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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 17, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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firefighters saved him from a burning home. when they rescued him, cesar's family wasn't home and he wasn't breathing. one of the firefighters performed cpr. they rushed him to an animal hospital. investigators don't know how the fire started. cea cesar is three years old. news 4 today starts now. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we are working to get you up to the minute information and oat the door on time. >> meteorologist sheena parveen and first 4 traffic's melissa mollet have come in this morning. we start off with your weather headlines. >> we are talking about spotty showers for the morning commute. the morning drive, wet roads already. not everyone is going to see the rain, but i think we'll keep the spotty showers in the forecast for the morning commute and by lunchtime, we could see a few more showers around. here is a look ahe
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quantico or fredericksburg across 95 you're dealing with light showers. near annapolis, as well. as we zoom in here, you see light rain, fredericks berg to quantico. that will be the case as we go through the next 30 minutes or so. but another area of rain off to our west. that will start to move in rink closer to lunchtime so we'll be watching that closely. right now, 41 degrees in the district this morning. we have a new crash to talk about. >> southbound 295 at east capitol treat street in southeast. crash blocking the left lane right now. his are on the way to get that one out of the way for us this morning. bottom of the beltway, all of those routes through prince georges county, indian head highway, everything is looking quite good right now. 95, quantico to the beltway. going to take you 17 minutes here this morning if you're head inbountd or outbound looking good, as well. a tiny bit of a slowdown innd
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we'll take a look at 66, coming up. the suspect in a new year's eve shooting overseas, arrested. angie goff has the latest from the live desk. >> istanbul's governor now saying the new year's nightclub attack, it was done on behalf of isis. they also confirmed the identity of the suspected gunman as you see a picture of him seen taking into custody here. he is now being questioned. they say his name is abdul gadier masarapovic, a uzbekistan national who trained in the country of afghanistan. he adds that the suspect confessed to carrying out the massacre that killed 39 people and that his fingerprints match those of the attacker. he is believed to have entered turkey in january of last year, 2016. as i mentioned, this story is developing right now. we will stay on top of it. . >> angie, thank you. only on news 4, exclusive video showing the knife fairfax
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deadly hostage situation. it was a chaotic scene that played out. two people were shot, a house was set on fire and the suspect was killed by his. this all started yesterday afternoon on covered wagon lane. the suspect allegedly shot two brothers who drove themselves to the hospital. when officers arrived at the scene, they found a suspect barricaded inside a town house with the hostage. chopper 4 caught exclusive video of fairfax county's police s.w.a.t. team tossing a flash bang grenade into that home. inside, the house was set on fire and several shots were fired. police say when the suspect came out, he was armed with a knife. officers shot him with a taser and then foam bullets and then used deadly force. >> like a boom, boom. i don't know how many, but it was not the police that was shooting. something inside the house was happening. i don't know what was going on in there. >> we just heard shots and we were like, oh, wow, that was very shocking to us. >> once police shot the suspect, they rescued the hostage. justin finch is working to get new info
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shooting. we'll check in with him in a live report coming up at 5:15. it is 5:03 now. we're following a developing story this morning at american university. campus police are warning students to be on the lookout for a black audi. police say the stolen war cass involved in two robberies near campus last night. the first robbery hald around 8:00 p.m. on tilden street northwest. ten minutes later, the same car was involved the a robbery on sherier place. less than an hour after that, the same group tried to rob someone on k street. one of the suspects inside the car had a gun. 5:04 been we turn now to the inauguration of donald trump.. we are now just three days away from trump being sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. he remains in new york this morning ahead of this week's inauguration events here in washington. but today, most of the attention will be on capitol hill. >> that is because more confi confirmation hearings will get under way. ryan
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committee today. he doubts his 23-year career as a navy s.e.a.l. as his main credit wral. the choice for education secretary is likely to face tough questions. she is seen as a national leader in the school choice movement on and is considered a gop mega donor. dozens of protesters rallied against donald trump last night. marched to his hotel on pennsylvania after. it comes after trump's feud with congressman john lewis. after he said he didn't see trump as a legitimate president.
