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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 19, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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rest of the area, the 40s. a warm jacket this morning. nice conditions. sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-50s. tomorrow we're talking about rain closer to noon and through the afternoon. closer look at that forecast coming up. but let's look at the roadways. a crash? so southbound bw parkway i 75, right lane gets by the crash. those are
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we're just getting right now. 270 southbound after shady grove road. in the main lanes we have a new crash with two lanes blocked. westbound university boulevard left lane gets by that water main break and beltway looking pretty good. back here with more on that crash on 270. 501 now. we're watch dg investments out of houston where both former president george h.w. bush and his wife, barbara are in the hospital. he's in stable condition and resting comfortably. the 92-year-old went into the icu yesterday for a problem stemming from pneumonia. barbara bush is also in the hospital. she hasn't been feeling well and was admitted as a precaution. there is no time table on their release. we are
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away from the inauguration of donald trump. preparations are underway for today's preinauguration event. this is set up for make america great again celebration. live for us on freedom plaza with more on what's on tap for the day. justin. >> reporter: good morning. mr. trump was in town for a few stops and back in town for his celebrations. he's due in town about midday today and by 3:30 this afternoon he and vice president mike pence are set for a wreath laying ceremony and from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. both will attend that make america great again concert and will feature artists including toby keith and there mr. trump is set to give remarks as well. as a
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will be closed until 6:00 this evening. the lincoln memorial, the d.c. war memorial, the korean war memorial and the world war ii memorial as well. mr. trump will spend the night at blair house and this morning there will bow a voices of the people concert at the lincoln memorial site as well. >> thank you. rng today you will have limited access to union station. as you can see here a media staging area already set up at a building across the street from union station. you can enter the station on first street, and h-street if you need catch amtrak, bus or metro. at 2:00 p.m., the food court and other restaurants will close as
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at union station are just the beginning. the secret service sent us this map. everything in red will be off limits by tomorrow morning. today there's big road closures. >> live in gorge town with the closures that just went into effect. >> reporter: yeah, yeah and we're talking major roads here so this is going to have an impact on people as they try to make their way to work this morning. we're at virginia avenue and rock creek parkway. and you can see the barricade that is being set up here has been in place since we got here about an hour ago. if you normally take the rock creek parkway into the downtown area, here's as far as you can go. you can see the head lights coming down southbound. this taxi is going to have to turn on to virginia avenue. cannot go down by the kennedy
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center and over towards the lincoln and that is the case for a lot of folks this morning. lots of roads in the area are going to be closed. if they're not closed now, they will be closing later on today in advance of all the activities. we're talking about the red perimeter. roads around the national mall, the capital, the parade route along pennsylvania avenue, as well as the lincoln memorial. let's take a look at what is closed right now here. because there are big roads, some bridges even that will impact rush hour np memorial bridge is closed. pennsylvania avenue, west of the capital. as is independence avenue. roads closing later on and restriction s taking place late on today. parking restrictions take effect. at 10:00 a.m. constitution avenue between
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will be shut down. even as far out as k street and washington circle. now coming back live to our location along the park waway y can see this barricade goes along this path that goes right along the river here. so what we were just told is that the road closure doesn't just effect the rock creek parkway but the path as well. so no pedestrians, bicycles. >> good point to make, not just for traffic with these road closu closures. we've posted a complete list in the nbc washington app. we also want to let you know which roads will be open. here with your work arounds for the road blocks. >> a lot of closures downtown. just oi
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washington. when we're talking about these closures, thursday 7:00 a.m. to saturday at 1:00 a.m. because that map has such a strange shape, what we're telling you is to avoid the bigger triangle around those closures. including parts of main avenue and independence avenue, second street between k street. k street between second and 23rd and northwest. and then 23rd between k and independence avenue. you can stay away from that section, you will be a much happier camper perhaps. several groups are in washington for tomorrow's swearing in ceremony. that includes bikers for trump. here with details. >> reporter: these bikers are expected to hold a dry run today at noon in wood bridge. they're getting ready to stand with police
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back. the group will hold a rally tomorrow in john marshal park along pennsylvania a avenue during the inauguration luncheon. >> we're just going to be celebrating the people that have been working hard on the campaign for the sole purpose of seeing donald trump elected president. that group expects about 5,000 people. they're not sure how many bikers are coming from the inauguration desk. >> thank you. and this reminder to join news 4 for live coverage when the motorcade starts up pennsylvania avenue for the white house. we'll also have special guests, including long-time parade announcer brotman join us on air and online. two people are recovering from shooting in fredric, maryland.
