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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 15, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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this week. >> let's be positive about it. tom, today is shaping up to be a nice day. >> yeah, blue sky will lift your mood after yesterday's gray, cold rain. we do have some sunshine breaking out. live view from our storm team 4 tower camera, showing lots of sunshine pouring down. much of the metro area now. there are clouds just to the south we'll have those in and out for the rest of the day. certainly is welcome and the pavement is now beginning to dry out. temperatures are now near 40 in washington and upper 30s around the bay. nearby suburbs generally mid and upper 30s. we'll still see drying roads through 10:00 this morning. hitting the 40s during the afternoon. sunset today at 5:11. big changes ahead in the half hour. po
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finding these missing girls. 10-year-old tamaya calloway was last seen with her 16-year-old cousin. they were last seen at 10:30 last night on madison street in northwest. call police if you have any information about their whereabouts. meanwhile, we're following a developing story in prince george's county. state police say a man is dead after a crash that happened around 3:00 in the morning. it was on the ramp from eastbound 198 toward i-95. police say two other men were in that car. no word on the current conditions or what may have caused that accident. the curtain is closing for good on the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus after 146 years of the so-called greatest show on earth. it will end in may. the company blames declining attendance and high operating costs of the shutdown. it also says since it removed elephants from the show last spring, ticket sales plummeted. there will be 30 shows before the show closes, so fear not if you want to get one last show in. there
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d.c., fairfax, and baltimore beginning in late march. well, we are just days away from the presidential inauguration. it is rehearsal day here in the district. >> indeed. derrick ward is near the capitol with a look at today's events. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. all is quiet on the eastern front right now. that is the east front of the capitol. of course, this was a very different scene just a short time ago as they did one of the run throughs, the only dress rehearsal for the inaugural ceremony. this was the scene at the reviewing of the troops, sa. this is a tradition that's been going on for years, hundreds of years, as we have chosen to change administrations and groups that are in power this way. of course, pageantry and not belligerence. as we speak, there is
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city. they're going to go down the parade route and come back here and end up on the west side of the capitol where there will be a swearing in. they're going to take the oath at noon. the stand-ins will be taking the oath at noon. then they will be done with that. also something you might want to know, there is a test of the emergency alert system today. at 3:00 they are going to issue a test. if you have a mobile device that is signed up for those emergency alerts, you'll be getting that. again, that's just another test of all of the things that go on, on a big day like we will have on friday. they just want to make sure they get it right. we're live at the capitol, derrick ward, news 4. >> derrick, thank you. just days before the inauguration of donald trump, thousands marched in support of civil rights in d.c. >> are you ready to win? well, make some noise. >> members of reverend al
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groups want change. they marched along the national mall to the martin luther king jr. memorial. activists say they want to send a message to the incoming president, his cabinet, and members of congress that rights of minorities must be protected. >> we didn't come to protest trump. we came to let them know that issues of voting rights, issues of health care inequality, and income inequality, issues of police brutality. >> al sharpton marched alongside the other activists. he also called on them to oppose trump's attorney general nominee, alabama senator jeff sessions. president-elect trump is escalating his feud with congressman john lewis. he's taking on the civil rights icon on twitter. this all comes after lewis told nbc's "meet the press" that he doesn't see trump as, quote, a legitimate president. nbc's kelly o'donnell has the details.
