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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 6, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name. right now, storm team 4 is tracking a one-two punch of the the first round of snow is over but more could fall this weekend. a look at who is in the snow zone. we want you to look at this video just released from police, a u haul smashes into a gas station. the target an atm. why investigators think the people responsible have been on a crime spree. donald trump about to meet with top intelligence officials in new york to see evidence they say shows that russia interferes with the election. it is one issue the president-elect is taking on
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for joining us. >> the snow covered the ground in parts of our area this morning. slowing traffic and delaying schools but it has moved out. leaving behind very cold conditions and the possibility of more snow this weekend. storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen begins our coverage with who and when could see additional snow. >> speaking of that colder air in place with the snow coming this morning, that cold air is going to stick around and set us up for more snowfall as we go into tomorrow. not everybody will see it. temperatures at or below freezing, 33 in the district. it's a cold day. going to stay cold through the afternoon and tonight if you have the friday night plans. we're looking at cloudy skies across the area. by 4:00 p.m., 34 degrees staying cold by 6:00 p.m. if that's when you're heading out to dinner, 31 degrees. by 8:00 p.m., we'll stay dry at 30 degrees but that's going to
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tomorrow. mostly south of the district, we'll talk more about this and what it means for your saturday as well as the timing and snow totals in just a bit. we have more snow coming as you just heard her mention but right now it's a little bit of a meltdown. the first snow of the season fell this morning and megan mcgrath is live in frederick, maryland at the corner of market street and grove road. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, in certain spots in frederick got as much as 2 inches of snow. overnight you can see it still clinging to the grass here but we are starting to see a bit of a meltdown. you can see that road basically just wet pavement, that's grove road. that was not the case a few hours ago, things in some of the neighborhoods got a little sloppy. >> it all came down to salt early this morning. major roads had been pre-treated and were just wet but
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all in all, not too bad for the first snowfall of the year. >> i was afraid of the slush and stuffs about it's easy peasy. >> reporter: an inch and a half to 2 inches fell in frederick, enough to cause schools to open two hours late. >> it was nice to have the extra couple hours but it's really cold. >> reporter: with temperatures below freezing, ice continues to be a concern so watch out for frozen spots. >> it was a little icy, i was able to salt and get out early and get control of the situation but it's not too bad, little colder than i thought it was going to be. >> reporter: and you can see that icing is still a concern. it's about 24 degrees where i am right now so anything that's wet, if it hasn't been treated, it can potentially freeze. take it easy out there and of course everybody preparing for what may come tomorrow. back to you all in the studio. >> good to see you. our ve
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nothing compared to what upstate new york is digging out of this morning. 29 inches fell in the town of copenhagen and in buffalo, some students ended up stranded at school for night. the school buses were forced to turn back when the conditions became too dangerous to drive and it is not over yet. parts of that region, get this, could get another 3 to 5 feet this weekend. as we sink into our weekend mode, be sure to stay with storm team 4 for the latest updates on the winter weather. take a few minutes to download our nbc washington app and follow @ sheena parveen on twitter. >> two truck drivers are recovering from this major crash. it impacted anyone trying to drive down i-95 in howard county. you can see a tractor-trailer and box truck crashed and overturned. one of the drivers was seriously hurt. the other has minor injuries. southbound la o
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were completely closed for a few hours but everything is back open right now. >> take a look at this video, this is surveillance footage of three suspects who stole an a.t.m. from a gas station in prince george's county. this happened december 20th in the 3200 block of queen's chapel. you can see them back the uhaul into the a.t.m. and dislodge it and push it into the back of the truck and pull off and that cable snapped as they pull away. this is one of six similar cases in the county since december alone. detectives are working to figure out if the thefts are connected. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> i cannot get a load of that video, thank you. today president-elect donald trump will be briefed on russian hacking claims. he's set to meet with directors of the fbi and cia sen sit down
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intelligence james clapper. >> reporter: two top intelligence officials with the direct knowledge of the report says it details russian cyber attacks not just against the democratic national committee but white house and joint chiefs of staff and state department and even american companies. some hacks successful and others thwarted. the report explains moscow's motives, partly to disrumt the democratic process and partly as payback, the intelligence a.m. lifts conclude for the obama administration's questioning for vladimir putin's legitimacy as president. the report trucks russian cyber activity back to 2008 and 2012. it does not speculate on whether russia's interference affected the outcome of 2016. >> this morning president-elect donald trump tweeted that mexico will reimburse american taxpayers for a new
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u.s. money spent will be quote, for the sake of speed. this comes as reports that congressional republicans and donald trump's transition team were trying to build the wall without passing a new bill. the trump administration would rely on existing legislation authorizing fencing and other technology along the southern border. congress would be asked to ensure enough money is selt asset aside to take additional new steps but not pass a stand-alone bill authorizing a big new wall. >> about two hours, members of congress will certificate donald trump's election as president in a joint session. it will be presided over by vice president joe biden and speaker of the house paul ryan. after the state by state results are read allowed, they will be tallied and vice president biden will announce the final numbers. >> happening right now, first lady michelle obama is delivering her final remarks as first lady at the white house.
