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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and laugh turned to tears as president obama gives vice president joe biden the surprise of a lifetime. the reactions still coming in after the impromptu medal of owner. the presidential medal of freedom, rather, ceremony. >> news 4 today starts now. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're waking up and working up. warm temperatures again this morning, but that is about to change. >> chuck bell still taking some time off, so we check on weather and traffic starting with storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen. and just a few more hours, right, sheena? >> yes. before you start to feel the cooler changes moving in, happy friday the 13th. if you see happy friday the 13th. either way, we're going to feel some changes this afternoon. this morning, we're starting in the 50s. 40s later today.and then we go into your weekend. we have a weather alert pore tomorrow. right now we're in the 50s. we'll be dropping to the 40s
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before lunchtime, i think, and staying in the 40s this afternoon. so you might need a light jacket later on today at least if you don't want one this morning. look at tomorrow's weather, though. we have a wintry mix moving in. it's a weather alert day. the main concern tomorrow will be ice across the area. we expect a combination of things. rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain. temperatures staying in the 30s. so that is for your saturday. we are looking at a little bit of a mess out there. but this morning, do we have a mess on the roadways? melissa mollet. >> we have a bit of a problem here had on the roadways. chopper 4, again, over this problem. this is that section in ashton of 108 that is shut down here this morning. this is near sherwood high school. so you can kind of see. we have a big response on the scene. lots of crew members all over the ground there. this is a tractor-trailer crash that took wires down and also had a fuel spill there. as far as alternates, you can dry ednor road or brighton road. outer loop at bw parkway, not seeing a slowdown right now, but that sounds worse than it actually
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reported, as well. going up to walkersville, 194 at glade road. brand new accident there. coming up in ten minutes, we'll take a look at some travel times. >> thank you, melissa. time is 6:02. we continue to follow that breaking news with justin finch who is live on the scene in ashton. >> do we have any idea when that road is going to be opened back up? >> good morning, aaron, eun. so far, we are making progress out here. that big rig just left when a tow truck here on a few moments ago. you can see the damage it left behind there, that snapped telephone pole, those wires still hanging underneath here. let's take you to some video here from the ground. reports of this crash did come in after 3:00 this morning. a big rig truck here somehow losing control and crash intoog that pole here. we have debris on the roadway. we also had a fuel spill here on the ground. montgomery county fire rescue responding here to that, getting that cleaned up and also the state department of the environment here responding, as well. they remain on scene here at
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so route 108 between new hampshire avenue and mink hollow road has remained closed as a result of this crash. giving you now a wider look at this collision here as you can see, we have a lot of roadway here that is closed. you can see the response here on the ground. it's still very much active here and back to what's here on the ground. you can expect for some time, at least for the next half hour to an hour, perhaps longer, to have some congestion here and blockages along route 108. back to you. >> thank you, justin. developing this morning, d.c. police are work to go get a serial groper off the treats. they say a man attacked women at three different spots this week in northwest. right now, this is the only photo police have released of the suspect. they say the man was wearing a red flannel shirt at the time. he approached women and gloepd them against their will. tact police if you know anything. >> right now, prince william county police are investigating what they're claim sg a suspicious death. yesterday, someone spotted a man's body lying along the shore line o
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police say they're waiting for the medical examiner to complete the autopsy to figure out a cause of death. this morning, we're learning an 8-year-old girl saved two of her sip siblings from their burning home in baltimore. six of her other siblings were killed in that fire. that fire broke out around 12:30 thursday morning in northeast baltimore. one neighbor described the fire as an inferno. >> because i was right there and i tried my best to help them. we heard the kids yelling. just couldn't do it. the flames was out of control. >> fire officials are now working to find out how that fire started. the mother, katine malone work as a staff member for congressman elijah cummings district office in baltimore. the father was working the night shift when the fire started, but says there were smoke detectors inside that house. right now in fairfax county, police are searching for