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included in that list of lawmakers not attending virginia congressman don buyer and anthony brown. he cited trump's criticism of john lewis as one of the reasons he's choosing not to attends. >> not only did the president-elect disrespect john lewis, the man, the civil rights hero and icon, but he also disrespected congressman john lewis and the office he holds. >> mean while, trump met with martin luther king iii yesterday at trump tower. trump called that meeting productive. >> and we will have more on what to expect in today's confirmation hearings. we want to remind you to join news 4 for live coverage of the president's parade. when the motorcade starts up pennsylvania avenue towards the white house, we will have special guests including former long time parade announcer charlie
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be sure to join us on air and online for your front row seat on inauguration day. general motors is expected to announce a $1 billion investment in its factory. it's expected to create or keep about 1,000 jobs. the source tells the associated press the investments have been planned for several months. most of the sedans are built in ohio. new this morning, aaa is calling on the state of maryland to crack down on reckless driving that's putting families in danger. a new report says 14 crashes have happened on indian highway in the last four years. three pedestrians have been killed on the road since 2013. of the 14 deaths, four of those victims were motorcycle imists. the road's deadly reputation goes backto 2008 when eight people died in an illegal drag race
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>> gas line work may delay you in leesburg. that work is closing down parts of east market and plaza streets. now workers say they need to perform more extensive paving to try to fix the road that was just passed. it is now 5:08. depend ing depending on where you are this morning, you could see some patchy pog. sheena parveen is back with a close here at your bus stop forecast. winter blues have you feeling down? you might want to consider salmon for lunch. how certain foods and activities can help boost your mood. and living just became a little easier and cheaper if you live in montgomery county. how you can save money the next time you go to the doctor. and the search for a killer fter aa
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it is now 5:11 on this tuesday morning. >> let's check in with seen na parveen for our forecast. when is the rain hitting us sthp. >> if you're near fredericks berg or quantityco, you're seeing tliet showers currently. rest of the area dealing with patchy fog. around lunchtime, i think we'll have a better chance of seeing more showers. if you are at the bus stop this morning, o'clock a.m., a few
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by lunchtime, that's when we'll see i think more scattered showers and by 3:00 p.m., just the wet roads. we have rain mostly south of the district, very light showers around fredericksburg, leaving quantityco and parts of charles county. i think we'll see more as we go through the day. so grab the umbrella. this morning, let's get a check of the beltway. >> inner loop tm american legion bridge, a breaken down vehicle. southbound 295, crash fwlok left lane there this morning. we're keeping an eye on that one. 6/6 at route 50, no problems eastbound or westbound in that live picture this morning. top of the beltway and all of these routes. everything there looking pretty good here this morning with no major issues. we'll take a ve
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this morning, we are work to find out more about a chaotic hostage situation that ended with a suspect killed by police. >> justin finch is live with how this all unfolded. justin. >> fairfax county police remain on scene here this morning as we await the name of the suspect and more ott victims. how did he know the two brothers he was accused of shooting and wounding and another man he took hostage. and now a look at exclusive video here. fairfax county police taking a life from the scene last fight. as officers can he employed a flash bang. that suspect later coming out, appearing to charge at s.w.a.t. officers with a five. an officer did open fire. he held a man hostage inside this house and even set fire inside. the hostage was rescued and tred
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call just before 3:00 p.m. yesterday when that suspect is said to have shot two brothers at this house. they drove themselves to the hospital and are expected to survive. we are told detectives will be back here today to continue investigating and there's mention that fairfax county police did try using nonlethal force here including a taser and nonlethal bullets before using deadly force in the end. the officer who opened fire is on administrative leave. this morning, d.c.'s mayor bowser is asking the help to help police track down a grandmother's killer. vivian marrow's oldest son says she was a fixture in her community. yesterday on her daily trip to the market, she was caught in the middle of an apparent turf battle. she was in her mobilized wheelchair when it happened. her son called the violence ignorant. i don't get how the young boys up he
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and kill somebody innocent liker her. >> d.c. police say a young man was hurt in that shooting. mayor bowser said in a tweet, this violence v violence must stop and the perpendicular or people responsible for killing vivian must be brought to justice. breaking developments about a shooting in mexico. >> we've learned an american died and several other americans were hurt. >> an 18-year-old from denver is among the five people who were killed in that mexican nightclub shooting. robert martinez says his sister died in the attack early monday morning. this after a gunman opened fire at the entrance of the club. she reportedlies was killed as she tried to flee the building. four americans were also hurt in that shooting. we know at least two of them, one was from texas and another was from new york. mores as we get more information on this developing story.
