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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 13, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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she may be driving a 2005 going cara van with a maryland license plate. in fairfax county, 17-year-old venus iraheta is missing. police believe she may have run away. they received anonymous information that she had been threatened by gang members. and 72-year-old violette lafleur has been missing. d.c. police say she may need medical attention. if you know of the whereabouts of any of these missing people, call police immediately. right now, police are trying to track down the person who shot a bullet into a fairfax county day care center. the situation unfolded at the bright horizons day care center yesterday afternoon. two adults and eight 3-year-old children were in the
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entering through a window. no one was injured. we have a teen charged with stabbing two people to death in wheaton says police have the wrong person. police arrested 17-year-old angelo jackson for the murders inside westfield wheaton mall earlier this week. montgomery county police say they saw jackson on the video committing the murders. they recognized jackson because he had run-ins with jackson before. his family acknowledges he's been in trouble, but nothing like this. >> my brother is a good dude. he makes jokes. a killer, a murderer, that can never be my little brother. that's my baby brother. he's not a murderer, he's not a killer. >> jackson's mother says she has proof that he was not at the mall when two men were killed on tuesday. the teen is now facing murder charges. right now, flooding into ohio could turn to ice and make for a dangerous morning com.
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overnight and then the temperature dropped below freezing. >> several other states across the midwest are under a winter storm warning because of ice. with more on that threat, we want to check in with erica gonzalez at the live desk. >> good morning. what started in northern california has moved down to the southern plains. cripplinging amounts of ice and heavy rain are forecasted for states like oklahoma, kansas and missouri. and with it, the chance for widespread power outages and flooding. i believe what we're showing su from chicago. things expected to be so diagnosesy, the national guard is positioning its in the areas expected to bear the brunt. today, there is a winter storm watch in effect for much of oklahoma, kansas and missouri along with parts of illinois as we mentioned and texas. and it is coming our way. so, aaron, eun, you have to think if yesterday was so mild, if the pendulum swings one way, it has to swing the other. >> we don't
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that right now, erica, right? >> but, sheena parveen, she makes the point that we had that nice weather yesterday and tomorrow the bottom falls out. >> yet much. this time of the year, you cannot keep the warm temperatures around for very long. something else is going to end up moving if in and that's what's happening. today, you're going to notice it. this morning, we're in the 50s. later on today, we'll drop into the 40s. you will notice a change. still in the mid 50s in the district. leesburg, 57 degrees. as we go into your weekend, we have some big changes on the way. so what we know going into the weekend, we have saturday morning snow and ice moving in. ice will be the main concern because of what it will be doing to the roads. we expect slikt roads around starting early in the morning. potentially lasting through the afternoon. so we're going to have to watch how long this thing lasts. as we go into sunday and monday, we still have that shower chance. melissa mow lay is looking at a closure on the roadways. >> we have a closure hanging
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it's a tractor tractor rail crash that took down some wires. 108 shut down between new hampshire and mink hollow road. northbound 295 near benning, work zone blocking the right lane. westbound independence avenue near lincoln circle, event crew blocking the right lane there. a live look 66 at route 50, no big worries. taking a look at a camera near that crash, coming up. the cuban government is praising president obama for ending automatic legal residency for cubans who arrive on u.s. soil. the wet foot/dry foot policy went into effect immediately yesterday. under the long-standing policy, cubans who made it to u.s. soil were allowed to stay and become legal residents after one year. the president says this was the next logical step in normalizing u.s. relations with cuba. today, lawmakers will be briefed on ran
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both director of the fbi james comey and intelligence director james clapper will meet with the house in a closed session. earlier this week, the house intelligence committee allowed all members of the house to see the russian classified hacking report the. it has already been presented to president obama and president-elect trump. the justice department's inspector general will decide whether fbi director james comey followed department policies regarding hillary clinton's e-mails. it's argued comey's decisions influenced swing voters. the inspector general is not expected to weigh in on the outcome of the election, but only on the actions of comey. the gop led panel voted 34-28 to allow james mattis to serve as secry
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he retired tr military service in 2013. the full house is expected to vote on the measure today. also today, the house is set to vote on a measure paving the way to scrap the affordable care act. this comes after the senate did the same on wednesday night. house speaker paul ryan says lawmakers will move quickly to repeal and replace obamacare. democrats are accusing republicans of rushing the decision saying the law makes it possible for up to 20 million previously uninsured americans to obtain health coverage. happening today, homeland security secretary jay johnson will discuss security plans for president-elect trump's inaugurati inauguration. the event is one week from today. representatives from the fbi, fema and the d.c. national guard will talk about their roles. 4:36 right now. this morning, we are get ago behind the scenes look at how the air force plans to take part in the presidential inauguration. this is a look at past media days with the air force. 1,000ir
