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tv   Today  NBC  January 9, 2017 10:00am-10:03am EST

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>> anyway.osiight. ihink i was like 143. i sit on the scale a little while ago and i wa 152. i was like, okay, let's pay attention. you don't realize. >> yeah. it's gradual
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>>ehe every time i see them. >>wewwent downtheo keys. we've been going there over 20 years. i don't think we experienced such incredible weather. i'm sorry to say. but everybody was saying that in all of florida. usually you gaet a couple of rainy, cold, windy days. we had one monsoon that lasted an hour. that was our friend's boat. he said look at me! i'm king of the world. >> he's adorable. >> he loves it. he loves it. [ laughter ] >> how did the days unfold?
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>it wno sharp objects gu arou you cl >> emma stone
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cancer. if she hasn't taken that on so i amada and es thank you. i would like to dedicate this to her brother juan carlo mendez. thank you very much. good night.
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>> beautiful. is be crown" best drama. and one of t amy schumer and goldie hawn were together. they seemed to have people talking. so let's take a look. >> in our new movie amy and i play mother and daughter. >> yeah. i play the daughter. >> parts. [ laughter ] >> best actor in a motion picture comedy or mystical. >> musical. >> musical. >> musical? >> oh, okay. >> do you have your glasses? >> no. i don't need them. the nominee of the five most tainted men. >>
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>> talented
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>>. where? tre we
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>> yeah. no matter whoou
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>> a ttle wt.
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>> we're
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this is ridiculous!
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t loc
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designment a everybody loves their
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wang, and this oneel strongab
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thought -- >> bobbie, thank you.
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better. sean brs
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this j.


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