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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 9, 2017 11:00am-11:56am EST

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after a fire at the gas station in the 00
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street. the fire was contained to the auto repair area. no word on what caused the fire. >> developing this morning, we are working to learn if anyone will be charged with the deadly stab s in prince george's county on cypress creek drive last night. when they arrived, they found the man had been stabbed. they have not released his name. >> also in prince george's county, homicide detectives are trying to solve a deadly shooting. a man was found shot in the area of dunlap street near the d.c. line. the victim who died at the hospital was found outside in the middle of the afternoon. detectives have not released any suspect information. >> today the accused gunman in the ft. lauderdale airport shooting is expected to be back in court. esteban santiago is facing charges that carry the death penalty. he told investigators he planned friday's attack. kerrie sanders will
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four men arrested in a federal probe to into the prince george's county liquor board, accused of soliciting bribes and he resigned on friday. two liquor store owners are also charged and several other maryland elected officials are expected to face charges as well. >> expect delays at east market in lees burg this morning. officials work to repair a gas line is taking longer than expected. drivers should use alternate route, washington gas expects to be wrapped up before the evening rush hour. stores are clearing out at landmark mall in alexandria to make way for a major renovation. mollette green is live where we're all right seeing changes. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we got confirmation
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the property will have to leave by the end of the month. that coming from the howard hughes corporation that also announced this morning just hours ago, they have purchased the macy's here that announced it was going out of business last week, that is slated to still close in early april. this is just another critical component to the plan to recreate this area along duke street. >> people remember landmark mall as a vibrant centerpiece on duke street. >> an iconic landmark we had growing up. they need to do it. >> reporter: finally after talking about it for a decade or so, it is a step closer to becoming a lifestyle plan on this side of town. macy's is a key part of the transformation at landmark mall, the high ard hoouz corporation announced today, it has
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11.4 acres of the macy's store and parking area to use in a giant redevelopment plan bringing housing and shopping and entertainment and more to revive the west end of alexandria again. >> just doing something with it because it's just nothing now. used to have the carnival coming. we don't even hear about that anymore. >> reporter: we already see this construction happening in other parts in alexandria, not far from landmark mall. and for now, the sears store, which is connected to this side of the property is staying put, staying open. that company is still turning a profit here. the big question unanswered at this hour when will the fresh new lineup of housing and stores and entertainment all happen? when is it going to get off the ground? no firm details coming from the company with the grand vision. that is late
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it is the beginning of a critical and busy week in the transition of president-elect donald trump. he'll hold his first news conference in several months on wednesday while president obama will give his farewell address tomorrow in chicago. all eyes will be on capitol hill this week as confirmation hearings begin for the cabinet nominees. here's a look at the week ahead. >> reporter: first confirmation hearing is tomorrow, jeff sessions for attorney general. then exxon-mobil ceo rex tillerson for secretary of state nominees for homeland security are also facing hearings this week. >> these are people who are billionaires and vast holdings and vast wealth and the american people have a right to know if they are going to be entering into those offices with conflicts of interest. >> the office of government ethics and democrats want to slow down the hearing. ethics reviews aren't done yet. >> we need to grow
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need to have the president's national security team in place on day one. >> reporter: the security team is expected to portray mr. trump as tough on russia. >> you should let everybody know in america, republicans and democrats that you're going to make russia pay a price for trying to interfere. >> reporter: on sunday the chief of staff said the president-elect will accept the intelligence report on russia. >> he accepts the fact that russia and other entities engaged in cyber attacks in the united states. >> reporter: mr. trump tweets and the report found there's no evidence that hacking had any impact on the outcome. tracie potts, nbc news washington. president-elect donald trumd p is getting a lot of attention for reaction on twitter to meryl streep's speech at the golden globe awards. plus, broken gate is the only evidence of a police raid in france. the focus of the raid, 16 people somehow involved in the robbery of kim kardasan
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your news feed is probably filling up with talk of last night's golden globes. they kicked off a busy award season but not all of the attention is on the award. here's the red carpet