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today, the wife of the man behind the deadliest mass shooting in american history will appear in in court. yesterday federal agents arrested omar mateen's wife. salman is charged with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting in that june atar tack in orlando. her attorney says she had no idea what he was planning. also today, the suspect in the shooting rampage in the ft. lauderdale airport will appear in court. esteban santiago will have a court hearing today. the judge is expected to keep the suspect in jail. santiago is charged with killing five people and hurting six others merchandise the airport earlier this month. some say he came back from the dead. a d.c. man went a full five minutes without a pulse. when firefighters arrived at robert law's home, they found him slumped over
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an asthma attack. rescuers started cpr and eventually law was breathing on his own. now he's up and walking and thanking the firefighters who saved his life. >> they saved my life. and all i can do is say thank you and i'm grateful because of that. >> it's nice to see, you know, the results of our efforts and that kind of stuff. you don't always know what happens to the individuals after they go to the hospital, so it's nice. >> one lieutenant says in his 13 years of working, this was the first time he was able to be reunited with somebody he saved. montgomery county is expand ago discount prescription program that could save you some big money with a free card from the county. you can say anywhere from 15% to 50% on local dent vision and health care services. we should point out this is not a replacement for health insurance .some services may have a monthly fee. find out how the to sign up or get more information about this card through montgomery county's website. after months of cove
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plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour in montgomery county. if it passes, a study would be done to look at putting the raise in place by 2020. "the washington post" reports five members plan to support this plan while four wavent to study the issue some more. montgomery county executive ike leggitt said he may veto the bill due to a lack of support. it is that time of year when icicles start to form outside. they can be beautiful, but also dangerous, as one woman in montana found out. >> something drips on me and ike like, eww. and i look up and here is this icicle hanging out of the closet. a big piece. when they brought that down, we were blown away.. i mean, i just -- that scared me. >> it doesn't even look like an icicle. carol shell said the ice circle forms after her
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pipe came loose. she recommends that people check their attic every once in a while. experts say that is a good idea even though this case is rare. and that could have been -- >> and she kept it n freezer. >> she had to have evidence that this actually happened. but look, it came right through the ceiling. what if it fell? >> could have hurt somebody, for sure. >> she can use it as a weapon now if she needs it. storing it for later. >> i'm just grateful we haven't the had kind of weather around here where we're seeing many icicles. >> me, too. we've been talking about the ice storms to the west of us across the country. we're getting lucky this time. it's going to move up into new england. today, just spotty rain. not bad at all. >> it could be a lot worse.. we like look to leigh positive, especially in the morning. a few spotty light showers around. mostly south of the district. so around fredericksburg, maybe in areas of charles county, we're looking at very light rain. but that's about it right now. as we go through the day today, closer to lunchtime, i think we'll have a better chanc
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so there you see just some light green on the radar. that's just showing that light rain. but this morning, before you leave, keep in mind, the roadways are already wet, so be careful as you're driving. more rain back off to our west. that will have a better chance moving in in the middle of the day. if you are exercising this morning, wet pavement around, you might run into a spotty shower depending on where you are. 42 degrees by lunchtime. i think we'll have a better chaps of scattered showers. 46 by lunchtime. by 6:00 p.m., damp temperatures in the mid 50s. right now, we are mostly around the low 40s. some areas of the north to the upper 30s. by 10:00 a.m. on future weather, a few more showers. even by lunchtime some scattered showers. by the evening commute, wet roads and overall we're going to be dryer in by the morning tomorrow we could see an early shower and dryer later in the day. now your forecast today, 54 degrees, some scattered showers. we go through rest of the week, look at these 50s in t