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counselor of the year. it's part of an annual white house tradition started by mrs. obama back in 2015. >> u.s. employers added 156,000 jobs last month. this is also the highest working pay growth in seven years. health care providers and financial firms and shipping companies led last month's hirings. one of the world's most well known killer whales has died. the event that put orca and sea world in the spotlight. >> gas prices could be as high as $3 again in our area. what is driving up the prices for first time in a long time? >> reporter: hiring our heroes now under way here at the convention center. dozens of companies here to hire veteran and
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y25eny y17vy trainer at sea world has died. till couple died friday. he was estimated to be 36 years old and was at sea world orlando for 25 years. seven years ago he grabbed
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bran choe killing her and involved in two others in the '90s. >> we heard about the unique challenges that members much our military and their spouses have in finding jobs. that's why nbc 4 is working for you. we're partnering with the u.s. chamber of commerce for a hiring our heroes event today. news 4's justin finch is at the convention center more on this -- >> reporter: for the fifth year news 4 in hiring our heroes have teamed together to find opportunities for veterans and taking a look here at the convention floor. we're off to a good start. off to a good try to get the people connected to the opportunities that they need. now looking at video here, we have 70 companies on hand to meet with veterans and perhaps offer them opportunities here. these are servicemen and women from all branches of the service who have unique skills ranging from
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technology expertise. we also spoke with company reps who are here now and they say -- many of them say they have a history of hiring veterans here and this year they are looking for more. also vets we met say they like having all of these things in one place because it makes the daunting job search a little bit easier. >> i'm looking around, there's a little bit everything here for what you need to do. it's kind of scary thing for us since we we've been in the military for 20 plus more years. >> reporter: she is looking very forward to starting her next clap ter after retirement. here with us now, erc. ersoel. >> it's a great turnout, we have a lot of veterans and military spouses looking for great job opportunities and we have more than 70 companies here and ready to hire. >> reporter: there is a special focus on spouses this year, right? >>
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we've made tremendous progress in the veterans unemployment space and created a lot of job opportunities and we want to continue to create the opportunities for military sources unemployment rate is still above 20%. >> i also heard you have a call to action for others at home who might be watching and want to get down here, right? >> get down here. we're here at the convention center and have more than 70 companies. they are all hiring, that's one of our requirements and whether you're looking for a job because you're unemployed or even if you want to take a break from a job that is maybe not so great, at lunch come on over and meet new companies because they appreciate and value your service. >> reporter: thank you so much. veterans, you heard that, still time to get out here. 2:00 this wraps up this afternoon. back into you. >> great people there. thank you so much, justin. prince george's county fire crews are still investigating this house fire. it happened on spring brook lane in clinton. the fire department tweeted this
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we're told there were no injuries, no word yet on a possible cause there. more maryland elected officials are expected to be arrested. they are at the center of a federal investigation into the prince george's county liquor board. the fbi raided its licensing office and two liquor stores yesterday. tracie wilkins has more. >> reporter: our cameras rolled as fbi agents moved back and forth within the offices of the prince george's county liquor board. we know two members of the board, including its director and one of the commissioners were taken into custody and arrested on charges of bribery and also conspiracy. there were also two liquor store owners who were arrested as well and their businesses raided. this is all part of a four-year investigation the fbi has been conductg. we also understand two elected officials also involved in all this may also be taken into cu
