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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 13, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the speaker. >> there's something therapeutic about that. >> don't make me pull over this car. you know you moms have said it, too, and you dads. >>. >> please sit down. please don't touch each other. >> stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5 ook a.m. >> news 4 today starts right now. >> now at 5:00, it is mild outside right now, but you just wait. we are in for a big change. steam team 4 is tracking the return of winter weather, including snow and freezing rain. yikes. >> oh, january. there you go, right? good morning, everybody. i'm age gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we have to check in with sheena parveen for a look at this up and down weather, sheena. >> up and down, for sure. yesterday was up, today we're down. tomorrow is going to be even further down. we have a weather alert out for
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weather heading our way. leesburg, 59 degrees. these numbers will be drpg as we go through the morning and the afternoon. you will notice it. take a look at what's going happen. by 8:00 a.m., dropping to but the mid to low 40s. and by this around, we could get back near 50. but then we're going to get colder. look at what's going to happen for the weekend. saturday in the morning, we have snow and ice moving in. and in the around, a better chance of freezing rain. icy conditions, hazardous travel. still a chance of showers. this morning, we have a few things out there, i guess, with melissa mollet. >> so still have this problem here in montgomery county. ashton, 108 shut down between new hampshire avenue and mink hollow road. tractor-trailer crash, fuel spill, the whole shebang. new hampshire avenue at 108, that's the closest camera we
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crew on the way to show us what'sing going on. not seeing any slowdowns through the area right now. 295 at benning road, a work zone with a slowdown. developing this morning, d.c. mrigs need help find ago sex abuse suspect. between wednesday ask thursday morning, women were assaulted at three locations northwest. this man was likely involved in all three cases. they say he would approach women and grope them against their will. it's believed he was wearing a red flannel shirt at the time. it is 5:02 and there are still a lot of unanswered questions about an unimaginable tragedy for a baltimore family. six children, siblings, all killed in this fire. this morning, their mother and two other siblings remain
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critical condition. the fire broke out thursday morning. one neighborhood said he tried to help get the kids out, but the fire was too powerful. >> i was right there and i tried my best to help them. we heard the kids yelling. just couldn't do it. the flames was out of control. >> fire officials are now working to find out how the fire started. the mother, katine malone works as a staff member for congressman elijah cummings. one of the children is out of the hospital and back with her appear. right now, there are several missing people police need your help finding. 34-year-old maduba polan was last heard from by her family yesterday afternoon. police say she may be driving a 2005 dodge
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maryland license. in fairfax county, police are searching for 17-year-old venus iraheta. the resource officer at her high school spoke to her on monday. police believe she may have run away. she received anonymous information that she had been threatened by gang members. and 72-year-old violette lafleur was last seen at the safeway on swan creek road. she may need medical attention. if you know the whereabouts of any of these missing people, call police immediately. right now, police are trying to track down the person who shot a bullet into a fairfax county day care center. the tense situation unfolded at the bright horizons day care center yesterday afternoon. the area is adjacent to the skyline towers in falls church. two adults and eight 3 yooerls were in the classroom where the bullet ended up. police say it entered through a window.
