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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 16, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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president-elect's controversial reaction to his critics. and we are just days away from president donald trump. how his team is preparing and how the plans will impact your workweek. good morning, everyone. it is 6:00 a.m. and i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. sheena parveen is looking at the forecast and melissa is leighing the roads. >> hopefully they're watching right now and if you are heading out, it's a cold start this morning. we are in the 30s, but later on this afternoon, mostly cloudy. we'll be getting into the 40s. the good news is, it will be a dry day if you are doing any of the mlk jr. events out there or if you have the day off and you're running around. by l o'clock a.m. swb around 37 degrees. 10:00 a.m., chilly, 40 degrees. we'll only be in the 40s this afternoon. lunchtime, low 40s, but you will notice the clouds around.
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right now, temperatures mostly in about the mid to upper 30s. fredericksville, 32 degrees. 36 in leesburg. most of the area will be staying in the 30s. let's look at the roads this morning with melissa mollet. >> right now, choppers heading at 270 southbound. hearing about a problem, a crash involving injury. we'll take a look at that in the next couple of minutes. understand bound suitland parkway. no problems there except the report of that debris in the two right lanes, inner loop at the toll road. another live picture, as promised here, 66 at cedar lane inbound/outbound. no big worries here this morning. and a reminder, metro bus, metrorail operating on a saturday schedule because of the holiday. now to this friday's transition of power. at noon
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president of the united states. long before that oath, the district will begin shutting down to prepare for the crowds.. >> we're talking about metro stations closed, roads closed, parking stations closed, too. adam tuss is live at fro come plaza with everything we need to know this morning. hey, adam. >> good mortgage, aaron. if you've been downtown, you've noticed things have started to go into motion as far as what's going to happen for this friday.the there's a crew out here right now setting some things up. let's get straight to what you need to know about the inauguration on friday. metro service will run from 4:00 in the morning until midnight. very important to remember that five metro stations will be closed completely. pentagon, smithsonian, federal triangle, mt. vernon square and archives. there will be 1 straight hours of rush hour service. and if you want to park at a metro station, you have to pay on friday. take a look at this other map from the secret serce
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of course, it's going to be a rev, heavy security zone down here. do not expect you'll be able to drive anywhere around the national mall and the memorial bridge will be pedestrian only on friday. so keep that in mind. you will be able to two through places like the southeast/southwest freeway, but keep in mind that traffic could be heavy. dre in mark, people have questions about those schedules. they're had on limited service for the inawl august ragz. airports expect the clouds to start picking up thursday through the weekend. and uber and lyft say if you're in the security zone downtown, don't call a ride down here. you need to be outside the perimeter of the downtown restricted area. keep all that in mind. come with a plan on friday and just expect you're going to hit more delays. back to you guys. >> as adam mentioned, many of the closures two into effect before friday. on thursday, metro officials will close the unions to union station. union station's west h
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day. you can use the entrances on h street and first street northeast. the closure is not expected to change train or bus service. the pomp and circumstance for the inauguration was on full display yesterday on capitol hill. members of the military and other officials held a dress rehearsal for the event. it included stand-ins for the first and second families. the goal was cooperation so everything happened flawlessly and on time as possible for the actual swearing in on pfriday. news 4 has you covered all day long and we will be with you on your phone. download the nbc washington app to join our inauguration cafe. along with special guests to discuss the hot topics of the day. coming up on five minutes after the hour, congressman jaw lewis
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tru trump's twitter comments towards him the after the civil rights icon had some strong words about trump's presidency on "meet the press." >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> you do not consider him a legitimate president. why is that? >> i think the russians participated in helping the man get elected and they helped destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> after those comments, trump knocked conditions in lewis's atlanta district and accused him of being, quote, all talk and no action. meanwhile, two of the congressman's books are sold out after this feud with trump. >> and trump's feud with congressman lewis comes just as the nation gets ready to celebrate the martin luther king holiday. today there will be a peace walk to honor martin luther king. it will startat