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>> reporter: in new york, more protest, but today the protest of one legendary civil rights figure. democratic congressman john lewis provoked the president-elect. >> i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected. >> reporter: lewis went further. a striking statement from a senior elected official. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> you do not consider him a legitimate president? >> reporter: trump fired back on twitter that lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district in the atlanta area trump labelled in horrible shape and falling apart. trump also accused lewis of being all talk, talk, talk, no action. a charge that seemed to ignore lewis' history. beaten and jailed in the struggle for civil rights. that irony caught fire on twitter. nebraska republican ben sasse wrote, john lewis and his, quote, talk, have changed the world. a f o
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from #istandwithjohnlewis, to house democrats using the issue to raise campaign funds. >> at the very least, he should be accepted as the president, whether there's disagreements over his policy, over his opinions, that's fine. >> reporter: on the eve of the king holiday, son martin luther king iii softened the charge. >> the congressman was saying this does not feel like a legitimate president. i can't accept it in my emotions, but realistically in congress i'm going to have to work with this president-elect, who becomes president on january 20th. >> that was nbc's kelly o'donnell reporting. you can see more of congressman lewis' exclusive interview on "meet the press." chuck todd is also going to join us in studio for a preview of the show coming up at about 10:15. and as you may know, the first "saturday night live" of the year started off, you guessed it, a jab at president-elect donald trump. >> a lot of material. alec baldwin was back with
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version of the president-elect and made fun of his first news conference in more than six months. it began with a joke about his first time in office. >> on january 20th, i donald j. trump will become the 45th president of the united states. then two months later, mike pence will become the 46th. >> "snl's" take on the news conference took on several topics, including russia's interference in the election and repealing the affordable care act. >> yes, mr. trump, you and the republicans want to repeal obamacare. but why would you do that before coming up with a replacement plan? >> because obamacare is a disaster, and i actually do have a replacement plan, okay. i just read about it this week. it's a terrific plan. just great. it's called the affordable care act. >> get it? it's the same thing. the skit also referenced trump's recent meeting with "family feud" host, steveve
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keenan thompson came to the podium for a round of "family feud." >> love the mustache. >> that thing is legit. all right. time right now is 9:08. let's take a look outside. we're going to see more sun popping up today. a look at the washington monument. a little bit of a warmup coming this week too. tom is tracking how soon we'll be back in the mid-60s. and a major launch for spacex and a big mission for a local company. the blastoff and the new technology now orbiting in space. time now is 9:08. we'll be
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tery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. three, two, one, liftoff. >> success. spacex's falcon 9 rocket blasted off into space yesterday. on board, ten satellites from the ashburn company iridium communications. those
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the company said on twitter it is now celebrating. this is the first spacex launch since that fiery crash back in september you might remember. and d.c. police have arrested a sex abuse suspect. they say michael hillyard groped multiple people. the attacks happened in northwest washington near logan circle and u street. police charged hilliard with three counts of misdemeanor sexual abuse. taking another look outside this morning. not a bad start to our day. it's a cool start to this sunday, but we're in for big changes in the week ahead. tom is looking ahead to inauguration day and a chance of rain there. and a port-a-potty cover-up on the national mall. the answer to the mystery and why logos have been taped o
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it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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good morning. welcome. sunshine has returned on this sunday morning. live view from our storm team 4 tower camera. we'll have the sunshine in and out for the rest of the day. partly sunny. temperatures quickly jumping into the 40s during the afternoon. the rural areas can will be in the low 40s. in the metro area, mid and upper 40s by mid afternoon. big changes on the way for inauguration week. a look at that in just a few minutes. >> tom, thank you very much. more answers this morning in the port-a-potty mystery on the national mall. workers have been taping over
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advertising on the capitol grounds is restricted. our news 4 team was on the mall yesterday, saw a ton of portable restrooms, even by the wilson buildings, and they had signs not covered. got to the bottom of that. one of the key issues the president-elect campaigned on continues to be pushing to keep jobs in the country. >> nbc's ann thompson explains how this forward state of mind is presenting challenges. >> reporter: research engineer walt spends days in a driving simulator, watching people interact with technology. a fifth generation ford employee with a job his great-great grandfather, who worked the blast furnace, couldn't imagine. >> we're not just a manufacturing company. we're a mobility company. that entails new things like the research that i do today. >> reporter: technology is changing the products we make and how they are manufactured. this week president obama said those changes will only benefit
