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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 12, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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collapse in colorado. that's what fire officials say likely did the damage in breckenridge, colorado. that's where, if you remember, our chief meteorologist doug cammer is for a weather conference. fortunately, nobody was inside when this happened. but some 70 families and employees that you all saw there have been evacuated from that scene. as we mentioned, this is where doug is. we're going to check in with him, but he's not part of this team. but, again, so much so that they've gotten over the past two weeks that it caused a roof to lapse. aaron, eun, babb over to you. >> thank you. coming up on 4:31 right now, four things to know about our forecast today. >> no snow here. we are talking about 60 degree weather. i love it. >> i love it, too. you can forget the jacket this afternoon. wonderful temperatures in the forecast. it's going to feel like spring. believe it or not, we're going to be 20 degrees above normal this afternoon. our normal high is around 43
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we're going to make it into the mid 60s. this morning, though, we're in the 50s right now. 43 degrees in the district. post of the area looking at the mid 50s, but if you're in martinsburg, your temperature is in the upper 40s. either way, it's mild. mild start to the morning. you don't need the heavy jacket. you may not even need one. and this afternoon, spring-like temperatures. weather alert as we go into saturday and a wintry mix as we start off your weekend. we'll be talking more about that. we'll show you the timing coming up. i think we're all stressed today for spring-like weather.. let's check on your traffic. i know. i saw today we have to do something short sleeves. taking a look right now, inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. as you come outside, it will be a nice surprise. 66 and 95 looking good right now. overall, no major problems. we had those two pieces of road work on the beltway, one inner loop, one outer loop and out of the beltway.
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avenue on suitland parkway, that's the only reports we're getting right now. and the icc at georgia avenue, no problems eastbound or westbound. aaron. >> melissa, thank you. it's 4:32 right now. brand new developments after repealing the affordable care act. >> good morning. this is brand new into the live desk this morning. the senate passed a bill just before 2:00 in the morning, a budget bill. it's the first step to repealing the affordable care act. the house is expected to vote on it tomorrow. again, this is just the first step. but republicans in the senate say they plan to vote on the repeal by the end of the month. tracie potts is going to join us in about another 15 minutes or so talk about what comes next. one republican senator, rand paul, voted against the measure. he said repealing the law adds trillions of dollars to the new
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he says that's not the change republicans promise. nearly a million people expected to flood into the district next week for president-elect donald trump eeps inauguration. >> many will be here to watch the ceremony on friday, but it is the day after that many d.c. leaders are focusing on right now. d.c. councilman charles allen tells news 4 there have been more permit requests for the women's march on saturday than on inauguration day. he says there have been 200 permit requests for tour buses for inauguration day. the day after has about 1800 requests. the hearing is scheduled for 9:30 this morning to go over safety plans for next weekend. and for everything you need to know about inauguration day, search trump transition in the nbc washington app. and president-elect trump is tweeting for the first time since his news conference yesterday. overnight, trump tweeted, quote, we have a great news conference at trump tower today. a couple of fake news
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people truly get what's going on. he speculated someone may have leaked word of an unsubstantiated report claiming russia had compromising information about him. >> i think it he was disgraceful, disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fa fake. >> director of intelligence james clapper says he spoke with trump last night and told him the intelligence community did not leak that information. the intelligence community has not made a judgment that the information in the document is reliable. 4:34 now. the senate is set to grill motor of donald trump's cabinet nominees today. dr. ben carson will be in trump's seat. congressman mike pampeio and james mattis will begin hearings today. coming up, we will have details on re
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chances of being deemed secretary of state after his ties to russia were questioned. in a statement, kelly simpson says in part, congressman rutherford is conscious, alert and in good spirits. simpson goes on to say he did not suffer a heart attack and will continue to be evaluated by doctors. for now, there is a new face leading the gornleorges county liquor board. going forward, we will continue to be fourth right for the citizens and the state of maryland as it pertains to the license commission here in prince georges county. >> there were empty chairs at the meeting as the board still deals with the arrest of the