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end at the rise center on mlk avenue. nick cannon will lead this year's walk. at noon, the 11th annual mlk parade will step off where the walk ends at the ride center. streets in the park area will be closed until 2:00 p.m. you can find a list of all the closures on the nbc washington app. let's get to some wraeking news now. angie goff at the live desk following a homicide investigation in prince georges county. >> police now offering a reward for information to help solve this case. take a look. this is some video from the scene there that we received into the live desk. you can see investigators there on the ground in the 3100 block of good hope avenue. this is in hillcrest heights. it's where they say they found a woman who was shot. she was outside. she died at the scene. stay with news 4 for developments in the search for the suspect. now back to you. >> thank you, angie. right now, d.c. police are investigating the deaths of two people. the discovery was made
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home on lyman place northeast. police have closed the road to traffic. justin finch will have a live report ahead at 6:30. follow him on twitter for updates. developing now, d.c. police want you to take a good look at these photos. these two girls are cousins and police say they went missing saturday night around 10:30. they were last seen on madison street northwest. if you see 10-year-old timyea or 16-year-old mi'easha kalaway, call police. fairfax police are on the lookout for a stabbing suspect who is on the run at this hour. that person fled after taking out a knife on the soccer field. two men were stabbed following an argument during the game there. this did not involve any students, but one parent tells us this violence makes his worry. >> i wouldn't expect a double stabbing to evolve from a soccer match, a neighborhood soccer match. and a great deal of
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isolated incident and there is no threat to the community. they believe the suspects may be driving a blue subaru sti. state's attorney angela will host an expungement fair today. the goal is to help those who have a criminal history to get their lives back on track. >> there must be so many people, especially young people, who are discouraged right now because they had something on their record. it is a minor matter. it may have been dismissed. sometimes there was a matter of being found not guilty, but maryland does not automatically remove those matters from your record. and when you apply for jobs, it makes it difficult. so we thought we should go out, make ourselves available so that people have a fresh path in 2017. >> gets under way today at 10:00 a.m. at community of hope ame church in prince georges county. roof collapse chaos. now video
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while athletes play. plus, she was kidnapped from a hospital just after being born. 18 years later, she's meeting her birth parents. we have the touching reunion, just ahead. and history from the holocaust, just
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it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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from a packed sports arena to disaster in 30 seconds. 80 people rushed out as the roof caved in at a newly opened aroan na in the czech republic. everyone escaped in time opinion the building designer says he doesn't believe the 10 inches of snow on the roof
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collapse. >> snow can be dangerous. even if he doesn't think that's what caused it. sheena parveen is here. we're not talking about snow. >> no. >> no, we're actually talking about really good weather this week because we're going to be back t in 50s. we like to hear that. this morning, though, it is a cold start through much of the area. frederick, 32 degrees. leesburg, 36 degrees in the district. so 30s for your morning and around sunrise, but later on today, we'll we'll be in the 40s. so a chilly day, but it will stay dry. chilly this afternoon or if you're not working and you're going to the mlk jr. festivities or events, it will be a cloudy, school day. read now, we have a delay in the metro. good morning, melissa. >> hi, sheena. right now, blue line delays to largo because of an earlier delay they were having. chopper 4, take a look over the prop we went to hunt out
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270 southbound at 370, crash on the shoulder now. nice, light volume you can see as chopper zooms out both northbound and southbound looking pretty good right now. as far as travel times, no problems on 270 or the top of the beltway. it is a nice holiday travel cast for you. 66 inbound and 95 northbound to the beltway, looking good. >> thank you, melissa. develop iing this morning, inmate transfers out of guantanamo bay. it has accepted ten kwaund tan mow bay inmates as requested by the u.s. this is part of the efforts to shrink the facility that he had promised to close. the prisons, their names were not released and we are still waiting for a response from the u.s. defense department on this reported transfer. more as we get it. aaron, back to
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new video this morning showing dozens of cubans stranded at the u.s.-mexico border. the cubans who left their island headed for the united states are stuck across the border from laredo, texas. they're stranded because the u.s. ended its wet foot/dry foot policy last weeks some hope the incoming president will reverse president obama's decision. >> would of the children who were saved from the burning house are doing better. a -year-old girl .a 5-year-old boy have been upgraded from critical continue to good condition. they were saved last thursday from that burning house by their 8-year-old sister. the children's mother is still in critical condition. the florida deputy killed in a crash while searching for a murder suspect has been laid
