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tv   Today  NBC  January 6, 2017 7:00am-9:58am EST

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and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'. good morning. good morning. triple threat. three nasty storms impacting the north, south, and west. more than 70 million americans face a snow, ice, and possible flooding. al will tell us how long it will linger. show down at trump tower. after weeks of trashing the nation's intelligence community, president-elect trump set to meet with the top leaders today. vice president biden weighing in on trump's criticism. as nbc news learns information was discovered. ski lift drama. a man hanging unconscious
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backpack. his friend on the chair behind him crawling his way across the cable to save him. eventually using a knife to cut him loose. this morning we'll hear from that hero. i'll take this one. matt's milestone. this morning celebrating 20 years since he started coanchoring today. a record-setting run through the biggest news stories of our time. >> the deadline for saddam hussein to leave iraq is approaching. >> we're looking a the pyramid of egypt. historic scotland. >> lots of laughs. >> i can't get over you. >> i can't get over me either. >> and countless memorable moments today, friday january 6th, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good mng
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when we were young. [ laughter ] it's strange to look back at some of those? >> are you kidding. it's so fun. what a trip down memory lane with so many high points and so many low points. [ laughter ] >> oh, gosh. it will be one of those mornings. it's the final day of katie's guest hosting. >> that's right. it's been so much fun. i'm finally getting the hang of it on day five. i'm excited to be here to celebrate you. because it's all about you, my friend. >> it all started with you and you. savannah continues on maternity leave. we love you and hope to see you soon. let's start with weather. the powerful storms making a mess of things. it's happening across the country. even parts of the south are gearing up for snow and ice. we'll get to al's forecast in a moment. first, tammy leitner is in raleigh, north caroli
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>> reporter: good morning. residents in the southeast preparing for the worst. the storm hasn't hit yet. they're expecting up to a foot of snow in some areas. other areas freezing rain which can make for dangerous driving conditions. this morning morning while whileout conditions are hitting the northeast, the southeast is bracing for an unwelcome winter wallop. >> they move down here for snow. i'm a little taken aback. >> reporter: no surprise for officials in the bulls eye of a developing monster storm. residents being warned about dangerous mix of heavy snow, ice, sleet, and rain. preparing for the worst. remembering the 2014 ice storm that paralyzed atlanta in early state of emergency is being declared there. roads already being treated. officials warning dangerous driving conditions are likely. >> if you can stay
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do. >> reporter: in the west where snow can be measured by the yard, up to 5 feet covering parts of the rocky mountains cancelling delays and cancellation at the airport. southern california is being soaked by much-needed rain. it's causing problems. one man stuck in the swollen l.a. river had to be retrieved by a swift water rescue team. heavy rain this weekend could lead to flooding and mudslides. in oregon high winds toppling trees and power lines. plunging thousands into darkness. back in north carolina, 5-year-old wyatt englehart isn't worried about this weekend's storm. >> what are you looking forward to the most? >> weddin -- sledding. >> reporter: he can't wait to try out his new sled. it could be treacherous on the roads. when the snow ends, the temperatures are expected to drop here. it means the roads will freeze
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matt and katie. >> tammy, thank you very much. you have your hands full. >> we have three big storms and they're not close to being wrapped up. we have light snow in the northeast and new england. you can see the system is really starting to fire up. we have winter weather advisories, warnings, and watches for 32 states, 73 million people literally from coast to coast. so we've got the double-barrelled system. it's going to be moving fairly quickly friday to saturday. the heaviest snow begins overnight tonight into the north in the mid atlantic states and the southeast. the snow will mix with sleet and rain. ice is going to be a problem. we're talking about anywhere from a tenth of an inch to some places a quarter of an inch. that will make a big problem for air travel and for road travel. snowfall amounts through saturday night norfolk could see 6 to 12 inches of snow. raleigh 6-to 8. 4 to 8 in charlotte. atlanta could pick up 1
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inches of snow. nantucket almost to a foot. atlantic city 3 to 6. and the lake effect snow will be a big problem, as well. we have the atmosphere river of moisture. heavy rain will continue to fall north of i 80. this is once in five to ten years. south of i-80 once every ten to 20 years. some areas of the foothills could see 20 inches of rain. that's right. so flooding is going to be a big problem going into monday. >> good weekend to stay inside. >> sure is. we'll check in with you a lot this morning, al. thank you. now to "today's" show down at trump tower between the president-elect and top intelligence officials. mr. trump is being briefed on russia's infected hacks during the election. one day after president obama received a report. and this morning we have new information on what it contains. nbc's kristen welker has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: katie, good morning to you.
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after details leaked about that intelligence report making the case that russia tried to interfere in the u.s. elections. that causing the president-elect to lash out at the intelligence community once again. all setting the stage for what could be a day of fireworks here at trump tower. in a few hours president-elect will come face to face with the heads of the fbi, cia, that's a and director of national intelligence. the same officials he spent weeks disparages. they'll have a chance to push back. a day after james clapper took his case to congress. >> you'll be challenged tomorrow by the president-elect. are you okay with being challenged? >> absolutely. >> reporter: a tense backdrop escalading amid new details about what is in the intelligence report. a senior u.s. intelligence official telling nbc news that intercepts picked up senior russian officials celebrating
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according to a source, the u.s. has also identified russian hackers who turned over stolen democratic material to wikileaks. donald trump called himself a fan of the intel community quickly changed his tune and lashed out. so how and why are they sure about hacking? what is going on? this comes with the intelligence community and some members of congress presenting a united front. >> every american should be alarmed by russia's attack on our nation. >> reporter: senator john mccain calling russia's move an act of war. director clapper firing back. >> i think there's a difference between skepticism and disparagement. >> reporter: adding some fuel, former cia director has been advising trump announced he's no longer serving in that capacity. the former cia director is
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insisting his announcement wasn't out of protest but clarify he hasn't advised trump for awhile. >> i didn't want to fly under false colors. i'm not functioning as an advisor anymore. >> reporter: they asked politically appointed ambassadors to leave their post by inauguration day. standard practice but according to the "new york times" they're raising eye brows by not giving a small grace period. among the debate, the current vice president offering strong words to the in coming commander in chief. >> grow up. time to be an adult. you're president. you have to do something. >> reporter: and this morning a possible shift on a major campaign promise after vowing that mexico will pay for a border wall. a top transition official said they're looking into the possibility of having congress pay to jump start construction. the idea is that mexico would eventually pay back the u.s. that's something that trump himself is
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the dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the great wall for sake of speed will be paid back by mexico later! still, the high stakes intelligence briefing is number one here. >> kristen welker, thank you. how is it going to play out inside the meeting at trump tower down the street? we sat down with former cia director leon panetta to get his take. we started with the new reports that russian hacking goes as far back as 2008. >> there's evidence now that russia has been deliberately hacking our country and trying, in particular, to interfere with the election process in this country. that is a serious attack on united states of america. for that reason, it's important we respond. >> secretary
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and the cia, you were part of a lot of briefings at a high level. let me pick your brain. let me use your wisdom. take me inside that room as these high-level intelligence officials brief trump. >> my experience is that it's going to be a very serious presentation of the evidence they have. they'll be professional. they'll try to present the facts they have. i think these are the most professional people i've dealt with in the intelligence community and i think they'll do a good job. >> when you look at the people who are going to be in attendance at trump tower, the director of national intelligence, the cia director, the fbi director, and the head of the national security agency. this is the highest level of intelligence in this country. how much of an eye-opening experience do you think this briefing is going to be for president-elect trump? >> when he sits down with our in
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what they have to say, i think it's going to realize that this is a very important issue that must be dealt with seriously. he's going to find that, you know, it's easy to tweet about reactions to all kinds of issues. but to seriously deal with our national security and the threats to our country, is the business that ought to be done in the confines of the oval office. >> have you ever seen a dynamic like this where an incoming president or a sitting president has expressed such an amount of distrust for the intention -- intelligence community? >> i've been in public service for over 50 years. i've never seen anything like this in my lifetime. the fact that the president-elect is tweeting on this issue and taking it to the
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undermining the credibility of the very intelligence agencies that have to provide information to him in order for him to be president of the united states, this is just unheard of and unprecedented. and i -- you know, i think we have to be concerned about this. this is not the kind of bickering that ought to be going on in public. >> let me talk about the tweeting that you just referenced. in is a tweet from trump in regard to the briefing. he said the intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday. perhaps more time needed to build the case. very strange. you don't have to read much between the lines to understand that he is alleging, in some way, that these intelligence officials are cooking the books and this is some kind of a scam. as a former director of the cia, how do you respond? >> if a president is going to be successful, this is no way
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the president has to work with the intelligence community. the president has to make tough decisions. he cannot make those tough decisions without the very best intelligence that can be provided to him. i'm concerned that it really is damaging the credibility of our intelligence agencies and the morale of those men and women who serve in our intelligence agencies. >> the president has taken some actions against russia in the wake of the evidence he's seen on this hacking expelling 35 dip mats. donald trump has not ruled out reversing those sanctions and those moves. what message would be sent if after being sworn in donald trump reverses the actions taken by president obama in response to the russian hacking? >> well, it would be a terrible message for the president of the united states to reverse those steps. frankly, i think president obama should have acted much earlier during the summer when we had the first information that
