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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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. now at 11:00, get ready. we're in for another frigid night. some schools have already decided to delay class or even to close tomorrow. storm team 4 is tracking the cold as well as a big change. plus --
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like is this really happening? they're about to take down my whole home. >> outraged and out of her home. new at 11:00, a local mother breaks harry silence after her son's christmas gift goes up in flames. almost two years to the day since the deadly smoke incident under the streets of d.c. why metro says tonight it's not liable for a local woman's death. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> good evening. we begin went to the blast of bitter cold. but the end is in sight. >> we haven't been above the freezing mark in more than three days and the wind chills have made it seem even colder. >> as people cope with the cold we're getting word of school closings and delays for tomorrow. but first storm center 4 and tom kieran with the latest. >> yes, the end is near. the end to this blast of frigid weather
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weather. we're hovering just about 20 degrees. the clouds are continuing to track off from the south and east coming in from the north and west. local radar not picking up any snow in the vicinity. i don't think it's all dry right now. we'll stay this way overnight tonight. our temperatures are hovering just near 20 degrees. a little bit of a breeze bringing the wind chills to the low teens. we're in the 20s in the suburbs. hour by hour all the way into the morning hours we'll be hovering in the metro area right around 20 degrees. finally getting above freezing tomorrow. we'll look at that and the weather for the rest of the week. the bitter cold and the remnants of this weekend's snow means some schools are delayed or even closing tomorrow. spotsle vainian county schools will stay closed. page county public schools and
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maryland cal vert and st. mary's county schools will open two hours late. we'll update this list on the nbc washington app as the news changes. we'll have the latest closures and delays when you wake up tomorrow. they'll be starting at 4:26 a.m. >> it's one thing to avoid the cold, but it's another thing when you have to be out in it all day or night. news 4's shomari stone are talking to folks who are working to beat this bitter stuff. what did you find? >> reporter: well, jim, i have to tell you, there are people who are working really hard tonight. we've been out here for around ten minutes. we were in that live truck right over there. walked over here. and it's nothing compared to the people who have to work for hours in this cold. we're here at dupont circle. you look right up there and i tell you, people are walking by. they say, shomari, what is the temperature? there it is. 25 degrees according to that thermometer. people are trying to cope with th
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how. [ whistle ] a crew directs traffic at 14th street and pennsylvania avenue. >> it's cold. >> reporter: they warn drivers not to block the box. it feels like one -- an ice box out here. just ask this man in dupont circle. >> living here for a couple years, it's sort of torture walking around in the cold. >> reporter: temperature is in the lower 20s and feels like the lower teens about people get off the metro rail wearing coats, hats and gloves. >> it's cold. it's freezing. i cannot wait. >> working tonight in the cold we are. >> reporter: good stuff eatery, a catering company in arlington, delivers food to a party. >> our hands are cold but we've got hot food here. we just want to bring it upstairs to these folks. >> crisp air. little guy loves it. >> reporter: mallory walks carefree
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are you cold? oh, thank you. you're so cute. isn't he just adorable little fluff ball? now, i'm sure he and the people we interviewed cannot wait for the warmer temperatures midweek. meteorologists will tell you more about that. back to you, doreen. >> shomari, thank you. one of the strongest storms in years is drenching northern and central california due to a weather pattern known as an atmospheric river. crews rescued a person trapped in a home by rising flood waters 80 miles out of san francisco. that person will be ok. a different extreme on the east coast. rescuers brave the thin ice to save a stranded deer from a river in connecticut. struggling with the skittish doe who was chasing coyotes when she slid on to the ice. it took a while but the crew finally got her on to the riv
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just getting started and now it's the perfect time to have the nbc washington app downloaded to your smartphone and have updates ready to go and the latest forecast from storm team 4. here with a live desk. we are just getting our hands on a new court document that show metro asking the court to dismiss all lawsuits related to that deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza and putting the blame squarely on d.c. first responders. in just a few days, we'll mark two years since the crisis in which an electrical malfunction caused a yellow line train to fill with smoke. carol glover died, dozens others got sick. tonight metro is denying all liability. the agency has a filed cross-claim against the district saying d.c. fire was negligent. it ignored critical information it was trying to communicate.
