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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is 5:00 a.m. good morning everybody. >> inauguration day is right around the corner. >> and we are working to get you up to sfepeed on everything tha means to you, the impact and how they could impanct you. >> firsz we want to check your weather and traffic. sheena, good morning. we've had dense fog this morning. the good news is many areas are improving with disability. we still have areas of dense fog this morning. keep that in mind, maybe take your time out there. and most of the rest of the area is now above a mile. so that's good. we're seeing improvements and we'll continue to see improvements. we're mild but it's not that cold. boots maybe because it's still damp outside and
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need the warm gloves or the umbrella. but we have some issues on. the roadway this morning. let's get a check on that with melissa mulay. you still have that work zone blocking the right lane. taking a look right now at 66. fairfax county parkway to the beltway your on time, inbound. don't have any big problems there. remember to listen to w 3 -- two right lanes getting by that work zone and the top of the beltway, all of these routes in town and out of town totally ineffected. keep you updated in 10 minutes. thank you, melissa. former president george h.w. bush is in a houston hospital this morning. the houston chronicle says the information comes from the former president's chief of staff who says bush fell
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in june. at noon on friday he will be sworn in as the 54th president of the united states. >> news 4's justin cinch live on the national mall with the parking rezikzs. >> reporter: good morning. perhaps you've seen the hyphensing a-- high fencing. the site, parking panda connects you to affordable parking in the area. those spots are filling up. about noon today independence avenue, constitution will begin to restrikt parking as we set up for the inauguration that will extend to the white house area, the national mall, federal triangle and the white house as well. parking is allowed for those who have a special placar
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and the restrictions will be lifted about 1:00 a.m. on monday morning. on what to not bring if you're showing up to the inauguration on friday. coolers, drones, weapons including toy guns, explosives are also not going to be allowed here as well. umbrellas also not allowed, given it will rain too. back out live there is a long list of other items on the ground. more on parking restrictions as well on our app. it will be a must have i'm sure come friday. justin, thank you. >> there are also closures you need to know about if you're headed to union station. the secret service is shutting things down to prepare for an event thursday. >>
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sfwlr >> reporter: right now the main entrance on massachusetts avenue is closed. the main hall inside union station also closed. train passengers will have to inter through the west port co near the h & m store. that closure will stay in place until friday morning. starting today capital bike share stations within the security perimeter won't reopen until saturday morning. and of course all of the break down on the closers you'll experience this weekend. that's the latest from the inauguration desk. it's not only effecting roads. it's suspending all emergency lane closures through saturday. if you can see them on your screen right here. also today e
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response technicians will be out to quickly remove all disabled cars and crashes from major roads. an incredible new interview with a man who says he set a fire outside a trump international hotel in the dist rkt. he said he set this fire on pennsylvania avenue to protest the president elect. in fact, he said it didn't go exactly as he planned. >> i was trying to light myself on fire. as an act of protest. >> d.c. fire told us one person was taken from the scene with burns. police would only say they responded to a report of a person in distress. members of bikers for trump will be arriving for the ina inaugurati inauguration. the founder told fox news that they will form a quote wall of meat to defend it from protesters.