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was going on but the president, to his credit, did take action. when we know that these attacks have gone on and the russians are behind it, it's extremely important for the united states of america to take action against that happening. because if we don't, then we are literally saying it's okay to attack our country. it's okay to conduct espionage against our country, and you don't have to pay any price. >> how seriously do you take the threat from russia at this particular stage? is it an act of war? >> one of the debates going on in congress is just -- and in the administration is what kind of cyber attack substitutes an act of war. you know, i can't -- i don't think that's ever truly been defined and i'm not going to say it's an act of war, but it is an attack on our country. it's an attack on our election system. it's an attack on our freedoms. when an
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do that, this nation has to respond and we have to do it in a unified way between the president, our intelligence community, and the congress. >> secretary panetta, i appreciate your time tonight. thank you so much. >> thanks, matt. >> you can tell he takes this personally as someone who used to run the cia. >> it'll be so interesting to see if donald trump changes his tone and approach following this intelligence briefing today. if he'll take things more seriously. >> or if his tweets and comments he's kind of put himself in a box on this. it'll be hard for him to get out of it. >> yeah. interesting to watch. also, new developments in the disturbing story we told you about on thursday. the kidnapping and torture of a teenager in chicago live streamed on facebook. nbc's blake mccoy has the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: katie, good morning to you. the four suspects from that disturbing video will make their first court appearance behind me
7:17 am
ultimately they'll face hate crime charges among others for the cruel and senseless attack. >> they showed their faces on video. today they'll show their faces in court. two black women and two black men charged with kidnapping a white teenager with mental health issues and what authorities are calling a hate crime. the video shows the 18-year-old victim tied up, slashed with a knife, and forced to drink toilet water. the ordeal, according to police, went on for hours. it was posted to facebook live for all to see. the actions of that video are reprehensible. that along with racism have absolutely no place in the city of chicago. >> anybody seeing it is both -- it's sickening and sickened by it. >> reporter: but this morning, the victim's
7:18 am
nbc news she hasn't seen it and won't. >> i don't think i could handle it. i don't want to watch him suffer. i know he did. >> reporter: investigators confirm t victim went to school with one of his alleged asill lants, jordan hill. he met up with hill at a suburban chicago mcdonalds on new year's eve. what started as a sleep over, investigators say, escaladed over several days. officers found the 18-year-old wanring the street on chicago's west side disoriented tuesday afternoon. they located the house they believe he was being tortured in about a block away. the racially charged attack has prompted condemnation from black leaders. >> our community, in fact, is embarrassed by the actions these young men -- their actions are barbaric and we're outraged. >> reporter: as for the victim? his siblings
7:19 am
well as he can be expected. >> we're grateful for the prayers and efforts that lead to the safe return of our brother. >> reporter: in addition to the hate crime charge, the four suspects will face charges of battery of with a deadly weapon, unlawful restraint, and kidnapping. if convicted of the kidnapping charge alone, they could face up to 30 years in prison. >> blake mccoy, thank you. to an embarrassing mistake made by a washington daily newspaper drew heavy criticism. the "washington post" express cover story about the women's march on washington mistaken by featured the male gender symbol. people flooded social media sites to slam the cover. they apologized for the error saying it was very embarrassed. >> i hate when that happens. >> i know. al is back with a check of the weather. >> we'll have more coming up on the nasty winter storms across the country, inclu
7:20 am
can expect for the weekend. first, your local weather in the next 30 seconds. good morning. here is a check of your ten-day forecast. it's going to be a cold one today. the snow is over for now. cloudy skies. a little sunshine from time to time. more clouds come back tonight. snow is likely. a winter storm warning now only for saint mary's county, maryland for tomorrow. saint mary's city could get 3 to of inches of snow. in or around the city probably an inch or
7:21 am
a little milder weather next week. >> that's your latest weather. it happened again. another dramatic ski lift rescue. wait until you see what the hero had to do to save his friend. and with iconic change closing stores across the country. we'll ask the question, is this the death of department stores? first, this is "today" on nbc.
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7:26 is your time now on this friday, january 6, 2017. good morning to you. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it's a storm team 4 weather aday. >> megan mcgrath is in frederick. are you seeing ♪ o-- snow out there megan? >> reporter: the snow is over with. the only issue is we're seeing the untreated roadways. the major roads are in great condition. they have been pretreated. they're just wet. this is the sort of thing that we are seeing out here. this is grove road. obviously wasn't treated. it's a secondary road. we're seeing some slushan
7:27 am
the only challenge you'll see in the frederick area is going to be in your neighborhoods. take it easy. back to you. >> thank you, megan. >> me lis haslissa has a look a road. >> sbi 95 before md-175. eastbound washington boulevard right lane only getting by the crash. beltway, as you saw, looking good. and 270 nice and clear southbound clear. northbound no problems. had an earlier problem that is out of the way. >> thank you. we'll take a quick break. we'll check the forecast next.
7:28 am
good morning. cold and cloudy outside this morning. thicker clouds across parts of southern maryland. right now temperatures mid 20s up in the shenandoah valley. near freezing around town. not much of a rise in temperatures today. a little bit of sunshine before lunchtime. but then clouds thickening u
7:29 am
snow around here tomorrow. could get a couple of inches of snow in southern maryland. probably no more than an inch or two around the city. >> another local news update in 29 minutes.
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♪ you're simply hi, matt. i'm here in las vegas. i wanted to say congratulations to you on your 20th anniversary today. >> hey, matt lauer, congratulations on 20 years. you've done a service to all mankind. when you said goodbye to the hair without any regrets. >> matt, congratulations on 20 years on this show. i hope for the next year they let you lead the building. >> time doesn't stop for nobody, you know, yo being here for 20 years made he realize you're 75. >> even though i'm married, you're kind of like my boyfriend and i want to say happy 20th anniversary. that's awesome. we love
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20th anniversary on the "today" show. it's a double bang for you. [ laughter ] >> that's very kind. >> back at 7:30 on this friday morning with some celebrity tributes to matt on the anniversary -- his 20th anniversary of coanchor "today." how many people can be like "hey matt, it's elton." very cool and subtle. >> a reminder how many great people we get to meet in the course of the job. >> it's exciting. >> this morning a little bit later on it's all about matthew todd lawyer. >> next week will be different. next week we'll mark this show's 65th anniversary. >> wow. >> and all week long our good friend meredith vieira will be back to help. we actually saw her for a quick second yesterday walking down the street. >> i know. it's like old home month.
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>> you didn't bristle when i said matthew todd lawyer. >> i'm used to it. you used to call me a matthew a lot when you were mad at me, which was a lot. >> that's not true. don't say that. i used to call you todd. anyway. a lot to get to starting with "today's" headlines. more than 70 million people are under winter weather advisories from california to massachusetts to the deep south. parts of north carolina could see a foot of snow this weekend. we'll get al's full forecast in just a little bit. the nation's top intelligence leaders are delivering their report in russia's interference in the u.s. election to president-elect donald trump today. it includes intercepts that picked up russian officials celebrating trump's win in the election. it shows the u.s. has identified russian actors who turned over stolen material to wikileaks. and michelle obama delivers her final remarks as first lady this morning. she'll be speaking at a white house event honoring the school counsellor of the year
7:33 am
of her initiative. a remarkable rescue happening at colorado ski resort when a man got tangled in a chair lift and hanging unconscious. luckily his friend saw it all happen. nbc's gadi schwartz has more. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. talk about being the right person in the right place at the right time. mickey wilson is a professional slack liner. kind of like a tight rope walker. when he saw what happened, he quickly put his skills to the ultimate test. a harrowing scene on top of a snowy colorado mountain wednesday. it happened at a ski resort. a man's pack got tang nld a chair lift and wound up hanging by his neck ending up unconscious. a part-time ski instructor was in the chair next to him. >> we're wondering where he is. we hear the first scream. kind of more like a yell. and we turn around and look back at the chair lift behind us and
7:34 am
skis on the ground right with the chair lift goes up. >> reporter: wilson, a professional slack liner, similar to a tight rope walker used his training and fearlessness to spring into action. he climbed up a lift tower and these incredible photos show it best. >> i realized my long history of climbi climbing scaffolding, ropes, cables i realized i could climb the lift tower and shimmy down along the cable that holds up the chair lifts and then climb down on his chair lift and get to him. >> reporter: the 28-year-old said he was able to reach his unconscious friend in less than 5 minutes. sliding nearly 30 feet across the narrow lift cable to get to him. >> at that point, ski patrol, eight ski patrolmen had shown up ready to help. they brought a ladder to get to him. luckily one of the
7:35 am
had a knife and he made the perfect toss -- first try 20 feet up to me sitting in the chair lift. >> the colorado native cutting the man free. a rescue team on the ground immediately starting cpr. wilson, who has competed in slack lining competitions all over the world feels blessed to use his skills for something good. >> something that started out as pure recreation allows me to save a person's life. >> reporter: according to wilson, that man who was caught on the ski lift is out of the hospital this morning and doing okay. guys, back to you. >> gadi, thank you. that's crazy. >> isn't it? what a story. how remarkable he happened to be there. >> i be the grace of god. >> yeah. >> it seems like there's a rash of that happening in terms of people getting hung up on chair lifts this year. >> sop lots of winter storms we're tracking. >> we want to reiterate what we're talking about. there are a lot of storms
7:36 am
as you can see on the radar satellite combo, we've got snow stretching from the southwest all the way into the northeast and it's going to be a busy couple of days. and ice is going to be a big problem over the next 24 hours especially from louisiana all the way into the southeastern atlantic states. sleet, freezing rain, icy patches on road. probably take extra time to deice the planes. look at the snowfall totals by saturday night. norfo norfolk 6 to 12 inches. charlotte 3 to 8. 1 to 4 inches in atlanta. atlanta hartsfield airport already 200 flight cancellation. 6 to 10 inches in nantucket. western new york 12 to 24 inches. 6 to 10 inches of rain in central and northern california. but some places could see up to 20 inches. flooding will be a big problem. that's what's going on around the country.