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rest. funeral services were held yesterday for lewis. lewis was hit and killed on his police bike a week ago while on his way to help with the manhunt for markeith lloyd. that suspect is still on the loose. anne frank's diary became famous around the world for her diary written around world war ii. now this pendant may have a link to her. experts say the pendant belonged to caroline kohn. the pendant appeared identity to the one anne frank owned. researchers are now trying to see whether the two girls were related. today, hundreds of people will join the group volunteer fairfax. 201 marks the eighth year for the give together program which welcomes volunteers of all ages. e
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pitcher in. news 4 was there as volunteers prepare for its projects yesterday ksh the project is today, obviously. the volunteer fairfax staff tailors its project to fit the whole family. >> everybody can volunteer. age doesn't matter. we all have something to give. and because so many families are off on monday as a holiday, it's a perfect opportunity to bring the children, do something together for the community. >> this all gets under way today at the jewish community center in northern virginia. volunteer registration is closed, but the group is accepting donations of gentry worn shoes at the jcc. taken at birth and now reunited after nearly two decades. >> a young girl finally met her biological parents and we are now seeing their first family photo. this selfie was snapped when
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birth parents. she was kidnapped 18 years ago and was recently found alive just hours away from where she was kidnapped. she was snatched away from a jacksonville, florida, hospital as a baby. she was found hours away in south carolina living with her abductor who she believed was her real mother. >> she only lived about 50 miles away from each other. all right. i want to turn to sheena parveen. this is a good time to be new with all the lovely weather you're bringing in. >> you are welcome. no, we've had a little up and down roler coaster-like weather around here. but we've had a stretch of warm weather, too. >> more good than bad. >> we're not talking about any ice, we're not talking about anything frozen. martinsburg and fredericksburg both coming in at 5 degrees. but the good weather we're talng
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those temperatures returning making it feel spring like. for today for your mlk festivities, the weather outlook, the impact to you will be low. the parade, chilly but dry if you're exercising. you'll want a warm jacket especially this morning. if you're running errands, the roads will stay dry. dinner out tonight, mainly dry. fitness forecast today by 7 oblg 578, 37 degrees. noon, 42. 6:00 p.m. temperatures in the mid 40s, but cloudy. but expected to stay dry, so that's good. tomorrow you'll want your umbrella. radar is dry, a few light showers endinging down to our south, but our next rain chance coming from way off to the west and some of those showers could be here for the morning commute tomorrow when many of you are heading back to work if you have today off. 7:00 pmg this evening, cloudy skies and we go into tomorrow morning. spotty showers around by lun lunchtime. we could see more showers even through the afternoon. not clearing up just yesterday and we could see some rain as we go into wednesday morning. for today, though, 44 degrees, mostly cloudy. we'll take a look
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but a new crash is out there this morning. >> brand new problem 70 eastbound near south street. not seeing any major slowdown, but i want to mention it here. crash on the right side of the roadway right now. that is the report taking a look at chopper 4 headed over to the american legion bridge. inbound suitland parkway near nailer road, that crash has moved out of the way. we have that report inner loop at the toll road with the debris in the two right lanes. see you back here in ten minutes. they broke one of baseball's longest curses and today president obama is honoring the chicago cubs. he invited the team to the white house because they won the world series a few months ago. he said he wanted them there before he left office. the president is from chicago, but he's a white sox fan but says he'll still celebrate with the cubs. shelter in place inside a stadium. the severe weather that forced fans to stay put after last n
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plus, it will feel like spring outside, but is your home winter ready? take advantage of the warmer temperatures and prepare for
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the move pains for the san diego chargers, the team now plans to move to los angeles. but after 55 years in san diego, fans are not happy and 22 moving companies say they won't help the team. they're giving up what could have been a big payday. more than $100,000 by some estimates. this star w
6:24 am