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we have rain in the forecast for that. let's get a check on the roadways with melissa mollet in traffic. >> hi, sheena. right now, still have this problem 295 blocking the left lane. overall, we're not seeing much of a slowdown through that area. still wanted to let you know about that one. inner loop, the american legion bridge there, disabled vehicle still hanging around in the left lane. all green through this area, so not too impactful right now, either. this is now gone, southbound route 101. that is out of the way, so no worries there. beltway at national harbor, no problems there, either. see you back here in ten minutes. in a bad mood this morning? crank up the music. how getting down just might lift your spirits. >> it works. and it was a tweet that cost her her job. now there is an effort to have a rm foreschool employee in our area rehired. and before you leave the house this morning, you will want to hear this. the scathing report about popular aar
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his message was peace and hope for all man kind. this morning, we are remembering gene cernan, the last man to walk on the moon. he died yet at 82 years old. he was commander of nasa's apollo mission. he flew to space three separate times and spent three days on the moon in 1972. while he was there, he traced the initials of his 9-year-old daughter in the moon dust. >> how cool. a new study explains why an extra cup of coffee this morning is not a bad thing and may actually help you live longer. researchers say previous studies have linked caffeine intake with longivety. now the researchers say they have evidence that coffee can counteract the process that causes inflammation in the bl
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journal "nature medicine." i believe that. i just add too much sugar to my coffee. >> black coffee makes the difference, usually. >> i can't do it. if you have the winter blues, there are some pick me ups that might help. >> here are some scientifically proven and healthy aways to destress. they include cranking up your music. >> yes. >> even background music at the office can brighten a dull afternoon. going to a movie or a concert may lift you up, as well. playing with puppies. >> for sure. >> might create brain chemicals to help you feel good unless you're allergic. and some research said eating fish might help with your mood. >> try all those things. it's now 5:26 and it's likely raining outside of your front door. don't leave home before you hear the four things to know about your tuesday forecast. sheena parveen is back in just a minute. plus, flu season is here and it is hitting the d.c. area especially hard. tips to k
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all flu season long. and bringing new life to batteries. the simple update that could keep your apple laptop runng nif
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right now at 5:29, a wet start to your tuesday morning. storm team 4 is tracking the showers you'll see on your commute. plus, a 21st birthday celebration turns deadly. two people killed in a fiery
5:30 am
crash and today their friend could be facing charges. and a dog pulled to safety from a d.c. house fire. we have an update on the puppy's condition. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. and i'm aaron gilchrist. we warned you the roads may be wet on your way into work today. we'll check in with melissa in a second. but first, sheen ma has four things to know about your forecast. >>er you need to know the roads are wet. we have rain moving through this mortgage. spotty showers around right now, but take your time because we're seeing the wet roadways. it's mott going to be an all-day thing, but before you leave you'll want to grab the umbrella. we're talking about the 50s even through inauguration weekend, but right now, it looks like friday. there will be rain in the forecast for inauguration day. here is a look at the radar.
