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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 17, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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say they won't watch donald trump become the next president. but first, there is rain on the radar this morning and i9 means a wet start for your commute. it is 6:00 a.m., good morning, everybody. >> chuck bell is out for a few more days, but the rest of the team is here to get you ready and out the door. but first, to sheena parveen for the forecast. >> hey, guys. we have wet roads this morning. temperatures, though, not too bad. comfortable for the most part. but the roots this morning may be a concern, so make sure you take your time. as far as the rain web don't have much on radar. a few sprinkles down to the south.. but later today the around lurch time, we'll have a better chance for showers. here is the rain off to our west. it's heading in our direction. so it looks like around lunchtime you might want your umbrella if you are heading out to east. 41 degrees in the district. chance of showers by o'clock a.m. by lurch time today, scattered
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pourts. we'll be around to be mid 50s this afternoon. some problems on the beltway this morning, melissa. >> inner loop after river road just getting report of a new problem. one thing says there's an accident, something else says there's an incident with police here this morning. so not seeing too much of a slowdown, but wanted to mention that. the other situation on the inner loop just before that on the american legion bridge. crash now on the right shoulder and things that were slowing down now looking green once again. 95 northbound at 234, that has just cleared out of the way, so that crash is gone. southbound tw parkway, reports of a vehicle stopped in the right lane. that one still hanging around. travel times in ten minutes. can tell us 6:01. we have breaking news from falls church. >> in the 6,000 block of vista drive, an investigationin
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they arrived at the scene with, found a man who had been shot. they were able to get him to the hospital and right now that is where he is being treated and he is expected to survive his injuries. they tell us this happened at an apartment complex and at this point there is no suspect information to report. however, we will follow up. aaron, back to you. it's 6:02, developing this morning, a hostage suspect is dead and a neighborhood is dealing with the kie ottic aftermath. s.w.a.t. teams swarmed a house in hernden yesterday. justin, what happened? >> eun, close to 3:00 p.m. yesterday, fairfax county police got called to a shooting at this covered wagon lane down house. the victims here, two both both shot. . he got themselves to the hospital and they should be okay. but here at the scene, police came eye to eye with that suspect. we're looking now at exclusive video. investigators recovering a knife at tta
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last night. that knife now part of this police-involved shooting investigation. now, authorities say the barricaded man took himself inside this house with a male hostage. even setting fire inside. now, chopper 4 was over the scene as he was taken down. a flash bang was deployed. that suspect later come out, appearing to charge at s.w.a.t. officers with a knife. the fair fact county police chief on what happened next. >> our less lethal forces, both in the form of taser and a 40 millimeter foam bullet. and a regular bullet. >> the deadly force was that from a firearm. >> and after that, that hostage was released and treated. the officer who used that deadly force is on administrative leave per department policy. this morning, we hope to learn more about this shooting. and we also hear that detectives will return today and resume this investigation. we are liv
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finch, news 4. back in to you. this morning, d.c. police are searching for the person who shot a 67-year-old grandmother in southeast. vivian marrow was caught in the crossfire of an apparent turf war between two gangs. she was shot in the head yet while in her motorized wheelchair. marrow's neighbors called her a fixture in that community and they say she will be sorely missed. d.c.'s mayor said there is no excuse for the this type of violation. turning now to the inauguration of donald trump, it is three days away and he will be sworn in as the 45th prt of the united states. with trump's inauguration days away, he is facing opposition from several groups of protesters. dozens of protesters rallied against donald trump last night. the group started at 14th and peace treats northwest and
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pennsylvania avenue. spec to see more protests this week. the national parks service has provided 22 permits for demonstrations. the biggest on saturday as many as 200,000 people are expected at the women's march on washington. but protests are not the only thing trump will have to worry about. >> dozens of democratic lawmakers are planning on skipping the swearing in, including some local lawmakers. angie goff has detiles on that from the inauguration desk. >> good morning, eun and aaron. so far, there are two local lawmakers who say they will not attend friday's swearing in. don buyer and anthony brown. both are democrats. don beyer saying he won't attend the inauguration due to russia's interference in the election. he added that he treshs the peaceful transfer of power. and as for congressman brown, he cited trump's criticism of congressman john lewis. >> not only did the president-elect
