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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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forecast for us. >> sheena is my good luck charm. >> thank you. >> this is snow in the forecast two days in a row. >> i guess it depends what you like. we have more snow in the forecast for parts of the area tomorrow, too. >> weather headlines for now, your friday morning off to a cold start. light snow out there early this morning. now quickly coming to an end. very limited trouble spots out there. there are some school delays and closings, as well. but nothing around the city. this afternoon, staying cold. a break of sunshine or two. snow becoming more .more likely tomorrow. could get some snow around the city tomorrow, but heavier amounts down to the south and east. temperatures today, oh, it's going to be a cold one. temperatures barely getting up to the low to mid 30s at most for today, about 37 in the city and down into southern maryland. highs barely above the freezing mark as we get into parts of northern maryland. more about that saturday snow now from sheen that. >> snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. now, we've been tracking this storm all week. the thing is about this storm
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south but now it looks to be nudging closer to the coastline. that would mean that parts of the area, snow chances are in the forecast. temperatures below freezing, but it does look dry as we go into sunday. and even saturday is not going to be an all-day thing. into saturday on future weather, 9:00, 10:00 in the morning, there is the snow across the area leaving through the afternoon and your sunday looking nice and dry. as far as totals are concerned, less than an inch around the district. if you go farther south, that is where we expect the higher totals with possibly over 5 inches. we'll get a check on the traffic, closer look at the snow coming up with melissa mollet. >> taking a look right now at chopper 4 over this problem here this morning. there you go. 95 southbound here at 175. left lane is the only thing getting by. this tractor-trailer back on its wheels. the other box truck is off the roadway. take a look at the back
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take bw parkway. we have a lane getting by. it really isn't helping at this point this horpg. traffic coming on from 175 southbound. inner loop under a kennel worth car carrier stopped. that is looking over and 95 okay, as well. travel times coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, melissa. it is 6:0. we have some school closings coming in around the region especially in virginia and west virginia. right now, page county, shennendoah county, warren county and clark county schools are closed. >> your kids can sleep in if you live in frederick county, virginia, or win chetter city. schools there are closed, too. in frederick county, merrell, and loudon county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> in west virginia, jefferson county schools are closed, portionan county closed, berkeley on a two-hour delay and grant county on a two-hour delay. >> in west virginia, hampshire county, hardy county and mineral county schools on a
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delay. you can see all the delays at the bottom of your screen and, of course, in the nbc 4 washington app. this is the first look at the snow falling around the region. pretty big snowflakes there and what many of you might be waking up to right now. one of our producers shot this video near his home in montgomery county. news 4's megan mcgrath has seen a lot of snow as she has been traveling around this morning in some slushy areas. megan, any progress right now? how is it looking? >> well, we are on west patrick street right now. downtown frederick, take a look for yourself. take a look at our live picture here. you can see we have some slush on the road in the middle of the lane as well as on the side. would he have seen a lot of people out and about getting the snow off their stoops, their stairs. so we are seeing the clean up begin, but we are seeing slippery conditions on those secondary
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neighborhood streets. so folks are going to want to take it easy. here is some video, some of the other roads, the secondary roads that we've encountered. slick spots, just a little bit treacherous. .not terrible. they had about an inch and a half to 2 inches of snow here in the frederick area. so not an enormous storm, but just enough to make things a little bit sloppy this morning. that's why the kids are on a two-hour delay here today for school. we've been talking to motorists and they say, really, when you get to those main roads, things are fine. >> neighbor neighborhoods are bit slushy. everything looks pretty good. >> it's all right. it's okay. i mean, it's cold. but -- and, of course, we were driving up 270 to get here and we had nothing but wet pavement the entire way. no slippery conditions whatsoever, but those roads, of course, had been well preteeted. it's the secondary roads like the one you're looking at right
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a little slippery. so take it easy out there. but when the sun comes up, hopefully we'll see an improvement here. there is work being done, just be patient. back to you guys. >> thank you, megan. this morning, you may see snow on the ground when you look at your window, too, depending on where you wake up. this is video from route 7 in leesburg this morning. we found a light dusting there. we saw several salt trucks laying down a layer of salt there. the district's entire snow team is deployed right now to make sure drives through the city go smoothly. major roads have been pretreated since wednesday night. 20 snowplow drivers are ready in case they're needed. doesn't look like it today. if you see a road or ramp that you think needs more attention, call 311. we have two meteorologists tracking the weather conditions through your weekend. when you head out, download the nbc washington app and turn on the weather alerts to get the latest updates on the wintry weather. 6:06 right now. let's goat to molette
