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tv   Today  NBC  January 17, 2017 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. everybody it is boozeday tuesday. jenna bush hager is filling in as kathie lee joins the week off. this is "castle" by ed sheeran. his third new song? we've been playing the other two. this slow drip is painful. you center have to wait. >> of course he does, right.
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>> it's a life lesson for us. if you come on too strong people will back up. if you slow drip -- >> do you know -- >> people lean in. >> this weekend we were friends with and henry told our dating story. somebody asked. >> here we go again. >> it's actually not like that. he claims i kissed him first, which is not true. but he said i didn't call her for a couple of weeks. i didn't call her for a couple of weeks because, you know, i knew this one meant something. i wanted to slow roll it. and by the way, he had called at the beginning -- >> you would have been turn off. >> yeah. >> i want to point out today we have learned something on our program for the first time in weeks. right there. that life lesson. we have a great show. if you're feeling tired and if you feel sluggish all the time, we have something that will wake you up. we're going to bust some common sleep myths. >> is that alex? >> of course. wake up alex! you have a show
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>> okay. now most 14-year-olds are hanging out with friends but this one is hanging out in the kitchen. his name is logan and he got an award-winning recipe that will blow you away. >> how cute is this 14-year-old. >> careful with the knife. >> we're going to learn how to have a vogue from the guys that taught madonna do it. they'll show their favorite moves. there's a documentary in the works. >> i can't wait. thank you for reminding me. it's spanky tuesday. >> i think we stopped doing that. >> find out if you're a winner later. >> have you -- first of all, a happy birthday to betty white! she's a 95 years old today. been in showbiz for 75 years. look at her. look at those
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recently she told yahoo! she's the most grateful for one thing. she still gets offered parts. by the way, she's such an awesome person. and remember when she sort of sort away for awhile and there was the super bowl ad and she was on snl and everything started all over again. >> yeah. it makes you -- talk about ageing with grace, but also with humor. >> yes. >> it makes you realize that laughter and making people laugh is one of the best things you can do. >> i was thinking about a scene she was in with sandra bullock "the proposal." dancing from the window to the wall. it's one of the best scenes. >> i love that. mrs. obama, it's the first lady's birthday, too. >> happy birthday, michelle obama! >> are you watching? >> probably not. you have things to close up? i understand. >> it's wrapping up. the inauguration is on -- >> friday. >> yeah. a couple of days. you had the best day yesterday. >> yesterday it was mlk
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worked for a little bit and we were off. jill and i said why don't we see "hidden figures." this is the second official week it's been out. it's been number one for two weeks. this movie -- was transformative. jill and i watched and we laughed and cried. we couldn't stop discussing it. it's just one of those really awesome movies. if you're looking for something that will change the way you feel, that is one of them. everybody okay? >> i also love -- yeah. somebody need a cough drop? i, as a mom of two girls, i don't know how old -- how old do you feel like kids could watch it? >> the movie theater was filled with young kids. they looked like 7, 8, 9. i was surprised to see so many moms, dads, and their kids. >> mila loves numbers. i can't wait to take her. i feel like one of the things they talk about is women and science. >> yes. >> and how important they are.