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>> it was a perfect night for the romantic musical "la la land" winning all seven awards nominated for including best director and best musical or comedy. >> this is so insane. >> reporter: acting honors for ryan gosling and emma stone. >> this is a film for dreamers. >> reporter: on the drama side -- >> moonlight. >> a coming of age story set in a dangerous miami neighborhood took top prize while casey affleck won best actor for "manchester by the sea" even more surprised was isabel hoppert. >> rookies red the way. >> donald glover won for his series and the netflix series about queen elizabeth ii with its star earning best actress. >> i'm having an
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>> reporter: best actor in a tv drama will to billy bob thornton and tracy ellis ross for blackish. merle street took the lifetime achievement award. >> hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners and if you kick them all out, you'll have nothing to watch except football and mixed martial arts which are not the arts. jimmy fallon opened with a musical nod to "la la land," that was the precursor to the film's golden night. nbc news. >> president-elect donald trump tweeted this morning calling meryl streep one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood and went on to say she's a hillary flunky who lost big for the 100th time and never mocked a disabled reporter but showed him graveling when
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16-year-old story he had written in order to make me look bad. just more very dishonest media. 16 people are now under arrest and could face charges for when kim kardashian was robbed. french police arrested the suspect in multiple cities, including at this property. they are being questioned and no one has been charged. kardashian was robbed at gun point in paris last october. she was not hurt but had a $4 million ring and millions of dollars of other items stolen and stopped posting on her social media until last week. the former founder of the pharmaceutical company that raised the price of life saving aids drugs by 5,000%. this morning he's banned from twitter. iz account was suspended after he harassed a freelance journalist. he will have to change parts of his account
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reinstated. ash burn waitress was cleaning a table and found a painful message. kelly carter tells news 4 instead of a tip there was a note on her receipt that quote read, great service don't tip black people. this happened in loudoun county. the customer didn't seem to have problems during the visit. she's vowing to move forward. >> i keep my head up, have to keep moving. one hateful remark cannot stop me. >> reporter: the president of the loudoun county naacp posted the note on social media and she's getting a lot of support. the nation's growing heroin and pain epidemic is spreading to a younger generation. >> why the number of babies born to addicted numbers is now soaring. >> six weeks ago baby cross was born, addicted to drugs. >> her little legs would jerk and lile
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>> reporter: her mother abused pain pills for seven years and then got pregnant. >> when you say what you caused this innocent angel to go through, it is a big eye opener. >> reporter: according to a recent study, every 25 minutes awe baby is born suffering from oepiate withdrawal. a number that's grown 500% in 12 years. especially noticeable in rural areas. >> west virginia is on front lines of the opioid epidemic. the number of babies born here addicted to drugs is almost five times the national average. the local hospital had to open an infant detox ward. >> you've got 22 babies in need but only have 15 beds. >> that's correct. >> reporter: the problem is so bad the community opened a separate center where mothers, mostly addicted to heroin can send their baby to detox after giving birth. >> mostly babies from rural
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and their parents for whatever reason have gotten into the addiction that they are in. >> danielle brought her baby here after a friend turned her on to heroin. >> she was like, i've got heroin, same thing as a pain pill, just cheaper. >> reporter: soon she was shooting up five times a day until she got pregnant with her third child, skyler. >> the worst thing i've seen in my life. watching your baby go through that, knowing that it's your fault. >> reporter: now she's on pt road to recovery. joining a nation of mothers in need of hope and help. >> we had a really rough start. it's going to get better. >> reporter: morgan ratford, nbc news, hunting ton, west virginia. >> evidence of how dedicated our local firefighters are and how they jumped into action to help a bird stuck on a frozen pond. >> a look what to do if a credit card charge is wrong on your
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rivers are cresting their banks and causing mudslides and flooding and evacuations in california and nevada, both under a state of emergency. >> there's even more rain in the forecast out west and nbc's miguel almaguer shows us the worst of the damage. >> reporter: a powerful string of storms
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causing serious flooding through california and parts of nevada. uprooting trees, causing traffic headaches and prompting evacuation. residents in an apartment complex in carmichael, california, unable to leave or enter after a large oak industr blocked their road. >> thank goodness nobody was trying to get in or out of the gates. >> mudslides and flash flooding may roads impassable, stranding some drivers. >> definitely turn around. oh, my god. >> in nevada, authorities say 1300 homes in reno and other parts of the county were voluntarily evacuated sunday because of widespread flooding that's expected to worsen today. the swollen truckee river in reno fast moving and still on the rise. >> it has been so cold the last few days, ponds are freezing