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no one was injured. 5:05 just about now. the family of a teen charged with stabbing two people to death in wheat whon says police have the wrong person. police arrested 17-year-old angelo jackson for the murders inside wheaton mall earlier this week. montgomery police say they saw jackson on surveillance video committinging the murders. they recognized jackson because they've had run-ins with him before. his family acknowledged he's been in trouble before, but nothing like this. >> my brother is a good dude. he makes jokes, he's a goof ball. a killer, a murderer, that sthot my baby brother. >> jackson's mother says she has proof that he was not at the mall bht two men were killed on tuesday. the teen is now facing murder charges. it is 5:05. a pastor is looking for somewhere to hold sunday services after a damaging fire. this was the scene at noon mt. olive church. the fire
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and quickly spread through the first floor. no one was inside. there is no word on what caused the fire. the pastor says he does plan to rebuild. this morning, the cuban government is praising president obama for ending automatic legal residency for cubans who arrive on u.s. soil. the repeal of the 1k5u8d so-called wet food/dry foot policy went into place yesterday. under the old policy, cubans who made it to u.s. soil were allowed to stay and become u.s. residents in one year. today, lawmakers will be briefed on russian hacking. both james comey and james clapper will meet with members of the house in a closed session. earlier this week, the house intelligence committee voted to allow all members of the house to see the classified russian hacking report. it has already been presented to president-elect donald trump and president obama. and there will be a new investigation into the fbi's handling of hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. the justice department's
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follow followed department policies. the clinton campaign argues that comey's decisions influenced swing voters and played a role in her loss to donald trump. the inspector general is not expected to weigh in on the outcome of the election, only the actions of director comey. the house armed services committee approved legislation to allow retired marine general james mattis to serve as secretary of defense. the gop-led panel voted 34-28. mattis can now get a one-time exception from the law that bars former service service members who have been out of uniform for less than seven years from hold ago job. he retired from military service in 2013. the full house is expected to vote on that measure tt. also today, the house is set to vote on a measure paving the way to scrap the affordable care act. this comes after the senate did the same on wednesday night. house speaker paul ryan says lawmakers will move quickly to repeal and replace obamacare. democrats with are accusing republicans of rushing the deis
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previously uninsured americans to obtain health coverage. happening today, homeland security secretary jay johnson will discuss security plans for president-elect donald trump's inauguration. the event is one week from today. representatives from the fbi, fema and the d.c. national guard will talk about their roles. this morning, the air force is giving news 4 a wind the scenes look at how it plans to take part in the 58th presidential inauguration. this is a look at past media days with the air force. news 4's megan mcgrath is meeting at the air force at joint base andrews right now. some will be playing instruments. an additional 300 members will provide behind the scenes logistical and medical support. you might not need a jacket this morning, but guess what? temperatures are about to drop. sheena parveen is tracking what you can expect. to our
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is a major concern. thousands prepare for ice and freezing rain. you might not recognize it at first glance, but chances are you've seen this helicopter before. coming up on news 4, i'll tell you why one of the most famous hecopters inli
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it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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welcome back. a storm that is headed our way is causing some dangerous conditions as cross the midwest this morning. this isid
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into ice. temperatures there dropped below freezing overnight. with more on the ice warnings and other states, let check in with erica. >> a preview of what's to coming on what started in northern california has movinging down to the southern plains. . cripplingeling amounts of ice and heavy rain are forecasted for states like oklahoma, missouri. with it, mooding and ice. the national guard is expected to position itself in the areas expected to get the brunt. kansas, missouri, parts of illinois and texas. and all of that is comingur week for this weekend. so no doubt a big, big change-up from what we've been experiencing the past couple of days. best to probably stay indoors and keep b an eye on the news. back over to you. we might want to follow that
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advice, too, especially when we know what's coming for tomorrow. sheena, hey. >> good morning. it is a weather alert day tomorrow. your friday looks about, but tomorrow it's going turn back to winter. yesterday it felt like spring, but tomorrow will be back in the 30s with some winter weather. this morning, we're starting off in the 50s. 57 degrees right now inspect district. 57 in leeseberg. for your commute, expect dry conditions 8:00 a.m. 48 degrees. by noon, 49. 47 by 5:00 pc. you see ow those temperatures will be dropping. we have a rain advisory. west of the area for now. i think there's a good chance it could get extended into more of the area. freezing rain advisory from midnight tonight until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. i'll go into more details with about that, coming up.