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>> when you watch how the taraji p. henson's character and you get to see history come to life. that was awesome. by the way, i went to starbucks before. i was feeling a little bit tired and i said can i have a coffee. i get the same thing every time. i get a drip americana. it comes out hot as can be. >> what do you put in it? >> coffee mate in it. i just got my cup back. >> let's see it. >> oda. i wanted it to say yoda but you can't have everything. >> i like oda. >> you don't? >> i don't know what it is about the way i pronounce my -- >> what do you say? >> jenna. >> jenna. >> jenna. >> yeah. for whatever reason, and, listen, i didn't teach myself how to say my name. i'm pretty sure my mother and father ug
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name. there's no surprise there. >> yeah. >> maybe they mispronounce my name. i say jenna. and every single time they think i say janet. they asking how to spell it. >> helen hunt ordered a cup of coffee and what does it say? jo jodi. >> they thought jody foster. our production meredith -- i have to laugh. meieida. >> that's a pretty name. >> somebody said -- hi, meredith! >> somebody said there's a theory that starbucks does it on purpose so they get press. >> we just gave it to them. >> we just talked about them for 30 seconds about the starbucks cup. >> you're right. you're
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>> can tommy get a little water? tommy, i'm worried. >> do you need a cough drop. are you okay? >> he has a tickle. okay. >> we found out a couple of weeks ago that margot robbie is playing ta pl pl tan harding. we saw pictures of her ice skating. she is as tonya harding. >> wow. >> looks good. >> she does. that's split screen. >> yeah. >> looks like tonya harding. >> that's great. >> that's 1994. >> that is. she looks good. time for the subject we wait for on this day. the bachelor update with amanda! >> hey! >> hello. >> how are you? >> i tell you what you need to know. >> yeah. we're back with nick. and last
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girls. the first is this girl have a necessa vanessa. a teacher. canadian. she gets a one-on-one date. it's on a plane that is an anti-gravity plane. you go up-and-down and up-and-down. and you start to float. >> cool. >> really cool, right. and they made out in the air. really nice. and then things started -- >> look at her hair! then it became a nightmare situation. she got sick. a lot of people get sick on the planes and she pretty much vomited for the rest of the flight. they were actually flying and she was flowithrowing up. >> he cared for her. >> did he kiss her after? >> yes. >> oh! >> that's horrible! >> did she -- >> no. they weren't chewing gum. i rewound to make sure. i was at home going oh! that's like months into the relationship. >> yes. >> oh. >> never ever. >> or ever. >> i
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throw up more than somebody throwing up. i'm surprised he didn't barf. >> he stayed by her? >> yeah. >> henry wouldn't stay by me. >>well, it was a bonding experience. they went to dinner after that and seemed to have a connection. and then nick started to cry on the date. >> why? >> because he kind of said she opened up to him. he started getting honest with her and said, you know, i've been frightened about this experience but meeting you now and forming this bond, really i feel like it's going to be okay and i might find the woman to marry. >> she's my new frontrunner. i think they're cute together. vanessa. i like them together. >> he is -- wow. >> yeah. he was really crying. i rewound to make sure. now we're talking about corrine. she's the woman i love to hate. she took her top off during a photo shoot. and all the women hated h
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jealous of the other women's relationships with nick. >> gosh. >> she stepped up her game. during a cocktail party she took off her dress with just under wear and a trench coat she went to have one on one time with him and brought whipped cream. take a look. >> tonight, i want to do a little something -- do you want to -- i'm confident enough in myself to know, like, i have the it factor that guys really like. >> what are we doing? >> all right. let's go. mmm. >> is it good? >> so good. >> she's good at, umm, stimulating chemistry between us. >> i asked i was like can we really air this? >> he was licking it off? >> yeah. he did it and then right after
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other women were watching from the window. >> he was? >> he was. and he was like, whoa i don't know you well enough. we need to slow it down. it was week three and probably only -- >> so he said -- >> yeah. >> and then she ran off and started to cry. she goes it was stupid. that was what i did. is this relationship going to move forward because i did that? it was embarrassing. i guess she learned her lesson there. >> no, she didn't. >> and the last one. this is the clip of the night. >> that wasn't the clip of the night? >> no. this one. she's talking with the girls, and corrine reveals that she's 24 years old and she revealed she has a nanny. she didn't like say -- she does run a million dollar business, but she said nancy. take a look at her explain what the nanny does. >> your what? >> nanny. >> do you have kids? >> no. >> why do you have a nanny? >> my bed is made every morning.