5:31 am
pathy fog. as you go farther south, parts of charles the county, we're seeing light rain. otherwise, grab the umbrella because the rain you see back off to our west could bring us more scattered showers closer to lunchtime. we'll talk more about that coming up. we have a problem on the roadways this morning. southbound gw parkway at reagan national airport, reports of a vehicle stopped in the right lane causing delays this morning. inner loop on the american legion bridge, we have a disabled vehicle reported in the left lane right now. southbound 295 at east capital, crash blocking the left lane. weltway, looks quite good. no problems inner loop or outer loop. we'll take a look at travel times coming up in ten minutes. it's 5:31. here are the top stories we're working for you today. a shooting suspect
5:32 am
being shot by fairfax county police. a man shot two brothers inside a home before setting that home on fire. justin lynch has exclusive video of a knife that suspect was armed with when the skat team went inside. we are now three days away from donald trump's inauguration. but several laufrmakers from our area say they will not be attending. we'll tell you would and why they're opting out and a report from the news 4 inauguration desk. the widow of the orlando nightclub gunman would be in court today. she's carved with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting her husband in the a attack that killed 49 people last june. expect to find out today whether charges will be filed in a deadly crash in spotsel vein ya county. chelsea was celebrating her 1st birthday. both were kill when the truck they were riding in crashed on robert e.
5:33 am
a gofundme page has been set up for both victims. >> he was a happy guy. he wanted to light up the room when he walked in and he did. >> so far, they've raised a combined $12,000. if you want to help, we have a link on the news 4 washington app. 30-year-old connor brown of psychiatricsville is now facing charges. police say brown pointed a green laser beam at the hep helicopter at least eight times. this happened monday mortgage in carroll county. the troopers suffered eye injuries from that beam. this morning, a queen anne county sheriff deputy is waking up at home for the first time since being shot. this is a picture of warren hogan arriving home after being released from a hospital in battler more. he was helping a domestic violence victim back into his home when he was hit by a shotgun blast. hogan was shot by t
5:34 am
boyfriend. 52-year-old james rich died in the shoot-out with hogan. in virginia, a bill that would have to require power companies to give refunds if they made excessive profits was defeated. it was introduced by a fairfax lawmaker and was called the refund restoration bill. it required virginia power companies to refund overcharged customers. an update to a story we told you about i didn't tell, it had to do with this twitter exchange between a frederick county school employee and a student in maryland. katie nash told the post that she was fired after collect correcting a student's spelling online. nash ran the the district's social media account. the student told the paper he didn't take the message personally. now an online petition has gone up to get nash's job back, but she says she's not interested. the penguins eliminated the capitals back in last year's playoffs. now the team that stopped the winning streak. >> this was the wildest, craziest game. it was just an
5:35 am
i really thought the caps would pull it out, but the penguins beat the caps 8-7 in overtime. 8-7. they kept scoring goal after goal. caps took the early lead, 3-0. caps are still fist in the division. they came back, they kept scoring goals. i was trying to go to bed and i'm like, are you kidding me? what's going on? >> the last time they gave up this many goals was back in 2006, also to the penguins, almost exactly 1 is years ago. the.caps play the st. louis blues this thursday. >> we're still in first place, go, caps, go. chills, fatigue and body aches, thousands of americans are already feeling flu symptoms. why living in our area could put us at greater risk. and kk firefighters going above and beyond to save a dogging. just ahead, the video you'll be talking about today. and do you dread those office evaluations? new this morning, the study that shows a big difference bw
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the workplace. your time is 5:35.
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firefighters would not let a d.c. family's dog die and this morning, 3-year-old cesar is alive because of them. the sheep dog was trapped in a fire yesterday.
