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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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family arrived at joint base andrews aboard a u.s. government plane. baron trump was first off. this is the last time mr. trump will step off a plane as a private citizen for quite a while. >> just a short time ago, the president-elect took part in a wreath laying at arlington national cemetery. it's become a tradition in recent years for the president-elect to lay a wreath at tomb of the unknowns. there will be a big welcome celebration down at the lincoln memorial. we have you covered throughout the afternoon and into the evening and into inauguration day. from last-minute preparations to how to get around to what the weather may bring. we want to kick off our team coverage down at the white house. steve handelsman live wit
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thing that relieves the burdens of this white house, the burdens of the presidency is air force o one. today the trumps did get a taste. not a private jet with trump on the tail, a u.s. military plane, a more prestigious ride to d.c. for donald and melania trump. a symbol of the power and the bigger burdens they're about to take on. the president and first lady to be stage ad a welcome event at s hotel on pennsylvania avenue. >> we have by far the highest i.q. of any cabinet. >> reporter: but the least diversity in decades. >> i earnestly feel terrible. >> treasury secretary nominee admitting his bank unfairly
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wets. >> it's not that i'm being defensive. >> i wouldn't be proud of all these findings. >> reporter: nominee rick perry testifying he's changed his mind about the energy department trump tapped him to lead. >> i regret recommending its elimination. >> reporter: demanding that democrats concerned with trump's picks was his new white house press secretary. >> there is really no excuse for the delay tactics and the partisanship being exhibited by the democrats. >> reporter: mr. trump went to arlington cemetery to pay his respects and to symbolically take over the role of our commander in chief. like previous president-elects, mr. trump will spend the night across from this white house over there on the other side of pennsylvania avenue at the blair house. it's modest, but it's rich in tradition.
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for weeks. right now crews are putting the finishing touches down on the national mall and parade route. barriers getting installed. meagan fitzgerald is on the mall. she's been speaking with the national park service. >> reporter: they tell us today is pretty much about making sure everything is as perfect as it can be ahead of the big day tomorrow. that includes putting in roadblocks like the one behind me. you can take a look here at all the traffic those roadblocks down here is contributing to. we caught up with the secretary of homeland security who says we can expect more than 28,000 law enforcement personnel working this event. d.c. is just hours away from the 58th presidential inauguration. crews are busy on the mall making final preparations. large trucks carrying barriers and fences drove
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locations around the mall, ready to block off even more roads. red and pblue flashing lights with sirens will also be a common sight this weekend. we caught up with jeh johnson as he walked along pennsylvania avenue. >> this is a national special security event. secret service, which is part of the department of homeland security, is responsible for the overall coordination and planning of the security of this event. and so we've been at this for months and i've received numerous briefings. i'm down here to see it in person today. it's all very impressive, well-coordinated operation. >> reporter: secretary johnson says they're estimating about 700 to 900,000 people coming out do the mall tomorrow. coming up,
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you can and cannot bring if you are going to be among those thousands out here. as president obama's two terms in office come to a close, many are talking about his legacy. news4's tom sherwood is at a thank you obama concert at arena stage in southwest where hundreds are expected to honor the outgoing commander in chief. >> reporter: hi, pat. this is kind of an informal good-bye to president obama. people just now coming in here at arena stage in southwest washington. this event was going to be outside the white house, but they couldn't get a permit. then an arts performance space called the blind whino didn't have enough room. how did this come about? >> we were just driving around talking about the election back
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whoever getting into the house, people are going to miss the man who is currently there. people will miss president obama. >> reporter: about 800 $10 tickets were sold for tonight. whether you're going down to the mall over the next few days or just trying to avoid it, we've got some bad news for you. we are all in for a pretty big change in our weather. let's get straight to the storm center. >> looks like some rain for tomorrow and really some nasty weather over the next couple of days starting tomorrow into saturday, saturday and into monday. let's take a look and show you what's happening now. this is what i'm watchin
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look at all this rain down to the southwest. this is what's making its way our way and will move in tomorrow. makes its way up across our region. look at this right around 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. we're going to be tracking that storm. tomorrow's rain will be light and just about a three to four hour period of light steady rain in portions of the area. then we get to some other types of weather. rain for the inauguration. umbrellas are now allowed, so that's a good thing, small umbrellas. dense fog for saturday morning. i know we've got a lot of events going on saturday morning. then tracking a nor'easter. we talked about this storm yesterday and how big it would be for sunday into monday. i'll break it down and show you which days are going to get the heaviest. we've got heavy rain wind and -- yeah, we'll talk more about that. it's not just the ug
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large crowds of people to the washington area. we have last-minute details about the women's march this weekend. that could attract some 200,000. a health scare for a former president bush and barbara bush. an update as they both recover in the hospital. and for decades he's been the voice of the inaugural parade here in washington. this year a change of plans. now he's with us and he's sharing his stories and his expertise.