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hero and icon, but he also disrespected congressman john lewis and the office he holds. meanwhile, the president-elect met with martin luther king iii yesterday. this was at trump tower. king called thameeting constructive. i'm angie goff at the inauguration desk. >> thank you, angie. today, post of the attention will be on more confirmation hearings. ron zinke touts his 27-career as a navy s.e.a.l. as his critical. president-elect donald trump will keep his personal twitter account and other social media after his inauguration on friday. that is the information coming from transition officials. thes
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administration will use white house certified handles. we want to remeend you to join news 4 for live coverage of the inaugural parade. jim and doreen will be with us every step of the way. we'll have special guests, including long time parade announcer charlie brotman. it is 6:07. new this morning, he could face a big fine on your taxes if you don't sign up for health care before january 31st. this week, the irs is sendsing out letters to millions of taxpayers reminding them to get insured. the penalty this year could be more than $2,000 depending on family size and income. it's unclear if the penalties will still alife if congress repeals the affordable care act. a decision could come this morning the to bring montgomery county closer to a $15 minimum wage. if a county council bill passes, a study
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putting the raise in place by 2020. "the washington post" reports five members support the plan while four want to study more. the current minuimum wage in th county is $10.75. it will go up to $11.50 by july. right now, road crews are getting right side to partially close a busy intersection in leesburg. you may have been delayed by gas line work earlier this month. now workers say they need to perform more extensive paving to try to fix the road that was just patched. temporary closures go into effect at 9:00 this morning and should wrap up by 4:00 this afternoon. angie goff is at the live desk following big developments out of istanbul, turkey. >> the suspected gun man is in custody. we have a new picture. take a look. photographs show a bruised and bloody man held by
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he's identified as an uzbekistan. he confessed to carrying out that massacre on new year's eve at the nightclub. 39 people died in that attack that isis claimed responsibility for. he trained in afghanistan and that his fingerprints match those of the attackers. more on this developing story, coming up. back to you. today the wife of the man behind the dedzliest mass shooting in american history will appear in court. yesterday, federal agents arrested omar mateen's widow in northern california. this is video of that raid. salman is charged with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting the attack in orlando. . omar ma teen killed 49 people inside the pulse nightclub. also today, the suspect in the shooting rampage at the ft. lauderdale hollywood airport will appear in court. 26-year-old esteban santiago will have a detention hearing. the prosecution
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prove his release would put people's lives in jeopardy. the judge is expected to keep the suspect in jail. santiago is charged with killing five people and hurting six others inside the airport earlier this month. new this morning, a woman wakes up after being taken off life support. how she went from a coma to going home in just days. plus, what we're learning about the woman accused of raising a kidnapped child as her own for 18 years. and ever tagged the wrong person on social media? donald trump did it overnight and now we are hearing from the o
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6:13, your time right now. a wet start for some of thus morning. >> let's check in with meteorologist sheena parveen for a look at the fost
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this morning, spotty showers around. if you're waiting at the bus stop, you want the rain because the roads are wet. it's not goinging to be a big deal. there's not a lot of rain around at all. springels this morning, not much right now, but off to our west, that's what we're watching as can we go closer to lunchtime today. so you see all that rain moving through. this morning, we are watching the update on the weltway. >> inner loop, sounds like that crash is on the left shoulder. beltway looking quite good here this morning. top is getting flow. you can see inbound 66, a little slow there. speaking of 66, fairfax county to the beltway, you're on time. 95 north, quantityco to the belt away looking typical for
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top of the beltway, 45 miles per hour. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. we're learning new details this morning about a deadly shooting inside a mexican nightclub. one of the victim eps was an american visiting from colorado. the 18-year-old was one of people killed at a music pest val friday morning. her brother says she loved to travel and planned this trip with friends. >> apparently this one wasn't that -- cost her life. it's costing us a lot of pain. >> there are reports that villa knew way va may have died in the stamp he stampede has people ran to escape the gunman. five
