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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> reporter: really just an incredible story unfolding here. we just learned from police that initially this was a domestic related shooting. two brothers were shot and wounded. they were taking themselves to the hospital and the suspect remained in the house and there was a hostage inside. we're on covered wagon lane. police were responding here because of that shooting incident. that's when things got very, very hectic. let's go and show some video shot by chopper 4 that you're only going to see here on news4 today showing the dramatic moments, how this all unfolded. the swat team came out again after the shooting. at one point they threw in a flashbang into the front of the house. you can see that actually go off and light up. at o
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out of the house and then he eventually is shot by police. he was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead. there was a hostage inside the house at the time. police were very concerned about getting to the hostage. but also the suspect had allegedly set the house on fire. it was filling up with smoke. there were flames. and you have a hostage inside. police had to make some very quick, very difficult accident in question -- decisions to get into the house. they were able to do that. it was after police shot and killed the suspect that they were able to rescue the hostage. let's here from the police department as they talk about how they tried to establish communications with the suspect. >> we managed to reach the suspect by phone but he was not cooperating with commands to come outside peacefully. the hostage also got in touch with our 911 and
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couldn't breathe. >> reporter: what are your thoughts? >> you know, the strangest things happen in the quietest places, man. you think an area is nice just because not a lot of stuff getting published about it. stuff happens right next door. you never know. >> reporter: so the situation much caller here tonight. there are a lot of neighbors here coming out and telling us what they saw. we're going to continue to follow the story. we're also waiting for another briefing from the fairfax county chief of police. now to the presidential t s transition. >> president-elect trump made an apparent effort to tamp down a fiery war of words that erupted over the weekend. as that controversy cooled, the
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tensions here at home and abr d abroad. >> reporter: we'll get to that controversy about john lewis, donald trump. but let's talk about something else first. you've seen it on the west wing maybe, you've seen real press conferences. inevitably people come down here to the west wing to see the press office, to see the briefing room. they open the door and go, whoa, it's really small. and it is. it's got maybe 50 chairs. donald trump wants more reporters to cover him, more kinds of reporters. so his people are looking at who might get this coveted white house hard pass. that's just one of the controversies in this inaugural week. battling on multiple fronts four days before he is sworn into the capital, president-elect trump mosted martin luther king,
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son at trump tower. trump had tweeted on this king holiday, honor him for being the great man that he was. >> i think my father would be very concerned about the fact that there are 50 or 60 million people living in poverty. certainly he said that he is going to represent americans. >> reporter: it's trump's laidelaid e -- latest move to counter john lewis. >> stand up, speak up. when you see something that is not right. >> reporter: the congressman did not repeat his charge that trump will be an illegitimate president. trump told european journalists between angela merkel of
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a u.s. ally and vladimir putin of russia, he trusts them both equally for now and called nato obsolete. trump threatened a blow to the white house press corps. maybe moving the briefings and maybe journalist's work space across the street. trump aides say that would make more room for nonmainstream media, more protrump media to cover the incoming president. final preparations being made as we count down to inauguration day on friday. fences and barriers line the national mall in expectation of the crowds. but it won't be all supporters in those crowds. today some protesters got together to practice their tactics. >> reporter: protesters
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pleasant for what they hope westbound disruptive practices on inauguration day. >> from day one showing no compromise with president trump and his administration and the tone of resistance from the very moment that he becomes our president. >> reporter: official washington is preparing for big crowds and big protests for the trump inauguration. security barriers and police hope to keep pro-trump and anti-trump people apart. d.c. homeland security director chris geldart. >> there's no one group or particular cause we're for or against. >> reporter: there are some people who are going to insist on being arrested. >> that may be the case. we're prepared for that. >> reporter: visitors to the national mall today had mixed emotions about what to expect this weekend. >> i don't want anything bad to happen, that's for sure. >> reporter: what do you think of all the fencing and getting ready stuff? just part of modern america? >> i think it's important to be safe. yeah, keep everybody safe. >> reporter: it will be gone in a few days.
