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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 13, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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today the baltimore home where six children died in a fire is being taken down. heavy equipment back at work. this is as the whole community deals with the shock of this unimaginable tragedy. president-elect donald trump was busy on social media again as the military law enforcement and d.c. officials set the stage for the inauguration now just one week away. >> cooler day followed by wintry weather. what you can expect for tomorrow. good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us, i'm
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gonzalez. >> we start this morning talking about the potential for dangerous weather this weekend. right now 30 million people across the midwest are bracing for a huge ice storm. at least five states are under some type of warning or watch through sunday. oklahoma and kansas are expected to get hit the hardest. forecasters say they could get more than an inch of ice. this will create dangerous road conditions and really could impact flights around the country. our area could also see some ice. storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen brings us up to date. >> as we go into tomorrow and as we go through the afternoon tomorrow, that could be spreading through really most of the area, if not all of the area. today you don't have to worry about that for your friday. you're going to be in the 40s today, so cooler than we were yesterday. temperatures dropping today, you'll be feeling those changes taking place. snow and ice stag
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hazardous travel. when we have a freezing rain advisory through parts of the shenandoah valley, that's going to be in place midnight through 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. i wouldn't be surprised if that got extended either. more details on the timing coming up. there are still a lot of unanswered questions about an unimaginable tragedy for a baltimore family. six children, six siblings all killed in a fire. this morning we are hearing more about one of the children who helped save her two siblings from the blaze. nbc's kerry sanders has more on the girl's brave actions. >> reporter: heartbreak in baltimore this morning after a raging inferno ripped through the malone family's three-story home. >> report of nine children inside. nine children inside. >> reporter: tragically, six children died in the fire. officials say if it weren't for the bravery of one of their siblings, the outcome could have been even worse. >> we have th
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they're safe. >> she came to do her job on earth, to save a life. >> reporter: an 8-year-old girl hailed as a hero as she managed to rescue two younger brothers as the flame intensifies. >> my heart crumbles, it keeps crumbling because i can do more -- dad, you couldn't do no more because there was too much fire. there was too much fire there. >> investigators still don't know what caused the blaze but they believe it was accidental. >> my heart is breaking for them and i couldn't -- what we can do as a neighborhood just pray for them. >> the city is razing a home, a home the father says did have a smoke detector but apparently it wasn't loud enough or didn't work to warning the children to get out of the house. kerrie sanders, nbc news baltimore. >> larry hogan released a statement on t
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are heart broken to hear of six children lost in the tragic fire. our thoughts and prayers are with these children. for victims who were seriously injured and their loves ones. developing this morning, d.c. police need your help to track down a serial groping suspect. they say women were attacked in three separate locations in northwest between wednesday and thursday morning. take a good look at this photo. police say this man was likely involved in all three cases. they say he would approach women and then grope them. it's believed he was wearing a red flannel shirt at the time. if you know anything, please contact d.c. police. >> a boy has been reunited with his family after getting lost in fairfax county around 4:00 this morning. police found the boy on burke lake and deep lake way. he's nonverbal and didn't have an i.d. with him. his parents later called police and were reunited with the boy. maryland 108 i
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after a crash shut down part of the road in ashton. power lines came down when take tractor-trailer crashed and took crews several hours to remove the truck. good news here is that no injuries were reported. president-elect donald trump kicked off his friday morning with a series of tweets, 140 characters on everything from obama care to hillary clinton's e-mails to the russian hacking claim. totally made up facts by sleaze bag political operatives both democrats and republicans. fake news russia says nothing exists and probably released by intelligence, even thoughing there is no proof and never will be. my people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days. nbc's tracie potts has the latest on the presidential transition from capitol hill. >> reporter: there are no confirmation hearings today, the latest dominated by questions about russia. >> i have very modest expectations about areas of cooperation with mr. putin. >> the president-elect's relathi