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the allegations center around bribery, paying for votes, and paying for licenses to operate and sell liquor on sunday. we're going to continue to follow this investigation. in greenbelt, tracee wilkins, numbers 4. terry mccalliffe signed an . >> i was totally
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has been the announcer at every presidential inaugural parade. this year he is being silenced. trump's inauguration committee wants steve ray to take over. ray is an announcer in our area and volunteered for the trump campaign. the inauguration committee has offered charlie the new position of presidential announcer chairman emeritus. charlie says he's been looking for the inauguration. >> i've got friends and family and expecting me to do this and i want to do this. >> steve ray says he respects charlie and hopes that he accepts the position. the president-elect tweeted about the inauguration this morning, saying hopefully all supporters and those who want to make america great again will go to d.c. on january 20th
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tweeted. gas prices are set to go up this year according to gas buddy. d.c. is one of the cities expected to see prices climb to $3 a gallon. kye martin tells us why the price is going up at the pump. >> reporter: new year, new realty. those year to year falling fuel prices of the past five years, history. on january 1st, opec implemented the oil price hike it promised in november. and drivers like lisa will pay. >> it makes me feel bad because i mean, economy is crazy, we need to save every bit of money we can. >> reporter: in the u.s., gas buddy says drivers will pay a combined 52 billion more dollars at the pump this year with the nationwide average heading to around $2.50 a gallon. will it change your habits day to day? >> not so much for
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but we definitely feel it in our pocketbooks at the end of the day. >> reporter: one expert tells us low oil prices aren't good business for those oil producing countries. it's simply supply and demand with opec squeezing the supply. simple concept, painful result. >> i have no choice, i have to work where i work so -- >> one thing we hate, gas prices going up. everybody can agree with that. daring rescue. how an unconscious man was rescued from a chair lift at a ski resort. >> excitement building by some for snow set to hit parts of the south this weekend. how far north that snow is expected to
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go.
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and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. people are shoveling their driveways and looking at scenes like this. building snowmen this morning as well and we are probably looking at snow somewhere around this area. >> it's amazing. you don't want to drive in that. you want to let the plow trucks do that. >> tammy shows us how they are getting ready for even more snow. >> this morning while whiteout conditions are burying parts of the northeast -- more than a foot of snow -- >> we're staying home.
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an unwelcome winter wallop. >> i didn't move down here for snow. i'm a little taken aback. >> reporter: no surprise for officials in states now in the bull's-eye of the developing monster storm. >> it will have a big impact. >> reporter: residents being warned of a dangerous mix of heavy snow and ice and sleet and rain preparing for the worst. remembering the 2014 ice storm that paralyzed atlanta an early state of emergency is being declared there. roads already being treated and officials warning dangerous driving conditions are likely. >> if you can stay home, please do. >> reporter: in the west where snow can be measured by the yard. up to 5 feet in the rocky mountains causing delays and cancellations at the denver airport. southern california is being soaked by much needed rain but it's also causing problems. one man stuck in the swollen l.a. river had to be