7:37 am
good friday morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist. temperatures as you're about to walk outside around freezing. many areas in the upper 20s. 32 degrees in the district. as we go through the day today it's going to stay cold in the 30s. but take a look as we go into the weekend. snow chances move in tomorrow. we expect snow through part of the area. clearing through the afternoon. sunday looking nice and dry. temperatures staying cold across your weekend. >> that's your latest weather. of course, we have the playoffs coming. weather will be a factor. the lions coming to seattle. it's an open stadium. you're not playing so you don't have to worry about it. but it's going to be rain and snow. a temperature of 37 degrees. that's going to be on saturday! coming up it's the wild card. saturday night 7:30 on nbc!
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be there! >> wow. >> you know when a dog is watching tv and sees another dog? katie is like what is he doing? >> i was hearing a high pitched noise. that was good. i like it. >> i like it. >> espn online one. >> that's right. the beginning of the end for department stores? big brands announcing massive closings and what it means for the future of shopping. that's right aer hopping. that's right after this. , that'. so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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♪ [ cheers ] i was just engaged at for 20 years. thought, that's a little wrong. but thank you. that's very meanwhile, 7:42. the holiday shopping season was a record setter. how many of your purchases did you actually make in a store? >> well, it turns out 2016 was a big year for online shopping. no surprise there. it was at the expense of some iconic department stores. now some of them are announcing closings and layoffs. nbc's tom costello is at one of them. a macy's in virginia. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, your hometown here. good morning, katie. this is one macy's store out of 100 closing nationwide. the announcement came out last year. and the disappointing holiday sales. macy's of course, not alone. think about your own shopping patterns. how often ten years ago did you go to a department store and now compare that to
7:44 am
the malls certainly seemed packed over the holidays, but how much shopping did you actually do in a department store? >> most of my christmas shopping was done online. it was to my door and i didn't have to mess with any crowds or deal with traffic. >> more online than a department store. it was easy. i didn't have to go nowhere. i stayed in the house and did most of my shopping. >> reporter: it turns out department stores aren't the big draws they once were. >> i found a lot of cute things at macy's. >> reporter: macy's was around long before "i love lucy." it was founded before the civil war. 100 years ago, you could buy a house through sears. now both are struggling against 21st century. the biggest winner. macy's closing 100 stores and laying off up to 10,000.
7:45 am
craftsman tool line. cole's reporting disappointing sales. >> society is buying a little bit less stuff. when it comes to more disposable items like clothing. we're spending more on the homes, buying more cars, and spending more or experiences. things like entertainment and vacations. >> reporter: in florida, pricilla has three kids with one on the way. today her living room is filled with boxes from online shopping. now she's ordering groceries online and she used to work for macy's. >> for me as a mom, it's the best thing ever invented because i can take all my shopping lists and everything at once, go online and in one hour get it done. i don't have to deal with the hustle and the parking. >> reporter: the challenge for department stores how to survive in the digital world. >> you need the physical stores. you need the digital options.
7:46 am
drive sales. >> reporter: it's not just the online retailers doing well. it turns out, americans love a treasure hunt and a bargain. so these discounters are doing well think t.j. max and marshall's and home goods. they're doing pretty well. >> tom costello, thanks. >> i like to go to stores because i like to see and touch what i'm buying. >> the experience. yeah. i'm probably 50/50 now. i used to be all stores. >> what is interesting young people, as we heard, they want experiences. they don't want things. >> yes. stuff. >> i think that's a good trend. carson is in the orange room with some favorite matt moments. i can't wait to see it. first, these messages.
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7:51 am
l has significantly more cholesterol-blocking plant sterols than olive oil, and a clinical study showed it can help lower cholesterol 2x more than extra virgin olive oil. when it comes to heart-health, one thing is clear mazola is a smart choice. america's #1 selling heart-healthy cooking oil. [ cheers and applause ] carson didn't want to carson didn't want to miss our celebration of matt's 20th. he's in the orange room. >> thank you very much. in honor of matthew's 20 years of co-hosting on "today," we're looking at our most memorable matt moments over the years. let's get to the staff picks. katie, we start with you. your selection goes back to 2006. this was winter olympics where matt dressed in spandex. that's a moment. >> that was the beginning of a beautiful
7:52 am
>> i hit every wall. >> al wasn't by himself. >> here is al's pick. you might remember this? >> i do. >> i was a little more -- i don't know sentimental choice. i've only been here a few years. the guys of "today" went fishing. that was fun. our viewers weighing in online. many of them saying they love "where in the world" adventures. when was your favorite spot? >> i think easter island. it was amazing. >> here is our viewer's favorite moments. [ laughter ] >> it comes down to that. halloween as j lo. all kinds of love to matt lauer. a class act, great friend, and once-in-a-generation friend. use #ml 20. back after your local news and weather after this.
7:53 am
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7:56 is your time now on this friday, january 6, 2017. good morning to you. we want to get to melissa and your first 4 traffic for a check on the roads. good morning. >> hi. a reminder here southbound 95 before 175 we're slow but all lanes are open. you can head that way safely. inner loop and outer loop no problems on the beltway. that's quiet. 66 at germantown road eastbound and westbound no worries. >> thank you. a quick break now and check your forecast next. stay with us.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good friday morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist she that parveen. you'll need a thicker jacket today. it's going to stay in the 30s all afternoon. take a look at the weekend forecast. very cold. as we go into tomorrow morning we're talking about the potential for snowfall across the area. less than an inch around the district. more down to the south and east. we'll have more updates later on today. >> she that, thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show after this short break. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, get 150 meg internet,
8:00 am
year. hurry offer ends january 21st. only from fios. ♪ 8:00 on today. coming up winter blast. 73 million americans waking up to nasty storms bringing snow, ice, and freezing rain. so where is it headed and how bad will the weekend get? al has the forecast. ♪ plus, get ready for the golden globes. it's hollywood's biggest party this weekend. we've got a preview of which stars, series, and big-screen hits could bring home the gold. and the big duo. >> this is "today" with katie couric and matt lauer and matt lauer.
8:01 am
anniversary at "today." we'll take a look back at the unforgettable moments and memories. looking up now at the beacon on the top of one world trade center. >> from traveling the world. >> that's what we call spring skiing. >> to right here on our plaza. we're celebrating all morning long with some big surprises in store. "today," friday, january 6th, 2017. >> celebrating matt's 20 year anniversary. ♪ >> we came all the way from maine to celebrate our birthdays and matt's
8:02 am
>> and welcome back to the "today" show on a friday morning! it is the 6th day of january, 2017. nice crowd gathered. by the way, folks, take another long look at the christmas tree. i think that's out of here in the next day or so. >> oh, no. >> thanks to the people who gathered here on a chilly friday morning. what are you looking at? >> we're just gathering around you. >> can we also say that what a fun week we've had with katie couric this week. we have. >> thank you, matt lauer. >> it's nice to have you here. it really is. >> it's a lot of fun, you know. it's kind of like riding a bike by day five. you got used to it? >> i like the hat. >> you like my hat? >> i like your hat. >> coming up we'll take a look back at two decades of mr. lawyer's moments at
8:03 am
and around the world. first, a check of the headlines on this friday morning. here is your "news at 8:00." we begin with nasty storms impacting more than 70 million people. i'm tammy leitner in raleigh, north carolina. a storm prep is underway. the weather hasn't hit yet but they're expecting more than a foot of snow in some areas. this morning southern discomfort. the winter weather stretching from the plains all the way to new england. snow, freezing rain, and sleet creating dangerous travel conditions. just in time for the weekend. overnight crews using 100,000 gallons of brine to pretreat interstates across atlanta, which is expected to see a winter's worth of snow in one day. officials not taking any chances after only 3 inches of snow
8:04 am
>> we're never going to be caught again in a situation like 2014 where we have individuals stuck on the road for two, eight, 10, even 24 hours. >> reporter: under the gun raleigh, north carolina. officials are warning residents to stay inside. >> milk and bread and hamburger meat, chicken breasts. i'm ready. i can survive. >> reporter: this powerful winter wallop leaving its mark. from damaging wind and rain on the west coast, to 5 feet of snow in some areas of the sierras and rocky mountains. these skiers made the most of the fresh powder, it was a downhill situation for others left to dig out. the aftermath creating a winter worry land. as the southeast prepares to take a direct hit from the arctic blast. when the snow ends here, the temperatures are expected to drop dramatically, which, matt,
8:05 am
as you know can make for dangerous driving conditions. >> all right, tammy, thank you very much. we appreciate it. now to a high-stakes show down today at trump tower. top intelligence officials briefed the president-elect on their full report on russian meddling in the u.s. election. the heads of the cia, fbi nsa are giving the briefing to donald trump who questioned u.s. intelligence prior to the meeting. according to a source, the u.s. also identified russian actors who turned over stolen democratic material to wikileaks. now, also, this morning donald trump taking aim at the celebrity apprentice. tweeting "wow. the ratings are in and around schwarzenegger got swamped or destroyed by comparison to the rating machine djt." he criticized schwarzenegger for supporting other candidates during the election. >> isn't he the executive producer of the show?
