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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 19, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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donald trump is on his way to washington to be sworn in as the next president of the united states. saying this morning together we will make america great again. the changes we're already seeing around d.c. ahead of his arrival. >> anxious business owners this morning in at a coma park getting their first look at the damage left by an early morning fire. how firefighters were first alerted and the loss already being felt. >> we're trying to get the sunshine out there today but can we squeeze out more tomorrow? we'll have rain showers in the forecast for the inauguration. we'll time it
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good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> we're 25 hours away from the swearing in of the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> we're already seeing major changes across the city. we want to show you live images coming in from the national mall this morning that will be crowded with people at this time tomorrow. we can also see rain at this time tomorrow which is prompted a revision to that no umbrella policy for tomorrow's inaugural events. small umbrellas that collapse will be allowed on the parade route as well as the national mall. lauren rick ets is here with the timing on that rain. good morning. >> good morning, guys, we are going to have rain tomorrow. i'm glad they kind of revised that policy. those small tote like umbrellas allowed tomorrow and that's all you'll need. it looks like we'll see light showers. it's going to rain out there today but we'll get sunshine and
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nothing showing up on the radar. clouds trying to break up. you can see north of baltimore getting sunshine. but we're going to see sunshine start to roll in as the clouds erode through the afternoon. temperatures will respond. we're already at 50 degrees right now. just a little bit of a breeze outside. temperatures are going to be moving in the mid-50s today after we get that sunshine. now, we're going to time everything out for tomorrow. if you're heading down to the mall, you'll want to know what to expect in terms of rain if you're getting there early. we have the details on that. everything looks good for the preaugust race ceremonies. >> president elect donald trump is on the way to washington. the motorcade left 30 minutes ago. in washington, his incoming press secretary briefed reporters about tomorrow's inauguration schedule. vice president elect mike pence also spoke and talked about the importance of naming trump's cabinet nominees before
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inauguration day. >> i'm proud to say to be at a place where we named our entire cabinet before we reach that historic day tomorrow. >> he's been chosen to lead the energy department. the confirmation hearing is also under way right now. live picture there, he's trump's choice for secretary of the treasury. sonny purdue to lead the agriculture department, t
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it is first time since the rag aera where a cabinet did not include a latino. >> several events leading to the inauguration are taking place. justin finch is live at freedom plaza now. justin? >> reporter: good morning, we're really seeing lots of clouds beginning to show up at freedom plaza. things are getting under way now. we know the president-elect himself is on his way here. his motorcade having to part at new york city. once he arrived through he has a full day ahead including the free welcome concert where he is set to make remarks. >> we were just so excited to be here. >> after a ten-hour drive from indiana, these four have finally arrived. >> i'm thrilled to death. >> to see in person donald trump take the presidential oath and their former governor mike pence be sworn in as vice president. >> we have such extraordinary talent coming into the office and to be a part of it and to
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them. >> arriving just behind him, the president-elect who tweeted this morning he's getting ready to leave for washington, d.c. the journey begins and i will working and fighting hard to make it a great journey for the american people. on the ground, some inauguration volunteers are scrambling to make last minute prepz. >> everything is blocked off, i'm having a hard time trying to get to where i need to go. >> mr. trump booked his public appearances, 3:30 p.m. wreath laying ceremony and mike pence joins him for that. then off to the lincoln memorial for the making america great again welcome celebration concert from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. mr. trump is set for remarks at that event and he and mr. pence are due for a private dinner at union station. the lincoln memorial war memorial, korean war veterans memorial and the world war ii memorial are closed and are set to reop
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>> we know mr. trump tonight will close out at the blair house where he'll be staying, this is a tradition for incoming president and if you're coming out tonight, be sure to plan ahead, it's kind of hard to get around down here with those clouds it won't be any easier. back into you. >> justin finch, thank you. >> today you're going to have limited access to union station. that main hall is already shut down for a private event tonight for the president-elect. you can enter the station on first street and eighth street and the west portico, the massachusetts avenue entrance is closed. at 2:00 the food court and other restaurants will close and station will reopen fully tomorrow. this is just the start really, lots of roads are shut down but we're working to keep you moving. the arlington memorial bridge closed, pennsylvania avenue west of the capitol and roads around lincoln memorial, closed.
