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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 9, 2017 5:00am-5:35am EST

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to help. experts say to snow. >> makes no sense to me,on up some more. storm team 4 tracking weather that feels like it's in the single digits. >> our team is helping you prepare for your day ahead. storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking your weather. >> check the bottom of your screen and the nbc washington app. several school delays and closings right now. st. mary's county, carvert county schools closed today.
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king george county schools are closed. >> inveen. she is doing double duty formes. here is a look the at the feels like temperatures. the wind is not very strong today, but it's enough to make a difference out there. in the district, it feels like ten degrees. the actual temperature is in the tijt digits, nyso iis a fridgitt now in the district. by 6:00 a.m., still feeling like single digits in some
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at the bus stop. now an update on the crash. >> so this is looking better. crash is clears out of the way ask the rest of the best way is looking good this morning. top of the beltway, we're talking about 95 bw park away, route 21, no problems there northbound or southbound. 66 and 95 rolling along just fine here this morning, but remember, in leesburg, west on at sycolin, we have ta gas main break with the left lane getting by repai pairs. right now, we continue our team coverage of this bitter cold. >> justin finch is live in alexandria. good morning. what should people know before they head out the to try and catch a train? >> hey, eun. good mn
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spare no envdot is asking nhe roads. that advisory is going out in maryland and the district, too. melting snow may have frozen over again and i want to tell you here, right mow, back out live, people are not showing up yet for the trains, but as they wait out here, a light breeze will blow through here and you certainly feel it. feels like five degrees and 5 degrees is colder than you think when you're waiting for a train. >> thank you, justin. and a reminder that as you are out today, you can always stay ahead of the
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forced to leave their homes. >> angie desk and begins with breaking news ott of california. >> waterrescue teams responsing after a levee broke and nearly a dozen homes were flooded. the national guard saying this morning that 20 to 30 homes could be impacted with this. this as we get this new video. you can see the flooding they're dealing with out in company. this is about three hours north of l.a. you saw a guy using a surfboard to get around. moving over to me negative, runs of evacuations in reno under way after a winter storm slammed the area, bringing down a lot of trees, causing rivers to rise, causing accidents, overflowing, spilling over on to
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area tonight. >> angie, thank you. today thecourt. esteban sand agoo is heading to court and if convicted, he could face the death penalty. santiago apparently purchased a one-way ticket to florida. in november, he walked into an fbi office in alaska claiming his mind was being controlled by the government. agents confiscate heed the gun, but later had to rurn it. we had another look inside the ft. lauderdale art. tmz released video that appears to show the exact moment shots were first fired in the baggage claims area. this video is disturbing.
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walk up to the left side o dead stabbing. police say the isstbi man police have not released his name and are not saying whether they have anyone in custody at this time. homicide detectives are trying to solve a deadly shooting. the man was found shot in the area of hill park drive in temple hills yesterday. this is near the d.c. line. the victim, who died at the hospital, was found outside in the middle of the afternoon. detectives have not released any suspect information. today, the four men realitied in a federal probe into the prince georges county
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charges. a waitress in ash bp, te note on her receipt that read, great service, don't tip black peop people. this happened at anita's restaurant in loudon county. carter said the customer didn't seem to have any issues during the visit, but despite that message, carter is vowing to move forward. >> i'll keep my head one hateful remark cannot stop loudon county naacp receipt on social media. the waitress says she's been getting a lot of support. there's been talk of an organized dinner night at the restaurant in her honor. there sa memorial f
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help a d.c. yoke ga instructor dheam link to donate inecuritfothe inauguration. it will include an overview of the bureau's tactical response teams which will be available for deployment, agents roles in an event of a crisis and officials will discuss how the fbi responds to incidents while working with other law enforcement agents. it is 5:08 right now. president obama will hand over power to president-elect tux next week. this morning, we're getting new details on the phone conversations between the two men. on nbc's this week, president obama was asked what impresse