8:06 am
anyway, now to the battle over obamacare. house speaker paul ryan said he expects to have legislation to repeal and replace the affordable care act this year. on thursday he also said the gop will also try to cut off taxpayer money frplanned parenthood. planned parenthood said the clinics are only source of health care for many people in this country. big morning for this guy. you have a lot of weather. >> that's right. a quick look at the national map and we have lake effect snow. another foot in some areas. an icy mix through the southeast that becomes snow a foot from norfolk to 2 to 5 inches in atlanta. sunshine along the west coast and looking for icy and wet weather making the way down to the southern gulf. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good friday morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it's on the cold side, for sure. 20s to around 30 in most
8:07 am
32 in washington and fredericksburg. 21 in winchester. a cold day today. temperatures won't move a lot. a little bit of sunshine this morning. more clouds coming back later on this afternoon and another winter storm possibility tomorrow. most of the snow chances tomorrow will be south and east of the city. saint mary's county could get 3 to 6 inches tomorrow. windy and cold on sunday, too. but dry. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. fasten your seat belt. a lawyer palooza. down memory lane as we celebrate matt's 20th year at "today." right after this. hey, l'eggo my eggo. uh uh. not c-c-c - cause i have the and i - i. that's a lot. raisins. really? what just happened here? you know the rules. i make the rules. know the rules. keep your eggo.
8:08 am
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8:11 am
soon to be everywhere. ♪ you're simply the best ♪ you are simply the best you are simply the best, matt lauer. to honor you, we would like to channel fred flintstone with -- ♪ happy anniversary happy anniversary happy anniversary ♪ >> we're happy to be i celebrating you, matt. al and i were lucky to be here when it started in 1997. >> there you go. >> matt helped me figure it out this morning. after ten presidential interviews, nine olympics, and trips to more than 60 countries -- can you believe that? wow. it's time to look back at some of matt's most memorable moments right here on "today." ♪
8:12 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with katie couric and matt lauer and matt lauer. [ laughter ] >> that's your version. >> that's the one i play at home. ♪ >> it was extremely natural when matt stepped into the chair. and he just crushed it right away. >> nice to see you all. >> nice to see you, too. >> katie couric, how are you? >> glad to meet you. >> he had me at good morning. >> what is your name, matt? >> i didn't realize it was april fool's day. i've got my eyes on you. >> do you like your breakfast smoothy. he's like a high energy drink. >> are you allowed to high five? >> i watched everything that
8:13 am
to me, matt set the bar. >> looking up now at the beacon on the top of one world trade center. >> it's not about him. he wants his team to look good. >> matt is someone people gravitate to and his warmth is contagious. >> it's amazing thing to put my head on your body. ♪ ♪ it'll take about an hour i'll tell y'all a story about me and matt lauer ♪ >> i've got to interrupt you right now. we want to go live right now and show you a picture of the world trade center. >> matt's pulse rate rarely changes. i think he's very calm in a storm. >> so many in this people, obviously, in a state of shock over what happened in several locations. >> on 9/11 we had to lean on each other like we never had before. >> in queens where flight 587
8:14 am
crashed about 22 hours ago. >> the deadline for saddam hussein to leave iraq fast approaching. iraq striking back. west virginia 12 miners perished. why did it take so long for officials in virginia tech to send out those e-mails warning students that something was terribly wrong? live from galveston island, texas. hurricane ike roaring through here over the weekend. >> have you ever seen anything like that before? we're coming to you from newtown, connecticut. at the corn of boboylston stree >> the day after a devastating tornado in moore, oklahoma. here in philadelphia where the search for victims is going on today. here in bernardino. the city is clearly reeling. the horror. that's what people are feeling. the pulse night club where the worst mass shooting in u.s. history
8:15 am
>> he was the one who interviewed hillary clinton when she said -- >> the vast right wing conspiracy that has been c conspireing since my husband. >> matt has gotten to interview almost anybody who is anybody in the world of politics. >> you admitted there were the cia secret facilities? >> so what. why is that not within the law? >> the head of amnesty international said secret sites are against international law. >> we disagree with them. my job is to protect you. my job is to protect this country, matt. >> would you admit to the fact that you were perhaps the driving force to go to war with iraq? >> i think, yeah, the president made the decision. >> this is a time to spend more time in the gulf and never thought i would say this to a president, but kick some butt. >> we talked to those folks because they potentially have the best answers. so i know who to
8:16 am
>> bamboozled, out maneuvered, out negotiated were you fleeced? >> george bush doesn't care about black people. >> it's not true. it's one of the most disgusting moments of my presidency. >> just slam the door on him. close the door. unambiguous. you will not run for president? >> i'm not running for president. >> some of the things you said about women and mexicans and muslims. you can't unsay those things. >> he sometimes puts things so bluntly or plainly that it's like a knife. >> you're getting testy with me. >> i think it's a dramatic statement. these broaders? i've never seen people enjoying their husband's death so much. >> matt is not a guy whose -- >> aren't there examples where it works? >> matt, matt, matt. you're glib. you don't evenw
8:17 am
>> i'm describing it, tom and i'm not asking -- >> i know some people who seemed to have been helped by it. >> the questions, he doesn't allow you any wiggle room when he's doing interviews. >> i'll ask it bluntly. are you a racist? >> no. >> by saying i'll not go back there some people will look at the decision and say it's a sign of guilt? >> i look at it as an admission of innocence. >> i'll hand it to you. >> yeah. >> i'm here to admit i'm, in fact, hiv positive. >> and the thing that comes through with matt is his humanity. >> and your dad was one of the heros who went to the world trade center that day, wasn't he? >> yeah. [ crying ] >> it's a lot for a 10-year-old to have to handle. >> do you have the energy to rebuild? >> i can imagine.
8:18 am
>> i love you! i know you love me! >> we had two of the biggest noses in television. >> 55. >> 55. >> there are certain guests that matt really loves. >> can i get some flowers for the heck of it? >> oh, wait. look what i've done. spilled water. >> oh, matt lauer! >> i'm sorry. >> he's interviewed some of his idols. >> how are you, champ? >> how will you guys know when it's time not to do this anymore? >> when it dries up. ♪ >> i'll never forget the day that he shaved his head. >> and i'm matt lauer. welcome back.
8:19 am
[ laughter ] i think it looks fantastic. >> he went from kind of having this do to taking it all off. >> watch it grow. >> watch it grow! >> it wasn't supposed to be trendy. my hair was falling out. >> it's been a long time since i've had the power of the poof. [ laughter ] >> there's a whole thing on the show it's like matt, his germs, and his pureell. >> thank you. >> matt damon, good morning. >> i have purelled a cheek for you. >> i just touched street gum with my hand. >> get some purelle. >> every year around halloween he often enjoys donning women's garb. [ cheers and applause ] >> and i was like, mother
8:20 am
>> i can't get over you. >>well, i can't get over me either. >> just a little too much leg. >> which woman is the big question every year. >> he likes it a little too much. >> why can't you stop wearing brown shoes? they're like comfort boots. >> we've been the target of several pranks by a young lady named ellen degeneres. >> can i hold your hand for a second? [ laughter ] >> we are officially ending our prank war. >> i'm sure his passport has a lot more stamps than mine. >> from the deck of the uss theodore roosevelt. >> from havana, cuba. >>
8:21 am
. the blue hole off the coast of central america. >> he brings every man's curiosity. >> south korea. correct. >> and what is dirt is north korea. >> correct. >> welcome back to buckingham palace. we're at the royal wedding. ♪ where in the world is matt lauer ♪ >> kind of a catchy tune, isn't it? every day he would be in a different corner of the world live. >> we're looking a the great pyramids of egypt. scott land. the tulips in the netherlands. in the beautiful seychelles island. in cambodia. in austria. in the southern hemisphere, that's what we call spring skiing. this
8:22 am
>> that was the highlight every year. especially because i got to get rid of him for awhile. [ cheers and applause ] >> lawyer and roker. >> the first time we did the luge. the look on his face when he found out i was on top. >> al is going on top. woo hoo! >> he's always thinking about how he can give back. >> you have the power to make a differce the money is tig wl directly to hurricane relief. >> matt is a very giving guy. he always has
8:23 am
>> you raised $150,000. >> for the kids that come through the doors saint jude children research hospital is a place of hope. >> why don't we write a note and i'll thank people for helping this cause. >> every time you buy a product, the money will go toward citizenships at the detroit edison public school academy. >> what a great pleasure to see you all! >> congratulations! 65 years at "today." wow! oh, it's 20? oh. congratulations, matt. >> 20 years? really? just kidding, pal. congratulations. i'm so proud of you. love you. >> happy 20th anniversary. two days in a row wear the same suit and tie. >> congratulations on 20 years here at the program. it has been an honor serving them with you. >> i'm so proud
8:24 am
and so happy for you. what can i say? i love you. muah! [ applause ] >> such a great job. >> she's fantastic. what a great job we have. you realize all the things we get to do and it has flown by. >> yeah. -- >> this week. >> i kept thinking how lucky you are and how lucky we are to have watched you all these years. >> thank you. that's really sweet. >> can i say one other thing? jackie is my personal assistant. been here since day one. jackie, happy 20th anniversary to you, too. >> so nice. what a nice thing. also, just so you know. i found these tv guides. i wanted to bring
8:25 am
i sleep with them every night. i say hello and good night, matt. [ laughter ] anyway, congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. >> it's not over yet. we have some big surprises for you. i feel like matt lauer, this is your life. i feel like ralph edwards, for those old enough to remember. also, a different kind of celebration. we have your complete guide to sunday's golden globe awards. first, your local news and weather. weather. ♪ thanks, guys.