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>> the next wave of economic dislocations won't come from overseas. it will come from the relentless pace of automation that makes a lot of good middle class jobs obsolete. >> reporter: the boston consul substantiate group says we're on the verge of a robotics revolution. 10% of manufacturing tasks handled by robots today, in a decade, 25%. will robotics help manufacturing stay in this country? >> absolutely, robotics will help manufacturing stay in this country because it will lower the cost. >> but lowering costs, won't it also cost jobs? >> it will cost jobs. that's what happens. >> reporter: remember the carrier plant that agreed to keep 700 union jobs at the urging of president-elect trump? the ceo told jim cramer the $16 million they promised to invest will go to automation. >> there will be fewer jobs. >> reporter: at the deerborn truck plant where ford makes the f-150, the
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president says about 30% of the line is robotic, doing the repetitive heavy lifting. how does that change the human jobs on the line? >> it makes them better, allowing our people to do what's most important, which is use their innovation and their minds. >> reporter: the 1,000 workers hired here doing jobs that require up to four months of training. a smarter, more efficient work force building the products to move america forward. ann thompson, nbc news, deerborn, michigan. time right now, 9:17. tom, we are looking a the ining nice day shaping up. >> we'll take this for january. our average high is 43. we're going to be about 5 degrees above that during the afternoon. a good afternoon to get out and get some exercise in the wake of that cold rain yesterday. things have dried out on this sunday morning. we did have that sunshine pouring down, coming in from the -- looking off to the east. we have just a few high clouds with us here. they're going to stay with us off and on into the afternoon
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to 40 degrees. it's in the upper 30s, near 40 just about everywhere now. shenandoah valley as well getting above freezing. still a couple spots right near below freezing. if any of that pavement is still wet, there may be a few icy spots. watch out for that early on this sunday morning. it's going to be drying out and melting there shortly. so we'll have dry roads here by noontime just about everywhere. we'll have just some clouds around. then by 3:00 p.m. into the upper 40s much of the region. sunset today is at 5:11. that's getting later every day. and by 6:00 p.m., back down to the mid-40s. by 9:00, back down to the upper 30s. a chilly and dry evening under a partly cloudy sky. that big, bright moon will be shining through. and look at this photo i took yesterday. we did get some light icing. this was in northern montgomery county near damascus. we had a little bit of that light icing yesterday.
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twitter, and instagram. love sharing them. right now storm team 4 radar not showing anymore of that rain anywhere in our vicinity. all nice and dry. however, way off to the west is that nasty ice storm now in north-central missouri, into kansas, and western oklahoma. that moisture is tracking east, maybe passing just to our south overnight tonight. this is as of 11:00 p.m. this area in green, that's where we may get a few sprinkles of light rain. staying south of the metro area. midnight, perhaps in culpepper, just west of fredericksburg. around 2:00 to 3:00 a.m., that's going to be continuing just to the west of fredericksburg, just to the south. we'll be above freezing. we don't have to worry about any icing. we'll have that light rain around until around dawn. then during the day on dr. king day, we'll have our temperatures climbing into the low 40s during the afternoon. good weather for
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morning. hovering in the low 40s under a cloudy sky. mid-50s on tuesday, back to work and school. rain showers likely during the day on tuesday. milder air moves in after rain ends wednesday. highs in the mid-60s. back down to the 50s on thursday for afternoon highs. partly sunny. a change for friday. it does now look like we may get light rain for inauguration day in the afternoon into the evening hours. subject to change. we're still five days ahead. stay tuned. we'll keep up with it here on storm team 4 and nbc 4. dry after that for the weekend with highs in the 50s. an outraged family is putting up their own reward money after a man in his 70s, a vietnam veteran, is robbed in broad daylight. if we learned one thing from the first week of
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hearings for donald trump's cabinet picks, it's that they've taken very different positions on key issues than trump has held. >> for example, secretary of state nominee rex tillerson said he did not oppose the tpp trade agreement. he criticized russia's annexation of crimea, and said climate change is real and serious. >> and then there was defense secretary nominee james mattis, who said the united states needs to live up to the iran deal. >> and mike pompeo, trump's pick to head up the cia, expressed his confidence in the u.s. intelligence community and declared wikileaks is not credible. >> these disagreements could be an asset for team trump because they show trump's emerging cabinet hold a diversity of views. >> but they could be a longer
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well, this is pretty cool from last night. patriots running back dion lewis had a record-setting night in the win over the texans. he became the first player in postseason history with a rushing, receiving, and kickoff return touchdown in a single game. three total touchdowns for a guy who had zero in the regular season. all of that leading up to a lob sided 34-16 win over the texans. new england going back to the afc title game for the sixth straight time. not sick of tom brady at all around here. it's
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network. you can see the steelers versus the chiefs at 8:00 tonight. that game actually got moved because of weather. before that game gets under way, you can catch the flyers verse the caps at 1:00 this afternoon. an elderly veteran says he was trying to help a man when that same man robbed him in broad daylight. >> darcy spencer explains how it all happened in a story you'll only see on news 4. >> reporter: james cox went to the cvs store in waldorf thursday afternoon for an errand. >> i got out of the car. he's standing there against the wall and asked if i could let him have a couple bucks. >> what did you say? >> i said, sure, i'll let you have some. >> reporter: this 72-year-old vietnam veteran reached for his wallet, then was taken by surprise. >> i went to open it up, and he just reached up and grabbed it real quick. the wallet was thick, had a lot of papers and stuff in it.