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doctors say former president george h.w. bush and his wife barbara are improving at a houston area hospital. a spokesman for the couple says the former president is in stable condition now. he's still in icu but doctors are hopeful he can be discharged in a few days. he was admitted over the weekend because of complications from pneumonia. barbara bush is in the same hospital with bronchitis. she's feeling much better and is being treated with antibiotics. one of the vehicles in mike pence's motorcade hit a d.c. police officer. now we've learned the vice president-elect called the officer this morning and spoke with interim police chief peter n newsome. the officer was conducting traffic control in downtown d.c. yesterday near the intersection of 6th and f streets. he was treated at a hospital and then sent home.
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national mall. the big inauguration welcome celebration is now underway at the lincoln memorial. >> and there are all sorts of musical acts that will be performing including toby keith and 3 doors down. the president-elect is expected to speak at some point this afternoon. and the night is expected to end with a big fireworks display. going to be a lot of fun. road closures and parking restrictions are making it a little tough to get through downtown now. >> adam tuss is live at the metro station. >> reporter: it's going to be tough to get around. that's basically it. it really is challenging. we've seen it all day today down here just in these preliminary restrictions. take a look at the metro station. this is expected to be one of the busiest metro stations tomorrow because
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we talked about the challenges of getting around. take a look at this video of traffic we shot earlier today. really, really tough. you shoot down just a couple of roads in d.c. and you know what that can turn into. we saw a lot of heated exchanges and horn honking today. the map out there detailing the perimeter of what you can expect, the hard places to get into over the next couple of days. keep in mind these are really, really tough restrictions that start tomorrow. take a look at the metro stations that are going to be shut down tomorrow. we're talking about another handful of restrictions. five metro stations in total that will be closed all around the national mall for security reasons. the director of the district department of transportation talking about the amount of tour busessc
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tomorrow and saturday. 400 tomorrow, 2,000 on saturday. take a listen. >> rough estimates, the inauguration is probably hosting about 400 buses at this point in terms of reservations. then the women's march, they've sold out rfk and a lot of other lots in the district. so that's north of 2,000. >> reporter: right now a lot of transportation leaders don't know which day is going to be busier. >> metro has a message to anyone planning to use the system this weekend. >> reporter: yeah. the best advice for anyone who's going to be on metro, if you're watching go out right now and get your smart trip card, get the value loaded on that card right now so you don't have to wait in line at the fare machines. if you don't have your smart trip card, you're going to have to wait i
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that and get into the system. so go out and get that tonight, guys. he has voiced the inaugul parade for 11 presidents from dwig dwight eisenhower to barack obama. >> charlie brotman is here to share his thoughts about the big event. our first question has to be how is it going to be for you to be here, not there? >> i'll be a lot warmer, i tell you that. when you're talking washington, d.c. in january, better be prepared. at one time for the first three inaugurals, i was on the roof. they do have a media complex, but i'm on the roof. and when you've got a script and the wind is blowing and you're holding here and camera over here and it's raining so you put it -- >> you were the
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multitasker, charlie. >> exactly. >> we have to ask what your reaction was when you got that notification from the trump transition team saying you're not going to do that this year. >> i was shocked. i was unhappy, disappointed. i never thought it could happen because i've been doing it -- actually, i'm the only one, the only announcer in the world who has ever been announced the presidential inaugural parade. the first one was truman and i was in a broadcasting school and they wanted some announcers. so they came over. they wanted some cheap announcers. so they came up and got us and i actually did the truman as well. and so i have been -- that was the first one, truman was the first one. i had been through with all the
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rest, 15, 16 of the actual parades, about 10, 11 different presidents. and all in all, 60 years. i'm only 35. but in the 60 years of announcing. >> charlie, in all those years, is it -- this has got to be a tough question, but do you have a favorite moment, something that stays in your heart today? >> i have a couple of them. number one, eisenhower because he was first. it hits my heart with eisenhower. then we had -- i remember bush, the son bush, w bush. he at one time owned a baseball team in texas. >> the rangers. >> the rangers, you're right. and then all of asu