one moving company called competitors urging them not to help the team. the los angeles companies are now saying they won't help the team, either. >> wow. >> that's a lot of money to be had. s as if being knocked out of the playoffs isn't bad enough, listen to what cowboys fans had to deal with after the packers won yesterday. >> cowboys fans were stuck in the stadium because of a tornado warning. signs popped up on the scoreboard warning fans of severe with weather and telling them to take shelter. the warning came minutes after that final field goal which sealed the deal. packers won. the area saw heavy rain and strong winds at the national weather center has not yet confirmed a funnel cloud or tornado in this area.. well, winter is here, which means you may be dealing with higher gas and electric bills. >> there are some easy ways to save money on heating costs. home improvement experts say setting your thermostat to 80 degrees will not help you warm up any faster than if you have it set to 70 or 72. a
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used areas. that could help cut down on energy. because you're actually asking your furnace to work harder because you've changed the flow of the air ducts through the house. now, if you have a fireplace, much of that heat ends up going up the chimney or into one room and doesn't help to heat the rest of your house. raising the temporary on your water heater makes it work harder during the winter. psychologically, i'm so much warmer with those things. >> put on like three sweaters. >> whatever that's worth. shaking up metro, changes that could go all the way to the top. find out who plans to target the transit agency. overnight, a deadly shooting. find out what we are learn background the victim and a reward in this case. and sheena parveen is back with a mild look at the start of your week, but
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good monday morning. i'm sheena parveen in for chuck bell had week. we have a chilly forecast. . i'll show you what you can expect for the rest of today and the remainder of the week pop. and a woman found dead. i am at the live desk following the homicide investigation this hillcrest heights. two people found dead overnight in a northeast house. what police are saying to us now about the investigation. it is 6:29. good morning, everybody. >> it is a federal holiday honoring the reverend dr. martin luther king. we have team coverage on your weather and traffic is what is going to be a busy week around washington. >> we begin with sheena parveen and a look at your four things to know. morning, sheena. >> good morning, guys. the first thing you need to know is it will be dry tore the mlk jr. events today. that's good news. tomorrow, the rain
6:30 am
so if you have today off work and tomorrow is when you'll be back on the roads, this is whether you'll need the umbrella before you head out. spring-like temperatures in the forecast this week. we have showers in the forecast for inauguration day on tri. this morning, though, we're off to a start in the 30s. by 7:00 a.m., it will be cold. by noon, low 40s. mostly cloudy. 3:00 p.m., 44 degrees. and by 7:00 this afternoon or evening, temperatures in the low 40s. let's take a look this morning with the roadways. an update ow there with melissa mollet. >> good morning. you can see inner loop and outer loop don't have any big worries there. still hearing about this problem, inner loop at the toll road, debris in the two right lanes here this morning. we're going to go check that out here in just a second. sounds like some folks could be get something flat tires because of that debris. eastbound 70 at south street, crash on the right side of the roadway there hanging around. right now, top of the beltway, all of on those routes into town and out of town, no big worries there. hearing about another problem on
6:31 am
minutes and i will have travel times, as well. right now, we're staying on top of some breaking news this the district. two people have been found dead inside a home in northeast. >> news 4's justin finch is live at the fifth district police headquarter headquarters with more. justin. >> aaron, what remains unclear at this point is how those two people wound up dead in the first place. at this point, police have recovered both of their bodies and the search for answers in the investigation are now under way. let's take you now to some video from earlier. this is the 1700 block of lyman place. that's between 17th and 19th streets northeast just south of the arboretum. we did see police going in and out of that house for a good bit of time. also eventually pulling out both of those bodies and continuing their search for clues inside. now, back out live, we are not yet clear on just the names, ages or genders of those who werend
6:32 am
also, too, awaiting updates on the circumstances surrounding their deaths. back in to you. >> thank you, justin. and we have breaking news overnight. a deadly shooting in a prince georges county neighborhood. angie is at the live desk. >> and we are still waiting for the name of that woman found shot and killed in hillcrest heights. police say when they arrived, they found that woman outside and she died at the scene. a reward now being offered for information that will find -- or help find who did this. the search for the suspect is on. . we're going to continue to follow up and update this story in our nbc washington app. that's the latest in the live desk. back to you. it is 6:32. president-elect's trip to washington today is off. according to reports, his day trip was supposed to include a visit to the new african-american history mu seul. this comes after trump took on congressman john lewis on twitter afthe
6:33 am
