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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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a glimpse into security ahead of donald trump's inauguration. chilling video inside an airport in florida. tonight the gunman appears in court amid questions about the warning signs in the weeks before his deadly rampage. new fallout after an fbi raid inside the prince george's county liquor board and who could be facing chae ining char we begin tonight with the weather. bitter cold air all over the area tonight. we just learned spotsylvania county schools will be closed tomorrow. and fredericksburg schools will open two hours late because of the conditions out there. the good news is relief is coming. tom, what's going on? >> it cannot come soon enough. wea we've had three days in a row of sub freezing temperatures. we stayed in the 20s all day today. and temperatures under a
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hovering in the low to mid 20s. there's the view of our western sky, now dusk is come right over the region. the earth's shadow is now spreading across our region. live view from our tower camera. those clouds off to our west. no rain or snow anywhere in the vicinity the r vicinity. windchills are still hovering in the teens around much of the region. hour by hour as we get into the evening we stay in the low 20s all through the evening. pla partly cloudy with a light wind. then finally getting above freezing by late tomorrow morning. a look at the warmup on the way in just a few minutes. if you have the nbc washington app, you just got an alert that the lights are out again at the washington monument, the second time in this new
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not only are the spotlights out, but it appears the red blinking lights that direct air traffic at the top of the monument are also out. that could be a dangerous situation for planes and helicopters as well. we just got word from pepco that it is not a problem on their end. this has something to do with the monument itself. something similar happened last tuesday. the park service was blaming it on malfunctioning light timers. the national park service says its engineer is on the scene working to try to fix the problem. the monument is closed to visitors for the next couple of years as they make repairs to the elevator system. the man accused in the deadly shooting at an airport in florida was in court for the first time today. the judge told him he could face the death penalty. we're also getting a look at some disturbin
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showing the moments leading up to the rampage. >> reporter: in less than 20 minutes inside a federal court iraq war veteran esteban santiago learned he could now face the dpeath penalty. he's facing federal charges involving murder, firearms and airport violence. it comes as disturbing video shows the moment the shooting at the fort lauderdale airport began. steve frapier says this laptop stopped a bullet. >> it absolutely saved my life. >> reporter: in november santiago told the fbi the government was controlling his mind, making him watch isis videos. he was put on a watch for mental illness. his gun taken away. soon after, he was released and that gun returned. his brother in ben
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puerto rico says it was a call for help. >> they have responsibility. they knew he had psychological problems. >> reporter: we're also learning more about the victims, like shirley timmons, leaving behind a husband, three daughters and eight grandchildren. for santiago more charges are a possibility. senate hearings were set to start tomorrow for some of donald trump's top cabinet nominees. but the usual ethic checks are not finished yet. now there's late word that mr. trump plans to name his son-in-law jarred curbed kushne top white house post. >> reporter: no longer a plan. here's the announcement from the trump transition just a few minutes ago that president-elect donald trump today announces jared kushner -- that's his son-in-law -- will be a senior advisor. that kind of nepotism was banned by congress in 1967 after president jfk put
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bobby kennedy in as u.s. attorney general. trump transition lawyers tell nbc news they found a 1978 court ruling that would appear, they say, to exempt any president from that anti-nepotism rule when it comes to staffing their own white house. a top aide confirmed the president-elect is giving a top job to his son-in-law. hiring jared kushner, ivanka's husband, as senior advisor. as trump today hailed fee yacht for hiring 2,000 u.s. workers and chinese billionaire for selling u.s. products in china. >> we had a great meeting. it's jobs. >> reporter: jobs in the trump cabinet are causing controversy. not all the nominees who have hearings tomorrow and wednesday have passed background checks. >> many have vast holdings in stocks and very few have experience in government. so they've not been appropriately vetted. >> reporter: no problem, said the senate republican leader. >> everybody will be properly