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the district this morning. let's check in with melissa mollet on this friday. rigs road between north capital and south dakota avenue. all lanes blocked at this moment because of a crash there that they are trying to get cleaned up and out of the way. so we'll keep you jut daded on that. westbound independence avenue near lincoln circle, we have a crew out there preparing for the inaugurati inauguration. also, 108 closed down between new hampshire avenue and mi 234 k hollow road because of a tractor-trailer crash with wires down. aaron. today marks 35 years since the air florida crash. >> news 4's mark seagraves gives a look back at that terrible day on the potomac. >> it was 35 years ago today that this helicopter became probably one of tos
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history, performing the historic and heroic rescue of the air florida crash at the 14th street bridge. piloted by don usuals, they performed what is probably one of the most harrowing rescues ever and it was all captured on video.after the air florida crashed into the 14th street bridge. usher and windsor successfully rescued five people from that river. and as this dramatic video shows, it was no easy feat. the last person they pulled out of that river was in so much trouble, they had to dip the skid of this helicopter into the water. >> i think we would all like to dream to have the level of skill that don usher had flying that day. >> now, 35 years later, this helicopter that was almost destine for the scrap yard has been fully restored and it will be the centerpiece of the new national law enforcement
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that will open. we'll hear about its legacy and what we all learned from that tragic day. >> that was mark seagraves. charges have been dropped against a virginia student accused of stealing 65 cent carton of milk prosecute school. according to "the washington post" back in may, the boy said he trot his milk in the lunch line at graham park middle school in triangle. then he went back to get it. but a school officer says the kid took the milk and was combative when confronted. it turns out the student was in the free lunch program. this morning, the redskins were looking for an assistant coach. >> sean mcvay has taken a head coaching job with the l.a. rams. he now becomes the youngest head coach in nfl history at just 30. broncos defensive coordinator wade philips is head to go l.a. with mcvay.
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several players now taking to social media ta wish their former coach well. quarterback kirk cousins tweeted, really happy for sean mcvay. running back chris thompson said congrats to sean on becoming head coach of the rams. youngest coach in history. >> what was i doing last year at 30 years old? what was i doing last year at 30 years old? i was working here. >> maybe it wasn't last year. fans not so happy about the san diego chargers moving to l.a. they gathered outside the team's practice facility and they burned jerseys and flags out there. one person was arrested. the chargers called san diego home for 356 years. the team and the city have fought over the years about building the team a new stadium. >> all right. i didn't know they acted like that in san diego. in philly they do, which is where i came from. >> apparently. >> right. >> you better -- >> it was a long time to be. >> san diego and to get up to leave to go to l.a. >> well, and i think there is probably a bitof
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anyway. so you get from 60s to a winter advisory. >> isn't this nuts? our weather pattern is changing so sdrafticily, so i really hope you enjoyed yesterday. today will be fine, too. we're going to get cooler as we go through the dayed the. 57 degrees right now in the district. as we go through the day, we will be dropping into the 40s. and i'm sure everybody wants to know, what am i going to do tonight? there's no winter weather moving in tonight. if you have the lunch plans, we'll be dropping into the upper 40s, breezy. happy hour, 47 degrees. and if you're having dinner out later on this evening, 43 degrees. so it is going to be colder tomorrow, even colder. temperatures in the 30s. we have a freezing rain advisory off to the west near the shennendoah valley and west of that, that's going to go from midnight tonight until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. that just shows you the type of weather moving in. icy roads, hazardous travel. i wouldn't be surprised if that got extended later today. there's the weather system off to our west and southwest.
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impressive after it gets here. here is a look at future weather. 9:00 a.m., dry. we are dropping into the 40s. that pink shows us where we could see sleet or freezing rain. we have snow developing by 7:00 a.m. saturday. temperatures at freezing. then you see that pink moving into the district and surrounding areas. that would be most likely freezing rain. it will start to taper off later on saturday fight. sunday b we could see a couple showers around. we expect a dusting to 2 inches around the district. areas south and west, a little to maybe no snow.. farther south and west. but overall, what we're going to see is snow changing over to freezing rain. that's going to be the main concern. the main concern here is going to be ice. so hazardous travel tomorrow. today, though, 51 for the high temperature. we'll be seeing the sunshine today, but we will be getting cooler at the same time, too. temperatures will be dropping. then we go into your saturday. temperatures down into the 40s. that wintry mix, chance of a shower on sunday. 42. next week, we start off with maybe a wintry mix.