trump as a, quote, legitimate president. we will have a live report from trump tower in a few minutes. there are several events planned today to mark martin luther king jr. day. the first is a wreath laying ceremony at the mlk memorial. the ceremony will begin at the 9:00 a.m. the memorial foundation says today is about celebrating dr. king's life but also about reconciliation and reflection. >> and hundreds are expected to gather for a peace walk in honor of dr. king. nick cannon will lead this year's walk. then at noon today, the 11th annual mlk parade will step off from where it ends. the walk ends at the rise center. the operate will end in anticostia park. because it is a federal holiday, pr
6:34 am
most rec centers are open and most libraries are closed for the holiday. prsh your is building to change metro at the top. within a few weeks, there will be bills aimed at fundamentally changing the agency. virginia congresswoman barbara comstock tells "the washington post" big changes are needed. john delaney and barbara comstock are both dropping bills. the change include banning elected officials from metro's board. you still have time to see the greatest show on earth before it shuts down. the ringling brothers and barnup and ba
6:35 am
down for good because of a drop in ticket sales. the show producers say it came after elephants were retired. tickets will go on sale january 24th for shows happening at the verizon center and eagle bank arena. those shows are scheduled for late march and early april. insurance for all, president-elect donald trump is coming up what a plan to replace obamacare. find out how he wants to consider soaring drug prices. inauguration game plan from road closures to metro. adam has everything you need to know about getting around this week. ice storm, dangerous conditions on the roads. we'll tell you how this severe wea
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about 6:39 right now. waking up to not too cold of a morning, given the time of year we're in. >> that's right. i like it. sheena parveen is here now with more on the rest of our forecast. i hope it keeps coming this way, this nice weather. >> it will. that's the good news. a week ago from today, it was brutally cold in the morning. this morning, though, not too bad. we're in the 30s. you night need the warm coat and gloves this morning. some areas are around freezing right now and a warm hat this morning. but not the umbrella. you won't need that today. tomorrow you will need it, but not today and not this arch, either. 38 degrees in the district right now. frederick, 32. culpepper coming in at 39 degrees. we have rain off to our west. that will be moving in as we go through tomorrow. so coming up tomorrow, we have those showers in the forecast. we'll take a look at new crash this morning with melissa mollet. >> brand b new problem just popped up before university boulevard. the crash is in the left lane. right now, chopper
6:40 am
we'll head that way in just a second. chopper 4 over the inner loop at the dulles toll road. we had a report of debris and we have several vehicles here with what seems to be flat tires because of that debris. hoping folks get that cleared out of the roadway soon. taking a look here at 66 and 95, you can see they're rolling along just fine, as well. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. >> thanks, melissa. stalker atock. a high school soccer field turned into a crime scene. what we know about the suspect and the getaway car. representative john lewis versus president-elect trump. inauguration day just four days away now. do you have your transportation game plan in
6:41 am
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comcast business. built for business. war of words. a civil rights icon goes head to head with donald trump. >> donald trump has the right to defend himself. >> inauguration game plan from metro to uber, how to get around and avoid the crowds this week. soccer attack. >> i wouldn'tec
6:44 am
stabbing to evolve from a soccer match. >> the fight on the field that ended with bloodshed. ice storm and severe weather, even football fans had to hunker down. and game on the line. late fourth quarter magic and another wild night in the nfl playoffs. 16 before the hour, it's the final countdown to donald trump's inauguration will he will officially become the 45th president of the united states. the swearing in ceremony set to happen just four days from now on capitol hill and washington is getting right side. >> the inauguration dress rehearsal went off without a hitch. it was complete with the first and second family stand-ins. >> john lewis charged that russian interference in the election dela get mizes trump's presidency. >> and we are kickiff
6:45 am
ahead for you. >> from those vowing to skip the inauguration to trump's canceling a visit to washington today. but we begin with how you can get around this week. >> adam joins us from freedom plaza with more things you need to know. good morning. >> good morning. i think a lot of people would agree that this particular inauguration is a little different from previous inaugurations. there could be some unpredictable with this one. keep that in mind if you're coming down here. with that in mind, here are the four things you should know about transportation for the inauguration coming up. metro is going to be running from 4:00 a.m. until midnight on friday. five metro stations will be closed. pentagon, smithsonian, federal triangle, mt. vernon square and archives. vre and mark will be on limited service and airports are going to start to get busy, especially thursday, pri, saturday as people come in and out to come to this special event. there is a heavy security perimeter down here around the national mall. that will be happenion