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of the rock creek parkway go along with that between the tidal basin and kennedy center, also closed. constitution avenue between 17th and 23rd streets is closed and citywide parking restrictions in place. everything around the capitol will close at 5:00. >> you get an idea of how impossible it's going to move around town tomorrow. take a look at the secret service map. everything lined out in red here. most of the area around the capitol, the third street tunnel will close at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow for the inaugural balls, clos e closures start at 10:00 a.m. and mass avenue and new york avenue will be off-limits we have a full list of all closures in the nbc washington app. >> we're also following a developing story out of houston this morning where former president george hw bush and his wife remain in the hospital. the former president is showing signs of improvement and sle
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according to a family spokesperson, we expect another update in the next hour or so. the 92-year-old went into the icu for a problem stemming from pneumonia. no timetable for their release. >> right now business owners in tacoma park looking at what can be saved after an early morning fire. as many as 75 firefighters were called off of the piney branch road. you may remember all of the breaking news we had on news 4 today. megan mcgrath joins us live with a closer look at the damage. >> well, you can see there's quite a bit of damage here. if you look over night shoulder, this is the side of the manor restaurant. you can see the broken window and ceilings are down. if you pan to the other side here, to the rear of the building, this is an auto body shop that is also connected the two businesses sharing a wall there. you can see it was also heavily damaged. the cause of this fire
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under investigation. >> this is an old building. >> a shocking early morning call from a customer. that's how his family learned that their tacoma park restaurant had been damaged by a fire. >> it was something tragic that happened because now we're going to be out of a job for a few months, it's really bad. it looks like they broke the floor and then hosed down the whole thing with water but right now we still haven't seen anything but i can see like on the back it's all flooded. >> the back of the roof. >> nearby residents awoke to see thick smoke arising from the building. there are three businesses clustered together and they share some common walls frm the car repair shop on the back side appears to have taken the brunt of the smoke and second restaurant had more minor damage. >> it was like smoke, it started from the back of the body shop and spread
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restaurant here. >> manor restaurant has been a fixture here on flower avenue for about 12 years. the owners plan to rebuild but it will no doubt take some time. in the meantime, francisco says he will miss his regular customers. >> my telephone -- from calls that -- we will be okay. >> reporter: while the cause of the fire is still under investigation, they believe they pinpointed an area an origin where it may have started and that would be that wall separating these two businesses but they have to do a little more investigation. the damage estimate here $350,000. back to you in the studio. >> all right, thank you. meanwhile, fire officials in prince george's are hoping the anniversary of a tragedy can save lives. onear
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the lives of and two children. officials are going back to the neighborhood how to talk about how they can protect themselves and be in the area starting at 1:00 this afternoon. we're following two developing stories first from iran, high rise on fire, collapses the devastating toll it has taken on the firefighters sent in to save the people from the building. >> search for survivors in italy hit first by an earthquake and destrauktive avalanche. a hotel almost mmmmm
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new amidday, rescue crews surveying rubble where a high rise came crashing down. it went up in flalz and completely collapsed. tv stations are reporting 30 firefighters were killed there. it's not clear how that fire started. we do know that building was decades old and at least 75 were hurt. >> heavy machinery is working to reach people who may be trapped our buried alive in italy. >> an avalanche dropped tons of snow and almost 30 people, guests and staff were inside at the time. we know at least one person has died. and there are reports that some people texted an emergency
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trapped and they are freezing to death. this all comes after a series of earthquakes in italy but it's not clear if these events are connected. at the live desk, breaking news, vice president-elect mike pence called the officer who was struck by pence's motorcade yesterday afternoon. police called the officer and interim metropolitan police chief earlier this morning. and he expressed his appreciation to that officer involved and the men and women of npd. erika. >> thank you. we've been telling you about all of the police and law enforcement personnel who will be working security for the inaug inauguration. thousands ever national guard members from across the country will also be assisting. they will be sworn in as special officers today. mike sea graves was at the armory in southeast. >> charlie delta, right?