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profesal33 years. now the baseball team was back and now bush is back in the number one citizen of this country. and so they stop right below me and it was quiet. i felt i've got to do something to keep the action going. mr. president, i know you're a baseball fan and a baseball owner and i know that you're going to be happy with the washington nationals. would you be looking forward to throwing out the first ball? and he looked up and waved and what appears to be about 20 seconds later in comes this big bur burly, looked like he just got out of gold's gym and he says -- here i am with all these ear
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he says who's the announcer? i diplomdn't think it was time a little humor there. i said, i am, sir. he says i'm the secret service. don't you ever talk directly to the president. don't you ever ask him any questions. >> wow. >> do you understand? i says, i'm beginning to. >> charlie, we are so thrilled that you're going to be joining jim and doreen tomorrow here in the studio during the parade. >> i'm even more excited. >> you call that show anyway. >> i've got to tell you. charlie brought some pictures. you're going to want to keep an eye on our broadcast this evening and especially tomorrow with vance and doreen. some of these pictures and the story behind them, only this man can tell. >> charlie brotman, thank you so much. >> thanks, guys. >> in case you don't know by
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among our guests when jim vance and doreen gentzler are live at the parade. join us on air and online for your front row seat inauguratoti
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do we have weather to talk about for thext
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days. the good thing for the inauguration, we've got rain, but it's going to be fairly light rain. yes, you can bring umbrellas to parts of it. others you can't. my advice would be to bring an umbrella that you may be able to throw away. i don't know. take a look outside now. down toward the capitol, no problems out there today. temperatures dropping right on through the 40s by 9:00 tonight. around 11:00, temperature around 44 degrees. 52 in leesburg. 54 in fredericksburg. only 46 in annapolis. it's a cool day, but still well above average once again. rainfall is going to be the issue tomorrow. you can see there's no rain right now. but just down to the south and west we're tracking this area of rain. there's a lot of rain, even some severe weather, tornados reported earlier today down toward mississippi. no chance of severe weather
4:27 pm
most of it will be on the light side. but let's time it out for you. the key time period tomorrow is between 11:00 and about 5:00 in the afternoon. that's when we have the inauguration and the swearing in and we have the parades coming up in the afternoon. let's time it out for you. overnight tonight, the rain doesn't come in until about 8:00 tomorrow morning. then we get a break. by 11:00, we've got rain right over downtown, some of that rain on the moderate side to the north. then we see more rain coming in around noon. rain will be here during that time. it may be off and on. most of it will be light but it may happen right during the swearing-in. that's something we'll be watching for sure. a lot of people on the mall during that time. then they can move over towards the parade route. by 3:00 or 4:00 it starts to move out of here. and then behind that for saturday, well, we get fog. there could be a
4:28 pm
saturday morning. this is something we're going to talk much more about. amelia draper will be in for you in about 15 minutes with the latest. a.m. fog on saturday. then watching this weekend, sunday another storm system moves in, becomes a nor'easter on monday. falling temperatures on monday to 44. i'm thinking rain and this may actually end as some snow in parts of the area, especially to the north and west. lots of people are heading to washington right now and a lot of them aren't coming for the inauguration. >> what you need to know about is weekend's women'sth m
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four things to know now at 4:30. a spokesman for george h.w. bush and barbara bush says they're both feeling better. the president was hospitalized with pneumonia over the weekend. he's now in stable condition. the first lady has bronchitis but is now responding well to treatment. the future first family arrived in washington a few hours ago. president-elect trump will spend tonight at blair house. but the inaugural festivities are already well underway. you're looking live at the
4:32 pm
memorial. swearing in may not be until tomorrow but a lot of road closures already in effect. for a complete list, head to the nbc washington app. there is a lot to talk about on this day before the inauguration. >> nbc news senior political editor mark mur ri is here to put it all in context. there are reports that the president-elect still hasn't selected a lot of people that require senate approval. is he way behind here? >> he is behind. he has announced 29 picks for senate confirmable posts. out of the 690 that you end up having. that's just about 4% or 5 %. he has a long ways to go. in fairness to him, he still is going to be putting out appointments. president obama eight years ago still had some important picks that he ended up making in february and march after he became president.