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vetted as they have been in the past. >> reporter: jeff sessions is up tomorrow, nominated for attorney general. the conservative alabama senator was rejected for a federal judgeship in 1986 after revelations he made racist remarks. >> i am not a racist. >> reporter: opponents today mocked claims that sessions changed his ideology. >> he has a different racist political ideology. >> reporter: other leaders disagree. >> senator sessions is not a racist. >> reporter: trump wednesday will finally layout his plan to avoid family conflicts of interest. >> all i can say is it's very simple, very easy. >> reporter: or complex if his children run the trump business. this is also an extremely busy time for the agencies tasked with keeping us all safe during the inauguration. tonight we're getting a look at the fbi's preparations for the big event to come. pat collins downtown now with more on this. >> reporter: jim, how safe will the
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well, the fbi's on the case. at the fbi washington field office, in a windowless room upstairs, law enforcement officials and fbi agents will execute the inauguration day security plan. there are cameras to monitor the movements in the city and bosses from virtually all the badge carrying agencies will be here if and when something needs to be done. are you ready? >> we are ready. we've been planning and preparing for this for many, many months now. we've done it before. we do this type of work each and every day. so we're confident and ready for the event. >> this looks for carbon monoxide. >> reporter: on the street today, the fbi displayed some of the
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they have to. robots, bomb suits, explosive detection devices. they even have a medical unit to respond if need be. >> it's easy to look inside the van. we're a fully advanced life support unit. everything you'd see in a typical medical unit. >> reporter: now, for people planning on attending the inauguration, this message from the fbi. >> we want everybody to come out and participate and enjoy the event, but we also ask everyone to be aware and vigilant while they're out there. >> reporter: you probably have it memorized by now but it's still good advice. if you see something, say something. and be safe. the current commander in chief is preparing to gi
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chicago. president obama is expects to talk about his accomplishments and the challenges moving forward. right now the president is still facing tough questions about the democrats devastating losses in november. >> part of what i'm interested in doing after i get out of the presidency is to make sure i'm working with the next generation so they understand you can't just rely on inspiration. >> you can watch president obama's farewell address tomorrow night at 9:00 right here on nbc 4. new developments in the bribery investigation of the prince george's county liquor board. the director david sun is accused of negatiotiating payme between liquor store owners and elected officials. today we learned that some of the elected officials involved could go as high as the state government.
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>> reporter: the director of the prince george's county liquor board has been locked up since his arrest on thursday. the other three people who were arrested were released that same day. but the feds held him. today he was allowed to walk out of this court house, but they're going to be watching him closely. the director of the prince george's county liquor board has to say in his home 24 hours a day and can only speak with his wife. no electronics and no communication devices, period. david sun is the man at the center of an fbi investigation into wrongdoing on the prince george's county liquor board. he served as the board's director and was once a commissioner. according to the fbi affidavit, sun's accused of negotiates bribe payments between elected officials, at least one lobbyist and liquor store business owners. >> we do have the sunday sales numbers. >> reporter: most of the investigation centers around the passing of the prince george's county bill to have liquor sold on sundays. sun is accused of paying
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would pass and then accepting payment from store owners who wanted to make sure they got one of the licenses. sun wore a wire for 11 months, providing hundreds of recordings. according to the affidavit, in one recorded conversation, sun says we got you three. the fbi says that means $3,000. he then instructs the elected official to go to the men's bathroom saying, he's going to hook you up. that's where the elected official meets owner of central avenue liquors right here. pag paying the elected official money in connection to the sunday sales bill. in court the u.s. attorney says it was sun who caused the fbi to quickly wrap its investigation and raid several locations including the liquor board and area businesses last thursday. they alleged that he was trying to sabotage the case. according to the fbi affidavit, if you had a problem with
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went to go see sun. if you had an issue that you wanted to be taken care of in the legislature, you went to go see sun. this man is considered the center of this investigation, now being held at home until they're ready for him to come back to court. we are expecting elected officials to be arrested as well. last we heard is it was going to happen before the beginning of the session on wednesday. a disturbing crime in the hallway of a d.c. apartment building. we'll tell you what we know about the young victim and the search for her killer. beaten and portured and broadcast live on facebook. today a local family is calling for compassion days after this high profile attack in chicago. >> reporter: plenty of buses here at this new transit center but no smart trip cards so you can pay to use the bus.