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the live desk following a bad crash on 95. >> we have details just in as we take on stop of this accident in howard county. we know two people were injured in this crash involving the box truck and the tractor-trailer on 95 south at maryland 175. we can tell you the tractor-trailer driver suffered some very serious injuries, taken to shock trauma. the box truckdriver involved in this crash suffered minor injuries. first he 4 traffic has been all over the backups there. chopper 4 over that scene for about an hour. this crash happened about 2:30 this morning. and our melissa mollet will stay on top of the traffic for you. >> thank you, molette. a news 4 crew spotted this car that had to be towed away after veering off the great seneca highway in rockvillover night. we're still waiting to learn whether anyone was seriously hurt. president-elect donald trump
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findings on russian election hacking claims. last month, they were ordered by president obama to issue a report on the alleged russian hacking of democratic groups. trump is still questioning how officials could be, quote, so sure about the hacking if they haven't examined dnc servers. james clapper says he had prepared to be challenged on the report. interception shows russian officials celebrated donald trump's win in the election as a win for moscow. this information come out just hours before trump's briefing on this matter. intelligence officials are calling members of congress asking for backup today, anticipateling a beat down from the president-elect. and it didn't take long for one of the newest senators on the hill to make an impression. maryland senator chris van holen offered his first speech on the u.s. senate floor yesterday. the i team's scott mcfarland says it is unusual for a
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on the senate floor so soon. a winter storm cripples traffic. students spent a night away from home. fbi raid. accusations of bribery and conspiracy. the conspiracy hits the liquor board. and democrats want hillary clinton to throw her hat into a new race.
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welcome back. traffic moving along. but don't get ahead of yourself. this does not give you the license to drive erratically or wildly. it is still slick out there. >> good morning wsh s
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>> good morning, guys. snow around the area especially target to the north around frederick. we've been talking about it all morning. take a look. temperatures, it's a cold one. the snow has moved out. it's nice and drive. if we're about to leave, don't expect any snow to be falling. that is not the case this morning and it really never was. it was mostly light, too. 29 gaithersburg, 31 in culpepper. so it is a cold start. today we're going to stay dry. tomorrow, we have snow moving in mostly south and east of the district. sunday looks good, but coming up, we'll talk more about that snow for tomorrow. who can expect this .how much you can expect. here is a check on your roadways this morning before you head out the door with melissa mellet. >> 95 somebody at 175, still have just the left lane here getting by. big cleanup under way. you can get on past the crash if that's your route this morning, but you can see those backups here right now.
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alternate. take route 1, something like that. right now, 270 looks good. nice and green. same thing 66 and 95 northbound. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car. it is 6:13. covering prince georges county, more maryland officials are expected to be arrested in a federal bribery scheme. this centers around the prince georges county liquor board. the board licensing office and two liquor stores were raided by the fbi yesterday. news 4's tracey wilkins has more. >> our cameras rolled as fbi agents moved back and forth within the offices of the prince georges county liquor board. two members of the board including the direct ebb and one of its commissioners were taken into custody and arrested on charges of bribery and conspiracy. there were two liquor store owners who were arreste
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well, and their businesses raided. this is all a part of a four-year investigation as the fbi has been conducting. we also understand that at least two elected officials who are also involved in all of this may be taken into cut shortly. the allegations center around bribery, paying for votes and paying for licenses to operate and sell liquor on sunday. we're going to continue to follow this investigation. in green belt, i'm tracey wilkins, news 4. there is a new report about what could be the next step in hillary clinton's political career. some her spokesperson has declined to comment on this story, but the "new york times" and the washington times are reporting that clinton is being pressured to run for mayor of new york. that election is happening later this year. if she did run, she would be going up against her former senate campaign manager, the current mayor, bill de blasio. even if she is under pressure, the option is being called unli