4:33 pm
but i do think the reality of a donald trump surprise win did set back the transition a bit when it comes to assembling his government. right now he's pretty much got his cabinet team in place. they still need senate confirmation. below that are the people, the assistant secretaries, the communications people and getting those people in place to run the government at least from the political side of things is going to be a big challenge for him. >> mark, some of these confirmation hearings have gotten pretty testy. today rick per rry was on the hill. here's what he had to say today. >> after being briefed on so many of the vital functions of the department of energy, i regret recommending its elimination. >> so it's pretty common for the senate to make some confirmations on inauguration day. do you
4:34 pm
confirmed tomorrow? >> democrats are still fighting on some of these picks. of course we're just getting the senate confirmation hearings. if you're having a confirmation like rick perry today, it's very unlikely you're going to have a confirmation vote today. so there is still some work for him right now on that. >> all right. mark murray, thank you so much. >> a lot to get to. you're going to be a busy man over the next few hours. >> we all are, absolutely. nbc news has you covers as trump takes the oath of office. watch special coverage tomorrow starting at 7:00 a.m. with a special edition of today. u.s. safety regulators announced they're closing the investigation into a fatal crash that involved a self-driving car. that a
4:35 pm
consumer reporter susan hogan with that developing story. >> last may the driver of a tesla model s using auto pilot died when the car failed to spot a tractor trailer crossing its path on a highway. today the national highway traffic safety administration said it found no safety defects in the vehicle at the time of that crash. while tesla also won't be fined the safety agency criticized the car maker for calling its system auto pilot in the first place. tesla's system uses cameras, radar and computers to detect objects and automatically brake if the car is about to hit something. the company said drivers must acknowledge the car is in the assist feature mode, have two hands on the wheel and be prepared to take over at any time. the investigation concluded that advanced automated driving systems still require full attention from the
4:36 pm
and all manufacturers, they say, need to pay attention to how drivers actually use this new technology. in a statement, tesla said it appreciates the thoroughness in reaching its conclusion. tesla has since updated its software to rely more on radar sensors and less on cameras. in less than 24 hours, barack obama goes from commander in chief to former president. the memorable way ellen degeneres is sending him off. and one security concern for the inauguration could cause some big problems and there may not be an accurate way to track them. here's your planner for the evening hours. we'll be mainly in the 40s with showers moving in tomorrow.