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>> reporter: m janine spent hours on a bus from michigan to get to d.c. for this weekend. they are two of the more than 7,000 national guard members who will be providing security during the inauguration and parade. >> i'm very excited to be here in washington, d.c. because i love my country and it's an important important place to our country. a lot of important things happen here. and i'm excited for this inauguration because i support the peaceful transfer of power and honored to be a part of that. >> once they arrive, each national guard unit is taken into this underground garage inside the d.c. army for a briefing. >> on issues like staying warm and hydrated during the parade, as well as what they are and aren't allowed to post on social media. the briefing also includes a discussion on the use of force, including deadly force. they left family and friends behind in
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we asked if they were worried about the safety working this inauguration. >> not too much. i work with good people, all people we have each other's backs and view each other as a family. we're coming here knowing that the people were coming here to support to help us just as we are to help them. i don't feel any concerns at all at this moment. >> one thing many were concerned about was the weather. >> i'm glad it's not cold. it's nice to be here and represent the national guard. >> coming where they left snow behind, they are happy about the prospect of only rain on friday. >> i'm excited. came in, blue skies, can't help for anything better than that. there's going to be rain but it's going to be 50 degrees, can't complain about that. >> you're looking at the dance party protest near the temporary home of the vice president elect mike pence and chevy chase section of bbc, the group
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the dance party protest against home phobia last night. there were 100 people there and closed some streets towards pence's home. >> as we head into the inauguration, an associate professor of political science at howard university. >> michael, thanks for joining us today. when we listen in for trump's speech tomorrow, what is it we should be attuned to? >> for first time he's going to stand before a million people as president of the united states and that has a way of checking you up a little. >> making anybody nervous. >> i'll see if he understands the gravity of the moment and his words are will take on a new resonance. you can't unify the country if you don't use the words that demonstrate respect for everybody else, i think at this point, particularly during what
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bumpy transition, he needs to demonstration that he's really serious about bringing people together. more than just words but it does begin with important statements. >> we know that previous first families will be in attendance at this event. the clintons will be there and obamas will be there. anything you would be looking for for them as they sit on the platform there? >> this is where we can get in trouble. all we have is body language. i'm not an expert in body language but i think the cameras can't help but find them to see what their facial expressions are during the course of the new president's speech. i'll be curious to see what the body language looks like and trying not to reach too much into it. >> historically, previous presidents come to this events and there's a -- there aren't angry looks across the platform, right? >> listen, president clinton and george h.w. bush arrived together in a limousine
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beat president bush for re-election. it's not an easy day. people understand that they are rivalries and people understand all of this sort of thing but also understand that the inauguration is a celebration of the constitution, celebration of the country and everybody is supposed to move forward in that vain. >> can we look ahead to the first 100 days of the trump presidency and maybe what things we can expect to see within that timeline? >> layout two things. one we've talked about a lot. that is executive orders, he's -- there have been reports that there are going to be dozens if not hundreds of executive orders issued within the first month or so of this campaign. so -- -- i will expect to see some of that immigration, federal contracting rules, federal hiring freeze potentially, which could impact what goes on in the local economy. the second piece that doesn't get enough play, filling out the re
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each new president has to fill 3,000 spots an we spend a lot of time talking about the cabinet picks and we understand that but these other positions are critical in terms of advancing the president's agenda as well. >> michael, we appreciate your time this morning. >> this reminder that news 4 has you covered on inauguration day, make sure you download the nbc washington app. the news team will be joined by special guests throughout the day, including dr. flauntroy and talk about all things d.c. and inauguration a day long from the cafe on capitol hill. >> the inauguration isn't the only major event happening this weekend. hundreds for the women's march on saturday. metro will open early in order to handle the crowd. the system will open at 5:00 a.m. and metro will add a dozen extra trains on the red and orange lines to accommodate the crowds. >> the key to listening, sounds like a s
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perfecting it could save some of your most important relationships. >> and warming up pretty nicely again this morning. temperatures should not be a problem for any of the inauguration events. as we have been saying, rain could be a pron. we'll
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feel being the effects of several feet of snow. a mix of snow and heavy rain