5:39 am
his family wasn't home at the time. firefighters rescued cesar, gave him cpr and rushed him to an abdomen mall hospital where he is expected to be okay. now it's time to check your forecast. rain moving in, sheena? >> yeah. for part of the area, it's very light, very small. even moving out. but the roads are wet. you'll need the rain because later in the day, we'll have scattered showers. one thing you don't need, your sunglasses. it will stay cloudy today, it will stay mostly cloudy as we go into the rest of the week and the weekend. here is the radar right now. a few sprinkles south of the district leaving charles county. if you look farther off to our west, we have rain around. that will be approaching as we get closer to lunchtime. so by lunchtime, scattered showers in the forecast. this morning, we're off to a milder start. let's check the roadways this rn
5:40 am
beltway. this sinner loop at the american legion bridge. had an earlier problem with a disabled vehicle. but now we are a crash there, inner loop the at the american legion bridge. it is block the center lane here. southbound 295 at east capital street, clash still blocking the left lane there. taking a look right now at travel times, 66 inbound and 95 northbound both looking pretty typical right now. 270 southbound on the top of the beltway, outer loop 95 to 270, no worries there. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car approximated. donald trump's inaugusting ragz is three days away, but criminals are getting creative when it comes to scams. news 4 is working with you with tiptoes make sure you are not their next victim the. plus, charging trouble. the
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there are times when it's nice that things go up. and it's sometimes even better when things go down. novec, a not-for-profit electric cooperative, provides wholesale power to its customers at cost. any changes in that cost are passed along through an annual power cost adjustment on bills. the average home's power bill from novec will again go down in 2017 by nearly $11 a month. making down a very good direction for power bills. there are times when it's nice that things go up. and it's sometimes even better
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right now on news 4 today, driving danger. a new warning from aaa about a road thousands of us use every day. ♪ >> thieves preying on the presidential inauguration. quick tips to make sure you don't fall for their b creative scams. and flu fears growing. thousands of americans already coming down with symptoms. where are the hardest hit areas and what to do to make sure you stay healthy. the battle of the sexes at the office. whos has more trouble in those annual performance reviews inspect the answer may surprise you. a major redevelopment about that missing malaysian airlines flight. >> good morning, aaron and eun. the hunt is over. crews saying that the search for malaysian airlines flight 370 has been suspended nearl
5:45 am
it ends with no trace of the plane found across the 46,000 square miles in the southern indian ocean they've been searching. the plane vanished back in 2014 and it had 239 people on board. while on the way from beijing from kuala lumpur. lots of debris has been found near the coast of africa, but the main wreckage and the black box recorder have never been found. that's the latest from the live desk. 15 before the hour. new this morning, aaa is calling on the state of maryland to crack down on reckless driving that's putting families in danger. >> four years ago, more than a dozen people have died on indian head highway which runs between southeast washington and indian head maryland. molette green is live with more on these alarming numbers. >> absolutely. it's dark out here. cars going into d.c. behind me. many of them appear on be going way too fast. and we've seen some of them blowing right tou
5:46 am
light to get where they're going. we have been looking over new numbers from a aaa study of route 10. the stretch thats goes from southeast d.c. into indian head, maryland, and found some disturbing news and trends here. at least 14 killed in crashes in the last four years. three pedestrians killed since 2013. and one of the worst cases, many people remember eight people killed in a drag racing collision. and things could be getting worse as this region is growing. and, of course, the new brand new shiny mgm casino bring ago whole lot more traffic here. experts and community leaders are saying, you know, placing the blame right on a lack of respect for driving laws. some say there's just not enough law enforcement out here. so in the hours ahead, we'll continue to look through the numbers and bring you the very latest live out here prosecute ft. washington. back to you. >> molette,
5:47 am
developing this morning, students at american university are on alert after two robberies near campus. d.c. police believe three men, a stolen black audi are behind these robberies. the first happened around 8:00 p.m. on tilden street northwest. about 10 memberships later, the same car was involved in a robbery on sherier place. police tell us one of the suspects inside that car had a gun. 5:47 now. if you haven't received that flu shot yet, you might want to think about it now. there is a warning about the spread of the flu virus. the centers for disease control reports a big uptick in the number of flu cases. so far, there have been 15,000 cases nationwide, including three infant deaths. doctors are seeing an increase in virginia, maryland and d.c. they say they're seeing the a strain of the virus this season, which is covered by the flu shot. vaccines take about two weeks to take effect. gravnd brand new videof
5:48 am
bad weather around the country. take a look at the storms that hammered texas. this is surveillance video showing huge winds -- rather high winds. the national weather service now says this was a tornado. tables, chairs, even a resolving door went flying there. as many as 30 homes had some kind of damage. here is what it looks like after the fact. parts of people's roofs were ripped off. however, no one was hurt. it is still raining out in that area. >> look, that will give you a bad day. >> whoops. bad day. >> bad day, indeed. look at these cars. just crashing into ditches. my goodness. you probably -- see those videos making the rounds on social media. it is from that very serious ice storm that covered several states in iowa. a man drove up the street and saw all those cars. he's doing the running commentary. he said that will ruin your day. that's a bad day, bad day.