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intelligence community is still a concern. >> the hope is he has people around him to understand it's the crown jewel of everything we do. >> my obligation as a director of the cia to tell every policy maker the facts as best the intelligence agency has developed them. >> reporter: meantime, washington is getting ready for the inauguration, one week from today. mr. trump's team says this will be a traditional but toned down celebration. they are expecting 800, 900,000 people, less than a million is what they are preparing for here in d.c. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> right now at the freedom center in herndon, virginia, jeh johnson is discussing security plans for president-elect donald tru trump's inauguration. these are live pictures. the event is one week from today. representatives from the fbi, fema and the d.c. national guard are also expected to talk about their roles in the security preparations. they are also preparing or
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joint base andrews and that's where we find megan mcgrath with a look how the air force is getting ready. good morning, megan. >> reporter: well, good morning, the inauguration and all of the events surrounding it, it's a huge undertaking. it takes a lot of he hearsing and planning and coordination and the u.s. air force is lending a helping hand. >> from the honor guard to the band, security. more than 1,000 air men will be involved in next week's inauguration. >> very impressive. >> deirdre kim brou, this will be her first time marching in the inaugural parade and she can't wait. >> it is about our democracy. how we celebrate, you know. i really am excited about that. i believe in thatd
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excited about it. ♪ >> reporter: master sergeant jay helts zer is excited before, even though he's performed before. there's the crowd and then of course the moment when you're passing by the stand and especially when it's the first inaugural, there's the new commander in chief, right there in person as you're walking about, rendering honors for first time as the new commander. to see them in person and be part of this historic event, it's all exciting. >> federal and local law enforcement will take the lead on security and the u.s. air force will be standing by with resources should the need arise. resources like helicopters, specially trained dogs and even a bomb disposal robot. >> that is actually able to disrupt the device and render it safe should we have the need
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do so. >> some of the planning has been going on since the end of the last inauguration four years ago. our details vr more recently tweaked but the men and women of the u.s. air force say they are ready. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, megan. new questions this morning about the fbi director's future as the justice department launches a new investigation into his actions ahead of the election. >> a warning from road crews as they get ready for messy weather in ourrea this weekend. a
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hoping for a measure of vindication, the hillary clinton campaign is welcoming some surprise news from washington. the justice department inspector general now says he will take a deep look into how the fbi handled its investigation into clinton's e-mail server. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has details. >> the justice department's independent watch dog says he'll look at public disclosures by fbi director james comey and others about the e-mail investigation. word of the review was welcomed by clinton supporters who say they believe the fbi affected the election. >> when a law enforcement agency breaches protocol in an unusual and unprecedented way, for the confidence of that agency everyone should get to the bottom of what
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statements in july in which he blasted the way clinton and her aides used e-mails. >> extremely careless in their handling of highly classified information. >> reporter: it will look at the letter comey sent to congress revealing new e-mails had to be reviewed found on pt laptop of anthony weiner. nothing significant was found. it's the most pointed doj review ever of a fbi director's conduct. >> these are the type of questions an inspector general looks at but not an every day matter to be director of the fbi. >> reporter: in a written statement, he says he welcomes the review, adding, everyone will benefit from thoughtful evaluation and transparency regarding this matter. who wits launched the review after hearing from the public and members from congress from both parties. >> there were some strange things that neither side of the political aisle liked and they need to answer for those. >> some clinton
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this needed to be launched earlier after the news conference in july. >> if he had opened an investigation then, it might have prevented comy spr sending the letter in october which ultimately might have been decisive in the president slal election. >> that was pete williams reporting. the cuban government is praising president o bbama for ending automatic u.s. residency, the repeal of the wet foot dry foot went into effect yesterday under the longstanding policy. cubans who made it to u.s. soil were allowed to stay and become legal residents after one year. they say this was the next logical step in normalizing relations with cuba. >> the house is set to vote on a measure paving their way to scrap the affordable care after after the senate did the same on wednesday night. paul ryan says lawmakers will move quickly to repeal and replace obamacare. democrats are accusing republicans of rushing the
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possible for up to 20 million previously uninsured americans to obtain health coverage. >> you've probably seen the video all over your time line. vice president joe biden overcome with emotion as president obama presented him the medal of freedom with distinction. >> to make the moment even better, it was a surprise. the vp had no idea the honor was coming. take a look. >> i'm pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. >> joe biden thought he was coming to the state dining room for a farewell toast with obamas as if the surprise wasn't enough, president obama added that extra honor. >> the first and only time in my presidency, i will bestow this medal with an additional level of veneration, an honor my three most recent successors gave to three others. i'm proud to give the medal with distinction to my
