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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 16, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the officer was respond to go a call last night on marlboro pike and silver hill in district heights when the cruiser was hit. police say there were four people in the car that hit st officer. the officer's injuries were minor. an 82-year-old woman is fighting for her looifr after she was hit by a car in wheaton. conswale low ongelo was crossing reedie drive. police are looking into whether she was in the crosswalk and whether the driver followed the traffic lights. officers want anyone who saw the incident to give them a call. virginia congresswoman barbara comestock tells "the washington post" big changes are needed. the potential changes include banning elected officials from metro's board and finding
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can tell us 4:30. now we want to get another check on your weather and traffic. >> we'll check in with melissa molle the and get a check in the traffic in just a moment. first let's start with sheena parveen and the weather. >> if you are participating in the march or going to a parade, it's not going to be bad at all. we are looking at nice, dry conditions. so the first thing dry for the events, rain returns tomorrow for many people heading back to work. this week we have spring-like temperatures in the forecast. we're going to be in the 50s for this week aside from today. then we go into friday and that's our next chance for showers for inago ragz weekend. 39 degrees in the district, mostly cloudy skies. winds will stay light today. 7:00 a.m., 37 degrees. by noon, 42.
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temperatures mild. brand new prop here, outer loop at 295 crash reported in the local and through lanes here. we'll keep an eye on that one as that sort of progresses here this morning. see what happens there. the rest of that area down to prince georges county to 10, 5, 4, everything looking good there this morning. top of the beltway, all the routes into town and out of toub, no big worries there. metro and metro bus operating today on a holiday schedule. we turn to the presidential transition now. we are now four days away from the inaugurationing of donald trump. at noon on friday, he will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. president-elect trump is not coming to washington today. he was expected to spend part of the day in the district and according to reports was going visit the national museum of african-american history and culture. all of this comes on the heels of
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and just before the nation celebrates martin luther king day. it started when lewis made strong comments about trump on "meet the press." >> i don't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. >> you do not consider him a legitimate president. why is that? >> i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected and they have destroyed the candidacy for hillary clinton. >> those comments caused trump to go after lewis on twitter over the weekend. trump knocked conditions in lewis's atlanta district and accused the rifle rights leader of being, quote, all talk and no action. this led to several people coming to lewis's defense. turning now to celebrating martin luther king jr. and his role in the civil rights movement, today there will be a wreath laying ceremony at the mlk memorial. this is video
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event. the memorial foundation says today is about about reflection and reconciliation. there will away peace block and parade to honor dr. king. it will start at mlk avenue southeast and end at the rise center. nick canynon will lead this year's walk. the parade will end in annacostia park. it is 4:34 right now. we want to go back to some new developments about a plane crash. >> aaron, we have some dramatic footage to show you as the search for survivors continues right now. the turkish airlines cargo jet crashed into a village strike intoog homes near kyrgyzstan's airport. ugz debris from that plane sticking out of some
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many of the -- were people who were in homes, people who were on the ground. the plane was on its way from hong kong to istanbul while it went down trying to land in very thick fog. more than 20 homes at this point destroyed in the crash. boeing, the maker of the plane, says it will fully kwopd cooperate with the investigation. it's 4:35. right now, there is concern in the district over where two i couldn't young girls might be. d.c. police have been searching since saturday night to find the two girls you see here. 10-year-old timea and 16-year-old mi'eisha kalwith away. family photos are precious, but the ones you're about to see are truly priceless. a selfie snapped when kamiay mobley was reunited with her th
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police say she was snamped from a jacksonville, florida,.hospitals as a baby. she was found living in south carolina with who she believes was her abductor. that alleged abductor has been arrested. she'll be extradited back to florida. an amazing story to think after so many years. >> and apparently her biological mother always knew she was alive. i guess you have that certain feeling. what a beautiful reunion. get ready for a much milder week ahead. sheena parveen will let us know if you need the heavy coat for maybe going to a parade or volunteering on this martin luther king day. and thanks to the recent cold weather, a lot of you probably notice your power bill going up, but we're working with you to keep it down. why it's more than convenience that makes frozen meals something to buy. and if you have to fill up this morning,
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from a packed sports arena to disaster in just 30 seconds. 80 people rushed out as the roof caved in at a newly opened arena in the czech republic. >> there was a floor ball tournament going on over the weekend. floor ball is similar to field hockey. everyone escaped in time.