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very early monday morning. we'll be watching that closely. but look at those temperatures next week. we are back into the 60s. eun, i know you like that. and then we go into next week, inauguration week and mild, but we have some showers in the forecast. let's get a check on the roadways this morning with melissa mollet and any updates. >> we still have this problem in ashton. new hampshire avenue there at 108, that is the live picture. here is what we know. 108 shut down there both directions between new hampshire and mink hollow road. tractor-trailer crash, wires down, fuel spill, everything there cause something big issues. so your alternates, try ednor road or brighton road if you're trying to get from montgomery to howard or vice versa. rigs road between north dakota and south capital, all lanes blocked this morning. as we sort of widen out and look at all of these main roads, everything else lookinging pretty good. aaron. we want to focus in on that breaking news you just mentioned this
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this is something that might impact your work commute. >> justin finch is live on the scene to explain what happened and what you need to know. justin. >> hey there, eun. at this point, route 108 remains closed between new hampshire avenue and mink hollow road. just behind us here, that crash did take place. it's quite a distance back there, but what we know is a tractor-trailer jack knifed, lost control. likely hit some power lines back there, too. so those lines are down, that truck is down. montgomery fire rescue telling us there's an apparent fuel spill, as well. so the work happening right now is riding that tractor-trailer. also repairing and restoring service to those power lines as needed and also cleaning up that fuel spill. so traffic on both sides of route 108 are closed at this time as that work gets done. so we'll be out here following developments. at this point, we've reached out to montgomery fire reue
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driver. is that person okay, what the circumstances were. we'll bring that to you once we get it. back in to you. >> justin, thanks so much. tracking when you can tell get sick before you even know it. how wearingmedical technolog y
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rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's.. i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution...
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tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests.
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two snowboarders are lucky to be alive this morning. the sheriff in summit county utah says a group of 11 snowboarders triggered the avalanche there on wednesday. it trapped two of them. one of them was pinned against a tree and broke both of his legs. the other man was buried under snow for about eight minutes. rescuers were able to locate the buried man because his snowboard was barely sticking up out of the snow. avalanche forecasters say the falling snow poses a serious danger for those venturing out into the back country. >> avalanche danger for the western mountains was raided as extreme. so on a level of 1 to 5, it was
5:26 am
5. it doesn't get more dangerous than this. >> now, that slide measured about four feet deep and several hundred feet wide. >> that is a professional person saying that it was too dangerous to ski. >> you know those thrill seekers. i think, you know, snow is pretty in the picture. >> yes. some smart watches and fitness bands can serve as your warning that you're getting sick. >> there is a new study out on the popular devices. here is what the study out of stan fortd university says you should watch for. changes in heart rate and skin temperatures can say a lot about your health. these can be effective in sp spottinging illnesses and insulin resistant. collect that information and share it with a doctor. it is calm and clear for most of the our area this morning. that is about to change. the wintry mix headed our way when storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen tells us the four things to know about the forecast. metro's safe program will soon be firing back up, but we're also learning when i
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how much longer you'll have to wait. and he says he cured his dog of
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good morning and welcome back to news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. you made it to friday. now you just have to make it through work and school today. >> chuck bell is off
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days. sheena parveen and melissa mollet are here to help you get out the door. sheena is starting off with the weather. hey. >> hey, eun and aaron. yesterday we loved it because it was so mild outside. today will be a little bit different. we're starting with warm temperatures, but we will be getting schooler through the day. that's the first thing of the four things you need to know. temperatures dropping through the day today. we will be down into the 40s through this arch. we have a weather alert as we go into saturday. snow and ice will make for hazardous travel across the area. temperatures are in the 50s. mostly the mid 50s and these numbers will be dropping into the 40s. now i talked about the weather alert for tomorrow. take a look at your planner for saturday. we have snow,ize, freezing rain through the morning hours. we're going to watch that through the day. hazardous travel out there. speaking of travel, let's check the roadways with melissa