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today, first lady michelle obama will be delivering her final remarks as first lady. >> this is part of an annual white house tradition mrs. obama started. it's part of her recharge initiative. we are watching for snow all around the country. check out this video from western new york near buffalo. it fell so heavily there, school buses were stranded. some even had kids on them at the time. the snow caused a lot of road delays, as well. accidents and other problems all around new york and the snow is still falling. it is 1615 right mow. let's get an update on what we can expect today. obviously, the snow has moved out in terms of of what's falling right now. >> we're going to find out about the potential for more snow heading our way. sheer a live look outside. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen have more on your forecast. >> a c
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morning. it's not snowing here any more. had a little snow overnight and now that is all quickly coming to an end. and that's an improving weather picture as we go through the remainder of the day. there is a live picture there in frederick, maryland. megan mcgrath is up there tracking the troubles up there across northern maryland. luckily, not much issue. lots of pretreatment was down on the road. pardon me. i had to run down to the studio here. i was like, ooh, wait a minute. here is rule number one about tv. never run to an open microphone. you will hyperventilate for sure as i'm finding out. 32 now. wind out of the north at 9 miles per hour. and it is a cold start, not much of a warlup coming our way today. we're in the upper 20s to around 30 degrees thou. temperatures today, barely getting back up into the low, maybe the mid 30s. in and around the city, probably 35, 37 degrees. but northern maryland especially going to stay cold today. hen the forecast, again, 36
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flurries early. staying cold, but all that is going to be coming to an end. our next storm for tomorrow, these are winter storm warnings now from virginia beach to ralei raleigh, charlotte, down to atlanta. could get several inches of snow. if you're traveling tomorrow, could easily get 3 to 6 inches of snow at the beaches and nothing at the mountains. have our nbc washington app ready to go on your phone. follow me on twitter, find me on facebook. we'll push out all the forecast information through our social media platforms. the planner for tomorrow, southern maryland to the beaches could get several inches of snow and staying cold in the 20s tomorrow. sheer sheena with more information on that. yeah. you know, chuck, we decided we're going to get you a segue for next time you don't have to run. >> oh, good. >> as we go into the weekend, though, we're talking about
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let's take a look at the future weather model here. it's this area of low pressure. it is expected to stay offshore, but if it moves a little closer to the coastline, that snow will move farther inland. if it moves farther away, it's going to take some of that snow with it. what it looks like right now is that d.c. will be on the edge and just to the south and east of that will be a majority of the snowfall. temperatures, though, will be below freezing as we go into this weekend. as that snow falls, it is going to be expected to stick, especially on to the untreated roadways. snowfall amounts, less than an inch in the district. farther south and west. take a look as we go into the weekend. snow chances as you wake up tomorrow morning, your wake-up forecast, snow in the area especially farther south and east. we dry out through the rest of the day. sunday looks good, but how about that five-day forecast, chuck? >> here you go. here is the whole five-day now. 37 today, only 30 tomorrow, again with all that snow around in southern maryland and the beaches. sunday, windy and cold. northwest winds will keep windchills down near 10 for most of the day on sunday.
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and staying cold into monday, as well. highs barely above the freezing mark monday arch. as we get into tuesday next week, milder air coming our way. could start off with a rain/snow mix on tuesday before it changes to all rain as milder air comes in. i'll give you the whole ten-day forecast come up at 6:51. now for an easy segue, here is melissa mollet. >> you're so funny. it's hilarious to me when it's not me overheating on air. taking a look right now, chopper 4 over 95 southbound at 175. again, only the left lane getting by here. this is a major mess for people heading southbound on 95 this morning. very, very slow. we have that cleanup on the right side of the roadway. now, if you're heading 95 south, 175 area, take 29, take route 1, take bw parkway, but just the left lane is getting by. traffic moving on from 175 to 95
6:20 am
brad is up in chopper 4 for us right now showing us about these backups and what's going on. brad. >> it's a really complicated scene, melissa. let me pull up the shot for you here as we look down at cantaloupes. cases and cases of cantaloupes. this was a produce tractor-trailer that was carrying cantaloupes in the southbound side of 95. now they're concentrating their efforts on this vehicle that went off into the trees. as i pull back here, even in the delays, we have one more crash on the southbound side after one hundred. back to you. >> hope there's no wasted fruit. >> i'll bet it sounds like there is. we've all heard about unique challenges that members of our military and their spouses have in finding jobs. >> that's why nbc 4 is working with you. we're partnering with the u.s. chamber of commerce for hiring our heros event today. a lot of employers will be at the washington convention center to look at resumes, conduct interviews and talk about job
6:21 am
spou spouses are invited. i'll be moderating a panel on military spouse employment. get information on today's hiring our heros events on nbc hadwashingto a group of teens trying to shovel and make some cash take on an unexpected role. we got a dusting, but maybe get twog feet. we'll show who you got hit har, next.