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missing teenage girl, 1-year-old venus iraheta. attends anondale high school. a school resource officer briefly spoke to her on monday. police believe she may have run away. this they sepd received anonymous information that she had been threatened by gang members. and 72-year-old violet de lafleur has been missing. she may need medical attention. if you know the whereabouts of any of the missing people, call police immediately. k06 55. we're nothing breaking news out of alabama. >> let's check in with erica at the live desk. >> aaron, eun, this morning, we are hearing reports of an awful scene in opelika, alabama, where two children are dead and another two are in critical condition after a house fire in that area. we understand neighbors started calling police and emergency officials, reports of children trapped. once emergency officials
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rescue all five children. however, sadly, three of them did not make it. and two of them right now are listed in critical condition fighting for their lives this morning. the reasoning behind the fire, at this moment, gentlemen just don't know. >> erica, thank you. another man is charged with making threats to a d.c. pizza shop in response to the fake pizza-gate news story. court records show a louisiana man eusef jones called besta pizza on connecticut avenue. we're told that he said, quote, i'm coming there to finish what the other guy didn't. i'm coming there to save the kids. this happened two days after the arrest of a gunman inside the comet ping-pong pizza shop also on connecticut avenue. according to court records, the threat was left on a voice mail. the louisiana man will be sentenced in april. $6:06. happening today, homeland security secretary jay johnson will discuss security p
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inauguration. the event is one week from today. representatives from the fbi, fema and the d.c. national guard will talk about their roles. the program for the inauguration has been released. timothy dollan the arch bishop of new york will be participating. cardinal dolan says this is not about politics or personalities, it's about the country. >> the american people take a deep breath and say, look, we like this guy or we don't like there guy. but right now, let's give him a chance and let's pray that this is good for the country. >> now, the theme of the inauguration is uniquely american. supreme court justice clarence thomas will swear donald trump in. a photo portrait of president-elect donald trump will go on display at the smithsoni smithsonian's national portrait gallery today and it will remain on display throughout the inauguration festivities. in january 2009, they dla
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it was the original artwork for the president's hope poster designed by shepherd ferry. and for everything you need to know about inauguration day, search trump transition in the nbc washington app. you might not need the heat on in the car today during your drive to work, but the drive home may be a different story. a look at your commuter forecast and the wintry mix headed our way. when we check back in with storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen. it's not the news parents expected to hear when they picked up their kids from day care. the shooting investigation under way at one child care center. now hiring, how a former redskins coach just made history by taking a job. pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor. >> a lot of folks still talking about this moment today. the reactions still coming in after vice president joe biden received the presidtial medal en as ceo of exxonmobile... rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest.
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with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests. it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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well, we are still waiting for that big snowfall. while we wait, you may want to apply for a shoveling exemption if you live in d.c. homeowners who are 65 years old or older can get this exemption. call 311 to apply. otherwise, you will have to shovel your sidewalk within eight hours after a snowstorm ends in d.c. 6:12 is your time right now. speaking of snow and such. sheena, we're not getting that much snow around here, right? >> i don't think so. some areas may have to shovel their address or sidewalks. but as far as tomorrow's precip is concerned, it will be a wintry mix. right now, 59 degrees is in the district. so it is still very mild this
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morning. as we go through the rest of the morning, though, temperatures will be dropping into the 40s. so it's going to start getting cooler by 8:00 a.m. the roads will be dry for your commute so you don't have to worry about any weather problems for the commute today. but tomorrow, you will, if you're traveling. here is a look off to our west near the shennendoah valley. across i-81. freezing rain advisory through 6:00 p.m. tomorrow because of the freezing rain that we will expect. we also have some more problems out there on the roadways this morning with melissa mollet. you have a look at something happening. good morning. 108 between mink hollow road and new hampshire, still closed down. they have removed the tractor-trailer, but they're trying to get the fuel spill cleaned up and the wires. on