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vegetable slices for lunch. >> do you wash your own clothes? no. she does it. >> interesting. >> and, you know, it makes her happy. i'm not going to stop a woman's happiness. >> my mind has been blown. she said nanny. there was no misinterpreting anything. it came up a couple of times. i'm like, girl, you're crazy. >> yeah. yeah. craze. >> it's a red flag when your 24-year-old girlfriend has a nanny. >> if it makes her happy, who am i to stop her? >> what is that, amanda? we're for vanessa. >> we liked vanessa. good girl. teacher from canada. >> all right. >> amanda, excellent job. >> thank you. coming up get ready for a little pillow -- oh! talk. good catch. we'll break down what is fact and fiction when it comes to
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and i want to say we're happy we're in bed. a good night sleep can make our break your day. do you really need eight hours a night? >> who knows. what about catching up on sleep over the weekend? >> if you're tired of being tired we're putting the myths to bed in a game we're calling snooze or lose. >> we have nbc news
10:17 am
contributor dr. natalie azar. >> thank you, dr. natalie. we're playing a game. we have pillows that say myth or fact. >> yeah. i'll read some theories or whatever. you'll tell me if you think they're true or not. >> the older you get the fewer hours of sleep you need. fact or myth? >> i think it's fact. >> smith. >> fact. it's a fact. >> yep. adults up to age 26 to 64 you need about 7 to 9. the range changes a little bit 7 to 8. the lower end of it goes down to 5 or 6. it's true you need less sleep as you get older. >> what is the least amount of sleep? >> over the age of 65 i would say 5 or 6 hours. if the range for us is 7 to 99, that's ac-- eight folks. if you don't sleep well during the week you can catch up on the weekend. >> myth. >> myth. >> we say to people you should keep the same hours. who doesn't sleep o
10:18 am
everybody feel more refreshed. does it undo the damage you accrue from -- >> you can. >> i will say when i have a great night sleep i feel better. >> of course. >> number three. if i wake up in the middle of the night, i should stay in bed and try to fall back asleep. >> yes! >> fact. >> do it. >> no, actually. you know, i'll give you it's a little bit of a trick question. you can stay in for maybe a half hour. if you're not asleep by that length of time, you should get up, go to a couch, dim the lights, have some nice music playing. and read a book until you feel sleepy and get back in bed. >> i never knew that. >> can't you read in bed? >> what about counting sleep? >> useless. >> everything i ever learned! >> sometimes i picture -- this is weird. a squeegee going down a window. something about it makes me want to fall asleep. >> does it work? >> yes. then keep
10:19 am
number four. >> it put mess to bed. >> go on. number four naps should be 20 to 30 minutes long. >> i say myth. >> it's a fact. i want to say the best method out of this it's okay to take a nap. some people are like no. the thing is, you want to keep it short. don't go longer than 30 minutes. then you get in deeper sleep. >> yes. this might be the most brilliant thing i'll say in my life. >> let's hear. it. >> you can also -- this is crazy. drink a couple coffee before you lie down for your cat nap. it takes about 30 minutes for the cafe to kick. >> you told me before. i said think about why airplane napss are great. you drink coffee and you fall asleep. >> you are alert and you have caffeine in you. >> number five. you eat more if you don't sleep enough. >> fact. >> fact.
10:20 am
it deals with hormone levels. >> when you're tired you want cheese and chips. >> tie breaker. >> do we have a tie breaker? >> ready number seven. people who exercise in the morning may sleep better at night. >> fact. >> fact. >> yes. yes. we know that. maybe if you're going to exercise before bed maybe yoga but not within two hours. >> we're exercising in bed! >> who is the winner? >> one more. tie breaker. >> snoring is normal for some people, it's just who they are. >> no. >> myth. >> it's not normal. >> okay. it can be dangerous. >> is there a prize? we get to stay in bed! >> sorry. according to one person i spoke to this morning, these are the most amazing eye masks. this eye mask. >> why? >> put it in the freezer. >> yes. >> because there's only one winner. >> we both win. >> i can keep it? >> no. >> no. >>
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make it fresh. make it happen. ♪ maybelline new york. it is brain teaser it is brain teaser tuesday. it comes from our friends at -- >> are you ready? >> i start with an e and end with an e and only have one letter. what am i? >> wait, what? >> i start with an e, i end with an e and i only have one letter. what am? >> oh! hoda's got it. >> no. >> the answer when we come back from the break. jenna and i get ready to express ourselves with madonna's famous dancers. the hottest make up colors you'll see in 2017. >> how about a burger with a set ingredient that can cut cals.