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poib. crews are loading up that truck right now. even though we only had a dusting overnight, our meteorologists say we could have the potential for some snow tomorrow, as well. 6:24 your time. right thou, 82 million americans are under a winter weather advisory, many of them in the great lakes region where snow is heavy and barreling through that
6:25 am
this is a photo of upstate new york. people there say they're being told to stay home due to the hazardous conditions on the road. south of buffalo, school buses got stranded while trying to take students home. some of those students were returned to the school where they spent the night. others made it home. when the snow falls, you can bet there are some kids trying to earn an extra buck by shoveling the snow. >> but a group of kids in county got way more than they bargained for. this group came door to door when they came up on one house and heard a man yelling. the elderly person heard a man calling and cooperate get up. paramedics arrived in a few minutes. they broke down the door and rushed the man to the hospital. >> not sure how long and we don't know how long he would have been there had they not knocked on the door. >> something told me this man needed my help. he neede
6:26 am
>> the elderly man said he had been on the floors for days. heading into the new year, it looks like our area is already pretty healthy. wallet hub released its best and worst cities for an active lifestyle. d.c. came in in the 18th best play to live. virginia beach, 29th. baltimore, 49th. madison, wisconsin, the number one spot because of its high number of fitness classes and parks. you want an active lifestyle? we have a great solution for you, especially in the new year. exercise forums, health screenings, zumba. we should do a zumba class. we are working for you at the nbc 4 health and fitness expo this weekend. >> i'm doing the rock wall. one thing at a time. >> apparently there's a challenge thou. everyone is going to get on this rock wall. come out and see it. >> the expo starts tomorrow morning. it's great forbo
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to learn about their health. >> there's the rock wall. >> there is some food workshops going on. lots of screenings for your health. everything from a screening from kidney disease to glaucoma. >> and there's information about mental health as part of our changing minds campaign. >> find all the details. the expo starts tomorrow morning at the washington convention center at 9:00. it ends at 4:00 sunday afternoon and it's all free. >> come and see your news 4 team. >> we'll be there tomorrow afternoon. building the wall, who may really have to pay for donald trump's wall between mexico and the u.s. watching the radar. fore snow is in the recast.
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good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. the snow is over but the clouds remain for now. i'll give you a look at how cold it's going to be through the rest of your friday. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen. we have snow is in the forecast for part of your weekend. i'll show you the tim
6:31 am
how much you can expect. some snow and some rain. >> what we're seein as you wake up to our first dose of wintry weather. >> news 4 today starts now. thanks for joining us. it is a weather alert day today. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> you are looking live at some images coming in from maryland this morning where we're seeing slushy roads is probably a good way to term it and some ice out there, as well this morning. good morning, everybody. we want to get straight to the school closings and delays coming in. school closings across the region. >> kids can sleep in if you live in frederick county, virginia, or winchester city. in frederick county, maryland, and loudon county virginia, schools are on a two-hour delay. >> in west virginia now, jefferson county schools are
6:32 am
schools. berkeley county, two-hour delays and grant county also on a two-hour delay. >> same goes for hampshire county, hardy county and mineral county all on a two-hour delay. you can see all the delays and closings at the bottom of your screen and in the nbc washington app. now let's check your forecast once again with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen. >> good morning to both of you. just enough snow to get your hopes up. >> a little bit falling. but it's not falling any more for the morning rush. that's what we like to hear. >> here is your planner, then. snow quickly coming to an end. it's all basically gone at this point in time. so no worries for the remainder of your tri. know is looking more and more likely tomorrow, especially south and east of washington. so southern maryland towards ocean city could get 4 of more inches of snow.