9:26 am
struggle as the robber tried to get away. cox was holding on to him and the wallet. >> he hit me, pushed me real hard. i fell down on the asphalt and he kept on running. >> reporter: mr. cox said he had everything in that wallet. his military i.d., his medical cards, and information. not to mention a thousand dollars in cash he had just gotten from the bank. his family is so outraged, they're adding $500 to the crime solvers's $1,000 reward fund. relatives contacted news 4 to draw attention to the case. >> he's helped the country. he's done everything he can. it's just sad. >> reporter: police tell news 4 there's no surveillance camera footage, but cox was able to pull the headphones off the robber during the struggle. they're checking for dna. darcy spencer, news 4. >> an awful story. >> yeah. >> help that guy out. all right. taking a live look outside right now. u'
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umbrella, but don't put it away just yet. tom's closely watching showers and the timing. you'll want to be aware of it as we head into the workweek. and to our west, it's a much different story. the danger as ice covers roads, sending cars slipping and sliding. your time now is 9:27. wel be right back. 'l
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it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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time right now is 9:29 on this sunday morning. here's what's going on. lots of pomp and circumstance
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morning. military bands and service members practicing for the presidential inauguration. don't expect to see donald trump or mike pence. they have stand-ins. and all the bands and military members who will be part of the inaugural parade will also practice today. the parade route will run from the capitol down pennsylvania avenue to the white house. the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus will end in may. they blame declining attendance and high operating costs. don't worry, there will be 30 shows before then, several of which will be here in the area, all slated to get shows. all right. hope you're having a good start to your sunday morning. time right now is 9:30. i'm adam tuss. megan fitzgerald is in here with us. in for angie goff. >> good to be here. >> and you brought sunshine with you. >> i do what i can. a good way to start off the weekend. well, some people it's a weekend. some people have off
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tom kierein, you're outside monitoring the weather for us. what's tomorrow looking like for folks? >> it's looking good. we are bathed in sunshine here on this day two of a three-day weekend for many. i'm here out on the storm team 4 weather deck. northwest washington under a blue sky. just a few high clouds are drifting over us now. we'll have this sunshine in and out for the rest of the day. temperatures right now are up around 40 degrees in the metro area. as we take a look for the rest of the day, we'll be quickly climbi ining into the 40s for t afternoon. in the suburbs and rural areas, we'll be holding in the low 40s. when you're at the inauguration or outside for the events prior to that, track the latest storm team 4 weather with the nbc washington app. >> all right, tom. thank you very much. well, other places, a brutal cold blast is expected back in parts of kansas and missouri.
9:32 am
the death toll has risen to six in the midwest and plains because of the wild weather there. morgan ratford reports on what could be one of the worst ice storms in a decade. >> reporter: cars sliding off ice-covered asphalt, spinning out of control. a hunk of mangled metal and flashing lights where 20 cars crashed in wichita, kansas. >> this is ridiculous. >> yeah, be careful, guys. >> reporter: a deadly ice storm leaving millions under weather alerts and thousands without power. tens of thousands more worried the electricity and heat will be knocked out by shattered power lines. >> we just want to be able to quickly respond to anything that does happen between now and the end of the event. >> reporter: in missouri, salting the stadium, the playoff showdown between the kansas city chiefs and the pittsburgh steelers pushed back seven hours because of the storm. meanwhile in kansas, thousands of bundled up boy scouts on their annual camping trip get ready to put their skills to the test. >> i will pull the plug and send people home if it s
9:33 am
>> reporter: 200 kansas national guard troops on stand by as residents prepare for up to half an inch of ice overnight. >> sidewalks were very, very slick. >> when you know the weather is bad or even likely to get bad in this neck of the woods, what do you do? >> be cautious. >> reporter: in oklahoma, police say a truck was driving too fast on wet roads when it mowed through a fence and slammed into this building. >> i'm blake mccoy in st. louis, missouri, where you can see a decent coating of ice on the trees here. a lot of this is melted throughout the day but will refreeze overnight. there's also potential for more freezing rain. >> reporter: slippery streets and power lines covered in ice across the state. residents smashing their way out, preparing for more ice on the way. >> that was nbc's morgan ratford reporting there. around here, if you want to stay on tf
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it with the nbc washington app. just make sure you have that downloaded. and we aren't even into the month a full year for this new year, and already the virginia governor's campaign is under way. the gop candidate ed gillespie kicked off his campaign yesterday. in his speech, he talked about cutting taxes for families and small businesses. he also said he would stop what he called the blanket restoration of voting rightsxd felons. >> and virginia has always been at the forefront of the american ideal, and we can be again. i will get us back on track. we will stop lagging other states, and we will start leading again. >> gillespie previously served as chair of the republican national committee. well, a maryland school district employee has been fired because of something that she tweeted. this all started on january 5th when a student tweeted the district saying, close school tomorrow, please. well, they