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goose was stuck. take a look. trapped in a frozen pond last night. crews from the fire department and dulles south fire specifically for ice rescues went in and rescued him and he is recovering right now. >> going above and beyond duty. >> that's dangerous to go on the ice there. we're thankful to firefighters and first responders to do that. >> it is freezing out there. >> it is freezing outside and this morning temperatures were in the single digits, it felt like single digits in some spots, otherwise temperatures were mostly in the teens but really as we go through the afternoon, so it was cold this morning -- it was cold this morning, temperatures feeling like the single digits through the area and teens elsewhere. as we go into the later half of today, it's still going to be very cold. highs will only be around 30 degrees. if you have a heavy jacket this morning, which hopefully you
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afternoon. there's the shaky thermometer that sums up how the day is and how it's going to continue and temperatures are feeling like the teens. we don't have much wind but the little wind is making enough of a difference, feeling like 14 in the district. leesburg feeling like 14 degrees, culpepper 13 and frederick 13. it's cold outside and the actual temperatures will mostly remain in the mid to upper 20s this afternoon. as we get past lunchtime, we won't see too much of af big rise and for your evening commute, mostly mid-20s but we'll be staying dry for your evening drive. that is good. here's the outlook for the rest of today. your evening commute, moderate weather impact will still be cold but dry. for the bus stop we're talking about the warmer jackets and kids do need that at the bus stop. it's cold outside, we have areas of ice this morning and that's not going to be
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jacket for sure. today we're dry. this is 5:00 p.m. now we go into tomorrow and clouds increasing, you will notice that in the morning and then late tomorrow night, that's when we have our next chance for rain, nearing frederick and also the baltimore area but then moving into the district, probably closer to midnight. this is going to be a late rain and it will be lasting for the early part of the morning commute on wednesday and then by wednesday afternoon, we're nice and dry. today though, 30 for a high temperature, cold and dry throughout the afternoon. take a look at the ten-day forecast, 40 for tomorrow, late showers but look at the temperature trend, 56 by wednesday afternoon, drying out and by thursday, those are the 60s way above normal this time of year. >> that's going to feel good, sheena, thank you. >> a college football season comes down to tonight and college football national championship is a rematch of last year's big game, number one alabama is defending its
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against third ranked clemson. the fun in tampa started yesterday with the fan fest that drew thousands to the stadium. kickoff is a8:00 p.m. >> do you care? >> i'm a big alabama fan. -- she's 7 months old, named after a alabama player. >> every time you say her name, i'm happy now. >> i'm very confused. we have breaking news out of florida. a police officer shot and killed and shooter still on the loose. the latest information coming into the newsroom. the detroit auto show is just getting started, we're already getting big news out of the show, the award for top
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we begin this half hour with breaking news, orlando police just identified an officer who was killed today. master sergeant debra clayton was shot this morning and died. she served with orlando police for 17 years. police said she confronted a man wanted to killing a pregnant woman and then he shot her. there was a manhunt happening for that suspect right now. we also just learned that even more sad news, a deputy sheriff crashed his moisture while searching for the suspect and he has also died. the iraq war
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of killing five people and wounding five others is scheduled for his first court appearance. here's more on esteban santiago's back groubd and the new video of the shooting in ft. lauderdale. >> reporter: the video shows a calm baggage claim area and then the suspected gunman enters the picture. he reaches into his waist band and pulls out a pistol and begins shooting. as the gunman runs out of view, you can see terrified passengers duck and take cover. one of those bullets hit this laptop. >> it absolutely saved my life. >> reporter: esteban santiago gave a confession, that the pistol was in checked baggage when he claimed his bag he loaded the pistol in a men's restroom and began shooting in a methodical manner. he emptied the first magazine then reloaded and shot until the o
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bullets. approximately 10 to 15 rounds. six years ago santiago was deployed to iraq with the army national guard. his brother says he came back a different person. this past november santiago walked into an fbi office in alaska claiming cia was controlling his mind making him watch isis videos and he was put under observation for mental illness. his pistol confiscated. four days later, he was released. his gun returned. authorities now say it may be the same pistol used in the shooting spree. five people killed, six wounded more than 50 injured. >> if he is convicted he could face the federal death penalty. kerry sanders outside the courthouse in ft. lauderdale. we're now getting a look at the truck driver accused of plowing into israeli soldiers killing four and wounding 17.