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director. sun is accused of transferring bribes from business owners in order to pass a bill that allowed sunday liquor sales. there was also an empty chair, after delegate michael vaughn resigned. he cited health issues. he was the only prince georges delegate to vote yes on a 2015 bill allowing liquor sales in the county. vaughn has not been charged or named in the investigation. $a 2 million federal grant will help virginia test about 2,000 on backlogged rape kits. they will process the evidence and hopefully close rape cases that happened years ago. a new tracking system will be created to make sure all kits are tested. the state plans to provide more support services to survivors and more training for law enforcement. a virginia family hit
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the message they say was left in their mailbox. plus -- >> parents are coming in, bringing their kids thinking oh, my gosh, what food is it? >> are you worried about how food allergies could affect your family? still ahead, we talk to the experts to bust a few common allergy myths. and just when we started to get aaron to eat some nutelli -- not really -- a new warning for all of us to stay away from the hazelnut spread. we'll tell you why. plus, you can leave the coat at home this h morning, but ad
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storms continue to hit the west coast hard this morning. flood waters trapped dozens of people in their homes. in the town of hollister, crews had to rescue several people. and up in of those problems here, thank goodness. sheena parveen is here now with more on what we can expect with the weather here today the. we don't want to gloat but, pan, are we going to enjoy it, huh? >> i'm going to enjoy it. i broke out the spring dress. i love it. i think it works fantastically with the weather today. temperatures will be in the 60s this afternoon, believe it or not. that is a spring-like day. 20 degrees above normal.
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a very light jacket early. later on this afternoon, short sleeves, maybe break out the flip-flops. you don't need the umbrella, though.. so that is the good news. we have a few sprungels, but those will be going by the morning commute. 53 currently in the district. the south wind will warm us up as we go through the afternoon. let's take a look at the roadways this morning. >> so something to talk about here this morning. chesapeake bay bridge, we have some winter warnings in effect there, but no vehicle restrictions. i was talking to sheena and she said yeah, it is windy through that area so that makes sense. inbound suitland parkway, a disabled vehicle. a warning for you there. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, don't have any problems. 66 as we nigh in there, fairfax county to the parkway, we are on time. listen to wtop 103.5 as you
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in your car today. how would you like to find your car like this when you head outside, covered in broken glass with the windows smashed. more on the unwelcome surprise some virginia drivers woke up to. i'm erica gone zaz el at the live desk. a plane slides across an airport runway and now we're learn ago professional sports team was on board. i'm working on that story and i'm working on that story and at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a well organized closet. mama, my throat hurts. and a few extra minutes in the morning. you've got ten more minutes. make room for what matters.
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at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a well organized closet. mama, my throat hurts. and a few extra minutes in the morning. you've got ten more minutes. make room for what matters. this comes after rubio grilled tillerson over russia and president putin in yesterday's hearing. >> is
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criminal? >> i would not use that name. >> i find it discouraging, your inability the to cite that which i think is globally accepted. >> the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee says he will support tillerson's nomination. >> what happened if rubio doesn't support tillerson or doesn't vote to support him and how likely is that? >> it's certainly possible given the fact that he didn't seem satisfied with his questions today and he was one of the toughest questionsers on that panel. if tillerson can't get out of committee, that's a huge blow to president-elect trump, to his transition team as he tries to get, especially these key positions in place early on in his administration. one of the things that we noted about tillerson is he went further than his perspective boss did, mr. trump, in pinpointing russia's being responsible for
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care act? the sfeet took the if first stel step to repealing it. >> the house is going to try to do the same thing friday. it was very technical what they did last night. but the bottom line is, if you got insurance under obama care, nothing changed overnight. it didn't get repealed. they took that first step in a budget process to repeal it. basically, what they're trying to do is make it easier to repeal by requiring fewer votes so republicans can do it on their own without trying to get some democrats to cross over and support it. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. 4:46 right now. after donald trump once again said mexico will pay for a border wall, that country's president says that is not going to happen. enrico made the comments yesterday. he said his country has some differences with the next president of the united states.