6:46 am
drive down here at all. uber and lyft are saying if you're in the security zoun down here on friday, that could delay your trip significantly. so try to get outside of the heavy security zone down here if the you're using uber or lyft. keep all of that in mind. the memorial bridge will be pedestrian only. it's going to be tough to get around here, have a game plan ready. back to you. >> thank you. adam is live for us at freedom plaza this morning. several congress people, including john lewis will not attend trump's inauguration on friday. >> angie goff has the latest on that. aaron, eun, the civil rights icon set off a firestorm when he told nbc's chuck todd that he did not see trump as a legitimate president. trump took the twitter over the weekend knocking loosis's atlanta district and accusing ill him of being all talk and no action. it led to
6:47 am
to lewis's defense. here is more of what he said on "meet the press." >> i think there was a conspiracy on the part of the russians and others. to help him get elected. that's not right. that's not fair. that's not the open democratic process. >> trump's incoming chief of staff said republicans did not question the legitimacy of barack obama's win years ago. we could hear lewis's response to trump's tweets when he speaks at an mlk breakfast today in miami. around the country this weekend to fight the r peel of the affordable care
6:48 am
state university in prince georges county. leaders say they want to show republicans that the majority of people are against repealing the affordable care act. meanwhile, donald trump is telling "the washington post" that his plan to replace the affordable care act is almost ready. he says it will include, quote, insurance for everybody. tracey strahan is live outside of trump tower for us. tracey, how does the president-elect want to control rising drug prices in the plan? >> so far, according to the president-elect, it involves going after drug companies. that's according to what donald trump told "the washington post." and this comes after congress took the first steps to repeal the affordable care act just on friday. now all of that led to a lot of protests over the weekend. at least 70 democrats were involved in doing that. and a lot of people a krcross t country were, as well. a lot of people were giving
6:49 am
without the obamacare act, they will not be able to exist. donald trump is still waiting to fill in a lot of blanks. he says he is waiting to confirm his nom me for secretary of health and human services before he gives more on his replacement, as well. according to the president-elect, it would include being more fair in drug prices for people who are on medicare and medicaid. back to you. >> tracie tray hahn live outside of trump tower, thank you. >> stick with news 4 for live coverage of the inauguration. when the president's motorcade starts up, we will have live coverage for you. join us on air and online for your front row seat on inauguration day. it is 6:49 right now. in northeast d.c., two people have been found dead inside a home. that discovery was made inside a home on lyman place. it's not clear how the
6:50 am
died. follow justin finch on twitter for updates. a soccer game turns violent on the field in fairfax county and now police are searching for a stap stabbing suspect. fairfax county police say the person fled after stabbing two people on the soccer field at south lakes high school yesterday. officers say it started with an argument during that game. there were no students involved, but this kind of violence has one father on alert. >> i wouldn't expect a double stabbing to evolve from a soccer match, a neighborhood soccer match. and a great deal of concern. >> the two men who were stabbed are expected to be okay. police say there is no threat to the community. dramatic video from the midwest. take a look at this scene on a highway in kansas. a trooper swerved out of the away to avoid a tractor-trailer that lost control and crossed over into the oncoming lane. no one was hurt, but scary scenes like this one were happening in more than a dozen different te
6:51 am
omaha, nebraska, with more. janelle. >> good morning, yeah. that is one of the concerns that a lot of officials had here in the plains as they saw this storm moving through. we're here in downtown omaha. i want to show you the standing water here in the old market area of the city. this is one of the concerns that city officials had as this storm started moving through. that standing water now turn to go freezing rain and then to ice .those kind of crashes that you guys mentioned. a very big concern for them. they've had city crews out since friday treating the highways and roads around the omaha area, trying to go those streets ready for today's storm. part of the concern they have is that while many people will be off because of the mlk holiday today, they're concerned about the morning commute and people getting up this morning unprepared for how slick these roads are and that they could have more crashes like that. the airport prepared canceled 20 flights yesterday, another 30 today. so as they temperatures begin
6:52 am