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kunbar, the isis supporter slammed a truck into a group of soldiers and the attack was captured on surveillance video in jerusalem. >> pope francis devoted his annual foreign policy speech to promoting peace at a time of migration and violent extremism. he praised several european nations for taking in refugees and criticized others for being ip different to a crisis that seems to have no end and urged religious leaders to be united in reiterating that nobody can ever kill in the name of god. a 15-year-old girl is missing. she's been missing for almost a month. take a look at your screen here. leonna lewis, near the congress heights metro station at the time. if you see lewis, please call d.c. police,e'
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feet tall and weighs about 120 problems. it's the biggest and most prestigious show in the auto industry. taking place in detroit. the chevy bolt has earned the title of the car of the year aej ridgeline for top truck. the show doesn't open until the public until later this week but jay gray somehow got a sneak peek. >> reporter: it's show time in mo motor city as they shift into high gear later today. if it's got four wheels and fenders, chances are you'll find it here. >> it's fun to see what the manufacturers have to bring. >> reporter: the concept cars are cool but in an industry off an unprecedented record year of sales, the spotlight is on the money makers. >> i would call it return to basics, a lot of cars that may not be the flashiest but they
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states. >> reporter: suvs and cars and trucks, the engine driving sales is not necessarily horse power by high tech. >> what's going to keep the industry going vibrant, how the technology manifests in each of these cars. >> cameras, online connected cars and eventually self-driving vehicles. >> it's obviously the way of the future. i don't think it's any way around it. how long it takes to get there. that seems to be accelerating a lot. >> reporter: high speed, high tech keeping the car business in the fast lane. now, most analysts agree self-driving cars are still five to ten years away from being part of our regular commute. jay gray, nbc news, detroit. >> gas prices are on the rise. national average is $2.38, that's about 33 cents higher than this time last year. if
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cost 2$2.59. virginia is the cheapest at $2.24 and in west virginia, gas averaging arrange $2.33. experts say gas tax hikes and higher refinery costs are to blame. week into the new year, now is the time. the holiday credit card bills start rolling in. before we pay for them, take a good look at the statement. susan hogan has four things to know before you accidentally overpay. >> mistakes on your credit card statement happen more often than you realize. so we have four things you need to know to fix those errors so you don't end up paying for them in the long run. first, catch the mistake. the responsibility is on you to find it so carefully look over every statement. call the merchant, not the credit card company, you need to ask the merchant so fix the error first. if you don't get anywhere with them, then contact the
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card company. >> next, dispute it. within 60 days of noticing your mistake. >> as long as you dispute it with your credit card issuer, then you don't have to pay that charge while it's being investigated and you don't have to pay interest on it and they can't report you as delinquent to the credit bureaus. >> the fourth tip, get answers, they are supposed to get you an answer within two billing cycles if they decide in your favor, great. if not you still have to pay that charge. but if you still feel there is a mistake, you can dispute it and file a complaint with the consumer financial protection bureau. how to do that is right now on our nbc washington app and just search billing mistakes. it's the end of an orca era, killer whales performed for the finl time yesterday. they ended the shows after facing backlash for using killer whales as entertainment. they
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with a new attraction focused on the conservation and life of whales. porkz in orlando and san antonio plan to follow and sea world has promised to stop breeding whales in captivity. >> as we reported earlier, another storm is bringing rain and potential of the worst flooding in more than a decade to the west coast. a look at how some people are trying to make the best of a bad situation. >> sheena parveen will let us know when our temperatures wil
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earlier in the hour miguel mentioned the intense rains and flooding in california. ty a look at this video here. this is what it looks like. the water was so high someone was able to surf in the street. look at that. the video is from grover beach, halfway between los angeles and san francisco. we're wondering how the person
11:37 am
around. >> they should not have been, i can tell thaw. >> emergency officials probably don't recommend surfing in the street. >> i would not recommend it but they are dealing with a lot of rain. here we have a totally different weather story. we're dealing with the dry air and cold. so this morning, it was just frigid and it is still very cold outside. here is a live look outside. we do have some thin clouds around but otherwise we'll stay dry for the rest of the day today and later on this afternoon, it's going to stay cold for the most part. temperatures are going to be right around 30 degrees or right at freezing level for much of the area but really below freezing is what we're looking at as we go through the afternoon. 23 degrees in the district. by noon 26 degrees. feeling a little bit colder, not much wind out there but a little bit of wind is making it feel quite a bit colder. by 5:00 p.m