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paramedics claims they dropped him off a stretcher on his head. d.c. fire sentn inexperienced battalion command other ter to scene. quote, as a result of d.c. fire and emergency services utter disregard for its duties in responding to such emergencies, metrorail passengers experienced injuries that were more severe than they otherwise would have been and the event ended in tragedy. bottom line, metro claims that because of how it is set up as an agency, it is immune from all these lawsuits and the responsibility falls on d.c. fire. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. thank you, the lights are back on, but we likely won't find out until tomorrow at the soonest why the washington monument lost power this evening. earlier all power to the washington monument went out. it's the second time in less than a week that there's been a power issue at the monument. but tonight the red avs lights
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electricians say they traced tonight's issue to a ground fault. they say they plan to look into it more tomorrow. now to new details about donald trump's latest edition to his future administration. his son-in-law jared kushner named a special adviser today. he'll resign from all positions with his companies and divest substantial assets. kushner also plans to forgo a salary while serving, an effort that an official with the trump transition team says should help combat any potential challenges on anti-nepotism laws. meanwhile, this will be a jam packed week up on capitol hill with senate hearings for trump's cabinet appointees. tomorrow includes one of trump's more controversial picks, senator jeff sessions for attorney general. democrats john lewis and cory booker plan to testify. also tomorrow general john kelly for homeland security. then on wednesday, four hearings including rex
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state department. democrats have pushed back some because some of the nominees haven't yet completed federal background checks. tomorrow president obama will carry out a tradition that dates back more than 200 years to george washington. the president will travel to his hometown, chicago, to deliver a farewell address. he plans to celebrate what's changed for the better in the past eight years and to give his thoughts on where to go from here. you can watch the president's speech here on nbc 4 starting at 9:00 p.m. bomb suits, robots and explosive detection devices just some of the tools the fbi says tonight it has to keep everybody safe during the inauguration. today the agency talked about security for the big event, and officials say after months of planning, they're ready for anything. reps from all major law enforcement agencies will be at the fbi's washington field office to monitor cameras all over the city. while the fbi says there's no credible tea
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people who plan to attend to be vigilant. some downtown businesses are wondering whether it's worth it to stay open on inauguration day. you just heard how tight security will be. there will be road closures and a lot of extra traffic. d.c.'s interim police chief says officers will work to accommodate any business that chooses to stay open. he said it would be a good idea for employees to bring their i.d.s and to give themselves extra time to get around. the day after the inauguration may be just as crowded. tens of thousands are expect to take part in the women's march on washington. america ferrera is just one of the celebrities who plans to be there. organizers have a list including katy perry, amy schumer, scarlett johansson, cher and julianne moore. developing now the manhunt for a murder suspect now also wanteded in connection with the deaths of two law enforcement officer. one of the victims was a married mother of two, orlandose
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deborah clayton was one of the first to respond to the pulse nightclub shooting attack last june. police say markeith lloyd shot and killed her this morning. sheriff's deputy marvin lewis died while trying to chase lloyd down. a shiny new transit center with a big inconvenience. what riders say needs to change at the region's newest transit hup. this is all that's left of a home destroyed when a charging hoverboard caught fire. i'll have the story ahead. plus inspired by the desire to be healthy and fit. >> the angels came down and here we are. >> we're there as a local man meets the woman whose decision to donate saved his life.
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s beautiful to me.
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a d.c. mom thought a hofberboard would be the perfect christmas gift for her young son. but tonight she and her family have to find somewhere else to live. >> she says the toy caught on fire. it was so bad she doesn't know when her family can return home. tonight she's raising concerns about the popular toy new at 11:00. >> shannon williams walked into the southwest d.c. home she used to live in with her two little boys. that is, until their hoverboard caught fire. frmg the fire started in this room right here. this is my kids' room. the hoverboard was plugged up right here, this outlet. as you can see, this is the hoverboard right here. >> or what's left of it.
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was charging the scooter friday. she says it had been charging for about 35 minutes. when they returned home from an errand, her son discovered the blaze right next to the boys' bunk beds. >> it was sparking and smoking and flames coming up from the hornerboard. >> she tried to put out the flames but it was no use. sparks caught the sheets and other bedding on fire and spread very quickly. williams tells me she bought the hoverboard for her 7-year-old son as a christmas present, never dreamed it could cost them their home. >> it was like an unreal, surreal moment. like is this really happening? this hoverboard is about to take down my whole home. >> she shows me the owner's manual. she bought it from this store for $200 about the u.s. consumer product commission is investigating. >> i would hope they'd pull them off the market at least until they're able to test them and h
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what's causing them to overhaute and self-destruct like that. >> williams and her 3 and 7-year-old boys are getting housing help from the salvation army for now. she's trying to figure out the way forward. >> everything in their room, you know, and this would have been christmas, all their clothes, all their belongings. they pretty much lost everything except for what they had on their backs. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. friends and family have set up a go fund me page. we have a link to it on our nbc washington app. search hoverboard. it's now the largest bus transfer center in our region, but it's still going to be a couple of weeks before you'll be able to buy a smart trip card at the new tacoma langley crossroads. that center officially opened december 22nd. one passenger contacted us when he said he went to get a card for the bus but was told to go to a convenience store. that passenger had to go a mile away to find one in