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from a shooting. eight people were hurt in a shooting following a parade. one of the victims is in critical condition. investigators are questioning two people and they seized two fwuns at the scene. the woman accused of kidnapping an infant from a florida hospital 18 years ago is expected to face charges. gloria williams was arrested and is facing extradition. >> williams allegedly snatched kamiay mobley and raised her as alexis. >> meanwhile, in south carolina, she was reunited with her family. a neighbor says her biological mother would make a birthday cake for her every year. she would eat half and leave the other half, hoping her daughter would one day come home. it is 6:16 right now. another new story about president-elect donald trump's twitter account. >> and it involves his daughter and a woman from england. news 4's
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explain what went down. >> this is something you're definitely probably going to hear about today in your feed. it all started with a tweet from the president-elect. he put this on twitter last night, a quote someone saying ivanka trump is great, a woman with real character and class. the only problem is the person that he tagged in this tweet, that's mott his daughter. in fact, it is this woman right here. her name is ivanka magic and she lives across the pond. she lives in england. a lot of people pointing her out saying she's going to get a lot of attention right mow. trump's tweet shared more than 5,000 times. we just noticed this about an hour ago, that ivanka from england responded offering some advice about twitter to the president-elect as well as her thoughts on climate change and this has thousands of likes, hundreds of retweets and we've seen this ivanka, she's gained hundreds of new followers overnight. a few days ago, she was getting
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going to be appearing in her local newspaper over a foodie story, over a restaurant story. looks like she's getting a lot more attention than she perhaps wanted. >> power of social media. i wonder how many of those people who followed her think she's the real ivanka trump. it's 6:18. you may have heard the first family donated their kids playground set to a d.c. shelter. yesterday they had a chance to see it in action. the president and first lady visited the center yesterday. >> they spent some time playing with the kids on the set. the obamas installed the swing set in march of 2009 shortly after moving into the white house. the set as a slide, fort, climbing wall, climbing ropes and swings. >> they look like they're familiar with the swings there. so there's a good chance you're going to see this video on social media today. you might be one of the people who believes it can't be real. take a look. this -- >> it doesn't look real. it really doesn't. >> this is an alligator.
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police in lakeland, florida, say it is the real thing. they shared the video of the gator on their facebook page and says who says dinosaurs are extinct? >> and that's exactly what it looks like, some prehistoric creature. i love how the people in the back, theyre just standing there. how do you know all of a sudden this alligator isn't going to snap? >> well, he lks really full and a little uncomfortable. he looks kind of uncomfortable. he probably couldn't run that fast after you. he probably just ate something. >> i don't want to test whether he wants to eat more. >> i am from florida. we have al gators on the golf course all the time. i've never seen one that big. >> a lot going on there. we're not going to see that today. maybe a few showers around, though. for the morning commute, the roads are wet. but as far as the rain is concerned, take a look at the radar. not much on it locally, except for maybe a few spripgels now. we have more rain off to the west. that rain, i think, will have a
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around lunchtime today. so before you leave this morning, grab the umbrella. you might want the rain boots especially because the roads are wet. your commute today, wet roads by 8:00 a.m. by 5:00 p.m., we'll see a lot of this dying down. but i think the roads will still be wet. by this rchb a, we're getting into the mid 50s, so that's 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. right now, postally around 40 degrees. future weather puts showers in by 10:00 a.m. by lunchtime, scattered showers around. by the evening commute starting to wind down. early tomorrow morning, can't rule out a stray shower, but through most of the day, we will be on the dry side. for today, though, 54 for a high temperature. scattered showers through the day. mostly through the middle of the day and very early afternoon, milder and cloudy today. 50s stick around for the rest of the week going into the weekend. next chance of rain returns on friday. let's see what's happening on the roads this tuesday morning. hey, melissa. >> hi. good morning. right now, inner loop after river road, that has cleared out of the way as has everything else that we had in our system.