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to disrupt the swearing in ceremony. the president elect mentioned bikers for trump in a black tie dinner. it was the first inaugural dinner of the week. >> i also want to tell you so many people are talking about what's going on and now they just announced we're going to have record crowds coming. i saw the bikers for trump. boy, they had a scene today. i don't know if i'd want to ride one of those but they do like me. it's like additional security with those guys. including 154 in diplomats attended the invitation only dinner. friday when the president's motorcade starts up to the white house, it we'll be with you every step of the way. we'll also have special guest including long time announ
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charley brotman. just about 5:07. new developments out of florida where a massive manhunt is finally over. markeith lloyd was discovered in an abandoned home. he was heavily armed. he's accused of killing two people inhadclu -- including --d a sheriff's deputy was kipped january 9th while searching for lloyd. sterling moore stopped breathing yesterday while at it day care center inside the u.s. department of labor. according to a day care worker sterling choked on a meat ball at lunch time. he died at the hospital. his grandmother is demanding more answers. >> i'm angry. i'm very, very angry. i just don't how he s
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choked off a meat ball. >> the day care center released a statement saying they are devastated and working with police. developing today. we're expecting even more pardens and commuted sentences from president obama with only days left in office. yesterday he shortened hundreds of sentences including for chelsea manning. she was the army intelligence officer who released documents. the president has granted more commutations than any other president. today's decision is not based on the redskins case. instead they'rer consid arg trademark for a band called the slant, which is a racial slur. the u.s. patent and tratd mark office -- the case is on hold until e
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decision. a race could be on the way for someb montgomery county workers. yesterday the county counsel narrowly passed a plan to increase the minimum wage to $15 by 2020. he has raised concerns it it could hurt local businesses. if you're just getting ready to leave for work this morning, you might want to give yourself a little extra time. storm team four meteorologist, shooena. and two young girls kidnapped three decades ago found alive. and talk about the sting of a parking ticket. the device now tipging we lost your cousin. and dool you kids
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5:12 on what's been a foggy morning for some folks. >> good morning. >> you know the good news is that a lot of the area seeing dense fog about 30 minutes ago are seeing big improvements now. some areas are still seeing the dense fog. before l
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look at quantico. not too long ago it was half a mile visibilitvisibility. so things are improving. fort mead and some areas at less than half a mile. look at these temperatures. about the mid-40s. so a mild start. take a look at yur commute but dry roads later on today. melissa. brand new problem inbound 4 before dour house road. the report is we have a crash there in the left lane blocking things. that will really start to cause problems for folks. work zone still there blocking the right lane. this one is gone. eastbound toll road after 28. that is now out of the way and as we look at the beltway overall, outer loop and innerer loop no r
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coming up on 5:14 and there will be a candle lite vigil for a grandmother caught in the cross fire of a gun battle. vivian marrow was killed in southeast d.c. on monday. the vigil is tonight at 7:00 at the same spot. they're asking witnesses to come forward. there are security cameras in the neighborhood. they're not saying whether they captured the shooting. we want to check in with erica gonzales at the live desk. >> police officer and a suspect dead after a six-hour stand off in north texas. police responded to reports of an armed man at a home and when they arrived, the suspect began firing shots from inside the home. 48-year-old jerry walker was shot and did not survooiv those injuries. i'm
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his final press conference in the brady press briefing room at the white house. president's term ends at noon on friday after president elect donald trump is sworn in. after the inauguration, the obamas will leave d.c. for vacation in palm springs, california. protesters are planning to get as close as they can to vice president elect mike pence's temporary home in chevy chase today. organizers of the group work for peace say they will bring biodegradable glitter and other items for a dance party. they'll come together for a pre-inaugural national prayer meeting. organizers say quote there's never been a more perfect time to hold a prayer vigil for our nation and incoming president. it gets underway at noon at 121 maryland avenue. parking restrictions go into
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there is a new app that might help you find a space during this busy week. it's called parking panda. it helps you find what spaces are accessible on inauguration day and compare the prass. and you might get stung. the device is nicknames the bumble be it prevents you from driving away until you pay your parking. a couple of weeks ago pay parking began at the town center. >> it's not easy. why can't you just put a meter in there and pay by meterer like anybody else? >> a spokesperson says that new device has not yet been used. parking is $2