8:26 am
good morning. it's 8:26 on this friday, january 6th. i'm aaron gilchrist. now a check on the morning commute. >> good morning. i'm seeing some good stuff now. overall, aaron, things are looking good here on the beltway. no big problems now. volume nice and light, as well, this morning. inbound clara barton parkway we have a crash on the right shoulder. other than that, not too much to report now. could change quite a bit, of course, in a couple of minutes. 66 and 95 rolling along nicely, as well. >> melissa. thank you. a check on your forecast when we come back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. temperatures to around 30 degrees now. it's going to be a mostly cloudy and cold day. high today around 36. another chance. we could get some snow in the metro area tomorrow. but heavier snow in southern maryland. saint mary's county could get
8:29 am
to 6 inches tomorrow as could ocean city and the beaches. the whole weekend will be cold and sunday will also be windy. you can get the latest news and weather in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ >> i'm matt. i want to say congratulations on 20 years at the "today" show. unbelievable. >> matthew, congratulations on 20 fabulous years at the "today" show! i watch you every single day on dvr. hey, i'm a star. i never get up before noon. >> congratulations on your 20 years, matt. >> happy 20th! good luck. ♪ >> i toast you, except i don't have a glass. 20 years to matt lauer and hopefully 20 more. love you,
8:31 am
>> 20 years. >> that's our buddy howard. >> i'm sorry. i'm so busy watching the show. >> sorry. >> that should help you out here. >> it's 8:30 on a friday morning. we have a few more surprises in store for you. you ready? >> i'll follow you. >> i'm in charge? >> yeah. [ laughter ] i like it! >> yeah, i know. >> let's see. [ cheers and applause ] this is your cast, your crew -- [ chanting "lawyer" ] >> and everybody who has worked with you and loved you and wanted to express their
8:32 am
appreciation. [ cheers and applause ] >> isn't this nice? and that's not all! look, a few more. oh, my goodness! it's so good to see you guys! how are you? where are the babies? did you bring the babies? >> no. this is your moment. we didn't want to miss it. >> it's the first time we've seen each other since the first day you had your
8:33 am
we said we can button our coats. >> you look great! >> i can't believe you came in for this. >> love you two. >> you know. i've looked up to you all my life. because you're so old. [ laughter ] i want to say we adore you. i want to show you the control room now because it's full of matt fans. and, also, the studio. one of the things that is so wonderful about you, from the second i walked in here, one of the things i noticed matt not only know's everybody's first name and last name. he knows the name of your dog, how their mother is doing in bo. >> nobody does a day on the show, much less 20 years on this show without those people right there. because they are the absolute backbone of the show. they are the absolute part of this show. >> that's true. it takes a village. people don't understand behind the scenes how people are getting up in the wee hours of
8:34 am
cases, right. and putting this together. >> and there's one other thing. i know -- >> you're shaking. why are you shaking? >> i love you so much. >> this is the gift that means the most to you. know #ml20 is trending on twitter. >> you know me. twitter. [ laughter ] congratulations. >> thank you, guys, for coming in. dylan! so great to see you. >> i left the baby home alone. that's okay. >> that's great. >> mr. lawyeuer? >> you remember in 1997 there were three super fans who had a cheer for you. take a look at the monitor. there's a special cheer. ♪ don't you know that we love you ♪ ♪ oh what a difference "today"
8:35 am
>> all right! >> all grown up! 20 years later and we've got shannon and sandra and ruth. and you guys -- you called in and said you wanted to come back here and celebrate matt's 20th. >> where do you live? >> kwad. >> we're still in jersey. >> wow. thank you so much. you look terrific! >> you just had a baby? >> i did. >> congratulations. >> i feel really old. thank you for watching over all these years. we appreciate that. ♪ al and matt and katie too don't you knowth
8:36 am
when the morning breaks oh what a difference "today" makes ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you for coming back. >> as a former cheerleader! >> here's what's going on around the country! well, temperatures at or below freezing this morning. it's a cold start to the day by the afternoon, though, it will stay cold. high temperature around 36 degrees. mostly cloudy. as we go through the weekend, at least starting the weekend, we have some snow in the forecast. so for tomorrow snow will be here at least for part of the area in the morning. we'll be tracking that closely. less than an inch in the d.c. area. but drying for the rest of the weekend especially sunday. temperatures staying on the cold side. >> you know what is it's amazing how well
8:37 am
you look. so well rested. >> i know. it was the only job you go on maternity leave and you're up all night and you're more awake. >> that's true. >> right after i gave birth -- that helped. >>well, played. >> you prompts to bring the babies in soon? >> yes. >> definitely. >> when you're not celebrating 20 years. coming up, we'll get you ready for hollywood's biggest party of the year. sunday night's golden globes. first, this is "today" on nbc. e
8:38 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. hurry offer ends january 21st. only from fios.
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♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'. "today" at "today" at the golden globes is brought to you by the new volkswagen. soon-to-be everywhere. agen golf to be everywhere. >> and we're back at 8:39. >> seriously. throwing the guns
8:40 am
>> it's the larry the cable guy in me. happy 20th, boss. >> thank you. >> anyway, we're back with your guide to sunday night's golden globe awards. this is exhausting. >> he makes me laugh. >> i know. >> that's what i'm here for. 20 more years. >> jimmy fallon is hosting this year's party for the biggest names in hollywood. joe friar outside of the beverly hilton, where setup is under way. joe, good morning. >> reporter: matt and katie, good morning. final preps are under way. they rolled out the red target and covered it up to protect it. they're counting on the possibility of rain. with celebrities of leonardo dicaprio and nicole kidman in attendance, the forecast is for 100% chance of star power. ♪ the golden globes. >> well, this is different. >> reporter: hollywood's mos
8:41 am
>> cookies for everyone tonight. >> what an incredible honor. >> one of the greatest moments of my life. >> reporter: a ballroom bash packed with a-list guests. >> i'm j. law. >> and i'm a.schu. >> reporter: and this year, a new host, jimmy fallon, who tells matt, he reached out to other comedians for advice. >> every comedian, everyone that has hosted the thing. they've gotten so many questions from me. is this funny? is this good? they're going, i like that. ♪ city of stars are you shining just for me ♪ >> reporter: the song and dance movie "la la land" is favored on the comedy/musical side. >> things are up in the air. >> reporter: "manchester by the sea" and "moonlight" are vying for the top drama
8:42 am
>> reporter: in the acting categories, "jackie's" natalie portman, at arrival's amy adams. and denzel washington are seeking their third golden globe wins. ♪ >> stop that. >> reporter: 30-time nominee, meryl streep, is a contender for her on-point, off-key performance. and she's getting the cecil b. demille award, recognition for her career. from big-screen veterans to small-screen rookies. the globes love first-year tv shows. >> i want to be the man who made you happy. >> reporter: nbc's "this is us" and netflix's "the crown" are among the crop going for gold. >> we, the jury, in the above entitled action -- >> reporter: and could be another successful award show
8:43 am
o.j. simpson" looking for a favorable verdict, on a night that might be hollywood's guiltiest pleasure. back to jimmy fallon. he's not revealing many secrets about sunday's monologue. but the show's producers tell us, you can expect a more musical show. and that fallon is planning something really different with an opening number unlike anything you've seen at the globes before. back to you guys. >> all right, joe. >> exciting. that's quite a tease, yeah. >> by the way, you can catch the golden globes sunday night here on nbc. it starts with that red carpet arrival. 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific, hosted by al, natalie and jenna. and the next morning, we'll have the highlights, the . and up next from a personal drone photographer to a tv you can hang with magnets. the new gadgets on display at the consumer troj -- electronics show. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
[ cheers and applause ] 8:45. welcome back. the highly anticipated consumer electronics show is underway in las vegas. >> nbc's jo ling kent is there with the new gadgets and gear we'll be talking about soon. good morning. >> reporter: katie, matt, good morning to you. thousands of people heading to las vegas for the biggest tech show on earth. the theme here is about making your life better. we're talking about smarter, faster, driverless cars, skinnier tvs, and a refrigerator that can give you a hand in the kitchen. this is definitely in when it comes to the hottest new gadget in las vegas. lg rolling out what is being called a wall paper tv for your living room. it's slimmer than an iphone weighing only 17 pounds. it can be hung on the wall with magnets and screws. the new tv will set you back $8,000. for your kitchen, samsung
8:47 am
unveils a refrigerator you can talk to. >> add grapes to the shopping list. >> okay. adding grapes to the shopping list. it orders groceries, runs your family calendar, and plays music on demand. are you worried the fridge is listening to you? >> absolutely not. it's helping people interact with their kitchen more easily. >> reporter: cars driving your way, too. bmw is transporting drivers to a new dimension. it's a holographic button. creating a control panel that traditional dash board in a sleek new self-driving concept car. >> reporter: when i can see it on the market? >> a couple of years. >> reporter: hundred d day help people walk again. it f
8:48 am
feet and make it easier for the elderly to get around. new and improved personal robots cater to your every whim. pepper takes drink orders and reads your facial expressions and moods. smaller robots like the starship can map out cities, make deliveries to your home on demand, pick up groceries, or packages from the post office. >> it could reduce traffic congestion and pollution. >> reporter: of course, the selfie is still king. the new droves like the hover are designed to recognize your face and follow you for the kodak moments. the drone records selfie videos for a cool $400. capturing your every move from the perfect angle. already we showed you
8:49 am
exsew skeleton. it's helping people like delivery workers lift heavy things on a repeated basis. we'll try it out. it helps me lift this very heavy box and it gives me a hand in lifting it up. making it lighter. the idea here, of course, reduce injury and increase efficiency and keep us humans employed in the age of robots. >> jo, thank you. >> cool stuff. >> that thing she showed. we've been using something like that for a long time. this is john. steady cam operator and he's it on for how many years? >> yeah. the problem it doesn't help him lift. >> that's cool. consumer electronics show. >> y.