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taking a look here at the beltway, overall looking quite good here on the beltway been 66 is fine, just seeing that normal slowdown inbound through manassas. very, very typical. taking a look here, bottom of the beltway through georges county, indian head highway, a bit of a slowdown there as you're heading inbound near livingston road. top of the beltway, all of these routes are nice and green. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. melissa, thank you. new this morning, driving danger. a warning about a popular road thousands of us use every day. but first, her family removed her from life support, but this morning she is alive .home from the hospital. up next, she shares e storyth
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he went to space on three separate occasions and he was the last american to walk on the moon. this morning, we are remembering gene rn
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old. he was commander of nasa's apollo mission. he spent three days on the moon. when he came back, he returned to earth with a message of, quote, peace and hope for all man kind. a remarkable story of hope has made an ohio family believe in miracles. >> a serious illness left 75-year-old eloise barnett on the verge of death. she was taken off life support. she was taken off the ventilator and her family was ready to say their good-byes. but she kept on breathing. a few days later, she opened her eyes and started talking. her recovery has been slow. >> they didn't see any chance of me coming out of this and they thought it would be best just to let me go. i have a lot of fight in me. and it keeps me going. >> wow, there is still no official diagnosis of what exactly happened to her, but she's now left rehab and is doing well at home after multiple organ failures. they kept trying
6:26 am
that weren't working and she's a fighter. >> that's what she said. incredible story. inauguration day speech, expect the unexpected. find out what top aides are revealing about donald trump's moment at the podium. deadly commute. a new warning about a major road in prince georges county. learn why it's the scene of one sdn accident after another. and we'll tell you how long the rain will stick around and fr things to know, nextou. your path to retirement may not always be clear. fr things to know, nextou. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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a fingerprint and a confession. what we're learn background an arrest at a deadly new year's nightclub attack. protesters warming up. some say they are just guested started this inauguration week. just got details on a new release report on a so-called highway of death in prince georges county. what you need to know. news 4 today starts now. fast approaching 6:30 on this tuesday morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we can't seem to
6:30 am
off the radar. >> four things you need to know before you head out this morning. >> the fist thing you need to know, grab the umbrella because more showers will be moving in later on today. this morning, the roads are wet, but you will want the umbrella or the raincoat by around lunchtime. maybe early afternoon. but it will be milder this week, so that's another thing to note in the forecast. 50s as we go into inauguration weekend and showers as we go into friday. so we will be watching that very closely. right now, though, most of the area is dry. the rain is just off to our west. you see it here on radar. it is approaching. we had a few light showers this morning, but now we're watching this bigger area moving in closer to lunchtime today. temperaturewise, not too bad out there. around 40 degrees. by this afternoon, we will be in the 50s. coming up, i'll show you, look at the timing of the rain. we have some issues out there on metro, melissa. blue line delays both directions because of a malfunction at benning road. soa
6:31 am
inner loop after river, that has cleared. everything looking good there inner loop and outer loop, light volume there. flying in on 66, fairfax county parkway to the beltway, pretty good there. you're going 1 miles per hour. just going to take you 14 or 15 minutes this morning. 295 southbound near east capital, the crash is gone, but those delays sticking around for us. travel times in ten minutes. it is 6:31. we have breaking news overnight of the bailey's crossroads area. a shooting investigation is under way at an apartment complex in fall else church. it happened around 10:00 last might in the 6,000 block of vista drive. now, when fairfax county police arrived on the scene, they found a man who had been shot. we are working to get more information about the suspect in this case. and new this morning, alarming numbers about deadly crashes on a road many of you take to work. >> in four years, more than a dozen people died on indian head highway, which runs between d.c.
6:32 am
molette green is live off route 218 in ft. washington with more of a call for action. molette. >> good morning, guys. this stretch is dubbed the highway of death for a reason. throughout the morning that we've been here, we've seen cars in this direction going into d.c. going way too fast. some of the traffic start to go slow down as the morning rush builds up. many of the cars we've seen, the drivers have blown through the red lights. people for years who live in this neighborhood, in this community, have been calling for more police eyes to catch people, to stop the speeders and the aggressive drivers. there is a new aaa study just out today that found some disturbing trends. at least 14 killed in crashes in the last four years, three pedestrians killed since 2013. and one of the worst happened in '08. it left eight people dead after a drag racing mishap.