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in the inaugustal parade. an additional 300 members will be providing behind the scenes logistics and medical support. megan mcgrath is meeting with the air force at joint base andrews. she will have a report coming up on their plans at 5:00. this morning, the redskins are looking for an assistant coach. >> sean mcveigh has taken a head coaching job with the l.a. rams. he has been the skins offensive coordinator for the last three seasons. he now becomes the youngest head coach in nfl history. he is just 30 years old. broncos defensive coordinator wade philips is heading to l.a. today. the skins were going after philips after firing their defensive coordinator last week. several players took to shown media to witch their quarterback well. kirk cousins tweeted really happy for sean mcveigh. very well deserved. and congrats. >> other fans not so happy about the san diego chargers moving to l.a.
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the team and the city have fought for years over building the team a new stadium. 4:38 right thou. it is mild right now, but we are in for a big change in the next 48 hours. sheena is updating your what to wear forecast so you can be ready. one last chance to talk about our bro mans. >> these two, one last honor for vice president joe biden. the special surprise from president obama with one week until both of them lve office.ea
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4:41, our time right now. we are waking up to 55 degrees outside of studios this morning. >> enjoy it whooit while it lasts, right, sheena? >> it's quite a shocker because yesterday we were so warm. this morning, though, we're feeling the changes. i'm in for chuck for the rest of today. as we go through the afternoon, you will notice the cool air coming in. so here is what you're going to need this morning. even though it's mild, you still need the jacket. you'll need the sunglasses. we'll have more sunshine today. and later on, you'll need the scarf because temperatures will be dropping, especially if you're heading out late tonight. we'll be dropping back down into the 30s this evening. you don't need the umbrella, though. we're looking at dry conditions acrossh
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the 50s. some areas close to 60 degrees. but that will be changing. you'll notice it. and tomorrow, we are talking about some winter weather moving in. so far, we have a freezing rain advisory off to our west near the shennendoah valley starting overnight tonight. i think that will be extended through part of the area, too. let's get a check on the traffic with melissa mollet. >> good morning, sheena. this closure in ashton is still hanging around there. right now, it is shut down between new hampshire avenue and mink hollow road there on 108. that's a tractor-trailer crash with wires down. this is a live look at one end of the accident. new hampshire avenue at 108. and you can see that closure. outer loop at the american legion bridge broken down. suv blocking the right lane this morning. 66 is fine. 95 south after wood bridge, we see this red spot, that slowdown. i'm not getting a report of anything, but i'll keep an eye
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minutes. metro is about to get back to work. how soon safety projects will start back up and how it will impact your commute. it is the biggest house in d.c. and it is off the market. the big name about to move into the sameeighborhood as n
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15 before the hour. we are just one week away from donald trump's inauguration. this hoshg, his former opponent, hillary clinton, is making headlines again. tracey spots joins us live tr capitol hill with the details into the latest investigation into the fbi's handling of her e-mail controversy. this story keeps coming up, tracie. >> exactly. and now we'll be dealing with it for months ahead as the inspector general says he wants to take a look at how the fbi handled the investigation, whether the fbi
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comey specifically said too much publicly in his july news conference where he accused clinton of being careless and 11 days before the election when he with came out with that level on capitol hill questioning new e-mails found on anthony weiner's laptop. the concern among democrats here and some republicans, too southbound with so whether or not his actions were a breach of protocol. >>. >> can you tell tell us more about this meeting with donald trump and his ties with russia? >> apparently according to his sources, he pulled mr. trump to the side to talk about this russian memo that has unsubstantialed information about mr. trump. again, it's unverified information, not discussed in the briefing, but now sources are telling
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pulled him aside personally after the briefing to tell him about it. >> tracie, thank you. l.l. bean is being sucked into a political feud. the grabbed daughter of the founder of l.l. bean, linda bean, donated $60,000 to a pro trump effort and that is now lead to go a boycott of the company from a group. bean sits on a company can board and she calls the response bullying. it is a long standing tradition for u.s. political leaders not to endorse specific rukts. d.c. could soon require presidential candidates to release their tax returns in order to appear on the district's ballot. d.c. council member anita bonds is working on that bill. it's expecteded to be introduced soon, but it's not clear exactly when the proposed bill would be a direct response to president-elect trump's refusal to release his tax res.