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this was a building that was once a grocery store and three hours into northwest -- to the northwest in washington county, more than 30 roads have been either closed or partially blocked off because of flooding from the snow melt there. not everyone suffering in the elements. an elephant named lilly at the portland oregon zoo -- sometimes you've got to make do, right? >> love that. look at her. >> little water in there. >> oh, my goodness. >> those videos with the animals in the zoos that get snow and pandas and polar bears whatever, it's just so cute. >> love that. >> we'll be experiencing some very mild weather which is very unusual for inauguration day. most people that have covered inauguration think of a frigid day but now we have concerns for rain. for peopling spending lots of time downtown, how do they dress? >> warm side because temperatures will be in the upper 40s but still with upper 40s, this is t
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inauguration since they've been hain with rain in the forecast, this is only one of three inaugurations that have rain predicted for tomorrow. so again, we will have some rain showers through the day tomorrow. and you know, it's going to be light but i think dress a little warm because it's going to be chilly with temperatures in the upper 40s. it looks like it's going to rain any minute out there. we're trying to get clearing and sunshine. i do believe we can get some by this afternoon. plan for rain on friday. you can now bring an umbrella down there. has to be a collapsable tote up bra umbrella, heavy rain possible sunday into monday. temperatures now starting to come up. we're at the 50 degree mark in washington. 47 in fredericksburg and 50 in leesburg. mid-50s for daytime highs today, it's going to be fairly mild and wreath laying ceremonies looking good as well as the concert at lincoln memorial. nothing showing up on the
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except for a few clouds but that's about it. let me take you hour by hour. we're looking good through tonight, could see a few sprinkles but here comes the main swath moving in after 9:00 or 10:00. right around noon we'll continue to site rain. we're left with drizzle and fog but what happens on saturday, a lot of people coming in for the march on washington. we'll line that down hour by hour coming up in a few minutes. >> the security is a huge deal in washington on a daily basis and especially ahead of the inauguration. >> we're looking at technology that can force a drone down and we'll show it to you. >> 13 automakers announcing new recalls involving dangerous takata air bag inflatersthe new
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[000:27:52;00] the inauguration events kick off later today. right now we're just over 24 hours away from the swearing in of the 45th president of the united states. before that ceremony, the president-elect is expected to attend a wreath laying ceremony at arlington cemetery and
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concert at lincoln memorial this af expected at areats for donald trump's inauguration. >> dull less international says you should be prepared for longer than usual wait times at airline ticket counters and security check points and airport roads. all day parking will be available tomorrow at lincoln national for ten months. you need to check on that. again, that's for the first 1200 bookings and then also you should know five metro stations will close on friday for security reasons, they include pentagon, smithsonian, federal triangle, mount vernon square and archive. metro will be open from 4:00 a.m. until midnight on inauguration day. peak service will last between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. make sure you load the smart trip card now to avoid lines tomorrow. >> in an hour, bikers for trump are expected to -- that group is
11:32 am
expected to hold a dry run tomorrow. chopper 4 is over a group of bikers gathering right now in woodbridge virginia. the group says that it's getting ready to stand with police and keep protesters back. police haven't said they officially asked for that help. they'll hold a rally tomorrow along pennsylvania avenue and it will happen during the inauguration luncheon. >> we decide to keep this about the unsung hero and so we're just going to be celebrating the people that have been working hard on the campaign for the soul people of seeing donald trump elected president. >> the group expects 5,000 people but don't know exactly how many bikers are coming. >> now to a security threat that could come up for first time from above. >> an aircraft that most radar can't detect, drones can easily fly over large clouds of people and that expects say can be a
11:33 am
security risk. kerrie sanders has our story they are mostly plastic -- when strapped with a bomb, a worse case scenario with hundreds gathered in one spot, like at the inauguration, the super bowl, or the new york city marathon. >> this is a real threat, this is not thee receipt cat. >> we're seeing it in iraq, i don't see why it couldn't happen here. >> declassified u.s. military briefs made available to nbc news say in part in the last two months, coalition forces have observed on average about one adversary drone each day in and around mosul. a company called department 13 is now in a technical race building drone counter measures. >> isis put out a manual on how to arm a drone and how to deal with counter measures the u.s. may deploy. >> counter measures are highly complicated. deploy a net and capture in mid flight but falls to the ground
11:34 am
right where people on radar, drones look like birds. one solution, listen. high tech mikes can hear a drone 3/4 mile away. john is the chief scientific at the drone field. >> having to differentiate the sound of a drone from a bird or airplane and other things in the environment, you're smiling -- >> that's the secret sauce, that's what we spend our time figuring out how to do. >> once detected, a directional signal on what looks like a ray gun takes control, forcing the drone to neutral territory. >> does it make you say i wouldn't go to the inauguration? >> it's not something i would feel safe at. >> department 13 electronically sniffs air waves for wi-fi and gps signals. powerful computers then hack in, allowing the good guys to take full control of an intruder. >> i was a bad guy at this point my drone has flown off.