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conversations he is somebodho is not lacking in confidence. >> president obama will sit down with nbc news's lester holt as the president prepares for his farewell address in chicago. that will include a rare interview aboard air force one. it airs friday the 13th at 10:00 p.m. here on nbc 4. controversy at the golden globe as meryl streep takes on donald trump. >> and make sure your kids dress in layers this morning. sheena is updating
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>> okay. so a snowsto parently canceled their meet against virginia tech in blackersburg, so this was supposed to be the next best thing, i guess.. they held their own squeam meet there in the snow. >> i'm glad they're having fun. i hope they can feel their extremities after that stunt. >> i wonder how much vodka is out of the shot there. there has to be something to
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sheena love the coat, the scarf, the hat. it er that, but as we go through the morning, still the teens by 8:00 a.m. here is your bus stop forecast. yes, you want your warmest attire and i will say definitely dress in layers. but maybe wait in the car with the heat on. that's the best idea. come up, we'll take a closer look at the cold through the day. now let's get a check on the roadways and the upstate crash with melissa
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in theles sbr hour. >> thank you. your social media feeds are probably filled with golden globe moments right mow. >> and most of the discussion is about meryl streep and her speech. she used the platform to criticize donald trump and his policies. >> hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. if we kick them all out, you'll have nothing to watch but footballd
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which are not thewas, quote, not surprised he would be the butt of jokes by something else you'll hear about, probably, host jimmy fallon's musical start to the show. ♪ >> the musical start was a nod to lala land, which turned out to be the night's big winner. there he's distancing with justin timberlake. those two. it won all seven categories it was nominated for, including best musical comedy, and best director. the complete list of winners on the nbc washington app. i have so much catching
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meryl streep. love it. and this one from laverne cox, everything she said. thank you, meryl streep. but as i mentioned before, there were people that were calling her out, so to speak, saying that -- this is from kenneth flamm. meryl, don't you get it? there are people that make less in a year than celebrities spent on their gown tonight. this meryl streep speech is why t
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hollywood do likely you're going to hear about this da absolutely. i think i found something just behind you here, the ford gt, a beautiful sport car. here is the thing. it's not always what's under the hood any more that's attracting buyers to cars and they know that here at the international auto show. so that high tech you talk about, it's really taking center stage here. not only autonomous or self-driving cars, which most
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years down the road from being a year, 18 million orcall good and we know that ford as well as fiat, chrysler, both investing in american plants. that's going to mean a lot more money in the economy in detroit here and in ohio. it's going to mean thousands of jobs. . so good news coming from the auto show this year, an industry that needs it. back to you guys. >> jay gray live in detroit for us. jay, thank you. and i'll definitely take that ford gd. looks night. it's coming up on 19 after the hour. chuck bell tg
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days off, so sheeb nawking in h almost was running because you can h >> and i had my dress on and my uggs and my legs were exposed. i do not suggest doing that. there's not a lot of wind outside, but what little wind there is making a difference. 17 degrees in the district. most areas in the teens, fredericksburg, culpepper, only at 8 degrees right now. but here is what it feels like with that little bit of wind. it feels like 10 degrees in the district, so feeling degrees colder. annapolis, 9 degrees. but that is the actual temperature there. so as you walk outside today, here is what you need. your warmest puffy coat. so you want to dress in layers. you really want the warm stuff. make sure you have the gloves, the scarf, the warm
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the ears covered especiall
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but 11:00
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killer whales at sea world san diegogor using killer whales as entertainment. sea world plans to replace the show with a new attraction focused on conservation and sea world promised to stop breeding whales in captivity. airline is out with its annual ranking of the world's safest airlines. for the fourth year in a row, aud australia's qantas tops the list. the list includes alaska airlines, united and delta. it ranked the sst
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accident and is being tested for sleep the metropolitan transportation authority would screen employees in safety tensive positions for sleep apnea. it's not known the that screen sg under way. get ready for another brutally co