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by a swift water rescue team. heavy rain this weekend could lead to flooding and mudslides. in oregon, high winds toppling trees and power lines plunging thousands into darkness. back in north carolina. 5-year-old wyatt isn't worried about this storm. what are you looking for the most? >> sledding. >> reporter: can't wait to tryout his brand-new sled. >> all right, teen insheena, mo come. >> part of the area as we go into tomorrow morning could see snowmen like snow, enough to maybe make a snow man but you have to go further south and east of the district. not for everybody. we have more snow in the forecast. it depends where you live. if you are north of the district, you have the lowest chances around the d.c. area we could see less than an inch but farther south and east, we have winter weather advisories to talk about across the area. so as
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here's a look at the impact headline for you. into saturday morning, we have snow in the forecast. we've been watching this weather system for the past week and it's looked to stay to the south. i think we'll be on the northern edge of it. we have freezing temperatures as we go through the entire weekend and i'm talking about daytime highs, it's going to be very cold. we go int sunday and it's going to be dry and saturday, it's not going to be an all day snow, we're only talking morning snowfall. clouds now across the area and 33 degrees in the district. it's a cold one. most areas are in the upper 20s right now. it's not going to get too much warmer this afternoon but those winter weather advisories mostly charles county and stafford county and areas south, could see 1 to 3 inches in those areas, even more as you get down to the south and east, especially closer to the beaches. there's that weather system down through the southeast. it's starting to come together now and here it comes as we go into the weekend saturda
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district coming up we'll take a closer look at the snow total forecast and look at your sunday forecast. >> thanks so much, sheena. >> talk about being at the right place at the right time. there was a man who got tangled up in a chair lift at the colorado ski resort and was hanging off unconscious. >> that's when a professional dare devil jumped into action, nikki wilson is a slack liner similar to being a tight rope walker and gadi schwartz explained how he used unique skills to help. >> reporter: on top of a snowy colorado mountain, a man's back pack somehow got tangled in the chair lift and he wound up hanging by his neck falling unconscious. one of his friends, mickey wilson was in the next chair behind him when it happened. >> we're wondering, where he is and that's when we hear the first scream. kind of more of just a yell and we turn around and we look
11:27 am
we see his ski, one of his skis on the ground right where the chair lift goes up. >> reporter: wilson, a professional slack liner used his training and fearlessness to spring into action. he climbed up a lift tower and these incredible photos show what happened next. >> i realized that with my slack lining background and my long history of climbing rope and climbing trees and climbing scaffolding and climbing on ropes and slack lines and cables, that i could climb this lift tower and shimmy down along the cable that holds up the chair lift. and then climb down on his chair lift and get to him. the 28-year-old said he was able to reach his unconscious friend in less than five minutes, sliding 30 feet to get to him. >> at that point ski patrol, a
11:28 am
ski patrolman had showed up and brought a ladder and luckily had a knife and made the world's most perfect toss, first try, 20 feet up to me sitting in the chair lift. >> the colorado native cutting the man free, a rescue team on the ground immediately starting cpr. wilson who competed in slack lining competitions all over the world feels blessed to use his skills for something good. >> something that started out as pure recreation allowed me to save a person's life. >> unbelievable. >> i know. when you ever wonder why you have a bend towards certain things or gravitate towards things, you never know what you're going to use it for one day. >> oh, my goodness, so glad it all worked out. we are excited about this next interview. weav a d.c. couple bringing their talent for real estate and flipping houses to tv. you'll hear their secret to success.
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two things could slow you down this weekend, number one, the weather, number two, metro.