8:50 am
celebration of matt's to20th anniversary. first, this is "today" on nbc. anniversary as co-anchor of today. first this, is "today" on nb c.
8:51 am
hi, matt >> hi, matt. i'm here on the set of the ellen degeneres show in burbank, california.
8:52 am
i want to congratulate you on your 20 years on the "today" show. it's a wonderful thing. this morning i saw the promo they did for you. it's great. i think they missed a few of your best moments. i made my own. enjoy! ♪ ♪ i can't say goodbye to you no matter how i try ♪ ♪ >> matt. you are fantastic. i can honestly say that you're the only man i've woken up with the last 20 years. congratulations. >> [ laughter ] >> that is so funny. >> that ellen! >> she should have a show. >>ea
8:53 am
>> how are you feeling? >> it's great. we have champagne for everybody. i want to hand this out. >> here. thank you. >> here you go, carson. >> everyone have one? >> yes. >> okay. before we toast, enough of 20 years. >> no, no, no! >> wait, before you do, though, i got a little thank you present, for you. i got you a black tie choker. you've been so good to me over the last, well, many years but you held my hand over the last five days. so everyone needs a black-tie choker, matt. >> thank you very much. >> you enjoy that. >> is that diamondelle? >> yeah. >> let us do the mary tyler moore shuffle. let's go this way. >> as we do this, can we get rid of the fire, first? >> we go from 20 to 60. >> oh, man. >> tomorrow we celebrate
8:54 am
60th birthday. >> happy birthday! [ applause ] >> thank you. i'm going to cry because i'm so depressed. [ laughter ] >> happy birthday, katie. >> it's not over yet. there's only one more surprise. so take a look at the monitors. this is the staff and crew that absolutely adores you. >> in formation. >> beautiful. >> up early. standing out there waving. once-in-a-generation talent. to you, my friend. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> by the way, next week it's all about us again. 65th anniversary of the "today" show. the reason we're all lucky enough to be here this morning. >> yeah. >> and, by the way, we work with the best people and for
8:55 am
>> that's right. >> yeah. thank you all so much for watching the "today" show over the years and hanging in there with this one. [ laughter ] >> and we have meredith. >> yeah. >> meredith is coming back. let's get it right. >> you started on the five years. 1991 to 2006. >> right. >> so 15 years. >> did it go by for you? >> you know, i keep thinking as i said to savannah. the days are short. the days are long but the years are short. >> yeah. it flew by. flew by >> it's amazing. i think the 20-year record is going to stand. we all love the show deep in our hearts. and, you know, no one has carried it better than you, matt. we love you. >> congratulations. >> everybody, thank
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] 8:56 is your time now on this friday, january 6th, 2017. good morning to you. right now we want to check on your morning commute with melissa. good morning. >> hi. new problem outer loop before bw parkway blocking the right lane. a little bit of a slow down there. northbound 295 before mall comet x a broken down v
8:57 am
right side. mostly rubber necking. 66 and 95 looking good. and 270 no problems southbound or northbound. >> thank you. we'll take a quick break and check your forecast when we come back.
8:58 am
♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'. and keep on all day. we have your fingerprints soon the safe., a photo of you opening the safe. a post using the hashtag "#justrobbedthesafe" so, what are we supposed to think? switching to geico could save you a bunch of money on car insurance. excellent point. case dismissed. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance woo! because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
8:59 am
good friday morning. cloudy outside now but the good news is, we are dry. 32 degrees in the district, but by 10:00 a.m. we'll still be around freezing. by 1:00 p.m. keep the heavy coat around. clouds will stick around through the majority of the day today. we have snow approaching for tomorrow morning. then we go through the rest of the weekend. we'll stay dry. temperatures will be very cool, too. >> thank you. you can get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. have a great day!
9:00 am
♪ this morning on >> this morning on "today's take" harry conic jr. our "today" co-host. it's friday, january 6th, 2017. i'm al along with sheinelle and harry conic jr. >> i love being with y'all.
9:01 am
it's laid back. >> yes. >> it's just, you know, there's things you know you have to talk about, but it's -- you never know how you're going to talk about it. that's what i like. >> yeah. >> especially with you. >> yeah. it drives our producers crazy. >> pretty authentic. >> that's another way to put it. >> we love friday. this week got a fantastic brees by friday. free amazon echoes and fire tablets. if you're at the plaza, you got a chance to win at home, as well. it's my alexa. >> i've never seen her in action. i came in this morning and i went somebody stole my echo. >> you keep her here? >> i keep one here. >> let go of my echo. >> that's right. you can ask it questions. for example, "alexa, play a har harry c harry conic, jr." >> i thought she was about to saut
9:02 am
>> i do have one. i fight with her all the time. with my new orleans accent she's like i don't understand. >> listen harder! >> alexa, please tell us a joke. >> what do you call a potato wearing glasses? >> i don't know. >> and she goes back to t . >> alexa. who is al roker? >> albert lee roker is a weather forecaster, actor, book author. >> our producer? actor. >> i'm acting like i like you. my producer. >> can we do a fun one? >> alexa, can you beat box? >> you have to say alexa. >> alexa, can you beat box? >> boots and cats, boots and cats, you know, i don't think i'm cut out for beat boxing. >> i thought she was gg
9:03 am
go -- [ beat boxing ] >> she can do so much that sometimes you find yourself drawing a blank. you end up asking her the weather. >> yeah. >> she can order. it's amazing. >> it's kind of cool. we're going to be giving away some of these. >> cool. the amazon tablet. >> watch this morning. you can take one of these home. >> alexa, stop. >> al! >> wow. >> you told alexa to tell me to shut up. >> it's a nice way to do it. >> yeah. >> alexa, tell al to shut up. >> oh, look at that. i think she flipped you off. >> she's like i'm not messing with him. >> alexa, who is matt lauer? >>
9:04 am
>> wow. >> alexa, i'm really sorry. >> i think alexa is -- >> i think alexa had it with us. speaking of matt lauer -- there's a lady infuriated out there. >> today is a special today at the "today" show. all morning long we've been celebrating matt's 20th anniversary with the program. we had some surprise guests. savannah came out. >> yeah. >> and dylan. all of our staff lined up. it was so, so cool. >> impressive to season. >> matt mentioned, the way he's able to do 20 years is that staff, our producers, our camera crew, our technical staff. >> they're great. >> it's nice to be nice. the days are busy, we're waking up at the
9:05 am
to push a pause and say thank you because he's fantastic. it's worth it. >> yeah. and so many great moments. personally, for me, i got paired up with matt for halloween so many times, you know. we had the physical opposites. this one was the moment. >> i feel like that was a classic. >> what we realized it was the beginning of matt enjoying it a little too much. >> you were diddy and he was j-lo. >> yeah. when they were together. and when we did the luge at the olympics. >> was it terrifying? >> it was frightening. we weren't going anywhere near as fast but we hit every embankment on the way down. the best part matt figured he would be -- he would be on top because he's lighter. in fact, he ended up being on the bottom and i was on top. >> how long have you known matt? >> i've known matt. i started working with matt in 1990 at
9:06 am
he did "today in new york." and the "live at 5:00." there are a lot of people here -- that's the beautiful part about the "today" show. you have people at all intersections of their career. i've watched matt for awhile. since coming here i remember it was almost an out of body experience. one thing i admire about matt lauer, his interviews, second to none. when he sits across from somebody. you have all sorts of celebrities and he makes them feel comfortable. he's fantastic. he's engaged. prepared. i thought sheinelle, i wanted to tell him i admire him. i was like, matt, your interviews are like -- and he's like i don't know if that's a compliment. i was trying to say it in my head. sheinelle, you moron. for me, it's like an awesome -- he's awesome. he takes you up and when you're on the flight he's asking questions, you're engaged. it's fantastic. it's out of body.
9:07 am
>> yeah. >> smooth. >> yeah. that's what i meant. to this day i see him and i'm like sorry! i didn't mean this. >> yeah. i was a little -- misdirected. >> yeah. >> when somebody comes up to you and they said, al, that interview. you know what i mean. >> yeah. i was thinking as you were talking, you feel like you're being cared for in the interview. that's because i'm not talking to you, alexa! >> what were you saying here? >> this is what happens at my house. who are you screaming at? alexa. we're fighting. we constantly fight. alexa and i go to therapy. >> i was going to say. >> she has to sit on the couch. >> i'm not sure how to help you with that. >> exactly.