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down between georgia avenue and u street. maryland travel times don't look too bad. looking quite good, actually. 66 and 95 moving along just fines also. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. 6:14 your time. right now, police are trying to track down the person who fired add bullet into the a fairfax county derrick day care center. the area adjacent to the skyline towers and falls church. two adults and eight 3-year-olds were inside when that bullet entered through a window. thankfully, no one was injured. the man known in the district as cush god is handicap had headed back to jail. nicholas cunningham continued to sell marijuana. he will spend 60 days in jail. cunningham posted videos on twitter and facebook boasting of continuing to sell
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marijuana. in 2015, cunningham admitted to selling $2,000 worth of marijuna products to an under cover officer. he had a fleet of cars labeled kush god where he would hand out marijuana laced brownies and gummies on the street and asked for donations. there is an effort under way to reduce hate crimes. he will visit the adams center in sterling at 2:30 this afternoon. today, lawmakers will be briefed on russian hacking. both fbi director james comey and director of intelligence james clapper will meet with members of the house in a closed session. earlier this week, the house intelligence committee voted to allow all members of the house to see the classified russian hacking report. it has been presented to president-elect donald trump and president obama. this week has been filled with emotional good-byes from the obama administration, but yesterday's surprise for vice president joe biden, well, this may have just
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>> i am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. >> joe biden b thought he was coming to the state dining room for a farewell toast with the obamas. instead, he was presented with the presidential medal of freedom with distinct. this is an honor to rare, this was the first time president obama had ever given it out. mr. abide ng took the moment to express his gratitude for the president. >> i can say i was part of -- part of the journey of a remarkable man who did remarkable things for this country. >> the vice president spoke after the ceremony praising his wife and his family who were all there for this. president obama joked at the ceremony and gave the internet one last time to talk about their bromance. >> and that's truly what has budded over the last eight
6:17 am
friendship. vice president joe biden has been in public service for 47 years. >> a lot of people have spoken highly of him as a human being. some breaking news coming in to the live desk. >> we want to check this with erica from the live desk. >> we just sent out a tweet, if you'll do us a favor, check my twitter account and share this picture just coming in from fairfax county police. they have found a young boy that is nonverbal and they need to reunite him with his parents. he was found at burke lake road and deep lake way. this is coming from, again, fairfax county police. if you recognize this young boy, if you happen the to be watching us and you are his parents, the police have your son. we understand that he's nonverbal and we need to get him back to his parents. so please share this image and let's try to help if we can. at the live desk, i'm erica gonzales. some smart with watches and fitness bands can serve as your first warning that
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getting sick. there's a new study out on these popular devices. you should watch for changes in heart rate and skin temperatures can reveal a lot about your health, apparently. the experiences on these fitness bands can be valuable in spotting infections, illnesses and insulin resistance. when you see a change, share that information collected with your doctor. this morning, the redskins are looking for an assistant coach. sean mcvay has taken a head coaching job with the la rams. he has been the skins offensive coordinator for the last three seasons. he now becomes the youngest head coach in nfl history. he is just 30 years old. broncos defensive coordinator wade philips is head to go l.a. with mcvay. the skins were trying to go after philips after firing their defensive coordinator last week. so if you're superstitious, you might want the to stay indoors today. that is because it is friday the 13th. and the first full moon of the year also we
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this morning so far. i was born on the 13th, so i love lucky 13 for me. >> lucky 13. that's the nice way to spin it. i'm not super suspicious. i open umbrellas inside all the time, i walk under ladders. i'm living on the edge. >> you're asking for punishment is what that is. >> i am living on the edge. >> i just want to know what doesn't happen because nothing happens. but, you know, some people are superstitious about it. but as we go into the weekend -- >> watch it! >> now you're causing trouble. don't do that. aaron is trying to sabotage my weather cast right now, just so everybody knows. anyway, temperatures will be cooling today. not for aaron. there's a cloud hanging over his head all day. and rain. and snow. but tomorrow as we go lieu the day. we do have winter weather in the forecast, but if you have the friday plans tonight and even for lunch or happy hour, it's actually going to get colder so temperatures dropping into the 40s. 49 by lunchtime. by happy hour, 47 degrees by
6:20 am