9:35 am
katy nash, who ran the district's twitter account responded, well, then how would you learn how to spell tomorrow. nash thought the tweet was all in fun. the district did not. they fired her on trid. there's an effort under way in prince george's county to make sure people with a criminal past can get their lives back on track. prince george's county bureau chief tracy wilkins tells us why. >> there are a number of minor offenses that people are still walking around with on their criminal records that could be exup exuponed. it can hold people back from getting jobs and moving forward with their lives. the state's attorney says that when she discovered how serious this problem was, she wanted to participate in helping to make it better for people who can have those records cleaned up. >> there must be so many people, especially young people, who are discouraged right now because they have something on their record. it is a minor matter. it may have been dismissed.
9:36 am
but maryland does not automatically move those matters from your record. when you apply for jobs, it makes it difficult. so we thought we should go out, make ourselves available so that people have a fresh path in 2017. >> this event happens tomorrow on monday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the community of hope ame church in temple hills. if you're interested in more information, go to tracy wilkins, news 4. well, two local members of congress want some changes to come to metro. they're prepared to shake things up to make it all happen. according to "the washington post," virginia congresswoman barbara comstock and maryland congressman john delaney are drafting legislation to reshape metro's governing structure. that would mean changing a 50-year-old compact. that lays out how metro gets its money and how it's run. it could include banning elected officials from the board or providing more reliable funding. meanwhile, civil rights and labor lrs
9:37 am
historic church in d.c. they'll not only celebrate the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr., but they also call on metro leaders to improve the transit system. organizers of the people's rally for transit justice say the history of metro is intertwined with the struggle for human and civil rights. that rally will happen from 4:00 to 6:00 an the metropolitan ame church in northwest. time right now is 9:37. taking a live look outside at the washington monument. we're going to stay dry, but some changes are coming into the workweek. tom is looking ahead to what you can expect. and it takes a lot of planning to pull off a presidential inauguration, of course, especially when it comes to the food. the one decision donald trump won't get to decide after he's sworn in.
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austin police have killed a man they say was armed with an assault rifle. police say a man
9:40 am
started to fire into the air yesterday morning. it all stemmed from a fight in a strip mall parking lot. they say the man was shot after refusing orders to put his weapon down. his identity has not been released. we now have a developing story out of mosul, iraq. special forces have made swift progress against isis militants in recent days. most notably, they've reclaimed a portion of the mosul university compound. take a look here. these dramatic scenes captured yesterday show families trying to get away from the violence. iraqi forces are fighting to control the bridges near the tigress river. so far they've taken control of the eastern ends of three of the five river bridges. meanwhile, turkey's armed forces say air strikes have pounded alleged isis positions in syria today. the turkish military said shelters, armed vehicles, and command centers were among the targets. the military said nine militants were killed. turkey sent ground troops into northern syria in august to support syrian opposition forces
9:41 am
isis militants and to prevent syrian kurds from gaining more territory. all right. well, taking another look outside as the flag flaps in the wind outside union station. we're in the clear to go for a run or a bike ride this morning. not too bad out there. tom is updating his forecast with a big change that's coming up in the next 72 hours. and a daughter stolen from her parents and abducted for 18 years. the touching reunion as the faly is miraculomius fios is not cable. we're wired differently. the touching reunion as the faly is miraculomius
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good morning. here is your sunday planner. a great day to get out and get some exercise as we're now drying out. temperatures by noontime will be in the low 40s. ought to be hitting mid and upper 40s by mid afternoon with sunshine. right after sunset, which today is at 5:11, right back down into the low to mid-40s. then by late evening, back down to the upper 30s. so a chilly and dry evening under a partly cloudy sky. a bright moon peeking through the clouds from time to time overnight. looks like a pleasant day for dr. king day. we'll look at that coming up, as well as rain chances for inauguration week in just a few minutes. >> tom, thank you. so imagine this, welcoming a new baby into the world and just hours later having him or her vanish. well, that's what happened to a family in florida. then fast forward 18 years, and their baby girl has been miraculously found.
