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tv   Today  NBC  January 6, 2017 10:00am-11:00am EST

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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. >> friday! jenna bush hager is in for kathie lee. cathy will be back on monday. this is lady by austin mahone. and we want to say welcome on this friday. we hope you're ready for a fun weekend. i want to point out the reason i'm wearing a "20." >> she can't take it off. >> today happens to be the day that matt lauer celebrates his 20th year on television. we had just a lot of fun
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everybody. so that's matt hugging jackie, who is his assistant for 20 years. the whole 20 he's been here. he walked out with katie. he was surprised to see savannah. look at this and dylan. wait, what? then, wait, wait, wait? what? everyone came out to give matt his due and it was -- it happened to be katie's 60th birthday. there was a lot of candles. >> there was a lot of candles. it was slightly scary. >> they said they had to have a fire marshall. >> when we watched the tape piece, it was awesome. >> yeah. >> everything he's done in 20 years. >> it's unbelievable. and it documents, like, american history, too. we'll revisit some of those great moments with matt in a little bit. coming up on our program, we have the legendary rocker gene simmons here. he's here. he's the front man from kiss. he's got another project he's been taking on. >> yeah. >> he's going to tell us about it. it'll be fun. then we talked a little bit. we tried to break ouroc
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>> we started tuesday or wednesday? >> we started on wednesday. we deleted our twitter and instagram accounts. we tried an experiment on our office staff to see how they did. we'll share advice for you to break the bad habits. >> donna went around. you want to see the tape spot. it's about how often you look at your phone. we'll revisit it in a little bit. we're having jack daniels infused with whisky. it's coffee infused but it's nonalcoholic. >> so it's just coffee? >> so basically you're telling me it tastes like alcohol without the fun benefits of alcohol. >> exactly. you have to choke down the liquor. >> to not get drunk. >> this is
10:03 am >> that's good. >> anyway. here is the funny thing. i was telling you a couple of days ago that jenna and i are getting on a program which joy bauer about how to curb or eating. my problem is snacking in between meals. anything i was going to eat put in the bag. >> by the way, it's brilliant or write it down. writing down on a piece of paper. seems one dimensional. >> this is gross and i'm sorry. i don't want to gross anyone out but there are two hostess cupcakes. it's gross. but that's what i would eat. not for the meals in between. hershey kisses. just junk. then i get skinny pop by the big bag. >> the kinds. >> tell where you leave it. >> i don't want joe to think i'm a pig so i hide it behind the dog food. i take the bag out and watch tv. with the
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take it in the garbage and bury it under. >> how many here can remember hiding something from the bottom of the trash can? >> i have to. you don't want anyone to know. i open the trash and will joe see anything weird? good for me. clean. we're going to be doing this next week. we encourage you to try it. it's a brilliant idea. i don't want to face the harsh reality. you have a plan. what is your plan? >> i don't know. so my plan i do everything for the kids. i think a lot of people do this. they eat super healthy. kale, salmon, and for myself i'm like what do i have to eat? >> you eat whatever. >> a bag of popcorn. if i could eat this i would. >> this is what i learned from "joy." if you start you inhale the whole thing. she did say it's a good idea. if you want to cheat every day. she was telling me, you can eat two bites of anything. pick the thing you love and have two bites. you know you're not depriving. you can wait until the end o
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>> i give myself a cheat meal a week. like, you know, if you're going on date night. if you can have one cheat meal. if you can chips and margaritas. >> i like it. we've been waiting for this. we've been waiting for ed sheeran to step in the spotlight with new music. it's out! >> the first since 2015. >> right. carson said did you hear ed sheeran's new song? i said i'm waiting to hear it on the air. we have one of them that we're going to play for you now. it's called "shape of you" and "castle on the hill." take a listen. think. >> this is "castle on the hill." ♪ driving my 19 hour long ♪ country lane ♪ singing to tiny dancer >> is this thete