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near 30. here's what it feels like right now with that little bit of wind, still feeling like the teens the district does feel 14 degrees and leesburg feeling like 14 and culpepper feels like only 13 degrees. the normal high this time of year is 43 degrees. today we're only going to get to near 30 and there you see the big warm-up, 56 degrees. by thursday, we're in the 60s, that's almost 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. 64 for a high on thursday. here's future weather clouds move in as we go into tomorrow but today is going to stay dry. tomorrow morning the commute is dry and tomorrow afternoon the commute is dry. by 9:00 p.m., we have rain moving in closer to the district around midnight tomorrow night and into very early wednesday morning we could have some showers mostly south of the district then clearing as we go into wednesday afternoon. today high temperature only around 30 degrees, cold and dry and then we continue with the warm-up. by thursday, we'll be around 40. by wednesday,
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early rain by thursday, we're in the mid-60s, that is a nice warm-up and it's going to be dry going into the weekend though enjoy the warm air we're going to start to drop back down into the 40s. >> thank you. looking forward to that nice warm-up. >> anything to look forward to right now. >> still ahead, engineering students making a difference in the lives of dozens of children. >> how to reboot your diet for the new year with juice. stay wi us. we'llth b
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we are going into the second week of 2017 and people are starting to kick their healthy living resolutions into high gear. as we know it can be challenging to eat healthily even on a busy schedule. if you waivered there are ways to get back on track. drink using fresh produce and uses no additional sugar to their juices. the founder joins us to talk about how to reboot. thanks for joining us. you brought a guest. >> yes this is our marketing manager in our team. >> wonderful. >> tell us about juicing. it can be intimidating a lot of people are afraid it can be too restrictive. what's the best way to incorporate juice into a healthy living lifestyle. >> our juices are cold pressed and they contain up to five pounds of produce in a single bottle. >> drinking a salad. >> essentially like threela
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think of your green juice here and we have a lot of juices that are also as a consumer changes to wanting lower sugar and no more holiday juices, booet juices, liver detox, great options to have. >> if you overindulge on the wine -- >> detox to retox. >> got you. who's best suited? you have a three-day, five day, professional, beginner? what should you look for? >> we would say it's anybody on the go and need fast nutrition, part of the reason why the company was founded, they wanted healthy options on the go. to grab a juice and ensure you get the nutrients through the day is a great opportunity. you can pair it with other clean eating diets, right now we're doing soup reboot, clean eating that has not only juices but also has warm soups with them. it can be full picture or you can use
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few days. >> this can be a meal replacement or you can add this to your diet. some of the wines with fruit have higher sugar content and higher calories. how do you create a plan right for you? >> on our website you can order for delivery or come by the stores. we have five stores in d.c., shop associates can create a reboot for you but we have set programs that contain more greens, some are nut milks and more extreme than others in terms of like low fruit as much as possible. >> and more greens. >> more greens. >> this green one is actually delicious. it must have a little fruit in it. i have tried this and there are some that are strictly green and taste lie vegetables. >> that's our fuel me up one. our beginning green. we do add juice to that. with some of our juices we do three different varia
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become a more advanced rebooter so to speak, we take out some of the fruits. for newfuel me up -- >> what's this red one? >> that guy right there -- our favorite. >> pick me up. it's beet, carrot, lemon, orange and apple. >> really delicious. >> it gives you a really pink -- >> no more lip gloss what's this last one? >> that's the clean me up one. that's your typical cleanser, right, little spicy, just err on the caution but it's delicious and helps to line the stomach with a little bit of lemon and when we have very acidic stressful life styles. >> you have a special offer for us today. >> we do, for all of those individuals looking to kick start their healthy diet living in the d.c. area, you can use code nbc 10 and get 10% off on the first order and we deliver to your door. >> thank you so
