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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 19, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> today begins an hour by hour countdown of events leading up to the inauguration of the 45th president of the united states. >> the medical condition of george h.w. bush and his wife barb wa in a hospital in washington. >> reassuring the nation. >> at my core? i think we are going to be okay. we have to fight for it and we have to work for it and not take it for granted. i know you will help us do that. thank you very much press corps. good luck. >> the people have spoken. ellen degeneres breaks a new record. a gas explosion rattles more than a few nerves in texas and
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expensive house in america. early today starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. >> i'm francis rivera. >> the swearing in for george h.w. bush after the oldest living president was taken to the intensive care unit. the 41st president was doing well until he took a turn forcing doctors to remove a blockage from his lung and all eyes are on the former first couple. dave gutierrez has more. >> former president george h.w. bush is stable in the icu following breathing problems stemming from pneumonia. he was sedated to clear his airway. barbara bush suffering for fatigue and coughing and hospitalized as a precaution. >> they are as fine as a couple as we know. so we want to send our prayers and love to them. >> the spokesman said the
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admitted on saturday for shortness of breath. >> in the event with the age of the former president and mrs. bush, that's very serious. >> he sent a letter to president-elect trump wishing him well and saying he would not attend the inauguration. >> if i sit outside in january, it will likely put me six feet under, but we will be with you in spirit. >> all of the family has rushed to houston. they will be watching. >> the teenage sweethearts just celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary. >> i have been the luckiest woman in the world. >> after he was unable to walk, his public appearances have been rare. the most recent is january seventh at a playoff game. two years ago, he went skydiving for his 90th birthday. >> how did it look coming down?
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>> his granddaughter today show correspondent jenna bush haeger sent her wishes. >> how lucky that we have people who think about us. >> we have breaking news to share with you. nearly 30 people are feared dead or missing after an earthquake triggered avalanche struck this hotel in central italy overnight. there were 22 guests and seven workers and they spent the night battling brutal conditions in hopes of reaching those inside. a series of strong earthquakes hit central italy measuring more than 5 in magnitude. the quakes all struck within an hour of each other, further isolating towns covered in snow and forcing schools and subways to shut down. >> donald trump boarded his plane back to new york as final time to wake up in his home
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the nation's 45th president. after attending a pair of events honoring his incoming vice president mike pence and cabinet nominees. it was those picks that faced the hearings. lawmakers grilled them on russia to israel to gas emissions and nasa. it was trump's picks after ethics question after stock trades and the repeal of obamacare put him in the hot seat. >> you told me you did this on your own without the broker, yes? >> i did it through a ghobroker. >> you directed the broker to purchase that stock? >> that's correct. >> the president-elect said let's do a repeal and replace simultaneously. >> one of the important things we need to convey to the american people is that nobody
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out from under anybody. >> elsewhere it was yet another moment where one of trump's key pick open le disagreed on policies. this time it was scott pruitt on the issue of climate change. >> donald trump has called global warming a hoax caused by the chinese. do you agree that global warming is a hoax? >> i do not, senator. >> so donald trump is wrong? >> i do not believe climate change is a hoax. >> that comes as we get word he will be the choice to lead the department of agriculture. he is not going to have a single democrat or hispanic serve in his cabinet. that as another texas governor and presidential candidate is said to have misunderstood the job he was nominated for. perry initially took the roll to head the enede
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ambassador only to learn he would have oversight over the nuclear arsenal. he is set to appear before a committee later this morning as well as steve m mutual an. >> president obama will head to palm springs with his family. in his final public statement, the 44th president touched on everything from his recent communation of chelsea manning and freedom of the press to his daughters's reactions to trump's election. he said this is not the end of the world. >> let's be clear. chelsea manning has served a tough prison sentence. i feel very comfortable that justice has been served and that a message has still been sent. i enjoyed working with all of you. that does not mean i enjoyed ev
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that's the point of this relationship. you are not supposed to . you are supposed to be skeptics and ask me tough questions and make sure that we are accountable for the people who sent us here. my daughters are something. i think it was interesting to see how malia and sasha reacted. they were disappointed. they paid attention to what their mom said during the campaign and believed it. they don't mope. the only thing that's the end of the world is the end of the world. i get mad and frustrated like everybody else does, but at my core, i think we are going to be okay. we have to fight for it and work for it and not take it for granted. >> the president bid farewell to the press, the first lady posted an incredibly heart felt social media message. being your first lady has been the honorf