6:33 am
and things could get worse before it gets even better. with so much regional growth out here and the advent, of course, of the mgm casino. a lot more traffic coming this way. experts in the community blame a lack of respect for driving laws. those aggressive and reckless drivers who are out here. some say there's just not enough law enforcement and they really are pushing for that to change. more police eyes out here along this stretch that runs from southeast d.c. all the way into indian head, maryland. we're live out here along 210 at ft. washington road. back to you. >> thank you, molette. we are learning more details about friday's inaugural parade. military bands and units from all branches of service and even the boys and girl scouts will join in the festivities. more than 8,000 people are expect dollars to join newly sworn in president donald trump .vice president mike pence along the parade route. lit stretch from the capital to the white house. the list of democratic lawmake
6:34 am
skipping friday's inauguration is growing this morning. >> more than 30 lawmakers say they do not plan to attend the event. they're casting the president-elect as a threat to democracy. that number has grown in the aftermath of trump's feud with congressman john lewis. lewis told nbc b news that he didn't see trump as a, quote, legitimate president. angie goff has more now from the inauguration desk. >> that number of democrats skipping the inauguration includes two long congressman, congressman hahn thonny brown and congressman john beyer. mi meanwhile, you can expect several protests against trump this week and it started last night. dozens of protesters rallying against the president-elect. they started at 14th and p streets northwest and marched to his hotel in pennsylvania avenue. protesters were carrying signs that said, quote, stop the trump regime before it starts. officials in the district,
6:35 am
on inauguration day. some protest groups even practiced in d.c.'s mt. pleasant neighborhood on sunday. fences and barriers are now up on the national mall, this to help keep pro trump and anti-trump demonstrators apart. d.c. homeland security director says an array of local, regional and federal officials are preparing for the inauguration with one purpose. >> our job is to make sure people can come here to our nation's capital, be able to express their views in a safe, law-abiding way. >> and we know that on thursday, barriers, traffic lights, they'll be removed from pennsylvania avenue for the parade along with trash cans that officials say could be misused. i'm angie goff at the inauguration desk. >> angie, thank you. a quick reminder about inauguration day. news 4 has you covered all day long. be sure to download the nbc washington app to join our inauguration
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aaron and i and the news 4 team will be talking all things d.c. and inauguration all day long from a cafe on capitol hill. 6:36 right now. students at american university are on alert after two robberies near their campus. >> d.c. police believe three men in a stolen black audi are behind these robberies. the first happened around 8:00 p.m. on tilden street northwest. about 15 minutes later, the same car was involved in a robbery on sherier place. let's than an hour after that, the same group tried to rob someone on k street. police also tell us one of the suspects inside the car had a gun. charges could be filed today in a deadly crash in spotslvania county. taylor wolf was a father of two with another child on the way. chelsea was celebrating her 21st birthday. both were killed when the truck they were riding in crashed on robert e. leave drive last week. friends of the victims have set up a go fund me page to raise money for wolf's
6:37 am
find the link on to that on his nbc washington app. deadly police shooting. we'll tell you how a hostage situation came to a dramatic end. news this morning, see how an exclusive video could be part of the investigation. wife arrested. the woman married to the orlando nightclub shooter is headed to court. why police believe she knew about the attack. at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road.
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it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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this morning, we have showers off to our west. we had a few light showers moving through early. it's heading in this direction. i think by lurch time, we should be seeing scattered showers if not earlier. so before you head out today, you'll want the raincoat, the umbrella, the rain boots. i don't think you'll need the sunglasses, though. we're not going opening statement the sun
6:41 am
while. temperatures around 40 degrees right now. not too bad this morning. but we have a problem on the beltway. let's get a look at that. >> inner loop ramp to georgia avenue, no crash reported. we are starting to see some slowdowns there as we look at the top of the beltway. inbound suitland park way before fih sterling avenue, left lane blocked by a crash. that will start causing delays, as well. 66 inbound, seeing some slowdown webs but not any actual issues there. just volume as you're headed inbound. 270 southbound is okay. 41 miles per hour from germantown to the spur. and on top of the beltway here, 95 to 270, pretty slow, as well. listen to 103.5 wtop fm as you hop in your car today. caught in the crossfire, a grandmother killed. the reason police say someone started shooting. in trump they trust. why women who voted for president obama switched sides. hear from some of them for the
6:42 am
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deadly police shooting. new exclusive video from the scene overnight. how as explosive hostage situation came to a deadly end. a wife and mother
6:45 am