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but the building designer does not believe that is what caused the collapse. and it's now 4:40. we want to check back in with sheena parveen for a look at our forecast. good morning, smeen na. >> good morning, guys. temperatures are in the 30s and today it will stay cool. if you are heading out for any mlk festivities or you have to work today, you might want to wear a jacket. fredericksburg, 39 degrees. gaithersburg, 34 degrees currently. this afternoon will be chilly in the 40s. so you want the warm coat this morning. gloves maybe this morning, even a warm hat, but you don't need the umbrella. tomorrow morning, we have showers in the forecast. we'll take a look at your planner for today, as well. we have some problems on the
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crasher reported there and police are responding in the local and through lanes president not seeing too much of a slowdown right now. the tinyist blip of yellow. it is seeing just the tiniest slowdown. 270 southbound to the spur. don't have a report of any problem there. did have an earlier crash that has now cleared out of the way. live look at cedar lane, no problems there. 95 northbound and southbound looking quite good. i'll be back here in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. going, going, gone, how the war of words between john lewis and president-elect trump is impacting a product, one of the two men sells. how congress can learn from the nfl when it comes to diversity. and the grades are
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the pomp and circumstance for the inauguration was on display sunday as members of the military and other officials held an inauguration dress rehearsal. it was complete for the stand-ins with first and second families. everything happened as flawlessly and on time as possible for the actual swearing in ceremony on friday. while preparations are under way for trump's inauguration, the president-elect himself was supposed on be in washington today. >> that trip, which was spec lakted to include a trip to the national museum of african-american history and
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tracie potts, do we know why this trip was canceled? >> no, we don't. we got word about it in the evening last night. he is expected to be here again throughout the week before coming for the inauguration on friday. we do know he's been embroiled with this controversy, of course, can with congressman john lewis over his comments and lewis's comments about whether or not he's a legitimate president. >> and there's been a lot of reaction to both sides to that. what is going on next? what are people saying about this? >> that's interesting. we heard mike pence say president-elect trump has every right to defend himself against these comments. his incoming chief of staff reince priebus says the oh bam in administration should jump in the middle here and clean this up before the inauguration. no word from the white house that he wants to get involved in this at all. meantime, there are some republicans who are defending john lewis. he is a civil rights icon. he's well respected by both sides here on capitol
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people split, but he does have some republicans who are defending him. lewis and about 10 democrats said they're going to boycott the inauguration. and two of congressman lewis's books are sold out on amazon after his feud with donald trump. "walking with the wind" and his trilogy march ranked number one on am january while walking with the wind a memoir with the movement ranked number two. dozens of rallies were held across the country this weekend to fight the repeal of the affordable care act. this is video from a rally at buoy state university. the rally featured stories who benefited from health coverage under the aca. the goal of the rallies is to show republicans that the majority of people are against repealing the aca. former presidential county
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rally in michigan. he urged republicans not to leave millions without coverage without a better certain in place. what we are saying to the republicans, if you want to improve the affordable care act, let's work together. but if you think you're simply going to throw millions off of health insurance, you've got another guess coming. >> in an interview with kate snow, senator sanders criticized the president-elect for his lack of detail about how he plans to replace the affordable care act. with inauguration day now four days away, news 4 as you covered all day long and will be with us on your phone, too. download the nbc washington app to join our inauguration cafe. we will discuss hot topics of the day from a cafe on capitol hill.
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there had right near barracks road. >> we'll have some interesting commentary and fun times. >> we hope you'll join us. it is 4:48 now and there's a new effort to push congress to increase diversity on capitol hill. >> scott mcfarland shows us how lawmakers may soon follow in the nfl's footsteps. >> in november, the iteam showed you how nearly every u.s. employer is required by congress to report on their hiring of women and minorities. but when we asked nearly 30 local u.s. senators and u.s. representatives to report on diversity within their own staff, only seven did so. we found congress doesn't have to poll the same diversity laws it mandates for the rest of the workforce. now, a caucus representing black u.s. senate staffers is proposing a bill to create a chief diversity officer for the u.s. senate. it's said the
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should be in place, too. >> if you mandate some of the interviews you conduct, the applicants have to be people of color. even if they don't get the jobs, it allows men and women of color to get in the pipeline. >> and despite the lack formal numbers on hiring, it shows how the staff reflects the people they serve. that's coming up tonight. this week, the supreme court will take up a case that could have an impact on the washington redskins trademark dispute. it's over the nation of an asian american band. the dispute of washington's name is overon hold pending the outcome of that case. how often do you find yourself in the frozen food aisle? it turns out it's not only convenience that is driving some families to buy frozen foods. a survey at the university of minnesota found that parents say that it's easy for their children to make and they can be
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the processed meals have less fruits and vegetables in them. some like it hot, right? and it just might seem to be a secret of living a longer life. researchers at learner college of medicine at the university of vermont found a link between red hot chile peppers and mortality. adults who ate the peppers had a 13% lower risk of death. scientists don't know why, but they say capsesin in the peppers might play a role. >> i like spicy foods. maybe i'm going live longer? >> we already knew you were going to living loner than me. winter is here and that means you may be dealing with higher gas and leelectric bills. >> home improvement experts say setting your thermostat to 80 degrees won't help you warm up any faster than if you set it to 72 or 70. a common myth is shutting off with one or two vents in