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from the bottom of my heart, thank you. >> this morning, lockheed martin and the pentagon could be nearing a deal that would save the united states millions. sources say that the negotiations over the f-35 fighter with the costliest arms program will bring the price below $100 million for the first time ever. donald trump had recently criticized the program for being too expensive. earlier in the summer the company said they anticipated offering a lower price. >> you have jaw dropping moments on camera. the surveillance video showed a pickup truck smashing into a gun store in alabama. ramming right through the front window at 60 miles per hour. police say the smash and grab burglar stole about 16 firearms. a reward is being offered for tips leading to their arrest. in texas, an officer' dash cam captured this. that's an enormous explosion
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theinferno that kachl from a gas line rupture. no injuries were reported. >> what an incredible scene. >> nasty flooding in the deep south to tell you about. in houston high water wreaked havoc on the city. it looks like more rain is on the way. >>. >> let's bring in bill who joins us now. obviously the big question on everyone's mind is rain. will it impact the inauguration? >> people can't have umbrellas either. it will be a close call. they will show you where the rain is. it's all rain and these are showers and thunderstorms in the gulf. jackson, mississippi. they will head up to the north. this is a total rnfall amount over the next two days. the heaviest stuff in the deep south. ohio valley can get to a half inch. a lighter amount towards washington, d.c. the
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swearing in begins. right now there is about an 80% chance as we do the raining at noon on friday. cloudy and mild. that's the saving grace at 47 degrees. that's a look at the weather story of the day and here's a closer look at the day ahead. >> the hefty rain is not too much in the way of severe. it could be an isolated storm wind gust or two. florida will remain unusually warm in south carolina and georgia. bismarck is below freezing at 28. we also found out interesting information about 2016 and how it relates to being one of the warmest years on record. we will give you the details coming up. >> is that because of security? >> yes. >> thank you very much for that. just ahead, the woman abducted 18 years ago as a baby speaks out and the details behind this firefighter. early today is back in two minutes. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream
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>> what was the evening like when you got to meet your biological parents for the first time? >> it was okay. it felt like family like we hadn't seen each other for a while. i will continue to love the family i grew up with and i will move on and learning to love them. >> the 18-year-old alexis meets her biological family. she was born to woman and another woman is accused of kidnapping her as a newborn from a florida hospital. >> i understand it was one mistake, but it wasn't all bad. everything that came out of it was not bad. >> williams made her first appearance in court and she is being held without bond. >> leading the news in the times. the regulators said
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largest student loan service made it harder to repay loans by giving them bad information and processing payments and failing to act on complaints. they are seeking penalties and restitution for borrowers that can cost billions of dollars. they called the allegations unfounded. >> a stunning video of a firefighter and the firefighter was responding to a kitchen fire and he volunteered to carry the flaming gas tank that could have exploded and he carried it out of the apartment and down four flights of stairs, bringing it outside so they could spray it with water and extinguish the flame. they likely avoided injuries and what a risk. not only did he carry that down, but you notice there was video of that whole thing. someone was following behind him. >> just ahead,
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>> white house photographer pete susan said he is often asked to choose his favorite photo of president obama. the snow day pick from 2010 saying while he could have picked just one, this
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talk about a guy who witnessed so much history. he was there from day one. >> president obama campaigned on the promise of hope and change in 2008. we look at how the past eight years have changed him. >> we have grown accustomed to this face and my, how it's changed. >> there is not a liberal america and conservative america. there is the united states of america. >> barack obama occupied the focus of many a camera. we view him through the lens of our own expectations. our dreams and biases. imagine how any of us would have fared under the circumstances. you are president of the united states, commander in chief, leader of the free world, but also comforter in chief and cheerleader. father, husband, wearer of weird shirts and turkey
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we have seen him pensive and watched him preach. we have even heard him sing. ♪ >> the job does something to you. there is a weight. there is a responsibility that can't be measured. look at other presidents. their faces are like an odometer of human experience. you see them rack up the miles. the job is never a breeze. >> there is always conflict. a world's worth of cares and concerns. no matter who they are. overtime, it shows. there may be victories and triumphs, but nobody leaves without detractors. you grow a thick skin and as thick as it may be, we can still see right through it. nbc news, new york. >> what a touching tribute. another show is making a come
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tag for the most expensive home in america? it's not something that i can afford. new details and a peek inside, next.