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four people are facing felony charges and due in court today over that shocking facebook live v
11:32 am
say shows them basically torturing an 18-year-old man in chicago. the victim has a diminished mental capacity. he's back home and we are hearing from his family. we want to warn you that the video has been hard for all of us to watch and may be hard for you to watch as well. >> we're overwhelmed and surprised. we're happy that everyone is conce concerned and that this should never happen. >> new this morning, chicago police say some of the suspects may have been using drugs while they recorded the video. all four were charged with kidnapping, assault and battery and hate crimes. >> sweeching gears, expect delays on metro this weekend. the spots to avoid. >> a look at metro this weekend. on the red line we'll be singing
11:33 am
for the weekend. on blue, silver and orange, we'll have sections shut down, we're talking about the section between mcfearson square. green line tracking between fort tottep and college park. i'll sigh you monday morning for news 4 today. >> we're taking some of the ugliest houses in our nation's capital and renovating them into dream homes. that is rob and -- williams, the husband and wife duo taking their talents to hgtv as hosts of "d.c. flippers." here's more on how they started flipping houses and money saving secrets they learned through the years. good morning and congratulations, it is a big deal. >> it is. >> what is your background? how did you land this gig? >> i had been -- i own a
11:34 am
brokerage and would get calls from production companies who wanted to talk about doing a show about real estate purposes and always like i'm not interested. so eventually when they talked about -- they were talking to us about potentially doing a show and they said, if you were to do a show, what would it be about? and i said renovations and -- >> sure. >> you do renovations? >> they were like, lucky for you that's a big deal for us at hgtv. this has got to be different. you have top contenders to deal with from property brothers, love it or list it, chip and jo. what makes d.c. -- what sets them apart besides the money? we know how costly the houses in the area can be? >> that's one of the big things that sets us apart. there's different price points when you're renovating homes, we're dealing with older homes and historic homes and we're w
11:35 am
conscientious about trying to salvage as much as we can and repurpose as much as we can but dealing with a 100-year-old house you run into a lot of problems. >> this is not waco, texas where you're buying $50,000 and renovating for 200 grand. >> i wish those were the costs but, it's -- >> i wish too. >> it's a lot more expensive here. you really have to kind of know your trade to make sure that you're saving money where you can. >> are there certain i guess ar tekt toural pieces that are relevant and pertain to washington, d.c. that you want to see in those structures, in those homes? is there any kind of little niches you see. >> as much as possible we like to be respectful of the architecture. we're not going to go into an old gorgeous victorian and knock it down and make it something different. we try to make sure we're really celebrating thehi
11:36 am
elements much each home. >> some of the stuff is old, like you'll walk into a property and you've got 3-inch orange shag carpet that grandma put in in the 70s, the floors underneath are probably stunning. so we love granny houses. >> so we were seeing a little video from hgtv, i'm sure you've got a couple shows under your belt. how has it been to be in front of the camera when this is the first time for you guys? >> i was super nervous at first. you have a camera in your face and your miked up and your every move is being scrutinized but they wanted it to be authentic. we want to capture you doing what you normally do. i said all right, i can do that. >> people are loving this. >> tell me when can people see you. >> it is on sunday at 2:00 p.m., hgtv. >> thank you so much for stopping by. over to you. >> thank you so much, bes
11:37 am
>> after morning snow, we are seeing a little sunshine out there. more snow is heading our way. sheena is back of the break and says where you live will make a
11:38 am
11:39 am
several dozen schools around our area delayed over car selled class today and winchester city schools did it in style. check out this tweet from their superintendent, a picture of oprah saying everyone gets a snow day! o that was my best oprah impression. #still got to learn the stuff and #hotchocolate is healthy. >> showing the superintendent of schools can be cool. >> having fun. when you come back, you better have that assignment ready. >> the snow tomorrow is a saturday and schools south of
11:40 am
cancellation of some sort. we saw the snow this morning but not everybody saw it. frederick saw around 2 inches and we have video of the snow on the road but tomorrow it's mostly going to be south of the district. so it's going to be a little bit opposite of today. we will be watching as we go through the next several days. as far as your forecast is concerned, things are going to be cold as we go through tonight. take a look at the temperature for this evening, 22 degrees, that's a low temperature tonight. if you are heading out, it is going to be cold out there. so it's going to stay cold even as we go across the weekend. if you are heading out with the friday nights plans, you want a heavy coat. it's not going to be too much warmer than what we're seeing today. >> as far as our winter weather advisories are concerned, the district is not in the advisory but we expect a little bit of snow for parts of charles, parts of stafford county as well and points
