's election as about the in a joint session. it will be provided over by vice president joe biden ander of the house paul ryan. vice president joe biden will
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the entire process is expected to last an hour. if you are just joining us this morning, we will to let you know we are in a storm team 4 weather alert moez. here is a live look at the roads in maryland this morning. slushy conditions. a lot of the crews were at work overnight trying to pretreat the roads. here is a live look from northern virginia, as well, where some areas saw snow overnight. sheena parveen says we could see some snow this weekend, too. two high ranking officials of the liquor board arrested. what they're acsed of cu ♪
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it is now 5:12. take a look at some of the conditions in maryland this morning after overnight snow. it seems to be hit or miss depending on are you're waking up this morning. we continue our team coverage of this winter weather with justin finch live in loudon county. so loudon county on a two-hour delay for the schools. how are things looking? >> hey there, eu this. that is absolutely right. just behind us, a salt truck is working in this parking lot back here. a leesburg police officer told us the main arteries in leesburg are looking pretty good this morning. however, he said a bit further west, they have a
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than we have seen out here. vdot crews have been working to prep for this event since tuesday, we are told. . obviously now their work has paid off. route 7 is looking very clear this morning. cars now making their way out here. you may still see plows out here working this morning getting ready for that snow event coming up this weekend. so as you are driving this morning, be aware those trucks are working and salting to get ready for that winter storm coming up in the next 48 hours. >> justin, thank you. 5:13 is our time right now. we of course have been tracking this weather that's for the most part moving out this morning. >> it really is depending on where you live. you might see more snow if you're in north or west. let's check in with sheena parveen to find out what it looks like out there. >> it has already moved out, but
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few flurries out this morning. if you look off into the atlantic, highways where it's basically moved out to. again, it is moving out. as we go through the day today, it's going to stay cold. 33 degrees in the district by 7:00 a.m. by lunchtime, we're looking at temperatures around freezing. cloudy today the. more snow in the part of the forecastport weekend. i'll show you the timing of that coming up. so still looking at this problem, chopper 4 over the scene this morning showing us what's going on. 95 southbound in maryland just there at 175. so right thou, again, just the left lane getting by. you can see one one semi-truck on its side. but another semi right over here. thank you, chopper 4. about a one-mile back up here this morning. so this is a big mess for folks. if you're headed out sometime soon. take your favorite alternate there ns
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deal with, as well. privilege georges county, everything through there is looking good here this morning. 270 at old hundred, no problems northbound or southbound. >> it's 5:15 now. more maryland elected officials are expected to be arrested as part of a federal bribery investigation. it centers around the liquor board. lawmakers were paid to make favorable decisions about liquor laws. two liquor stores were raided by the fbi yesterday. board director david sun and commissioner sud face charges. >> opportunities for corruption arise when there's a nexus between government officials who have the power to make decision creationary decisiones and private sessions who stand to
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the owners of two liquor scored were arrested. tracey wilkins broke the story yesterday. 5:16 now. scammers are targeting arlington county residents. the scammer calls and says you've missed jury duty and they'll issue a warrant for your arrest unless you pay a fine. police say if you receive this call, hang up and verify the claim with the arlington county sheriff's office. the scam alert is a good reminder to never provide internal information such as bank account numbers to anyone over the phone. this morning, people living in alexandria's strawberry hill neighborhood are fighting to keep taco bell out. some residents don't want the restaurant on dupe street. the washington journal reports taco bell would have entrances off duke and north gordon streets and the parking lot