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frederik people were blown to baltimore shock trauma. one in the torso, the other in the leg. you will start to see new billboards popping up around d.c. with the purpose of tracking down the killer of the democratic national committee staffer. he was shot and killed last july. a reward of $130,000 is being offered for information that leads to his arrest. and they're hoping to track down the person who killed a beloved grandmother. vivian marrow was killed in evelyn's road southeast. surveillance appears to show a gunman chasing another man. they do not believe she was the intended target. she was a fixture in the community. they hope the video helps them catch the killer. and they need help finding whoever
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damage. it's currently undergoing renovations. it was first hit during the weekend of january 6th. someone broke into the construction equipment shed and stole the keys to a bulldozer and backhoe. a week later they used that heavy equipment to vandalize the school's soccer field, playground and security cameras. they're offering a reward of $1,000 for information that leads to an arrest. storm team 4 meteorologist says we're in for another mild day. a closer look at that as well as what to expect if you're headed to the mall for tomorrow's inauguration. it's a movie that you may have thought about taking your kids to see but that might change. and the family
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some breaking news out of iran. >> we are learning that 30 firefighters were killed in a massive fire in iran. that's the new information we're getting right now. that fire took over a high rise building in teheran and that building as we understand it, collapsed. we're working to get you video and as soon as we do, we'll have it for you. as ma@. as 75
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and there's a huge cloud of smoke in the air right now. i'm erika gonzales. storm team 4 for look at our forecast. nice mild start. >> except if you're in cullpepper or fred rkericksburg. but most of us are in the mid-40s. as we go through the afternoon, back in the 50s. fairfax city, 49 and the district we're e49 and fredericksburg, that temperature 37 degrees. starting off inauguration weekend, for today sunny skies, cool temperatures in the morning by noon. mid50s to low 50s. we'll take a closer look at tomorrow but we have a new issue on the roadways. southbound 95 we have a tractor/trailer crash blocking the ramp to center port
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270 southbound here just after shady grove road you can see they turned the camera for us. it's in the main lane on the left side of the roadway. so the local lanes are the things to take if you're headed out. still have the right lane getting by that crash and westbound university before georgia. left lane gets by that water main break. and today many of the public festivities begin for donald trump's inauguration. the voices of the people celebration gets underway at 1:00 this afternoon. several groups including the emerald society pipes and drums. this is the preprogram for the make america great again welcome concert. more than 500 people of all faiths came together for a pre-inauguration service. 17 local churches came together to stand
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muslims, lgbt community and african americans. >> if what he said in the campaign, i believe that's how he feels. >> they are hopeful that by coming together they can maintain a sense of peace during trump's residency. and the organization released a statement saying they've been appearing at inaugural events throughout their hist horyhistory. acknowledge quote girl scouts don't merer the girl scout values. the boy scouts of america will also be participating. today is the obama's last full day in the white house. >> erierika. >> we've seen a lot of tweets and videos on social media on facebook and
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the first lady saying fair well and you're noticing her signature on the pictures. a last walk through with the pups. one last video through the walk of of the white house and there's a really lovely picture of her and potus looking out from the white house and admiring the washington monument coming up here. and so you may be wondering about her twitter and instagram accounts. so -- i think that's a beautiful picture of the two of them. she's going to be @flotus 44. back to you. >> and they said they're not leaving washington. they're going to be involved in the community. we'll see what's next for the obamas. news 4 has you covered on
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inauguration day. make sure you download the washington app. we'll be joined by special guests to talk all things d.c. and inauguration all day from the cafe on capital hill. peta is calling for a boycott of the new movie "a dog's purpose." the video shows film crews forcing a german shepherd into water for a scene. at one point it looked like the dog had to be rescued. one of nbc's most iconic shows is coming back to d.c. "will and grace" will be returning for 10 episodes. the famous foursome of deborah messing, and sean haze will be all reviving their roles. you couldn't do without one of them, right? it ran from 1998 to 2006.
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breaking for its portrayal of gay rights. they came back together to do a psa on voting. >> you'll be able to see that right here on nbc and i think they're going to try to include some of the same directors and writers. you sort of need that whole team. >> it's been 10 years i wonder if their chemistry is still firing up. >> we'd like to think they hangout behind the scenes like us. >> you left your glove in the car.