9:45 am
nbc's gadi schwartz shares the moment they were finally reunited. >> reporter: for 18 years, craig akin didn't even have a picture of his daughter, only this artist's rendering from a nationwide search. his baby, kamiyah mobley, was stolen hours after she was born. >> never gave up. >> reporter: today a private reunion. >> first meeting was beautiful. it was wonderful. >> reporter: for so long, her mother praying her daughter was alive, having cake on her birthdays, making public pleas. >> i just want you to bring my child back. that's all i'm asking from you. that's all i want. >> reporter: investigators say it was a dna match that confirmed the teenager's own recent suspicions that she might have been kidnapped. police arresting a woman named gloria williams who raised kamiyah as her own. that newborn, now a teenager, found living in the small town of walterboro, south carolina. neighbors describe williams as well respected in this community. >> this woman has taken care of her. she has mothered her, nurtured her. that's all the biological mother would have done. >> repr:
9:46 am
kamiyah's grandmother is overjoyed. >> i haven't seen her since that day she was taken from this hospital. so i've just got a big, big hug for her. that's all. just let me hold you a few minutes. >> reporter: akin says it was difficult to see images of the teenager at a court hearing for williams crying. >> i saw her telling her mom that she loved her, but that was the mom that she knew. >> reporter: she says she understands how confusing it must be but wants kamiyah to know he's been loved and missed by her real family who never gave up hope. gadi schwartz, nbc news. >> incredible story there. absolutely unreal. that's a talker of the morning. back here and focusing on the inauguration, president-elect trump is going to make a lot of decisions before he's sworn in on friday. >> he is, but one thing that he doesn't get to decide on is what he's eating for lunch after he's sworn in. and news 4's barbara harrison reports that was decided
9:47 am
>> reporter: a lot of the prep work going on here in the kitchens at design cuisine is for the inaugural lunch that will happen just after the swearing in of the 45th president of the united states. catering giant bill holman's company has once again won the right to run the show. >> it's like a contest, huh? >> it is. it's a bidding process. so you have -- we were bidding against, i believe, four other companies. >> reporter: and it's not just the food they have to plan. the table cloths, plates, and flowers are all part of the presentation and bid process. >> we also have to do a lot of historic work because in many instances and many different inaugurals of which we've done seven now, they've asked to stay in the lincoln era or stay in the jeffersonian era. so we've had to do a lot of research. >> reporter: this was the 2005 second inauguration of george w. bush. jeffersonian was the theme selected. as always, months before e
9:48 am
election actually happened. >> they ask us to propose on the lunch or bid on the lunch in july. >> reporter: that's four months before they know the results of the election. that's when caterers get the them and have to get ready to present their idea and bid to the congressional inaugural committee. this was the chosen design for the first inauguration of president barack obama. and it just happened to have been a lincoln theme. the plates were copies of the actual lincoln white house china. >> this time we were just asked to keep it more sort of george washington-esque. >> so if you're looking for a george washington look -- >> i think you'd want to be a little more classic. you can pick something like this. >> reporter: and what are they cooking up for that theme? executive chef shannon schafer. >> there's a lot of focus on local and sustainable products these days. >> reporter: meanwhile, they have other parties being designed here, other foods being tested and tasted. design cuisine does, they say, about 3500 events a year.