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some of the neighborhoods say an all-night drive through would bring trouble mistakes to their immunity. a small victory. a planning commission voted unanimously to lift a required that five acres of land be used for retail. paeshts, you may want to limit your child's time on the phone. a new study found kids who use their smartphones a lot are more likely to have pediatric dry eye disease. stashing at san antonios and computers has been linked to reduced blinking and that can lead to faster evaporation of the tear film and increase the rate of dry eye disease. the study found when a child gave up looking at a phone screen for a month, the symptoms significantly improved. i bet you other things improve, too. parentses sayit
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time. the first impression is everything. one ohio uncle took that message to heart. grant b kessler wanted to make such a good impression on his new baby niece that he dressed up for her birth. he wore a coat, slacks, tie clip, pocket square, nice watch. grant's sister tweeted these pictures of him .they've been shared more than 38,000 times so far. he said he broke out his sunday best because first impressions matter. >> when carter is older, i want her to, like, look back and look at those pictures of the day she was born and see the respect and the attention that she was getting that day. and i think me wearing a suit was a small part of that. >> now the pictures were liked more than 100,000 times on soeshls media. >> so sweet. we're six days into 2017, social media is calling him uncle of the year. and we know that the newborn baby doesn't understand, but it's the expression of love that is so meaningful. >>
5:19 am
point about when she's older and sees the pictures from this. you recognize early on, maybe the chivalry that i keep in my head, this guy showed her a little extra respect and that is what she should demand in her life going forward. >> on the first day of her life, sets the standard high. >> so sweet. i love that story. >> maybe it's another snow lover. she likes snow already, i'm sure of it. she lives in ohio. she's going to have to learn to like snow. >> and she was born in january, right. >> that's right. so congrat toes them and congratulation toes all the new parents here early in the year. right now b it is a cloudy start to the day and it is cold. we're in the 20s and 30s for now. what snow flurries are left will quickly come to an end with temperatures only getting into the low and mid 30s. there is
5:20 am
accumulating snow south of us towards richmond and norfolk and charlotte and atlanta. charlotte, where my sister lives, might get more snow tomorrow than we will here in washington. for today, skies will clear out a little bit late morning into early afternoon before more clouds come back in on us tonight as the next storm, a southern streaker as it were starts to come our direction for tomorrow. her snow amounts tomorrow likely are down across southern maryland. temperatures currently are only in the 20s and there's a lot of stuff going on in the forecast so you want to be attuned to all of our social media platforms. toll me on twitter, find sheen ma parveen on twitter. and she's talking more about those snow chances for tomorrow. is it going to be shovelble amounts, sheena? >> it depends where you go, chuck. we're on the northern edge of this thing and we've been telling everybody all
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watching a storm testimony. at this point, it could be nudging target to the north and it's all because the center of it is looking closer to sho shore. it will be moving you up towards the area by early to go tomorrow morning. there you see the snow and the edge of the snow around the district. the heaviest to the south and to the east. what we're looking at is snowfall to the south and the east. temperatures, though, below freezing. so tomorrow morning, we could see less than an inch of snowfall. now let's get a check of the five-day forecast with chuck. >> yes, sheena. cold weather is here to stay for the next five days. hees only in the mid 30s for today before the clouds come back in. for tomorrow, again, 50%, 60% chance for at least some snow around the washington area. heavier amounts down across southern maryland. if you're traveling tomorrow,
5:22 am
richmond or into the carolinas, more snow there. sunday, chills in the teens sunday. monday staying cold, as well. tuesday, rain coming up. four things to know about the forecast at 5:31. check on traffic right now with melissa. so still have this issue hanging around here this morning, going to be probably a couple more hours, honestly, before this is cleared. chopper 4 over the scene right now, 95 southbound in maryland there at 175. so right now, it looks like we have everything shut down temporarily here. we had that left lane getting by. as chopper 4 zooms out, you can see that big back up that we are still dealing with here this morning. so for sure, take your favorite alternate there. we have a semi-truck on its side in the roadway and one off the roadway, as well. eun. new details in that brutal beating of a special needs man that aired on facebook life.