11:35 am
i still look like i normal control here. no indication anything has happened but my drone was done a f flyaway, it's just gone. >> and here's a look at what you can expect to happen tomorrow. the day will start at 8:30 when the president-elect and vice president elect and their families and cabinet members attend a prayer service at st. john's church. at 9:30, the president-elect and vice president elect and families will head to the white house for tea with the obamas and then the president-elect will take the oath of office around noon and inaugural parade and expected to start around 3:00. we want to remind you to join news 4 for live coverage of the par add tomorrow. when the president's motorcade starts up pennsylvania avenue for the white house, they will be with you every step of the way. we'll also have special guests, including former long time parade announcer, charlie bratman.
11:36 am
joining us on air and online for your front row seat of inauguration day. at the live derveg, a new takata air bag recall to talk about. listen to this. 13 automakers recalling more than 652,000 vehicles in the u.s. this is in addition to previous recalls. among those participating in the recalls, audi, nissan, jaguar land rover and subaru, tesla, mitsubishi, bmw, fehr rary and mercedes. they can explode with too much force blowing a canister and sending shrapnel into the passenger compartment. 16 people have died worldwide due to the program. we have more about the specific recalls on our nbc washington app. >> right now, alease sha shcmul is back in court.
11:37 am
her husband and boss's wife two years ago. yesterday one of the victims testified. he and his wife are always fearful now and that she screams when the doorbell rings. andrew smul is serving a life staens. alicia could spend 45 years before bars. two little girls were murdered in 2009 along with their mother and father in their richmond home. i remember covering this brutal attack on this beautiful little family. last night they are murderer, ricky gray was put to death by lethal ingestion. the defense team tried to delay the execution because of drugs used and virginia gets its drugs from compounding pharmacies which are not subject to certain federal regulations and those appeals were denied. >> you'll start to see new billboards popping up with the purpose of tracking down the killer of the democratic national committee staffer. here's what they look like. seth rich was killed andry ward
11:38 am
of $100,000 is being off arrest in his murder. . >> forever stamps are sticking around but not their price.
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>> why you'll have a few more options the talk about taste the rain w rainbow, red skittles ended up all over the highway. this road covered in candy. this candy con undrum had sheriff's deputies stumped for a minute but a local farmer came forward to solve the mystery. rain caused a box in the back of his truck to disintegrate and that made the skittles spill all over the road. turns out they were rejected skittles from the factory that these are given to farmers because they are good nutrients for cattle apparently. >> what?