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this stuff will be gone, but there will still be a lot of surveillance. >> reporter: will you be here on friday? >> i'm not sure. >> reporter: geldart who holds a degree in american history from the university of maryland says don't over look the event itself. >> it is a significant event in our country. we encourage anybody that wants to come down. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. >> stay with news4 for continuing coverage of the inauguration on friday. we have your front row seat to history on air and online. and for a closer look at the scheduled events, head to our nbc washington app. for many people, today is also a day of reflection. all over the country, people today paused to honor the work and the dream of dr. martin luther king, jr.
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>> reporter: it will be a new era in washington as well as our entire country. people here visiting the memorial tonight say that nothing changes the legacy of dr. king. he walks hand in hand with his little girl at the martin luther king, jr. memorial. >> this country became stronger in many ways. >> reporter: on the day we observe what would have been the civil rights leader's 88th birthday. >> it's up to us to go forward andprogress. >> reporter: parents brought their kids to the memorial to teach the lessons of equality and justice early on. their mother grew up in alabama and she remembers. >> as a first grader was the first year the school in my neighborhood was
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person to say i'm taking this side or that side, because i believe that united we stand and divide we fall. >> reporter: back at the king memorial, the feeling of hope is alive. >> that's why we are here today at the martin luther king, jr. memorial. >> reporter: people have not stopped coming to the memorial all day. on a tip monday ypical monday i about 2500 visit this memorial. today, more than 34,000 so far. the mayor of the town of sum somerset has resigned from a prominent golf club tonight because the club may not allow president obama as a member. there's debate within woodmont over whether to welcome the president because of his recent action on israeli. he declined to block
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resolution admonishing israel for its settlements on the west bank. it's a historically jewish club. >> i don't want to be associated with a community that is so intolerant and so disrespectful of the president. i hope resigning will be a wakeup call and actions will be taken to make it be known how welcoming the club is for everyone. there is no indication that president obama has even expressed interest in joining the club, but he has been there several times over the years. now to a developing story. a woman in a wheelchair killed when she got caught in a cross fire today in d.c. a young man also was injured when the gunfire broke out this morning in southeast d.c. pat collins at the scene now with all the latest. >> reporter: viv
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67 years old. each day she'd get on her motorized wheelchair and take a trip to the market down the street. today that simple trip had deadly consequences. a day of great sorrow in southeast. family and friends of vivien marrow consoling each other. vivian was shot and killed as she was riding in her wheelchair on her daily trip to the market down the street. she was the mother of three, grandmother of 11, an innocent victim caught in the cross pfeiffer between gunmen and what appears to be a turf war gunfight. william morrow is the victim's son. >>
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my mom was a wonderful lady. she looked out for all my family and cousins and even some of them people up there called her mom. i don't get how the young boys up here get caught up in this war and kill somebody innocent like her. >> reporter: more than a dozen shots fired, a young man in his 20s was wounded. they say he was struck a number of times, but he's expected to survive. >> this is unacceptable. this is an ongoing situation that needs to be stopped. >> reporter: let me show you something. up on this pole above where this all happened is a d.c. police crime camera. on a sign beneath the camera there appears to be a bullet hole. that camera up there may have some important
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case of murder. coming up tonight, the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter has been arrested. we're going to tell you why. >> reporter: the investigation continues into the fiery crash last thursday night. you see the roadside memorial there. two young lives taken, one of the victims celebrating her 21st birthday. coming up, what we are learning about them and how the community is coming together to support their families. twrracking diversity in the work force. the i team reveals congress is not leading by example on that one. i'm tracking rain out there. some showers across parts of the area tonight. everybody gets in on the action tomorrow. a little bit of a stormy
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nbc news has just confirmed the gunman suspected of killing 39 people at a nightclub in istanbul early on news year's day is now in custody. police say they conducted a special operations raid on a house in
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isis later claimed responsibility for the attack. there are some reports that he resisted arrest. turkey's television says he was hiding out at a friend's house. police had been monitoring that house for days before they conducted the raid. the friend and three others are also now in custody. the wife of the gunman in the orlando nightclub shooting has been arrested. fbi agents arrested her today at her house near san francisco. her husband omar mateen killed 49 people and injured dozens of others in that terror attack at gay nightclub on june 12th. mateen was killed in a shootout with police. investigators believe that his wife knew he was planning some kind of attack. she's been charged with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting the
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this is gun lobby day in the virginia general assembly. activists on both sides ofscend house in richmond. gun safety advocates want universal background checks on firearm purchases. both sides trying to influence lawmakers who will be consider a number of gun related proposals in the current session. two passengers were caught with guns at two local airports over the weekend. a man from prince george's county was arrested at bwi on saturday after he tried to get through airport security with a loaded handgun. yesterday at dulles, screeners detected a handgun in a passenger's carry-on bag. it was not loaded.