5:23 am
saying about the attack. a terrifying skiing an a school bus flips over with people on board. how the accident happened and how all the victims are doing now. and a proposal that may impact how you get paid. what a virginia lawmakers wants to change when it comes to federal
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it is 5:26. more school changes rolling in now. winchester city public schools are closed today in virginia. there is a great event going on today at the washington convention center. nbc 4 partnering with the chamber of commerce for a hiring our heros event. the employment workshops begin at 8:00 a.m. lots of employers will be there to review resumes, conduct interviews and talk about job prospects. i'll be there, as well, to
5:27 am
can help set up veterans spouses for success. in particular, we're talking about staying in and rejoining the workforce for the families impacted by our military service. if you work for the federal government, you'll want to hear this. >> a virginia congressman is trying toic ma it easier to cut federal workers pay. congressman morgan griffith represents the ninth district. he and other house republicans are trying to reinstate the holman rule from the late 1800s. >> that move could undermine decades of civil service. this are about 50,000 workers in our area. well, if you don't already have the nbc washington app today might be a good day to download it. that is because we are under a storm team 4 weather alert after overnight snow in several
5:28 am
meteorologists chuck bell and sheena parveen are back with the four things to know about about your prafrt. if you've ever wondered where all your tax dollars go. a close up look the at the transportation project in northern virginia that helps get you to and from even fast her. and it's the gift of a loimpt for one area woman. the generous donation made to her family just one my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. my whole family wants to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less. my giant.
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z. good mortgage, everyone. >> we are getting you up to the minute the minute you're up this morning after a dusting of snow fell across our area overnight. >> we have our crews fanned out. we will check in with them in just a moment. first, we are seeing some school delays. >> shennendoah county schools are closed and winchester city schools are closed in virginia. so are jerchson county and morgan county schools in west virginia. >> loudon county schools and frederick county maryland schools are on a two-hour delay today. >> so are berkeley county schools along with grant, hampshi hampshire, mineral county schools all on a two-hour delay. the snow has stopped now, but a lot of people are still feeling the impact of the weather this morning. >> kicking off our team coverage this morning with chuck
5:32 am
>> yes, indeed. are you excited, maybe another chance for snow tomorrow. >> we have been watching it all week. i'll show you the details on that in just a minute. first, the four things you need to know about the forecast today. what little bit of snow we've had overnight is quickly coming to an end. snow more likely for tomorrow. southern maryland out on to the eastern short. probably won't get that much here in and around the city. just know that you'll need on be weather aware on your saturday. we may be in weather alert node, as well. there are at leist five cold days in a row coming. temperatures today struggling to get above the freeding mark for just a couple of hours. >> that's right. we've been watching a storm system that looks to stay to our south. i don't think it's going to be acr
5:33 am
we have to pay close attention to the center of the storm. into your weekend, start snow chances, temperatures staying below)fjñ freezing. sunday, nice and dry, though. as we go into saturday, 9:00 in the morning, the darker shading areas over parts of maryland, that is where we could see heavier snow. coming up, more details and a closer look at the snow totals. another update on chopper four with that accident and melissa mollet. >> this one is going to be here because of a massive crash and the cleanup that is going to ensue here with all the spill and the fuel across the roadways. so 95 southbound at 175. you can see they have a big wreshg on scene, but right now have that semi on its side. have about a 1 1/2 mile backup at some point this morning. they are really start to go stretch because it's so slow. own though you're getting by on the left side. that fuel spill cleanup is still going to take quite some
5:34 am
66 and 95, no big problems there. and taking a look, 270 from 70 down to the spur, nice and on time. we'll take a look at the travel times, coming up. continuing our team coverage, we're heading out on the roads. megan mcgrath has been showing us the conditions she's seeing in maryland. megan, what are you seeing out there? >> well, we're seeing a big difference between the treated major roads and the untreated secondary roads. take a look at our live camera here. we have to love live television here. we have a truck blocking our way here. you can see the crews mrog the snow off the squawk. we're on carol creek way. this is appear untreated he couldary street and you can see see the clushy conditions we're experiencing here this morning. that is basically the situation all around. if it's been treated, it's just
5:35 am
are seeing some slush in areas like frederick. you can see some of the other roads in the area and the continues that we've encountered. we have advising people to just kind of slow it down. this is -- these are not the greatest driving conditions. we have temperatures that are well below freezing. last check, it was about 28 degrees in this location. so there is the potential tore slick spots. we've been talking to drivers. here is what they have encountered. >> it's not that bad. i was afraid of the slush and stuff, but it's all easy peasy. >> and it's easy peasy out there on the major roads. we'll be bringing updates all morning long. back to you guys. and you can get the latest updates on the conditions near your home by downloading the nbc washington app. we'll send alerts and advisories. you'll get all the information on your phone as soon as you wake up. l's
5:36 am
with snow we're seeing across the country. we've got new video in tr texas. it is the winter weather conditions they are dealing with in amarillo. there is a system that system there is headed our way. our storm team 4 crew watching it all as it moves closer in our direction. aaron within back to you. >> thank you, molette. frederick and clark today public schools in virginia are both closed. and war b county schools in virginia are closed, as well. we know learn worryinging to learn more about this school bus crash. this has happened in waldorf, maryland. we're told all the injuries are minor. for two years, one northern virginia mom had to balance three kids without having a car. not any more.