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. >> we are so back on this brain teaser tuesday. jenna bush hager is in for kathie lee all this week, and before the break this is the riddle we gave you. >> i start with an e. i end with an e, and i only have one letter. what am i? >> we racked our brains. >> yes. >> the answer is an envelope. >> an envelope. that's correct. it's an envelope. >> please go on twitter and just let us know if you say envelope or envelope. >> we say envelope. what do you say? >> i say envelope. >> thank you. >> who says envelope? >> no one. >> yes, thank you, zach. >> who says envelope? i want to hear your voices. >> that was lame. >> that wasn't lame. if you are looking for some answers when it comes to which hair and makeup trends to try,
10:31 am
and here to show us hot looks is "allure magazine's" editor in chief michelle lee. >> gorgeous. everything that's happening. >> i want to borrow that dress. >> it's so rainy outside, we need to feel like spring here. >> let's talk hair, first. we want to know what is cutting edge? what's in right now when it comes to hair? >> so the big thing for 2017 is the blunt cut. it's really all about hair that's one length. blunt bob, lobs, blunt bangs. anything that's really glossy and sleek looking. >> now, how short should that blunt bob be? >> you've got it. by the way, i was going to say. >> thank you. anyone honestly can do a bob, but i think it really looks best for someone who has a face like kelly's where there's more angle. it helps to really accentuate really a heart shaped face or angled face. >> you still say keep the long hair sleek. >> the big hairstyle right now too is just anything really glossy looking.
10:32 am
surprisingly, mouse and gel are coming back in a big way. gel is going to be the thing that helps you get that sleek look. >> what about keratin? >> good hair care. moisturize and condition a lot. >> bangs are also in. gs>> banre also in. i for one am sort of scared of bangs, but other people look great with them. it's all about the blunt bang. selma looks amazing with blunt bangs. >> once you do a bang, it's hard to go back. >> takes forever to grow it out. >> it does. you do the cliff thing. >> olivia munn has the side part. >> this is the big style. the low side part. we saw it all over the spring runways. >> what do you mean low? >> low meaning instead of doing the middle part, you want to go way over to the side. >> like yours? >> i have to say, if we take a look at you, you have done it all right. if we take a look at us, we've done it dleelgts e completecomp. >> we're from the 1980s. >> let's move on to eyes. you say instead of those
10:33 am
neutrals, pop some color. >> exactly. for whatever reason, people are afraid of color sometimes, but it really is such a big thing for 2017. >> yeah. >> the trick is keep the rest of your look pretty bare. the idea is you want to do that one pop of color, like lily here, and keep everything else kind of fresh and clean looking. >> she has the lip. >> look at the eyebrows too. >> okay. >> what about a more natural look? >> a more natural look. you can kind of, again, if you are a little bit afraid of color, you can take something like a teal like we have here and just take your finger and tap a little bit of it on to your eyelids. >> right on the lid itself? >> it really gives a nice pop of color that will keep you looking fresh all day. >> what are these products? what do you recommend? >> yeah. we really love this maybelline teal color, and this right here is cover girl. two drugstore products which are really inexpensive, and they're super highly pigmented. they work really well. >> okay. that's blue. >> shall we move on to lips? >> yes. so we have our lovely models here.