5:49 am
make himself feel better. >> maybe focus on it because he's still on the road. >> you know what? he shouldn't be holing his camera. >> there's a thought. and exactly. >> i think he's doing it to make himself for the feel better for probably whatever happened to his car. >> so no ice, a little rain. >> no ice. we have a few spotty showers this morning. a lot of the rain was mostly south of the district, but either way, we had some very early rain so the roads are wet. and you can see that the moment you step outside. we are wet roads, wet pavement. by 8:00 a.m. for your commute, a couple of spotty showers around. we have the puddles out there by lunchtime. i think we'll see more scattered showers moving. 46 degrees. by 5:00 p.m., wet roads. we're getting into the 50s today, about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. here is a look at the radar. a little bit of patchy fog, nothing dense. we have a few sprinkles just to the south of charles county now. not a big deal out there as far as the rain is concerned. we have more rain off to our west and i think some of that will start toth
5:50 am
lunchtime today. grab the umbrella before you head out. temperatures around 40 fwres. not too bad. 41 in the district. frederick coming in at 36 degrees right now. but we do warm up through the day into the 50s despite the cloud cover and the shower chance. 9:00 a.m., here is future weather. some rain moving in, lighter, on the lighter side. by 1:00 p.m. around lunchtime, i think we'll see scattered showers. cloudy, still wet roads, but most of this will be winding down. early tomorrow morning, we could see a few stray showers trying to move in, but your wednesday will be mostly dry. today, though, milder and cloudy through the day. you don't need the sunglasses. now we're looking at inauguration weekend. aside from the 50s in the forecast, take a look at the rain coming on friday. that will be our next rain chaps. it mostly looks like afternoon on friday. but, of course, we'll update the timing as we get closer. either way, if you are heading out for that, grab the ull
5:51 am
saturday, we could be getting closer to 60 degrees. let's take a look at the roadways this morning. any problems out there? >> inner loop at the american legion bridge, that has just gotten out of the way. it is now on the shoulder. we had a crash there and a disabled vehicle. disabled vehicle is gone, but the crash is now on the shoulder. 95 north at 234 dumfires this morning, crash reported there. that is brand new. southbound gw parkway near reagan national airport, a vehicle is stopped in the right lane causing backups there. southbound d.c. overall, the rest of the beltway looks quite good. you can see a little bit of that delay inur loop as you're crossing the american legion bridge. we'll take a look at 270, coming up. it's 5:51. the countdown is on until donald trump's inauguration. it is now just three days away. as the president-elect prepares to take
5:52 am
hearings will resume today for members of the team that will help his govern. >> tracie potts is live on capitol hill for us. his pick for education secretary is likely to face a tough line of questioning. why is that? because in the past she supporteded school vouchers, school choice. she said these decisions need to lie with parent and not with bureaucrats and politicians. the concern from critic sess when you pour public money into school vouchers, you take that money away from public schools. and the question is how much of an advocate is she going to be for heading the education department? expect that loin of questioning to come up this afternoon. tracie, we're just hearing that john brennen is talking about donald trump in a "wall street journal" article. what led to that? what can you tell us? >> kind of an exit interview with brennen. keep in mind, president-elect trump said that after brennen said that he didn't seem to understand what was going on in
5:53 am
tweeted that brennen may have been the leak of that russian information that turned out to be unverified.. in this "wall street journal" interview, brennen says he thinks that just crosses the line. you don't say the ci adirector leaked something without any evidence whatsoever. he does say that it's appropriate and they expect for their decisions, their analysis, their intelligence to be challenged, but that saying that he leaked information when there's no evidence of that to him really crossed the line. >> tracie potts, live on capitol hill for us, tracey, thank you. friday's inauguration is a big day for investment elect mike pence. this morning, we're learning that he will use ronald reagan's family bible when he takes the oath of office. he will be the first person to use that since the former president himself. the number of lawmakers not going to the inawl august ragz is expanding. it follows a fooul feud between congressman john lewis and