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joseph biden jr. >> the vice president spoke after the ceremony praising his wife and family and president obama joked the ceremony gave the internet one last time to talk about their so-called bromance. >> it was just i think hard to not keep your eyes glued to the screen and watch what you could definitely tell was a very close relationship between the two and bond they have and the families and shared together. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> today marks 35 years since the air florida crash. >> here's a look back at that tragic day on the potomac and why one of the most famous helicopters in history has a new mission. >> it was 35 years ago today that this helicopter became probably one of the most famous helicopters in aviation history performing the historic and heroic rescue of the air florida crash at the 14th street bridge. piloted by
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perform what is probably one of the most harrowing rescues ever and it was all captured on video after the air florida crashed into the 14th street bridge, usher and windsor rescued five people from that river. an this dramatic video showed it was no easy fete. the last person they pulled out of the river was in so much trouble they had to dip the skid of this helicopter into the water. >> i think we all like to dream to have the level of skill that don usher had flying that day. >> now 35 years later, this helicopter that was almost destined for the scrap yard has been fully restored and going to be center piece of the new national law enforcement museum which will open up in 2018. coming up at 6:00 tonight on news 4, we'll take you inside this piece of history and hear about its legacy and what we all learned from that tragic day. >> this morning, the redskins are looking for
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coach. shawn mcva has taken a head coaching job with the l.a. rams. he has been the skins offensive coordinator the last three seasons and now becomes the youngest head coach in nfl history at 30 years old. broncos defensive coordinator wade phillips is also heading to l.a. the skins were going after phillips after firing their defensive coordinator last week. several players took to seshl media to wish their former coach well. kirk cousin tweeted, really happy for shawn mcvavy and congrats to shawn becoming youngest coach, very well deserved. >> fans not happy about the san diego chargers moving to l.a. they gathered outside the team's practice facility and burned chargers jerseys and flags. one person was arrested. the chargers had called san diego home for 56 years. the team and the city have fought for years over building the team a
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before waking up this morning, your neighborhood could be getting a wintry mix. sheena is back after the break with more on the timing and who could see the worse condition. >> it's not a neighborhood street. this one right here that you're looking at. this is inside somebody's house. look at the closer design and tell you the askg price. in
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tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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a warning from the
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twitter, the tweet said the dose of winter weather expected in our region on saturday, always a potential for road conditions to change rapidly. be alert. vdot is warning drivers about possible delays because crews are pretreating the roads. >> that is a good point. really pay attention if you have to go somewhere tomorrow. but if you don't have to -- >> this time we're not just talking about snow but the possibility of ice. that changes the scenario big time. >> i'm kind of calling it an icy mix and that's because we'll see snow at the onset of the event early tomorrow morning. then we'll see transition over to like a sleet and freezing rain type deal and temperatures are going to stay in the 30s, right around freezing tomorrow. we are looking at freezing rain advisories through part of the area, mostly farther west and across i-81. we will be watching very closely to see if it's extended maybe through other parts of our area, especially later on this afternoon. for now we don't have to worry about that, 52
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cooler today than yesterday. if you have the friday plans, expect temperatures to be in the 40s. by lunchtime today or really right now or next hour, many areas are dropping in the upper 40s, 47 degrees and breezy but dry, dinner low 40s. we have a freezing rain advisory already like i mentioned west of the district near the shenandoah valley and points west. that freezing rain advisory will be causing icy roads and hazardous travel could start around midnight. the advisory goes until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. we could see this event through the afternoon as well. there's a storm system. look at that pink around st. louis. that is in fact a wintry icy mix but most likely freezing rain. that's what gives us the icy road. dry through the rest of today and midnight, there you see starting to move in, a wintry mix approaching, now we have snow by 8:00 a.m. across the district and areas north and west e