11:41 am
weather advisory, 1 to 3 inches because of this weather system. there's the snow and icy mix and rain to the south. it's starting to come together and moving in this direction. here's what you can expect as far as timing. tonight you don't have to worry about it. it's going to stay dry but the snow moves in 9:00 a.m. saturday, d.c. is on the leading edge of the system that means the center of it will stay offshore. if it moves farther sea it would take the farther south. closer to the coastline it will bring it farther inland. it's not all saturday and sunday looks dry. >> less than an inch around the district. farther south we get up to possibly 3 inches, we'll be updating this throughout the day as well. stafford, 1 to 3 inches and farther south higher totals. we'll look at the rest of your weekend forecast plus your extended 10-day. thanks, sheena. >> top hollywood stars are volunteering their team and talent to help young film makers. we're g
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea news 4 is working for you. want to help military members and their families find jobs. we partnered with the chamber of commerce for our hiring our heroes job fair. justin finch is where it's all taking place. >> reporter: as you know this is our fifth year
11:45 am
hiring our heroes and look on the convention floor. lots of activity and traffic. the job fair is officially under way. we have some 70 companies who are here looking for veteran talent and also their spouses as well among them we have fairfaffairfax county police and home depot and also seeing back here toyota, many of the businesses here have hired veterans from this event before and do a great job and contribute to their workplaces. i want to bring in jim from prudential. you have a unique advantage point at this event here today, is that right? >> i sure do. not only many a a army veteran, but a hiring manager. great opportunity to meet awesome military talent, veterans and spouses with great teamwork skills and add value to any organization. from a veteran standpoint, look at the great cni
11:46 am
today looking to hire veterans, military spouses and if you're still in active duty but getting out soon, come on down. great opportunity to meet awesome companies who want to hire veterans and military spouses. >> reporter: a lot of people overlook the fact that military spouses have a gap in their resume. >> they have the challenge of my resume doesn't look like the average person but there's companies here willing to understand the story behind that and what they are looking for is talent. they are looking for a good person to add to my organization to make the talent of our group better. military spouses fit that bill. >> what do they bring to the jobs that they may not know they have? >> one of the simple things is working with a team. we do it all the time in the military and take it for granted, the average civilian person maybe doesn't have the same team dynamics and lee s
11:47 am
we don't think of that in the military, we call it a mission or maneuver or deployment, but it's a project. some are really big, some are small but they are projects. >> we'll wrap up here. you have until 2:00 to get down here. attention vaet reterans, jobs t had. >> lots of activity at the convention and the activity continues through the weekend for the nbc 4 health and fitness expo. we're going to have exercise stations and food workshops and health screenings for everything from kidney disease to glaucoma. you can also talk about mental health and take part in our changing minds campaign. the expo starts tomorrow morning at 9:00 and ends at 4:00 on sunday and best of all, it is free. the best thing in town this time of year. we mentioned the focus on fitness at the expo, corbin jennings fr
11:48 am
arlington will be there encouraging people to get moving. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. >> this looks fantastic. kind of give us an idea of what metabolic exercising is all about. it is intense, right? >> a lot of other places do interval training are intense all the time. we have days where it is intense and some days where we really slow it down and focus on the mechanics and building a strong base for us to build off of. >> this is the first week of the new year and those new year's resolutions kick in. everybody wants to be in the gym and just kind of start the year off right. >> yep. >> how do we stick to a good plan? >> first off, finding something you actually enjoy. don't find something you hate to do. >> and you won't get bored here. >> no, you won't. i also personally like doing group classes, find a lot of friends and they hold you
11:49 am
that's going to be effective for whatever your goals are. if you want to build strength, find a place that does it well. >> a lot of women in the footage, they are not afraid to lift weights and do the strong stuff, right? >> especially not anymore. more and more women are understanding you're not going to bulk up by picking up these weights, cardiocan kill your metabolism with a lot of the steady state stuff is strength training is important if you're looking to gain a little muscle or cut down on fat a little bit. >> the worse thing for people is to do the same thing over and over again. changing it up is really best, right? >> you definitely need new stimulus, muscle confusion is one of the most overhyped things in the fitness industry. you need a program that has a structure to build toward some goals but having that variety helps with all of the new stimulus and few things interesting so you don't get bored. >> what are you going to be doing this weekend at the expo? >> we have three different