6:33 am
not quite that much. we have at least five days of very cold weather in the immediate future. pored, as you're planning it out, staying on the cold side. sunshine from time to time with temperatures getting up into the low .mid 30s. and the snow is coming as we go into the part of your day tomorrow and pore part of the area, a little more than other sections. this is something we've been watching throughout the week and here are your impacts as we go in through the weekend. saturday, snow chances are going to be in the forecast. sunday nice and dry. but temperatures will be below freezing as we go across the weekend. it's going the to be a cold one, so the snow falling tomorrow morning mostly south and east. that could cause some road problems. saturday, 10:00 a.m. now, there you see the snow mostly to the south and east of the district. but through through the sdrikz, we're going the on be kind of on the edge of this. as we go through your saturday arch, things start to clear out. a closer look at the snow and what you can expect, coming
6:34 am
chopper 4 still over this problem. take a look at what they're doing right now. this big rig tow truck has this thing hoisted in the air, going to lift it back on to on 95. this box truck went off of 95 and there's another one they did up here early this morning that was on its side. a three-mile backup right now. 95 somebody here at 175. take your alternate here this morning. take bw parkway, route 1, if you're coming on 95 from route 175, you are going to get on past the crash. 66 inbound, a problem there, as well. neither of those really seem to be slowing things too much. your all beltway looking good. 6:34. as we've been saying, there isn't much snow on the grouped right now, but that doesn't mean salt trucks are taking the day off. >> salt tricks in our area are still working
6:35 am
temperatures. justin finch is live at the leaguesburg salt dome right now. justin, good morning. >> good morning. we're just hearing from vdot. they're telling us to pretty much expect what you're seeing behind us. they're continuing the around the clock efforts to get these roads safe. they'll be hitting bridges, hills .ramps here. we are told that vdot crews are working well overnight. salting and sanding critical roadways here in northern virginia so drivers can wake up this morning to relatively clear roads. however, beware, there are early reports from vdot that you still may find snowy spots out there, icy patches, especially in the western loudon area here. back live, you can see a line of trucks around here lining up to get this salt. they will be working throughout the morning in vdot. there is a very good chance that throughout the morning and day, you will see these crews continuing this effort to get ready for that snow forecast to come out way
6:36 am
back in to you. >> justin, thank you. crews across our area were out overnight to make sure your commute went smoothly. snowplows were ready to go in the northwest this morning. d.c. has been pretreating roads since wednesday night. if you see a road or ramp you think needs extra tension -- >> there is snow on the roads in parts of maryland this morning. megan mcgraths is out on the roads this morning. >> be sure to follow us on twitter for updates. >> 6:36 rite now. today, a northern virginia man will be sentenced for trying to help isis.
6:37 am
d.c. area landmarks to use in propaganda videos. kamar faces up to 20 years in prison. congress i can't knowal republicans in donald trump's transition team is still looking into building a wall between the u.s. and mexico. >> they're exploring whether they can to it without passing a new bill. the trump administration would rely on existing legislation authorizing and acceptsing another technology along the southern border. congress would be asked to set aside enough money to take attention new steps, but would not with pass a stand alone bill authorizing a big, new wall. vicious attack on facebook live. the hate crime case that went viral now goes to court. amazon clifrs. how they're getting into the food tloifr business. and more
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6:40 am
good morning, everybody.
6:41 am
we are indeed at 6:40 now on a friday morning. puppy dogs in snow. this is from angel park around steven city, virginia. we did see some snow shannon doe ya valley. it will be cold all day. sunshine mid day before more clouds. your gloves, your wool hat, comes in. a b plus is your fwrad for today. snow chances coming up. this problem on 95, now two left lanes open. that is an improvement. chopper 4 over 95 southbound at 175. they are still trying to get this fuel spill cleaned up. traffic coming on from 175 to southbound 95. you can get on past the crash. if you're thinking about taking 9, reconsider if you're headed southbound through this area. right now, just decide. make it easy for yourself. do not get on 95 up
6:42 am
times, 270 south, typical top of the beltway. same situation. 66 into town, 95 northbound. nice and green there in virginia. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. we saw some light snowfall overnight. what do the roads lik eli
6:43 am
6:44 am
a taste of winter,
6:45 am
icy roads took barely a dusting. we're monitoring the roads before you head out. weekend watch, a winter storm barreling across the south. folks are stocking up. >> milk, bread, cheese, eggs, anything to get through. be prepared for when the kids want a snack. final act, congress makes the presidential election toishl. top secret briefing. president-elect downtonald trum gets the facts about russian hacking. >> you will be challenged by the president-elect, are you okay with being challenged? >> absolutely. this weather alert day may stretch right into your weekend. take a look at this storm. we are watching the next big storm roaming through the south and that could be more snow to us this weekend. >> we have live team coverage on the roads and what we can expect within the next 24
6:46 am
we begin with megan mcgrath in maryland. megan. >> take a look at the conditions we're seeing out here. basically, it's a situation of untreated surfaces versus treated, b where we are right now, take a look. that's our live picture here of the road. you can see this is an untreated surface and we have slush, we have slick spots. it's treacherous. we're now pulling out on to grove road and you can see that we still have some slushy conditions here. we've got slush in the center of the lane as well as to the right. but this is a secondary road. not too surprising here, they have about an inch and a half on 2 inches of snow overnight in frederick. that's the situation in the neighborhood. once you get on the to the main highways, however, they're all treated and they're in great shape as we hear from this driver. >> it's not too bad..