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fredericksburg 45 degrees. there's the rain we're watching. still pretty far away. that's for tomorrow. right during inauguration i think we'll have light rain falling. today we stay dry. the concert is later on today. that's fine. tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. the rain approaching from the west. by noon and 1:00 p.m. mostly cloi light. you're not allowed to have an umbrella. we'll see the rain winding down in the late afternoon and evening. 9:00 a.m. 43 degrees. by noon, 47, by 3:00 p.m. 49 and by 6:00 p.m., 47 with showers right around late morning and middle of the day. now into the weekend. 59 saturday, dry
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through monday. what are the roads look like, melissa? overall we're okay. a couple of problems i do want to mention. on 270 southbound just after shady grove road. in the main lanes we have a crash blocking the left side of the roadway. main lane said you can see that crash up ahead in the picture. this is another issue here. the ramp to center port parkway is blocked because of a tractor/trailer crash this morning. southbound bw parkway at 175. the only thing getting by with that crash with police on the scene. we'll take another look coming up. changes are something we're used to seeing in washington but some are more difficult to go through than others. bao bao will be headed back to china soon. it's too soon,
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the zoo anoungsnounced they wilk off a series of events honoring bow wow. you will have a chance to see her eat, and play and sleep on the panda cam 24/7. there will also be facebook live broadcasts. getting answers from their questions from panda scientists and experts. it's part of the zoo's cooperative breeding agreement and we knew she had to leave but look at her. >> you going to make it? >> i don't know. >> you dpoeing going to be okay? >> it's hard. 5:22 and president elect trump is supposed to announce his last and final cabinet pick today. who he's expected to choose as secretary of
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♪ we're getting breaking news out of montgomery county. >> what's going on? >> we're just getting information from fire officials in montgomery county about a restaurant fire. i should say near piney branch road. we understand this is a dominican restaurant. we're hearing from officials that this is a building fire. going to try to get you pictures for umthe scene. we'll get back to you when we can. it is 5:26. another mild january outside your door. these clear skies won't stay through your inauguration day. plus a convicted criminal travels to d.c. for a presiia
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and a billionaire reality star enteri ang
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news 4 today starts right now. >> right now on news 4 today feeling the inauguration impact. on the donald trump takes office tomorrow but road closures are in effect today. the different kind of rally that filled d.c. streets overnight. and breaking news out
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italy. an avalanche turns deadly in an area just hit by an earthquake. >> almost 30 people missing in italy. this is brand new video where there was an avalanche that buried a hotel in snow. this after multiple earthquakes wereported on yesterday. crews are desperately trying to find everybody who was staying and working inside this hotel. we know at least one person is dead. rescuers were able to save two people but they were not inside the hotel when it happened. we're also following breaking news out of tacoma park. they're working on a building fire at mano restaurant. we have meagan mcgraph heading to the scene. >> 5:30 is our time right now. you can tell we're just a day away from swearing in a new president. a lot of road cre
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effect overnight. melis melissa mollett. >> and first, sheena good morning. at least the roads are dry. dry but rain moves in tomorrow. so during the swearing in actually. today dry and more sunshine. rain for tomorrow but if you are heading there for any of the inauguration, maybe the concert later on today, it's going to be dry for that. but we have a dry mild start after the rain tomorrow and heavy rain sunday and monday. temperatures right now mostly in the mid-40s. cull pepper and fred rkericksbu in the 30s. now for today here's your inauguration forecast. sunny by 3:00 p.m. melissa is tracking the problem in tacoma park. again in
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have a big fire response. so some lanes through tat area are blocked. a warning. 270 southbound at shady grove road that problem in the main lanes is on the left side of the roadway. southbound 95 ramp to center port parkway and bw parkway still have the right lane getting by the accident. we'll take a look at travel times coming up. back now to our inaugerieration countdown this time tomorrow. we will be just a few hours away from a new president moving into the white house. donald trump will take the oath of office at noon. roads shut down to traffic and we're just hours away from a welcome concert to honor the president elect.