5:37 am
gifted waday sheriff with a new car. there she is. sheriff and her children came to the u.s. to from liberia to escape a ebola outbreak. she says it's been hard being a single mom without the car. >> i leave my kids home because i can't take them to mass. i'm so grateful that we are going to go to mass as a family. catholic charities gives away runly one car per week. they also team the families how to take care of their new car. so wonderful. >> nice to see the graty taught, too. we are in a storm team 4 weather alert moez.. we are pinpointing your school forecast.
5:38 am
again in a few minutes. but sure to check the nbc washington app, as well. it is a beating that went viral and caused outrage. now president obama is speaking out about the incident. yor time is 5:38. u
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sfwhoo welcome back. at
5:41 am
weather alert day. meteorologist chuck bell is standing by about what we can expect in our forecast. >> good morning, indeed. it's a cold start to the day today. not a lot of snow came down last night. there had been b sh school closings and delays. go to our nbc washington app so often out more about what school systems have the delays. none of the ones around the immediate metro area have been impacted. winter warnings are up for tomorrow's snow chance. we'll detail exactly how much, coming up. for now, it's a cold start to the day. bus stop weather this morning in the 20s to around 30 degrees. and coming home later today, make a peek or two of sunshine. afternoon highs, low to mid 30s. you need your winter coat, your gloves and hat and scarf. you can get away without the umbrella. i'm in a good mood so the daily grade for today is a b plus.
5:42 am
chopper 4 still over this problem. 95 southboundlty 175. take a look at this. just the left lane is getting by. they did get that semi turned back on its wheels. there is still another one. taking alternative traffic from 175 to 95 is getting on after the crash. that is good. travel times, 270 south and the top of the beltway rolling along just fine. 66 headed into town is just fine is and is 95 quantico headed to the beltway. there may be some snow on the ground, there's hardly any on t he
5:43 am
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roads look like? a live report, coming up. the roads may look clear. there are still some things to look out for this morning and we've got you covered. >> sth should never happen. >> you've seen the shocking video. now hear what the victim's family and the president have to say about that brutal facebook live attack. he's been the voice of presidential inauguration for decades, but no more. why this announcer lost the job. it is 5:46. we are working for you this morning letting you know how the light snow and cold temperatures will affect your drive to work. >> news 4's justin finch in leesburg, virginia. with more on the trouble spots out there. >> aaron, good morning been there might be some potential for trouble out here. we did see some rain here earlier, about an hour or so ago and that could lead to some spots
5:47 am
it is below freezing at this time, but route 7 for the most part in leesburg is very clear this morning thanks to the work of vdot crews who got to work on this. we spoke to a police officer who tells us the roads so far are clear in cleesburg proper. poke to a woman who was out here for work who said she thought she would have a rough right out here today and she did not find one. >> everyone said don't go home last night, there's an inch of snow. it is 5:00 in the morning and the roads are fine. they've debt 1/2ly gotting better about that. >> and she and other drivers may find today more vdot trucks out. as you can see, not much snow out here now. could be a different story by this time tomorrow. back in to you. >> thank you, justin. 5:47 right thou. and virginia officials on
5:48 am
morning. >> crews have been spreading salt. since earlier this week, workers are on call. conditions take a turn this say you should consider adjusting your plans.. >> you don't need to be on the road. we are hope you are off the road. >> virginia's 511 website updates the latest road continues conditions. the district's entire snow team is deployed to make sure drives through the city go smoothly. major roads have been pretreated since wednesday night. and 220 snowplow drivers are ready in case they're needed. if you see a road or ramp that you think needs more attention, call 311. and no matter where you live, the nbdz washington app can help you out. find the latest snow tracks and advisories. >> and covering northern virginia, taxes approved essential years ago are paying fo