43. we have some winter weather advisories to talk about. more like a freezing rain advisory off near the shennendoah valley across i-81. midnight tonight through 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, we have freezing rain, icy roads, haas hazardous travel tomorrow. there's the storm system down to our south and west currently. temperatures dropping into the 40s today. then we go into tomorrow. very early this wintry mix starts to approach. 5:00 a.m., some snow, freezing rain, sleet. could be lasting through the afternoon. temperatures at our below freezing, so we do expect the main concern to be ice dusting to 2 inches across much of the area, including the district. but, again, that main concern will be the ice. for today, though, 51 for a high temperature. the wintry mix moves in tomorrow with much colder temperatures and for sunday, chance of a shower still and we'll be watching the mild temperatures returning next week. let's get a check on your roadways and any problems out there this morning. >> we still have an issue in montgomery county. right now,ew
6:21 am
108 is shut down between new hampshire and mink hollow road. not seeing too much of a backup. for alternates, try ednon road or brighton. southbound bw parkway on the ramp to inbound new york avenue, crash on the ramp. chopper 4 is headed this way to take a look at the delays that have started to build. outer loop before the american legion broke b bridge, starting to see a slowdown there. metro, two issues. green line, single tracking between georgia avenue and u-of street. on the yellow line, this is brand new, delays now to huntington. back here in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. who better to give advice to malia and sasha obama on the next days of their life? what jenna and barbara bush had to say to the first daughters. and metro riders listen up, how the
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6:24. to the presidential transition now. it's very important to remember a handful of metro stations will be closed for security reasons
6:25 am
they include pentagon, mt. vernon square and archives. metro will open from 4:00 a.m. to midnight on inauguration day. make sure you have enough money on your smarttrip card so you don't have to wait in lines. in just one week, the obama family will leave the white house. >> this morning, we're hearing a heartfelt message jenna bush hager and and her sister have for sasha and malia obama. >> now you're about to leave a position you didn't seek and one with no guidelines. >> the bush daughters went on to say not to be afraid to make mistakes and to enjoy college. >> they told the girls to take all the lessons you have learned to help guide them in making positive changes. >> it was such a sweet letter. so classy. at the end, they said your parents who sacrificed so much for you you will be rooting for you and we will, as well. >> it is an exclusive group of people with a very unue
6:26 am
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another mild start to your day, then a drastic change. we are talking snow and ice this weekend. white house fence jumper. he breached security when the obamas were home. why he says he did it. murder at the mall. police say they caught the killer. now the family of the suspect says they have the wrong person. news 4 today starts now. it is just about 6:30 and good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we've been talking a trouble spot this morning. a live look at a tractor-trailer crash here that has shut down a major cut through. this is 108 east of new hampshire road in ashton. news 4 is tweeting pictures seen here on the ground.
6:30 am
>> she has four things to know about the wintry weather this weekend. >> wintry weather to start your saturday. but not today, though. it's going to get cooler this ash. we have a weather alert for tomorrow because of know and ice. as fares as the bus stop this morning, no weather concerns out there. by 7:00 a.m., 49 degrees. 8:00 a.m., 48 degrees. it will be colder tonight. take a look at the winter issues. icy conditions tomorrow. now for the rest of the area, we don't have that just yet, but for later this afternoon, we may be seeing that extended. some problems out there on the roadway. let's get more from melissa moll mollet. >> southbound bw parkway, the ramp to inbound new york avee
6:31 am
vehicle off the the right side of the roadway here. so chopper 4 over that problem. rigs road between north capital and south carolina, all lanes are blocked there, as well. new hampshire avenue at 108, live picture there. this is still closed in ashton. so 108 shut down between new hampshire and might think hollow road. tracker trailer is down. right now, really not much of a traffic impact if you have to head that way. outer loop before the american legion bridge, broken down vehicle blocking the left lane and iner loop to westbound toll road, crash there. the rest of the beltway looks okay. washington is getting ready for the inauguration of donald trump. >> it is now just one week from today. and nearly a million people are expected to attend. there is a a lot of careful planning that goes into preparing for the
6:32 am
>> a lot of preparation, a lot of planning goes into an inauguration and all the of the events that are involved. a lot of different agencies involved, including the u.s. air force. they have more than a thousand personnel who are going to be involved in every aspect from the parade to security and other events, as well. you can see one of the dogs that they have here where at joint base andrews where they're talking a little bit about their plan of action. they're rehearsing. we're going to hear their band a little later on. you can see the helicopter that they have behind me here, if needed. the helicopters are standing by with crews ready to respond to whatever may happen. so just a tremendous amount of preparation here and a lot of it, a lot of what they'll be doing is behind the scenes.