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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>> the transit agency says rail cars themselves are a big part of the problem. metro will report that 60 pr%
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car breakdowns. statistics show that four times a day everyone has to be taken off a train somewhere to wait for another train because of issues. metro is retiring the oldest cars in its fleet. the automobile business is boom right now. ford has announced it will create thousands of jobs to build the vehicles of the future. some of those were on display for the first time today at the auto show in detroit. >> reporter: the world gathering in motor city for the annual international auto show. >> this is a natural place to be the granddaddy of all
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your grandfather's cars. they have cameras and internet connections. high-tech has become just as important as horse power for today's drivers. >> the wanalysts say driverless have moved into the fast lane and in the next few years could become a part of our daily commute. >> multiple auto makers have committed to bringing level four autonomy by 2020. >> reporter: the car of the year is the chevy bolt. the truck of the year is the honda ridgeline. both vehicles expected to be major player in ann
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breaking sales records for the last seven years. now, we've been talking about the future but this industry is also embracing its past. today ford announced it will bring back the bronco and the smaller ranger pickup truck. while jeep is reintroducing the wood panelled wagoneer. bad weather today dhaed t e the launch of a space x rocket caring communicate satellites for a local company. they have ten satellites on the rocket. the first of 70 that they plan to put into space to replace ones that are aging. the maneuvering only allows for a one-second launch window. today that small window was filled with rain and high winds. the next attempt will be on saturday. this is the first flight for
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explosion last year. a hollywood legend takes aim at donald trump without mentioning him by name. tonight reaction still coming in. . a perfect match and a life saving surgery. we'll show you the emotional reunion between a local woman and the stranger she helped save. people across the east coast digging out fr this omwe
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they're catching the blues out on the west coast. a storm is pounding parts of california and nevada with heavy rain and flooding. trees have been uprooted out there. road have been washed away by mudslides and flood waters. the trouble is just starting, with the rain expected to continue throughout the week. and parts of the east coast are still working to dig out after this weekend's winter storm. temperatures haven't risen above freezing in many spots, leaving some roads still covered in ice. in virginia alone, there were nearly 800 car crashes over the weekend. parts of new england saw more than a foot of snow. ten inches of snow fell in various parts of north carolina. nothing like that here. but we still do have some snow on the ground. >> none of it melted because we have been below freezing since friday afternoon. after that light snow we got on
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freezing all day sunday. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera over looking northwest washington, still cold. very a very light breeze now. just a few high clouds drifting over the region right now. good travel weather up and down the atlantic seaboard, up and down 95 and locally as well. all the pavement is dry now. we just have that dust to have salt we had put down from saturday. right now down to 19 degrees in frederick and gaithersburg. culpepper down to 18. reagan national is at 24. shenandoah valley also quite cold now, in the upper teens to just about 20 degrees.