9:49 am
each party, he says, is very special but especially this one that happens only every four years. >> that was news 4's barbara harrison reporting. while a lot of prep cooking is already under way, there will be over 100 chefs, cooks, and servers at the capital friday morning. a lot of work to do there. >> oh, yeah. all right. biloxi, mississippi, plans to change a 30-year-old city ordinance following a heap of backlash. since 1985, the city code has referred to martin luther king day as the great americans day, but until this tweet was sent out, the city's mayor says he was actually unaware of the name great americans day. the city sent out another tweet saying it plans to change the decades' old code tomorrow before the city's annual mlk day parade. >> interesting. >> i was looking up some inaugural trivia. warmest one on record, 55 degrees, apparently, accor
9:50 am
which was president reagan. he also had the coldest one. >> i was there for that. >> 7 degrees. >> that's crazy. >> we're not going to have anything like that, thankfully, for this inauguration day. we may get some rain. i'll show you that in a second. right now we're dealing with no rain. we're happy that the rain is gone, as the middle of our three-day weekend here is welcomed with sunshine here on this sunday morning. live view from our storm team 4 tower camera, peering into montgomery county in distance. there are the temperature is already into the upper 30s. near 40 in town. into the mid and upper 30s around the bay. shenandoah valley getting around freezing. the pavement there is drying out. likely no more icing risk there for icy spots on the roads. temperatures in the rural areas and suburbs will be hitting the low and mid-40s by mid afternoon with the sunshine. right in town should be a bit milder. storm team 4 radar n
9:51 am
vicinity. there's that nasty ice storm all this area in pink out in the central plains. that moisture is tracking east. it will be coming south of us as we get into the overnight hours. it's going to be coming into virginia. light rain just west of fredericksburg. that's overnight, after midnight. then by dawn on monday, some of this light rain will be lingering but staying well to our south during the day on monday. so good weather for dr. king day. after we get into the upper 40s this afternoon, tomorrow we will have some morning sunshine, afternoon clouds, temperatures climbing into the low 40s. good weather for all the events going on, including the peace walk, the parade on mlk avenue. then the festival at anacostia park. just dress warmly. it will be chilly with temperatures in the low 40s. then on tuesday, everybody gets back to work and school in the mid-50s. rain is likely from the morning. off and on rain into the evening, may linger into midday
9:52 am
drying out wednesday. dry day thursday. looks like we may get light rain on the afternoon of inauguration day into the evening. dry after that into the weekend with highs in the 50s. >> a lot to keep our eye on. thanks, tom. coming up, one of nature's biggest marvels and a new tool in the sky.
9:53 am
it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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welcome back. there is a fascinating effort that's under way to gain new insights into the world's biggest creatures, the whales here. >> researchers are using drones to swoop down on migrating whales. >> nbc's tom costello explains how the drones are being used to learn a lot about these creatures. >> reporter: the images quite simply are breathtaking. a low pass over a pod of humpback whales cruising off alaska. slowly the camera moves closer, and then this. the biggest animal on the planet exhales, all of this blowing right into the face of a drone hovering just 12 feet above. >> that stuff that's coming out that's full of this priceless information, you know, on whale biology. >> reporter: dr. ian kerr says that priceless data is what the pee tree dishes on the drone are collecting. live biological samples from deep inside a whale's lungs. >> dna, microbiomes that make your whole body wo
9:56 am
hormones. >> reporter: and not just alaskan humpbacks. off the coast of mexico, the drone flew the full length of this massive flew whale. the whale, says kerr, probably thinks the drone is a bird. for perspective, this boat is 13 feet long. a gray whale is 50 feet long. a blue whale, 100 feet. a perspective best captured by a drone. like this view of a mother nursing her calf. at oregon state university, scott baker is now adding those dna samples to a catalog of 3,000 whales, analyzing their age, health, and any sign of environmental threat. >> it's not just about learning about this population now, but about understanding it over the next 10, 20, even 50 years. >> reporter: while some whale populations are slowly recovering from near extinction, others are still in danger. more information could help save them. >> i think we sort of hit the t
9:57 am
you know, it's almost like the invention of the microscope for cellular biologists. >> reporter: a scientific jackpot to save a giant of the seas. tom costello, nbc news, massachusetts. >> that's a cool story. >> ridiculous images there. very cool. >> the sun is out as you take a look at the white house, but it may take some time before we start to feel the warmup outside. tom is tracking your hour-by-hour forecast with how soon we're going to get back above 60 degrees. >> reporter: a run through for the big day.
9:58 am
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10:00 on the dot on this sunday morning. here's what's happening. five days left and a lot of careful planning going on. now on "news 4 today," the precautions and final rehearsals as d.c. gets ready for the inauguration of donald trump. and the greatest show on earth coming to a close. why one of the most famous circus acts ever is ending after 146 years. and we're on a weather roller costar. storm team 4 tracking big changes coming up in the week ahead. hope you're having a great sunday so far. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald. it's a beautiful day


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