new reaction after the arrest months after the orlando nightclub massacre. >> doesn't make anybody feel any better. >> grandmother of 1 1 and an innocent bystander killed. the call for action in the district. switching sides, the women behind donald trump reveal why they support the incoming president. >> the first time i voted republican in many years. fairfax county police are trying to find a motive for a deadly hostage situation in hernden. >> a kie ottic scene ended with a suspect being killed by police and only on news 4 we have exclusive video that we just got in overnight of the knife recovered at the scene. news 4's justin finch is there live with what we're now finding out. justin. >> aaron, detectives will return to the scene here this morning to continue their investigation from what triggered that suspect to shoot those two brothers, take another man hostage and set hirehe
6:46 am
fired his weapon as that suspect brandished a knife at this town house here. now an exclusive look at video here. fairfax county police reporting the suspect waved that knife at officers before they tried using taser and rubber bullet. they shot the suspect who later died. the hostage was treated and had released from the hospital. this two-hour standoff now the talk of the neighborhood. like a boom, boom. i don't know how many, but it was not the police that was shooting. something inside the house was happening. i don't know what was going on in there. >> we just heard shots and we were like, oh, wow. that was very shocking to us. and as you can see, police remain here. the red tape is still up. the officers who used that teddy force is on administrative leave. we hope to mary more about the suspect who did open fire inside and his relationship to the
6:47 am
that should come out we're hoping at some point today. back in to you. >> justin finch live for us in hernden. thank you. this morning, muriel bowser is asking for help tracking down a grandmother's killer. yesterday on her daily trip to the market, she was caught in the middle of an apparent turf battle. she was in her motorized wheelchair when this happened. her son called the violence ignorant. >> i don't get how the young boys up here get caught up in this war, whatever they're calling it, and kill somebody incident like her. >> d.c. police say a youngman was also hurt in that shooting. mayor bowser said in a tweet, this violence must stop and the person or people responsible for killing vivian marrow must be brought to justice. all ice will be on donald trump when he gives his inauguration address on friday. >> he's been working on the speech with his team behind closed doors. and this morning, we're
6:48 am
a glimpse into what he might say. his team is hinting at a speech full of both style and substance. >> anybody who is confusing donald trump's inaugural address as one of those never ending state of the unions will be sorely disappointed. >> more than 30 democrats say they will skip trump's swearing in ceremony. with the inauguration only days away, the "today" show is talking to you o to the people who brought us here. >> they are running a series focused on voters in three states. this morning, were hear from some people in pasco county, florida. >> and nicole wallace joins us live this morning to talk about this series in trump's day trust. >> nicole, what did you find out in this conversation? >> well, you know, i'm part of the media establishment that got this wrong. so i went out in part to do my penance and in part to do better to understand the things i have
6:49 am
and i really saw in such stark terms the appetite for change. and they're not -- they seem to contradict each other, but while president obama is very popular, he's leaving office with about a 56% approval rate, his wife, michelle obama, is even more popular than that. they weren't able to transfer their popularity in a way that put hillary clinton over the finish line with women. and if you remember michelle obama gave that very stirring speech after the access hollywood tapes kaem out. women were unaffected by the warnings about donald trump. women wanted change as much as any other voter did. and this group was made up of pro choice and pro life women. donald trump ran as a pro life candidate, often viewed as a powerful issue for women voters. they could not be persuaded to vote for hillary clinton. some of them supported bernie sanders, but hillary clinton could not make the sale in the key battleground states that sided overwhelmingly with donald trump. >> really interesting. looking forward to hearing more o
6:50 am
nicole wallace will have more on the "today" show coming up next. and you can watch this series in trumpel they trust coming up on the "today" show right after news 4 today. and we'll hear from voiterses in florida and tomorrow ohio. 6:50 now. developing right now, the man accused of a massacre in turkey is now in police custody and we're finding out how he was caught. this is a new photo of the suspect here. turkish police caught him in istanbul last night. they say he's the man that killed 39 people at a nightclub on new year's eve. he's from uzbekistan and confessed to the killing. they say say fingerprints matched prints at the scene. the wife of the man wind the deadliest man choosing in recent american history will appear in court. >> salman is charged with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting the june attack in orlan
6:51 am
her attorney says she has no idea about what her husband was planning. for survivors, news of the arrest brought back some difficult memories. >> it opens up old wounds. i'm ready to just kind of move on, but i can't. does it make anybody feel any better? i'm not really sure. >> omar mateen killed 49 people inside the pulse nightclub. he died in a shoot-out with police. 6:51 is our time right now. we're at 42 degrees outside our studios. a pretty night way to start a january day. it is. wet roads out there, wet pavement the we don't have the rain falling at this moment. so it feels nicer than yesterday. but it's going to come with some showers. >> okay. >> i'll take the warmer temperatures, though. >> me, too. me, too. grab the umbrella before you head out, but we're not going to see weather like they saw off to our southwest. take a look at this video. this is video of a tornado in texas. this was right