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hour by hour, into ten aing all the way until midnight we'll be hovering here in the low 20s to near near 20 degrees throughout most of the region. we're going to sort of hold steady there. for the morning commute we'll have dry payment. waiting at the bus stop, you're going to want your warmest winter gear. finally getting above freezing for the first time since friday afternoon by late morning and noontime we'll be in the mid 30s. heading back home from work and school, we'll be in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. just some clouds increasing as we get into tuesday night. during the day on wednesday, we'll have maybe some showers coming in. s in -- in the morning, rain showers. and staying
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40s in the morning on thursday. thursday afternoon soaring into the 60s. quite a dramatic change from where we are now. we'll be hovering in the low to mid 60s on thursday afternoon. cloudy on friday. only a small chance of a sprinkle. in the 50s all day long. then colder air tries to push in on saturday. might get a little bit of sleet or freezing rain northern suburbs. for dr. king day on monday, maybe a little light rain, in the mid 50s. the inauguration just days away now. tonight, a warning for people who live or work near the parade route. what you're being asked to bring even if you don't plan to attend. lights out at the washin
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monument for the second time in a matter of days. and finding purpose after a senseless tragedy. how the communi ty
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a murder mystery in the district. a young woman stabbed to death inside an apartment building. countdown to inauguration
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areas that will be affected by next week's ceremony and parade. saving the life of a stranger. a local kidney donor and resip yen resipient. a local family shares the challenging they face on a daily basis with their special needs son. >> it is a hundred times worse for a special needs kid to be mocked. the lights at the washington museum are out for the second time in less than a week. >> reporter: hey, jim. lights out again at the washington monument. it's so strange to see one of the most iconic places
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know go dark again, as you mentioned, for the second time in just a week. so the white lights that we all know, those are out and so are those blinking red lights that you know are always at the very top of the monument. those lights, the red ones are aviation warning lights used by the faa. this is a no fly zone, but aircraft does use those lights in some way. the national park service has notified the faa about this. the national park service are telling us there is no power going into the monument. the park service has notified pepco. they're telling us the problem is not their equipment. the national park service does have maintenance people. they're telling us they're on site right now assessing the situation. they tell us this outage is not
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related to last week's. that was tuesday evening when the lights on the monument went out. the red aviation lights did not go out that time last week. waiting to hear more from the park service. we will pass that along. the monument has been closed since august. so odd to see it in the dark again. a young woman is dead. the killer is still on the loose tonight in northwest d.c. police found the victim. they found her in the hallway of a building along w street last night. she had been stabbed several times. she's from togo in west africa. she lived nearby. so far no word on
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happened. friends of a yoga instructor murdered in the district have set up a fund in her honor. she was killed on christmas day. a fund has been set up in her name to help theater professionals get health insurance. more than $35,000 had been raced to far. she was found strangled in her car. a man named duane adrian johnson has been charged with first degree murder in her death. back now to the presidential transition, cabinet hearings are getting underway this week, but the officer of government ethics says it has not received proper paperwork from some of the nominees. ethics experts are sounding the alarm. >> hearings should be postponed for any of the nominees who have not provided the ethics paperwork. we need to understand their conflicts. we need to understand how they're going to do their job. >> back in february of 200
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mcconnell sent democrats a leader noting he expected ethics materials to be submitted before a hearing takes place. today senate minority leader ch chuck schumer sent the same letter back to mcconnell. it may also be the hardest to decide for shops in the golden triangle area west of the white house. >> reporter: d.c. and federal law enforcement officials met with about 200 people from the downtown golden triangle business improvement district. the popular area lies just west and north of the white house. >> and every four years we have a massive event. >> reporter: this is the executive director. business owners and retail operators were there for a confidenti r
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is the simple advice shut down? >> well, the simple advice is know what's happening. make your plans accordingly. >> reporter: jeremy ridgeway is the assistant manager of the 116 room hampton inn near the white house. advice to his employees? >> definitely leaving for work early. and we're telling the guests that are going to be coming in the same thing to allow extra time to get in. >> reporter: d.c. police chief peter newsome told news4 all employees downtown need to pay attention to a steady round of street closings beginning january 19th. >> if they choose to be open, we're going to try and accommodate folks. it would be the one day of the year i would bring your identification with you. >> reporter: what about the people living downtown? >> that's a great question. we have a lot of new residents in washington, d.c.