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>> is this the faster one or the slower one? he's great in concert. >> you've seen him. >> i've seen him. i saw him once at a jazz fest. i saw him elect fie a huge crowd with him, a guitar. >> what's great he can with such a soft voice. it's not like he's all about the show or the dancers or the lights. >> yeah. it's pure. >> what are you wearing for the golden globes? jenna will be hosting the red carpet -- >> yes. >> which is before the golden globes. >> with natalie and al. >> i picked a dress. i picked a dress. i thought it was fab. joann th joanna asked me to take a look and "do you love it?" i was like this is the dress. it's picked. she was like, no, i think it should be strapless. i'm like it's too late! >> yeah, it's too late. >> no, it's not. >> she said to cut off the sides. >> it's a beautiful dress. >> i'll show
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>> it'll be cute. it'll be fine. i'm not up for any awards. it's not about me. it's about those movie stars. it'll be fun. >> i can't wait to see it. you'll do a great job. >> we'll talk about giving up social media. jenna and i gave it up. >> how have you been without twitter or instagram? >> we stopped texting each other that we were bored. we haven't today. it's only been a couple of hours. >> right. i've been asking donna who works here to tweet a quote or picture. >> she can put one thing out. >> i'm not reading it. you're posting something from your account but it's not you. >> we'll talk about that kind of addiction. we'll see how addicted people are to their phones and how to separate yourself from something you do too much of. let's talk about body image. we keep talking about the same things. body image. phones. our time of the year. there's a sur they de
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muscle maker grill. they found that 81% of americans feel they haven't reached their proper ideal body type. i will say this, over the holidays, i was looking through pictures from college. yes, there were some freshman 15 pictures. we've seen those on the cover of "people" magazine. but there was a picture with me with my grandpa and i looked so happy. i wish i had appreciated that body! i wish i thought, you know, instead of thinking, gosh, i should get on the scale. i said that to henry and he goes do it now. >> right. >> you look great! you're 35. you look fab. you're a mother of two. you're strong. do it now. don't wait until you're 80 and think, god, i wish i would have appreciated it at 35. >> you're right. that's a good rule of thumb. every time you look back you think i wasn't as bads as i thought. they were asked which of the four things would you give up to achieve that ideal body type. would you give up al
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phone. >> what? >> alcohol. in a second. i would give up alcohol. truth be told, i love the wine but i have other things i'm more addicted to than that. >> i sort of agree. i've given up alcohol twice for nine months. there were times i missed it but all and all not really. >> 37% believe they would give up alcohol permanently. i didn't know permanently was part of it. >> she was told it was not before 11:00 a.m. [ laughter ] >> 7%, only 7 said they would give up thundershower ceeir cel >> how? you've got get a call from your spouse, your boyfriend, your kids. >> you can't do it. >> yeah. all right. for your germ aphones there's something for you. there's a toilet paper for phones. people carry their phone into the restaurant. >> y-- restroom. >> in tokyo at the international airportth
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a japanese company with paper that wipes your phone. >> there it is. >> now we know what we're giving matt for his 20th anniversary. >> then you wipe it. that's ridiculous. do you find it odd that people take their phone into the bathroom. >> everybody does. >> everybody does. i was a friend yesterday and i discovered a germier thing than the phone. have you ever gone to a restaurant, like, there's a buffet and we were looking at the chicken noodle soup. a colleague of ours goes -- i'm so sick. i'm going to get some chicken noodle soup and i so his hand go on the ladle and it was in slow motion. if you want to find the germiest place it's the chicken noodle
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honey to put on peanut butter. i shouldn't have. adds i was looking at the honey a colleague is coughing. i just need honey for the tea. i was like that's the other spot. the honey and the chicken noodle ladle. >> i think you should be an investigative -- you have been an investigative reporter in your career. let's do an investigation. >> yeah. we should do something. let's put jeff rossen on it. the rock and roll legend. we'll take you to the kiss front man gene simmons. >> don't eat that! >> that's bad for you. ♪ >> that's bad for you. our craftsmen begin each day... perfectly seasoning our hillshire farm smoked sausage. so by simply adding the right ingredients... you can end each day crafting a perfectly delicious dinner. our hillshire farm craftsmen... start the day slow roasting turkey for incredible flavor. then they double seal every slice for freshness.