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garage and $3 an hour on the street. when it comes to keeping your blood pressure under control, race may be a factor. black and hispanic patients are less likely to monitor their blood pressure. parnlts aparents are reactig to media use for kids. they say kids older than 6 can use their own discretion but consistency is key. between 2 and 5 no more than one hour each day is recommended. screen time is not encouraged unless it is high quality. parents are encouraged to explain what they're seeing. >> that's a good use of media. whereas putting them in front of a screen that involves no
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for entertainment value is not the way. >> good point, right? >> they also recommend creating things like screen free zones as well as device curfews. >> have to be -- it's panda time. >> the atlanta zoo gave everyone another look at their twin panda cubs. the cubs laloon and shiloon were born in early september. right now they can only see the adorable pair through a plexiglass indoor play room. bring that to me. >> they are cute at that size sfw. >> the favorite things to do with each other is play together and sleep. laloon is a little more
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and active. i mean, come on. >> baby claws. wouldn't you love to be the animal hugger that zoo? >> sheena, i have been telling him for years now that we're going to go and hug pandas. it's my dream. >> i will miss you and your face. sheen sheena, don't hug bears. >> the baby ones won't hurt you, right? don't hog bear, kids, if you see one walking. as we go through the morning, the fog that we do have around is going to continue to lift. most of the area is over a mile, which is good but areas like matterance burlg. port meeted a lease than a male. this is aig
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30 to 40 minutes ago. it is a mielgd mild start to the day. we're in the mid to upperer 40s. if you're waiting that bus stop, still patchy fog. temperatures in the mid-40s and by the afternoon, mid-50s at the but stop. today's going to be a dry day throughout the afternoon. temperatures around the mid to low 50s. so right around the middle of day and into the afternoon, that's when we expect rain to move in. for inauguration day we have rain in the forecast. until then we'll be dry. we're dry saturday. sunday looks like a chance of showers returns and that could lead into monday. let's look at the roadways and
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melis melis melissa. brand new problem left side blocked by a crash there. still have inbound before dour house with a crash in the left lane. 66 this is what i needed. you can still see that fog and from 35 to the beltway you're on time at 11 minutes. a prince george's county police officer turns in one of his own. after the akiezed officer admitted to taking pictures up women's curts. how police cracked a decade old kidnapping case. and breaking news about the hospitalization about president
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you're watching news 4 today. for the first time virginia will use lething injection drugs from secret comboupounding pharmacy. they're expected to use those drugs tonight on gray at 9:00. the state says the drugs were appropriately prepared and tested. two girls kidnapped more than 30 years ago were found safe living haflway across the country. one of them was three at the time, had had had had the other was 10 months old. they received a tip and found the women and her mother living under fake names in houston. >> what do you
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your girls who are watch sng. >> they have a dad who loves them and wants to see them and talk to them. >> they would not say whether the girls knew they were abducted. well, parents may need to know it's time to take down a decoration in your child's bedroom. restoration hardware is recalling about a thousand of the hanging vintage car mobiles. the wheels on the car can detach which pose as choking hazard. they've received one report of a wheel detaching. you can return the it mobile 4 for a full refund. you could be seeing showers on your way to work. sheena's back with your warnings and things to know about your forecast. and we're two days away from the inauguration. and you can order just about anything from amazon but soon oul rr hakwve
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right now on news 4 today, inauguration countdown. we are working to make sure you have prepared for the big event. on the national mall or the inauguration will impact traffic. plus the first signs of new
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commute this morning. and upsetting accusations against a local college professor. >> news 4 today starts now. good northerning everyone. >> it is 530. but the rest of the team is still prerv. ? you want to check in with storm team 4. >> and much of it this morning has been dense. so before you leave we haveiaryias of tog. fog this morning. 50s for this week. by friday we'rer looking at rain in the forecast. so for inauguration day, we have rain coming. we're talking about the vidability is gone.
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the fog is fluctuating. dulles is good. two mile visibility. but we will be watching this throughout the morning. this morning if you're about to head out, we have a crash on the beltway. now it's outer loop after new hampshire avenue. . seeing a little bit off a slow down after. . another new prop. jour rr should be ready to go then. >> and inbound central avenue before southern report of degree in the left lane. back in 10 with travel times. new information about former president george h.w. bush's health. >> we were
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pormerred it was osized. in a statement released a few minutes ago the hospital saying president george h.w. bush was taken to the hospital after experiencing short nts of breath. the former president, 92 is resting comfortably. just a few minutes ago into the white death. >> erica, thank you. we are working to get you ready for the inhad augieration of donald trump. and today you'll begin to notice big security changes. right now the man the strns. that entrance and the main haul are both cl.