10:34 am
>> that is so pretty on you too. >> allison? joy. so sad. >> it's not just about lips, but it's also the way that we're applying lip color now is a little bit different, right? we're all so used to doing the lip liner. now what we're talking about for 2017 is all about the blurry technique. >> oh, blurry. >> what you want to do is skip your lip liner and just take a cotton swab and go around and you want to blur those edges out. >> mush the edges. blur. >> another really good tip that we learned from beyonce's makeup artist. if we want to do a diffused ombre lip, we do a darker color on top and a lighter color on bottom, and you smack your lips together a couple of times. that actually is the easiest way to do a quick ombre. >> a couple of seconds for allison. >> okay. >> contouring is all abo
10:35 am
blush is back in a big way. higher than ever. you actually want to start from your cheek bones. >> they're amazing. >> they go all the way up to a temping and it creates a bold sculptural effect. >> so did you allison and joy. the dancer who taught madonna how to vogue is going to teach says a few moves. >> plus, the 14-year-old aus burger that took him all the way to the where does it come from? was it my refusal to accept that an nfl official was a man's job? was it to show my daughter that she can be anything that she wants to be? if i don't believe in myself who will? it does start on the inside. your best starts inside. that's why every cup of activia yogurt is made with billions of our exclusive probiotic to help care for what's inside. activia. it starts inside. achoo! snap achoo! snap achoo! achoo! snap snap achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs
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>> you may have heard of 14-year-old boys eating through the kitchen, but logan spends his time cooking in one. >> he was among five chefs who won the james beard foundation blended burger competition. >> the james beard awards are the big daddy of cooking. that's a big deal. it challenges chefs to blend mushrooms into the meat to create a delicious but more nutritious burger. logan is here to make his winning delicious burger for us. hi, logan. >> we should point out, you
10:40 am
guys, it's not every day that we get to discover a star. five years ago -- >> five years ago. i actually came here. this is my first ever -- yep. there i am. >> look at logan. >> logan. >> look at logan. >> yeah. i was a lot younger. >> you have always loved cooking? >> since you were little. >> since i was really little. >> what do we have in this? >> what we have here is our stuff for our spices. we have worcestershire sauce and also all the condiments for the burger. we have some bacon, and, of course, we have our mushrooms and ground beef. >> the key is the mushrooms? >> the key is the mushrooms because it gives it a lot more flavor, and they're also, like, really cool. >> you're scooping that stuff out. >> i'm scooping out the gills. >> you don't want the gills in there? >> i do. a classically trained french chef would just classically scoop this out in the french way of saying. this part of the mushroom -- it discolors the sauce. >> scrape it all out and put it in there. >>
10:41 am
>> yes, sir. >> you take all that stuff? >> we take this stuff and we really chop it. >> good with a knife. >> logan's mother is close by with band-aids just in case. she's right there. logan is very good. your mom -- she doesn't like to be on, but you raised such a great young man. >> it's not the band-aids. it's the burn cream. burn cream. >> you chop all this up, and let's get started. >> you top this off, and we take our mushroom gills here, and we just put them into a dry pan. then we're just going to stir these down, and we're really cooking them down. for me i get rid of the water so when i put them into our meat -- >> it doesn't make them a watery burger. >> i don't need a binder. you know how you might have blended burgers, go ahead and ash did. >> this is what it looks like after it's all cooked down. >> put that baby in there. >> put it all in there. just mush that around? >> yeah, pretty much. >> what else do we need some
10:42 am
going to do here is i'll take over here. >> hochus pocus. >> we're getting it done. that's our special worcestershire sauce. that goes in the thyme. >> you will atall the spices ge together. >> this is a secret blend of spices. >> it's on our website, and it's not so secret anymore. >> not so secret. now we have our burger being made here, and we want to mush our mushrooms in there. >> while we're doing that, you've created this burger. you've mixed in all your spices. you just throw it right in the skillet, right? >> right. but now one of the -- >> this takes the calories down? >> it actually stretches the beef, adds a lot of flavor, and you can look. we're going to try to form them into, like, quarter pound patties. it's up to you. we're going to add on our seasoning. >> we're going to dress this baby up. we got it cooked. how long do you cook yours for in the skillet? sf. >> about four minutes per side. don't squish it. somebody said did zsh
10:43 am