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woman is shaken after get ago disturbing piece of mail. it was a handwritten letter laced with racism. >> they say in your city where all the blacks live because i don't want you people, "n" word, living in had my white neighborhood. >> karen washington has lived in loudon county for 18 years and says she has never had any issues. the county supervisor tells news 4 he's shocked. >> my heart goes out to that family a, but i also known that we're outline outraged by it and it's not represent of who we are. >> the loudon county sheriff's office now has that letter and they're investigating the incident. washington posted the letter on facebook and she tells us she has since been flooded with messages of support. this is not the way anyone wants to saturday
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21 alexandria residents found their car windows smashed in by robbers. this happened tuesday night inside a parking garage at a condo building. residents say they are worried the break-ins are just the beginning. >> it could escalate to something else. >> i don't feel the same. now it's like, i don't have trust anyone. what's going on? what's happening? >> there wasn't much stolen from some of the cars, according to the owners. alexandria police are now investigating. today we expect officials to approve a police reforl deal with the department of justice. it will change the way they respond to sexual allegation complaints and reaction by inner-city youth. this is portally in response to the death of freddie gray in police custody and the unrest that followed. today, we expect to learn more about the small plane that went with missing last month over lake erie in
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crashed and a family of four was killed along with their two neighbors. search and recovery crews believe they found a wing of that plane and the cockpit voice recorder. there will be a press korchbd held later today to discuss the efforts. this is the miami heat's plane. they had quite the scare when the plane that the players were on skidded along the runway. the team had just left oakland. they were coming into milwaukee for a game against the bucs on friday. as it was landing, it started to skid before it came to a halt. we learned a number of flights were either delayed or canceled because of icy conditions in milwaukee. the team says everybody is doing okay, though. back over to you. a little scuffle on the court after last night's celtics game. john wall had a shoving mac with jake crowder. you can see right there they're in each other's faces. that's when the pushing and shoving started and
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had to intervene, breaks it up. these teams have been add odds the last few seasons. the wizards lofts last night's game. >> you would think a couple million dollars would smooth things over the. >> you know, it's the heat of the game. it's the competition. >> they make so much money. >> they're competitors. >> they make so much money. >> they care a lot about the game. >> don't act a fool. you make so much money. >> we don't ever act like that, you and your millions. >> i could smack -- no, i'm just kidding. it is 4:50 right now. better news nor d.c.'s hockey team. >> the capitals have won seven games in a row, but more importantly, their best player hit an amazing milestone. alex ovechkin erped his 1,000th career goal. this happened right here with that goal with 35 seconds to the game. ovi scored another goal in the second period. he has the 29th most career goals of all time. >> pretty impressive. >> that's why they
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great eight. >> congratulations. bravo, sheena. >> i feel like i should bow or something. >> these are the days i like to take credit for. >> it's nice outside. it is so nice. and this afternoon, short sleeves, it's crazy, though. >> that is a stretch for us. >> people will be out and t-shirts. >> we're looking at 60. >> it already feels fantastic outside right now. 50 in frederick. most of the areas in the mid 50s and as we go through the afternoon, we're going to get into the 60s. here is a look at today's outlook. the impact to you, very low all across the board. your commute this morning and this evening, mild and dry. we have a few sprinkles around right now, but they'll be leaving the area for m
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commute. spring-like temperatures. 20 degrees above normal for this time of the year. it's not a record high, though. we'll be in the had mid 60s. lunchtime, eat outside if you can. if you are exercising today, t-shirt and shorts. you'll be pretty hot if you are wearing a jacket. a few sprinkles around the prince georges county. but that's really about it. this is light rain. it's going to start to make its way out of the area. otherwise, as we go through the afternoon, fairley dry, mid 60s. now we're looking at future weather. friday, not bad, but late friday night, look at that wintry mix moving in. saturday morning, we have snow, we have ice in the forecast so we will be watching that. we could see 1 to 3 inches in parts of northern maryland. 1 inch or less around the district or farther south. we have a weather alert day because of that. for today, though, 65 degrees. unseasonably warm. 40s in the afternoon. wintry mix comes on saturday. let's get a check on the