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are considering similar proposals. the full dress rehearsal for donald trump's inauguration will happen on sunday. the military has selected four people who will stand in for the president-elect and his wife and mike pence and his wife. they say it is crucial to be able to mimic every detail beforehand. >> as you can imagine, there are a lot of moving pieces on a massive skait scale. you can imagine, the department of defense, the secret service, fbi, so many different, you know, partners involved. and you want it to go right the first time. >> now, the four stand ins meet the different heights of the couples. the program for the inauguration has been released and one of the first people to speak at the ceremony will be cardinal timothy dolean, the arch bishop of new york. some people are criticizing him for agreeing to
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cardinal dolean says this is not about politics, but about the country. >> the american people take a deep breath and say, look, we like this guy or we don't like this guy but right now let's give him a chance and let's pray that it's good for this country. >> i'm a trump supporter myself, so i support it. >> the cardinal said part of his inauguration -- i don't know, it kind of doesn't line up. >> we all want what's best for the country, and i'm sure cardinal dolan does, al want the. >> the theme of the inauguration is uniquely american. joe biden overcome with emotion as president obama presented him the medal of freedom. >> and to make the moment even better, it was a surprise. biden had no idea the honor was coming. >> i am pleased to award our nation's medal of honor, the presidential medal of precome.
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coming to the state dining room for a farewell toast with the obamas. and if this surprise wasn't big enough, president obama added an extra honor. >> the first and only time in my presidency i will bestow this medal with an additional level of veneration, an honor my three most recent successors reserved for only three others. i am proud to award the presidential medal of freedom with distinction to my brother, joseph robinette biden jr. >> the vice president spoke after the ceremony praising his wife and his family and the president joked that the ceremony gave the internet one last time to talk about their bromance which has really developed over the last eight years. they really are friends and i feel like they'll be friends forever. >> it's been interesting to watch this president and vice president interact with each other over the years in a way i don't think -- not in my lifetime have i seen other people in those offices interact this way.