5:49 am
one project that state leaders say has made an immediate impact is the express lanes project on interstate 95. those lanes carried more people per day than the regular lanes of 95. the commonwealth is pushing for genter common dwround. governor terry mccullif signed an executive order yesterday which profits the state of virginia from doing future business with contractors that discriminate against the lgbt community. conservative groups denounced the actions and argue they unfairly limit religious liber y liberties. another bill we're watching closely is house bill 12. it will keep public rest rooms gender specific. we are less than two weeks away from donald trump's ina inauguration. >> i was totally shocked. >> for nearly 60 years,
5:50 am
bratman has been the announcer at every presidential inaugural parade. this year, he will not be.. trump's inauguration committee wants steve ray to take over. ray is an announcer in our area and volunteered for the trump campaign. his inauguration committee offered charlie the position of presidential announcer chairman ee mayor tuesday. charlie, though, said he had been looking forward to this position. >> i've got friends and family and expecting me to do this and i want to do this. >> steve ray says he respects charlie and he hopes he accepts the position. congress meets in a joint session to officially count the electoral vote that will make donald trump the the 45th president. >> but now the president-elect is squaring off with top intelligence officials. tracey pots is here now to break et al. down for us. >> good morning, aaron and eun. president-elect trump has said that he's really not
5:51 am
that the evidence is there to support a claim that russia tried to influence our election through hacking. today he finds out what evidence there really is. he's getting that briefing in new york after intelligence officials come back here to capitol hill to brief more lawmakers on what they have found. and we got a sneak peek at that report. nbc has now confirmed that there were attempts and successful attempts at hacking not only the dnc, but the white house, the joint chiefs of staff, the state department, even private businesses dating back to 2008. >> and today's electric tore vote count at the joint session of congress is a formality, but will democrats try to derail it in any way? >> some might. it's mott likely, highly unb likely that this is going to make a difference at all. in fact, the democratic leadership hasn't indicated that they're wind it. >> tracey pots live
5:52 am
5:52. chuck bell, you guys just about nailed this forecast. a light dusting in had places into the city. >> we had good confidence on today's event. a little bit moren certainty in place for tomorrow. shennendoah valley, northern maryland, nothing to worry about for tomorrow. southern maryland, out to the boechs. could get 6 inches of snow in ocean city and nothing in winchester. that's how unusual of a setup we have for tomorrow. right now, though, got the this great picture from kenneth mubray in inwood, west virginia. if you have any of those pictures of the snow, send them on in. find me on twitter. and for today, where it's currently cold, 3 degrees, cloudy, breezy, southwest winds at 15 miles per hour. but really, nothing to worry about for today. staying cold and dry through the
5:53 am
little bit more likely. especially the farther south and east you live or travel. so there could be problems in southern maryland for tomorrow and sunday, windy and cold, really just inconveniently cold around here on sunday. here is sheena with a little bit more on the snpgz of those snow chances for tomorrow. yes. tomorrow, that storm staying offshore. most of it will be south and east of the district, but we have that chance of snow. we've been watching it all week. here it comes. that area of low pressure bringing snow into part of the area. saturday morning. that is 9:00 a.m. saturday. take a look at the snow moving up near the district. we're on the edge of it, though. temperatures will be below freezing, but most snow just to the south and east. snow totals, less than an inch around the d.c. area. and farther south and east, that's where snowfall totals should be quite a bit higher. let's take a look at that extended forecast. chuck. >> here you go. there is that ten-day forecast, yes, indeed.