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seeing the transition to freezing rain with ice around. by 3:00 p.m., still looking at the wintry mix, we'll see everything. snow and freezing rain and sleet and that will be the case through the afternoon, tapering off in the evening. sunday looks better. temperatures closer to 40. what you can expect for saturday, maybe a dusting to two inches farther north of the district but we'll see the change over to sleet and ice. the pink showing where we'll mainly see ice and rain farther down south. if you're planning your day tomorrow, 8:00 in the morning, we'll already be seeing snow through a good portion of the area but a wintry mix including that sleet and freezing rain developing by noon, wintry mix around. a messy cold day tomorrow. we'll see lots of different types of precip tomorrow, even through the afternoon. with temperatures around freezing and by 7:00 p.m., still the chance of a shower. sunday looks better, improvement. could see showers early monday and milder next week. >> thanks,
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entire neighborhood all in the basement of your home. >> for one house in potomac maryland, that's the case. >> reporter: name pretty much anything you need and you can probably find it in this quiet neighborhood. turkey foot road and jones lane they squeezed in front porches, a church and bar and even a massage parlor. if you look a little closer, you'll find this isn't a neighborhood at all, it's all in the basement of a single house. >> i can say in all of the houses i've sold and been in for 15 years doing this, i have never seen a basement like this. it's unique. >> the realtor has been trying to selling the house for a year now. the current owners custom designed the house. those two straits streets named after real life streets near the childhood home. >> most of the doors are fake but the charm is very much real. >> people come down here and freak out. it's like a --
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georgetown or something. >> it has some things georgetown doesn't. check out the hangar with a real airplane and here you'll find a pretend mechanical shop. but what's a mechanic shop without a car sitting out front? you'll also find a 1975 mg midget in the mid of this basement. interested? it could be yours if you have a spare 4 million. >> maybe we'll make a deal. >> reporter: a deal that gets you 20,000 square feet, eight bedrooms, four acres and countless little quirks. >> this is the full bathroom but they have as you see if i close the door, it's actually urologist office. >> the urology office, there has to be a story. >> that's what your money gets you when you go further out from the district. >> 4 million doesn't seem that bad to me. yoo have 4 million but if i did -- >> coming up, the full dress rehearsal for donald trump's inauguration, the milry
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serve as stand-ins for the president-elect as well as mike pence and his wife. the rehearsal could make it tough to get around. what you need to know to avoid those closures. >> many of us are dreaming of spring. well, we've got a little taste of spring weather yesterday. coming up, helping you plan your spring
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taking a look at the roads and rails this weekend. on rails starting with metro friday and saturday from 10:00 to close on the red line. you'll track between judiciary square. yellow line, same thing, single tracki tracking. other lines, green, blue, silver and orange, regular weekend service. that is good. as far as the roads, remember inauguration dress rehearsal on sunday. starts around 4:30 in the morning. runs until 3:30 in the afternoon. they are advising to avoid pennsylvania avenue. >> all right, here we go again, melissa just told us about the weekend delays but we are also learning about long term delays, metro crews are prepping for more safe track work and closure. metro says work will restart on februa
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the blue line between roselyn and the pentagon will be shut down for two weeks. metro expects all state track repairs to run through june. they may have to fix certain spots that they have already been to. >> something that we've done differently, i think, is where we find things we deal with them. not pushing them off. as we've gotten out there and find more things, we're dealing with them now. >> metro leaders say the work has made a difference. two weeks before the surge, the transit agency will provide information how to avoid some major delays. >> as neighbors in northern virginia enjoyed the holidays out of town thieves toured through their homes. if you've seen the movie home alone, a favorite in our house, this should ring a bell. nine houses were hit in all. many in the fair oaks district of fairfax. teenage thieves were caught on camera in one of the ro
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their hands and turns out they are bb guns. one of the victims says she cannot get those images out of her head. >> scariest thing was just this memory of somebody could get into our home and get access to our 10-year-old grandson who lives with us. >> police tracked down four suspects in all, two 18-year-olds and two other juveniles. >> this friday the 13th, wall street shouldn't be scared, historically stocks have been up 55% of the time. takata is expected to reach a settlement to resolve a u.s. probe into the falty air bags linked to several deaths and injuries. the reports say the company will pay $1 billion in fines, compensation to victims and restitution to automakers who suffered losses from a worldwide recall. takata could face another 10 billion in liabilities. shares of nintendo plunging in japan after it announced the
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the switch, it will cost $299.99, that's the same price of the predecessor the nintendo wii u. the prices are justified because there will only be eight games available when the switch goes on sale. >> well, didn't feel like winter yesterday and this morning but it is. and has a lot of us already thinking ahead to spring and spring break. travel channel host samantha brown is in our area for the d.c. travel and adventure show and joins us with budget friendly options for spring break. welcome. i'm a fan of your work. privilege to be able to travel for a living and tell such wonderful stories. >> pleasure is mine. >> let's start with tropical. a lot of people say spring break and instantly think mexico, bahamas. what are some good flass to go, keep it affordable in that area. >> mexico is a great destination, you've got the cayman islands as well and stick to more u.s. travel