11:41 am
>> cattle like skittles. >> that means they are good >> i like your logic. >> i can agree with that. >> how many skittles did that guy have? >> bad idea to have five seconds, five hour rule. >>rounded -- >> red snow. no snow around here. thank goodness. i don't even have it in the ten-day forecast, we're way too mild. >> i'm a little sad about it. >> are you? >> amelia and i are ecstatic about it. no snow in the forecast, that's a-okay after last year. i think most people agree with that. i'm going on a limb in saying that but maybe people want one snowstorm. we have february to get through. nothing today, temperatures are nearing that 50 degree mark. we have the clouds but i do believe we'll get sunshine as we continue through the day as temperatures out in the mid-50s but we have no rain on the storm team 4 radar. we have clearing taking place
11:42 am
through central virginia. we'll start to see peeks of sunshine as we continue into the afternoon. not a lot but we'll get sunshine. and then as we go through tomorrow morning, gates open up at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. there could be a few light showers around but then we'll have more showers as we go through the midday and then by noon, just swearing in ceremonies and move out by the afternoon ael and we'll have dry conditions for the parade. saturday not looking that bad but we will be dry on saturday. the wreath laying ceremony and concert today, sun and mild, sprinkles tomorrow morning and light showers for the swearing in. the parade looking like a little foggy and maybe some drizzle but temperatures are going to be in the upper 40s. you can take an umbrella down there. the women's march, looking fine, temperatures mid to upper 50s and we'll get sunshine. we have a heavy rain on the way. i'll let you know when that's going to be before the end of the weekend coming up.
11:43 am
>> shares of netflix today, shot up in yaf hours trading as they reported it added more than 7 million new subscribers since last quarter. way more than wall street expected. thanks to shows such as crown and -- most came from outside the u.s., they plan to add 1,000 hours of original content this year. stock up on stamps now. the price of forever stamps goes back up to 49 cents on sunday. they've been at 47 cents since april when the government temporarily ordered the u.s. postal service to drop prices for the first time in a century. postcards and heavier packages aren't affected by the price hike. i'm morgan brennan. >> we're discussing very important things here like mcdonald's, rolling out mini and grand big mac versions of the iconic big mac, the burgers were made available nationwide on tuesday.
11:44 am
this is the thing. you can go and order this right now. the mcjunior has one beef patty and grand mac has two larger beef patties in case you were wondering. bloomberg reports because they are doing the calorie counting for us these day, junior has 460 days and grand daddy mac has 860 calories. all right, you've probably heard the news nbc favorite is
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11:46 am
11:47 am
returning to the small screen. >> look whether all have you ever been accused of not listening to somebody. how to prevent that from happening again. >> once you improve the important relationships in your life, of course, don't just hear what others are saying, learn to really listen. thanks for being here as always. >> my pleasure. >> in particular, you're saying we should practice reflective listening. what is it and why is it o important? >> there are two components, the first is you're really focusing on trying to understand what somebody is telling you. you're trying to get to the feelings and the thoughts that person has and then the second part is reflecting back and we're sort of paraphrasing those thoughts and feelings. that way the person feels understood and that way you can clarify whether what you're hearing is what the person is intending for you to hear and understand. >> it's important for the interviewer to do the same thing. what are some tricks for
11:48 am
effective reflective listening? >> the f key component to this is trying to make the goal to understand. so you are asking questions to sort of check along the way. this is what i think i'm hearing i say. this is what i think you're feeling. am i right or wrong? what's interesting is that often times when you reflect back to somebody what you think they are saying, they'll say, now that you say that, i guess that is what i said but that's not really how i feel. they start to form late their own thoughts and ideas as they are talking to you. sometimes it's talking it through to help you solidify how you feel about an important thing. >> any time the situation starts to escalate. >> the most powerful thing or one of the most powerful things is for somebody to feel understood. again, this is not -- you're not going to go through life reflective listening every conversation. i would say you definitely want to think about doing this when you're having an ent counter
11:49 am
with anybody when you're having a strong emotion, beg >> one tng to avoid is to offer unsolicited advice when someone is talking to you. explain why. >> you come home from work and you're telling your husband about something you're really upset with or kids coming home and you're really feeling strong emotions. the last thing you want is to have that person start telling you what you should have done and what you need to do, what you need to be thinking about. that puts pressure on the person and makes them feel like now they've done something wrong. that is not the approach you wablts to take. you want to take this understanding reflective listening approach. what i do with my child or children is they'll come home and tell me something really exciting about school, do you want me to understand what you're feeling or give you some advice. when i ask that question, i would say the vast majority of the time they say, no, dad, i wanted to tell you what happened. the flip side of that as a parent, you often want to give the advice.