6:33 am
that little piece of sound there, but in a conversation earlier with the general burke here on the scene, he talked a little bit about what they'll be doing. we're talking security, medical personnel who are here and will be standing by. as well as folks who will be participating in the more ceremonial events people think of with the inauguration. people started looking at this plan, what worked, what didn't work and then they go right into planning the next inauguration. with every incoming president, things change and they have to tweak their plan. but they say they are ready to go. back to you guys been. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. we have an june date on some breaking news we brought you yesterday morning on news 4. the machine who put the white house on lockdown last year is talking about wh
6:34 am
a judge sentenced joseph kapudo to three years of probation. he's from connecticut. the judge banned him from returning to district of columbia. he climbed over the white house fence on thanksgiving day in 2015 while the first family had dinner inside. his lawyers said it was a political protest over changes caputo wanted in the constitution. news 4 caught up with him outside court. >> i said my own intentions and i'll talk about them later on. the main point was the binder. it seek toes restore the constitution to its original intentions and enhance it based on the social parameters of our day. >> the national park service and the secret service have since ordered upgrades to the white house fence. those upgrades include a taller base to help keep people from scaling the fence. the family on of a teen arrested for murders inside
6:35 am
police have the wrong person. his family dmedz he's been in trouble before, but nothing like this. >> my brother is a good dude. a killer, a murderer, that can never be my little brother. he's not a murderer, he's ntd a kill perpendicular. >> jackson's mother says she has proof that he was not at the mall when two men were killed tuesday. the teen is now facing murder charges. >> some breaking news coming into the live desk. >> erica is here to tell us more. what's going on? >> we want to update you on that picture of a young boy that we showed you put out by fairfax county police this morning. we have a little bit more information to relate to you. if you can, put some eyes on your tv screen right now. this young man was found by fairfax county police and is
6:36 am
nonverbal. he was found very early this morning, close to 4:00 in the morning in burke, virginia. in the burke section of fairfax county at burke lake and deep lake way. somebody saw him in the street and called police. they have taken him in, but have said that they can't seem to figure out who he is or where he's from. if you know him, if you recognize him, if you happen the to be his parents and you're watching this morning, fairfax county police have your son. we understand with that he is nonverbal and we're trying to reunite him with his family. i've got his picture and the police information on my twitter page. if you'll do me the favor and share that information, we hope that we can do some good this morning. >> erica, thank you. across the harrowing helicopter rescue on the potomac. now 35 years later, we'll show you how a piece of washington history is being preserved. fire tragedy. a family lost six children. now we're hearing about the 8-year-old who helped her mother
6:37 am
the fbi director is now at the center of a new investigation. this time, he is the subject of the justic
6:38 am
it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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6:40 am
6:40 your time right now. and the warm up is coming to an end. >> so sad to see it go. sheena parveen, tell us what we can expect in our forecast. >> it's going to get cooler today. this morning, it's mild, but later on it is going to get cooler. here is what's happening. we have cool air just to our north. it's start to go filled filter in, frederick, 46 degrees. the district still at 59 degrees and much of the area still in the 50s. but we will drop as tweg through the day today. here is what you need to wear. jacket, sunglasses, a scarf later. it will be getting cooler, especially this evening. but you don't need the umbrella. we are talking also about winter weather as we start your weekend. we have a freezing rain advisory already from midnight tonight to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow.
6:41 am
across 81, closer look at that with hazardous travel. we're talking about bad traveling this morning across 295. melissa mollet has details on that. >> chopper 4 is over the scene here. this is southbound bw parkway. ramp to inbound 50, take a look at this right now very quickly building a four-mile backup. some sort of crash and now we have a big police presence on the scene really slowing things down. also have a crash northbound 295 at 50. northbound 95 after fairfax county parkway, center of the road is blocked by a disabled tractor-trailer. that is not good, either. 270 southbound is okay. top of the beltway is starting to get those normal slowdowns there on the outer loop. inner loop is slowing down just find. 66 and 95, not too slow there. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car today. how the investigation into takata's deadly air bags cd
6:42 am
cleanup and repairs are now earn way after an overnight
6:43 am
rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's.. i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin.
6:44 am
he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests. messy week yind. we are tracking winter weather. tables turned after the e-mail fbi probe. >> i think everybody should get to the bottom of what
6:45 am
>> this is, i think, any family's worst nightmare. >> the tribute for a family that lost six children. first, breaking news. wires down, the trash that cut off a major shut shortcut on your commute. we're track ago breaking story in maryland this morning. a tractor-trailer crash took down some power lines along maryland 108 inmont montgomery county. justin finch is live on the scene with the cleanup efforts and what this means for your commute. justin. >> eun, aaron, good morning. the emergency response here what the has wrapped up. we are now in repair mode. crews are working to remove that broken power pole and small the new telephone pole and get those damaged wires repaired. i'll show you some video from a short time ago. we got reports of this crash after 3:00 or so. this morning
6:46 am
mink hollow road because a tractor-trailer collided with that pole snapping it. we have a fuel spill here, as well. a neighbor lives a few feet away tr this crash. he says there had been a crash before just ahead of her .jut south of her, too. she says luckily the impact has been minimal. >> we've had minimal damage, although we don't have telephone or internet connection. but i'm glad everybody is all right. >> and perhaps you can see here on route 108, we're still closed. there's all that sand on the ground from that fuel spill from that tractor-trailer. about the driver, so far we know he is going be okay. he is uninjured. no word on any charges or any other things involving him and that crash out here this morning. back in to you. >> justin, thank you. breaking news right now, erica gonzalez is following from the live desk. erica. >> good morning, eun.