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the name may be forever, but the price isn't. the cost of the popular forever postage stamp is about to increase to 49 cents on sunday, up from 47, the first increase since 2014. the majority of stamps sold these days are forever stamps. once you buy them, they never expire. you can use them forever, even when the cost of a stamp does go up. today is the last full day in office for presid
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a lot of people have gone to twitter with the hashtag thanks obama. a few even posted some pretty funny memes of the president during his lighter moments. if you watched ellen this afternoon, you saw her pay tribute to president obama in her own special way. >> she apparently had a very different view of the president's farewell address. take a look. >> you were the first decision i made and it was the best. you took on a role you didn't ask for and you made it your own. >> all joking aside, ellen also used her show to thank the president and the first lady, saying the 44th president changed her life. ellen was honored with the presidential medal of freedom in november. remember, you can watch ellen every day at 3:00, followed
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news4 at 4:00. it's past meets present. as inauguration gets closer, we're setting up shop at a local cafe. a big community effort is coming together to preserve a piece of washington's history. it's not just the inauguration that's expected to bring hundreds of thousands to the nation's capital after the inauguration. everything you need to know about the women's march on washington. what's behind that loud roar of these engines and
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we want to take you back live now to the national mall where a big inaugural welcome celebration is underway at the lincoln memorial. >> you could see a military band playing right now. ear the president-elect is expected to speak later this afternoon and the night is expected to end with a fireworks display. hundreds of thousands of people are expected on the national mall on saturday for the women's march. >> organizers say their aim is to end violence and promote the rights of women and minorities. barbara harrison is here with what we need
4:45 pm
>> organizers actually are estimating that 200,000 people are planning to come to the mall on saturday. but homeland security predicts that number will be a lot higher based on bus registrations and train bookings. the event starts with a rally from 10:00 a.m. to 1:15 near the capitol at independence avenue and 3rd street southwest. several roads will be closed to accommodate the event including 3rd street to constitution avenue to c street southwest and independence avenue from 3rd street southwest to 6th street southwest. those roads will be closed from 3:00 a.m. saturday morning to 6:00 p.m. saturday evening. the full list is in the nbc washington app. search women's march for that. metro will open early at 5:00 a.m. on saturday and run additional trains every four to six minutes on saturday. hollywood'so
4:46 pm
represented at the march too. actress america ferrera, katie perry, amy schumer, scarlett johansson and frances mcdormand. politicians too will be there including virginia governor terry mcauliffe. now, the march is free. organizers have hired private security and have been coordinating with d.c. police and the national park service. bags will be subject to search. no folding chairs and nothing that can be construed as a weapon like signs or anything with sharp wooden handles. going to be biquite a busy weekd beginning tomorrow and going on through to saturday night. a lot of people will probably still be here on sunday. >> that's right. thank you so much, barbara. this is also going to be the first inauguration where
4:47 pm
pose both a security threat and a challenge. most of them are made out of plastic, a lot of radars can't detect them and they request easily fly over crowds of people. strap them with a bomb and you could imagine the worst case scenario. >> just put out a manual on how to arm a drone and how to deal with counter measures the u.s. may deploy. >> there are as he mentioned those counter measures that can take control of a drone and force it away from its target. the secret service acknowledges to nbc news the threat exists but they are ready for whatever may happen. the news4 team is taking up residence tomorrow in the capitol hills neighborhood. our inauguration cafe will stream live from the hill center at the old naval hospital. >> reporter: president lincoln commissioned
4:48 pm
navy hospital in 1864 to address a critical need for hospital care during the civil war. it opened in 1866. through the years, it served as a training hospital for navy corpsmen. the building was a beacon that time forgot and it fell into disrepair. >> the call for saving this building started in 1999. >> reporter: i walked through what is now hill center at the old naval hospital with executive director diana ingram. after neighbors spear headed a renovation, the building reopened as a community center. >> friends of the hospital all recognized the historic value. their whole goal was to preserve it. the foundation, i think, saw the opportunity to create a cross
4:49 pm
>> reporter: that means the building is restored. >> who would have believed that this variegated color would come out after layers and layers of paint and abuse. >> reporter: outside a beautiful monumental wrought iron fence, each section with spires to honor the 13 colonies. and what was once a carriage house for ambulance horses is now the bayou bakery coffee bar. there's tons of gallery space for local artists to show and sell. there's meeting space and even room for todayledlers to learn soccer. bringing this building back to life meant not only restoring some of its history but also making it a
4:50 pm