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mollet. >> thanks, sheena. we've been talking about in this morning. we have those wind warnings in effect today, but no vehicle restrictions. we wanted to remind you about that in case you are headed to the eastern shore sometime today. >> beltway looking pretty good. we have construction inner loop and outer loop. that has cleared out of the way. everything else is rolling along just fine here this morning. no other reports of any problems. inbound suitland parkway before branch avenue, we have a report on the right side being blocked there by that disabled vehicle. it's been hanging around for quite some time now this morning. 95 northbound quantico to the beltway, you are on time. i'll see you in a couple of minutes. eun. >> thank you, melissa. it is official, michelle obama has had her last laughs on late night tv as first lady, but she went out with a bang. we'll show you the best moments ahead at 5:00. first, though, allergy myths busted. four things you shouldnow k
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4:56. some of the nation's top doctors recently said parents can protect children from developing serious peanut allergies by eating peanut products. that goes against a lot of what we already heard. >> here are four things to know. >> we went in search of the
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at the allergy asthma center in rockville and we start with the facts about peanut allergies after some new recommendations came out last week. myth buster number one, you can prevent allergies by avoiding certain foods. introduction early on, around 4 to 6 months of age, especially those with high risk for peanut allergies, those with egg allergies, eczema, early introduction prevents peanut allergies by 80%. >> smith buster number, you think you have a pin sillan with allergy. >> nine out of ten don't have it and you can outgrow it. your local allergists can do skin testing. smith buster three, food allergy testing always works. >> if you get tested and it's negative, it's likely you have an allergy. but if you get tested and it's
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asthma, there's a chance it's not a true food allergy. smith buster number 4, hives may mean you are having an allergic reaction. >> food allergy hives, you eat the food and within two hours, you get the hives. if you don't eat the food, it goes away. don't be scared. >> it's always important to consult with your primary care doctor and your allergists about any concerns you may have. news 4. the chocolatey hazelnut spread that everyone wanted, that a lot of people buy, nutella, apparently may pose a cancer risk. the european food safety declared palm oil a carsgenic last ma. they want a warning placed on the nutella label. the company that makes nutella
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is safe. >> and the world health organization also warned in the past that the palm oil contained in nutella could contain this risk. >> the fda hasn't weighed in on it yet. and happy 75th birthday to our colleague, jim advance. he turns 75 this week. everyone keeps saying there's no way he is 75. he looks so good, he is so fun to be around and to work with. he's the coolest cat you'll ever meet. >> that photo you just saw, that was on the cake he had yesterday. some funny moments we shared, particularly online. look for that on our facebook page. >> theater. that's right. we shared that on our facebook page. and stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. news 4 today starts now.
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an arrest made in a deadly mall stabbing. new information about the teen accused in that attack which let me tell two people dead. new overnight, senators take the first step to repeal obama care. what's next in the plan to overhaul our health care system. and there are eight days left until the inauguration, but now we're learning donald trump's swearing in may not be the biggest event in d.c. that weekend. >> it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everyone. first, we need to talk about the big weather change we're seeing today. could you feel it? >> yeah, all right. >> we have not to check in with melissa mollet and sheena parveen. chuck bell out there week. sheena is doing double deal with these unusual temperatures. we like it, though. >> i think we love it. you'll enjoy the day today, no matter what you're doing. get outside if you can. you want to take full advantage of it. 52 degrees right now in the district. by 7:00 a.m., right around 50 degrees.


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