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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 9, 2017 6:00am-6:16am EST

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i'mibly like the actual temperature around 16 degrees. by 8:00 this morning, aout to wk outside, twin brook looking at 15 degrees. potac
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chevy chase, coming inis ley farm. have a car into a ditch. we're going to see ifthat's slowing anything down. otherwise, looking quite good. 270 before 109, this is the normal slowdown before 109. sounds like we have a brand new report of a problem there. inner loop local lanes after route 1, disabled vehicle blocking the right lane. you'll see a bit of a slowdown there, a little bit of yellow here on the map this morning. the rest of the beltway, looking quite good. travel times in ten minutes. aaron. right now, we continue our team coverage of this bitter cold. justin finch is live at the king street metro station. >> what are you seeing out there? you look bundled up so you look ready. >> oh, i am very bundled up, indeed. it is truly a hat, scarves, gloves, hoods up kind of
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sheena has been saying it's not so much that it's windyt may ha frozen over again. that also holdrucoue, haseaing . >> lots of, you know, warm -- i'm equipped underneath. the thermals underneath. but it's -- i love it. i love it. yeah. >> clearly not everyone loves it outside. i'm seeing lots of hats on and scarfs and gloves, coats, too. perhaps that plus your coffee and tea will keep you warm out h
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inch live in alexandria for us. juu. drive carefully this morning. there are still patches of ice left over from the weekend snow. virginia police say they responded to 772 crashes statewide since friday. more than a thousand cars broke down on the side of the road. police say only one person died in a crash this weekend in greene county. that's south of culpepper. all other crashes involved damages to cars. in all, police received more than 3,000 calls for help this weekend. and we've told you, it's a very cold day out there. we have seen some pictures coming in this morning and overnight. your reaction to this cold. make sure you bundle up. sheena says your puffiest and heaviest winter coat might be a good idea today. send us your pictures maybe from the bus stop or
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that continues
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in floodte way.y. a domestic dispute led to a stabbing on m stabbed died at the hospital. also in prince georges county, homicide detectives are trying to solve a deadly shooting. a man was shot in temple hills yesterday. this is near the d.c. line. the victim, who died at the hospital, was found outside in the middle of the afternoon. detectives haven't released any suspect information. today, the accused un
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shooting is another look now at the attack inside that ft. lauderdale airport. tmzho up from the left side of the screen. he pulled the gun fruz from his waistband and started shooting. people nearby began shooting including one man who says his laptop saved his life. >> my pack was slightly open. the bullet ricocheted and went into any backpack through the small opening, hit my laptop and went through my backpack. >> five people were killed in friday's shooting. the fbi released a statement saying it cannot confirm the video's authenticity. today, the four men arrested in a federal probe into the prince georges county liquor
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the board directorhbl spots
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care act will play a big part on capitol hill. a lose. actress meryl streep used her time to accept an award to call out the future leader of the free world. more insulting than gift getting stiffed on the tip, what one waitress says she found on the receipt left by one of her customers the. standing ovations are not new on broadway, but one audience member erupted for someone not
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it might look pretty out
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with two wake-up wraps for $3.
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all shaky. frigid start. not a wind, but what wind we have makes a big difference. it feels like 11 degrees right now in the district. annapolis, still feeling like 9. fredericksburg feels like 8 degrees. the rivet of the area feeling like the teens. mid 20s
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way.he best taking a look at virginia, 66 and 95, everything looking good, as well. listen on wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car today. an ash burn waitress was cleaning her table after the customer left. >> there was a note on her receipt that said, quote, great service, don't
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it will include a rare interview aboardai hillary clinton hasn't been seen much since the election, but
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on broadway when she st suhowrio
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thing, decided to hold their swim meet in the snow. ss smart, but whatever. >> i can keep watching it, though. >> i like that you're dealing people, don't try this at home, people. >> no. you can get frostbite. but it's freezing this morning. and we're not just talking about 32 degrees freezing. we're talking about single digits. it is a cold start. so here is what you need before you walk out the door. your warmest jacket. you want to dress in layers. ooup you'll want the warm jacket even this afternoon. warm hat, cover the head. you lose a lot of heat through your head. if you haven't noticed, the hat
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cover your ears. yout downs
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inauguration is just
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faceoff with congress. 14 degrees,
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virginia, those districts all opening two hours late. here. >> so what can people expect today? >> good morning. it is a cold one out there. it is frigid. temperatures are feeling like the single digits in many spots. we've been talking about this all morning long and we're not seeing much of a change right now. so this is what you need to