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>> aaron, good morning. drivers will bow seeing those imkts as soon as bas -- i with have had y time the. they will go into effect by noon today and red are the coming road closures due to come into efekt by thursday. now as far as getting around, let's chich it up and talk about that. we know metro is prepared to close niev the service will run from 74 p.m. and of course in a
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suber and lift may be charging for surges. so be prepared to do more we're talk. back into you. if you wanted her. susan hogan is working with you so you don't get scams. >> they were stelling us they'ver heard there are stickets for sale for a number of these inauguration events. if you've bought any of these tickets, you'ver been scammed. there are a ton of inaugieration events, starting with the voice of the people concert and the make america great again shirt later on that evening. it dwrou see tickets on
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thaup pipe and they have the kk alolder and if it doesn't bun you're not getting de. >> the irs thane ta can do is looking for the taesh they a lot of money for these tickets j they show up and they're fraudulent. >> if you want anything grab it. we have a link to that website right now on our nbc washington app. >> and we have actually have abinfilt stld to fielgdoy the full break down of frooit's efrent.
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of her sexual encounter of them. they say she was not one of his students when the recording wuz made. sglal prince george's police officer wants to be set that wup or james sims. they say for two of the victims, it happened and anather officer noticed him making geld. college debt is not just for the young. how you can pay them before they kill you. some i 66 changes examining your way. >>
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the executive action president obama is
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539 right now. once this fog clears out of here, we're actually in for a pretty nice day. >> because temperatures will be getting into the 50 said od
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side. much of the area seeing visibility over a mile. through the morning we may see this fluketuate. starting with with thursz. so fairly mild by thursday afternoon. afternoon on friday, yes. we got boub out there. and a couple off problems. raks there in the lip lane. right now there's a -- but plauking the right lane, one vehicle went into the wall this morning. in virginia, 66 and 95 northbound
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ding had a 1 ewith pim up there. trrs melissa, thank you. donald trump back in december. what's on his pream augieration auna. the option noulver have to take that how the opa little boy died after being strauped off in
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thnchlts cost of a college, how more senior citizens are strug wlg student loans and how you can prepare your finances. naming rights fight. why oo stream court case about a rock band could lead to changes for the washington redskins. breaking news about former president george h.w. bush. he's in the hospital in houston. he had had trouble breathing. he was taken on the houston methodist hospital as a precaution but he's now rooesing fum fumertably. we're talking about 66 outside the beltway. >> that is where construction was under way. a look at how they could impact the commute. >> well, good morning. if y
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be. not so much in the infrastructure. take a look at what this is all about. the first one went over poin but thal will hold the framework for i 65 and along the dulles will be towed. from 5:30 until 930 chm that's monday through friday for single riders only. you're going to have to have an easy pass. typical toll expected to be 5 to $6. 45 miles per hour a
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the. it it. >> no. we're inhad stalling for 66 in the beltway. the computer system will read your easy paks with twrour triem money just like that show. kwhoel thing is expected to be complete by 2017. trrs. >> derrick, thank you. there is an important vote on when to expnd the lanes at 2005. they're expecteded toimprove the loins to real faen. er for and the fideral government is giving metro
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safety. it will be used to outfit workers of any incoming trains. last october two wrans were irtd by and it was dark. a ban called the slant had their trademark denied because their name is considered a racial through. they may diskorng people. because in 2014 i was like what is this. ? >> his case is now on hold until they reach a conclusion. erica gun stua wup of a kied dozens of african american former agents will be paid 24