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attention to the information that's put out there. >> you can find the complete rundown of inaugural events in the nbc washington app. now to new reaction on meryl streep's golden globes moment last night when she accepted a lifetime achievement award, she called out donald trump for one of his campaign's most controversial moments. >> it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. it kind of broke my heart. >> streep was referring to the moment in november of 2015 when donald trump appeared to mock a disabled "new york times" reporter. this morning mr. trump fired back on twitter. he called
6:38 pm
his words, a hillary flunky. he also denied he ever mocked the reporter. we wanted to know what you think of meryl streep's speech. did you agree or disagree? so far more than half of the people who responded to our survey say they agree with streep. 57%. still to come, strangers reunited after a life saving surgery. plus a lesson in compassion amid a disturbing attack broadcast on facebook live. saint mary's county schools will be delayed two hours tomorrow morning due to the lingering effects from that snow on saturday and our polar plunge that's been going on for three days is finally coming to an end.
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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nbc 4 has been working for you in the community by hosting the health and fitness expo. >> one woman who returned to the expo this past weekend came with a special story to share. she donated a kidney to a stranger after being inspired by what she learned at last year's expo. >> we're here today because i donated my kidney to a complete stranger about two weeks ago. >> reporter: sarah is a photographer taking pictures at nbc 4's health and fitness expo last year. >> the health and fitness last year was a cool event. that's when i first started out finding how high kidney disease is in the d.c. area. if i'm healthy enough and i can save somebody's life, why not. i had to give up two weeks of my life to save somebody else's. i'
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>> reporter: that life she saved -- >> the angel came down and here we are. >> reporter: jose reyes, stage five kidney disease left him needing a new one. >> it's touching. bear with me for a minute. a lot of people prayed for me. it gave me an opportunity to see my kids grow. i feel like i got a good chance now. >> reporter: the hospital's privacy policy meant they couldn't they couldn't meet until now. >> hi. >> oh my god. >> thank you so much. >> they now have a kidney in common. they've also got compassion. >> i'm going to ask. >> yeah. >> why? >> becaus i had two and i didn't need both of them. >> to give so much of yourself and then on my part to receive such a
6:43 pm
special. just hard to even put into words. >> reporter: there's plenty of time for that. the two say they plan to stay in touch. >> if i was having another child, boy or girl, guess what the name would be? >> sarah. >> there you go. >> one more time, please. thank you so much. i appreciate you. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> the generosity of people never fails to amaze. we want to say thank you to all the people who came out and joined us at the health expo over the weekend. great stories there. coming up, a milestone in the thec
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mmmmm.....oohhhh... yeah.... skunks apparently have two glands on either side of the stop talking! the new year savings event at havertys. life looks good.
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that facebook live video showing a chicago teenager being beaten and tortured is disturbing. and unfortunately not unusual. many say it's an example of the type of mistreatment that people with special needs often face. news4's meagan fitzgerald has reaction tonight from one local family. >> music is his biggest thing. he sings cakaraoke songs. >> reporter: music makes raj's son bencat smile. it's what he loves. for raj, these moments are priceless. >> his biggest handicap is he's autistic and he doesn't have communication skills. >> reporter: he was diagnosed when he was 2 years old. it's a challenge for him, but he tries not to allow autism to control his life. >> i went to work. >> reporter: working is just one
6:47 pm
>> the saddest part is we can see the personality in him. i'm sure he feels even more frustrated. >> reporter: what's sad and even more heartbreaking is when raj says he saw this video. four chicago area adults filming themselves fortutorturing an 1-year-old with speci 18-year-old with special needs. >> kirsten is the chief marketing officer for special olympics. she says oftentimes simple acts of kindness can go along way. >> say something like hello to someone you might feel is different or being isolated. it makes all the difference. >> reporter: raj says those jes ju
6:48 pm
in bencat's life. >> it is ten to hundred times worse for a special needs kid to be mocked. they cannot express themselves. >> bye. did you know that it's been ten years now -- ten years ago today that apple debuted its very first iphone. the people at the company started working on the project back in 2004 under the code name project purple. steve jobs said the phone's touch screen would change the world. he said that when he released the product back in san francisco in 2007.