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bau macy's is leaving the end of the month. whoever did it, even if you ain't mean to do it, you need to turn yourself in. the only one you need the answer to is god. >> and a
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it is 40u 5:30. we have two words for you this morning. bundle up. we are off to another frigid start with windchills in the single digits. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we are under a storm team 4 weather alert. we'll run through some school delays and cancellations. st. mary's county, maryland, schools there as well as carvert schools are closed today. >> stafford county schools are on a two-hour delay today in west virginia. grant county schools are open
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fredericksburg city schools are n safely. >>eeling like single digits. even through the afternoon today, look at that shaky moner tore. even lieu the afternoon, we will stay below freezing for most of the area. leesburg now feeling like 11 degrees. feels like 9 in culpepper. feels like 10 in the district. annapolis feels like 9 degrees. if you're in frederick, you feel like 14 degrees right now. now, as far as your commute goes, it looks good because the roads are dry, but we have been
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few icy spotslo at your forecast for thetraffic. >>ena. we had a bit because of this. 30 seconds or so. inner loop local lanes, a disabled vehicle is blocking the right lane. also a new problem here in montgomery county. buoy road west of fraley farm, car in ra ditch. police directing folks around that problem. 66 and 95 overall looking pretty good. you can see northbound through woodbridge starting to get slow. that's totally normal because is 5:30. inner loop .outer loop rolling along. leesburg is still going to have this one hanging around, as well.. travel times in ten minutes. >> melissa, thank you. 5:32. an
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in chillum, myl gunman in the ft. lauderdale airport shooting heads to court this morning. police say esteban santiago had a gun in his checked luggage and after he picked up his bags from the baggage claim, he went into the bathroom, loaded the gun and came out firing. five people were killed, six others were injured. so far, he is charged with committing an act of violence at an international airport and could face the death penalty the. and this morning, a mother is begging her son's killer to come forward. 25-year-old antonios butler died on christmas eve. >> whoever did it, even if you didn't mean to do it, you need to turn yourself in. the only one you need to answer to is gd. >> someone stabbed butler on east capital street near 22nd street in southwest washington. the family is asking for help with funeral expenses. you can learn how to
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that. go to the nbc washington app do. now out of france, breaking news. >> three months after the incident, robbery of kim kardashian, french police saying they have arrested 16 people in connection with that armed robbery in that luxury paris apartment. this is video from october from the scene. we know the suspects are being questioned. they were arrested across five cities, no charges yet. this all happened in trans. in october, kardashian was held at gun b point and robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry. this comes a week after the reality tv star returned to social media after taking a three-month break writing on her post family and post ago picture of the entire family. that's the latest from the live desk. now back to you. it's 5:34. shoppers beware, big changes
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washington app. now this is a classic david versus goliath fight. costco in montgomery county will be in court over gas pumps. the giant wants to put a 16-pump gas station outside its store. the county sided with residents saying thehomes. a court battle begins today. expect delays at east market and plaza streets in leesburg this morning. officials say work to repair a broken gas line is taking longer than expected. washington gas expects to be a
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hush hour.at5,000%. twitter saysst. the nation's largest muslim civil rights organization says there's been an uptick in hate attacks against their community. the council on american islamic relations says it's been happening over the past few months polling the election. the instructors offered tips on how to memthly, physically and spituly attackers. cair says the most vulnerable victimsar
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sense ofgis. yo fairfax county, you can help pick the next school superintendent. starting today, meetings will be held across the county. the first one is this afternoon. for the full list of times and dates of these meetings, head to nbc 4 and search fairfax. it is a storm team 4 alert weather watch today the thank to the freezing temperatures and the whipped. we're seeing windchills in the single digits now. sheena parveen says a warm-up is on the way. have you dared to look at your holiday statements after the christmas holiday shopping? what do you do if you see mistakes? and a jump at the pump. ga p
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ec i checked, everything's there... wait a minute... hey... hold on, i can explain.