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>> still have this problem in ashton. new hampshire avenue at 108 is where this camera is for us this morning. this is closed to sherwood high school. the this is a tractor-trailer crash. we have wires down, a gas spill. ridgeville between north capital and south dakota avenue crash there with all lanes blocked. westbound independence at lincoln circle. event crew out there block ago lane. aaron. it's 5:31 now. and d.c. police are looking for this man. they say he groped several women. the crimes happened in three different locations in northwest d.c. between wednesday and thursday morning. a mother and two children are in critical continue this morning after a deadly fire in baltimore. six children were killed in that fire in the northeast part of the city yesterday. an 8-year-old girl who survived
5:32 am
of her sip siblings. the father says there were smoke detectors inside the hope. we are one week away from the inauguration of president trump. homeland security secretary jay johnson along with fbi, 2350e78 ma and the d.c. national guard will gather today to talk about their roles in keeping everything safe. sdmroots 5:32. we have breaking news out of iraq. >> iraqi forces have secured a position to retake mosul. >> it's a moving being called a tactical achievement and an incremental step in battles islamic militants. the university is a landmark in iraq. in the last four months, iraqi force ves retain about a third
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tight control. at the live desk, i'm erica gonzalez. 5:33. as neighbors in northern virginia enjoyed the holidays out of town, thieves tore through their homes. if you've ever seen the movie "home alone" this should ring a bell. the teenage thieves were caught on camera in one of these homes. in the video, they appear to have guns in their hands. turns out they werebi by beb gu. >> the scariest thing was just this memory that somebody could get into our home and get access to our 10-year-old grandson who lives with us. >> police tracked down four suspects in all. two 18-year-olds and two juveniles. they are all behind bars this morning. an update now on the massive data breach. a former frederick county public school students. the state of maryland is refusing to release a detailed report on the breach. officials say the data for about 1,
5:34 am
and it may have been stolen from the maryland state education department. the district is offering identity protection for anyone affected. deputies in loudoun county have found a cement truckdriver who took off after side swiping a school bus packed with kids. 54 students were on that bus. two went to the hospital with minor injuries. this crash happened about 7:30 yesterday morning on ever green mills road in leesburg. no word on charges. here we go again, metro safetrack work is getting ready to ramp up. metro says work will restart on february 11th and 245 is when the blue line between rosalyn and the pentagon will be shut down for two weeks. metro expects all safetrack repairs to run through june. but metro's general manager says anytime they see a problem, they will fix it. >> something that we've done differently, i think, is when we find things, we d
5:35 am
we're not pushing them off. so as we've gotten out there and find more things, we are dealing with them now. >> metro says it has made a difference. two weeks ahead of closing b, metro will give information about how the to avoid delays. you may notice the red lights that flash when a train comes into a station. the metro is now swapping those red lights for white ones. it is 5:35. if you have an electric skateboard, you might want to hear this. officials are recalled skateboards made by boosted inc because the battery packs can overheat. the boards were sold online from september to november last year. if you have one, contact boosted for a free replacement battery pack. today, a 7-year-old prince georges county girl who is battling brain cancer will get a great honor. boy, rather. this is elijah
5:36 am
the prince georgers county police department. he is battling stage 4 brain canc cancer. we don't want to reveal any of the surprise elijah has in store, but we can tell you it will be a big day this young man will remember. today on the family's facebook page, you can see more pictures. i'm sure it's going to be a happy day for him. >> it will be a lot of fun. 5:36 your time right now. we have seen a weather roller coaster this week, but the ride might be coming to an end. kind of. storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen will let us know if you need the light jacket or a heavy coat on your way to work. it is a new treatment that can cure cancer in dogs, but what about human sneps how the procedure works. and making minivans cool. how automakers a
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it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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welcome back. at 5:39, we want to check on the forecast with sheena par evacuee. about morning, vena. >> good morning, eun. we enjoyed the warm temperatures yesterday. i think a lot of people did because you could go outside, you didn't really need a jacket. we're fwg to get cooler today and tomorrow we will get even
5:40 am