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t how to get fired in show characters or less. new reaction from a local school employee who lost her job over a sarcastic tweet. >> reporter: coming up on news4, the state's
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couple of showers out there this evening. it's been on the cool side too. temperatures in the low 40s for the most part. that's where we're going to stay. we may actually rise by tomorrow morning. winchester, gaithersburg, 44. the cold area at 35. nothing in through northern virginia. tracking some showers now howard county.
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right along 70, seeing some showers activity there too. it's all very light and it will continue to be throughout the evening. this is the warm front. here it is. you can see the moisture moving that way. there are a couple more showers so we can't rule out some shower activity this evening. here's what's coming tomorrow as the storm system passes well to our north and west. because of that we get into the warm sector and temperatures actually rise into the 50s during the day tomorrow. tonight, again, couple of showers. here we are around 11:00. some shower activity this evening. tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m., notice the showers. 8:00 more showers activity comes on through. we are going to see a rather wet rush tomorrow morning. give yourself a little bit of extra time stepping out the front door. the kids at the bus stop, they'll be going back tomorrow and we're expecting the rain.
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the temperatures will begin to warm tomorrow. 61 in kentucky, 68 initinashvil8 atlanta. we're not going to be in the 60s tomorrow but i think low 50s. your forecast tomorrow, about 54 degrees, showers likely but nothing too heavy. take the umbrella with you. you can take a little purse umbrella. the rain should be on the light side for the most part. tomorrow's impacts will be on the low side for sure because of that light rain. little better wednesday and thursday. 50 for the inauguration on friday. we'll talk more about this coming up about 6:45. a controversial move being considered by the president-elect. we'll tell you why the media could soon be forced out of
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celebrating her birthday, both killed in a
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now, at 6:30, two lives cut short. tonight, a growing memorial for the crash victims. we'll tell you how the community is stepping in to
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the program helping some locals get their criminal records wiped clean. >> something happened about 30 years ago and i'm trying to get it expunged. a new push for members of congress to hire more diverse staff members. >> i don't know they can make truly wise decisions without having people of all backgrounds in those discussions. >> not you. >> and evicting the press. what we're learning about reports that the news media may not be allowed to work inside donald trump's white house. an update on the breaking news in herndon virginia. a barricade situation there ended when swat officers shot and killed the suspect. fairfax county police say the suspect shot two brothers, took a third person hostage and set his own townhouse on fire. that situation started about 3:00 this afternoon at that house on covered wagon lane. police say the suspects fired a number of shots
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as auofficers tried to negotiat with him. we're working to see if there's a relationship between the suspect and the brothers he's accused of shooting. fund-raising efforts are growing for two people killed in a fiery crash in spotsylvania county last week. >> the victims, a young father and a woman celebrating her 21st birthday. the crash happened on a rural stretch of robert e. lee drive not far from the spotsylvania courthouse. >> reporter: it's hard to miss the spot where two young adults lost their lives. friends have erected large crosses in honor of chelsea favreau and taylor wolf, a father of two with a new baby on the way. a friend left this basketball at the crash site to recognize wolf's love of sports. >> he was a happy guy. he just wanted to light up the
6:30 pm
did. >> reporter: peter played some football with his good friend that saturday. the next morning facebook delivered the horrible news of the crash. >> it's very hard. >> reporter: favreau and wolf were dead. it was wolf's roommate and good friend at the wheel. a front seat passenger survived. the four had been coming home after celebrating favreau's birthday when the truck ran off the road, flipped and caught fire. the front passenger was conscious at first. >> she was trying to put out the fire i believe started in the back seat. driver came to and was able to bust out the passenger side door as the truck was on its side and pull chelsea to safety. when he went back to get the other two out, the car had plbln up. >> reporter: friends of both victims have set up go fund me pages.