11:50 am
we're going to give everyone a little taste of that. it's based off work to rate ratio. i won't give you too much more detail there. we want it to be kind of a surprise tomorrow but it should be fun. >> should i pop a couple of advil before? do i need to prepare? >> just protein shake and hydrate before. >> we got it. and you have one location here -- >> one location here and then we are about to add on our tenth nationwide in austin, texas soon. >> cool deal. we've got to visit. thank you so much. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> erika, it's on you now. >> you never know what people are going to say, what people are going to do, who's going to win. i'm ready for that stuff. i'll be sitting back like everyone else watching. >> that's jimmy fallon, getting ready for this weekend's golden globes awards. we have four things to know about the show, including the mo
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
y27mky y16fy the 74th edition of the golden globes will air this sunday right here on nbc 4. here are the four things to know about the star-studded event. >> it's the mix tape of award shows. it's tv and movies in one. >> the tonight show's host jimmy fallon will be the host that night. he's taking over responsibilities from tina fey and amy poehler. the awards
11:54 am
to debbie reynolds and carrie fi fisher. the very versatile actress meryl streep will be presented with the cecil b. demille award, and streep has won eight golden globes and has had 29 nominations. and speaking of nominations, a romantic musical film la la land has received seven nominations. that is the most this year. good luck to them. >> oh, yeah. >> a star is born. >> at just 17 years old. one teen has already written and acted in his very oern movie thanks to the help of hollywood a listers and an organization inspiring america. >> miguel alma ger has the story. >> reporter: on the set of this
11:55 am
famous faces. johnny depp, laura dern and j.k. simmons. the real star of this zom bee thriller, 16-year-old anthony conte, the writer and leading man. >> it's so powerful. it's huge and i love that. >> reporter: everyone here is a volunteer giving to the make a film foundation. when this team heard anthony was battling a rare life threatening cancer, everyone leapt at the chance to work with him. >> there was no thinking, it was just yes and that did amaze me and touch my heart. >> reporter: the make a film foundation makes wishes to children battling serious diseases. so far more than 100 documentaries and four short films completed. the volunteers are tinseltown's biggest stars coming together to give special kids a chance to
11:56 am
this is the movie he wanted to make a culmination for him of a life that he's fighting to keep. >> anthony couldn't come to los angeles for a premiere night so hollywood came to him. a special screening at his hospital in boston. >> it was everything i hoped for. >> reporter: this movie may not be a blockbuster just yet. [ applause ] >> reporter: but this young film maker it's the role of a lifetime. nbc news, los angeles. >> looks really nice. >> and beautiful to see they are giving back their talents and that's something that means the world to this one person. >> i know. >> they've fulfilled a lifelong dream. >> so cool. >> let's check on that forecast, sheena. >> as we go into tomorrow, some parts of the area could
11:57 am
cute picture of the dogs like to eat snow. >> very cute. >> most of it is going to be south and east of the district. if you're around the d.c. area we're expecting maybe an inch or less. we'll have more updates on the timing this afternoon but if you're planning your day tomorrow already, tonight is going to be dry if you have friday night plans. it will stay cold but tomorrow 8:00 a.m., snow moving into part of the area, mostly south of the district and to the east especially closer to the beaches and closer to the shore. by noon about 3 to 6 inches possible through saint mary's county. other than that we'll see dry conditions and by tomorrow evening, we're going to be getting colder and breezy, temperatures feeling like the teens, take a look at your entire weekend forecast, we're going to be pretty much below freezing for a high. next week we start cold by wednesday we're in the 50s. rain comes back and look at that. we'll stay in the 50s too. >> so sick of this roller coaster weather. >> i'm ready for winter. >> popping vitamin c all the time. >> are you? >> ye
11:58 am
>> that's it for
11:59 am
♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham
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and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'. stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> unhinged. >> kit's shoes unhinged but we're ready to go. we're twos days away from the golden globes and we've got you covered today. we have our ultimate preview for you. >> we're going to break it down, who's going to whin, who should win and the fashion. louise roe will be here with her forecast and we love the globes for a lot of reasons. it's tv and movies, everybody parties. the fashion, people take risks and it's fun. >> dave carter is joining us with, as you said, who will win, but also who should win. because that's always -- it's one thing when the critics say, you know, this is the movie of the season but it's another thing when we all think that this is the movie i left feeling good about, right? i know w


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