6:49 pm
>> it does make you wonder what we'll be doing ten years from now. tom, get off your phone and tell us the forecast. >> do you know how many times i've been to a restaurant and people people are just doing like that? >> right. they may be texting people one able over. >> or each other. >> i have a gray car. but it's all white now covered the salt. >> mine too. >> we are finally going to get above freezing. you can't wash your car yet because we've been so cold here. you can finally wash your car tomorrow and get that salt off. there's a view of washington on this monday
6:50 pm
traffic moving smoothly on dry pavement. as we look here for tonight -- no snow anywhere in our vicinity, no travel problems. temperatures are hovering only around 20 degrees. reagan national is at 24. mid 20s right around the bay. windchills are down into the low to mid teens. hour by hour into the evening we'll stay right stuck on 20 degrees pretty much all night long and into tomorrow morning. for the morning commute we'll stay dry. for the lunch haour, though, finally above freezing. wednesday morning, might get a little light rain and then in the afternoon a little sun back. look at this, inhe
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60s on thursday. friday into the 50s. maybe a little bit of a wintery mix north of town on friday. nice into next week as well. we have sports coming up. our guys are looking for a new defensive coordinator. we ♪ new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics,
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hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms.
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winning streak in the nhl right now. >> we love that. >> they have a good game tonight in montreal. braiden holtby up for the challenge. the caps goalie benched during tuesday's game last week and rebounded by posting back to back shutouts, now tied for the league lead in shutouts with five. the caps on fire right now. again they're going for their nhl best fifth straight win right now, just two points out of second place in the metro division. braiden named the nhl's third star of the week. >> i don't think my confidence really waivers too much. i think it's more what i've been working on where i feel comfortable. still a couple times in
6:55 pm
other way. i'll prepare tonight to be better and make up for those. >> caps going for their sixth straight win tonight. what do you think of who to interview for defensive coordinators, obviously you look at the cleveland browns. >> what? wait. >> i read that wrong. i was supposed to say the redskins interview and browns are not expected to be in the same sentence. my bad. burgundy and gold do in fact interview former brown's head coach mike pettine. he went 22-2 in two seasons. not too good. his defenses have never ranked below tenth in yards allowed and in 2009 was number one in yard allowed and points. >> the next head coach of howard university football mike london. yes, that's
6:56 pm
>> mike london. >> that's right. a new era for howard bison. he won an fcs title with the spiders and assistant at maryland. >> it's about a culture and mindset that you set. i'd rather be a thermostat than a thermometer. the thermostat sets the temperature. when you become a head coach, you have a chance to inflounuen things. i'm going to have a team meeting at 3:00 today. >> congrats and good luck to
6:57 pm
coach london. >> that left ring finger is a sight to see. it would go really well with a gold jacket. i sat down recently with the hall of fame finalists. today wants to show you how emotional he becomes as he blames the owners on the state of the skins unsigned quarterback. >> they're the ones that have done this. and now all of a sudden he's not worth it. you're the ones paying the money. the guy down in houston, he got benched. osweiler because he played six good games and he gets a big contract from houston. i will tell you this. this is my thought and my opinion. if they don't get him signed and some of these other teams that get certain head coaches on them, he will be gone.
6:58 pm
>> so a lot of people are starting to agree with me. >> agree with you or him? >> exactly. >> okay. >>ou're going y
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tonight, cop killer manhunt. an officer gunned down, another dies while searching for the suspect, accused of fatally shooting a pregnant mother. a city in fear with an armed and dangerous man on the loose. family ties. president-elect trump names his son-in-law, jared kushner, as a top adviser inside the white house. a storm of controversy over anti-nepotism laws and possible conflicts of interest. school bus inferno. dozens of children saved in the nick of time. the driver being hailed as a hero. buyer beware. popular over-the-counter pills marketed as a boost for your memory, now the feds say there's no evidence they work. golden moments with hollywood's biggest stars, but it's the pint-sized shutterbug behind the camera who's


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