they're going to see more of those problems both on the roads and in the air. travel going to be tough, not only here in omaha, guys, but throughout the area. so eun and aaron, a tough situation here in the midwest .hopefully going to warm up later in the week. >> janelle from the whether channel in omaha for us, thank you. and considering what we're seeing around the country, a lot of mild temperatures here for our area this time of the year. >> yeah. so this week we're going to be warming up and that ice is nothing to mess with. and we're actually not going to see that. so that is good. our weather typically comes in, you know, from the west and when you see video like that, you're thinking, oh, my goodness, are we going to have an ice event? but we're going to get into the 50s this week, so it's going be nice. much better. we're going to warm up and it will feel like spring outside. this morning, we're in the 30s. it is a colder start. grab a warm jacket before you head out. in the district, 38 degrees. haguerstown, coming in 29. that's a colder spot, but most
6:53 am
30s. o'clock a.m., 37 degrees. by noon, mostly cloudy, staying mostly cloudy .staying dry. so that is good news. but by tomorrow, the rain does come back in the forecast. if you have the day off and you're exercising today, looking good, mostly cloudy. in the 40s only. a little chilly. we're going to be staying dry. a few small towers down to our south are leaving. here is future weather today. we just stay cloudy this afternoon. tomorrow morning, we have scattered showers moving in through the afternoon, as well. so make sure you grab your umbrella before you head out. today, though, 44 degrees. we'll be seeing those mostly cloudy skies. look at the 50s coming back into the forecast. that's some good news, especially for inauguration day. but there is rain in the forecast. let's get an update on the roads this morning. >> that crash has just cleared to theht
6:54 am
roadway. we were blocking two left laps just a short time ago. inner loop at the toll road, disabled vehicles still on the ride shoulder. that's where chopper 4 was just before this prop problem there up through the top of the beltway. eastbound 70, crash on the right side of the roadway this morning. 66, 95, no major problems. prince georges county, everything there looking quite good. same situation top of the beltway. all of those routes into town .out of town and a live look 270 at montrose, no problem northbound or southbound. it's 6:54. on this king holiday, there is a new push for congress to follow in the nfl's foot steps by increasing diversity on capitol hill. >> the news 4 i team's scott mcfarland explains why the numbers or lack thereof are prompting this effort. >> in november, the i-team shows you how nearly every u.s. employer is required by congress to report on their hiring of women and minorities. but when wes
6:55 am
report on diversity within their own staff, only seven did so.. the we found congress doesn't have to follow the rest of the diversity mandates it requires for the rest of the workforce. now they're proposing a chief diversity officer for the u.s. senate. the rooney rule practice is said it should be in place tore congressional job openings, as well been. >> if you mandate that some of the interviews that you conduct for senior positions, the applicants have to be people of color the even if they don't get the jobs, it allows men and women of color to get in the pipeline. >> and despite the lack of formal numbers on hiring, there are new figures that may show us how well congressional staff reflect the people they serve. that's coming up tonight on news 4 at 6:00. coming up on 6:56, here are four things to know before you head out the door this morning. today is martin luther king jr. day preside
6:56 am
ceremony. there are several other events around the area to celebrate his life and legacy. president-elect donald trump says he has a plan to replace the affordable care act while at the same time his feud with congressman john lewis continues to heat up. be sure to watch the "today" show for details. police are asking for more informationing about a homicide in hillcrest heights. two people have been found dead inside a home in northeast washington. the discovery was made inside a home on lyman place. it's not clear how the person die died. foft justin finch on twitter for updates. and your martin luther king jr. day looking cloudy, but chilly 44 for your high temperature. tomorrow, the lane returns, but we get into the 50s, too. showers in the forecast for friday. a lot of folks talking about the nfl
6:57 am
>> there is one play that you are going to see again on facebook and again and again. this is why packers quarterback aaron rodgers gets the big bucks. watch this throw. only a couple seconds left in the game against the cowboys. look at that. teams are tied, but because of that incredible play, packers were able to kick a field goal as time ran out to win the game. it was an incredible game. >> the cowboys only lost three games all year, were eliminated. the packers play the atlanta falcons next week. that is our broadcast for this morning. >> the "today" show is next >> make. i right when i walked in the door of bassett you could tell the quality was there. the quality of what we do is phenomenal. it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
6:58 am
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good morning. power lines, misery in the deadly ice storm. accidents and power outages mounting. the threat of a tornado forcing football fans to shelter inside the stadium. 39 million people from new mexico to new england facing new storm warnings today. breaking overnight a turkish cargo plane slammed into a neighborhood. at least 37 people killed. this morning chilling images just in from the scene. boycotting. a growing number of democrats say they will not attend friday's inauguration after a war of words between president-elect trump and congressman john lewis, a civil rights icon, as washington


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