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it is very coy. we've been mentioning a few sissy spots still left over. temperatures haven't gotten warm enough to melt that. through the day today, roads are dry. temperatures stay cold by 5:00 p.m. only around about 30 degrees. let's get a check on that mess in germantown this morning with melissa mollet in traffic. >> chopper 4 over this problem here, westbound middle brook road at 270. if you can around that, you can get on to 270 southbound no problems here at all. you are seeing a bit of a delay on middle brook. 270 before 109, had that earlier problem. that is now out of the way. i am hearing about a brand new crash in maryland on indian head parkway. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no big
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overonald trump's cabinetur pla to go confront attorney general nominee senator jeff sessions. they're demanding that he commit to protecting women as attorney general. sessions confirmation hearing will begin tomorrow. rex tillerson's nomination begins on wednesday. even author donald trump has spent a lot of time rebuffing russian hacking, hreince priebu says trump accepts that trump attempted hacking during the elections. some breaking news now about volkswagen and its emissions scandal. >>
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>> compliance office in the u.s. he was arrested over the weekend. sources tell them he's expected to be areined today. the company released a statement saying they continue to cooperate with the department of justice following admissions that the carmaker installed those illegal software. millions of cars that allowed them to cheat emissions tests. more as we get it. aaron, back to you. at 6:34, covering the district, a southeast d.c. mother says she is heart broken after her son was moistured. helen butler's son, antonias, was killed on new year's eve. someone stabbed him. a passerby found him lying in the middle of the street and 911. the 25 yooeld died at the they d
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closure. >> so my son help with funeral expenses. help, the nbc washingtrd to believe a point in the past this used to be a crown jewel in alexandria. in the hours ahead, we could get an exact timeline. a lot more
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the corporation that runs and
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right now, a live look from chopper 4. we're monitoring conditions on the roads for you. this is
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>> aaron, good fm his
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wednesday. this all comes as democrats try to slow down staid last night at the golden globes aw d award. you've seen the talk about her speech on your news feed. and without saying his name, streep took hr time on stage to criticize donald trump. >> but there was one performance this year that stunned
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it sank its hooks in my heart. y
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into this morning. po broke into the reaty is up and stole nearly $10 million
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trea sun comes up and we start to -- have those single digits feels like temperatures out thereg a w icy spots here .there but mostly untreated surfaces. at the bus stop, you want the warmest jacket.. the kids need to bundle up this morning. if you're exercising, same thing out there. heading out to dinner tonight, a moderate impact, you'll need a warm jacket, but it is going to be dry. if you're waiting at the bus stop this had mog, temperatures are currently in the teens. around 18 degrees by 3:00 p.
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heading our way -- inbound at 395 -- 95 at edsall road.. you can see it's quite slow through there. chopper 4 at
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totten. >>se holiday credit card bills start rolling in. >> but before you pay them, take a good look at your statements. susan hogan has four things to know before you accidentally overpay. >> mistakes on your credit card statement actually happen more often than you realize. so we have four things you need to know to fix those errors so you don't end up paying for them in the long run. first, catch the mistake. the responsibility is on you to find it. so carefully look over every statement. call the merchant, not the credit card company. you need to ask the
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you don't have to pay interest on it d you an answer within two billing cycles. if they decide in your favor, great. if not, you will still have to pay that charge. but if you still feel there is a mistake, you can dispute it and file complaint with the consumer financial protection bureau. how to do that right now is our nbc waug app and search billing mistakes. it is 6:55 now. here are four things to know before you head out the door this morning. ft. lauderdale airport suspected gunman
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heading to court today. ke be a bit loud other your commute along route 1 in wood bridge thispiles into t build a new bridge, but we'll be monitoring noise levels. today we're expected to learn more about changes coming to landmark mall. news 4 was the first to break the news that all stores have been told they must vacate by january 31st. find out more about the plans and what will come to that area on the nbc washington app. temperatures this morning in the teens. some areas still feeling like single digits, highs around 30 and look at that 64 on thursday. we have some rain before that, but i am looking forward to a big warm-up in the forecast. >> me, too.
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inbound 395 at 4 at trose. it's on the shoulder. >> and we want to thank the thousands of you who came out for our health and fitness expo this weekend. >> we hope to see you next year as we celebrate our 25th year bringing you the health and fitness expo. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" s
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host jimmy fallon setting the pummelling the west. the region bracing for the worst flooding in more than a


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