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i want friends over! you want friends over? i'm 51 years old.m. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it. you know him. a rock and roll icon. cofounder of one of the most famous bands in the world. we're talking about kiss. >> gene simons is best known for the wild make up, costumes, and outrageous reality show. what you may not know about gene, he's a super successful entrepreneur and
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>> good morning, america! >> wrong show! >> this is the "today" show. >> i mean the united states of america. >> then say that good morning united states of america. >> these are semantics and i'm anti-semantic. even though we'll have fun and the dropping things in the background, that's just for effect. we're here to talk about first and foremost -- >> me. >> rock and rules. i'm proud to be a founding partner. all over north america now. >> it's a restaurant. >> yeah. it's a restaurant. >> when it it start? a few years ago. we're the exception to the rule. but we're also going to make an announcement on january 12th, the first casino resort. >> look at that. >> hundreds and hundreds of rooms. the kind of ex
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>> gene, you're such a busy guy. why would you want to go down that road? >> life is fun. if you sit around watching refuns of "i love lucy" you won't be able to watch your show. i don't know what i'm talking about. >> i like what you're saying. >> you broht us some little beignets with sauce. >> yeah. >> the texas way. >> yeah. sauce. >> these are what i call beignets. everybody calls purple teardrops. >> you eat this in a strange way. >> yeah. first, jenna, glasses on. you have to be cool. >> oh. you got to be cool. >> oh. you don't have to smile. there's no smiling. >> you're eating it? >> okay. >> what you're doing is tossing it up and see if we can throw it in my mouth. toss it up here. >> up where? >> so it's one of these. >> okay. >> with a good arm is what he's saying. >> yeah. >> i'm worri
10:17 am
>> here. try it again. >> try it again. okay. hold on. >> do you think i'm a better shot? >> yeah. one, two -- [ talking with mouth full ] >> you all right, gene? sure? >> oh! close! wow. close. >> okay. you got to tell us. >> this is the problem with the sauce. it gets on your face. >> don't worry about it. >> listen, tell us about new year's. your wife shannon how she's doing. you posted a cute pic on instagram. >> what did you see in the photo? >> well, pop it up. there it
10:18 am
>> a video, rather. >> yeah. it's new year's eve. i don't really drink. >> you don't drink? >> no i don't. no cigarettes or nothing. >> your form of drug is accomplishment. >> life itself. you wake up every day. we take it for granted until somebody, god for bid, takes it away. you have to appreciate it. aboveground there's no substitute. the amazing thing is you have to be able to understand that we're, you know, you're born in america. that's the best new year's eve resolution. i said before. my new year's resolution is to wake up in these united states of america. god bless america. i'm getting choked up. >> oh. >> starting again. >> we love you, gene. >> where's my glasses? >> i took them. may take me look cool. kiss is going to europe. we're america's number one
10:19 am
record awinning group. and we're announcing the casino resort. >> you can kiss on your social media addiction. it'll be there. we love you. bye, gene. >> advice to help you kick your bad habits on your social media addiction. all after this. >> thank you, gene! with new tastes of the mediterranean. recipes that put a fresh spin on traditional italian. taste the touch of garlic in our shrimp scampi. and the basil pesto in our new chicken margherita. each dish is under 600 calories and still 100% delicious. so come in tonight and indulge in italy's lighter side. at olive garden. ( ♪ ) ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪
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let's hear it for number 20. one thing synonymousth
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"today" show, it's matt lawyeue >> matt traveled to more than 60 countries. he sat down with multiple presents and interviewed hundreds of celebrities. >> let's take a look at matt's most memorable moments. >> this is "today" with matt lauer. >> katie couric, how are you? >> glad to meet you. >> watch it grow! i can't get over me either. [ laughter ] >> that's a high five. >> we're look agent the great pyramids of egypt. >> we have two of the biggest noses in television. >> you raised $150,000. >> yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm matt lauer. welcome back. >> by the way, there's an
10:23 am
one of the best pieces shown on the "today" show. you can see it online. it's beautiful. >> i had to go downstairs and i kept saying do i have to go? you have to go. and it's so fun to watch. >> the connections i saw with matt more than i've ever known before when he's with a child. he has an incredible connection. as you must know, by now, ellen and matt have a special moment. she put together her own reel. >> i'm on the set of the ellen degeneres show. i want to congratulate you on 20 years on the today show. it's a wonderful thing. i saw the promo they did for you this morning. it's great. i think they missed a few of your best moments. i made my own.