colder. so here is what you need to wear today. a jacket especially later on this afternoon. you'll need the sunglasses and the scarf, although that will be later on tonight. you don't need the umbrella. we're staying night and dry right now. here by hour, temperatures will be down into the mid 40s by the time you walk out the door. lunchtime, about the mid 40s still. for the overnight hours, into tomorrow, we have a treezing rain advisory. and across i-81, we'll be watching this very closely because it is part of our next weather system moving in. we have a problem on the metro this morning. friday, the 13th. melissa mollet has the details. >> on the green line, single tracking between georgia avenue and u treat. 108 shut down between new hampshire avenue and mink hollow road there in asiaton. tractor-trailer and
5:41 am
it looks pretty bad as far as cleanup goes. rigs road, between north dakota and capitol, all lanes blocked there. top of the beltway, still on time. 66 inbound, 95 northbound, no issues there. listen to wtop 103 much 5 fm when you hop in your car today. well, the inauguration is right around the corner, which means there's a lot of behind the scenes prep work under way. i'm live at joint base andrews. it is a major win for people whose lives twend on the epi pen. how the price for the life saving device was just slashed and why your kids' teachers could soon be
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robert: i've always had high blood pressure. but now i was getting these terrible headaches. and i was tired literally all the time. something wasn't right. most people don't find out they have chronic kidney disease until it is very advanced.
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but a simple test can help save your life. talk to your doctor or contact the gw ron and joy paul kidney center to find out how you can get tested. before you find out that way, find out this way. rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's.. i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests.
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you get what you pay for. why a local superintendent wants to give teachers a raise.
5:45 am
so the net to them is only $9.99. >> how a generic version of the epipen is driving down prices. >> i took it almost as a death sentence. you know, you hear the words cancer, it's never good. >> curing canine cancer, the treatment that worked for one dog and now has also been used on humans. can the family minivan be cool to drive? coming up, how some automakers are trying to make the minivan cool. it is now 5:45 and we are getting you up to the minute the minute you're up. we have our crews working for you on several stories this morning. the latest on your weather and traffic as well as all the inauguration preparations under way now. but first, a storm that is heading our way is causing some dangerous conditions across the midwest this morning. >> with more of the ice warning
5:46 am
is at the live desk. >> we just some got some live images from oklahoma city that we can show you this morning, some driving conditions. at a a look at that as conditions just continue to go downhill as this state and several others around it prepare for a winter storm. this is going to go from one side of the country to the other. it started in northern california. it's moved down to the southern plains. we're talking about crippling amounts of ice and heavy rain that are forecasted. we just saw that image there of oklahoma. kansas and missouri along with it and the chance for widespread power outages. on top of all of that. things expected to get so dicey that the national guard is already positioning itself in the areas that are expected to be the worst. today there is a winter storm watch in effect for much of oklahoma, kansas and missouri, along with parts of illinois and texas and that is coming our way. and yesterday, amelia draper was talking about how we may not see a lot of snow and ice, but ice is still ice.
5:47 am
condition needs to be respected. the road conditions should be respected and if you don't have to go outside, you can stay in, probably your better option. back over to you. >> erica, thank you. a pastor is looking for a place to hold sunday services after a damaging fire. this was the scene at new mt. ol olivette church. the fire start in the basement and quickly spread through the first floor. no one was inside at the time. >> i don't even know. i'm just surprised and hurt and -- but in all things, we have to give got thanks because this can be replaced. if a life is lost, that could not be replaced. >> there is still no word on what actually caused that fire. the pastor said says he does plan to rebuild. fairfax county schools might pay teachers even more next year. acting superintendent steve lockhard has proposed boosting employee pay by $92 million. this is part of a
5:48 am
million budget proposal. e78 he wants to make sure the district can attract the best educators. a makeover is under way at brandiewine elementary. they're transforming the school's library media center and filling the shelves with hundreds of new books. after the makeover, volunteers will visit classrooms to give out three books for each student to take home. there will away ribbon cutting ceremony this afternoon at 1:00. in news 4 your health, cvs has announced it will sell a generic version of the epipen. the epipen can cost more than $600. the medication is used to stop potentially allergic reactions. an animal health company in kansas may have found a cure for dog cancer.