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>> it should not fall on to you when you're to serve the public. i was told i could buy a card and commute. i couldn't do that. >> maryland transit officials say they're not sure why the cards weren't there when it opened. you can add value to an existing smart trip card or use cash. we had a great time getting to meet so many of you at the nbc 4 health and fitness expo over the weekend. we were working for you, sharing new ways to work out as well as healthy cooking tips and resources on mental health as part of our changing minds initiative. be sure to mark your calendars for next year when we'll be marking 25 years of the expo. and the expo's even better when you take what you learn and maybe make somebody else's life better. one woman that took pictures at last year's expo came back this year with a story
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sarah miknis donated a kidney to a stranger two weeks ago. she had learned last year how many people in our area suffered from kidney disease. today at the george washington hospital and sarah met the man who now has one of her kidneys. >> hey. >> oh, my god. >> thank you so much. >> hospital rules met sarah couldn't meet josh reyes before the operation. reyes had stage five kidney disease. he says it's hard to put into words what sarah's kidney will mean for him, his fiancee and his children. >> what a bond they all have. that's great. we're about to have some changes. we're going to be happy with. >> have you had enough? >> enough of the freezing cold? yes. >> you don't want anymore. >> i'm slipping on the ice. >> w
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we'll finally get above freezing late tomorrow morning, but between now and then still subfreezing temperatures. hang in there. relief is on the way. as we take a look outside now. we've got dry pavement. good weather for the evening hours, just cold. we've got the washington monument live view from our city camera. what to wear tonight? just about everything you can find in the closet. if you are out and about taking a brisk walk before you hit the sack, warm coat, hat, gloves and skr scarf. you'll need at tomorrow morning as well. the radar not showing anything here locally coming out of those clouds. don't have any snow. everything will stay dry. speak of weather for the commute tomorrow morning, temperatures are hovering right around 20 degrees just about everywhere from the shenandoah valley to the chesapeake bay. it will hold steady 20 degrees for the rest of the
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we still have a bit of a breeze. we have still to talk about wind chills. they're not as brutal as they were over the weekend. wind chills around the low teens or so and that will be what's greeting you when you wake up tomorrow morning. for the morning commute at the bus stop and the metro you'll be glad you wore your winter gear. it will be hovering around 20. then in the afternoon, the mid-30s. you can wash some of that salt off your car, above freezing, around 40. storm team 4 ten-day outlook. into wednesday morning likely rain showers coming through. off and on rain showers. a little over freezing tuesday night. then on wednesday afternoon, a little sunshine comes back. we'll be climbing into the mid-50s. then we'll tack on another ten degree ks on top of that into the mid-60s as we get into thursday afternoon. a lot of clouds around on thursday. then still mild on friday. our average high this time of year is
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we'll be well above that on friday. in the 50s with some clouds around. then on saturday near the average high in the metro area in the low 40s. but to our north, it may be just cold enough to have a little bit of sleet and a little bit of freezing rain. that's saturday morning and midday. and we'll have temperatures there near freezing. but in the metro area, we'll be in the low 40s. then as we get into sunday, looks like pretty nice weather and dr. king day on monday will be in the 50s. could get a few sprinkles on monday. then after that another nice pattern as we get into the rest of next week with highs in the 50s and no snow. >> from subfreezing up to 60s, hard to believe how that happens. thank you, tom. coming up, alex ovechkin ties a hockey legend and inches
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> good night for ovi, great night for the caps. >> a career night for ovi and another milestone is oh so close. you'll be hearing about this. he ties maurice "the rocket" richard. you probably heard of the rocket. there's a trophy in his name for the best goal scorer of the season. alec has won that six times. now he's tied the man himself and he's one point away from passing him. one more point whether it be a goal or an assist will also get ovi 1,000 points for his career. he's been after that one. doing a little juggle wfrg the game.
11:26 pm
a setup man and a goal scorer. first period ovi fires on net, stopped, but the great ace gets the assist. caps up 1-0. we're tied at 1. ovi, kuznetsov on his way out. sweet move. i tripped at great but i like sweet. great to see second assist for ovechkin. caps back in the lead. late in the game caps with a 3-1 lead and on the power play ovechkin lighting the lamp himself. boom! that's 544 career goals and 999th career point for alex o vi ovechkin. pens are coming to town on wednesday. the caps win their sixth straight game. 4-1 the final. what does this milestone mean to you? >> it means i just
11:27 pm
it was like five minutes ago. time moves forward. and you know, so we have to enjoy every second in the moment when you have an opportunity and try to do something special. >> yeah, he has years to go, too. john thompson iii first half hoyas up by 5. to rodney pryor. hoyas up 7 at the half. hoyas lock in on defense. he grabs it and boom, game high 16 points for him. later in the half georgetown runs away with it. another steal. this time rodney pryor. and you are cleared for liftoff. >> whoa. >> hoyas limit st. john to five second half goals. redskins starting their search for a new defensive coordinator. their first interview, former
11:28 pm
his defenses have never ranked below tenth in yards allowed and in 2009 he was number one in yards allowed and points. nationals news. max scherzer will not pitch in the upcoming baseball world classic. scherzer who is scheduled to pitch for the united states will instead rehab a stress fracture in his right ring finger. something we didn't hear about during the season. the pitcher said it originally occurred in late august and his symptoms returned in december. but he's expected to be back for training camp. there's something going on, like a
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thanks for having us in. all the time we have for now. the tonight show with jimmy falson next. >> see you tomorrow. sna
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emma stone. jeffrey dean morgan. musical guest, kacey musav


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