6:31 pm
wolf's is focused on raising money for the children he leaves behind. a >> their father would have done anything for them. a little bit of financial help can help a little bit here and there. >> reporter: a sheriff's department spokesperson says they will have more to say about this accident tomorrow and whether any charges will be filed. > >> for more information about both go fund me pages open the nbc app and search crash victim. now to concerns that donald trump plans to evict the media from the white house. donald trump's transition team is suggesting moving the briefing room across the street or even outside the white house complex. that could mean journalist who is go to work every day inside the west wing would lose their work space. >> it's critical for journalists who cover the white house to be able to do their jobs. the way they do that is by having access to the people who make decisions and t
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to the rest of the country and the rest of the world. if something happens -- let's say the president needs to come out and make a statement, the press is right there. >> members of the transition team says moving the facilities would allow more journalists to cover the white house. people across the country came out to honor and remember the dream of martin luther king, jr. today is the holiday of the slain civil rights leader. with the inauguration only four days away, some events took on a political tone today. during a church service in atlanta, king's daughter bernice king urged americans to fight for her father's vision of love and justice no matter who is in the white house. >> we have to find a way to understand each other. >> here in our area, there has been a nonstop
6:33 pm
paying tribute at the martin luther king, jr. monument along the tidal basin. there was a wreath laying ceremony there this morning. and thousands lined the streets of southeast d.c. this morning for the 11th annual peace walk and parade. mare m mayor muriel bowser took place. many of the spectators say they decided to attend because they wanted to do something to help spread dr. king's message. it's a new tactic to fight crime. the prince george's county state's attorney says clearing minor offenses from people's records can actually cut down on crime. bureau chief tracee wilkins attended an expungement fair today with one mother's story. >> make sure you guys fill out your first and your last name. >> reporter: many people come to church looking for a fresh start. nicole green wants ale
6:34 pm
criminal record. >> this offense was back in 2009. >> reporter: dozens of attorneys participated in this fair hosted by the prince george's county state's attorney's office. >> people who can't get jobs could make crimes. it's just not intelligent to hope that we hamper people with offenses that should not be a part of their history anymore. >> i am starting into a new career. my main thing is my background. >> reporter: the crimes eligible for expungement are not violent ones. >> looks like with this case you probably want to reach out to the attorney who represented you, because there was no motion to reconsider filed. >> reporter: although minor offenses, they're enough to keep some from getting security clearances or just everyday jobs. >> part of keeping people safe is making sure that
6:35 pm
and legitimate ways. >> reporter: today's event was so successful they had to add more chairs and eventually had to close their doors. >> it was a great experience. i'm glad that i came. i'm blessed. >> reporter: about 200 people showed up for today's fair. the state's attorney say it was such a success that she's considering doing another one possibly as early as next month. and on this day honoring dr. king, a group of journalists and media professionals got together to talk about race and the media. whur hosted the discussion at the first baptist church in upper marlboro. we talked about what can be don
6:36 pm
tensions that have escalated in recent times. and we shared our thoughts on how the media can help all of us move forward together. still ahead, the snarky tweet that cost a local school employee her job and why she says she has no regrets. dangerous weather conditions across parts of the midwest. >> that same storm system bringing us rain over the next couple of days.
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a plan to raise the minimum wage in montgomery county to $15 an hour by the year 2020 could be in jeopardy. council members are scheduled to vote on the proposal tomorrow. according to the "washington post," five members say they will support it, while
6:39 pm
closely. the current minimum wage in the county is $10.75. it will rise to 11.50 in july. a frederick county school employee has been fired over a tweet. she's taking her dismissal in stride. katy nash ran the district's twitter account. earlier this month a student tweeted to the account to see if schools would be closed. they misspelled the word tomorrow. nash made a snarky reply typing but then how would you learn how to spell tomorrow? she was fired on friday. afterwards she sent a tweet from her personal account saying wish success for fcps. students deserve the best. don't regret a tweet. she went onto encourage students to do their homework. >> she's
6:40 pm
embarrassed by the hiring practices in the halls of congress, we're going to report on what some are demanding to make lawmakers more accountable when it comes to diversity in top positions. a winter storm wreaks havoc in the midwest. e these at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us.