5:49 am
cells and replaces the bad cells. it teaches the good cells to fight the cancer cells. >> then we can take those now educated immune cells, bring them into our lab and grow them up into large numbers to give them back to the patient, which then creates an army, really, of killer t-cells that are aimed directly at that patient's cancer. >> alliace animal health is the only facility in the country to provide this kind of treatment. it occasionally has been used for people, as well. if it's successful on dogs, it could be expanded nationwide. today, the house is set to vote on a measure paving the wayport affordable care act. house speaker paul ryan says lawmakers will move quickly to repeal and replace oh bbama car. democrats are accusing runs of rushing the decision. the law makes it possible
5:50 am
to 20 million previously uninsured americans to obtain health coverage. it is now 5:50. to the presidential transition. we are one week away now from the 58th inaugustal ceremony. there is a lot of planning that goes into place. >> news 4's megan mcgrath is at joint force andrews base. you've been getting a behind the scenes look at how the air force is getting ready for this event. >> that's right. the air force very involved in all of the inaugustal events taking place. about a thousand members of the air force involved and a lot of it is actually going to be behind the scenes stuff. you can see we're here in hangar three at joint base andrews. they're making sure they have their plan, they have everything they need. this is the medical team you're seeing behind me here. and, of course, security is going to be a big part of all of the events taking place surrounding the inauguration. we're here with captain peter lee with the explosive ordinance disposal unit. talk a little bit about your role here and you actually got so
5:51 am
on hand. >> we really do. one of the big things that we do is offer support to the secret service during this inauguration. so we are charged just like your normal civilian bomb squad with mitigating al of issues you see as far as threats go such assism pro vised explosive devices. one of the big things we have right now is our robot and it's used as our maintain interrogating remote procedures when we don't want to send that person down there and the bomb suit not quite yet. we definitely have something that is a great asset to the air force and especially this inb august ra inauguration. >> on a personal note, your first inauguration? >> yes. it's a lot different from watching it on tv to being a part of it now. a lot of the impact we're going to play is seen here, with everyone doing what they are, one, to do for the air force and us as we head out here shortly, get
5:52 am
>> thanks for joining us. >> no problem. thank you. so lots of preparations under way here. of course, the band will be a part of it all,s as well. we're hoping to catch their performance later on in the show. back to you guys. >> incredible, for sure. megan, thank you. we are just one week away from donald trump's inauguration. this morning, hillary clinton is making the news again. tracie potts is live for us on capitol hill. with details on this new investigation into the fbi's handling of her e-mail controversy. tracie, good morning. >> the inspector general for the justice department independent and separate from the politics of the department says he's been getting pressure from the politicians, democrats and republicans here on capitol hill to take a look at how the fbi specifically director james comey handled this e-mail investigation. what he said, what he said publicly about about the investigation and whether or not that was a breach of protocol. remember, there was the july
5:53 am
she was extremely careless with confidential information. and then 11 days before the election, the letter that he sent to capitol hill and then a couple of days before the election he cleared her of any wrongdoing of new e-mails, but all of that now under investigation. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us, thank you. we turn now to meteorologist sheena parveen. we are at 57 -- we've creeped up a little bit here in the last few minutes. >> yeah, we have. >> this is it. >> go outside while you can. >> now! >> i'll be back. >> go run some laps outside before it gets cold because we -- it's a good idea, though. why not? today is not going to be bad at all. it's just going to get cooler. 57 degrees right now in the district. but we will be dropping into the 40s today. so kind of a backwards day. normally we start with cooler temperatures, we end with warmer temperatures. today will be a little bit different. so before you head out this morning, maybe a jacket. the kids might want a jacket at the bus stop, not a heavy, puffy
5:54 am
degrees and by 3:00 p.m. around 50 and breezy at times today. we do already have some alerts out to start off your weekend. so as we look off to the west near i-81 near the shennendoah valley, freezing rain advisories already. icy roads expected tomorrow. this will start at midnight tonight and run through 6:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. i would not be surprised if this was extended through the rest of the area or at least part of our area as we go later on into today. we'll be updating you on that through the afternoon. here is the storm system down to our south and west. it will be moving in for your saturday afternoon. future weather shows that by about midnight. we can see signs of a wintry mix down to our south and west. by 4:00 a.m. saturday, snow and a wintry mix with some of that being freezing rain. even by saturday afternoon, the pink showing us where we could be seeing some freezing rain or sleet possibly. clearing as we go through saturday evening. but the main concern is going to be the ice. about a dusting to 2 inches around the d.c. area, points north and west. farther south, we're looking at mostly rain.