6:47 am
>> and we are about to turn on to 355. and you can see that the conditions improve a lot here because this is, again, easy peasy is right on those major roads. now for more on what's going on in virginia, i'm going to send it over to justin. >> hey there, megan. we're out here in virginia. mobilized, lined up to come and get their salt for another round of road treatments this morning. you will see these trucks throughout the morning treating the main arteries in loudon county. their destination first will be the salt garages where we are told there may still be some slick areas out there due to rain earlier. so watch out for your bridges, your curves and ramps. so as you are driving this morning, beware that the roads may look clear, but
6:48 am
still be some rough patches out there. now back to eun in the studio. some school closings and a lot of delays coming into our area right now. if you live in virginia, shennendoah county, page county, warren and clark county schools are all closed. frederick county, virginia, and winchester city schools are closed. >> and frederick county, merrell, and loudon county, schools are open twog hours late tt. in west virginia, jefferson and morgan county schools are closed. berkeley county schools and mineral county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> hampshire county, hardy and grant county schools are on a o to-hour delay. you can see all the delays scrolling on the bottom of your screen and on the nbc washington app. more questions about that disturbing video. a beating streamed on facebook live and the case is now heading to court today as we are hearing from the family of the victims. >> we are so grateful for all the prayers that led to the safe
6:49 am
at thlt, we ask for continued prayers for all those involved and for on us our family's privacy as we cope and heal. from that shock video, you see four people tie up an 18-year-old who has special needs. they beat him up and engineer a jeer and saunt him. blake mccoy is covering this. >> good morning. this is the courthouse where those four suspects will be making their first court appearance later today. it's a bond hearing. we now know the charges they'll bet( facing. a hate crime. they'll be facing charges with battery of a deadly weapon, unlawful restraint ask kidnapping among others. that kidnapping charge could happy up to 30 years in prison. coming up this morning later on the "today" show, we'll hear more from the victim's family about how he's doing and members of the black community here in chicago who have been quick to denounce this racially charged
6:50 am
>> blake mccoy live for you in august. more from blake on the "today" show in a few minutes. tt, president-elect donald trump is prepared to met with the fbi and cia. he will sit down with james clapper, as well. trump will be briefed on the intelligence community's findings on russian computer hacking. today, members of congress will certify donald trump's election as president. after the state by state results are read allowed, they will be tally and the vice president will announce the final number. the entire process is expected to last an hour. from north to south, take a look at the conditions in texas right now. this is new video from the sound of amarillo in the northern part of that state where the oklahoma panhandle. there is a thick layer of snow on the roads there. plows are working to clear it,
6:51 am
sdrus there right now. we have a dust to go about an inch. frederick, maryland, had more. but apparently this isn't over yet. this is what we were kind of parking my attention here. >> today's is over but there is some in short for the weekend. >> for better or for worse. depending on how you like your snow, i prefer it in the feet, not inches. but that's just me. >> something to throw. >> because karma is on my side. we have this great picture from one of our weather watches up here, kenneth mubray in west virginia. so you can send your pictures to me on facebook or twitter. just follow me@chuckbell4 on twitter. skies are at the freezing mark. no slipperiness around local roadways, but northern maryland and the panhandle of west virginia, shennendoah valley, a little colder. planning out the day,
6:52 am
break or two of sunshine. up to about noon time before clouds thicken up once again. into tomorrow, again, could see some light snow here in and around the city. i think heavier amounts of snow, maybe 2 to 4 inches across southern parts of maryland. more on that, here is sheen ma. and we've been watching that storm system all week, chuck. as we get closer or the weekend, especially to points south of the district, that's where we expect the highest impact, of course. but this storm system has primarily moved its way to the south. as we go into tomorrow, it's going to nudge farther to the north because the center of on it is going to get closer to our coastline. sheer a look at saturday morning. down into parts of norfolk beach into southern maryland. that's why we're expecting the highest amounts of snow. it edges into the district, so we're on the edge of this storm. that's why we have to watch the center of it very closely. the center will stay offshore. as it moves farther id,