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used rooms shut down energy, as well. >> you're asking your furnace to work harder because you've changed the flow of the air ducts through the house. >> that's good to know. if you have a fireplace, many of that heat ends up going up the chimney or in one room and doesn't help to heat the rest of the house. raising the temperature on your water heater only makes it work harder during the winter. >> so what do i do? >> you open all the vents and you put your thermostat at 70. >> but 70 is not warm enough. >> there's literally nothing you can do. >> just pay the bills. >> listen, tepco loves me in the winter. and in the summer, too. >> where are we, 39 degrees right now? >> it's not bad. it's going to drop a little before sunrise, especially when you compare it to the really cold weather we had a week ago from today. later this week, i think you're going to like it. we're going to be in the 50s. so it will feel a little bit more like spring later this week ands
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weekend. right now we're at 40 degrees in the district. chevy chase coming in at 37. twin brook, 36 degrees. a little farther to the south, fredericksburg 39. montclaire, 39. mlk, cry. it will be chilly. if you're running errands today if you have the day off, roads will be dry so good for running errands and if you have dinner out tonight, there is a chance we could see a stray shower that would mostly be overnight. some very light rain just to the south of fredericksburg. not a big deal. tomorrow the rain chances go up because of that weather system way off to the west. so here is what it looks like this afternoon. we're going to get cloudy, but for the most part dry. rain should be off to our west. overnight and early tomorrow, rain moving in for part of the morning commute, even lasting through the afternoon. we don't really clear up until about wednesday afternoon. today, though, 44 degrees,
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and then we go through the next several days. look at those 50s in the forecast. after the shower chances tomorrow and early wednesday. those 50s return. they hang around for inauguration weekend and the temperature on friday for inauguration, 55 degrees. we'll see some late rain, i think, and saturday, that looks like a good day. 54 degrees. but for today, any festivities, any events you're going to, things will be chilly, but at least they'll be dry. right now, outer loop at 295, that is looking better. that has just cleared out of the way. so we had that earlier crash at the bottom of the beltway. now that one is gone. so that is a good thing here this morning. 66 and 95 are okay. looking right now at 270, actually. so 270 northbound and southbound, you can see don't have any worries there. again, 66 and 95 rolling along just fine. seeing the tiniest bit of red here northbound. that we don't have anything reported there, so no big worriesre
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and metrorail are on a saturday schedule. eun. the greatest show on either gets ready to take a bow. how you can see one of the final acts in our area. and how much you can expect to pay if you have to fill up. >> and it's no secret, our area is one of the most expensive to live, but wait until you hear who ranks among us.
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welcome back. we're following breaking news in prince georges county where a homicide vg investigation is under way in had hillcrest heights. police found a woman shot to death late last night in the 3100 block of good hope avenue. so far, no word on any suspect. angie goff is at the live desk working to get more information. we are keeping a close eye on the weather this morning. right now, a lot of you are waking up to temps in the 30s and 40s, but we are in for a warm-up. sheena parveen has a look at that and your hour by hour forecast. some big developments to get you at the live desk right now. >> angie goff following a story out of south korea. word coming to us from is he oul that prosecutors are now seekinging the arrest of a samsung heir in connection to that scandal that led to the impeachment of the country's
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approve a warpt for the arrest of lee jae-yong. he has denied allegations previously of being involved in that scandal. a court still has to approve this warrant and so far samsung has not commented on the request to arrest lee. back on you. if you want to catch the greatest show on earth for the last time, now is your chance. >> next week, tickets will go on sale for the final shows of the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey show in our area. the show is shutting down because of a 2kr07 in ticket sales. show producers say it came after elephants are retired. animal activists are claiming victory, but some fans say they're sad to see the circus goes. nick wolinda says not all is over. >> the circus world is going to continue on. i believe ringling maybe just didn't make the right adjustments to keep it alive. tickets
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24th. the shows are scheduled for late march and early april. we know it is costly to live in d.c. now the district ranks as the 20th most expensive city in the world. this list comes from the data company num be o. the most expensive place to live in hamilton, bermuda. three cities in switzerland and new york city rounds out the top five. gas prices have finally leveled off after jumps at the pump. aaa says gas price ves jumped a bit nationally. the average for a gallon of unleaded regular gas is $2.34. in d.c., the average is higher at $2.57. the overall metro region has about $2.36 for unleaded. demand for gas slowed following the holidays and the
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for you to let you know if your child's school lunch is actually healthy. the grade looked at all 24 systems in maryland. howard county schools received an a plus. carroll and frederick received b pluses. on the lower side, prince georges, montgomery and st. mary's graded c. news 4 today starts now. 5:00 is your time right now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. >> chuck bell is still off but storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen and traffic melissa mollet are holding down the fort here. let's start with sheena and your headlines. >> temperatures are in the 30s, but as we go through tavern, we'll rebound into the 40s. but the good news is, to matter


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