11:50 am
>> you don't make that your goal at the time. you just do the reflective listening and then the next day you circle back and say to your kid or spouse, i was really thinking a lot about what we talked about last night. what are your thoughts about it? have you thought about it further? then you can then say look, i have ideas or thoughts. would you like to hear what they are? hopefully they say sure mom or sure, let me hear what you have to say. then it's going to be really heard and incorporated by them rather than you getting the pushback that you would have gotten the night before. >> really great advice. i'll have to practice with my kids too. thanks so much as always. >> spending time with their kids, i think of my husband. i'll tell you something, just listen. >> we know from the beginning what's expected. makes it easy for us. >> one of the most iconic shows is coming back to tv and i'm a happy camper. will and grace will be returning for ten episodes in the 2017-2018 season.
11:51 am
theou mccormick and sean hayes and meg mulally will be resuming their roles. last year will, grace and jack and karen came together for a psa on voting. absolutely so excited. what's this honey? what's going on here? >> some of the things i remember being funny i can't do on the program this morning. >> today is president obama's last full day in office.
11:52 am
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>> we will take a look how he's changed through the years an today is the last full day the obamas will be in the white house. these are a few posts from the first lady over the past couple of hours and even actually last 24 hours really. this is a video she posted on twitter of her and bowe and sonny taking a walk through the white house. flotus and potus viewing the washington monument. if you're wondering about her twitter handle, she is going to change @flotus 44 if you're looking for for the coming days. that transition is happening
11:55 am
within 24 hours. >> as obamas good-bye, a lot of folks are looking back at the last eight years and as harry smith explains, while president obama was changing the white house, it was also changing him. >> we've grown auccustomed to te face and my how it changed since the speech in 2004. >> there is not a liberal and conservative america. there's the united states of america. >> barack obama is occupied the focus of many a camera. we though view him through the lens of our own expectations, our dreams, our biases and imagine how any of us would have fared under the circumstances. you are president of the united states. commander in chief. leader of the free world. but also, comforter in chief, xold and cheer leader and father and husband and wearer of weird shirts and turkey pardoner.
11:56 am
>> you are hereby pardoned. >> we have seen him watched him preach and even heard him sing. ♪ i am so -- >> but the job does something to you. there is a weight and responsibility that can't be measured. look at other presidents. their faces are like an odometer of human experience. over the years you see them rack up the miles. the job is never a breeze. there is always conflict, a world's worth of cares and concerns and no matter who they are over time, it shows. there may be victories and try umps but no one leaves without detractors and disappointors. to survive you grow a thick skin. as thick as it may be, we can still see right through it. harry smith, nbc news, new york. >> that is just my favorite story of the day. harry smith does a beautiful job of explaining pleelly what the
11:57 am
job does to somebody whether it's four it is for the weight of the world. >> let's turn to lauren for a last look at the forecast. >> let's go ahead and draw your attention, friday, 7:00 a.m., if you're headed down to the mall, there could be showers into d.c. main moisture after 9, 10:00 and showers around 11:00, 12:00, moving out as we get into the mid afternoon. little bit of fog and maybe mist left. we're headed into the mid-50s today and we'll get sunshine this afternoon. only upper 40s tomorrow. you can take a small collapsable tote umbrella down to the national mall tomorrow. plan ahead for that. we're back in the upper 50s on saturday. saturday looks like a great day for the women's march on washington. heavy rain sunday into monday. look at this. temperatures not bad as we continue through next week. 40s by next weekend. >> that's it for news 4 midday. thanks for joining us.
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>> you can get news and weather any time in the stand by, everyone, we're live in five, four, three, two, one. when it comes to the person -- she is the most championist of champions, the most winningest of winners. the people's champ. >> just j.t. know how to driver an invoe or twa. look who is here, laila ali from the "celebrity apprentice."


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