10:24 am
enjoy! ♪ matt, you are fantastic. i can honestly say that you're the only man i've woken up with for the last 20 years. congratulations. >> oh, gosh! >> some of those images question never get out of our head. you wish you could get your kids to bed on time? new rules for the new year. and we've given up social media on your phone. could grow tech free? o help youk your bad habits after this. in a world that needs a hero, justice is spelled b-o-x. say hello to a powerful tool that gives you options to fit your budget. ♪ oh, i'm tied to this chair! ♪
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>> it is try day friday. jenna bush hager is in for kathie lee. kath will be back on monday. you may remember our friend joe martin disconnect from technology and social media. she gave up her cell phone, locked it in a safe during a vacation. turns out, she twisted her ankle and yada, yada. the plan didn't last long. >> i deleted instagram and twitter from my phone. actually, i said i'm going to, and she said get to it. hoda decided to do the same thing, and she got rid of her twitter and instagram live on the air. >> that led us to a little social experiment in our office to see just how addicted we all are to our own electronic devices. check out our donna-dorable. >> phone is
10:31 am
>> no. >> so you were talking about -- >> cannot explore. hello. hi. >> are you going to answer that? >> nope. >> are you sure? >> positive. >> it's your phone. >> oh, it's okay. >> you're not going to touch it? you're not going to decline? >> i'm in the subway all the time. >> yeah. if you want to? >> why are you so popular? >> see, i can't -- >> i would rather talk to you. >> do you have to take it or no in you're not taking it right now. >> you're not going to pick it up, right? >> i would normally, but we're in the middle of something. >> if you looked away for a second, i probably would. >> i'm looking away. >> what a perfect experiment. >> that is so great. >> jill is here along with gale to see if we should embrace our technology or just say tech no. >> no.
10:32 am
do you see the conflict in people's phase because they want to be present and with the person, but, gee, maybe that's more interesting over there. maybe i'll just look at it, and then they're off their line, they're off their connection with the person. >> you can tell. >> you decided you weren't going to -- you were going to delete your apps and go tech-free. how has it felt not having those things at your finger tips? >> i delighted instagram, twitter and facebook on my phone. i never check it. i have to say, i have to so much more time to do other things, and i don't have any desire to check. the other thing we talked about this in the break, people do say to me, oh, you didn't see that i -- i didn't see. it makes you engage more. i love it. >>. >> we'll post something, and we haven't even told them, right? >> they'll know where we've been, and it limits the conversation. >> it changes the conversation, and it changes the relationship because someone somewhere else
10:33 am
shared it personally, and you also haven't shared it with people who maybe they feel left out. how come you did that and you didn't tell me? you spoke about more time. i think it's also just more presence with yourself so you have a chance to notice things and if we're always like this, the whole world is out there. we're not listening. we're not looking. we're not just quiet with it. >> i have to say we talked about this. we've been, like, what do we do in cars? yesterday i was looking up instead of looking down because typically in cars i'm looking down, and i still am responding to emails, so there's some looking down, and i saw a friend on the street. >> through the window? >> i saw a friend on the street. >> good for you. >> we have more time to look around. we talked about more time to read, more time -- >> yes. >> i mean, what kind of things are people spending more time on? >> they're spending more time, first of all, just reflecting and seeing what it is they want because now you have had three months without this, and you can order your life in a way that it's not controlling you.