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million tlr in a celt icyst maddic cis dimg namnt ms and they were over 166 twikt wrong doing. they never nipgd the seekroom sirvs. and from the live dervsh erica gonzal gonzales. we are seeing a lot of reaction thrum news from the white house and could grant even more today and tomorrow. he shortened chelsea manning's sentence. and he did let her go. house speaker paul ryan called it quote outrageous. snowden wrote thank you for what you did for everyone. stay long for a while longer. he's expected to
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news conference this afternoon and you can expect raushau's role. ♪ >> i think it's tougher than he thought. turns into a country takes the oil, goes into another country. tough dealing with these politicians, right? he's going to be so incredible. >> president elect donald trump in wauks talking about his pick for secretary of state, rex tillerson. he's back in new york and expected to return later today. this all comes as another round of conformation hearings gets underway on capital hill. >> tracie what can we expect today? >> we have four hearings happening today. the epa, u.n. ambassador
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one getting a lot of attention, tom price now facing questions about ethics after it was discorbed he fought $2600 worth of stuff and proposed legislation and they really pultal back hard. and that there's proof of that and this was air of a stock about. so they're calling for a retraction. and the officer office of congressional eth what's the latest on that? >> exactly up to 50 now and almost all of them, because they're aligning with congressman john lewis. in the latest
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elect trump said i'm not the first person whose inaugier ash you true. keeps the bushing inauguration. with george w boule. all right crasy pots live. president elect trump will be the new estedition to the madam tussauds figure. a team of 20 artists worked around the clock to complete it before the it inauguration. an american flag. it will stand and re-create it.
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museums and they're actually pretty good wax figures. >> two semis freaked me out a little bit. got too good. >> i mean yorv seen celeb retaz standing next to them and i can't go. >> i confirmed all your fears. we're bouking about foum tight fou it's starting to clear. frrbts of fog as you make your way noud and tew cloudy and mild, 48 degreeseses. temperatures will be in the low 50s by launch time. quantico has been
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mile disability. we're seeing over a mile. but be wear as you're heading tout. you don't need the heavy code today for the rest of whatever you're doing today monopoly it very low impact there. it's going to stay dry and then we go into friday. that is our next chance of rain. that will mostly be here around noon and the afternoon. plan accordingly. rain is in the forecast. we're in the 50s. next chance returns on monday. we can see and outer look crashen the hafr thp and sdpr
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squrng hanging around. and inhad bound central avenue before the left lane and inbound 4 before dour house crashed opthe road. the exception of course of the top of the beltway approaching new hampshire avenue. 270 no major problems. 29 north after 17 overturned vehicle there. young people are not the only ones struggling to pay back student loans. according to a new report borrowers over skrikt nearly 67mer billion in sfudant loanf that. 40% of student loan borrowers are skiv are in default. >> the thing where you take out
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really need to think querfully about. frst it will grow tax free. and they will be canceled upon death and if you make this new anonment. flrs the agriculture department says it and participating in snap. it's especially helpel for the families who live in footd deszert. we'll help families in maryland and papa. top. . prl and
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the number three spot, tomming the seat is tony delicatessen, i wouldn't want it so much and the number of reviews for each restaurant. it's a user generated app. >> depends who's using it. >> next at 6:00 a lie. boy dois and new this morning. hear from the whoon hoosaid he tried to shut down --
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. right now on news 4 today a protester tried to set himself on fire. just two days until the inauguration. added security could impact your weend. we're working to marb sherd he didn't head her in her bun. >> news 4 today starts now.
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>> melissa mollet and a look at the roads. >> it is folly but the fies m is emitching.erse you don't need a very heavy jacket. a light jacket. so here is what to wear today. themptures in the 40s. was the graund is still wait, maybe muddles still south all. and in tact you don't need her.. prrs visibility this morning is improving. we've been walking that area fluctuate. dulles at a little under two mile said. matter ndsbering about it a half mile visibility. the dense fog and the dwrarias seeing


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