6:53 am
saturday afternoon, it's dry. it's not going to be a saturday afternoon thing. snowfall amounts, less than an inch around the district. more as you go farther to the south. but as far as your entire weekend is concerned, we are talking about the snow chances saturday morning and as we go through saturday afternoon, nice and dry he. sunday it looks really good. but look at the temperatures. it is going to be a cold weekend. let's take a look at that extended forecast, chuck. >> yes, indeed. cold air in place for the next five days, really. high he below 40 degrees all the way through tuesday. could have a mix changing to rain tuesday during the day as temperatures climb easily well above freezing by tuesday afternoon. then wednesday with, rain likely. temperatures in the 50s. wednesday, thursday, on into friday .maybe another chance of some unsettled weather late next week into early next weekend. but i can tell you this, melissa. next weekend won't be anywhere near this cold. >> i like that. i like the warming trend here.. ov ov
6:54 am
lanes getting by. you can see these backups. we're talking about a 3 1/2 to 4 mile backup this morning. one alternate starting to get slow would be the bw 5. if you're headed out sometime soon, i don't expect this to clear. probably completely for another 45 minutes or an hour. you're going to want to take bw parkway. it's slow, but not terrible. you can see there, route 129 or something like that to get around. you're going to want to avoid that mess. 70 southbound at falls road, a disabled vehicle there. 95 in maryland and virginia, okay there as you're getting close to the beltway. okay and main lanes on inner loop and outer loop okay, as well. >> thanks, melissa. it is 6:54. if the thought of making dinner tonight is already daunting pore you, this may be some good news. >> amazon making ordersing takeout easier. landon dowdy is h
6:55 am
this for us. >> good friday morning to you both. sheer what you both can be asking. how about sushi tonight? amazon's popular digital assistant can order takeout from any of the company's affiliated restaurants, but there is a catch. you might be an amazon prime member and alexa can only get food delivers from places where you've ordered before. the new feature is available in 20 u.s. cities right now and delivery is free, guys. back over to you. >> landon, thank you. it is time for four things to know before you head out the door this morning. president-elect donald trump will be briefed on russia's influence on the presidential election through computer hacking. we will alert you once that briefing takes place. michelle obama will deliver her final remarks as the first lady today. these four people will be in court charged with felonies with that video from chicago.
6:56 am
special needs. be careful as you leave home this morning. there is snow on the ground across parts of our area. most roads are wet even if the snow didn't stick and this may be a tough run. the winter weather could continue through the weekend. >> yes, indeed. a chance for snow around especially in southern maryland tomorrow. could get an inch or so around the city, as well. higher amounts south and east. if you're going to the beach weekend, could have 6 inches of snow from rehoboth. snow it will be snow and cold through the weekend. wedy, the too, on sunday. this problem on 95, chopper 4 over this for the morning for us. southbound 95 at 175. very slow, a four-mile backup because of that mess there. they have the snow, as well, to contend here this morning. take an alternate route. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for
6:57 am
a weather update, traffic and any breaking news. until then, xou your day and your weekend. >> make it a great friday, everybody. my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. my whole family wants to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less. my giant.
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and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'. good morning. good morning. triple threat. three nasty storms impacting the north, south, and west. more than 70 million americans face a snow, ice, and possible flooding. al will tell us how long it will linger. show down at trump tower. after weeks of trashing the nation's intelligence community, president-elect trump set to meet with the top leaders today. vice president biden weighing in on trump's criticism. as nbc news learns information was discovered. ski lift drama. a man hanging unconscious


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