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the president elect is expected to announce his final cabinet pick. >> reporter: exactly. and that is former georgia governor sunny perdue to serve as his agriculture secretary. that was ort sort of the hold out. perdue was actually on that short list early on. he was an ag advisor for president elect trump and he's got a lot of background in that area. he grew up on a farm, owns several small ag businesses and means that there will be not one latino on this cabinet if all of his choices are confirmed for the first time since 1988. >> how likely is it that some of trump's picks will be confirmed tomorrow? >> reporter: well, it could happen but not nearly as many as republicans or
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transition wanted to see. it looks like after the ceremony is over, the senate gets right back to business. tl they're trying to get final approval for secretary of defense, the head of cia and homeland security. in other words the national security team but several others that have been grilled, especially by democrats, looks like those final votes are not going to happen tomorrow. >> thank you. thousands are steadily pouring if had to washington ahead of tomorrow's inauguration. >> many to protest what's getting ready to happen tomorrow. this was the scene at the capital last night. hundreds of antitrump protesters and some wearing kkk hoods. this group has been. protesting every night
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people fill the streets -- ♪ this was a dance party protest near the temporary home of vice president elect mike pence. the group, work for peace" held a dance party protest. 5:35 now. d.c. police continue to prepare for what's expected to be the biggest protest, the women's march on washington. we know the number of tour bus permits for that day is about nine times the amount requested for tomorrow's inauguration. we'll have more on road closures and how metro will deal with the crowds coming up. and this reminder that news 4 has you covered. you can download the washington app. the news 4 team will be joined by special guests to talk
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things d.c. from capital hill. sgl we're watching news where george h.w. bush and his wife, barbara, are in the hospital. the 92-year-old went into the icu yesterday for problems stemming from munopneumonia. there's no time able on their release. now to a story you'll only see news 4. a man hoping to get his criminal wiped clean. marking patman drove here from miami to meet with former attorney general, eric holder. he admitted to stealing expen expensive artwork. he skanz license plates and
5:37 am
a stolen car. brandon is charge would dui 24 volen tear man slot. crashed and then caught fire. he and a front seat passenger escaped. friends tell us the group had had been celebrating his 21st birthday. wolf was a father of two with a baby on the way. napping children waking up to gun shots pap day care scare when shots are fired into a building full of kids. plus a billionaire reality
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. you're watching news 4 today. and welcome back at 5:30. 44 degrees outside right now. we knew the warm up was going to start coming back down. >> we'll enjoy these pretty mild temperatures for january. we're going to be running 10 degrees or more above normal this afternoon and as we go through the next seven to 10 days we're going to stay above normal. we don't expectth
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no ice in the forecast. here's what you need to wear this morning. a warm jacket, a scarf, sunglasses. you don't need the raincoat but tomorrow if you're heading to the inauguration you will need a raincoat because umbrellas are not allowed. 30 degrees in cull pepper. we'll look at the inauguration forecast coming up. right now chopper 4 headed to the problem in tacoma park. flower branch avenue at piney branch road. some lanes right now we are think are probably blocked because of that. tiny bit of a slow down after shady grove road but not bad. overall prince george's county looking pretty good. travel times on 270 and the top of the
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remember listen to wtop 105 fm when you hop in your car. motorcyclists with a mission. thousands of bikers for trump riding to washington. just ahead the rally they're planning for inauguration day. plus, thanks obama. how millions are saying fair rell on the p
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right now on "news 4 today." one day until donald trump becomes our nation's next president. >> we're working to get you ready. >> you may find it a little tricky getting to work this morning. major road closers are now in effect. a billionaire reality starer entering a political race. there was a shooter mommy. someone shot at my school. >> and a scare at day
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a child care center hit by bullets. police search for the shooter. i understand that one mistake but it wasn't all bad. . >> breaking her silence. a woman's surprise reaction to finding out she was raised by a woman who kidnapped her 18 years ago. your time is 5:46. we're staying on top of breaking news in montgomery county. >> yes, chopper 4 has just arrived to the tacoma park scene of the mana restaurant. this is a dominican restaurant on flower avenue near piney branch road. these shots are giving you a good indication of what happened here caused a number of emergency personnel to go to that scene. we have counted a number of fire truc
5:47 am
all of that right now seems to by blocked off. you can see the flashing lights and the fire trucks there. chopper 4 over the scene of waut we considerer to be a fire. this is near piney branch road in tacoma park. if this is an area you have to go through to drop kids off at school or go to work, this is probably an area of closures for you this morning. you can see the fire apparatus out there now. >> and so i'm not seeing any flames coming out of this at the time but you can see the plumes of smoke going through there and a number of firefighters working here. and this is silver sprin
5:48 am
avenue near piney branch road. that intersection very, very busy with emergency personnel. a number of fire trucks. at this hour we simply do not know. thank you to chopper 4 for being there so quickly. >> rrl point this out. this is about a block and ahalf away from the fire we saw. a familiar area. thank you. 5:48 to the inauguration of donald trump. crews are shutting down roads in and around the city. the arlington memorial bridge, the west capital and the book.