5:55 am
today, though, we're not looking at that 51 degrees staying nice and temperatures cooling through the day. we'll take a closer look at your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. but now we're looking at the roadways this morning. do we have any issues, melissa? >> we have this problem in ashton. 108, a tractor-trailer crash brought down a pole and a fuel spill, as well. so a big response on the scene. closed between new hampshire avenue and mink hollow road. your alternatives are ednor road and brighton dam. outer loop bw arcway, crash blocking the end of the ramp from bw parkway. near 50, crash reported there, as well well. green line single tracking between georgia avenue and u street. travel times, coming up. it is 5:55. today we will learn more about how many people are dyinging on the road because of crashes. the department of transportation will release new
5:56 am
traffic deaths. it will host an onlike discussion to find ways to keep drivers and passengers save. good morning. i'm landon doubty at cnbc headquarters. takata is set to reach a settlement today regarding the investigation into airags. reports say the company will pay $1 billion in fines, combination to victims and restitution to automakers who suffered losses from a worldwide recall. takata could still face he another $10 billion in liabilities. i'm landon dowdy. >> landon, thank you. a notoriously uncool car is getting upgraded. automakers are working to make minivans cool. talk about an impossible feat. the detroit auto show is going on right now and they're recognizing the utility vehicle category. that is something larger than a car, yet not quite a truck. the chrysler pacific crowned the winner of this new section. it is the first hyid
5:57 am
ever with features targeting not the driver. >> there's a lot of great technology for the back, too. there's a navigation system for kids so they won't ask you whether you're going to get there all the time. >> are we there yet? >> are we there yet, yeah. there are features including a night vision camera to let you monitor the kids during the nighttime. >> mommy has eyes in the the back of her head. >> i do. >> so instead of yelling from the front seat, you can talk through a speaker. yelling is just so much more effective. i mean, my voice carries all the way to the back. >> they don't miss a thing, right? >> that's right. new information this morning about president-elect donald trump's inauguration. >> who we have learned will swear in the country's 45th a president. and we're working with you to get you around town during the weekend. what metro riders need to know. and developing in the district, the search for a serial groper whe at least er
5:58 am
with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. tilt your tormentor and put those snores to sleep. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store and save $600 on our best selling mattress. it's a no brainer.
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wasn't there as much, my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help protect my teeth. pronamel is giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing so it's nice to know that it was as simple as that. a tractor-trailer downs a power pole on a maryland road overnight. we are live with the response and the impact to your commute, coming up. developing in the district, the search is on for a serial groper. who police want you to be on the lookout for and where he's struck so far. >> this also gives the internet one last chance to talk about our bromance.
6:00 am
and laugh turned to tears as president obama gives vice president joe biden the surprise of a lifetime. the reactions still coming in after the impromptu medal of owner. the presidential medal of freedom, rather, ceremony. >> news 4 today starts now. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're waking up and working up. warm temperatures again this morning, but that is about to change. >> chuck bell still taking some time off, so we check on weather and traffic starting with storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen. and just a few more hours, right, sheena? >> yes. before you start to feel the cooler changes moving in, happy friday the 13th. if you see happy friday the 13th. either way, we're going to feel some changes this afternoon. this morning, we're starting in the 50s. 40s later today.and then we go into your weekend. we have a weather alert pore tomorrow. right now we're in the 50s. we'll be dropping to the 40s


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