5:54 am
maybe get a little bit of sunshine from time to time. there's that snow cans for southern maryland tomorrow. sunday, windy and cold. you're not going to like that. maybe a chance for a mix of rain on tuesday. all rain wednesday of next week. should be rain chances again friday and saturday of next week. but next week will be considerably warmer than this one. that's good news to melissa. >> that is good thus. i can finally break out the bathing suit again, right? over 95 southbound at 175, still have that left lane getting by. we had this tractor-trailer overturned. they have righted it. you can see it is in the roadway history. also have a fuel spill we're dealing with and some major backups as you're heading southbound. the other vehicle is in the woods. traffic coming on from 175 to southbound 95, you're getting on past the crash. so that's not a problem. if you're headed southbound through this area, you're going to want to take vw parkway or 29 or something else. under kennel worth avenue, stopped care
5:55 am
transition lane. 66, no problems there this morning and 95 in virginia, northbound quantico to the beldway, no problems there. these teenagers will be in court today over that shocking facebook live video. they're accused of kidnapping, assault and battery and hate crimes. police say they tied up an 18-year-old with diminished mental capacity and beat him up. now we are hearing from the family of the victim. we're going to show some of that video. a warning to you, it is disturbing to watch. >> the family of the 18-year-old said he is trauma sized. >> we are overwhelmed and surprised. we're happy that everyone is concerned. and yeah, this should never have happened. >> president obama was asked about this and he called the attack despicable. reverend jesse jackson called it a savage act
5:56 am
one of the accused attackers was the victim's classmate, but otherwise, it's still not clear how this happened. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at krnz headquarters. the japanese government is defended toyota as an important corporate citizen of the united states after president-elect trump singled out the automaker on twitter. he threatened to slap a high tax on cars toyota sells in the u.s. that made in mexico. toyota is opening a plant in mexico in 2019 to build the corolla. but of the 10 million cars it produces in the u.s. each year, nearly a third are made in the u.s. back over to you. diop line shopping taking a major toll on brick and mortar stores. mays asy's is shutting down 68 stores by the of the year. k-mart and sears are closing a combined 158 locations and kohl's is posting disappointing holiday sales, too. it seems when people are not shopping online, they are going for discount stores like tj
5:57 am
mapx, ross and burlgton. one of the macy's locations that will be closed at the end of the year is the store at landmark mall in alex and ree ya. lawmakers are expected to release a timeline about when the change is coming. hillary for mayor. new questions about hillary clinton's future in politics. stranded. a massive storm to our north caught some people off guard. >> and nowhere near as bad here. we'll show you where some people are waking up to snow on the ground.
5:58 am
5:59 am
storm team 4 weather alert. close onnings and delays for some people this morning. >> it is not too bad where you are depending on where you're waking up this morning. and then there is weekend snow. we are looking ahead at the next chance you could see snow as a major storm barrels through the south. it is coming up on 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. >> we have team coverage from the storm team weather center right now. >> chuck bell and sheena parveen
6:00 am
forecast for us. >> sheena is my good luck charm. >> thank you. >> this is snow in the forecast two days in a row. >> i guess it depends what you like. we have more snow in the forecast for parts of the area tomorrow, too. >> weather headlines for now, your friday morning off to a cold start. light snow out there early this morning. now quickly coming to an end. very limited trouble spots out there. there are some school delays and closings, as well. but nothing around the city. this afternoon, staying cold. a break of sunshine or two. snow becoming more .more likely tomorrow. could get some snow around the city tomorrow, but heavier amounts down to the south and east. temperatures today, oh, it's going to be a cold one. temperatures barely getting up to the low to mid 30s at most for today, about 37 in the city and down into southern maryland. highs barely above the freezing mark as we get into parts of northern maryland. more about that saturday snow now from sheen that. >> snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. now, we've been tracking this storm all week. the thing is about this storm


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