11:34 am
puerto rico, one of my favorite destinations, feels like spain, the whole tropical feeling as well, don't need a passport. one of my favorites. >> do you think it's more economical to stay in the u.s., if you compare puerto rico to cancun, do you think one is least expensive than the other? >> no, i don't. you need to see what the prices are for the hotel rates and flights and make that choice. >> we talked about tropical. what if we decide not to do tropical and want to stay in the u.s. what are good options? >> here in washington, i highly recommend heading to new hampshire. beautiful sea coast town, portsmouth it's lovely and close to white mountains easy access to mountain and sea coast in one spot. airlinewise or even a nice drive. >> new york maybe. >> sure. >> are those good destinations. >> for spring break, let's bring the kids, you're good. >> i think vegas, right. >> spring break i'm a big skier
11:35 am
heading out west and you can hit utah has amazing skiing. what's great about utah that people don't realize, you can take a flight in the morning and because of the time change, flying to salt lake city, you're a half hour from the top mountain destinations in the world. in utah you can get a half day of skiing the day you leave. >> let's say we want to expand our budget a little bit. can we still stay somewhat conservative if we decide to do let's say europe? >> absolutely. this is the time to go to europe. this is the year to go to the uk. the dollar is extremely strong. the pound has taken a pounding with the dollar and it's usually prohibitively expensive to get to london. this is the year to plan the trip to london or anywhere in britain. >> if there was one specific place or couple of places to be the go to spot. >> i would say london definitely. canada is celebrating a huge birthday this year. they have events all throughout that country and of course we want to go somewhere warm because it's probably g
11:36 am
so puerto rico is my big pick. >> samantha brown, thank you very much. she's going to be at the d.c. travel and adventure show. it's going to be at the washington convention center. what time can we see you? >> 12:00 on saturday, 1:00 p.m. on sunday. >> david culver will be there at 11:00 in the morning and he'll be discussing cuba. we look forward to seeing you both there. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> taking a look outside, it is still warm. 50s in most spots but big changes are on the way. 'hen well feel the big we just moved into this house and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together.
11:37 am
having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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right now, astronauts on a spacewalk to fix a battery issue. the commander and french astronaut are putting in better batteries, they are ugs the station's robotic arm. nasa says the batteries are long-term upgrades tohe
11:39 am
spacestation's solar power system. >> here at news 4 we are in prep mode for weather alert day tomorrow. >> yeah, weather alert day to start your weekend but at least it's not a weekday with the morning commute and evening commute. >> i'll take it. >> you can hang out at home. it's going to be kind of a messy day tomorrow. we have everything from snow to freezing rain to sleet to rain. it's going to be a yucky day. the main concern will be icing out there. we'll be watching that very closely. look at the temperatures right now, they are going to get a little cooler as we go through the day. 52 in the district, 40s to the north, low 60s to the south. a bit of a change from what we saw yesterday. this on our map right around st. louis, that is actually our storm system for tomorrow. now, once it moves in, it will develop more snow than what you see now but this pink shows us our ice concerns, that is either sleet or freezing rain falling at the moment. we also have a freezing rain advisory from midnight until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow for areas
11:40 am
west of falkier near the shen do with a valley with icy roads creating hazardous travel. for tomorrow, we're looking at 8:00 a.m., snow and ice moving in. by 5:00 p.m., freezing rain tapering off after that. sunday will be a drier day and still a chance for showers, temperatures closer to 40 degrees. i would say the main concern over the weekend will be saturday with the ice. by midnight tonight, we start to see some of this approaching the pink showing us the ice and blueish color showing us the snow. that's by 8:00 a.m. around the district and surrounding counties. by the afternoon, we see a mixture of pretty much everything from rain to sleet to freezing rain to snow. finally tapering off later in the afternoon and evening. by sunday we'll see big improvements. maeb a dusting to two inches farther to the north of the district but overall it's going to be quite a mix out there. like i've been mentioning,
11:41 am
saturday your weather alert day, sunday looks better, chance of a few showers early monday and then 60s return next week. >> the food, table settings and lots more. behind the scenes look at inauguration day meal prep. >> making me hungry. >> the program making little girls princesses for the day. >> i'm britney johnson, if you can't wait until the end of the month for d.c.'s restaurant week, the national harbor begins tomorrow and lasts all week long. 12 out of the 30 dining spots in the area will be participating in the lunch and dinner specials. if you plan to head down there, make sure to tag us in your food pic, nbc4 d.c. and more details on
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mmmmm.....oohhhh... yeah.... skunks apparently have two glands on either side of the stop talking! the new year savings event at havertys. life looks good.