5:54 am
inauguralation nears, be warned of fake tickets. >> it's certainly easy to get caught up in the excitement of the inauguralatiotion.inaugurat. tickets for the parade are only required for certain places along the parade route and the presidential inaugural committee handles these tickets. most viewing areas along the parade route will not need a ticket. finally, to attend an inaugural ball, contact the committee who is hosting the event directly and do not let a scammer convince you ot
5:55 am
always remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. especially if someone is trying to sell you a ticket in places where tickets are rare or are simply free. on inauguration day, you may not be able to get your mail if you live in district. the u.s. postal service says six offices will be closed in downtown washington. so you don't get mail delivered on friday if you get mail from one of those offices. service will resume on saturday. and on friday, news 4 will have you covered all day long. we will even be with you on your phone with our special inauguration cafe stream. we'll be streaming live. just make sure you download he the nbc washington app so you can join in. i along with my colleagues will sit down and talk with some special guests throughout the day about all things d.c. and the inauguration on capitol hill. apple's new pro mac laptops now have a approval of consumer
5:56 am
the approval come after a battery life was fixed. apple is now rolling out an update that gives all three of its new models longer battery life. before the update, the three macbook pros were the first not to receive consumer report's recommended rating. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at krcnbc headquarters. general motors is expected to invest $1 billion into its factories. the investment has been planned for months. lunch day is saying today it will boost investments in its u.s. operations by 50% to $3.1 billion over five years. the korean automaker has a plan in alabama and its kia unit has one in georgia and mexico. back over to you. performance reviews at work can be tough for everyone, but
5:57 am
a survey from adobe revealed 61% of millennials said they would switch jobs if it meant no reviews. 47% admitted to looking for another job after a review, 25% of men and 18% of women admitted to crying after a review from their manager. about two-thirds of managers think formal reviews are an outdated way of measuring performance. >> i have to disagree. >> with which part? it's an outdated -- people are adverse to accountability. they just don't want to be -- b i don't want to hear about it, i think. next at 6:00, a northern vush neighborhood waking up after a wild start to their week. two brothers shot and the attacker killed by police.
5:58 am
>> these numbers are off the charts...this? sir! what's the status? there's a meteor hurtling towards earth. how long until impact? less than a minute. what do you want to do, sir? listen carefully... if we all switch to geico we could save 15% or more on car insurance. i like the sound of that. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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right now on news 4 today, brothers shot, a house set on fire and a suspect killed by police. a northern virginia neighborhood waking up after an afternoon of chaos and we're there live. opting out of the inall ragz, the local
6:00 am
say they won't watch donald trump become the next president. but first, there is rain on the radar this morning and i9 means a wet start for your commute. it is 6:00 a.m., good morning, everybody. >> chuck bell is out for a few more days, but the rest of the team is here to get you ready and out the door. but first, to sheena parveen for the forecast. >> hey, guys. we have wet roads this morning. temperatures, though, not too bad. comfortable for the most part. but the roots this morning may be a concern, so make sure you take your time. as far as the rain web don't have much on radar. a few sprinkles down to the south.. but later today the around lurch time, we'll have a better chance for showers. here is the rain off to our west. it's heading in our direction. so it looks like around lunchtime you might want your umbrella if you are heading out to east. 41 degrees in the district. chance of showers by o'clock a.m. by lurch time today, scattered


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