10:34 am
you can choose the kinds of ways you want to spend your time, with whom you spend your time, and people just spend hours and hours and the time goes by. >> seven hours? >> the numbers, the stats, are insane. i mean, i found myself looking at andy cohen's page because i like it. oh, look, andy is in st. bart's. oh, he looks good. my god, 20 minutes is by. what are you doing? >> then people say i don't have the time. wait a minute. you do, but you have to be more engaged, more involved in choosing how you want your life to be. >> i don't think it affects us. it didn't really change our mood, but it can. can you tell? >> absolutely. first of all, most people don't post when they're not looking so great. they post when they're having a great time, when they're in a beautiful place and with their family. most of us are sitting there in our pajamas and saying they have supper a good life. how come i'm not doing that? or in the holidays in particular when people have a tendency t
10:35 am
one, aren't there, where they aren't. they're thinking it's going to be so much better if i could only do that rather than here i am, stay with that emotion and say how can i change where i am if i need to? >> i was saying on vacation, like, you talked about that i couldn't -- i couldn't go totally cold turkey because i was in a place in indonesia that i had to be able to get around, but what i didn't do, it didn't come out for meals. there were no personal interaction to anyone. it was just when i needed it. i have to say now, you can't because you have kids, but when i go out to dinner at night, since i have been back, it stays at home. you itch for it, but i get home. there's three or four or ten emails. then you respond. you don't have to respond immediately. >> that's a good point. as a mom we do leave. harry and i are both doing it. our phones in our bedrooms when we're with kids. it's too easy to look. >> the kids then get the message that they are more important than whatever is going on here.
10:36 am
five other emails because it's in your hand. >> how long are we going to leave this twitter and insta -- >> let's do it at least for january. >> okay. >> no? all right. cottonelle asked real people about cleaning... their bums. what? (laughs) (laughs) what does cleanripple texture do? catches all the stuff that you want to get out. this is really nice. this one is, like, it goes the extra step. it gets it all clean. how does being clean feel? kind of sassy. uh, breezy. hands up. weeeeeee. my bum is saying, "thank you very much." cleanripple texture is designed to clean better. go cottonelle, go commando.
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>> all this week we've been talking about starting 2017 from scratch. if you need help doing that with your kids, you have come to the right place. >> i came to the right place. jamie rece, the best time to hit the reset button with everything from bedtimes
10:41 am
and homework. >> our favorite parenting expert michelle -- all right. you're going to take us through problems and solve them right here lick ety split. >> what's the problem with food? trying to veggies. number one tip is calm repeated exposure in little bite size portions. at least five to 14 days. >> wee peerepeated exposure. >> in teaspoon size portions. get your kids involved with the process. >> we're told not to play with your food, but play with it. >> they're more likely to eat it. that's what you want where. >> just like piper is doing. she'll eat it. >> what are you making? piz pizza? >> awesome. let's move to this table. >> all right. this is bedtime. >> sleep -- >> which i have a little bit of a hard time with. >> one in three kids do, so you're not alone. the thing that we've discovered universally about every bit of science is keep your
10:42 am
>> yes. >> figure out what your child's best routine and rituals are. what they're doing is actually drawing what their routines are. first you take a bath, then you brush your teeth, then you go take a book, then you go to bed. and the second thing is a lot of kids even though they go to bed, wake up and then can't get back. what they're also doing here is find your favorite place in your mind. >> that's what i need help with. >> you can keep this in front of you and forget the kid. the bottom line is that's what you are looking for, and then they'll do it. >> for older kids. >> lelectronics. >> the average kid is plugged in seven and a half hours a day. >> no, no, no. >> that's the problem. everybody thinks it's not my kid. grab paper in front of your tv, in front of your computer. just for the next week everybody take a check in and start adding up how many minutes you are. >> by the way, parents should do that too. >> then set up a contracnd
10:43 am
big problem now parents go, okay, now we're not plugged in. what do we do? these are conversation starters that kids create. pull them out each day at the dinner hour. >> kids want to -- >> what's one rule you wish your parents didn't have. cute things to do. teaching your kids kindness. >> kindness is best learned through witnessing and hearing about it. kids are not hearing or seeing the good parts about life. they're cutting out good news reports. they're always on the back pages of the newspapers. >> sad. >> what you then do is review those before they go to sleep or at dinner time. this is a charity box. don't just in any case it durk t -- during the holidays. keep a box by your front doors and put your gently used toys and games and deliver it as a family to goodwill. >> they're seeing the bad news as they're trying to find the good. >> that's the problem. >> you have to be careful. >> homework time. >> homework is -- >> there's a lot. >> there's a lot. here's the thing, what we're not
10:44 am
that is in the carpools, when our children are waiting for brother. the first thing is make yourself -- excuse me, sweetie pie -- flash cards. kids can make them. keep them in the car along with a clipboard so they can get rid of just fast things to do so at nighttime when it's 7:00 they're not in melt time, and then oven timers, sand timers are fabulous because kids can play beat the clock. >> do you like homework? >> look at this. >> yes. >> he loves homework. there he goes. right back to it. >> for more of michelle's advice go to klg and >> you have made time for the kids, but now how about making time for you? >> we're going to show you the key, leading calmer and happier life. all coming up after this. >> namaste. my name is pam. i'm 51 years old. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody.