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switch to geico and you could sahaha, what? money'tay whwould i wear a wire? switch to geico and you could sahaha, what? money'tay because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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into maybe you keep the kids inside a little longer if they have to go out and catch the bus. >> maybe they can borrow your
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before you head 60 degree tempe forecast. we have a new problem out there this morning on the roads with melissa mollet this traffic. eats buoy mill road west of fraley article. we have a car into a ditch. police on the scene trying to get that vehicle out of the ditch. inner loop local lanes, disabled vehicle blocking the road. taking a look at travel times, 270 1k39 top of the beltway are rolling along just tien. virginia, fair fact candidate to the parkway 66
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remember to listen to month, all of this could be a thingpas. >> backlogged boots. why some of you who were on a wait list for those popular l.l. bean duck boots are still waiting. and the hearings on the hill this week that could start f
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what we could learn today about the plan to tear down this mall. christmas is over. now, get ready, those christmas card bills are on their way to your mailbox. they were a must have this holiday season, but a lot of on people still don't. the reason behind the backlog in ll bean's duck ot
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and sticker shock, mu stores at landmark mall being good morning, guys. this is big news. there's a meeting expected today .we are looking to hear a whole lot more details from landmark mall, the owners there about the man ahead. some of the merchants, like you said, have confirmed to news 4 they've been told to leave by the end of the month. news 4 broke this story last week. we've already heard from macy's set to close in the spring. that could possibly be expedi expedited. the plan is to tear down the mall to make way for a brand new
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and comin alexandria leaders say this is their top culver about it. >> so in many ways, this closure kind of clears the pas path and makes the redevelopment of what is a complicated site a little easier. >> now, redeveloping landmark mall has been in the works for some ten years now. the plan, the idea, we are working to find out the exact timeline for what's expected to bring a lot more new jobs and a new way of living to a mall that needs new life. that is the latest now live from alexandria. back to you guys. >> molette, thank you. today, d.c. mayor moistural bowser will announce a new plan to help people improve their finances.
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at any time. state-runce stronger sanctions launches a long range missile. north korea has been under u.n. sanctions since 2006 over its nuclear and ballistic missile tests. there is heightened security errie truck attack against fter israeli soldisrli authorities s 28-year-old fahti kunbar is the driver who killed soldiers and injured 17 others. soldiers are shown tour whthem.
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kunbar was shot on the scene. he wasn e that e.ill include an an agent skilled in response will talk about their roles in the crisis. clergy members will call on congress to reject the nomination of senator jeff sessions for attorney general. his record shows support for idea logical extremism. the leaders will unveil what they call a declaration of moral resistance. and he'll march to capitol hill to deliver it to the office of e on capitol hill for us. what so
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>>ma billionaires with lots of financial holdings and tetargin for tillerson, that will be difficult because he has
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people outside a republican lawmaker on the hill wants to require proof of citiz chuck. i bet you wish there were more people in the weather center to keep it warm in that space. >> you and melissa will have to snuggle together. >> we've been using your snuggy.
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tomorrow night and early wednesday. but 6e area, at least one day. so that is the good news we can at least look forward to that if you are too colds this morning. currently, it's 17 degrees in the district. you see, the wind is pretty light, only 5 miles per hour. but it's making enough of a difference to make it feel about 7 degrees colder. so it feels -- this is the feels like temperature. feels like 10 degrees right now in the district. annapolis, t9 degrees. fredericksburg, 6 degrees.. leesburg, feeling like 18.
5:52 am
between 11 and 8 degrees this pe today. the clouds continue tin. and somof thalastinne mng commu. for today, though, we stay dry. it is going to be a cold one, 30 degrees.. take a look as we go into tomorrow. around 40. by wednesday, 56 degrees. by thursday, that is the 60 degree day. and the good news is, it looks dry so you can actually enjoyhe. many times, we say it will get warmer, but it comes with rain. but not this time. by friday and into the weekend, the rain chances come back and stovr the weekend does look quite a bit cooler. let's get a check on the roadways and anything going on out there. >> buowie mill road west of the
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in a ditch. a now is the time the foroverpay. >> mistakes on your credit card statement actually happen more often than you realize. so we have four things you need to know to fix those errors so you don't end up paying for them
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mistake. >> as long as you dispute it with y cis a mistake, you d and file a complaint with the consumer financial production bureau. how to do that, that's right now on our nbc washington app and just search billing mistakes. good morning. i'm kate rogers at cnbc headquarters. amazon and or
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sites will start accepting food. >> kate, thank you. a lot there. more computers will be useding reservations. travel companies hope it will increase efficiency and something else to look forward to, cheaper flights on more airlines. expect to pay a bit more when you head to the gas station this morning. prices at the pump are on the rise. nationally, gas is
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l.l. bean currently has a backlog of 51,000 order to selle than 700,000 boots this year. you'll want some thighs, warm boots, especially this morning. sheena parveen says a warm-up is on the way. they are two prince georges county officials and today they're expected in court. what is expected to happen in a bribery case. and new video of the
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horrifying moments an alleged
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