6:52 am
you see somebody filming it. it's an ef-0 it ended up being. that is the weakest tornado out there, although you see it kind of causing -- there, look at that video. you see it kind of causing some issues as far as high winds. but, again, ef-0, no injuries reported, no fatalities, which is what we like to hear. take a look at that. somebody got some really great video. you never want to get close, kids. don't get close to tornados like that. local weather, 42 degrees in the district. calm winds, cloudy skies. and as we go through the day today, we'll see scattered showers i think closer to lunch time. nothing like the video we just showed you. we're going to see a quieter day than that except for the showers. you see them off to our west. they're approaching the area now. we don't have any rain currently around the district, maybe a few sprinkles. but that rain will be moving in closer to lunchtime. your outlook as far as the impact, fairley low whether you're commuting, the bus stop, make sure you have the umbrella with us. temperatures in the mid 40s by noon, mid 50s by 6:00 p.m. take a look a
6:53 am
10:00 a.m., we could have showers moving through. even by lunchtime. let's get a check on the roadways this morning with melissa mollet in traffic. right now, a couple of different problems we're dealing with. the first situation is involving the beltway. in the inner loop, ramp to georgia avenue, crash reported there. we are seeing outer loop delays as you're pat as georgia avenue, as well. right now, top of the beltway, everything here looking pretty good. 95 south at 100, reports of a new crash there. inbound suitland parkway before firth, that crash has been moved out of the way. 95 at the springfield exit, northbound and southbound looking pretty good as your approaching the beltway. 66 eastbound before the beltway, a crash and you can see some orange as things start to slow down. pennsylvania avenue at constitution, debris blocking part of the road here this morning. and 2
6:54 am
slowly here. as the presidential inauguration gets closer, a warning about fake tickets. >> susan hogan has more. >> it's certainly easy to get caught up in all of the excitement of the inauguration and it's certainly an historic take, but the better business bureau has reminders so you don't get caught up in a scam. first of all, legitimate tickets needed for certain areas of the swearing in ceremony are given out by your house representatives or senator and they're free. remember, there are nonticketed viewing areas available, as well. tickets for the parade are only required for certain places athrong parade route and the presidential inaugural committee handles these tickets. most viewing areas along the parade route will not need a ticket. final finally, to attend an inaugural ball, contact the committee hosting the event directly and do not let a
6:55 am
the always remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. especially if someone tries to sell you a ticket to a popular event where those tickets are rare or in many cases simply free. in the nuts news room, susan hogan, news 4. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. general motors is expected to announce today it will invest $ed 1 billion in its u.s. factories, a move that will keep or create 1,000 jobs. a report says the investment has been planned for months. hundred b day says today it will boost investments to $2.3 billion over five years. the korean automaker has plans in alabama and its kia unit has one in georgia and mexico. i'm landon dowdy. just about 6:56. here are four things to know before you head out the door
6:56 am
a new report says 14 people died in deadly crashes on indian head highway in the past four years. aaa released the report. indian highway runs between southeast washington and indian head, maryland. we are working to learn the identity of a suspect killed by fairfax county police. two men were shot, another was taken hostage and a house in hernden was lit on fire. follow david culver on twitter for updates. this man is in custody right now in turkey. he's accused of killing 39 people at a nightclub on new year's eve. coming up on the "today" show, we'll look at how police tracked him down. president-elect's inauguration just days away. the list of democrats who are planning to skip the swearing in is growing. and have the umbrella today. some showers expected. in just a little while here, especially around lurch time, mid 50s. tomorrow mid 50s and thursday looks dry, especially as we go through the afternoon. but friday, more rain in the
6:57 am
we've been talking about this morning, cleared inner loop to georgia. no problems there. top of the beltway, we have had cleared, as well, inbound su suitland parkway. >> it's moving. yeah. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back with weather, traffic is and any breaking news. enjoy your day. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning. firing back. goovrm. firing back. the outgoing cia director rips into donald trump. and for comparing the intelligence community to nazi germany as more lawmakers join the boycott of trump's inauguration, now just three days away. calledoff. overnight the search for malaysian airlines flight 370 officially ends. families of the 239 victims outraged. will the mystery be solved? marching east. the ice storm that caused havoc in the midwest set to reach parts of the northeast today.


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