9:08 am
every day we fight. we sit there and go to therapy. >> can we go to commercial? >> what you were going to say about matt. >> deep breath. take a moment. >> okay. i'm all right. >> you were talking about matt. >> you know what you are alexa? >> no. no, no. could you come over here? >> you were telling me about interviewed something with the christmas or the holiday? >> when i sit in the chair -- the whole job of the journalist, right, to make you feel special and, like, you know, you're an important person in that moment. you always are like you're the only person in the world when matt talks to you. you are extremely good at that, too. >> it's true. >> i've been interviewed by you, and it's a gift. you're terrific at it, too. >> it's true. he makes you feel like you're the only person in the room. when you're watching, you feel like you're peeping in on the conversation between the two of you. >> yeah. >> what was the one you remember? >> i've done it for 20 years with him. i've been here so many times. i like to screw around before you go on the a
9:09 am
when they go "three, two" i'm in his grill messing with him. i like watching him pull it back knowing i'm going to mess with him. >> what song to sing for christmas. >> "drop it like it's hot." i think that's what i need to do. >> in time for the holidays. >> yeah. a segue between that -- >> i requested "silver bells." >> fantastic. >> i forgot about that one. >> people don't know is that harry conic jr., besides being a consummate musician and a very nice guy has a sick, twisted sense of humor, which i love. >> look who's talking. >> i was about to say. >> if america knew al roker the way i knew al roker, oh, my gosh. >> we would be off the air. >> it's friday. we're feeling good. you're feeling good about alexa. >> can we not bring her up? >> what are you feeling good about? >>
9:10 am
time, co-host with natalie and jenna the red carpet arrival show for the golden globes and i'm talking my daughter, lila, as a production assistant. i was feeling good until i saw the dress she was going wear. i'm sure you having three daughters -- >> oh, dad. >> it's a moment when your 18-year-old comes out and you're going that's really nice. i hate that dress. i haven't seen that much of you since i diapered you. >> it's not my daughter who is the oldest. lila is any 18-year-old. >> you got to let her grow up. >> it's funny when you say that. on friday night we have a dance party in my house. my 4-year-old. we're working on getting out of pull ups. >> every friday. that's my house. >> i have two 4-year-olds and a 77-year-old. there's my little girl. she dances. every friday we crank it up. >> i love that! >> we have a good time. >> i'm
9:11 am
ups, too. >> you got out of that pair fine. >> harry. >> just about what makes me happy? >> feel good friday. >> you know what i like the most about anything. i love being with people. when i do my show and get to go into the audience and shake their hands and look at them and talk to them, i feel so honored to be able to entertain people every day. i just love that feeling. >> yeah. >> and you also feel good about women's shoes. >> oh, no, please. >> i don't feel good about them. i don't feel good in them. >> i was nervous. >> do you have the wings down? >> i was rocking it. >> was this her walk? >> she was teaching me how to do it. i still have bruises. >> wow. >> that is the best. >> that's powerful. >> i love you harry. you're game for whatever. >> i'do
9:12 am
sitting there. >> what do the pope and mark zuckerberg have in common? we'll show you when we come back. ♪ i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. i want to trim my a1c. when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers. (woman) ♪ tresiba ready... (avo) tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your doctor about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions. taking tzds with insulins, like tresiba®, may cause serious side effects like heart failure. your insulin dose shouldn't be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion.
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9:15 am
she's program to do that? >> yeah. once you did that, she thought, okay, fine. >> i think that's a good thing. shut up is not a nice thing to say. >> who knew. i didn't. i want one. you sold it. >> they're cool. >> i have one. i love it. >> all right. the kids are always stealing it. >> speaking of all things technology, have you heard when it comes to computer safety, apparently mark zuckerberg and the pope are on the same page. >> wow. okay. there's the pope using his ipad. we understand that the pope covers -- puts a sticker over the camera of his phone or ipad. guess what. zuckerberg posting a photo to, of course, facebook and in the background you can see he actually had a piece of tape over the camera of his computer. if the pope and zuckerberg agree on this, i suppose we should do this. >> go ahead. >> i mean, part of the reason you have the phone with the camera is to take
9:16 am
>> what's that? >> i feel like with the technology that is out there today it's very possible for people to spy on you. >> right. >> i'm not paranoid about it, but i went online and i found these little sliders that have adhesive tape and you slide it when you want to use the camera. and you slide it back. i have it on my phone, my ipad, my computer. just because, you know, you don't know what people are doing. >> that's not a bad idea. >> it's not tape you have to tape. >> i wish we had alexa here. we could order it. >> she'll never speak to me again. >> right. >> okay. so, yeah, we have the golden globes on sunday. our producers who love games have come up with a game of golden emojis. okay. and we're supposed to figure out the best picture drama nominees written out in emoji form. for example, let's take a look. this is the emoji for
9:17 am
land." >> okay. "moonlight." >> next one. >> treasure wave. >> i love man trunk woman wave. "manchester by the sea." >> wow. >> "lion." >> lion. >> next one. "sea saw mountain." >> yeah. >> okay. >> what's the answer? >> "hacksaw ridge." >> that's a nice way to explain -- >> the golden globes sunday night at 8:00 p.m. an hour before, catch natalie, yours truly, and jenna bush hager. we'll be doing -- >> that was scary. >> and jimmy fallon hosting. that was fantastic. gr
9:18 am
>> al, take it away, please. let's show you the weather. we have got 73 million people under some sort of winter weather advisory across 32 states coast to coast. we're going to be looking at snow developing. so look down there in the miss atlantic stays. norfolk 6 to 12 all the way to atlantic 1 to 4 inches of snow. we're looking at about 6 to 10 inches in nantucket, and 3 to 5 inches in manchester by the sea. and new york 12 to 24 inches. out west luckily no rain for the golden globes. we're looking at wet weather for much of california and the pacific northwest. rainfall amounts we're talking about anywhere from 7 to 10 inches of rain, as much as 20 inches, they're saying these could be anywhere from 1 and 5 to 25-year chance of having a storm like this. >> wow. >> out west. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.
9:19 am
but we're getting breaks of sunshine early this morning. clouds will thicken up later today. staying mostly cloudy, cold today. temperatures mid 30s. for tomorrow snow is likely just about everywhere from washington southbound. but accumulating snow is most likely in saint mary's county, maryland. they're under a winter storm warning tomorrow for potentially 3 to 6 inches of snow. maybe an inch or two around the metro area. windy and cold on sunday. and that's your latest weather. okay. everybody say it together now! it's free bee friday! we have a lot of fans on the plaza who want to bring home alexa. we're giving away echo and fire tablets. you can win one at home after these messages. hes, and chills, mom knows it needs a big solution: an antiviral. don't kid around with the flu, call your doctor within the first 48 hours of symptoms and ask about prescription tamiflu.
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with all the rush in the morning, i don't have time to hashtag my breakfast. light & fit nonfat yogurt drinks. nutrition that fits my crazy life. nine grams of protein, 90 calories, no added sugar. light & fit. do what fits you. [ cheers and applause ] it's the first freebie friday of 2017. as we told you earlier, we're giving away amazon echoes to three lucky fans on the plaza. >> they're very cool. that's not all, they're getting the amazon fire hd 10. let's go see who wants them. ready? >> i'm so ready! these are heavier than i thought. >> they are. >> they are good. >> so you have one. al has one. >> it's your turn. >> you can order take out. >> what should you do on the friday night dance party? request anything and it plays it. >> that's fun. i normally have my cell phone and trying to pl i
9:23 am
here we go! let's do this. harry, you pick first. >> it's cold out here! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> give one away. here we go. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's go another, shall we? [ cheers and applause ] here we go! >> one more. >> we got one more. it's all you
9:24 am
>> i love that. it's friday, right. >> it's so much fun. >> al. thanks to amazon, we'll giveaway two more amazon fire hd 10 and amazon echoes to viewers at home. all you have to do is visit'stake. find out how to enter. it wouldn't that bad if you could "like" us, as well. check us out on facebook. how about a sneak peek of the future? we'll show you some of the cool gadgets from the consumer electronic show that will rock your world! all that and more coming up after your local news and weather. exa. all that and more, coming up after your local news and weather. ♪ right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads
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9:26 am
♪ 9:26 is your time now on this friday, january 6th, 2017. good morning to you. maryland elected officials are facing charges this morning. part of a federal bribery investigation into the prince george's catholic corounty liqu. two board members and two liquor store owners have already been arrested. there is a great event going on today at the washington convention center. nbc 4 is partnering with the u.s. chamber of commerce for a hiring our heros event. the hiring fair begins at 10:00 a.m. and our aaron gilchrist will be moderating a panel on military spouse employment.
9:27 am
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good morning. not a bad looking day outside. a little filtered sunshine here in washington. but clouds will thicken back up later on this afternoon. mostly cloudy today near 36. for tomorrow winter weather
9:29 am
stafford, and fredericksburg. winter storm warnings across the lower bay. not much more than an inch or so around the city but could get 6 inches of snow across southern maryland. manolo! you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care
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9:31 am
150 countries, there is no shortage of creative gadgets. >> one of the coolest drones on the markets. check it out. i have it folded up in my purse. it's a hover camera passport. it's lightweight, it's portable, it's compact. all i do is throw it up in the air. one thing that is absolutely amazing about the hover camera passport, it takes up to 13 megapixel photos. let's talk about two other features i love. there's a follow me mode. no matter where i go, i've got my own personal press following me around. there's an owner mode. if i lose it, it will find me and it'll come back to me. got it. say hello to cledis. proprietary technology from sony. it's not one big tv. it's many
9:32 am
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9:33 am
for the 50 to 70 million americans for chronic sleep issues. how about turning to the power of technology. say hello to oria. it uses two patented scents. one for restoring and one for relaxing. it will help you fall asleep longer and harder. exactly what i need. after a full day here. >> the sensor is one of 65,000 exhibiters here. it's so incredible to see technologies for the weird to the whacky to the practical to even the robots. and i have to show you one last one from xyz. a customer service robot. believe it or not, in a few months it could be coming to banks, post offices, to clothing stores to help you out in store. kind of love it. >> i love it. what will they think of next? up next. listen to this.