6:47 am
president-elect. he started this morning by tweeting praise to his cabinet nominees and then the topic turned to russia and then obamacare. the president-elect trump tweeting totally made up facts by sleaze bag political operatives. both democrats and republicans. fake news. russia says nothing exists. probably released by quote/unquote intelligence, even knowing there is no proof and never will be. my people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days. he goes on to say what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the fbi based on the information that they had? she should never have been allowed to run. and then ultimately goes on to finish his tweets with the unaffordable care act will soon be history. again, the president-elect trump tweeting a flurry of tweets this morni morning. from the live desk, i'm erica gonzalez. coming up on 6:48, develop withing this mor
6:48 am
police are, wog to get a serial groper off the streets. they say a man attacked women at three different locations this week in northwest. right now, this is the only photo police have of the suspect. they say the man was wearing a red flannel shirt at the time and police say he would approach the women ask grope them against their will. contact police if you know anything. montgomery county police need your help find ago mother and her 4-month-old daughter. 34-year-old maduba polan of silver spring was last heard from by her family yesterday arch. police say she may be driving a 20505 dodge caravan with a maryland license late. this morning, we're learning an 8-year-old girl saved her two siblings from a burning home in baltimore. six of her other siblings were killed in the fire. those two siblings she saved ask her mother are in critical condition. one neighbor described that fires as an inferno. >> because i was right there and i
6:49 am
we heard the kids yelling. just couldn't do it. the flames was out of control. >> fire officials are now working to find out how that fire started. the mother, catine malone works as a sav member for congressman elijah couplings district office. the fire was working the night shift when the fire started, but says there were smoke detectors inside the house. 6:49. there will be a new investigation into the fbi's handling of hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. >> the just department's inspector general will decide weather fbi director james comey actually followed department policies. the clinton campaign argues that comey's decisions influenced swing voters and played a role in her loss to donald trump. the inspector general is not expected to weigh in on the outcome of the election, only the actions of comey. the latest donald trump nominees get a break from confirmation hearings. general james mattis, ben carson and senator mike pa
6:50 am
all on the hill yesterday. questions about the president-elect's business dealings with russia were key moments in those hearings. some of the opposition showing their -- to those issues. let's check in with melissa mollet. >> good morning. four-mile back up, the ramp to inbound 50 at new york avenue. you can see some massive delays here after an earlier crash. chopper 4 over that scene just to show you how bad it is from above. >> eastbound rigs road now the only thing blocked between north kachtal and south carolina. the westbound lanes are now unaffected. that's an improvement. bottom of the beltway through prince georges county, unbound and out of town, just fine right now. 66 and 95, looking good. northbound 95 after fairfax county, the center of the vood blocked by a tractor-trailer there. 108 shut down between new hamre
6:51 am
road. hoping to get that out of the way soon. you can try ednor road or brighton root road instead. 270 shady grove road, local lanes very, very slow. main lanes are going just fine. guys. >> melissa, thank you. sheena is here to talk about this roller coaster weather. >> yeah. 60s yesterday and now -- >> slowly back down. >> and now we're going to go back down and we'ring going to keep going back down as we go into the weekend. we have a weather alert day for tomorrow, about you so remember that because we have hazardous travel setting up for us tomorrow. not right now, though. and actually, we're near 60 degrees in the area through the district. now the winds are starting to switch and that's going to help temperatures drop as we go through this morning. take a look hour by hour down into the 40s. shortly here, some areas already getting down into the 40s. if you are north of the district this morning and will be staying in the 40s as we get closer to lunchtime. with the winter weather heading our way tomorrow, we have a freezing rain
6:52 am