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>> i cannot wait! will and grace are back in the era of reboots and revivals. the late 90s comedy will return for 10 episodes. the show's original cast. stay tuned. it is coming in the 2017, 2018 season and that's the best part. as much as i love, love, love will and grace, jack and karen. >> it will be interesting to see how they adapted with all the current discussions. >> it will be hysterical. >> a new home just hit the market and it can be yours for the price tag of $250 million. that makes it the most expensive home in america. let's take a look. located in none other than bel air, los angeles. it is complete with the basics like a bowling alley, a movie theater, $220,000 candy room and 85 foot infinity pool, six
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champagne cellars as well. >> that's it? >> most people are like does it come with air conditioning or a refrigerator? here you get a candy room. >> and the cars come with it too. >> you can afford that. >> this lady can. ellen degeneres after adding three awards to her shelf after the people's choice awards, she is the most decorated winner in people's choice history. >> tonight our people's choice award total hits 20. i don't know how it's possible. she is one of the best people on the planet and no one is more deserving, the one and only ellen degeneres. >> i say thank you, people. the only thing that would make me happier and not a lot happier, but if it was voted on by animals. a 100% fresh mout.
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>> and the inauguration of donald trump draws near. how it could impact you as early as today. ♪ we are now 31 hours away from the swearing in of the 45th president of the united states. donald j. trump and a lot of final preparations are underway as well as a lot of closures that could effect
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to get around town. >> we're working with you to get you through the inaugieration and all the things that come along with it. al let's start things off with sheena. >> we're tracking rain as we go into inauguration day tomorrow. i think you're going to really like today. we will see a lot more in the way of sunshine. temperatures starting off cooler but through the afternoon we will be in the 50s. in the district by 7:00 a.m. a little chilly. by 9:00 a.m. mid-40s and around lunch time temperature around 50 degrees. for the rest of the area we're mostly in about the mid-40s. fredericksburg 46 degrees. let's check the roads this thursday morning. right now southbound 95 and the camera just went
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blocking the left side of the road. awe have response out there on scene. not seeing any major slow down when you look at the map of 95. westbound university boulevard before georgia avenue, we have a water main break. crews on the scene trying to get that wrapped up for everybody. everything on the beltway looking quite good. >> thank you, melissa. we have breaking news right now. at least one person is dead and dozens missing in an avalanche in italy. crews are desperately trying to find more than 25 people who were staying and working at this hotel. it was buried over snow overnight. they saved two people but they were not inside the hotel when it happened. we'll tell you when multiple earthquakes hit italy yesterday. it's not clear if they're
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george h.w. bush and his wife in the hospital. he's resting comfortably now according to a family spokesperson. the 92-year-old went into the icu for problems stemming from his pneumonia. his wife, barbara also in the hospital. she's not been feeling well for a couple of weeks and was admitted as a precaution. we're just one day away from the inauguration of donald trump. this is a look at the national mall where hundreds of thousands of people are expected and some memorials are being shut down for today's inaugural celebration concert. >> she has a run down of what the president elect has on tap for today. good morning. trump is back in new york this morning for the last time as president elect but last night he made a surprise trip here to d.c. with his potential cabinet
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congress. his motorcade pulled up to the trump international hotel just before 9:30 last night. this afternoon, the president elect and vice president elect will attend a area set up in the forground. the building too. you can inter union station on first street, h street and near h &


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