out, and that's really bad. now that we have it cooked, it may look a little brown right now. it's not burned. it's just the seasoning. >> i'm going to do mine without cheese. >> i'm going to do mine with cheese, but i'm going to leave this roll off just -- i'm trying to impress joy bauer. >> open face. >> you know what else you can do? >> you can do a wrap. >> oh, yeah. good one. >> i'm going to do that too. okay. we're going to take a bite of your delicious burger. >> let's see. hmm. >> hmm! log logan. >> for this recipe, go to >> are next strike a pose with madonna's world famous blonde ambition dancers. >> first, these messages. an ordinary jar of vaseline® jelly. it's something we don't think about much. except when we've got chapped lips or a small cut. but for people living in areas of crisis,
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10:46 am
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always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. >> let's go
10:49 am
madonna shocked the music world. she hit the world with her blonde ambition tour. >> how much happy does this make -- this music? she took on talented young dancers, including who two were hand picked by the material girl herself because of the underground dance style you may have heard of called voguing. >> yeah. the tour was controversial, and unlike anything we have ever seen before, and we covered that story right here on "today." take a look. >> there is a special excitement in the air for the 40,000 fans who are waiting for madonna to take the stage. as a matter of fact, at every stop along her 90,000 mile tour, madonna has caused a commotion. ♪ >> oh, my god. was that 1990? >> we're having so much fun there. >> six of the original dancers from that tour are in a new documentary called "strike a pose" and three of them are here with us today. >> m,
10:50 am
hi, guys. who came up with voguing? raise your hands collectively. >> i choreographed it in the video. yes. >> so tell me what it was about the move. >> it was about mimicking these modelesque poses that you would see in "vogue magazine." it was done in the 1960s and really in the 1970s in the underground gay community where it started, and now globally it's being done everywhere. >> talk about what it was like to work with madonna. >> yeah, tell us. >> during that moment in time. >> for me it was amazing. amazing. i don't think i've ever worked with a woman that worked so hard and was so particular about everything. it was one of the best experiences in my life really, yes. >> when you had to step off, what did madonna say? >> step off stage? >> when you, like, didn't get the step just right -- >> i always got the step. >> you're going to teach us a little bit about how to vogue? >> the actual -- >> let's get rid of these. >>
10:51 am
>> should we get behind you? >> i don't know. ♪ >> where do i begin? >> like a model. >> we don't know how to do that. >> and ha, ha, ha. cross it. ha, and around the face. extend the arms. it's all that. let's go again. >> one more time. >> and ha, ha, and ha, and ha, and ha. >> around the face. now a little faster. five, six, seven. ha, ha, ha, ha. you're good! exactly. >> that's great for me. >> will you show us -- do your thing. ♪ ♪ you're a super star ♪ yes, that's what you are >> and go. >> yes.
10:52 am
five, six, seven, go. ♪ >> yes! madonna. when does the documentary come out? >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow. check it out. >> we have something else to get your body moving. five of you will win it when we give it away. >> but, first, this is "today" on nbc. >> i love this! ithink we got
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
we hope you -- it's time to give it away. >> this week's prize -- >> a nordic t treadmill
10:56 am
running on it. >> go, donna, go. >> this innovative treadmill gives you an adjustable smooth running surface with more cushioning for your knees. >> plus, it comes with a 20 preloaded workouts, and you can easily fold up the machine, put it -- >> let's find out who wins here. >> she's getting tired. >> okay. whoa. here we go. we have gidi from downington, pennsylvania. >> ready. debra from did it measumer, mis. >> here we go. lois from new jersey. >> you all right, donna? if i've got theresa parlor from santee, south carolina. who is our last one? >> let's see who it is. oops. let's see. karen fields from yorbalinga, california. >> we shred the non-winning entries. make sure you enter again because we're going to throw this out. for complete rules and regulations, go to
10:57 am donna-dorable still running. >> guess what we have? inside the secret lives of the super rich. >> jill fashion emergencies. >> plus, presidential trivia. >> i'm going to win. >> yeah. >> oh, i'm supposed to span
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
. a deadly shooting in northeast washington, we're live on the scene with details. >> president-elect trump back on a twitter tirade this morning, we're breaking down his latest controversy just days before he's sworn into office. and rain continues through much of the day today. but when can we see that rise in temperatures, and finally see some sunshine? i've got your forecast in just a couple minutes. news4 midday starts now. good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm pat lawson muse. >> we'll have those stories in just a moment. first a quick check on the forecast with meteorologist lauren ricketts. hey, lauren. >> hey, guy


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