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depend on us for more than energy.
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a new call for congress to lead by example in getting more people of color in top staff positions on the hill. >> it comes after the news4 i team discovers lawmakers in the house and senate don't have to follow s
6:43 pm
require for nearly every other employer when it comes to diversity hiring. >> big response to our investigation, jim. this is a draft of a bill to institute a chief diversity officer for the u.s. senate. it's a position that's certainly not new to most major private corporations. it would be a big leap for the government's legislative branch in helping make sure elected officials are in the best position to do what they're hired to do, to represent your interests in government. >> i'm hot happe not happy toda >> don cravens junior told the crowd he's embarrassed by the state of hiring practices within the congress. >> i was the only african-american chief of staff from 2012 until 2014, 2015. >> reporter: you were the only one? >> only one. >> reporter: cravens is now director of the washington urban league. he says
6:44 pm
staffers has not improved. >> when senators that represent states with large minority populations, i don't know they can make truly wise decisions without having people of all backgrounds in those discussions. >> reporter: he says part of the problem is no one in congress keeps track of how many minorities get hired to work for senators. >> you're right, there's no accountability. there's no fear. >> reporter: for months last year the i team went digging for numbers on how many staffers in our local offices identify as women, people of color or lgbtq. nobody has to track those numbers within congress. and no one does. >> it is a huge disparity. >> reporter: spencer overton heads the economic center for political studies. >> we found that although people
6:45 pm
the u.s. population, they account for only about 7% of top senate staff. >> reporter: that report also prompted a census by the senate black legislative staff caucus, which found about 5% identify as black. they called for a chief diversity office. it's got the support of chuck schumer, who is continuing adversity hiring initiatives started by former democratic senate leader harry reid. dedicating ourselves to increasing diversity will be good for the senate and the country, he says. they want to implement what's known as the rooney roule in hiring. >> you should interview at least one person of color for each
6:46 pm
color to get in the pipeline, to find out what they're missing. >> reporter: there are signs of progress since the i team's initial report. six lawmakers have announced the hirings of men and women of color into top positions in their office. paul ryan topped jonathan burkes as his new chief of staff. >> fascinating report. hiring, insurance, diversity, congress sets its own rules. >> lives by its own rules. you can see the i-team's first report on diversity on the hill in the nbc washington
6:47 pm
five people are dead after an ice storm slammed the midwest over the weekend. the massive storm coated roads with sheets of ice. three people were killed in missouri, one in kansas and one in oklahoma. all of them in car accidents. in nebraska, a fiery crash engulfed two semitrucks in flames. amazingly, police say nobody was injured. the weight of the ice pulling trees and power lines down. some areas are still seeing freezing rain tonight. thousands are without power. that is just a massive storm. it started for them into last week. >> it was a storm that was predicted well over a week in advance for that area. this is threat that we knew was going to be happening. to see people lose their lives on the roadways, it's very unfortunate they were out. >> an inch of ice is an awful lot of ice. there's no travel on that. you can't go anywhere. >> it brings down all
6:48 pm
trees. ice by far one of the most impact fuful storms we see. that same storm is bringing us shower activity now through parts of frederick county, down through annapolis and baltimore. let's zoom on in here. you see just off to the east here and up towards portions of frederick county right along the river there. we're going to continue to see some shower activity this evening. we've got two bands. here's one. it's a warm front that's moving on through the region. temperatures are not going to cool overnight. then we look toward the west and watch this band of rain move on in. for us, cool air, but not all that cold for this time of year at all,
6:49 pm
average. 42 in potomac. leesburg around 42 degrees. bus stop forecast tomorrow, take the umbrella. we'll see some clearing at least from the rain by 4:00. maybe a little bit of sun. temperatures up into the low to mid 50s tomorrow. look at wednesday and thursday, mid 50s here too. friday for the inaugural, 50 degrees. a good chance for rain during the day. 49 degrees around the inauguration time, increasing clouds with afternoon showers likely. so make sure you have the umbrella if you are going to be out there. saturday and sunday, temperatures in the 50s. pretty nice saturday right now. temperatures above average the entire time. really almost no 30s at all even for low temperatures. that's a pretty warm ten day forecast for t