so we're looking closer to the shennendoah shally. i-80. freezing rain advisory from 8:00 tomorrow through 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. this could create hazardous travel. i would not be surprised if that was extended through the area later today. here is the storm system. we're watching all that pink. that is ice on the radar, either sleet or freezing rain or just a mixture and that's what we expect tomorrow. here is a look at today. today stays dry. we'll see sunshine and increasing clouds late. midnight, that winter weather starts to approach. temperatures in the thirds. there you see snow and an icy mix. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow and the snow moving in. icy mix to follow. as we go into the afternoon, look at that pink on the map. that could be freezing rain. hazardous travel. the ice will be the most important thing tomorrow. that's what we're really watching for. snowfall totals nog looking that impressive. maybe a dusting to two inches. a little bit of snow to
6:53 am
as far as your saturday is concerned, be very careful out there. we'll take a look at your extended forecast in just a bit. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. takata is expected to reach a settlement as soon as today to resolve a u.s. probe into the company's faulty air bags which have been linked to several deaths and injuries. reports say the company will pay $1 billion in fines combination to victims and restitution to automakers who suffer losses from a wildwide recall. ta takata could still face $10 billion in liabilities. it is 6:53. this is going to make a difference for a lot of families. >> cvs has announced it will charge a generic version of the epipen. mylan's epipen can cost more than $600. tom costello will have more on this in a bit on the "today" show.
6:54 am
the air florida crash. >> mark seagraves takes a look back at a terrible day on the pa tomorrow sxik shows us why one of the most famous helicopterses in history has a new mission. it was 35 years ago today that this helicopter became probably one of the most famous helicopters in aviation history, performing the historic and heroic rescue of the air florida crash at the 14th street bridge. piloted by don usher, a vietnam vet with his rescue technician gene windsor in the back, they performed what is probably one of the most harrowing rescues ever and it was all captured on video. after the air florida crashed into the 14th street bridge, usher and windsor successfully rerescued five people from that river. and as this dramatic video shows, it was no easy feat. in fact, the last person they pulled out of that river was in so much trouble, they actually had to dip the skid of this helicopter into the washington. >> i think we would all
6:55 am
dream to have the level of skill that don usher had flying that day. >> now 35 years later, this helicopter that was almost destined for the scrap yard has been fully restored. and it's going to be the centerpiece of the new national law enforcement museum, which will open up in 2018. coming up at 6:00 tonight on news 4, we'll take you inside this piece of history and we'll hear about its legacy and what we all learned from that tragic day. it is 6:55. here are four things to know before you head out the door this morning. tt, homeland security secretary jay johnson will discuss security plans for president-elect trump's inauguration. the event is one week from today. fbi director james comey is in the hot seat. the u.s. justice department will decide whether he followed department policies in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. fairfax county police need help reuniting this boy with his family. he is nonverbal and was found this morning in burke, fairfax county.
6:56 am
working to open part of 108 between new hampshire avenue and mink hollow road. a tractor-trailer crashed this morning and downed power lines there. no injuries were reported. and breaking news on the roads right now. southbound bw parkway, the ramp to inbound new york avenue, crash has caused a four-mile backup. it is just growing right thou. really bad here this morning. chopper 4 has been over the scene there for the past half hour or so just showing those delays. and we're near 60 degrees right now in the district, but temperatures dropping through the day. you'll notice it's going to get cooler. weather alert day tomorrow. we have a winter mix moving in. next week, mild temperatures and staying mild as we go into inauguration weekend. >> thank you, sheena. if you've followed check bell on facebook, you know that his father passed away one week ago. that's why he hasn't been here this week. a really beautiful tribute he wrote about his father on his faok
6:57 am
our thoughts as he deals with this tough time. >> we appreciate you waking up with us. >> we'll sue you in 25 minutes. enjoy your day and your weekend. >> make it a great friday, everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning. the ice storm. crippling and dangerous accumulations expected across the plains, midwest, and south beginning this morning. more than 30 million people impacted. al said it will last for days. new scrutiny. fbi director james comby under fire. an internal investigation launched into how his agency handled the hillary clinton e-mail probe. with the election already determined, and no chance of being overturned, where will it lead? sisters to sisters. former first daughters jenna and barbara bush pen a heart-felt letter to malia and sasha obama.


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