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us. >> thank you. >> alyssa. >> i want to taste that stuff. we want to thank thousands of you who came to our health and fitness expo this weekend. we love being able to meet you. so many of you over the weekend. if you couldn't make it out to the convention center that's okay, you can start planning now to come next year. >> if you wouldn't do it here, probably doing it at the clinic or hospital and charge you a co-pay. here you get it free. >> next year we'll mark 25 years as the host of the nbc 4 health and wellness expo. it took a student with a right idea to come up with a blue print to change young lives. how to make prosthetic limbs aavailable for children who needed them. kerrie sanders has the inspiring story. >> reporter: we begin
11:47 am
albert manero, a ph.d. in engineering. wait a second. stop. see that kid at his side, the journey begins two and a half years ago with young alex. >> when i get to it -- born without an arm, his mother wrote an open letter to the university of south california. could someone please make a prosthetic arm for my son. albert the student wondered could he take classroom theories and put them into action. with help from the classmates he came up with a plan and used a 3-d printer and inserted off the shelf components and made an arm and yes, it worked. what began with one arm for one child became another for another kid then another. then another. in all, 20 arms, 20 lives changed. >> we were very clear from the beginning our intent is that families shouldn't have to pay for their child bornho
11:48 am
and our goal is to see how long we can do that for. >> reporter: how do you feel in your heart? >> very warm. in engineering we don't normally get the experience to work with a family happy in the end. we work with machines and it's cold and rigorous and this blends both of those aspects together and i'm very thankful to that. >> reporter: to date the non-profit limitless has sent the blueprints to families and student engineers in 176 different countries. >> i have watched a kind of nervous 6-year-old grow into a very confident 9-year-old. >> reporter: which brings us back to where we started this story, a graduation where the boy who once had no arm now lends a hand to a newly minted ph.d. who discovered his mission after reading a mother's hopeful letter. >> i think right now i found a passion and found an opportunity where we can rally people really to impact their community and i wouldn't trade that for the world. >> reporter: lives chaed
11:49 am
ucf's latest ph.d. in engineering who did what engineers do, solve problems. kerry sanders, nbc news, orlando. the dresses we liked the most at the golden globes awards. >> and a few we didn't. >> it was so awesome and i got to meet a lot of people and i just loved it, loved my performance. >> but first, this is 7-year-old rapper young dylan, filling ellen it on his trip to toronto to perform at the raptors game and meeting his hero drake. tune in to see more of his tiventure starng at 3:00 right
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it is awards season in hollywood. just as they are winners on stage, there are winners on the red carpet. >> we saw a lot of different styles last night at the golden globes and one of the major trends was the color of yellow. which came as a surprise to "today" show critics. >> everyone picks the pantone color of the year. last year's buttercup yellow, everybody was wearing it -- >> isn't it green? >> it's going to be green and nobody wore it. no one got the memo or everyone decided not to do it. >> all right, so these are the
11:53 am
this was jessica chastain, who is gorgeous. the prada dress was embellished but she could look better. >> it looks too drapy and she could have worn something more youthful. >> another one was sara jessica parker's it too much, to hide her arms -- i do like the halo hair. still love her. >> this was one of my favorites, emma stone's dress from last night, she wore this valentin no dress and had silver stars on it. i feel like it really matched the movie that she won for, "la la land," she looked so lovely. another huge winner in my book, lilly kol inz, light pink gown, this is covered in roses i just think it was so beautiful. beautiful. >> it was pretty. i have to agree there. my favorite included
11:54 am
vergara's dress. she didn't, she didn't do the straight across thing and she had the pony tail which she said before you're not supposed to wear a pony tail after 40, she looks amazing. >> she's a gorgeous woman. >> i also liked blake lively's gown. she always looks great. >> super duper. >> time to take a look at weather. hi, sheena. >> i like sophie vergara's dress too. temperatures around 30 degrees for a high today and that's going to be the case as we go into early tomorrow morning but we warm up in the afternoon. max 1 will show temperatures for the ten-day forecast, quite a bit of a warm-up, especially as we get closer to thursday. temperatures will be in the of 60s, you can enjoy that as we go into your thursday. for now we're going to stay cold today but there you see it, nice nd
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>> that's it for news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. we're back
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♪ stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ ♪ the show is almost live ♪ just as your heart >> if these photos get out -- >> oh! >> everyone. >> there he is. he wasn't there by the way. he taped that in england. fall lon killed it last night with his


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