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looking ahead all parking restrictions take place at 7:00 a.m. and everything starts shutting down around capital hill at 5:00 p.m. >> tomorrowing around town tomorrow will be comerfortable. for the inaugural balls. error squete error. hundreds of thousands are expected for the women's march on saturday and metro will open early to handthal crowd. the system will open at 5:00 a.m. metro will also add more than a dozen extra trains on the red and orange lines to accommodate the crowds. you will have limited access
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union station. as you can see the media staging area is set up. you can inter the near vooir gem and at 2:00 p.m. the food court and other restaurants will close. the station will reopen fully tomorrow. we have a complete list of all of the closings on the nbc washington app. >> reporter: the group bikers for trump are getting ready to stant with ploes and keep back rrsback and. >> we decided to keep this about the unsung hero and so we're going to celebrate the people who have been working hard on the campaign for the sole
5:51 am
elect hadded president. >> they don't know exactly how many bikers are coming. professor and associate professor, let's look ahead to his first 100 dayed. what else with we expect him to focus on. >> i am one that believes ultimately not a lot is going to happen with that. all the polls recently show millions of people are concerned about the potential for losing insurance. he's going to find low hanging fruit and i think you can expect him to move on immigration, the dreamers act and some of the other kinds of pieces that president obama had begun to put in place to protect undocumented workered. you can see him going after those things because they're
5:52 am
easy victories and not a lot of -- any action from the senate. >> there's been a lot of talk about a divided country. is there any indicate that there will be an effort to act as a reconciler on some levels? >> i don't know that is in his nature. on had had the one hand he's a deal maker. but on the other hand, he won the presidency in large measure. so that with the fact that he has a lot of true believers make said to difficult to madge an scenario where he can bring people together. he could potentially surprise us. because i do not believe that donald trump has deep seeded ideological
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stay with us. we'll check back in with you and you'll have more analysis. before the first whun days come, president obama's final day are headed to the kwhies to say thanks. trrs attendees will stand and applaud at 7:00 p.m. tonight. we had the organizer davis on news 4 midday yesterday. she told us the event started as a conversation between friends. she wanted to go to the white house and say thank you. and they won't gather at the pite for this event. >> and you said kmoobed we interested. and melissa. breaking news because of this massive
5:54 am
takoma park. this is a very popular intersection. flower avenue, piney branch road, we are shut down. because of all of the apparatus and massive response to this fire this morning. 270 southbound at shady grove road has cleared out of the way. pelt r way is looking quite good. southbound 95, with that ramp blocked from the tractor slaelsh trailer crash. and police on the scene. sheena, i have to say it's nice going in the morning and it's not terribly cold. >> no, but if you're in cullpepper or fredericksburg, the 30s. today we're going to be in the 50s again and for it next seven to 10 days, we're go toing to
5:55 am
save 10 degrees or more for this time of the year. right now in the district 44 degrees. so if you heading to any of the inauguration festivities. it's going to be a nice day. dwoo. snoon 53 degrees. and 54 staying nice and dry. we have rain in the forecast for tomorrow. there it is in the south and west. it will be here around the time of the swearing frin inauguration day. today we're nice and dry. 7:00 a.m., rain off thoo west. moving in around noon but looks like mostly on the light sky. if you're head hadding to the inauguration, no rainbow or bauncho.
5:56 am
hour by hour for mites fr and scattered showers. drying out later in the evening. look at these temperatures. we are talking about the 50s lasting for quite a while. more details on your inaugieration weather coming up. children are heading back to a fairfax day care after someone fired a bullet through the window. . police say multiple thoughts came here. children were in that room take naps. no one was hit. we spoke to one mother who pulled her son out of the center. >> and i'm so thankful that nothing happened and what would it
5:57 am
something did. >> bright horizons told us they're not letting kids on the playground and increased security. you may have seen him on the show "shark tank." now kevin o'leary is running for office in canada. reez rr one of 14 to lead the conserve rervative party. >> he is a reality show star and ophorifferaphorine mace -- donald trump takes over the white house tomorrow. the p.m. eect's plans and how they could impact your kmusz. chopper four flyi ng
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news right now on news 4 today. chopper 4 over a fire in a restaurant at montgomery county. inauguration countdown to one day and donald trump has a busy day in d.c. and it is president obama's last day in the white house. his message for america on the eve of
6:00 am
we're bringing you team coverage heading into a jam packed few days. >> it is 6:00 a.m., i'm aaron gilcrest. >> we need to get you right book to the the breaking news. we have chopper 4 over the scene. chopper 4 every to arrive within five minutes or so to give thus leap of a massive response in s tacoma park. again this is in takoma park. we got wind of this just a few minutes ago. flower avenue at piney branch. just a massive response there.


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