9:34 am
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for 48 hours. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results®. experimenting is the most fun a classic. what have we got here? hardboiled egg. brie is a really soft cheese. avocado. we are rodger and isabelle from sub edge farm. we have so many possibilities. this morning on today food. somebody is making a splash. molly a is the author of "molly on the range." recipes and stories of an unlikely life on the farm. and her blog is the forbes 30 under 30 list. >> hey, molly. >> how is it going? >> you make us happy. what you're going to cook has tator tots. >> i don't trust somebody who doesn't love tator tots. it's essentially chicken pot pie
9:39 am
our ingredients are easy to have on hand. you have chicken breasts, you thighs. bouillon cubes and tator tots with ketchup. we're going to cook our vegetables. in a little bit of butter and salt. make it a one-pot meal and cook it in an oven-safe dish. so you can throw it in the oven. once our vegetables are tender. give it a stir. we'll add the all-purpose flour. >> we're making a roux. use all-purpose gluten free flowe flour. we'll add our milk. >> this is whole milk. if you have skim or 2% on hand, this will work. >> or do half and half. >> yeah. totally. new year's diets? what are those? we'll pour it
9:40 am
stir until it thickens. we have it thickened here. now we're going to add our chicken brot chicken. dump itig. 'lth peas. >> you can use fresh or frozen. frozen defrost quickly. and add the chicken bouillon and the thyme. it will give us nice flavor. if you want to add other flavors, add it in. salt and pepper. if. >> it's easier than i thought. >> it's great for a crowd. it's one of my favorite recipes in my book. >> can you make it ahead? >> absolutely. we'll put the tator tots on. if we want to stick it in the fridge or freezer and save it for later. we can do that. let's add the tator tots. >> it seems like it would make it 8,000 times better. it looks amazing alone. >> yeah. >> what a great idea. >> yeah. we're going add the tots in rows and columns so we can maximize the
9:41 am
you're doing great, al. stick it in the oven until they're bold and bubbling on top. it smells to good. >> we have a little side of ketchup for the tator tots. >> yeah. it's a treat. you don't miss the crust on the bottom. >> it's perfect for a day like today where it's snowy and cold outside. >> i can't remember the last time you had a tator tot. you forget about them somehow. >> i have a tator tot factory in my town. it's the best road to live on. >> have they given samples? i haven't tried yet. did it makes us say yeah! >> yeah. >> molly, thank you so much. for the recipes head to time for a little weather for you. let's look ahead toward the golden globes on sunday. we're going to beverly hills starts at 7:00 eastern, 4:00
9:42 am
partly sunny and mild. it'll be about 71 degrees. it will be terrific. heavy snow among the mid flake. bitter cold in the plains. next storm in the west bringing snow and heavy rain in central california. looking at sunday. more heavy rain in the pacific northwest and northern california could be flooding. we'll be watching that frigid conditions in the plains. nice and sunny but cool through the gulf coast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good friday morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parvee. we'll be staying cold through the day today. we're talking about winter weather advisory for part of the area to start off your weekend. mostly for charles county, stafford county and points south. a winter weather advisory. we could see a few inches of snow. it's all coming down from the south and east. we'll be tracking it with more updates later on today, as well. nd
9:43 am
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fries. pepsi. prizes. like producer for a day with mike and mike. woo! get a burger, fries and a pepsi for just $9.99 at lunch, plus a shot at instant prizes. ♪ when kids look out when kids look out the window and see snow it's smiles from ear-to-ear. all parents are thinking about is how they're going to keep the entertained on an snow day. >> don't worry. we have a winter survival guide that will keep you sane and your little ones busy from a senior lifestyle editor from amy goodman. >> hello! it's knowing here.
9:48 am
busy. wear your p.j.s all day long. >> love that. >> it is a p.j. day here, actually, in the studio with all the kids. get the little personalize the letters in advance, actually, and have your kids take their p.j.s off for a second so you can personalize them with the letters. maybe get two set of letters when we have a longer name. >> we have harry. >> and that's fun. you can do their nicknames, their full names. have fun. they're personalize the throughout the day. >> you can leave everything off and i'm good. >> next up we'll have cowen here. set up with the snack bar. do it first thing in the morning so they can make their homemade chex mix. it's healthy snacks and making ho homemade parfaits. cooking with the kids it's fun. it's science. it's measuring. hope flay tasty treat athe
9:49 am
>> i came downstairs and they were snacking already. you coan do things like minigrilled cheese sandwiches. they can eat healthy all day long. it keels them fuelled throughout their activity-filled day. >> that's the best one. >> why you wasting time? you know that's the best one. >> yeah. so you can do cheese and crackers or hummus and pita chips. >> cute. >> next we have harrison and drew. >> i know you. is stefanie your mom? oh, that's why you look familiar. anyway, let's keep going. nbc broadcasters. these are two of her children. we have another son meeting up. in is actualed the snowman. we have drew doing the first part which is arts and crafts to make the snowman's face. use cut outs of various construction papers to make the
9:50 am
then take the plates from the summer barbecue and make a hollow. you hot glue them together to make our hanging snowman. >> oh, wow! >> you're doing a great job. >> she's doing a great job. >> and you assign points to the various places. harrison will show a ping-pong ball. >> hey. >> he was doing so amazing earlier. there it is. there it is. come on. >> it's not easy, by the way. the ping-pong balls are so light. you hang it in a safe place in a play room or open space. >> come on. oh! come on. one more. right there. right there. yes. yes. >> nice shot. >> and so lots of fun. arts and activities that keep them active. next we have miss kate. >> hi, kate. >> she's making a snow flake that my daughter brought home from arts and crafts. her art teacher taught us this. you take -- >> it looks
9:51 am
and cut it in three triangles without cutting the top at the very top. you open it up like miss kate did here and bring the ends together and tape it and you flip it and tape these two ends of the triangle together. >> and the other one -- >> and then you flip it to take those two ends. >> my brain hurts. >> you take those two ends and flip it. and you end up with that taped together. >> i can't even -- >> focus on your activity. >> that looks like a snow flake. >> that's an abstract snow flake. >> so cute. it's very artistic and beautiful. it's pretty easy to do, which we love. >> right. >> it's cute. we have miss elizabeth. she's here in the spa station to get glam. why not. you bring out your favorite nail polishes, files, manicure sets. >> i want a manicure! do i get a manicure. >> oh,
9:52 am
how about bright pink for harry. >> oh, my goodness. >> also, for the share. when you bring out your fun hair things we looked up things on youtube and did a fabulous braid. >> that's so fancy! >> he already did hers. >> i can play the piano ten times better now, at least with those two fingers. >> his daughters and wife will be impressed. >> four fingers. >> we have to do the pinky now. >> very good. >> thank you. next up we have planet hop. you ask your kids to make the eight planet. it will take an hour or two hours to design it. they start at the sun and line up the planets in the order and ask them trivia questions you look up online. ready to planet hop? we have reece and caleb here. do you know which planet is known as the red planet? >> umm -- >> mars. >> mars! >> yes. go ahead and hop to the p
9:53 am
>> that's cute. >> i love that. >> caleb, what planet is named after -- >> we'll go to commercial break while we continue play. >> absolutely. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. harry, let's hop. ♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. ♪ that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
9:54 am
get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. hurry offer ends january 21st. only from fios. ♪ ♪
9:55 am
how much how much fun have we had with harry? >> the best. how much fun have i had? harry on your local listings. >> that's it. >> guess who we have coming up? >> who. >> gene simmons! >> oh, my gosh. he looks amazing. and secrets to a calmer life. go 20.
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:57 is your time now on this friday, january 6, 2017. good morning to you. a northern virginia man will be sentenced today for trying to help isis. last october 26-year-old admitted to using social media to promote lone wolf attacks in the u.s. he faces up to 20 years in prison. now let's check your forecast with sheena
9:58 am
32 in the district. you want the heavy coat. we'll stay in the 30s by 2:00 p.m. around 33 degrees. for the evening drive, we'll be dry. temperature right around freezing, though. then into the weekend and we're talking about winter weather for tomorrow morning. we have the winter weather advisories for stafford county. that's going to be for about 1 to 3 inches of snow possible. rest of the area less than an inch. around the district we'll be tracking it on this afternoon and evening. for any updates farther south and east the higher the snow amounts look. >> thank you. another hour of news and weather coming up on news 4 midday at 11:00. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. >> friday! jenna bush hager is in for kathie lee. cathy will be back on monday. this is lady by austin mahone. and we want to say welcome on this friday. we hope you're ready for a fun weekend. i want to point out the reason i'm wearing a "20." >> she can't take it off. >> today happens to be the day that matt lauer celebrates his 20th year on television. we had just a lot of fun


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