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>> building hope ink is a non-profit that helps families with everything from housing to employment. and one of their big events each year is princess for a day. collar is is a williams is here with more on this special event. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> you have two princesses with us today. we've got rebecca williams who's 12 and you love lovely -- >> i love the purple. 13 and caramel la richardson. you're 10. >> yes. >> tell me what is princess for a day? >> it's an empowermentro
11:45 am
ages of 3 to about 15. they get a chance to walk the red carpet and they get a chance to be crowned by miss maryland or d.c. or miss teen maryland or miss teen d.c. and it's all about letting them really understand that they are all so beautifully and wonderfully made because they are but the confidence it builds their self-esteem. we do workshops. but all to let them know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. >> absolutely. >> it's amazing. >> how are the girls picked. >> for this -- the girls are picked overall they submit applications and they have to have a criteria, as long as we have available spaces we bring them in and have rehearsals and once our slots are filled, they are filled. for today for example, we based it upon they've been -- this is her third or fourth year, caramela her second year but they have the
11:46 am
crowned mrs. princess for a day. you have to be a good role model. you have to be good character and but you have to have those good grades. >> absolutely. grades and character, key right there. >> ladies, i want to hear from you. rebecca, tell me what you've enjoyed most. this is a recurring thing for you both? >> when i started princess for a day, i had very low self-esteem, but princess for a day has given me confidence in myself and role models to look up to like miss maryland and d.c. to learn the way of life. >> i can hear it in the way you talk. excellent. >> what are you, char mela? >> i like to walk down the aisle and being kind of like glamoured up and -- >> nothing like a true girly girl. >> i love that. >> tell me about building hope incorporated and what else in provides. >> we are -- our core service is we provide housing for single
11:47 am
moms. we get calls from dss, child protective services where a mom may have been misplaced. we bring that mom in and we just cut through a lot of the red tape. then we contact our furniture partners, we provide full furniture for these houses. and then we put them on our christmas drive, back to school drive and these type of programs to just reduce the burden that these moms are going through. so being a part of the princess for a day, just the other programs we do, we play tennis and take them no nationals game, just to give them exposure and opportunity that children of two parent households experience all the time. >> excellent. i'm sure a lot of people are listening and their heart kind of calls out. how can our viewers that are watching this help. how can they partner with you? >> they can go to our website, which is
11:48 am and they can partner by making donations, they become a volunteer, just help us to continue to make an impact. when you do programs like this, you're tapping in and making a difference. when we change her life, she goes and changes somebody else's life. it's just -- it's just wonderful. we have a rehearsal monday. >> when is princess for a day? >> princess for a day is saturday, march the 4th at 12 noon. >> let us know. >> in laurel maryland and rehearsal coming up monday because all children are out of school. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for being with us. we're excited to see about your princess for a day come march. thanks for being with us. back over to you. >> thanks, guys. a notoriously uncool car is getting an upgrade. mark barger gives a look from the detroit auto show. >> it's the frequently joked
11:49 am
getting a mini van. auto companies are working to make family friendly vehicles cool. >> this is a big focus on technology that's making mini vans more interested than before. >> the detroit auto show recognized the utility vehicle category for first time this year. >> something that's larger than a car yet not quite a truck. >> the chrysler pacifica was crowned the winner, the first hybrid mini van ever, targeting not just the driver -- >> a lot of great technology for the back seat, a navigation system for kids so they won't ask when to get there all the time. >> honda unveiled its updated odyssey with new cabin control. >> there's a night vision camera inside of the car that will let you monitor the people in the middle row and in the back seat to see how they are doing even if it's pitch black outside. >> instead of yelling from the fwront seat, the driver can interrupt entertainment and communicate through an interior intercom system. soon there might not be a true driver at
11:50 am
driving, maybe you can turn your seat around and engage in a board game with the kids. >> making the modern mini van more of a living room on wheels. >> coming up next, a little advice for sasha and malia as they leave the whe