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joe biden. in just seven days, president obama will become a resident in the kalorama neighborhood in northwest d.c. he will have some high profile neighbors, too. amazon founder jeff bezos bought a house there. it happens to be the biggest house in d.c. bezos paid $23 million in cash for that former textile museum. the home is 27,000 square feet. >> you have to have a pause there. yes, it was a museum. >> let that sink in. >> ivanka trump's family will also move into that same neighborhood after the inauguration. the retirement of senator barbara mikulski did not last long. johns hopkins university hired her as a professor and adviser. she was the longest serving woman in the history of congress when she retired and barbara mikulski is 80
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she starts her new job next week. >> good for her. if you were wondering just when that work would restart on metro, we now have an answer. work is expected to return starting february 11th. metro has released its newest safetrack work schedule. it will begin with a two-week shut down on the blue line. just about every line will see more work at some point. all of this work will run through june and metro's general manager says some of that work will happen on lines where crews have already been. >> something that we've done differently, i think, is when we find things, we deal with them.. we're not pushing them off. so as we've gotten out there and find more things, we are dealing with them now. >> metro leaders say the work has made a difference. it will give you information about how to the avoid those delays about two weeks before each new surge. if you want to get in one more outdoor jog, today is the day. >> and r n
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right? because it's only getting colder. >> it's weird, right? we have temperatures this morning that are mild and it's going to get cooler through the day. so you'll start to feel the changes, but it's still fought going to be bad. we're looking at the upper 40s. enjoy it. tomorrow, we've been talking about the winter weather moving in. we have a weather alert day for saturday, so that will start early in the morning. tomorrow, temperatures in the 50s. still, it is mild outside. most of the area seeing mid to upper 50s. bus stop temperatures now take a look at 7:00 a.m. so i just showed you temperatures in the mid to upper 50s by 7:00 a.m. we'll be at 49 degrees. so the kids might need a light jacket at least standing out at the bus stop. 48 degrees by 8:00 a.m. and by this afternoon, 51 by 3:00 p.m. and it will be breezy. we have a winter weather advisory for part of the area but a freezing rain advisory. mostly near the shennendoah valley and points off to the west right across i-81. freezing rain will cause icy roads, hazardous travel. that will run thr
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tomorrow. currently, we're dry but there is the storm system down to our south and west. it's all starting to come together. mostly we will see snow and an icy mix. here is a look at future weather. we go from 9:00 a.m. dropping into the 40s. some areas on the map showing the upper 30s. we'll see if it gets that cold by 9:00 a.m. but by 11:00 p.m., here comes the winter we weather. starting to our south and west, that pink could be freezing rain or sleet, so an icy mix there. then we go through the overnight hours, there you see snow start to go develop ahead of it by 7:00 a.m. could be morewise widespread than what the model is showing. but then by 4 oshg p.m., snow transitioning to freezing rain and sleet. again, through the the day tomorrow, we're looking at hazardous travel tapering off later in the evening. as far as snowfall, it will be a wet snow. about a dusting to 2 inches from the d.c. area points north and west. the main concern, though, will be ice. we'll take a look at your extended forecast. coming up, let's check out the roadways this friday
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>> it's a little creepy, isn't it? 108 still shut down in ashton. this is between new hampshire avenue and mink hollow road. we have wires down and a fuel spill across the roadway. this could take some time to get it out of the way. that is a live picture, the closest camera we can get right there new hampshire avenue at run away. you can that is shut down there. we are sending news 4's justin finch that way. 270 southbound at montgomery village avenue, we had reports of a car fire. not seeing anything on the camera. we'll keep an eye on it. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. a major recall for more than 800,000 vehicles. the growing problem involving air bags and what you need to check on your car. from mom van to the coolest ride on the block. how automakers are trying to transform mnivans for the i
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mama, my throat hurts. and a few extra minutes in the morning. you've got ten more minutes. make room for what matters. ford is adder mon that are 816,000 vehicle toes its takata air bag recall. it includes some models of the ford mustang and fusion. hs on the recall list have air bag inflaters that can sxloes with too much force. the company will contact
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of the effected vehicles. a notoriously uncool car is getting upgraded. >> can you make this uncool? automakers are work to make minivans cool. i don't know about this one. the detroit auto show is going on this year. it is recognizing the unique vehicle category and that is something larger than a car, yet not quite a truck. the chrysler pick pacifica was crowned the first hybrid minivan ever with features targeting not just the driver. >> there's a lot of great technology for the back seats, too. there is a navigation system forekids, for example. >>. >> there is a nice vision camera that will let you monitor the kids during the nighttime. another cool feature is an interior intercom system. so instead of
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the speaker. >> there's something therapeutic about that. >> don't make me pull over this car. you know you moms have said it, too, and you dads. >>. >> please sit down. please don't touch each other. >> stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5 ook a.m. >> news 4 today starts right now. >> now at 5:00, it is mild outside right now, but you just wait. we are in for a big change. steam team 4 is tracking the return of winter weather, including snow and freezing rain. yikes. >> oh, january. there you go, right? good morning, everybody. i'm age gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we have to check in with sheena parveen for a look at this up and down weather, sheena. >> up and down, for sure. yesterday was up, today we're down. tomorrow is going to be even further down. we have a weather alert out for


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