6:50 pm
>> we like that, doug. >> it's usually freezing cold for the inauguration. >> you know that you give a kid an umbrella, you know better than anybody else you never see that umbrella again. >> so true. >> it's gone. we've got sports coming up. wizards, 12 straight at verizon center. we're going to tell you why scoring 75 points in the first half isn't even the most impressive part of that. ahead for us on nightly news, the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter arrested. how authorities believe she is linked to the massacre. we'll take a look at why the circus is leaving town. we begin our journey across america in sacramento, hearing the hopes and concerns of americans as we make our way to washington for
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75 points in the first half? >> it was an offensive showdown. you know what warms the hearts of the coach and the fans? >> winning? >> their defense. the defense they were playing. they were hitting their shots too. you can see the wizards transform into scott brooks' team right before their
6:54 pm
>> because of his leadership and his courage, we're able to continue to dream today. thank you for your love and support. remember dr. martin luther king, jr. thank you. go wizards. >> talking about the enormous holiday today. making an impact with his words and with his play during the game. up 10-0 to start the game but they were on fire. 12 of his 25 points in the first quarter. wizards up 16 after one. they kept rolling. john wall on defense. john wall now on offense. 75 points in the first half. most first half points since 2014. to the third quarter, wizards up 28. check out a ridiculous move from wall. it was like everyone else was in sl slowmo. wizards win their 12th straight at home. 121-101 the final. >> reporter: the wizards put up
6:55 pm
tying their record for the most points scored in the first 24 minutes in almost three years. the team says this was one of their best defensive games. that's what led to their 12th straight win here at the verizon center. >> the past six or seven weeks weave be we've been playing very very well on our home floor. >> we're a solid defensive team. we're getting better tonight. it was a good sight to sigee. we've got to keep it rolling, man. >> it's just u.s. ps protecting house. we have the will to want to win. we want to be a great team here at home. we want to have home court by the time playoffs come around. it starts with us taking care of our house. we're doing that. it's collectively and it's together. >> reporter: players say it's been extra experience
6:56 pm
the w on martin luther king, jr. day. reporting amid the court switch for it wetonight's georg game. the caps putting up crazy numbers, out scoring opponents 40-11 during the stretch. four shutouts. they've gone from eighth best in the league to the top team. gulp. even more amazing, though, about this stretch comes against some of the best in the league. >> we're a veteran group. we just look at the opponent. the penguins are stanley cup champions. we've had a lot of good opponents lately. this is a good test. we know we've got to have detail and structure of and quality of effort and performance night in and night out against every team. just trying to be consistent in our approa
6:57 pm
>> i do know that among sox fans, i am the cubs number one fan. >> president obama honoring the world series champion cubs. his final championship ceremony as potus, hailing from his hometown. he made sure to note michelle is a lifelong cubs fan. the team presented them both with a lifetime pass to wrigley. the president recalling his favorite moment of this run, which strikes a chord in house. >> all you had to know about this team was encapsulated in that one moment in game five. do or die in front of the home fans when david ross and jon lester turned to each other and said, i love you man. it was sort of like obama/biden moment. >> it just warms your heart there too. they gave him a lot of swag. the best thing they said was a midnight pardon for being a whit s
6:58 pm
>> that's our broadcast for now. the nbc nightly news coming up next.
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y27mky y16fy
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tonight, boycotting trump. more democrats pulling out of the inauguration as the president-elect feuds with congressman john lewis. trump ducking questions after attacking the civil rights icon. killer's wife arrested. stunning new developments after that nightclub massacre in orlando. knockout blow from a ferocious ice storm cutting across the country, spawning tornados, deadly wrecks, and rollouts. thousands powerless in the frozen dark. air disaster. dozens killed as a massive jet plunges out of the sky slamming into a neighborhood. across america, we're hitting the road for candid conversations. your hopes and concerns as a new president prepares to take office. and a dream come true for a little girl with a giant love of books.


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