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we have breaking news for you, william peter blady, the author of the exorcist has died. he died thursday at the hospital in bethesda. the exorcist sold more than 10 million copies. the film starring linda blair came out two years later if you'll remember. while the new president will have a chance to make a lot of decisions here in washington, one thing that he doesn't get to decide on, what he's going to have for lunch after he's sworn in. that is something that was decided actually months before he was even elected. barbara harrison takes us to where some of the cooking is already under way. >> with just under one week to go, a lot of prep work going on here in the kitchens of divine cuisine for the inaugural lunch that will happen just after the swearing in of the 45th president of the united states. catering giant bi
11:54 am
company has won the right to run the show. >> it's the bidding process. we are bidding against i believe four other companies. >> they have to plan table cloths and plates and flowers part of the presentation and bid process. >> we also have to do a lot of historic work because in many instances in many different inaugurals of which we've done seven now, they've asked to stay in the lincoln era or stay in the jeffersonian era. >> this is the 2005 second inauguration of george w. bush. jeffersonyan was the theme selects months before the election happened. >> asked to propose or bid on the lunch in july. >> that's four months before they know the results of the election, when caterers have to get ready to present their idea and bid
11:55 am
inaugural committee. this was the chosen design for the first inauguration of president barack obama and happened to have been a lincoln theme. the plates were copies of the actual lincoln white house china. >> this time we were just asked to keep it more sort of george washington-esque. >> if you're looking for a george washington look. >> a little more classic. pick something like this. >> what are they cooking up for that theme? shannon shaffer. >> there's a lot of focus on local and sustainable products these days. >> meanwhile, they have other parties being designed here. other foods being tested and tasted. divine cuisine does about 3500 events a year. >> this was a piece in the "washington post." >> bill homan has gotten a lot of press since he arrived in washington and opened a small restaurant and with partners a catering business that has grown tremendously over the years.
11:56 am
special. but especially this one that happens only every four years. >> it's special, it's very special. very lucky to live here in washington and be able to get to do this. >> that is an undertaking. a lot of prep cooking is already under way. bill homan will lead over 100 chefs and cooks and servers to the capitol at 5:30 a.m. next friday morning. just one week the obama family will be leaving the white house. >> and this morning we're hearing a very heart felt message from jenna bush hager and barbara bush for sasha and malia as they prepare to leave the white house. >> now you're about to join another rare fied club of former first children, a position you didn't seek and one with no guidelines. >> the bush daughters went on to say not to be afraid to make mistakes and to enjoy college. >> absolutely. good luck to them. >> no doubt they have just
11:57 am
see pictures of when they first got there as babies. >> all right, now final check of the weather with sheena parveen. today we've been talking about the cooler temperatures and not warm like it was yesterday. what we're really talking about is the weekend. here's a look at the plan for tomorrow. already making your saturday plans, 8:00 in the morning, snow and sleet and freezing rain by noon through the afternoon still expected, starting to taper off around 7:00 p.m. but still a chance of showers. your entire 10-day forecast. drier on sunday. there's a chance of a shower. we could see a shower early monday morning and look at the rest of next week. we're talking about the 60s returning to the forecast unseasonably warm. we have shower chances next week. >> thank you. that's it for "news 4 midday." we're back this afternoon first at 4:00. >> you can get the news and weather updates which you'll need ahead of this weekend, do it, download the nbc
11:58 am
we'll see you here and be holding down the fort for you.
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> oh, signed, sealed and delivered. you've heard about it by now the bush sisters send the obama girls a touching letter. we're going to get into all that. happy friday the 13th. natalie, i'm sort of jenna's new friend but you've worked with her for years. >> yes. i saw jenna at the golden globes and she told me she was doing this. this is about coming full circle with the girls. eight years ago when they were in -- when the family was inaugurated and the obamas moved into the white house jenna and her sister barbara did the same thing. bring in jenna bush hager, joins us from new york. hi. >> jenna b. shoe . >> hi. is


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