10:45 am
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>> on any given day you may feel like you're being stretched too far between the demands at home or work. >> or maybe you are having money or relationship problems and you are feeling stressed. >> let go of what doesn't work and find balance. here to help us all do that is agape stas -- the author of "walk up to the joy of you." 52 meditations and practices for a calmer, happier life. we're so happy that you are with us. when people -- >> thank you. >> you have already brought a calming presence. >> you have. >> i love you. you are amazing. you bring so much joy every day in our lives. really you do. >> if you are listening to her voice going she sounds familiar arianna huffington happens to be -- >> my sister. >> i feel like what made you decide to write this? >> well, i went out on the road, the country, because i wrote a book on binding the heart, which was about keeping your heart open and having accesses to your heart and your love, and i found out that people everywhere
10:51 am
they wanted more meaning, more purpose, more joy, and they wanted to not worry as much. >> calm down. >> calm down and not rush from one thing to the other. then collapse in bed at the end and go -- and here i go. >> here we go again. >> i feel like we're both a little bit guilty of that. running around 100 miles an hour. then i think also, you know, i have friends that have talked about the anxieties that they have that just feel overwhelming. >> your mind. people always say to me i can't stop my mind. >> how do you control that? >> well, you don't control it, actually, but one of the greatest keys that i have learned is that that's why i did 32 guided meditations and action steps like the little kids. you know, little bites. every day you start by practicing five, ten minutes of calming yourself. starting your day with centering, with slowing down your breath, and really focussing your mind on your breath. and allowing yourself to become
10:52 am
more present into your body and into your breath, and then it starts to do you. that's what's so amazing. it's like flexing your muscles. you start to build that consciousness of being calm. >> is it something you have to work at. oftentimes when i try to sit for a minute, all of a sudden i start thinking of things that i have to do. is there a way that you clear that out? >> you don't stop your mind ever. it's not going to do that. you can't. you start to observe your thoughts, and also you start to follow your breath. when you get connected to your breath, the rising and the falling of your breath and the slowing down of your breath, then you start to calm. >> why don't we do these things together? >> we need meditation. >>. >> imagine now in your eyes you are seeing this waterfall. we're going to slow down our
10:53 am
one, two, three, four, and exhale. as you exhale, exhale your worries, your tensions, your preoccupations. just tell your mind just for the next minute you are going to follow the rising and the falling of your breath. it's okay to smile. it's okay to laugh. >> i just wonder if we're getting a cue, and i can't see it. that's fine. >> we are. >> you can still follow your breath. >> just listening to yourself. >> and i like to put my hand on my heart and the other hand on my belly because that way i start to feel the calmness and now you count in one, two, three, four -- >> we have to go. >> and feel your heart -- >> look at
10:54 am
>> fill it with love. >> then joy. then you feel more joy. >> yes. >> we feel joy. >> they feel sleepy. they feel sleepy. >> you were great. >> thank you. >> we loved it. >> you were awesome. we'll be back in a moment. >> but, first, this is "today" on nshs.
10:55 am
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>> i want to thank jenna bush hager, but i really want to thank agape. we did the meditation in the commercial, and it's so zen-like. your book sounds amazing. >> we have drew barrymore, and who else?
10:58 am
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