modern. the building is now insulated with soy in the walls. 32 geothermal wells help regulate temperatures. the grounds feature indigenous plants and the rain garden to redirect stormwater. >> they don't want this building to be up on a pedestal that people don't feel welcome. it's a center. >> reporter: a center that once served its nation's warriors, now serving a community that fought for its rebirth. >> be sure to download the nbc washington app to join our inauguration cafe starting at 7:00 in the morning. the news4 team will be joined by special guests to talk all things inauguration all day from the cafe on capitol hill. apparently the national park service has been paying attention to amelia's forecast. they're now going to let folks take those little tote umbrellas in. >> he
4:51 pm
are now allowed. if you're in the ticketed area, no umbrellas. make sure you're packing the poncho if you have tickets to get into the inauguration. we are looking at showers tomorrow. the steadiest period will be from the mid to late morning hours on into the afternoon. it's also going to be chili in the upper 40s. with the rain and the dampness in the air, if you're going to be outside, you probably want to bundle up. saturday is dry, but there's going to be some really thick fog around during the morning hours. as we look to sunday and monday, more rain is in the forecast. sunday and monday we could pick up about 1-3 inches of rain as a nor'easter actually impacts the area. right now we're in the 40s and 50s. 52 in washington. finally some beautiful sunshine out there. here's your planner for tomorrow. 7:00 a.m., again, maybe a light shower around, 41. we're really tracking showers beginning at 11:00 a.m. and
4:52 pm
3:00 p.m., still tracking showers but they are starting to wind down. 49 at that point. and 7:00 p.m. in the evening it's dry but cloudy and damp. 48 degrees by that point. so tomorrow the weather is going to have moderate impact on your day, also given the circumstances that it is the inauguration. if you do have to go into work, know you'll be dealing with damp roads. if you're heading to the inauguration, anticipate showers there, especially for the swearing-in ceremony and the parade. if you're having dinner out on your friday night, aside from worrying about maybe getting an uber, i think you're going to be just fine out there. saturday during the morning hours some thick fog out there. it's looking like it will be under a quarter of a mile, very thick, very low visibilities from 7:00, 8:00, even 9:00 a.m.
4:53 pm
the march is getting underway be as it's winding down, maybe some hazy sunshine trying to come out and 55 degrees. as we look to the women's march again, my biggest concern is going to be some fog. if you're heading to the slopes this weekend, when you come back on sunday, we'll be dealing with some rain. here's your high on sunday, 53 degrees. more rain and wind on monday and 44. doug's going to have more on the ten-day coming up. talk about some fast-moving flames. why it means big concerns for some small businesses. millions of washers recalled because of reports they're exploding. now viewers are telling our consumer reporter susan hogan they're not getting the help they need from customer service. they say the repair options are uair. nf
4:54 pm
and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. we are the tv doctors of america. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers, and take control today.
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>> reporter: that's how his family learned that their tacoma park restaurant had been damaged by a fire. >> it's just something tragic that happened. now we're going to be out of a job for a few months. it looks like they broke the floor and hosed down the whole thing with water. right now we still haven't seen anything. i could see like on the back it's all flooded. >> reporter: nearby residents awake to thick smoke rising from the building. there were actually three businesses clustered together and they share some common walls. a second
4:58 pm
delight had more minor damage. >> it was just smoke. we didn't see no like fire. it started from the back of the body shop and it spread to the local restaurant here. >> reporter: manna restaurant has been a fixture here for about 12 years. they plan to rebuild, but it will no doubt take some time. in the meantime, francisco says he will miss his regular customers. >> it's very unfortunate. we will rebuild. we will be okay. >> reporter: investigators believe the fire may have started in that common wall between the two businesses, but the exact cause has not been determined. the damage estimate, $350,000. more coverage on your inauguration station starts now. >> the news
4:59 pm
and wendy. >> reporter: now at 5:00, smaller than anticipated crowds along the national mall. >> reporter: here comes the crush, here come the crowds. a platform like this on metro could be a very common thing over the next couple of days. get this, we don't know which day is going to be busier, friday or saturday. news4 at 5:00 starts now. and we are now less than 24 hours from donald trump being sworn in as our 45th president of the united states. good evening on a very busy day here in washington. >> trump and his family arrived today at joint base andrews this afternoon before the president-elect and future vice president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowned in arti e arlington. >> we have by far the highest
5:00 pm
♪ here in the district, a pretty intimate crowd at the voices of the people eept neven the lincoln memorial. we have a team of reporters fanned out across our region this evening with less than 24 hours to go before the big ceremony. let's begin with news4's mark e segraves live. what's the scene where you are? >> reporter: things are just getting underway here with the make america great again welcome celebration. just a few minutes ago president-elect and mrs. trump came down the steps of the lincoln memorial to thunderous applause from the crowds here. but i can tell you the crowds here all day have been much smaller than anticipated by organizers. the


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